Nikon D4s firmware updated C 1.01 released

Nikon just released firmware update C 1.01 for the Nikon D4s camera. Download links:

Here is the changelog:

  • When Custom Setting f1 (Multi selector center button) > Playback mode was set to View histograms, the histogram was not displayed correctly for the image played back in the monitor, even when the center button on the multi selector was pressed, when the following conditions were met. This issue has been resolved.
    • Image quality was set to NEF (RAW) + JPEG fine, NEF (RAW) + JPEG normal, or NEF (RAW) + JPEG basic.
    • An option other than "Overview data" or "RGB histogram" was selected for photo information displayed with full-frame image playback.
  • With full-frame image playback with "Highlights" or "RGB histogram" display selected, image chroma (saturation) changed with flashing of highlights. This issue has been resolved.
  • When images captured with Color space set to Adobe RGB were enlarged with playback in the monitor, image chroma (saturation) changed. This issue has been resolved.
  • When Rotate tall in the playback menu was set to On, and an image captured in "tall" (portrait) orientation was enlarged slightly (playback zoom-in button pressed once or twice) with monitor playback, the image did not appear to be very sharp or clear. This issue has been resolved.
  • With capture of a Compressed RAW image, followed by a Lossless compressed RAW image, with Image quality set to NEF (RAW), the camera was sometimes unable to correctly record the second RAW image. This issue has been resolved.

Important notes for this firmware update:

  • If you have a Lexar 400x or 1000x CompactFlash memory card, please click this link for information regarding compatibility with your camera.
  • The firmware cannot be upgraded when Network > Network connection in the Setup menu is set to ON. Be sure to set Network connection to OFF before attempting to upgrade the firmware.
  • Please be sure to use a FULLY charged EN-EL18 battery or EH-6 AC Adapter with EP-6 Power connector to perform this update
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  • Who cares about Nikon D4S. There’s a new king in town: Lytro Illum

    • Mike

      I sense sarcasm. But with a 3.19x crop factor and 4mp stills output, you have reason to be sarcastic. 2005 called. The D2H wants it’s 4mp back. But hey, the Lietro has an 80 megaray sensor. Lol.

      • I see you have the latest sensor, eh. 😉

        • Spy Black

          No, he has the latest sensor humor…

  • buzzlightweight

    Just bricked mine……….. whoops!

  • Jack S

    Bugfixes and unannounced planned regressions. Fantastic!

    • Mike

      What you smokin’ Willis?

      • Jack S

        Nuthin’ but clean fresh air, Mike Mcbob. See all the other posts here about bricking and breaking compatibility.

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    When will Nikon add a preset for shooting Wild Lettuce?

    • Fruit Cake

      Lettuce leave the rabbit food behind.
      It’s badly wilted now.

  • AM I Am

    And nowhere documented, this FW update will render Sigma lenses useless on D4s’s.

    • phil999

      What proof do you have for this?
      Or are you just making it up because you continuously post anti Sigma sentiments on here?

      • AM I Am

        I’m telling you, it’s not documented anywhere.
        By the way, I just remembered, Sigma lenses render themselves useless.

        • phil999

          The only thing you told me is that you are an idiot…

        • I’m telling you, it’s not documented anywhere.
          By the way, I just remembered, the previous comment rendered itself useless.

          • Adrifter

            The irony is that the update actually improved Sigma lenses on the D4s. My D4s and sigma 85 wouldn’t AF fine tune before (the camera kept “forgetting” the lens), but now it works fine.

            • Andrew

              So, the Sigma lenses were rendered useful?

  • fjfjjj

    This firmware prevents the use of third-party straps.

    • And tripods.

      • fred

        And batteries.

        • Kyle Farris

          And photos.

          • G. Weaver

            And photographers.

  • axlrose

    Is it only me who has problem downloading new firmware? Any other link for it?

    • mantaM

      i could not download the new firmware also? Is there any update on that from anyone else?

      • axlrose

        Donno. :-/ I’ve searched, but could not find anything. Maybe admin has some files saved and could share it via dropbox or similar site.

        • axlrose

          it works now!

          • mantaM

            YES, i confirm, it works for me too!

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