What to expect from Nikon in the next few months

Nikon Rumors
This is an updated post on what to expect from Nikon in the near future - the next Nikon announcement will most likely be in May for new Coolpix cameras with 1" sensors (P8000 and P700):


Nikon Coolpix P8000

I have been reporting about a new Coolpix camera with 1" sensor for few months now. Here are the rumored P8000 specifications:

  • Maximum shutter speed: 1/8000 sec.
  • The P8000 will use a new 1" Aptina sensor
  • At least Expeed 3 imaging processor (Expeed 4 is also a possibility)
  • Magnesium body
  • Comfortable grip similar to the Nikon P5100 and  P6000 models
  • Announcement in April-May 2014
  • 24- 120mm equivalent f/2.0 - 3.0 lens with 3 ED and 1 ASP glass elements (could be even faster: f/1.8 - 3.0)
  • 1" inch sensor (first Coolpix with 1" sensor)
  • 3.0" LCD screen
  • P A S M mode

Nikon Coolpix P700

There will also be a new Nikon Coolpix P700 compact ultra zoom camera. Here are the rumored specs:

  • 1" Aptina made sensor
  • Lens: 24-2000mm f/3.5 - 8.5 (full frame equivalent)
  • All magnesium body with a big grip
  • Very heavy: the weight is rumored to be 1.3 kg/45.8 oz
  • 3.5" LCD screen
  • Expeed 4 image processor

Nikkor lenses

Nikon has announced all but one of the 1 Nikkor prototype lenses that were on display once the system was first introduced:

The missing lens is the macro 1 Nikkor:

Nikon 1 macro lens
I expect a new Nikon 1 lens roadmap to be announced at Photokina in September and the missing macro lens to be announced by the end of 2014.

I have no updates on the other rumored Nikon lenses:

  • A new Nikkor AF-S 300mm f/4G VR lens has been rumored for a long time now. I have no updates on the release date.
  • There is a very good chance that Nikon will respond to the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM lens with new Nikkor f/1.8 DX zoom lens. The announcement could happen with the D7200 announcement.
  • There is a possibility for a new 16mm fisheye lens. Some of the tips I received point that a new fisheye zoom is currently in testing and could be announced by the end of the year (something similar to the Canon 8-15mm lens). The Nikon version is supposed to be circular fisheye at the wide end, rectangular at the long side and could be wider than 8mm.

Nikon D7200

The Nikon D7200 will most likely be announced this summer.

Nikon D9300

No updates on the rumored Nikon D9300 camera but I still believe this model will be announced this year.

Nikon D800 update instead of D4x

Nikon may not release a D4x camera but instead there are rumors for a Nikon D800 refresh similar to the D4s (same sensor, improved ISO, slightly faster, higher price tag).

Nikon D2300


Canon Rebel SL1 size comparison - the D2300 is rumored to be even smaller

I have no updates on the D2300 camera, here are the rumored specs:

  • World's smallest DSLR camera (small like the Canon Rebel SL1)
  • There is a possibility that the D2300 will be the first DSLR-like camera without an optical viewfinder
  • D2300 is a preliminary name and it can change
  • Weight: 290g
  • Announcement in May 2014
  • The Nikon D2300 could be the 3rd DSLR camera that will be announced this year (in addition to the D4s and D7200)

If you have any other information on the products listed above, or any other tips, please contact me (no email needed to submit an anonymous tip).

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  • saywhatuwill

    I’m looking forward to the updated D800, but I’m sure many are looking for the D400…em…D9300.

    If a new fisheye comes out I’ll be giving Nikon my money.

    • Meh, I have a D800 and certainly wouldn’t upgrade based on the rumoured specs. If it was 56MP, sure. But just a bit faster and better high ISO? No thanks, I’ll wait for a D900.

      • MyrddinWilt

        The mid life refresh isn’t meant to attract owners of the current model to upgrade. Its to give the folk who have been on the fence a reason to take the jump.

        I would not expect much improvement in ISO response beyond what is achieved through incremental improvement on the sensor. That might allow them to declare another ISO stop but its like going from 4.3 to 4.6 and rounding to the nearest number and getting 5 rather than 4.

        I suspect a WiFi upgrade will also appear. Its a no brainer upgrade at this point as it costs almost nothing but it has a big impact for some shooters.

        That new fisheye zoom does look interesting.

        • nobody cares

          Nicer still would be dual CF. I’ve got SD cards, but I rarely use them in the camera (only as a backup when CF is full (though I occasionally put JPG on them). If WiFi was available, I’d certainly be more inclined to put JPG on the SD card. I would benefit from better performance at high ISO too, but I don’t think any of this would convince me to buy another body.

          • Lars Steenhoff


          • WildGoose

            Dual SD would be better, CF is clunky, outdated and irrelevant (in 2014).

            • MyrddinWilt

              +1 Get rid of the CF slots altogether. I hate the stupid things with their benadble pins.

              I would not buy a camera that didn’t have SD: My MacBook has an SD slot.

              The latest version of SD is faster and is available in exactly the same capacity as the biggest CF card. CFast is a little faster than SD and designed to be used as a SSD format but the cards are barely available.

              There is zero chance that there will be a change to the SD+CF format though. That would require tooling for a new body.

  • big al

    What will the D7100 replacement have over the existing D7100? (I’m about to order a D7100.)

    • K2adir

      d7200 is going to replace 7100. I have 7000 and its pretty good. I would buy 7000 and a good glass.

      • big al

        I read that D7000 has focus problems.

        • RMJ

          If by focus problems you mean that it doesn’t as good AF as D300/D700 has, then yeah, it has focus “problems”. That’s why we are waiting D400 anyways.

        • Tom

          Yes it did, I sent mine to Nikon, got it fixed, but never trusted it again. Replaced it with E-M1.

          • big al

            Exactly, a lot of people had focus inaccuracy problems, back-focusing or something.

        • decisivemoment

          Mirror angle issues in both of mine causing back focus that got worse the warmer the lighting (and conversely, front focus on a bright but cloudy day with colder light), and from the forum postings I think this was widespread. Both were fixed; I have since sold one but the repair did the job. It’s now just the run of the mill issues about lack of responsiveness in bad light that people have complained about on the Df.

    • Omar Salgado

      Nothing new under the sun.

      I still own a D7000 with its 16MP and low pass filter… Such a beast. I don’t feel it is outdated. Of course, if I need to, I would replace it with the D7100 (no need to wait for the D7200), but that’s not the case. I know I would not regret.

      These are just incremental features: they’re on quantity, not quality as a leap.

      • AaronShep

        I’ve owned D7000 and D7100, and the second is definitely superior for its focus ability. On the other hand, I could do without the large file sizes from the extra megapixels. But it all depends on what you’re shooting.

        • fred

          The focusing ability of the D7100 in low light/dark situations is amazing. No hunting like the D300 would does. My old D300 still has better tracking ability though in brighter light.

        • Omar Salgado

          But for someone like me, AF is useless: I focus manually all of the time.

          But yes, it all depends on what you’re shooting. It has to meet your needs in the end.

    • Rock Kenwell

      You can count on Expeed4.

    • Delmar Mineard Jr

      Increase in the number of FPS and the buffer size will increase. Agree with those saying the Expeed4 will be in the D7200. My hunch, lots of people will wait and not buy the D7200 to see what the D9300 brings.

      • jmb2560

        I agree. Nikon should introduce the two at the same time and clearly position them (features and price). From what I understand, the 9300 will be a DX version of the D800 while the 7200 will be an update to the 7100 (itself an update to the 7000) with most likely the same body and construction. This market looks more and more like the PC industry in the nineties when PC makers where updating their PCs every 8 months with slightly faster processors and more hard drive storage…

        • and that’s why mirrorless is the future.

          The only thing that can be developed further is mirrorless, it still has not reached its potential.

          DSLR’s have peaked, not much to improve on really.

          • Name

            No, it isn’t. There is plenty to be advanced in DSLRs, bigger buffer, higher resolution, advances in autofocus, viewfinders can be made bigger and better, etc. And DSLRs will always be better than mirrorless, because their batteries will always last much longer without a battery sucking, eyestrain inducing EVF.

            • Really? I can’t think of a situation where you would need anything better than a D4s or even a D800 for that matter.

              Show me your folio and give me an example where a bigger viewfinder/buffer/hi res would’ve given you a better photo.

              Also the keyword is NEED not WANT.

            • TrueScott

              I used to shoot sports professionally and I sure as shit wouldn’t be taking a mirrorless camera to a sports fixture. Autofocus too slow, battery life far too short, buffer too small, most are small so they skimp on buttons which means changing setting on the fly is a pain and so on. Can’t see sport shooters jumping ship to mirrorless any time soon.

            • So you agree that mirrorless is no where near their full potential yet. Thank you for agreeing.

            • TrueScott

              Mirrorless isn’t really up to speed at the minute for professional use but the day when mirrorless magically becomes better is a lot further off than the mirrorless crowd want to admit (if it ever arrives).

              Mirrorless would have to exceed the performance of a DSLR or offer something that is going to make a big difference to the bottom line of my business to make me change over and I suspect that goes for a lot of other professional users. It is (unfortunately) very difficult for new products to break into the professional market due to the existing “ecosystems” that surround Canon and Nikon in terms of accessories.

              In terms of battery life as long as mirrorless cameras continue to be crammed into a tiny form factor their battery life will never be on par with larger cameras. Making a large bodied mirrorless pretty much gets rid of one of the main selling points (the small size). That might not matter so much in the future though if small batteries can get a couple thousand shots per charge like I get now with larger batteries. 350 shots per charge as some of the Fuji cameras get is not acceptable for professional use in my opinion (a massive downgrade from the cameras I was using even a decade ago).

              Buffer is probably something the companies pushing mirrorless could increase now if they wanted but without the market to sell a professional mirrorless camera in I can’t see them doing it any time soon. I can also see them improving auto-focus perfomance but we have the same problem here, why make a professional auto-focus system when professionals won’t use your system?

              Nothing bad to say about anybody who shoots mirrorless, I hope they enjoy the superb results they can get but not for me at the minute, the pros don’t come close to outweighing the cons.

            • Powerbill

              Seems that Zach Arias and David Hobby may disagree with your assessment on mirrorless not being professional enough yet.

            • TrueScott

              Neither of whom are sports photographers so drawbacks of the mirrorless system (slow autofocus and a poor selection of lenses) don’t matter half as much.

              How many mirrorless cameras did you see in the hands of sports pros in Sochi? Not many I’d bet…

            • Tom

              I shot a gymnastics meet with an Olympus E-M1 and the 75mm F1.8 lens (150mm equiv). For some odd reason, since I was shooting at 10fps, I shot over 1500 pictures and still had half a battery life. Typically, battery life on the camera lasts for 400 shots. I don’t have it but I could get the grip with the extra battery. I shot at ISO 3200, F1.8-F2.8, jpeg. The buffer was really good, a lot better than the D7000 I had. Autofocus had some issues at those speeds and low light, but I got tons of amazing shots. Out of a recent meet, 1500+ shots, I got 400+ keepers. No, the E-M1 is not a $6k camera. I wouldn’t mind having the D4s though. Would love to shoot at ISO 6400 and have clean pictures.


            • KnightPhoto

              Very nice example, clearly some photographer skills were involved 😉

            • Nobody Knows

              Hi Tom,
              I have the E-M1 { not, for much longer as I am moving to the GH4 for video} along
              with the D4 and D800.Frankly I find the high ISO noise unacceptable .As can be clearly seen in your shot it is noisy with poor colour and mush due to NR, I am not attacking you shooting in these scenarios is tricky and challenging to many cameras. C-AF on it is not exactly blazing
              considering this was one of its major selling points.

              Most of the “sport” shots shown with mFT in general including the E-M1 rely on the extensive DOF rather than accurate C-AF. The E-M1 has some great tech { 5 axis etc} and very good build quality but it would never be my choice for
              sport or action shooting. I am sure that eventually the mFT sensor will get to
              a level that delivers excellent high ISO but we are well away from that now. Same with C-AF I am sure it will move forward . For me the strength of mFT lies in its size &weight along with a wide selection of often very good lenses.

            • TrueScott

              If mirrorless really was the way to go for sports shooters they would have jumped ship already. I’m not saying you can’t get decent sports shots from mirrorless cameras but they really aren’t able to meet the needs of the full time professional sports photographer as it stands, they just aren’t good enough.

              Shame you only have one image in your album, I’d like to see some of the keepers.

            • Al

              I’m sure the same was said of the D4, and the D3S, and the D3….

            • Not really. After the d3s, it’s all incremental. At what point are you really going to need ultra hi ISO. Any camera d700 up is good enough. If you still can’t get the photo you want in this day and age, you’re in the wrong industry.

            • nobody cares

              If bigger viewfinder = bigger image of what I’m shooting, that’d be useful. My eyes aren’t what they once were. I agree on Buffer/Resolution. There are occasionally times where a bigger buffer would be nice, but truth is shooting in clubs, I’m often shooting at low shutter speeds, so while I shoot in bursts of 3-5, I rarely fill the buffer. Then again, maybe I would if I had more. When the next gen cameras (e.g. d900) comes out, I’ll make a decision. Right now, i’m not limited by my hardware (with the exception of insanely low light situations and even then it’s way better than I ever got with film).

            • Name

              Arguing about “needs” is an idiot’s game. Unless you earn your living from photography, nobody “needs” a camera at all. And just because mirrorless has so much that is wanting at this stage compared to DSLRs doesn’t mean it is “the future,” because that impies mirrorless has something to offer to photographers that DSLRs don’t, which it doesn’t. Mirrorless remains a solution in search of a problem.

            • Powerbill

              How about the problem of size, weight, or video capabilities? I don’t know about you, but shooting events with my gripped D700 with The Beast attached (older 28-70 f/2.8) is an absolute arm-killer! I would love to be able to carry a complete set of zooms or high quality primes and a body or two for the same weight as my aforementioned rig.

              I just don’t agree with the attitude that mirrorless is not for “professional use.” I remember when real pros only shot medium format and snubbed 35mm as the amateur’s format. Remember the attitude towards digital about fourteen years ago? Mirrorless will get there for sure. There is absolutely no doubt about it.

              I never even thought about mirrorless until the fuji X’s came out, and I’m intrigued with the Lumix GH4. It is not the gear that defines the photography, but the images you make. The industry is changing and shooters like Hobby and Arias are helping to improve the usability and quality of the mirrorless platform; it’s reputation as an amateur’s camera will change as well.

      • Mr. Mamiya

        As we all know Nikon, that’ll be +0,5 FPS and +1 RAW in buffer for the D7200, and still everybody will want a D400.

    • well

      Since it’s a new number (not an s), chances are there’ll be a new sensor. Other than that, who knows?

      • Mike

        I wouldn’t expect a new sensor just as the 5200 has the sensor of the 5100 (just no low-pass filter).

        For a 7200 I expect Wifi, GPS, Expeed4 which will give us 1080@60 and a tiny bit less noise in high ISO. SRAW is possible for those who want it and at least this will increase the buffer size, maybe even an upgrade to 6FPS.

        For most ppl not worth the upgrade from the 7100 or 7000.

        • RMJ

          D5100 has 16MP sensor (same as in D7000), D5200 has 24MP sensor. To me that sounds like a bigger difference but I could be wrong…

          If you mean D5300 has the same 24MP sensor as D5200, then you’d be wrong again as the other (D5300) is Sony made and the other (D5200) is made by Toshiba.

          What comes to D7200, you are probably right on those specs.

        • Thom Hogan

          You’re pretty close.

          • Neopulse

            Would make sense since they did that update to the D5200.

        • Neopulse

          Maybe a 7fps with grip attached.

    • Cris

      I can`t wait for the new D7200 so that the D7100 would be cheaper! ;))

    • Neopulse

      The D7100 is a very nice camera. Used it with the 18-200mm, Sigma 18-35mm and 70-300mm VR and does good. If you need the connectivity and such then WAIT because it might be at the same price point. But if you just shoot with it and never really use those other perks then I’d also wait since it will most likely drop dramatically in price to get rid of inventory.

  • Where is the D700 replacement??

    • jmb2560

      Alan, you still don’t get it?
      There is no replacement for the D700. It’s either a D610 on the lower end or a D800 on the upper end of the segment. This makes good marketing sense: Get people running on DX and attracted to move to FX an acceptable price point with the D610; get people running on D700 to upgrade to D800. BTW, you can now find used D800 with low shutter count for +/-$2,100.
      The D700 was a great idea at the good time. Let’s move on!

      • Deep_Lurker

        My thought is that it’s bad marketing: It’s bad marketing when people refuse to buy not because of the price, but because of the specs.

        When there are a significant number of people who aren’t buying a D800 but who would buy a “D800h” with 16 or 24MP and up to 8 fps, then good marketing says to introduce the D800h, even if it shares a price point with the D800.

        Similarily, when there are a significant number of people who aren’t buying a D610 but who would buy a D300s replacement that’s a “DX version of the D800h” (24mp, up to 8 fps, DX sensor, $1800-2000) then good marketing says to introduce that D300s replacement, even if it shares a price point with the D610.

        • ronin

          It’s also bad marketing when people refuse to buy because of price.

          And boy are they refusing.

          • zoetmb

            That’s not bad marketing, that’s bad value proposition. And with Nikon’s ever-increasing prices for very incremental improvements (sometimes accompanied by major problems), that’s going to be a problem for the foreseeable future, since it seems that most new models are little more than an excuse to raise prices.

            There’s no good reason for this. The U.S. dollar is up 29% against the Yen since 2012 (although still 15% down from 2007). That means they could charge 29% less in the U.S. and still in essence make the same money in Yen that they made in 2012. Imagine what their sales could look like if they reduced prices by 29% or let Nikon do 4% better and reduce prices by 25% across the board.

            I bet there isn’t a person on this site who wouldn’t go out and buy something almost immediately for a 25% discount below today’s prices.

        • zohar

          That’s me, and I won’t upgrade to D4 b/c of XQD.
          Got to hand it to Canon they nailed it with the 5D3 and 1DX.

      • Saffron Blaze

        Good ideas don’t go out of style. The D700 was a good idea. There is still a sizeable gap between the 610 and the 800. The 610 is consumer. The 800 pro. Need a prosumer like the D700 to bridge that gap. The Df is too niche to fill it.

        • Yeah, the 5D3 is a total flop, right?

          • FB

            exactly. I know a lot of fellow photojournalists who moved (some of them reluctantly) from the D700 to the 5D mark III. Although they’re happy with their choice, some of them would gladly move back to Nikon if an updated version of the D700 existed (i.e. a D700 with a D600/D4/Df sensor).

            • Powerbill

              I hate to admit it, but yeah the 5d3 is a great peace of kit. I saved forever for the D800 and reluctantly cancelled my order (I ordered it shortly after it was announced) because I just couldn’t wait any longer, so I ordered a new D700 at a great price. I do love it, but always kind of hated buying yesterday’s news. I really hate to admit that Nikon has made some blunders lately, while Canon is really coming out with great features like built in radio flashes. Still no where near as slick as CLS, but they are radio. Not sure if I could ever switch though. Be like getting rid of my Mac for a PC.

        • jmb2560

          Sure about great ideas but I see the D800 as borderline Prosumer/pro market. Nikon aims to position it as a “Pro camera” to make prosumers feels like they buy a high end device; I have a D800 and a D3s: I can certainly feel the difference in built quality… not to speak about pro-like features. I agree with you on the Df: Too niche but quite a good marketing coup! Even the WSJ had an article about the Df. That does not happen frequently!

      • Delmar Mineard Jr

        It’s unbelievable that people don’t understand there is NO D700 replacement. Nice job of explaining it in your message.

        • Powerbill

          No doubt! I understand it completely, every time I pick up my D700 which was relunctantly purchased shortly after the D800 announcement!

      • flaker

        But the D800 isn’t an ‘upgrade’ from the D700 — the AF is considerably (the biggest gripe) worse and less accurate, the camera is less responsive, etc, etc. It’s like a dull knife. I own both and when I NEED an image to work, I grab the D700 every time.
        Yes, the D800 is an upgrade in many ways – the sensor, dual cards, etc. However, the ways it’s ‘worse’ actually make it harder to get an image… and that matters the most.

    • Zest

      I must be crazy…I still use it and still think it is amazing. If this camera was morphed into a smaller lighter version it could possibly be the last camera I would ever buy. Just snag up a used one on eBay, get some tape and glue on a d710 sticker and call it a day.

  • whisky

    any word on the Nikon 1 V4 yet? 🙂

  • Tair


  • Ms.KrystalMeth

    I will pass on the Updated D800..which will have the same ol 36.3mp…but will have major interested in it’s replacement D900 with 50plus mp. Not even concerned with D300s replacement. Boring….but I know a lot of you DX kids will like it. lol

    • Eric Calabros

      Lemme know what lenses you FX Adult have that are sharp enough for 50+ sensor

      • bossa

        A 54MP D800X sensor would have the same pixel density as a D7100 so you can start by assessing lenses that cut-it on that sensor to use as a guide. They’d need to be faster higher quality lenses due to diffraction kicking in earlier (or so I am told) and the size of the image circle so it may be cheaper to buy into a Pentax 645Z and buy cheaper, longer FL, slower lenses that to the same trick. I’m seriously contemplating selling one of my D800E’s for that camera.

        • d800e_shooter

          quite frankly, with a D900 at 54mp and the continual absence of a D700 replacement, you would see a lot of D900 being shot in RAW-S mode with 54/4=13.5mp per frame.

          • Eric Duminil

            In theory, yes, and it would be great. In practice, Nikon seems to have completely botched D4s s-RAW, which is already “cooked” and only 1Mb less than the RAW.

        • crazy41

          54Mp is nonsense in 35mm format SLR as much as current 24MP crop cameras. Zeiss otus, which is the best lens out there I suppose can resolve only about 29mp resolution on FF sensor,half in DX, so 36Mp is also silly. Only real solution is bigger sensor , because it is larger area lens doesn’t have to draw so many lines per mm for same resolution, this is physics 🙂

          • Nobody Knows

            The higher MP benefits every single lens you put on it even the most mediocre. This has been established and proven time after time. Below
            is a link to a DXO test of the Otus you mentioned on the D700, D600 & D800 and
            as you would expect each jump in MP results in an increase in resolution. By the
            by to double resolution you need a 4x increase in MP count.


            The reason why the lens { any lens } does not resolve a 100% of the maximum potential of the sensor. Is due to the impact of the lower resolution achieved at the extremes edges of the image frame. With higher resolution
            though even the corners will increase they will never move forward as far as the image frame away from the edges .This means that though you will not achieve the full 54mp potential resolution { though you will away from the
            extreme edges} due to the averaging over
            the full sensor area. You would get a resolution score of around 45mp.

            As for image quality you will have better low ISO images also due to the very high
            MP count you will be able to down sample the higher ISO files to achieve excellent results. At the same output size and detail level my D800 is on a par with my D4 at 6400ISO. The higher detail achieved by the higher MP body allows for some NR { while retaining at least as much detail} and when downsized to the same
            output the differences are negligible.

            To put 54mp into perspective the mFT cameras at 16mp is the same pixel density as a FF
            at 62mp

            • Jeff Hunter

              A 54mp sensor would provide more cropping potential. But as far as resolution improvement; display screens, computer graphics cards and printer resolutions are the weak links that prevent photographers from enjoying these high-res images in all their glory.

              I recently bought a 65″ 4K television to enjoy my D800 photos on. It’s a significant improvement over the 1080 TV screen. But I would need an 8K television to begin to get close to the full potential of the 36mp image the D800 produces. Computer graphics cards only go up to 2160 on the vertical dimension. Most are in the 1080 to 1600 range.

              We badly need higher resolution display devices for these ultra-high resolution cameras.

          • Name

            You’re being an idiot. The same Ziess “Otus” won’t resolve 24MP on a 24MP FF either, based on the “PERCEPTUAL megapixel” DxO metric (NOT “measurement”) you’re quoting. By your logic, we never should have bothered with anything more than 6MP DX or 12MP FF, which is ludicrous. (Also see Nobody Knows’ post below)

      • Ms.KrystalMeth

        his name is otus

      • Name

        You’re doing the typical tunnel vision analysis of this. ALL lenses would produce better results on a 50+ MP sensor than on a 36 MP sensor. You aren’t “maximizing the sensor” (your argument) with lesser lenses, but the converse is also true – you’re not “maximizing” your lenses without the highest resolution sensor, regardless of their sharpness.

  • I suspect video improvements will be a major feature

  • Spy Black

    If the P8000 is intelligently compact, and intelligently priced, it may be a viable alternative to Sony’s RX100 II.

    I wonder what an updated 300 f/4 VR would cost. I wonder if Sigma will just make a better one for less. 😉

    It would be great if the D800X would help knock the price down on the base D800 at least.

    If the D2300 is mirrorless, I guess Nikon finally joins the mirrorless market. 🙂

    • AM I Am

      Uhmmm, isn’t the Nikon 1 mirrorless?

      • Spy Black

        It was a joke…

      • he’s implying Nikon will properly make a mirrorless camera that people are asking for… APSC mini Df/XT1

    • Thom Hogan

      What makes me think that a P8000 is a V3 without a lens mount? Which means that its price will be high or the Nikon 1 prices are even more insane than we think.

      The problem for me with all the rumored products is that they increasingly cause problems with product line rationalization, not decrease them.

      • Spy Black

        Yeah, Nikon will probably blow it on the price. As for the proposed camera, if it comes out more or less as rumored, that lens range and aperture, assuming it will hold up optically, seems much more useful. Also, if the lens is up to snuff, and if it also has an EVF *and* a hot shoe, it will be eminently far more practical than any Nikon 1.

        • Thom Hogan

          Right, that’s the worry here. If the P8000, for example, supported CLS Speedlights, that would be a big Nikon 1 downer. Likewise, we don’t have a 9-45mm f/2-3 Nikon 1 lens or anything like that, either.

          Probably smaller than an RX10.

  • mealtrip

    Argh… no new FX lenses? I desperately want a Nikkor 24-70 f2.8 with VR, that I don’t have to buy 2 copies of because one is always at Nikon repair every time I tap it latterly on something. Grind, focus align. As long as it’s not heavier than the current model, (aka, just stick a piece of Super ED glass in it already) I don’t care what it costs.

    • neversink

      Never had my 24-70 inthe shop, despite the harsh conditions I often find myself shooting in. Now the 17-35 is another story.

      • Solid Citizen

        Let’s upgrade the 17-55 DX at the same time the “D400” shows up

      • jmb2560

        Are you also having problems with your 17-35 f:2.8?
        I have to send mine back to Nikon. Estimated cost of repair :$600. Sharpness suddenly became unacceptable; a glass must have moved internally… It’s really bizarre.

    • AM I Am

      How do you expect to add VR and not be heavier?

    • Thom Hogan

      They’ll be new FX lenses this year. At least two that I know of, and I think three.

      • Humidor

        There usually are at least 2 FX lenses a year!!
        No cigar unless you tell us what they will be.

        • Thom Hogan

          Because of the way high-end glass works, it’s always difficult to predict what’s coming. After they’ve done the first cure and polish on a few samples, Nikon sometimes does a rethink.

          The other problem is that there’s not a lot of market in the FX lenses. If you’re only going to sell 50k of a lens or less, I think Nikon is getting less inclined to do many of those.

          The four FX lenses I keep hearing about: 24mm f/1.4, new 28-300mm, 135mm DC replacement without DC, and 300mm f/4 replacement. I also keep hearing that work has proceeded on a new PC-E, which would have to be the 17mm, I think.

          Frankly, what I think Nikon needs to do is make better fundamental lenses: the f/2.8 zoom trio, plus a truly better 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm that holds up with 36mp and 54mp bodies.

          • Whaaat?

            A 24/1.4 replacement already?

          • Neopulse

            A better 50mm I agree on. Not that I don’t like the 58mm myself, I use it often, but just the fact that it doesn’t feel like that acceptable price range. A new 50mm f/1.4 with an aspherical element (or not) and Nano coating at around $599-$649 at the same size and if not slightly heavier than the original I think would do quite well.

            • Redundant

              No need now.
              Just get the new Sigma.

            • Neopulse

              I’ll pass…. but thanks.

          • decisivemoment

            What about a 24mm PC-E with independent-axis tilt-and-shift?

          • broxibear

            Really ? A 24mm f/1.4G…I was expecting the 24mm f/2.8 AFD to be updated first along with the 135mm…but then again no one saw the 58mm f/1.4 and that came out so who knows.
            INikon should stretch out the f/1.8G models and keep them reasonably affordable for all…keep them all below £500 as they are at the moment. Add a 20mm, 24mm and 135mm to the range that’s already out…but when do they ever do what people want, lol ?

            • Thom Hogan

              Oops. I meant to type 28mm f/1.4.

            • Photo-Jack

              Hi Tho,
              Nice that Nikon decide to replace the 28/1.8 with the autofocus shift.
              But I don’t understand the hype for fast wideanglesM 1.4 means the peak performance is at 2.8 or 4.0 and not at 8.0 at which point one can get the best DOF before diffraction kicks in.
              In my opinion top quality (= top sharpnes insteadd of maximizing the bokeh like in the 58mm) 2.8 lenses would be the best deal. And why the heck are only the 1.4 versions nanocoated?
              Probably Nikon’s market research did talk just with wedding photogs.

          • Humidor

            Sorry, still no cigar for recycled guesswork.

  • homer

    I wont purchase any nikon camera until nikon release the D400!!!

  • Pigs Might Fly

    2 new DX bodies at the top of the range??
    Seems highly unlikely.

    • Thom Hogan

      Yes and no. Yes in the sense that the big unit volume is in the D3xxx/D5xxx range (and Canon Rebels). No in the sense that every camera maker thinks they have to move upscale because the low-end volume will increasingly disappear. Even the mirrorless camera makers have been moving upscale.

      • Welcome back Thom. Everybody’s missed you!

        • Thom Hogan

          Highly doubtful ;~)

      • Drilling in the Wall

        Yet, Nikon continues the relentless rush to the bottom.

  • We need a camera inbetween the D800 and the D4. Nikon is disappointing in that field. Canon makes more intelligent choices

    • neversink

      I don’t need such a camera. I am happy with both my D4 and my D800 bodies. You say”we need” when you should Intead say, “I need.” Please don’t speak for all of us. Why aren’t you shooting Canon if that’s how you feel? And what about the 610 or Df?

    • FB

      seconded. We need a new D700, or a Nikon’s version of the Canon 5D. And when I say “we”, I’m speaking for a lot of fellow photojournalists who are feeling a little bit ignored by Nikon.

    • AM I Am

      Right, and we need another camera between your imaginary camera and the D4, and another between the D800 and your imaginary camera. Those will be even more intelligent choices.

  • click

    Thanks for the Update. So let’s wait for the D7200 or D9300. And there is still a place for the full frame D2x0 and D4x0 (but D200 is already used)

  • Anoosh Em

    Indeed D710
    A body of a 24-megapixel sensor
    & D800 body size

    • Lubos

      yeap, I am also waiting for something like updated D610 with better AF, shutter speed and perhaps Expeed 4

  • Wally in Austin

    Where are the DX primes? Oh, Sigma is releasing them! And they are good! Wicked Pisser! The Nikon 1 lenses…hmmm,. Will the V4 have a viewfinder? Nikon is lost in the wilderness. Interesting Nikor 1 lenses, overpriced 1inch cameras, no DX primes move up to FX….

    • AM I Am

      What a maroon!

    • Solid Citizen

      Now if Sigma could make their zoom rings turn in the same direction of the nikon zooms (including the Sigma 17-50 f/2.8)………

      • Name

        Yes, and also consistently place them closest to the camera body, as with the pro-grade Nikon lenses and with their own past pro grade EX lenses, that would be nice!

  • Udo

    When comes the answer to the Fuji X-T1 or Sony A7(r)? Lighter Body and the possibility to use my G-Lenses (maybe with an Adapter).

  • v

    If there is going to be a D9300, it wouldn’t make sense to release it after the D7200. I think many people who haven’t gone from a D300 to a D7x00 yet, will give up and make the jump to the D7200. Some may still wait if they think there’s going to be a D9300, but it just seems like they’d be losing a significant portion of customers to the low-end model by going in this order. Announcing the D9300 first would cause a buying frenzy amongst D300 holdouts, and then those who didn’t want to spend the money, or were looking for just a modest upgrade from D3xxx or D5xxxx would still go to the D7200 when that was announced. Anyway, if the D7200 is announced first, I will have much more serious doubts about a D9300 being a reality.

    • John

      Oh, don’t worry. Nikon knows how to appropriately butcher “lower end” cameras. They are real experts at that.

  • Radu Grozescu

    Re: P700: Equivalent 24-2000mm on a 1″ sensor = 9-740 real milimeters. It would be rather interesting to see such a beast.

  • doge

    I can’t wait for the D10000 in 2015. Such a better sounding number.

    • reignoffire

      i’ll better wait for D10010 without oil spot

  • matprat

    Would love to see new 20mm f1.8G, 24mm f1.8G, and updated 135mmf2. I suspect Sigma will be releasing similar and steal my business from Nikon.

    • Udo

      That will be cool. And the Nikon Df for the half price. Than I need no Fuji X-T1…

    • broxibear

      Hi matprat
      It’s been suggested that Nikon are waiting until the stock levels of the existing AFD 20mm, 24mm etc reach a certain point before announcing AFS versions…if someone out there has more information on this please post.

  • preston

    Looking at all the comments below, which represent fairly well the internet chatter about Nikon’s choices in camera lineup since the D3/700/300 golden age, it becomes crystal clear that Thom Hogan couldn’t be more right about what Nikon should have done to become the market leader. Just like in personal computers, everyone has different wants and needs in a camera body, so they should have come up with a Dell-inspired system of customizing your specs for a custom ordered camera body. First choose your body style (D3200, D5200 with swivel screen, D7100, D600, D800, or D4 body) which would determine the size and build quality of the shell, then choose the sensor, the autofocus system, etc.

    They could have easily designed the bodies, sensors, processors, and electronics to be more compatible with each other so that they could be mixed and matched based on what the individual wants. To force people to buy the humongous magnesium D4 body just to get the 16MP sensor is completely unnecessary and offensive. Likewise with the 36MP sensor only being offered in a single body type. I shoot landscape and architecture so I do not require the additional build quality and autofocus abilities of the D800 but I’m forced to get it if I want that sensor!

    • David

      While I share your lust for a totally modular camera family, doing this without raising costs across the board would be near impossible. Supportability issues alone (you multiply the supported combinations exponentially..) make this difficult to pull off.

      • Eric

        difficult? Preston is clueless as to the complexity of development needed to satisfy his needs. .. which are ridiculously unreasonable imo

        There is a reason we don’t see this in ANY other product of similar price/tech/size. Its just not possible.

        Stop dreaming preston and just buy a camera.

  • David

    What’s the optical issue with a 14 mm (or even 12!) wide end on the DX lens lineup? Must be some serious costs in making a 14-80 mm lens, but that would be so much better than yet another 18-xxx lens.

  • decisivemoment

    If the new D800 refresh gets the full D4s treatment on autofocus, that will be interesting indeed. The current one can get quite finicky with certain patterns.

  • Víctor Imperiale Calisto

    PC-E 17mm f/4!

  • koenshaku

    Hoping the D800S materializes soon.

    • Neopulse

      Might be the D800x that has the specs of the D800s. It was a rumored spec sheet after all.

  • Photo-Jack

    I guess both, Canon and Nikon are in a catch 22 position. They forego the High-End mirrorless class and now have to watch like Fuji, Oly and Panasonic make the business, while the mirrorless DSLR class is covered by Sony.

    I bet Canon and Nikon do have a 50 plus DSLR ready in their sleeves but fear to launch them because they have just a handful of lenses in their present line up, which can really handle such a resolution. Like the 16MP DX sensor led to the 36 MP FX sensor, the 24 MPDX sensor is the forecast for the 54MP FX sensor and Canon is experimenting with even higher resolutions since long.

    You may argue, that nobody needs a 50 plus MP sensor. But the same was said when the D 800 was announced. Today the 36MP sensor
    is the benchmark.

    Since the latest top end 50mm are far larger in diameter than the previous generations, Canon and Nikon may be forced to reconsider their mounts to be able to offer a full range of lenses for the next high end generation.

    Industry in general always tends to push out severe changes as long as they can. Nikon waited very long before jumping on the Digital SLR-train. Thus we know about their tendency to wait until change is not to avoid. Up to now their emergency parachute is, that many users are heavily invested in their glass. But if a new mount makes the present glass unusable it will not only generate a loud outcry but may end up in a lot of system swaps.

    And on top, both makers may have to face severe capacity problems to cover the lens demand.
    Maybe such a scenario would explain, why Nikon is so darn slow with getting out new FX lenses.
    Should that not be the case, Nikon must be more than blindfolded. The 300/4.0 would be the equivalent of about 4 D3300. And who will pay double the price for a Nikon 58/1.4 if the Sigma 50mm art is way better?

    But as this program forecast shows again, Nikon still insist to prioritize the lower consumer end. Congratulation!

    • Skarla

      “Canon is experimenting with even higher resolutions since long.”
      Yeah, IIRC they crammed 100+ MP on an experimental APS-C sensor. And that was years ago.

  • Jeff Hunter

    A 54mp sensor would provide more cropping potential. But as far as resolution improvement; display screens, computer graphics cards and printer resolutions are the weak links that prevent photographers from enjoying these high-res images in all their glory.

    I recently bought a 65″ 4K television to enjoy my D800 photos on. It’s a significant improvement over the 1080 TV screen. But I would need an 8K television to begin to get close to the full potential of the 36mp image the D800 produces. Computer graphics cards only go up to 2160 on the vertical dimension. Most are in the 1080 to 1600 range.

    We badly need higher resolution display devices for these ultra-high resolution cameras.

    • RMJ

      Ever heard of physical photographs ? You know those things you can fit into an album or hang on the wall ?

      • Jeff Hunter

        We don’t have printers with high enough resolutions to fully realize the potential of high resolution camera sensors. High resolution camera sensor technology has leaped far ahead of all image display technologies.

    • lp

      Boy its a tough life!

  • Uncle Fart

    In other words previous rumours that never panned out. So solly better ruck next time round eyes.

  • Johnny Dough

    P700 = D700 replacement lol

  • KnightPhoto

    Well, if Nikon has to be able to sell 50,000 copies of a lens, then I guess there goes my 50-300mm f/2.8-4 ;-(
    (a patent exists for this one)

  • KnightPhoto

    I will buy the fisheye circular to rectilinear zoom. Maybe not right away, but during one of the lulls in my camera upgrade cycle. Next up for me, a V3, and then maybe early 2015 a decision between a D800S or a D9300. I plan my camera upgrades years in advance, so as long as they come out more or less on schedule I usually know “aha, this year I’ll be saving for a D9300”.

    I’m on the fence about D800S vs. D9300. The former will get more use, is more versatile, and by selling my D800E, would not actually cost me all that much. It’s the high ISO (and more fps) that I’ll be looking closely at. It’s my #2 camera in theatre and is a little bit high maintenance in theatre/concert, it’s also my #2 camera in birding but the AF with TCs and slower fps is a challenge. On the other hand a D9300 would have basically only two use cases for me – birding and macro in good light. Because of these two use cases I don’t need any DX lenses for my D9300. And in general I would WAY prefer a mirrorless Nikon 2 DX mirrorless camera to a conventional “D400”.

  • JohnH

    Nikon, don’t mess around with a fisheye zoom. Just make a 16/2.8AFS G that is every bit as outstanding as the old 16/3.5 AI and it will be perfect.

  • FredBear

    Why no FF 26mm F1.4 or F1.8 FX lens? Would be ideal for some.

    • dbltax

      So what’s wrong with the 24mm f/1.4 and 28mm f/1.8 FX lenses?

      • FredBear

        Well if one can’t make up one’s mind between 24 and 28 then the 26mm is a compromise 😉

        • GAS

          Ignore Mrs Bear, get both.

          • FredBear

            Why not get all 3 😉
            There’s madness to my method.
            If Nikon produced a 26mm then the 24 and 28 become obsolete.
            That leaves us with 3 primes – the 20, 26 and 35 – thus reducing lens stocks and development headaches.
            Then Nikon could make a 23mm making the 20 and 26 obsolete and a 30.5mm which again makes the 26mm redundant and also the 35mm.
            So now we have 2 lenses instead of 4 (20/24/28/35).
            Of course we could now replace the 23 and 30.5 lenses with a 25.25mm lens (say 25mm – like Zeiss – cunning!) so we’ve now reduced primes in this range by 75%
            The same could also be done with other primes covering specific ranges.
            If one chooses the right focal lengths one can then understand Nikon’s thinking when it comes to DX prime availability 😉
            Nikon don’t want me as an employee.

  • CLHK

    I heard from a staff in Nikon Hong Kong said that will have an updated D800 soon…

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