Today only: refurbished Nikon D800 for $2,099.99 (new low price)

Roberts Camera is selling refurbished Nikon D800 cameras on eBay for $2,099.99 (new low price). They offer 180 days warranty and free shipping. This deal is valid only for today. Limited quantity available.


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  • Eric Calabros

    I hope one D700 owner grab it and we see one less “where is D700 replacement?” here. but I know they wont be satisfied even if Nikon gives away an absolutely free D800 to them

    • Spy Black

      Can’t wait for the refurb Df’s at that price…

    • Mansgame

      That’s Nikon’s own doing for making every camera they make have a catch.

  • n11

    My Lord, if I only I was with a starter camera and needed one (and could pay), I’d get it. But I already have one and it serves me well!

  • csmith

    it says nothing about who refurbished it and i am assuming it wasn’t nikon if they have to offer their own warranty. good luck with these.

    • RakSiam

      The listing says it is Nikon USA Factory refurbished. Pretty sure Nikon only offers a 30 or 90 day warranty on refurbs so this is actually an extension.

      • csmith

        wow that’s a great deal then, maybe i will buy one!

      • T53

        Nikon warrants factory refurbished cameras for 90 days. I’ve purchased four of them so far (B and H) and never had a problem with any. Roberts I have no experience with.

        • decisivemoment

          They’re probably the top pro shop in the entire Midwest. They live for this stuff.

      • Mansgame

        Is Roberts even an authorized dealer? Never heard of them.

        • mikeswitz

          Have you even heard of Google?

          • Mansgame

            I guess they are. Still sticking with the 2 big guys from NY.

    • guest

      I’ve in my possession a Nikon factory refurbished lens. And when I received it, there was a finger print in the rear element.

  • KT

    what’s really funny is that the same store sells two kinds of refurbished D800, one group sells for the above mentioned price of $2099 and the other for $2334, wish I knew what’s the difference?

    • Scott M.

      E version?

      • KT

        No, they are both the standard D800, not the E version. The difference seems that the version priced at $2334 come in the golden retail box while the $2099 version does not, but unfortunately that doesn’t tell you much about the actual camera condition or how much use it has seen.

        • koenshaku

          That is most curious I guess we may never know they sold out fast enough.

          • Saad

            The slightly cheaper $2099 version comes in a different box which says “refurbished”… maybe that’s why the golden box is slightly costlier…

  • rt-photography

    would love it just for the better features and AF system vs my D600. build quality is great on the D600, but crap 24mp is overkill for wedding photos, let alone 36. 4fps…meh.

    • Eric Calabros

      24 is overkill? Whats wrong with you wedding guys? Its 2014

      • Manvin

        Megapixels will go on forever – not much you can do!!

        only you decide what’s best for you, let other users decide whats best for them.

      • Matthew Saville Baldon

        Hahahahahaaa clearly someone doesn’t shoot a quarter-million RAW images per year, on a not-unlimited budget.

        Honestly the D700 is still the reigning champ of wedding photography, for the “average” wedding photographer. (Who can’t afford a pair of D4’s, or tripple the storage, bandwidth, and computing expenses per year.)

        I keep thinking of picking up a D800 to replace one of my pair of D700’s, just for the resolution, but it just doesn’t seem to really be an issue. I got a 24 MP D5300 that I bought as a travel camera, and I get it out just for the family group photos of more than 10 people. The rest of the time, there is really no album or canvas you can’t make with a 12 MP camera.

        So, here’s to hoping they slap the Df sensor in a D800 body in the next year or so.

        If you want the people who are whining about the D800 not being a true D700 replacement to shut up, well, IMO both parties are whining pretty loudly about each other. Just wait and see what happens. In the meantime I’m gonna keep paying my bills with a pair of beat-up D700’s.


        • rt-photography

          12mp is more than enough and the d4 16mp is perfect if you want to go bigger. itd be nice to have the D800 but there is no use for 36mp files for weddings. sometimes we want things but there is no need for it at all. the D700/D3/D3s are stellar cameras. the D600 has better resolving power so I shoot important things like family portraits, BG outdoor portrait session and the ceremony itself, other than that, the 12mp camera can do the job perfectly.

          we have strong pc’s that can fly from image to image because we need it for editing, but not many will have a good experience flipping through hundreds of 24mp files. its just way too much. it kills the flow and enjoyment when you have to wait 3-5 seconds per picture and you want to look through hundreds. it works against me a photog.

          • jr456

            Exactly…well said. Most amateurs will never get this. They’ll be too busy counting nose hairs on a portrait or cropping out a squirrel taking with a 14 MM lens from 10 miles away.

      • rt-photography

        yea, 24 is overkill. not many people have pcs that can open 24mp files one after another smoothly. most are moving to laptops and many want to use it on a tablet and 24mp is overkill.

        When I give my clients the full rez images of the D600 they tell me it takes 5 seconds from picture to picture to view. so yea, 24 is overkill.

        no one needs 24 for viewing on a screen and no one needs 24 for even double page spread of an album. a 12mp FF will do the job perfectly, so again, 24 is overkill.

        • Mike

          500 HP is overkill. 52″ inch tv is overkill. 7 bedroom house is overkill.

          • rt-photography

            it dpends for who. some people want overkill. but for the clients I give the pictures for, the image size is too big. when you have to wait so long from picture to picture it ruins the feel and people start getting impatient. it works against me.

            I now do a batch script in PS that resizes the images down a bit. makes a big difference.

            • Mike

              Why not shoot small jpg or raw + jpeg? Or export in LR to smaller size?

    • WHO CARES.
      Buy a different camera then!

      • rt-photography

        thank u mommy

  • Spy Black

    That’s awesome! Wish I had some extra cash laying around. 🙂

  • kulardenu

    Kwap! Have been looking for a killer D600 deal but this is sooo tempting…

  • Danielvb

    Damn.. got the bait and ordered one.

    • Scott M.

      Report back with satisfaction report…

      • Spy Black

        …you forgot to say “please”…

      • Scott M.

        You’re right.
        Please report back with a satisfaction report.
        Thank you

        • Giuseppe Pho

          I just posted a report…

    • Inquisitor_Cortez

      Got one too. We’ll see. It is overkill for my stills needs, but great for my video needs (compared to my D90, even my smartphone is better for video) :-).

  • mcmc

    Finally my dream camera at affordable price!

  • lorenzo

    Wouldn’t buy a Nikon on eBay – Does it mean that the D811.5xyz is coming soon?

  • The Resident Guest

    Kind of annoying how they put little green sticker saying ‘30% off’ and ‘You save $899.96’. It’s priced precisely as it is because it’s NOT a new item.

  • photoroto

    I dunno. I bought a “white box refurb” D2X and it failed after 40,000 shots. The failure was in a high-wear gear train. That suggested the camera had some serious mileage before I got it. The upshot: an $1,100 repair, just out of warranty.

  • banzaii

    Otherwise known as Russian Roulette.

  • Manvin

    It’s good to know the price is coming down, D800 & D4 is killer combination.

    Again, i can’t afford to keep everything i want to have 🙁

    Red Scarlet
    Leica M240

  • Ernesto Quintero

    Wow $100 less then I paid for a new D700. But I don’t trust D800 refurbs, not after the left focus issue showed up on some units. These types of intricate, electromechanical and optical devices are not something I buy refurbished. I work on electronics, complex electromechanical and optical systems and some servicepersons do not use static protection, are klutz and tighten screws like a 800 pound gorilla, in other words some service done causes problems down the line. Nikon has had too many returns in with the D600 and D800, hence service centers are in a rush to get them done fast, not best situation for buying refurbs in my book.

    • Spy Black

      Just throw a class-action lawsuit…

    • mikeswitz

      As far as the D800 is concerned read Thom Hogan @

    • guest

      I wouldn’t trust a refurbished even if it’s an official Nikon refurbished product. I’ve received a refurbished lens directly from Nikon as a replacement for a lens they lost when they’re servicing it. Turns out there’s a fingerprint in the rear element. The rear lens cap is also the old style one. They obviously just turn over a returned product directly to you and call it refurbished without even opening the box.

  • broxibear

    Matt Granger DF after 3 months using …

    • broxibear

      Ralf Spoerer’s D4s review…

      • broxibear

        Strange Nikon v Canon video…

        • I think I’ve seen that one before, or it was something similar.

          • broxibear

            There was a similar one, don’t know if this is by the same people. I wasn’t sure whether to post it, I know it’s just a bit of fun, but I know photographers who take images in warzones and it’s not pretty…anyway people can decide themselves if it’s fun or slightly bad taste.

        • Reminds me of this:

          There is a part II also

      • broxibear

        Interesting that Ralph suggests it’s possible to add 4K to the D4s in a firmware update ?…I don’t know enough about video, 4K and firmware to say if it’s technically possible or not.

        • Spy Black

          How would you trigger the record function? Perhaps assigning a Fn button I suppose, but you’d really have to be a dedicated hacker to want to try to squeeze blood from a stone.

          • broxibear

            “How would you trigger the record function?” Would you not do it the same way as you do with video on the D4s now ?

            • Spy Black

              No. The D4s has a dedicated record button. There’s no such thing on a Df.

            • broxibear

              Hi Spy Black,
              It was the D4s that Ralph was refering to, not the DF…he was talking about 4k on the D4s with firmware. (watch the video)

            • Spy Black

              Oops, sorry, got these videos confused.

            • broxibear

              No worries.

  • photoroto

    I wonder if this means the D800s is near? You know, blow ’em out the door while they’re still worth something.

  • Giuseppe Pho

    I was apparently one of 46 buyers for this sale… Arrived in 3 business days from Roberts used photo pro (Roberts used camera division) via UPS.
    All is well, shutter count was 1100 Camera looks, operates like new, sensor clean, no obvious issues w/left focus, no greenish tint on LCD, battery life usage = 0, 90 warranty slip in grey box from Nikon, 3 more months via Roberts.

    Used D800 are going for several hundred more even locally via craigslist – without any warranty so IMHO this was a good deal. I have dealt w/Roberts several times before both directly and via ebay – never had an issue.

    I’m wondering if these cameras were Calumet stock…?

    I was contemplating a used D3x or a D800 prior to seeing this sale @ 2100.00. I shoot w/a D3s and a few D300 bodies (w/grips). The D3x would have been preferred for handling/battery considerations but I just don’t see that camera being worth much more than a new D800 and they are still selling via ebay above $3000 for the most part (and without warranty). The D3x seems to hit a ceiling at 1600 ISO while the D800 looks good to me at 3200 – maybe up to 6400 with good exposure and light.

    I do a fair amt of weddings, portraits, studio work. The D800 will be used for formal shots, some portrait work and the occasional landscape.

    So far I am impressed with the D800. I prefer the pro bodies w/integrated grips as they feel so much better. Unfortunately the D4/4s is out of my price range and the D3x is getting long in the tooth from a tech standpoint. Ideally, a D3s/D4 body with this sensor or the one from the D600/610 would be a dream but Nikon isn’t offering that camera (kind of like how they are offering a D7100 and not a D400?)

    310.00 for a grip
    60.00 for another battery
    I’ll be happy for another couple of years

    • Scott M.

      Thank you for your excellent report!

    • Inquisitor_Cortez

      Mine arrived yesterday. Happy to say no left focus issue and only 47 actuations. Very happy so far.

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