Weekly Nikon news flash #263

→ The Nikon1 V3 has been sold out for weeks at all three major US retailers: Amazon, Adorama, B&H.

→ Check the new batch of refurbished Nikon DSLR cameras and Nikkor lenses.

→ Lock Circle announced LockPort 800 DUAL micro HDMI and micro USB 3.0 camera ports for Nikon D800/800E cameras.

→ Nikon Taiwan now provides 2nd hand lens certification service.

Nauticam announced NA-D4S  underwater housing for the Nikon D4s camera.

Nikon NEF Codec
Nikon released NEF codec version 1.22.0.

Apple Camera RAW

→ Apple released Digital Camera RAW update 5.05 with support for the Nikon D4s camera.

→ The Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art lens for Nikon F mount is already available in Japan - see the first sample images in this flickr gallery. The lens should start shipping in the US at the end of the month (May 30th).

→ Nikon Behind the Scenes - using light to tell a story:

→ McLennan on Shooting Landscapes in Africa:

→ Nikon D800E - The Pride of Africa:

→ Nikon D800E - The African Landscape:

→ Nikon D800E - The People of Africa:

Nikon established two scholarships in Laos.

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  • EJP

    Sold out due to demand or sold out because nikon isn’t shipping them here because they have mountains of unsold inventory of older models…

    • Nikon User

      What do you think? Of course Nikon no shop wants to carry this unwanted product. Worse situation than the V2.

      • zoetmb

        Bull. B&H carries everything Nikon makes. They’ve carried every Nikon 1 model. But I think EJP is right – it’s not that they’ve sold out due to high demand – it’s that Nikon USA probably can’t supply them.

        B&H still has some V2s and S1s in stock. The S1 with single lens is now down to $199, with 2 lenses $299. That’s actually a great buy and provides much more value than buying a Coolpix (or anyone else’s point and shoot for that matter).

        We can talk all you want about how the Nikon 1 line sucks (and I’d agree) and how almost all of their Coolpix cameras suck (and I’d agree), but the fact remains that Nikon sold 41 million Coolpix cameras last fiscal year (giving them a 28% market share) and in spite of market erosion and smartphones, still expects to sell 31 million this year.

        • Spy Black

          If Nikon had realistically priced this series in the first place, it would’ve been successful. If the J1 had initially been around $250, the S1 around $300, and the V1 around $350-400, they would have sold like hotcakes. Now they’re just taking it in for either cost, or a loss.

    • KnightPhoto

      No, I think it’s just the mount on the V3 for the EVF was too tight (as reported by Nikon themselves). Once they refit these, supplies should improve. But the price will not drop at least until Christmas I think.

  • Spy Black

    ” The Nikon1 V3 has been sold out for weeks at all three major US retailers…”

    What they didn’t mention was they only had one in stock…

    • Studor13

      Very funny. Ha ha.

      I’m sure all the kindergarten kids will be wetting themselves giving you a thumbs up.

      I think it’s time you grew up.

      • Raist3d

        The reality is, he is metaphorically right. Nikon didn’t bring that many to the USA.

        • Andy Aungthwin

          The reality is that Admin here brings us good info. but people like Spy Black at the very first opportunity likes to belittle what Admin does.

          And then every other troll wants to outdo the other with their “witty” one-liners.

          I take my hat off to Admin who digs out what almost always turn out to be correct but where did Spy Black get his “..they only had one in stock…” claim?

          Oh, let me guess, Spy Black was joking. I guess a lot of people here think he’s funny.

          • Spy Black

            Yes, the Admin always tells me how much I bully him around. He really enjoys it tho, that’s why he keeps letting me come in here and let’s me belittle him. He’s a glutton for punishment…

          • Bm

            Lighten up Francis. You may not agree with what he said but in reality….he is kind of right.

          • CRB

            the reality is that many “photographers” take jokes about gear far too seriously…they prefer gear over photography itself. and it obvious that US stores didnt have all that V3s in stock. do you really doubt that? admin is great, again, obviously…

          • Degsy

            Sense of humour implant on back order?

            • Andy Aungthwin

              “The 1 system is a load of crap”.
              “The 1 system is a load of sh*t”.
              “Don’t give us this small sensor crap, give me my D400”.

              OK, I get it that you don’t like the 1 system.

              “The 1 system is a load of crap”.
              “The 1 system is a load of sh*t”.
              “Don’t give us this small sensor crap, give me my D400”.

              “Common, that’s enough”!

              “The 1 system is a load of crap”.
              “The 1 system is a load of sh*t”.
              “Don’t give us this small sensor rubbish, give me my D400”.

              “The 1 system is a load of crap”.
              “The 1 system is a load of sh*t”.
              “Don’t give us this small sensor rubbish, give me my D400”.

              “The 1 system is a load of crap”.
              “The 1 system is a load of sh*t”.
              “Don’t give us this small sensor rubbish, give me my D400”.

              How’s your sense of humor holding up? Still on back order?

      • Spy Black

        Why would I want to grow up and be miserable like you?

  • Spy Black

    Who would’ve ever thought that Sigma would make superior optics to Nikon or Canon? back in the day?

    • You are right basically, but let’s not forget it always comes at a price. In the old days, Sigma was focused on cheaper alternatives; nowadays, that’s not (always) the case. What I personally find more alarming is Nikon’s insistence on catering to mostly the two ends of the buyer continuum: the bottom consumer (18-300mm soccer dad/mom) and the high-end exotic lens pro (400mm f/2.8, and so on). What Nikon needs is to offer great glass at an affordable-ish price. Something like the E-series for the 21st century.

      • Sebastian Wunsch

        and there you’re forgetting lenses like the 85 1.8, 28 1.8, 24-120 f4 etc, there are lenses that are in between with superior quality and rather cheapo. But, to create such lenses takes time, even if they have the ideas in their locker. Just sit it out, there will come your preferred bread-and-butter-lenses. it just has to overlap with pro- AND family-glasses, and they can’t be brought out simultaneously, for AD-reasons.

        • No, you’re absolutely right. The 50mm f/1.8 and the 85mm f/1.8 were the first lenses that came to mind. The thing is, all these are FX lenses. And I realize this is a very long (and never-ending) discussion, but when it comes to DX, Nikon is hopelessly behind. Can you imagine more lenses like the 35mm f/1.8? I don’t have the data, but I’m willing to bet this little gem is one of Nikon’s best-selling lenses. Why? It’s superb, it’s cheap, and it’s easy to find. I realize it’s much easier (and hence cheaper) to make a 35mm DX f/1.8 than a 18-35mm f/1.8 zoom, but third-party options in the 18-xx f/2.8 DX range show that it’s possible to make a good lens for not much money (the seriously overpriced 17-55 f/2.8 is Nikon’s only attempt at a serious midrange DX glass).

          • Global

            I agree. Now that Nikon is fully invested in Nikon 1 CX dark, slow lenses, and yet somehow also has an f/1.2 (which FEELS like f/3.5 FX equiv, but whatever), it needs to bring out the good stuff for DX.

            DX had the potential to be much more highend and developed and valuable for Nikon than the execs have been thinking lately (re: no D400, near absence of DX f/1.4 lenses at sub $1000 costs). Since f/1.8 on DX feeels like f/2.8-ish FX equiv and f/4 more like an f/6, its not very satisfactory by comparison. Nikon can do a bit better for DX. Even the 17-55/f2.8 is gimmicky, because it will feel like f/4.2 in subjective experiential use. The fact that it costs so much is a bit ridiculous, whereas Sigma now has the f/1.8 zoom which gives a much closer effect to what fullframers experience at f/2.8.

            Obviously sensor technology comes into play and Nikons pretty damn good at AF, and light on the sensor is similar, but theres no beating around the bush — if Nikon makes f/1.8s and f/4s for FX, it needs f/1.2s, 1.4s and f/2.8s for DX to keep up a similar experience. And Nikon just doesnt do it.

            • KnightPhoto

              I’ve wondered for at least the last 3 years if the hold-up on DX lenses is whether Nikon is considering a new DX-mirrorless mount? Then the DX primes could be really small and light. Thus the delay because Nikon is readying their Nikon 2 system.

              However, Thom thinks Nikon would be better off retaining the F-mount for their upcoming mirrorless cameras. Hard to argue with that. In which case what is Nikon waiting for in providing a DX-prime lineup!!

            • That’s what I’ve been saying too:
              IMHO, the most sense-making strategy would be to have only one mount, F, with an advanced amateur & pro FX line and a consumer mirrorless DX line. I do see advantages in the 2.8 crop factor for landscape use (wildlife pics basically), but I dare say most people would welcome a small & compact DX-sensored mirrorless.

            • That’s what I’ve been saying too:
              IMHO, the most sense-making strategy would be to have only one mount, F, with an advanced amateur & pro FX line and a consumer mirrorless DX line. I do see advantages in the 2.8 crop factor for landscape use (wildlife pics basically), but I dare say most people would welcome a small & compact DX-sensored mirrorless.

            • neonspark

              Thom hasn’t really made any compelling argument about why retaining the mount is a good thing long term…And anybody not playing long term is basically accepting irrelevance. Basically it boils down to the two big problems with the F-mount:

              1) designed to clear the mirror box, it sits too far from the sensor to allow for the slim cameras of the future that consumers will be used to. Nikons will look boxy…and weird. Like putting a blackberry next to an iphone or galaxy phone. Something just won’t look right. You’ll know which company embraced the future, and which company is just trying to survive it. Every DX lens nikon makes is a lens they are behind in mirrorless. If they had started 2 years ago, we’d be better off than Sony at this point. But if they start today they can still catch up. The window of opportunity is closing rapidly.
              2) the f-mount brings too much baggage which is time to get rid of. From its overly restrictive throat diameter which was never designed to accommodate electrical contacts on lenses with big rear elements (85/50 f/1.2, I’m looking at you), to its byzantine aperture arm which even in 2014…nikon refuses to remove even though every relevant body supports (or can via firmware be told to support) the electromechanical diaphragms (-E lenses). And all for what? so that a minority of users who don’t have cameras which are firmware upgradeable can use modern lenses on grandpa’s camera? Talk about holding back progress. All of this complicates the design of a mirror-less body. Canon took the leap in the 80-90s to a full electronic mount. In 2014 nikon still playing around with leverages mechanical linkages in a mount for anything other than support…crazy. With a new mount, nikon could plan for the future so it doesn’t choke itself out of really fast lenses and never again does it have to worry about screws, levers, or other 20th century nonsense.
              3) An adapter would provide a nice bridge to user your old lenses on the new mount. We’ve seen this on the 1 series. Basically at this point, nikon should put everything it has towards a new mount and in 10 years, as canon struggles with their EF mount’s film and mirror roots, laugh out loud.

            • Michele Perillo

              I dropped Canon for Nikon because Canon when change its mount left millions of customers (me included) with a collection of expensive doorstops instead of beautifully crafted, working lenses, so the suggestion of dropping the F mount just makes me shudder

            • Read the FAQ

              I agree….

    • tertius_decimus

      It always happens to big brands as they reach the top. Nokia comes to mind. Sitting on the top of the mountain and doing nothing or doing unnecessary things is quite slippery behaviour. Nikon should fire their marketing heads for its life’s sake.

      • neonspark

        Apple too 🙂

    • AM I Am

      Sigma had had already better optics than Nikon and Canon for some of their lenses. Sigma’s problems have always been the AF system and durability.

    • Kynikos

      Sigma’s optics have been great for a long time. The various iterations of the 120-300 are amazing.

      The improvement has been in QC and minimizing sample-to-sample variance.

    • neonspark

      one lens model doesn’t make them superior. consistently superior across most models would… and I don’t expect consistency from sigma anytime soon. yeah they got a one or two hits. who doesn’t.

      • Spy Black

        Except it’s not one model, it’s three so far, and counting. Sigma is on a roll, and I hope they stick with their momentum.

        • neonspark

          Nikon has nearly 60 lenses out there. so it will be A WHILE before I consider 57 versus 3 to be a winning argument for sigma.

          • Spy Black

            Yeah, but how many of those are spectacular? Only a handful. The rest are either middle-of-the-road, or outright junk (>coughcough<).

            I'm also referring to Sigma's Phoenix rising from the ashes. If they continue doing what they're doing, they're going to have a spectacular line. We'll just have to wait and see.

            • TV

              I can’t tell if you’re trolling or what, but you clearly don’t know Nikon lenses if you think the majority are ‘middle-of-the-road’. Everything else you say is clouded by your apparent lack of experience with the Nikon range. The 24-85? Really? That’s your standard? At least compare prime to prime or price to price…

            • Spy Black

              No, I mean outright spectacular. How many do you think there are? Not many. This doesn’t apply strictly to Nikon either. How many spectacular lenses do you think exist? Not many.

  • Neopulse

    Glad the V3 is doing well. Now Nikon’s turn to use this money to churn out the good stuff 😀 (not bringing down the V3 or anything also)

  • Guest

    I wonder when the next shipment of the V3 is due.I’m guessing a handful of people are nonchalantly waiting for their V3. Since the only 4-5 were sold a few weeks ago.

  • UnknownTransit

    Well, good news is the V2 is cheap enough for me. Doesn’t Nikon still have a haystack of J1s?

  • Spy Black

    Isn’t buying a used speedlight like buying a used ice cream pop?…

    • I bought a used SB600 not long ago and it’s just fine. Got it for $100…I’m pretty happy.

    • I have 4 Speedlights (2 SB-600 and 2 SB-800). All bought used. All used countless times. All keep working like new.

  • Andy Aungthwin

    Met a guy riding his bike from Switzerland to Slovenia and he was carrying with him a Nikon D800 with the 14-24mm and a Sigma 24-105mm. He also had the Sigma Merrill.

    He showed me his toys and commented how he felt somewhat embarrassed in also getting the optional EVF for the Merrill because it cost almost as much as the body.

    What’s my point?

    There are people buying all sorts of cameras for all sorts of reasons.

    But if you come to NR you would think that only people here know what people buy and should buy.

    For example comments like “They had only one V3 in stock”. Yeah, very funny. Just check out all the trolls who give it a thumbs up.

    The V3 or any other camera will sell to the market that the makers are aiming at if it’s any good.

    But no, “experts” here will tell me that the V3 is a load of crap, right?

    • Merrill Owner

      What optional EVF for the Sigma Merrill? There is none. There’s no port and no available EVF. The DPs can only can use an OVF, and the SD1 has its own viewfinder. And an OVF for the DP series doesn’t cost as much as the camera body……. and in fact, you can use any OVF matching the correct lens (i.e., DP1, 2, and 3.)

    • Mr. Sigma

      Fun story except that there is no EVF for the Sigma Merrills. You can use an OVF (and from any brand name as long as it matches the lens focal length.)

      • Andy Aungthwin

        Yes, my bad. I should have said OVF.

        The point however, is that people buy with real money.

        Here, people don’t buy anything. They just want to give advice with other people’s money.

        • megadon357

          The point these guys are intentionally missing is that units-sold exceeded expectations, which means more cameras will be ordered and more sold. Hopefully, the cameras ordered will match cameras sold and Nikon will continue with their impressive profits and we will continue to be able to buy cameras we like…despite the opinions of people who have never shot the camera, never intend to give it a try, and simply like to think that posting comments somehow gives them a “voice”.

    • Global

      Youre confusing issues. Selling out on first inventory doesnt mean its selling well. For starters, production volumes were probably lower because of poor sales in previous generations, thus tightening the market, and, second, initial stock orders were likely lower from retailers because of the terrible time they had trying to get rid of Nikon 1 products for 3 generations now. You cant pretend that selling first inventory is the same as serving the intended market. All first inventory sells out, except for flops. Better tight inventory than excessive inventory. Its the second and third and fourth orders from retailers that keep manufacturers up at night. The intended market may not even be who is buying as most first day orders are early adopters!

      On the the other hand, this is the best looking Nikon 1 to date, it has me considering it, but its just a shame the image quality didnt advance as much as the superficial looks did over the last 2 generations. We can definitely say Nikons on the right track though, if only itd bust out some bright, bright wide and tele lenses to make proper use of that tiny, tiny sensor. Do that and it would really be a nice lightweight companion. But ill wait for a V4, personally. It just doesnt make sense yet without brighter wide lenses being available and sensitivity worse than the Sony point and shoot with same size sensor.

      • Eric Calabros

        in Nikon view, DX is (/was) to reach tele territory with lighter/smaller gear, and CX is to reach even more. so for landscape shooters, FX is the way to go. I personally dont like that, but the reality is most of upgraders who come from smartphone land, do want reach, as their phone’s lens is already wide (mostly 28mm)

        • Patrick O’Connor

          I always thought DX predated FX and its current role is gateway camera for FX.

      • KnightPhoto

        I too would have liked to see the V3/J4 IQ bump further ahead than it did this time. Sure the extra resolution will be welcome but DR is as important. They must have looked at Back-Side-Illumination one would think, maybe next generation 24mp BSI? I’d like to see more DR, that looks like the main handicap right now. Heck, it’s almost like shooting a Canon camera 😉 😉 😉

        • megadon357

          Regardless of the IQ “number”, the camera is a tool where the IQ is really not going to be the limiting factor. Check out this image: http://imgsv.imaging.nikon.com/lineup/acil/bodies/j3/img/sample/img_01_l.jpg
          Granted that shot is tailor-made for a Nikon 1 (a J3 in this instance), but there is no issue with the IQ. It is what it is, and what it is IS a really neat tool.

    • Spy Black

      “But if you come to NR you would think that only people here know what people buy and should buy.”

      Of course I do. You should get yourself a pinhole camera…

  • doge

    Admin, is there anyway to find out how many, J1s, J2s, J3s, V1s, V2s, and S1s stores and web retailers still have in their inventories? I think that’s far more interesting and telling than what is selling.

    • There is no way to get this info.

      • doge

        Aw dang. What about that Coolpix A camera? Are there sales figures for that camera, or do they just lump that into Coolpix figures? That camera seems like a total bust. Did they even market that thing?

        • KnightPhoto

          Agreed, the CoolPix A at the right price could have sold many. And where’s the CoolPix B with the D7100 sensor?

    • KnightPhoto

      I did a search through Amazon today. V2 seems to be very thin on the ground. J3 perhaps as well? There appear to be a goodly number of J1 still out there and a limited amount of V1 still.

      My sense is Nikon limited production of the V2/J3 generation based on the over-production of V1/J1 lesson learned.

      I also looked through DSLRs and the situation did not look dire, to me. Some old stock out there but not to unhealthy levels. But hey, for the D700-crowd, I did find half-a-dozen $3100+ brand-new D700, so go ahead – your dream camera is still available brand new 😉

  • mok

    probably does not matter much but this underwater cover has AFL button while D4S do not have such :). Should be text AF-ON

  • neonspark

    looking at that huge nikon one camera one has to wonder why nikon isn’t putting DX out of its misery and releasing a mirrorless DX mount and lens system. After all, if you’re going to haul such a huge lens around, it may as well be in front of a mirrorless DX or FX sensor.

  • Aspenz

    People can mock the V3 all they want and make unfunny jokes, but the fact is that it’s a very capable camera which continues the N1 line in a way that makes it so uniquely appealing and an irreplaceable system. I also have a V1 and V2; the point is that these cameras let me enjoy photography very much, all while with top-notch performance and decent IQ. It’s really one of those things that you don’t know what you’re talking about until you’ve tried it.


  • neversink

    Is it me, or does the bokeh long harsh, angular and ugly on the Sigma 50/f1.4…. I guess Sigma should call their ART series of lenses FART…. Nothing has really changed with Sigma except they call their lenses “Art” and “Sport.” Good names for dogs. And that’s what Sigma lenses are. DAWGS!!!!!! Yes, they are sharp, but all seem to have that harsh bokeh which is so distracting and just hurts the image…. and let’s not forget the so-so AF motors that break down. And the Nikon firmware upgrades that can make these, and other third-party lenses, suddenly obsolete

  • raist3d

    The only reason it’s sold out is because Nikon did not bring that many to the USA in the first place, and thanks to having to have recalled internally about half that shipment due to the EVF issue (that Japan confirmed).

    I do think there is an initial demand for this product but at the asking price it’s not sustainable. But Nikon doesn’t have any product to sell at the moment (V3’s/ USA).

  • Alex

    I just wanted to thank Admin for the excellent job he is doing on this Rumour site. This website is not like another rumour website. Infos are accurate and disclosed in a smart way. When you know the amount of crap-rumours you can dig on the web i think Peter is doing very well here, and its pretty always interesting.

    Not to trash the Canon rumour website, but the posts you can see there are most of the time useless. Maybe Canon keeps its secret better? but the admin of the Canon rumour website also does a poor job … look at this info:

    “We’re told that the next “L” lens Canon announces will likely be the EF 100-400 f/4.5-5.6L IS replacement. The odds are still on it being announced around the time of the EOS 7D replacement, which we hear is for Photokina, so I we expect an announcement some time in August of this year.

    All we’ve heard about the lens is that it will not be push/pull zoom and will be quite a bit more expensive than the current and aging version.

    One day this lens will be announced…….”

    How disappointing. We have heard this a dozen of times. And I particularly like the comment on the no push pull and price … what a news!

    So here it is for you Peter: you are the guy to beat when it comes to rumour news!
    This is my free compliment of the day.

    • Thank you!

    • Neopulse

      hear hear

      • Alex

        Ah ah! I only wanted to point out that one can do a real good job at giving accurate informations, some other guys just can’t. Admin is doing really well, you must be the other guy, judging by the reasoning within some of your commentaries.

        • Neopulse

          The admin does in fact get very good information and compiles the data in a very reasonable manner to show us and even answer questions on the threads. Fun fact is that he has multiple rumor websites, so doing that for each one is that MUCH MORE time-consuming. I’m glad he’s that dedicated to what he does here for everyone especially readers on a global scale. I for one try to gather all the info and use it to make smart decisions in buying and selling gear.
          To me he’s the “Braniac” who takes in the all that info and processes it for us.

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