Rumors: Nikon D800s camera preliminary specifications

Here is the first set of rumored specifications for the Nikon D800s DSLR camera:

  • No low pass (AA) filter (just like the D800E)
  • Improved software to suppress moiré
  • Expeed 4 imaging processor
  • sRAW
  • Same AF improvements like in the D4s
  • Improved low light capabilities
  • 5 fps (6fps with the MB-D12)
  • Price between D800 and D800E - probably around $3000
  • No firm announcement date yet - my guess is Photokina (September 2014) or CES (January 2015)

It is still too early to mark those rumored D800s specifications with anything above 50% probability. Hopefully I will receive some additional information in the upcoming weeks.

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  • Sebastian Rasch

    Unlike the D7100 the D800E DOES have a low pass filter, but without AA filter. What’s it gonna be for the D800s? No low pass filter at all or same as D800E?

    • decisivemoment

      I’d assume none at all. I think part of why the E needed one was so that it could be produced on the same assembly line as the standard D800.

  • nokin

    If it’s real, I want one
    If not, there will be more upset users whom waited for D400

  • nick

    I would be more than happy if they bring iso setting assignement of the record button, and shading out the excluding viewfinder area on dx mode, just like D4.

    • KnightPhoto

      Nick, the D800 already has the “shading out of the excluding viewfinder area” feature. You just need to set A5=OFF and then it works just fine!

      • nick

        Thanks a lot KnightPhoto I never tried this function !

  • Gc

    No low pass filter with improvements over both the D800 and D800E but priced between the two. Doesn’t sound right to me.

  • DoglessAtheist

    sRAW should improve DR because you are lowering the noise floor through averaging.

    • lord eels

      no. 12 bit. knucklehead.

      • Ken Elliott

        You insult him? On a camera that is not even announced? That’s not very helpful.

        Now, if you owned a D4S, and ran the tests, then you might have something meaningful to add. But simply insulting everyone – as you seem to be inclined to do – reveals a lot about your self image. I feel sorry for you.

  • Fabrizio Giuffra

    before auto focus the viewfinder was a window, now is a little hole, not 1x but 0,7. MagnificationApprox. 0.7x (50 mm f/1.4 lens at infinity, -1.0 m-1)

  • Michiel953

    “Between”? What on earth is Nikon thinking of?

    • Nikon said absolutely none of this.

      • Michiel953

        But they were thinking of it!

  • Global

    Is this going to have improved ISO? — or why would this even exist.

    • Feature update for a product refresh. That is why it would carry the same numerical product name with a mere “s” at the end. This is normal behavior for Nikon. D300s being the prime example.

      However, their latest trends in naming seem to indicate it will actually be called D810.

      Either way, it’s not at all atypical for a company to do minor product updates over time. There is no reason to go out and sell off your existing D800/D800E if you’re happy with it. This type of refresh is usually made to help boost sales to new customers as time goes on.

      Honestly, are fanatics all so dense as to think that they are supposed to be buying and wanting to buy every single new product release a company makes? It’s almost as bad as Apple/Android whiners in here. Surely Nikon expects someone who bought a D800 in the last year or so to want to keep using that camera. However, there will be people who have yet to upgrade from a D700 or whatever, or people thinking of switching who will be moreso inclined when the product has been updated a bit more.

      • Global

        Actually, I am still using my D700 (5-1/2 years) and its much better than a D600 or a Df. If a D800 comes out with improved ISO, then it might be time to upgrade. Otherwise, I’ll wait for a D900. Strongly considering to cash in the D700 for a Fuji X-T1, just for portability while traveling & waiting for a D900 (if there is dramatically improved ISO). But new lenses are a cost

        I wish Nikon had focused on lenses with the Nikon1, and that the 3rd generation was a bit stronger. Oh well. I don’t need to upgrade — but (1.) dramatically enhanced ISO that isn’t just incremental, and (2.) portability without losing features are definitely reasons to upgrade. Hopefully Nikon gets their act together and makes a Nikon1 that isn’t so damn crippled in the 4th generation.

  • Lcky

    I can’t get over feeling like this could have all been done in a firmware update.

    • Naval Gunfire

      How do you replace an expeed 3 chip with an expeed 4 chip and remove the AA filter with a firmware update?

      • Lcky

        Refine the software, it will work. Its also the same AA filter that never left to begin with.

        • Naval Gunfire

          That doesn’t answer my question. How do you add or remove hardware components with a firmware upgrade? Of course you can’t but I’m sure it can all be done with a firmware update right?

          • Lcky

            Oh you must work for Nikon.

    • Ken Elliott

      After they launched the D2x, they updated the firmware of the D2, adding some of the features. I’d love to have an sRAW option on my D800.

  • Maurizio Rocco

    Admin,can you ask if there are some different dimensions?
    I would really like to have a smaller e lighter body.

    • bgbs

      Sounds like you need Nikon 1. Lucky for you, Nikon just released V3 and it is ready for order.

      • Maurizio Rocco

        Funny,very funny.

  • decisivemoment

    Sounds logical enough. A bit disappointing that there’s no evidence of an improvement in build quality; the capture rate implies the same mirror mechanism and I suppose the same mirror box too. Otherwise about what I’d expect. It will be interesting to see if the improved low light performance is simply better JPEG processing, or an improvement in NEF and amp noise as well.

    • bgbs

      I suspect a half stop improvement in noise but better overall color at higher ISO. Remember D4s maybe debatable in terms of noise improvement, but it does improve on high ISO color, and WB, and that’s a welcoming improvement.

  • codensnap

    Have waited 2 years to hear this rumor. Hopefully the DX speed will be 8fps and I can finally forget about D400.

  • Improved low light + sRAW got my attention so please Nikon do not screw this up 🙂

    • Sebastian Rasch

      Don’t worry, they will screw it up! I know this association by now…

      • xt

        agree. they will screw it up by either 4000USD+ price, or oil/dust issue, or it comes only in pink



    As a professional photographer, what I REALLY NEED from a NIKON is replacement for my D700 ‘s

    …means 16Mpix (D4 sensor) in a D800 body

    …ok, people will tell me that having 36Mpix is better… no definitively not for me and for my clients.

    Files too heavy, too high resolution for 98% of my clients, slow editing ( even on my 8 cores MacPRO)

    So once again, Nikon Please just D800s with 16 (or 24) Megapixels (thus i can buy 2 bodies ;- ) )

    Richard –

    • PJ

      not going to happen, unfortunately.
      Nikon’s choice: more weddings/landscape/studio photographers, less photojournalists. The lack of a true D700 replacement is old news, and if they had wanted to “satisfy” the kind of professional you are (and I happen to be), they would have done that 2 years ago. They didn’t. If it’s fine with them, it’s fine with me. As much as I like Nikon, and I’ve been a loyal user for a loooong time, there are other brands/options out there, you know.

    • Ken Elliott

      If the implimentation of sRAW is to bin four pixels into one, you’d have a 8MP file with low noise. Would that do it for you?

      (I own both D800’s and D700’s, so I know the pain you feel.)

    • Agree with you, but the reality is that megapixels sells cameras. I expect this next release updated body will be a big seller. We’re near the edge of usefulness on most image files, yet there are still people who want more megapixels.

      • anon

        Maybe, but low light capability of the 16mp cam sells to. Many have bought the DF just for the sensor.

        • I liked the ideas behind the Dƒ except I don’t think this implementation is quite there. So for me I think a DƒS or Dƒ2 may bring in better usefulness. I’m still using a D3, though gear enthusiasts may dismiss that body now.

    • David Portass

      D800s with 36mp sensor would give a 9mp image in SRAW if the D4s is anything to go by, pretty good if it gives a cleaner image too

  • Jeff Hunter

    This would probably replace both the D800 and the D800E, which would be a good thing.

  • Dennis

    Admin, got more news on D7200?

  • Joseph

    Backlit buttons!!!!! haha

  • Chris Weller

    Other than saving space and possibly getting a faster FPS, can someone articulate the benefits of sraw in a camera like this? Someone mentioned improved DR, but I don’t understand a how a reduced bit file could have improved DR.


  • Bob_S

    I’d just like to see Nikon build a pro spec camera that isn’t £5k and has integrated wireless and proper movie mode with all the frame rates at full HD and control of aperture when shooting as well as improved LiveView functionality. sRAW could be interesting unless it’s either 36MP or 6MP which would be frankly useless. I’m fairly happy with ISO- less convinced on the megapixel race- not sure what was wrong with the 20-24MP range. If I wanted ultimate res I’d use MF

  • mhammon

    Great specs and I might be tempted to buy one—-six to nine months after they release it!

    • lorenzo

      You mean you’ll buy the D800s when the D900 is out?
      I can bet you won’t 🙂

      • Obsolete? You need to look up that word. It doesn’t mean what you think it means. The D800 will not be “obsolete” for a very, very, very long time at the rate camera tech is going now.

        • lorenzo

          O.K. does Outdated sound better?

          • KnightPhoto

            How about superseded? They can’t argue with that can they 😉

          • Michiel953


      • mhammon

        No, what I mean is that I’ll wait for any quality control issues to emerge. Even after the D800 focus problem and the D600 oil & dust problem, I don’t think Nikon is willing to admit they have an endemic problem and take steps to correct it.

      • Naval Gunfire

        Unless you absolutely must have the newest camera available or your life is worth living who cares if they have released a newer model?

  • BuzzMega

    I’m going to have to add a chapter to my iBook…

  • lorenzo

    Will ALL the AF points finally work with the Expeed 4 sensor?
    Should I sell NOW my D800E?

  • anon

    D800s and still no D700 replacement, or D400 for that matter.

    • David Portass

      I would say if they implement the sraw (half size on D4s 16mp so approx 18mp on D800s) and manage to boost it to 6fps and boost normal ISO from 6,400 to 12,800 or even 25,600 plus H1 and H2 then I would say that would be a true D700 replacement. Yes it wouldn’t be 8fps like D700 is with grip and correct batteries but still damn good.

      • Joven

        Yeah, D700 owners confuse me.

        Resolution: D800 > D700
        Autofocus: D800 > D700 (-2EV vs. -1EV)
        Dynamic Range: D800 > D700
        ISO: D800 > D700 (and it even has a native ISO of 100)
        Card Slots: D800 > D700
        Video: D800 > D700
        Weight: D800 > D700 (D800 is lighter)
        Viewfinder: D800 > D700
        Card Slots: D800 > D700

        And if the D800s has at least 5FPS, then the speed is a push. If not, then yes, the D700 has finally won somewhere.

        So why is the D800 not an improvement over the D700? Oh, b/c you can’t turn it into a poor man’s D4? I’m so sick of the whining.

        • PJ

          because comparing specs is not what it is all about, and it depends on what kind of photographer you are. If you are a photojournalist, the size of the files coming out of a D800 is a problem. That’s why the 5D mark III, a “lesser” camera than the D800 if you compare specs, rules in the photojournalist market, where a lot of professionals who have invested in Nikon are still using the great D700 and would love to see at least a sensor upgrade (22/24 megapixels? YES. 40 megapixels? NO).

  • Photo-Jack

    Still higher ISO is not of my concern. I’d really like to know, who really goes beyond ISO 6400 other that camera testers and maybe journalists. But for the latter the D$S would be the camera of choice anyway. I’d love to see cleaner ISO 400 to 6400, Fuji shows that this can be done.

    I would like to see:
    – a tempered glass high resolution screen on the back
    – interchangeable screens for manual focus
    – only one type of memory cards; i personally would be fine with UHS II SD
    – a mode, which reduces the sesivity of highlights (clipping) by an
    adjustable number of stops, without touching the reat to cope with bright
    – increase the buffer as flash memeory means no costs in these days
    – reduced shutter noise would be welcome
    – AF fine tuning for at least 2 focal lengths for zooms (or 3 apertures for
    e.g. the 28/ 1.8)
    – improved QC, that we won’t have any trouble ore servies

    • Jeff Hunter

      I’ve used my D800 at maximum ISO to shoot a Mardi Gras parade at night. I needed 1/250th at f/2.8 to freeze the motion so I had no choice. After post-processing in Lightroom I was pleasantly surprised the results looked as good as they did.

    • I shoot 12,800 indoors all the time. And frankly, it’s fine at current tech. If it can be improved a bit? Great. If not? I don’t care. I won’t be replacing my D800 with a D800s based on the current guessed specs regardless.

      Anyway, 12,800 is typical needed inside with crappy indoor lighting if you want to get a reasonable shutter speed for people who are not posing for their photos, and can’t be accepting a razor thin DoF. (and also no flash allowed) Also, in a little bit better light, you can stop down further. Super shallow DoF isn’t always ideal, particularly in group settings.

      • Jorge

        I don’t know how you guys do it. When I shoot my D800 at anything over 1600 the results just suck big time. I don’t understand how you can write that 12800 is fine.
        Don’t get it… (shaking head)

    • David Portass

      I do a lot of indoor event photography in low light and some wedding photography, there are times where I will shoot at H1, even H2 converted to greyscale where flash isn’t permitted/too intrusive to keep a reasonable shutter speed to freeze motion and not too shallow depth of field. The D600 can do this very well but there are times when the AF system isn’t sensitive enough and can’t lock on, that is the only negative issue I have with the D600.

      I hope these rumors turn out to be true 🙂

  • koenshaku

    The AF and fps improvement should be fantastic and the sRaw will surely give the buffer a break, so something like 75 shots continuous shots at 5fps would be awesome.

    • I think the sweet spot for me is 6FPS. Maybe in 1.2 crop mode, sRAW or something.

  • 250ninja

    No low pass filter for D800s. Then I assume both the D800 and D800e will be discontinued and there will only be the one D800s available?

    • Jeff Hunter

      That’s what I would assume.

  • KnightPhoto

    Possibly important to the market is what frame rates can the D800S achieve at 5×4 (30×24) and 1.2 crop (30×20).

    At 1.2 crop, the D800 currently achieves 24 megapixel and 5fps, without needing a grip. It sounds like the D800S should easily achieve 6fps at 1.2 crop and 5fps at 5×4 crop.

    To recap, the D800S could make a very nice 6fps 24mp camera. If we’re lucky, maybe it’ll get 7fps with the grip.

    Then, as mentioned by others, if the D800S can also do 8fps 1.5 crop/16 megapixels, we have at least some peoples idea of a D400/D710.

    Please note that with A5=OFF, the D800 already does the viewfinder shading just like the D4.


    I just wish that hurry up with the D4X, or put the D800 in a pro body! Built in wifi and I’m sold!! Its 2014!! How do you not put built in wifi in your pro “flagship” model?? I just dont understand that BULLSH!T!!

  • KT

    To D800/E owners, all together now: Let’s all dump these D800/D800E bodies on Ebay while they are worth something below they get any cheaper than a Sony A7R

    • lorenzo

      How much can I ask for a D800E with only 85 actuation?

      • KT

        If it’s a USA model and not grey market or refurb and you have a receipt from an authorized Nikon dealer, you can get ~ $ 2700 +/- 100, that’s my guess, then you have to factor in all the ebay and PayPal fees which can be ~ 8%

        • lorenzo

          Yes it is US from B&H (still back to its box) and it has no defects of any sort.
          Don’t know how to sell on eBay and trust the buyer.
          So, I should count on getting about $2,400, in that case it is probably better to keep it.

          • KnightPhoto

            Sell on Kijiji.

            No shipping, no fees, no hassle. Be careful of personal safety though. I actually usually get the purchaser to come to my location, and plan for others to be around in case of trouble.

            • lorenzo

              what’s Kijiji?

            • KT

              If you need to hire a personal body guard for your own security then it’s not worth the trouble, that’s just my own 2 cents

            • lorenzo

              I never sold anything and never thought of security needed for doing that. Wow! You are more than right: anything could happen – thanks.

          • KT

            It’s not that difficult to post /sell on eBay, just follow their instructions to the letter, don’t accept offers outside the official bid and don’t ship till the money clears. But frankly, if you already bought a D800E, you’ll be better off just enjoying what you have for 2 years and buy the real D800 successor when that camera comes in 2016. The mid-cycle upgrade is for those who don’t have an 800E

            • lorenzo

              KT, guess your last suggestion is wiser.
              I got my E last October, took 85 shots to quick test the LT and RT AF points and then put the camera back in the box as I had no chance to go anywhere to enjoy it, what a waste! Let’s wait for the D900.

            • KT

              Let me put it this way, even the chief-engineer working of the D800S project won’t be able to spot the difference in IQ between the S and E versions. There’s a lot of hype built into these mid-cycle upgrades, but I have to say, they make for excellent heated discussions on online forums.

            • lorenzo

              and they make us interested to get the new one when we think to have an obsolete model 🙂
              BTW I can’t read all 300+ comments!

            • KT

              You know what they say, the pixels are always brighter on the other sensor. Enjoy the camera you got and invest in quality glass, that won’t get obsolete any time soon

            • lorenzo

              I have all prime gold ring glasses up to the 70-200 f/2.8 included. Will get the new 80-400 (read bad reviews on the 200-400 f/4) but my unaffordable dream will be the 400 f/2.8, may be in next life.
              And so far no use, I feel like I became a collector!

          • Dover

            Just curious: Are you unsatisfied with the image quality of your current D800E? You are shooting a camera with one of the highest specs in the entire world of cameras. Do you think a .06 improvement in image quality will actually make you a better photographer? If I had any advice for you, it would be to go buy a $150 Nikon FM body off of eBay, attach a 50mm 1.4 Nikkor mf lens to it, and then go out into the world and try to remember why you are involved with photography.

            • lorenzo

              I can’t say anything as I just tested the camera for the AF known problem and seemed O.K. for both LT and RT. I wish I could learn how to become a better photographer as I have never been one. The best camera in the world won’t help me in that. 🙂

  • One More Thought

    Wow…look at the number of comments. This really got people’s attention.

    My guess is that a D800s will sell very very well.

    • Morris

      start saving
      and wait 4-6 months for public quality check (oil,focus,new hot issues)

  • lorenzo

    Anyone can see any difference between the above drawing and the current D800/E?

  • whisky

    a new left sensor would be nice … but i suppose that’s probably reserved for the D810e/s? … 🙂

  • Neopulse

    Had a feeling, although I doubt $3300 since the D800E is still costing top dollar. This will most likely be more than that. Finally the grip will have extra incentive.

  • nikclick

    Welcome D800s. But Nikon plz make sure this time nothing sucks. We dont want to even hear complaints abt “green LCD” , “oil /dust sensor/shutter” , ‘card problems” , “left/right focusing issues”… etc etc. We can even give u a CHECK LIST for QC :p .

    • lokiparan

      Can you provide a check list? Could have possibly imagined the D4 card compatibility issues prior to them occurring? There are thousands of parts in these cameras, there are hundreds of lens, hundreds of different cards, thousands of compatible accessories. They’d never release a camera if they checked every possible permutation.

  • JohnH

    Please no more line skipping in live view . . . .

  • Sleeper

    More yawn…..

    More money grabbing bull.s.h.i.t.

    • Yeah, damn that for-profit corporation continuing to develop their product line with over 50 years of history behind it. What bastards! Why should they make an effort to continue to make money in the industry they practically invented! (* I say that because cameras were by and large pieces of sh!t before Nikon showed that good optics could be made affordably)

    • Manvin

      You may be right but then again no body asking you to buy camera, who care what hype say this camera is pretty awesome.

      I don’t care if my camera is outdated, I can’t keep it up anymore so I’m gonna stick around for while until I see huge improvement and faster workflow then I might as well grab it.

      I rather master photography skills then looking at the specification.

      • Sleeper

        Rofl. You talk about “master photography” and go on about “this camera is pretty awesome”. Hilarious.

        What exactly new does this camera bring to your photography “mastery”. Oh yeah, I’m sure the extra half a stop of software noise reduction on the raw will make your photos f***ing brilliant.

        Takes a serious Nikon fanboy to defend junk like this.

        • Manvin

          I guess people love latest and greatest camera in the world, its their pride after all.

          Camera is just a tools, it takes years to be master photography – quick decision, understanding composition, lighting, texture, mood and dimension.

        • KnightPhoto

          Absolutely a 2/3 stop high ISO improvement would be a very large deal in a D800S! I’m currently processing a concert shoot where I shoot my D800E alongside my D4. I have to hold my D800E to ISO 5000 max whereas my D4 shoots up to ISO 8000 and even with the lower max ISO the D800E images are noticeable in that yes they are detailed as heck, BUT they are much more prone to unacceptable noise, and yes even banding, on large OOF backgrounds. They are also WAY more prone to blown highlights and yes the dreaded amp noise caused magenta cast. Anyhow if you look at Brad Hill’s blog you’ll see side by side D4/D4S example photos where his evaluation is a 2/3 stop improvement for the D4S at the high ISOs (see March 17 entry)

          If we can get 2/3-stop improvement over the D800 that would be VERY welcome and big news 😉

          • RBR

            If Nikon were to squeeze a full f stop high ISO improvement out of the D800s, there would be a goodly number of happy people. 🙂

          • Sleeper

            Difference between ISO 5000 and 8000. You sure are on your way to becoming the photography elites.

            Cartier Bresson, Ansel Adams, etc should be ashamed of those rubbish they produced.

            Bow down before the magic of ISO 8000. It’ll make all your photos awesome.

  • Bjorn E

    I think this sounds good, actually. I’ve got the D800, and I use it alround. I work as a press photographer, but I also do some studiowork. I’ve definately been in the odd situation where I’d like to have just a bit more fps. I don’t do sports, so I won’t need the 10 fps, but a bit more then 4 when things get a bit hectic, would come in handy. Its just about being able to capture peoples expressions, where I find that the camera can fall a bit short at times. Its really just to compensate for my lack of timing / bad luck,… 🙂

  • Peter C

    The build and features of the D800 coupled with manageable file sizes (i

  • edmund sackbauer

    “5 fps (6fps with the MB-D12)”

    Nikonrumors, can you clarify if the mentioned 6fps is rumored to be the fps for dx- mode or fx- mode?

  • Taneli123r423r4234

    I really hope they do something to the video quality too. It’s nowhere near pro quality atm

    • Manvin

      I have no hope for this because I do not see any improvement video over d4s – it’s all quite mushy (FX mode)

      • Taneli123r423r4234

        I hate to agree with you here. It’s a huge missed opportunity for Nikon but it seems like they just don’t care about the video quality

        • Manvin

          I think Nikon is really focus on still picture much more then video – i guess it is new for them anyway – one thing i fail to understand they have plenty of money to hire small team to setup proper video system.

          for canon – they have been selling stills and video for long time, i guess integrate together isn’t problems for them.

        • KnightPhoto

          Alright you guys, you’re sounding pretty out of date. It’s pretty darn clear Nikon DOES care about video quality. The latest D5200 and D5300 cameras for example easily have Canon-exceeding video quality – fewer artifacts, less moire, and less fixed pattern noise. These two cameras produce probably the best DX video around the crop DSLR world, exceeding Canon for sure and equalling the 5Diii full-frame camera. I guess the GH4 will soon enough exceed that, but at a much higher price and for a smaller m4/3 sensor.

          Each sensor and CPU combination, such as a D800 or a D4 or what have you, has some limitations. For example a full pixel scan on a 36mp beast is not computable 24 or 30 times a second times a second. So it comes down to line skipping and algorithms and CPU power to do all the required computation, compression, and output to media. And there is something about the D4 sensor video approach that handicaps sharpness. But that’s not the same thing as not caring.

          Nikon lenses also have mechanical aperture levers, which is a physical handicap to have to work around that other manufacturers don’t have to worry about. But clearly given the level of video IQ coming out of the latest models, Nikon does care and is doing pretty well in the IQ department.

          • Manvin

            One simple logical business concept is:

            adding some limitation hardware/software + upgrading path = more money

  • doge

    Is this the D400?
    Maybe buy this one and cut it in half. That should work

  • Mansgame

    Well aren’t you special. So you spend $12,000 on D4 bodies for sports and when you need extra megapixels for studio work, spend $6000 on a couple of D800’s. That’s such a better solution than just updating the firmware to have Sraw and more FPS for someone who occasionally shoots sports but may need extra resolution.

    • yrsued

      I burned three D3 Bodies with a total of 400K clicks on each, I buy D800 for the Studio NOT for the Megapixels, but because they are CHEAP!!

      I paid for all bodies within 6 months or work, I work for a Magazine and several manufacturers and I shoot every day of the week and some weekends!

      How I spend my money is between ME, my accountant and the IRS, I don’t have to justify my Business expenses to you or anyone else!!

      • notconcerned

        It sounds like you just did

      • math

        you could make more money in 6 months by buying less bodies…

        • yrsued

          Yes, but..

          If I am on a Job and a body craps the Crib, like It happened to me two years ago and I can’t deliver the job, I can’t go to the client and want to get paid, do I??

          Backup to the Backup!!

          I run two bodies on an event, by buddy who shoots to for the Cardinals (Football) Runs three D4s bodies for Football and a D800 for the Girlie Calendars he shoots. He might be buying a fourth D4s soon.

          When you do this for a living, even NPS is NOT fast enough to pull your rear end out of the fire on a jog

          Remember, Murphy was a Photographer.

          • RBR

            O’Neal’s corollary…Murphy was an optimist.

            • yrsued

              Well, Yeah, Murphy taught us to prepare for the worst and hope for the best….

      • mikeswitz

        Mansgame has not a clue on how the real world works. Schooling him won’t make a difference.

        • yrsued

          Not his fault!! One thing is getting a camera and enjoying a hobby, you just need one camera.

          Another story is going out there and spending over $100K in gear, most of it will last you a lifetime, like my Speedotron Packs and Heads, to make a living, pay Bills and stay afloat!!

          I ran D3 Bodies from 2008 through mid 2013, the only reason I had a D3s is because Nikon gave me one to replace a D3 that UPS Trashed. They worked until I had to send them out every year to get tweaked, it happens after 200K actuations.

          Now I run D4 bodies, but as it happens, I’m not doing that much in the Sports arena anymore, my accountant asked me to quit, I wasn’t really making money traveling, now I only shoot local events.

      • RBR

        Which shooting sports do you cover?

        • yrsued


          IPSC, IDPA, USPSA, Bianchi Cup, 3 Gun, Sporting Clays, Cowboy Action, Police PPC, and if I can stay awake, Bullseye!!

          • RBR

            Thanks, I’ll look for your work.

          • jtan163

            I rather think that extra FPS might be very useful in those sports – they don’t call it quick draw for nothing ( actually most people don’t call it quick draw at all ).

            • yrsued

              I run those sports on Continuous Slow, if I go fast, I end up with a Buttload of similar frames with nothing different happening on them and I end up filling up my cards faster!!

      • Jorge

        Then why are you responding to him?

      • Terry

        Thank you. You are making a sensible argument to nonsensical people. Some of us silent observers appreciate what you are saying.

  • Steven Solidarios

    And is they can make crop mode 8fps, this would be a modern D700 replacement most keep asking for.

  • NikonFred

    I would love to see a bigger buffer on the upgraded D800. Nothing like firing off a burst and then having to wait for the buffer to clear before you can shoot again!! That, would be really nice. 🙂

    • andy

      Have you tried faster memory? D800 isn’t exactly a sloth. It can hold almost as much as D700, but don’t expect D3/D4 point and spray scenarios, since it’s a camera for a different type of usage.

    • KnightPhoto

      D4S buffer ends up filling faster and with fewer shots taken than a D4. Hope we don’t see that pattern in the D800S ;-(

  • Specs sound good, hopefully it will also add the video performance improvements like the D4s (1080p/60fps, 720p/120fps) since I would like to have these slow-motion capabilities. One or two stops in low-light performance would be nice, but overall I’m very happy with the image quality and detail that 36MP provides.

    With the current price of the D800 going for about $2,800 (new) in US, I figure I can sell mine for around $2,300 used in great condition. This leaves me with a $1,000 cost for upgrading, if the D800s runs at the expected $3,300, not bad at all. Of course, when it comes out, the price of the D800 will drop so I may have to fork out a couple hundred more for the difference.

    • KnightPhoto

      Yeah a thou difference between the sell and buy price would be great. It would also be nice to space out the D900 model release year from the D5 model release year, so that kit changeover could happen a year or two apart next generation.

  • pwmorg

    again everything else gets updated somewhat except for a new D400 so another year goes by without Nikon selling me anything I will stick with my old D200

  • CGastelum

    I just bought my D800 4 days ago… seeing this post makes me want to upgrade again….the sRaw is what I really wish my D800 had.

    • decisivemoment

      Not the version Nikon uses. Half-sampling of each of two of the three channels so incompetently downsized that there’s not much saving in file size. At least that’s the impression I get from the D4s. I’ll save my money for hard drives.

      • CGastelum

        thanks, your comment made me feel better about not having the sRAW…

  • decisivemoment

    I would hope that they can at least get it to 6 frames a second across the board. If Canon can run their full-frame bodies at 6fps off a small battery, so should Nikon.

    • Bamboojled

      You do realize that Canon is only processing a 20 megapixel file vs. a 36 on the Nikon don’t you?

      • decisivemoment

        You do realize that Expeed 4 has double the bandwidth of Expeed 3, and so that limitation doesn’t matter any more, don’t you?

  • paulpap

    How about a D800s with a 24MP sensor? Or better yet, with the improved sensor from the D4s? That’s something I could wrap my head around. Otherwise, I’m still “chained” to my trusty and wonderful D700. I have absolutely no need for 36MP and never will – and no argument about the beauty of the resolution or ability to crop microscopically makes any difference to me and, I suspect, a ton of other photographers.

    • T53

      Amen. 24 mp and I would buy it yesterday.

    • decisivemoment

      With each new development in mass storage and each new development in camera processing power, that limitation becomes less and less necessary. Probably a better question is when cameras and/or raw processing software will be able to efficiently batch process down to the appropriate file size for the task.

    • Michiel953

      Paul, can you, off the top of your head, tell us what the storage capacity, processing speed, etc etc was of your laptop or pc, five or six years ago? The Mp’s of your camera? That’s the rate of progress we’re talking about here.

    • zeissomaniac

      Why do you want to go backwards? Are you not aware that 4K TVs have entered the market and 8K monitors will be arriving in 5 years? High resolution photos and UHD videos will look awasome on these UHD displays. We want more resolution, not less. Give me 4K video along with 48MP in a body like D800, take my $3,500 and I will be happy with it for a at least a decade.
      The XXX series is reserved for prosumers. If you want to stay below 20MP, then buy a D4S and stop complaining


    I absolutely “love” my D800e…and have used it a few times for my son’s sports games…and although it may not be the best “sports” camera (like a D4 or D4s)…I “usually” get the shot…but I would prob “upgrade”…cuz these specs sound like my d800e and 300.00 cheaper…question..will they still offer the d800e if they replace the d800 with a d800s?? It seems that Nikon is not including low pass filters on a few of their cameras now…maybe the d800s will be the only d800??

    • Aldo

      I think the d800/d800e combo was an experiment by nikon when it came to the low pass filter… It’s clear now (based on d3300, d5300) that nikon is willing to venture leaving that filter out. Nikon must have concluded that most customers want a little more sharpness even if it means being a bit more prone to moire. They also must have figured out a way to control it better even without the filter.

      • TeaBreak

        This is not a question of customer preferences. Nikon usually don’t listen to them. 😉 They just build the best DSLR possible. And going without low pass filter is technically impossible with 12/16 MP FX DSLR generation. However 36 MP FX / 24 MP DX works just fine without low pass filter. So – despite all reservations – it’s MP that counts.The more the merrier. 😉 Or – to be correct – it’s not the pixel amount but the pixel size. The smaller the better.

        • lord eels

          my d800e moires every single bride veil I’ve ever pointed it. the d800 exists for a reason.

          • TeaBreak

            In D3 pictures moire even shows up in the bridegroom’s pinstripe suit. 🙂 So be happy with your D800e. As long as there’s Capture NX2 correction is done in a second. Set U-point and reduce saturation (bride’s veil hopefully is white) and exclude this area when sharpening (i.e. with the lasso tool).

            • lord eels

              sounds like the d3 moire can be removed in post. the d800e moire I speak off is so severe, nothing except insane cloning can remedy in post.

            • TeaBreak

              Really? Did you try NX2 / U-point method as described above? Works fine with D3 moire.
              I never had a D800e RAW file, but your experience confirms the need of some improved suppressing software as rumored for D800s.

      • Michiel953

        Very sound analysis Aldo. Unlike quite a number of posters here seem to think, Nikon is not stupid. Try new technology out first in relatively harmless consumer products, step up if and when successful.

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