Weekly Nikon news flash #264

Lexar SD memory cards sale.

→ Tell Nikon what you think about the V3 mirrorless camera.

→ Nikon Df won the Camera GP 2014 camera of the year and readers awards. The Nikkor 58mm f/1.4G won the lens of the year award. More info is available here.

→ New article from Nikon support: how to maintain the waterproof performance of the Nikon 1 AW1 camera.

→Nikon will delete your Nikon Image Space account if you don't use it - make sure you don't store anything important there. This is the email I received recently:

Dear Customer,

This is an important warning from “NIKON IMAGE SPACE”.

Please note that your “NIKON IMAGE SPACE” account is about to be deleted automatically due to lack of login activity.
In order to avoid for your account to be deleted, please login to “NIKON IMAGE SPACE” before the deletion date.

→ Setting up a Nikon D4s as a backboard camera for the NCAA:

→ Several new Nikon Cinema promo video, the first one is "The Making of Veronica Mars" with the D800:

→ Wildlife documentation with David Wright (Nikon Cinema promo video):

→ The xxArray, a 3D Photobooth (Nikon Cinema promo video):

→ Filming a music video (Nikon Cinema promo video):

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  • VertexWolf

    The first company that comes out with a DSLR with proper toggle zoom and silent auto focus will win the video DSLR game. Oh yeah, and live adjustable aperture.

    • David

      I would add focus peaking to that list although a monitor is obviously ideal. The D800 does have adjustable aperture in live view. To me the auto focus being silent (not usually having mics near the camera) is less important than it being smooth and accurate while filming and they’re not.

    • rt-photography

      absolutely. adjustable aperture in live view is a must. silent autofocus? the gear available is more than quiet enough. and toggle zoom? this is for video im guessing..

    • Michael Laing

      I very much doubt it. First they would have to create a video AF system which works. Also, anyone who knows video, won’t be using the on board microphone to record video because the quality isn’t that good. Also, I would put more effort into getting rid of moire and rolling shutter.

    • Carlos

      There won’t be a VIDEO DSLR game anymore, soon. That market phase has gone, the remainings are in decline. Get RX10, GH4, A7S, A6000, or the big ones low-end pro segment. DSLR, like D5MKIII is done, so are D800, D4, …

      • Howabout a video camera which accepts Nikon lenses? Possible? exists? Sorry I am just throwing a ball in the air. I have little/no interest in vid.

      • BigEater

        But what is going to replace it? How else can you get pretty close to the quality of the Alexa or the Red Epic on a budget?

  • Robert

    “your … account is about to be deleted”. This is exactly why I do not trust anyone to store my data, especially when I am not paying them for it. Another reason is that I do not want someone else to effectively own my private information.

    • They can delete mine, that service is a pile of.

  • King of Swaziland

    “I AM AWARD WINNING” yeah right, everyone gets an award, every year. It’s a giant circle .

  • Spy Black

    I wonder if my D600 can recognize 64- or 128-gig cards.

    “Tell Nikon what you think about the V3 mirrorless camera.”
    I’m not sure those guys know what they’re getting themselves into…

    “..how to maintain the waterproof performance of the Nikon 1 AW1 camera.”
    Looks like there may have been leak problems with the AW1 after all.

    • John

      My D5100 accepts the 64GB card. I recently bought them at staples.ca for around 75 each, now listed at 140 each. This deal is killer.

      • Spy Black

        Hmm, interesting. Is that with a firmware update? How recent was your (camera) purchase? I have a D5100 as well.

        • John

          The camera was purchased new about a year ago with the A:1.01 B:1.01 L:1.006 firmware and I can use the Lexar 64GB Class 10, Professional 600x SDXC UHS-I card.

          • Spy Black

            OK, I have A:1.01 B:1.01 L:1.003. Not sure if that would make a difference.

    • FredBear

      As for your quip about the V3 – you’ve hit the nail on the head.
      Pandora’s box?

    • Spy… LOL re. questionnaire.
      To be honest, I don’t think Nikon give a flying fork what a few tech heads/pros think about the camera (since they would obviously not be the intended market). In any case, if it’s like any of the questionnaires I have made at the behest of my erstwhile CTO, the “unsavoury” answers would just be “adjusted” to secure the funding anyway.

  • AM I Am

    Will an award help Df owners improve their photography?
    Something tells me it won’t.

    • Kynikos

      But it’ll make them even more smug.

    • Kynikos

      But it’ll make them even more smug.

  • Mikko Moilanen

    U peeps should learn to photograph instead of ranting about cameras in Internet. Nikon Df <3

    U r like spoiled little kids roflmao 😀

    • Joe

      You should learn to type like a semi-literate, adult human.

    • Global

      This is a website for photo gear and rumors and for having opinions. Do you want want them to talk about the Kardashians and MTV? This is how consumers communicate with each other and a market feedback is made. Nikon is asking for opinions on Nikon 1 V3 — the people on this forum think about these issues and are good resources for feedback, because they understand the issues better than the average consumer. The feedback they provide informs new users and helps Nikon improve.

      For Nikon 1 V3, i told Nikon that i like the V3, but that they need brighter lenses (f/1.2, f/0.95) and more pro lenses and bright fast primes, because pros will buy a V3 as a light weight and travel camera, while using D800 and D4 and Df for pro work. Nikon needs to hear this or they might worry “what does consumer want/think” and make a mistake. I told them the ISO should be higher on N1 and not to chase megapixels. I told them im buying a Sony RX100iii, because same sensor size but brighter lens and easily compact and better ISO than V3. Nikon needs to know this, because i love Nikon products. I consider to buy V3, but might wait for V4, because they made 18mp needlessly but 10mp or 12mp would have made more sense for ISO considering Nikon sloooow CX lenses (dark, not bright lenses). Nikon needs to hear this.

      If you consider that whining… then why does Nikon make survey. Go to a different sight if you do t like the purpose of sharing ideas here. Otherwise, share ideas, not insults.


      • Nicely worded…. If I remember correctly, I think it was Henry Ford who said (paraphrasing) “If one solely made what the consumer originally asked for, we’d all be merely riding on faster horses.”

    • Mikko. Point taken. However, I spent a good 4 hours shooting today and have earned enough on this job to pay off a newly purchased 16-35. Thus, I would go as far as to claim that I know enough photography to get by -at least for the time being- and allow myself to give in to the guilty pleasure that is reading NR.
      I love the Df and think it is a tremendously fun camera. But I would never presume to stop people from complaining about it. I mean, where’s the fun in that? What the heck would you do online if everybody agreed with you all time. Yawn city.
      Creator forbid censorship and people’s false sense of entitlement to not being offended.


    Who Voted? I didn’t get to Vote. I love Nikon..but Nikon’s 58mm 1.4 wins awards? What the over-priced soft lens award? Come on kiddies. And the Df…the ever plastic, shameful garbage bin award? Who is voting on these awards???

    • Duarte Castelo Branco

      most people that had actually used the lens think it’s great, few days ago a guy came to this forum and explained that lenses are so much more then sharpness, things like color rendition, the “3d look” (the personality of a lens if you will). it may sound like crap but he kinda has a point you know? And in all other regards, the 58mm excels, from bokeh and color rendition, coma etc.

      • Michiel953

        That guy might have been me… 😉


        In all the reviews by the experts..it seems they have said…Over Priced! Soft!

    • Mike

      So you’ve used both? Extensively? Go take 1000 photos of people with the 58 and you’ll see why it won. It’s a fantastic lens.

      • nick

        Same feeling as with 105 f2 DC. Soft from f2 to f3.5, razor sharp at 5.6-8 but this bokeh and color purity, this character, this atmosphere is something you have to live with to estimate..

        • Bugger. I just wrote a similar comment above thinking I was being all smart and original, albeit I was referring to the even softer and more bokendowed 135 DC 😉

        • umeshrw

          Very true. Although I don’t own 105 DC , I tried it in nikon service centre for 5 minutes and I fell in love with it. Not even as sharp as my 85 mm 1.8 D but the effect and bokeh was out of the world. And I wasn’t even shooting a face. Divine. And if anyone cannot understand the difference, then he/she needs more to be pitied than censured.

          • nick

            umeshrw, Graxxor Anandro Vidhelssen

            I was dreaming of this lens
            while I own many contemporary fast zooms and primes. Pairing it with
            D800 a camera that someone who reads technical forums has to believe
            that is not recommended for this lens. But what exactly not recommended
            means? In terms of speed and focus tracking this lens can be a small
            adventure while 70-200 is the real deal. But when you slow down to
            “make” the shot and no to “take” the shot, then you wish you had more
            time to hold this old jewel in a camera that prompts you to slow down due to its special “needs”. I went to 105 and not 135 because is too long for my locations and it gets worse when I use it DX cropped. I put three links of how this lens renders skin and general tones in an out of the camera jpg and two more with a LR color only tweaked just to show the unique out of focus (front & rear) drawing. It seems like I see an impressionistic painting. Sorry for my English.




    • By your own words then, the similarly priced 135 DC must be a similarly odorous pile of poo because it’s not cut-yer-throat-n-‘ope-to-die sharp.

  • Carlos

    Nikon should go to hell with their consistent crappy offer of worst cloud service ever, with added get rid of your customer attitude and similarly bad crappy software. The only Highpoint was when they worked with NikSoft.

    Don’t need Nikon anymore. They have done nothing for their customers recently, a crappy front-face retro-laminated style-box Df, a mini sensor highly-expensive consumer cam, running the prices higher for their DSLRs without adding innovation, just minor evolutions, if at all, See the Nikon 58mm 1.4 single-niche-use super-expensive pro-lens with medium built quality.
    Canon, not much better, if.

    Sigma is trying all to capture that market, Panasonic, Olympus and Fuji on their ends coming in with interesting stuff. Sony ruling the Body Tech Brochures innovation, but lacking lenses.

    Leica, well nobody expected anything from them anyway, still the had time to polish an aluminium GUI.

    Market in decline? Well, guess why!

    Instead Google/Niksoft, Nokia, Lytro, Apple are innovating the market up from the consumer or niche-tech side. Soon there’ll be no need for the average photo-interested consumer to have a “good” camera aside from their pocket cam (smartphone). Software makes it happen.

    ((Nikon OR Canon) x SOFTWARE) / CLOUD = SQ(NULL)

    • ((Nikon OR Canon) x SOFTWARE) / CLOUD = SQ(NULL)

      Sorry, I don’t speak Lesser-Nerdform. Could you explain this last bit to me in English? 😉

  • broxibear

    Interesting autofocus comparisons between the D4s, Fuji X-T1, Sony A6000, Olympus E-M1 and Panasonic GH4…


    • NoMeJodas

      Very interesting comparison! Looks like mirrorless is catching up quickly, but still not there yet. Sad to see that a Fuji X cam is yet again the worst of the bunch though. But I’m sure the Fuji fanboys will find a “logical” explanation to this very soon. The hype must go on after all ;-D

      • Mike

        Keep in mind that the Olympus at f/4 has the deepest DOF of any. It’s easier to have things in focus at that point.

      • HF

        I have D610, Xt1 and EM1. The Fuji needs to be put in Performance mode and used with another lens, the tele zoom is not very fast, however fast enough for me. I didn’t buy it for sports photography. I use the EM1 only for macro work. Its excellent in this respect due to IBIS and the 2x crop as well as focus peaking in autofocus mode, too. After looking at the files of the D610 all the time I got unhappy with m43, unfortunately(pushing shadows is a pain). That’s why I bought the XT1 for travel. The IQ is really good.
        But I want to see the first FF mirrorless to be as fast as these cameras. Only then will the DSLR probably be redundant.

        • NoMeJodas

          IQ is the only area where I trust on Fuji’s ability to deliver. For every other aspect I tend to believe only my own tests as Fuji’s marketing has the bad habit of making bold statements like X-T1 has the “World’s fastest AF among digital cameras equipped with an APS-C or larger sensor” (http://www.fujifilm.com/news/n140128.html ). So they are basically claiming that the X-T1 focuses faster than e.g. a D4 which I find hard to believe.

    • Me

      Actually this is a ‘proves nothing’ comparison.

      This comparison is a bit like testing some economy cars against a sports car by idling them at a red light and saying ‘look, they’re equal!’ Let’s try comparing them:

      • In a low contrast target against a low contrast background.
      • In a gloomy auditorium with mixed sodium/LED/neon lights that makes the white balance change fifteen times a second and the subject is not lighted.
      • When trying to acquire a target in fog or rain greying out the world.

      • In tall grass is screwing up the autofocus throwing a heap of verticals at you.

      No offence but this test is nonsense.

      • Captain Megaton

        I had similar concerns: brightly lit, colorful bikes against a background of featureless dirt is probably the ideal conditions for contrast AF no? But still, maybe similarly priced dSLRs like the D7100 for example would stumble in the AF tests also, though for different reasons.

  • Jay

    32GB 1066x CF $63.95 while pack of two of the same card is $157.95. Wonder how many two card packs they sell..

  • Me

    I set up my Nikon Image Space account when it came out. It was soooo bloody awkward to use I can’t even imagine why the user interface was created the way it was.

    Couldn’t they have licensed space from Flickr or Google and bolted on a different front end? A truly awful idea will limp along for another year or two and then vanish.

  • Guest

    When does the card sale ends? Any one know?

  • Sean Parchem

    This may be the dumbest internet question ever….. Can someone please explain to me why the 800x CF card is more expensive than the 1066 CF card? Am I missing something?

    • Captain Megaton

      I see the 16GB 800x card at $42 and the 1066 card at $48 so it seems the universe it back in balance.

  • G0nzo

    Does the Lexar 1066x work well with the D4? or could there be some issues ?! I remember there was something like that…

  • David Peterson

    Is high time that Nikon adds focus peaking for their DSLRs, it is a huge benefit for video shooters who largely use manual focusing (very useful for photographers too who use manual lenses).

    Many other manufacturers already have focus peaking, nearly all of them in fact!! Panasonic, Olympus, FujiFilm, Sony, and even Canon (via MagicLantern).

    • David Peterson

      Oh, just googled it, even Pentax sells cameras with focus peaking. So that is another to add to the list:

      Pentax, Panasonic, Olympus, FujiFilm, Sony, and even Canon (via MagicLantern).

    • ninpou_kobanashi

      It’s called Atomos (^_^).

      • David Peterson

        haha, yes… I really want one of those for my Nikon D5200!

        *BUT*…. it is a huge extra expense (can be more than the camera is!), and sometimes you just want to shoot light and simple, without too many extras hanging off it.

        Thus having focus peaking built in would be super useful.

  • MJ

    Did anyone get their Lexar cards yet? – Ordered mine on May 26th and still waiting…:(

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