This is the Nikon 1 V3 camera

There is always one - just published prematurely their Nikon 1 V3 article online:

"The Nikon V3 will be the first mirrorless camera to feature 120fps HD slow-mo at 1280 x 720 resolution. Also available are 400fps and 1200fps at lower resolutions. Nikon have added an electronic stabilisation mode (called EVR) and 1080/60p to round out the spec."

Nikon 1 V3 with the optional electronic viewfinder DF-N1000 and grip GR-N1010:


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  • Captain Megaton

    Buttons flip out with the rear LCD. Whoa.

    • SteveHood

      Just be careful when pressing them. I could see this causing issues with the screen hinge over time.

      • guest

        It’s digital man, ‘over time’ it will be replaced with the next model. Problem solved. (What problem?)

    • That’s fuckin’ serious business.

    • atat

      I hope this trickles up to the D5XXX so the controls are more aligned with the rest of the DSLRs. The D5000 had buttons on the left but subsequent models prioritized having a hinge there 🙁

  • Kynikos

    Why would I want this over Fuji-X?

    • Wally in Austin

      Depends if Nikon prices it like The X series. Nikon just might think its worthy of an X series price.

    • Speed

      • Speed indeed – this will probably be the fastest camera available today.

    • Remedy

      1. 20fps (!!!) with continuous AF, 60fps (!!!!!!!!!) with AF locked

      2. an AF that actually works (unlike most Fujis)

      3. video that is light years ahead of anything from Fuji

      4. You can use practically any Nikkor F-mount lens and have it working with AF (if it has any)

      5. because of 2.7 crop factor: 1620mm f/4 anyone? how about 2160mm f/5.6 or 2700mm f/7.1?!!

      Yeah, I literally can’t find any reason why would You want this over Fuji-X. No reason whatsoever. Facepalm.

      • david

        you realize, that the 2nd and 3rd generation fujis do have awesome AF?
        and to be fair, people do get nice subject isolation with X-E2 compared to my 18mm/1.8 or 50mm/1.2 lenses on the V1…

        and all the other points don`t appeal to my style of photography as well. so i kind of get the dilemma, almost bought fuji myself… difference for me: money.

        speed though: i never use the high speed mode much. But my V1 has 60 fps, where i get 30 raw images in 0.5 seconds. so what is new about that?

        (anyway, I will buy the V3, i like the system just enough)

        • Remedy

          You obviously don’t understand the word “awesome” then. Saying “awesome” and Fuji in the same sentence regarding AF is a fking disgrace. So please spare me this bullshit about Fuji’s fantastic AF because it’s ONLY OK in the best implementations, and it’s beyond hopeless in all the rest.
          Also I pointed out several reasons why someone would want this over any Fuji camera, just because “it doesn’t appeal to Your style of photography” doesn’t mean the points are not valid.
          This camera destroys any Fuji in applications like sport, wildlife, aviation etc.

          And finally get a grip with reality before You start talking back to me dude. Your V1 could shoot ONLY 5fps with continuous AF and metering. It could do 30 or even 60fps in electronic shutter mode with no metering, and focus locked on first frame. V3 can shoot 20fps with continuous AF, metering and it goes till it fills the buffer. See the fking difference?!

      • Егор Емельянов

        Delirium. I would not want to 2.7h for $ 1200 – it’s real, damn overkill. $ 1200 can buy a much more interesting camera. Or 70-300 for $ 1000? Facepalm.

        • Remedy

          Please shot me much more interesting camera that gives me 1600mm f4 with working AF for 1200$. Oh right, there is none. Your “logic” is an epic fail. Double facepalm.

          • Егор Емельянов

            Better tell me why you need a 1600mm lens? Honestly, I personally have never needed more than 600mm optics because pictures of anything, even at this focal length without a good light – a big problem.

            • Remedy

              I wonder why Nikon released new 800mm lens if nobody needs anything more than 600mm. I told You already that photographing airplanes on airshows etc. very often I wish I had a longer lens. Also in wildlife 600mm is too short in many situations. But pure reach is only half of the story. You can use 200mm f/2 and have effective 540mm f/2 lens (yes I know it won’t have depth of field of a f/2 lens… which may also be a plus). Get it? 540mm f/2 with working AF! Qestions? Just use Your imagination.

            • Егор Емельянов

              Well … how many people actually:

              1. Shooting a planes at an airshow?

              2. Ready to buy a lens more than $ 500-1000?

              Nikon apparently thinks everyone. But Nikon is wrong.

              Also hold a DSLR (same D800E) in the hands of more convenient than the camera with size of a bar of soap, which set a huge telephoto lens. Then just cut the edges of the frame in the editor – profit! Like it or not, but I do not understand what to pay when buying a Nikon 1 V3 $ 1200 or $ 1000 for a new 70-300.

          • Егор Емельянов

            And… For Nikkor 600mm to pay $ 10,000. Plus $ 1200 for the Nikon 1 V3, plus $ 300 for FT1 adapter. Bold for the opportunity to spy for the naked girls in another quarter 🙂

      • xcm

        because low light condition u will hate that time when bought

  • Captain Megaton

    Looks like a major victory for the “no camera is too small to have five programmable function buttons” faction of camera design.

  • Jeff Curtner

    Exterior V3 + DF-N1000 + GR-N1010 = V2?

    • SteveHood

      V2 + $$$

      • Jeff Curtner

        Especially when there is another fires sales, say $199 for V2.

        • Wally in Austin

          Ditto on the fire sale for the V2

  • Josef

    Looks pretty good, a definite step forward. But Nikon will probably kill it by pricing it at some crazy amount, like $1000 for a kit with the evf.

    • broxibear

      Hi Josef,
      You’re right it definitely looks really nice, very Fuji X-M1 like…the price will make or break it….the X-M1 with 16-50mm is £450 in the UK.

      • My guess is that the price will be high, like $1000 high.

        • broxibear

          That’s going to be a problem when you consider Sony just announced the A6000 with 16-50mm for £650…not to mention the others.

          I don’t understand Nikon’s pricing, with the last two 1 cameras they priced high, then the price plummeted.

          • zoetmb

            650GBP is $1080 USD, so it’s around the same price if that is indeed the price.

            • broxibear

              Hi Josef,
              The price never works out as that, usually if it’s $1000 US it means £1000 in the UK.

          • Captain Megaton

            1. Part of it is the same reason the GH-3 is priced higher than the NEX-6: it’s a high quality piece of kit.
            2. The other part is Nikon loves to price high initially, so they can discount later and still make a profit.

            • broxibear

              Hi Captain,
              Yeah, it may well be high quality, but in this segment of the market are people going to pay for it…I don’t think they will and it was shown by their pricing of the last two. The price high discout later didn’t work…nobody bought them.
              It goes back to who’s going to buy this and what other options do they have.

          • It’s part of Nikon’s new strategy:

            1. manufacture cheaper things
            2. charge higher prices for those things

            Everything big they have released over the past 2 years has been overpriced:
            70-200 f/4
            Nikon 1 everything
            58mm 1.4
            35mm 1.8

            • I agree.

            • broxibear

              Hi Kyle,
              That type of strategy is going to put off potential new customers and drive away existing ones.
              Nikon do have a branding problem and how they’re percieved as a company…it can easily get out of hand and get them in real trouble.

            • Tonio

              They’re basically trading reputation for profit, and not much profit.

            • Wally in Austin

              It’s Nikon they think they can do no wrong even though they often do. Where is the thinking that brought us the D300 and the great devices released between 2007-2009!

            • broxibear

              Hi Wally,
              You’re dead right, something changed after that. Whether it was a change in management, a company change of direction I don’t know.

            • lord eels

              absolutely true. spend 10 seconds with the 58mm and you will want to return it. even the lens hood is a cheap piece of junk.

            • Tony5787

              I had the chance to use the 58mm only a few days after it came out at a demo day in a local shop near me and on a D4 and D800 multiple test shots seemed seriously backfocused and I hoped it was just because it was an early model. It’s sad that that’s how poor the lens actually is (especially for the price they’re charging).

            • Егор Емельянов

              That’s why I sent Nikon to dick when choosing a full-frame camera. I bought Canon and no regrets. 🙂

            • Fausto

              I paid less than 800€ for a new 70-200/4. That’s about 1€ per gram of weight. Strange measure though it may seem – it is what I consider a fair price for quality glass. The 85/1.8g and Sigma 35/1.4 for instance cost roughly the same per gram.

              Completely agree on the rest of them though. And I fail to see the sense of the Df, the 58/1.4 and the complete Nikon 1 lineup – but maybe that’s just me.

          • Spy Black

            “I don’t understand Nikon’s pricing…”

            It’s simple, they have their head up their àss because, after all, they’re Nikon. To be fair however we really don’t know what they’re going to price this yet, so well have to wait and see just far up their àss they have their heads.

          • Егор Емельянов

            And what is there to understand? Nikon wants to quick cut the dough, exploiting stupidity of buyers!

            • Remedy

              Dude just go and buy a fking Smena or Zorka or whatever other crap you had in CCCP.

            • Егор Емельянов

              Buddy, your narrow mind is astounding. I have a Canon 6D and I do not need stubs like the Nikon 1 V3, which costs almost the same 6D. You think or the bits of the brain not allows us to calculate, including the fact that the Soviet Union is long gone?

            • Remedy

              I know that, but do You? Why do Canon shooters feel the urge to negate all the other cameras? Hidden jealousy? Camouflaged frustration? You name it.

            • Егор Емельянов

              Sorry! I like the Nikon 1. But! Nikon pricing policy is just awful! They put on a Nikon 1 (which is in fact – a soap dish with interchangeable lenses) prices at the level of advanced professional cameras. That’s crazy in my opinion. We, the buyers – are not fools, but they obviously think us so.

              And I chose the Canon too because Canon EF lenses is much cheaper than Nikon F, especially 135/2.0 L, 200/2.8 L, 100/2.0, 24-105 L, 300/4.0 L IS.

        • Spy Black

          …and…STILL no hot shoe!

          • david

            that hit me hard… i really believed, there would have been on

    • Егор Емельянов

      He kills the system already. With such absurd lenses and with such silly prices – the competition is junk.

  • actionjunky

    Have to say, I like the perseverance and form factor

  • JJ168

    Please price it right this time and take my $$$.

    • BenHDisqus

      It might be an impulse buy at $299.

  • Bruce

    Looks good at least. But that puny sensor coupled with the sure to be ridicilous price means they still won’t sell any. Now, if they brought this out with the kit lens for £400 which i coupld use instead of an advanced compact, I may be interested, but they won’t.

    • broxibear

      Hi Bruce,
      “if they brought this out with the kit lens for £400” can’t see it, the problem they have is all the other good options at £500 or less…so much competition.

      • david

        yeah, they would even get more cameras out if they would only give them away for free.

        get it?

  • now

    Optional EVF? That’s a step-back. I hope the MSRP will reflact that…

    • Global

      Its NOT a step-back, if you don’t want to pay that HUGE price for an HD monitor the size of a thumbnail. Its an OPTION, and options are good.

      It would be even better if Nikon offered a cheap EVF (for a nominal amount) and a highly specced out EVF (such as better than the Fuji X-T1).

      • istreetshooter

        Nikon wants a huge price for a 1″ sensor camera without an EVF.

    • The EVF is really small.

      • Wally in Austin

        As small as the EVF on the V1 & V2?

        • No, I think it’s smaller.

          • Wally in Austin

            Thanks I really do follow NR daily!

            • Thanks for being a reader!

            • david

              not a reader, an addict

  • Global

    Do those buttons mean its not a Touch Screen?

    • Good, I fuckin’ hate touch screens on cameras…

  • The looks are impressive…

  • Global

    The price should be much better, because the EVF is optional, right??

  • Mike

    Price it correctly and it will sell. If I’m in the market for mirrorless, I’d be happy to pay $400-500 tops! Any higher…never mind.

    • I think you will have to double that – this is a serious camera and Nikon like to price their gear high.

      • KRProductions

        If it came in at $500, that would be great! I really can’t believe they are charging premium prices for these cameras. Or rather, I can’t believe people are paying the premium prices.
        I picked up a 2-lens V1 kit at the fire sale Nikon had, and at $400 a little over a year ago, it was worth that. There is no way it was worth the $1,200 msrp.

      • Wally in Austin

        Pocket Wizard serious?

      • Peter, I’m a staunch Nikon user and fan, but how serious can this camera and the rest of the system be with this sensor and the lenses they’re offing? It might be small, fast and nicely made, but seriously, if it’s a grand or more, how does it compete with the Fuji offerings? Just sayin’.

        • When I say serious, I compare it with previous Nikon 1 models, not with other manufacturers.

          • Fair enough…but the marketplace will.

        • ActionJunky

          Let’s see:
          It may shoot 20 frames per second
          It uses a hybrid phase detection and contrast focusing system
          It uses the same battery as a DSLR
          It has exceptional ISO performance
          It uses pro DSLR lenses, even f1.8 ones

          What am I missing?

          • If it’s as fast as they claim, then it will have some appeal. As for a big battery, I’m not sure that means a whole lot with a camera that should be a low paper consumer in the first place and not need that battery. I’d argue the ISO performance. In fact, I’d argue IQ with this format across the board. Most of what I see have clipped highlights and shadows. And to say it uses pro DSLR lenses is just flat incorrect. The lens quality is probably fine, but they aren’t “pro”, except maybe the f/1.2 32mm (which curiously you seem to have missed). But, it ought to be for $900. As for lens selection, there’s not much to shout about. Too many slooow lenses for a system that ought to have fast versions of every focal length. We’re just exchanging opinions here and yours is as valid as anyone’s, but I don’t agree with you on this one.

        • Aris

          The specs do not place it against Fuji X. The video specs in particular are so much better on the V3. But also reactivity, AF speed, fps, etc. “Very fast everything” is not a gimmick. The 1″ sensor size is a feature, not a defect, except in very high ISO shooting. The native lens choices provide a couple of gems here as well, including thin DoF options. I’ll probably buy this and retire my V1. And keep my DSLR.

          • I respect what you’re saying, but the DR is limited with that sensor size as well. For me it’s not a very appealing format at high OR low ISO. Look at high quickly high values get blown out.

          • david

            +1 here (except i don`t own DSLR)

            i think so too that the 1″ sensor has advantages besides it`s limitations, people always nag about (which is mostly size, not functional outcome)

      • KT

        The way Sony is having a year-round fire sale on their mirrorless bodies, the V3 will have to come down from that lofty price point pretty fast. You just can’t make money on these pocket cameras anymore. It’s just the way the market has been heading.

        • Keep in mind that the Coolpix A price never dropped. You never know with Nikon.

  • Nikon User

    Another suicidal act from Nikon.

    An absolute failure.

    If the EVF isn’t included in the kit set, no one will buy it externally.

    Nikon you tries too hard to protect your DSLR.

  • rhlpetrus

    Looks cool. Now, why couldn’t Nikon make this 3 years ago?

    • Just like eoshd said in their post – they need more lenses.

      • Tonio

        Luckily they’ve added another kit zoom…

        • Yes, what is this, the 3rd or 4th 10-30mm Nikon 1 lens? I can now predict there will be a new 10-30mm Nikon 1 lens next year. 100% probability 🙂

          • Wally in Austin

            What about the other new 10-30mm coming out six months after the one coming out after the one coming out after the one coming out after… Nikon has been all over the map on the 1 series lenses!

            • broxibear

              Here are the 1 lenses listed on Nikon UK, the word confusing comes to mind. They really need to sort out their marketing.

          • Paul

            Yes, it will get VR II and maybe gold lettering and/or ring. The nano coating comes in the version after that.

  • Paul

    That’s it?
    It looks like it’ll be another okay but overpriced compact camera from Nikon.

  • John

    I like it. I also like the V1.

    I love the D700. I am still a sucker for a mirror and prism.

    I am enjoying watching Nikon work this out though.

    • Hard to jam that D700 in your shirt pocket, though.

      • John

        Then I carry the V1. I usually have the vertical grip on the D700 so V1 is like an Instamatic with good IQ.

        • Zach White


          • John

            With a flash cube attachment!!

  • Lamar Lamb

    Glass! Where is the fast glass for this system???? Bodies are nothing without good glass.

    • Captain Megaton

      32/1.2 not good/fast enough for you?

      I’d love to know what you are currently shooting with…

      • Zach White

        The 18.5 is pretty darn good too, but we do need more of ’em. Like a 13mm f2 for starters. A 7.5mm f2.8 would be nice.

  • tango999

    Another disappointment from Nikon mirrorless attempt. And Nikon’s CEO wonders why they’re not doing anything outside of Japan.

  • decisivemoment

    Looks gorgeous, but I’m looking over the images pretty closely and this thing is just tiny and what’s more the small amount of wiggle room they might have is taken up by the hinge of that enormous folding display. No way do they fit the EN-EL15 battery into that camera

  • micky martin

    Every time I see a flip out screen, I want to break it off just to see how easy it is. I will not buy a camera with one of those structural weaknesses. Pros don’t use em and neither do I.

    • nwcs

      Pros do use them, open your mind.

  • Clubber Lang

    David Hasselhoff Model V1000 KIT Signiture Model….

  • lorenzo

    More junk toys.
    I am waiting for the D811sex with all 51 focus points working….

  • hellllo

    These things are not smaller or lighter than a NEX with the pancake zoom. Why would I choose this smaller sensor camera Nikon over the NEX?

    • istreetshooter

      And that’s why I ordered a Sony A6000.

    • d7k2v2

      please, the Nikon 1 10-100 is the smallest 10x interchangeable lens around. And you would choose this camera over a nex if you have Nikon glass, which is me. The 1 coupled with the 70-200 2.8 vrii is a BEAST.

    • Zach White

      There are only two reasons:
      1. AF speed that no mirrorless can touch (in good light)
      2. Low cost long telephoto w/FT1 adaptor and F-mount AF-S lenses.

      • david

        but the sensor size… the siiiiiiize, which is soooo important… the SSSIIIIIZZZZEE

  • Don Hogfan

    “Cinema-quality 1080/60p HD video… Nikon 1 cameras are serious movie-making tools. Capture cinematic 1080/60p video with shallow depth of field, or turn a single instant of action into an astounding 120 fps slow-motion sequence. A new Movie e-VR (Vibration Reduction) feature keeps your videos steady during handheld shooting, and Simultaneous Still Image Capture means you can save full-resolution stills without missing a beat while recording video. Whether you’re shooting home movies or commercial productions, the Nikon 1 V3 delivers superb footage.”

    Better live up to those words.

    • KRProductions

      I find myself using my V1 quite a bit for video, and really like using it on a slider. I’m about to get a FT-1 so I can use my DX and FX lens set on it. If the V3 is better, I’ll definitely get one at the Nikon Fire Sale which will probably be coming in a few months. lol

    • mikeswitz

      not even a remote chance!

  • broxibear
    • Thanks Broxibear, I will publish this online.

      • broxibear

        Either that guy’s got massive hands or this camera is tiny ?

  • PeerlessPaw

    looks nice 🙂

  • Wally in Austin

    Show me the hot shoe!

    • Captain Megaton

      Good point. I assume its under the central cover, so it is combined with the EVF socket.

  • James Donahue

    I’ll Stick with my Fuji X100S

    • nzswedespeed

      Yep not regretting my recent purchase of a black X100

  • Mardock

    What happened to the red swoosh?

  • Wally in Austin

    If it’s not pocket wizard serious it’s not a serious camera.

  • Sexy!

  • Espen4u

    Look at all the buttons, they really try to make this into a pro offering. Sadly this is only p&s evolved and will likely be priced into the realms of really good cameras.

    • Wally in Austin

      I am sorry to say that you are probably correct!

  • hoosierdaddy2

    Good, now I can buy a fire-sale V2.

  • Michael Laing

    Does the V3 still have the horrible hotshoe mount? I am guessing it is where the electronic viewfinder DF-N1000 fits.

    • Jeff Curtner

      It looks like V3 still uses the proprietary Nikon 1 hot shoe interface. The left hand side (top view) is most likely a pop-up flash.

  • Threadgill Mastersson

    If the autofocus is fast and the video is good I’m buying two. As soon as they come out with some f/2.8 lenses

  • Mike

    The Coolpix A OVF was $500. They seem to be getting a Leica complex.

  • Jeff Curtner

    V1 Built-in EVF no flash
    V2 Built-in EVF built-in flash
    V3 no EVF built-in flash

    Now I see the pattern so I predict the next V series (V5) will have no built-in EVF and no built-in flash either. 🙂

    • Marc W.

      Binary baby!

  • atat

    I’m liking the grip, goes well with the compact lens. Though I feel that maybe the effort should have been put towards a constant aperture zoom to flesh out the lineup. 1200 fps o_O

  • Lumix

    Lumix LX7 has 120 fps 720p video since 18 month!

  • V1 Owner

    Shoulda stayed with more of the V2 style. I do not like the detachable viewfinder (especially if it costs $450 like the Coolpix A).

  • TeaBreak

    Equipped with lots of zeitgeisty features but IQ is still worse than 10 years old D200. lol. Dull who’s buying this. Large sensor (at least DX format) and large and bright OPTICAL VF are essential for not only enjoying the shoot but also the results.

  • ShaoLynx

    Does the EVF show a live histogram?
    And how easily accessible is the exposure compensation function?
    Any ideas, Peter?
    If it compares well to the X-T1 from Fujifilm I’ll buy it.
    (This time, I mean it.)

    • It’s really not fair, actually, to compare the Nikon vs. Fuji. The Fuji has an APS-C sensor against Nikon 1’s CX, so the image quality of the Fuji will be way better. But, the Nikon is a smaller form factor (important to many) and evidently has much faster performance (we’ll see). Rather than going head to head with Fuji in the mirrorless segment, they’ve created their own niche with a very small, more consumer-oriented offering. My guess is if you are here commenting on this blog you’d probably be happier with the Fuji. But, I’m probably projecting my own bias onto you.

      • ShaoLynx

        Let me explain: I’m a full-time Nikon shooter, and I *want* the V3 to have an IQ as good as the Fuji.
        It’s just that I see some properties in other cameras that I would really like the Nikons to have too, that’s all.
        I’m not switching or adding other brands that quickly, but, admittedly, it’s sad when you see some of the results from Nikon of late, vs. the innovation by other brands… And as long as I don’t like what I see, I won’t add anything to my stable of cams. And from where I’m standing I’ll stick to ‘my guns’ for quite a while to come (D700 + D800 + 1V1).

  • Wow, $1,200 for the body, extra for the EVF and your choice of a 10mm f/2.8 or 10mm f/2.8 WA prime. I’ll bet the B&H and Adorama websites are melting under the onslaught of pre-orders. OK, now that I have the sarcasm out of my system, I will say that this is a very cool looking, VERY small camera that, if it’s as fast as they say AND the video looks really good, could be a step in the right direction. But, the price is high and they need at least a couple fast primes other than the 32mm. A 14mm/f1.8 and /or a 10mm f/2 or f/1.8 would really help. A 20mm f/1.4 seems logical. The zooms are too slow which makes it boring for enthusiasts and the number of them makes it confusing for the casual shooter. They need one zoom with a constant aperture, maybe a 9-27mm f/3.5 or f/2.8 if it wasn’t too big and heavy.

    • I just looked at an email pushed to me that shows the camera is bundled with the 10-30mm lens, grip and EVF for $1,200. I think for that price this is a pretty good deal and they actually could sell tons of these considering everything else this camera does. Nonetheless, they need some fast primes to fully capture the enthusiast market here in the US. Any word about some serious glass for the future, Peter.

  • pegi

    No GPS?

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