Nikon 1 V3, two lenses and accessories to be announced in few hours

In few hours (around midnight EST/early morning GMT) Nikon will announce their new "fast everything" V3 mirrorless camera (see specs) and two new lenses (1 Nikkor VR 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 and 1 Nikkor VR 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 PD-ZOOM). The new V3 will probably be marketed as the fastest camera available on the market today. There will not be a new LED light as previously reported, instead Nikon will announce a new  62mm spring-loaded lens cap. Here is the nomenclature of the additional Nikon 1 accessories that will be announced together with the V3, courtesy of digicame-info:

  • Electronic viewfinder DF-N1000
  • Optional grip GR-N1010
  • 62mm spring-loaded lens cap LC-N62


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  • Santiago

    I really want to get a Nikon 1 camera but here there are some motherf*** seeling J1 for $350 and it’s almost impossible to get a J3, V2 or AW1.
    I wanted a AW1 for macro and underwater photography

    • lord eels

      then go on olympus, no?

      • lord eels

        lol look at this BITCH

        • DuncanM

          Thanks for insulting yourself and saving us all the trouble.

          • lord eels


            • Lord eels, I am tired of deleting your comments, if you don’t watch your language, I will have to ban you. There is one rule here: no offensive language. Please. Thank you.

    • Mark

      You could buy a J1 with 10-30, 30-110, AND bag for $199 on eBay not long ago. Not sure if that deal is still around. $350 is a total rip-off.

  • rhlpetrus

    Ok, let’s see it … (not very excited here).

  • RST

    No word on 4k?

    • I did not get info, so I guess there will be no 4k.

      • xcm

        in this case V3 will be the word fastest bullshit

    • Joe

      4k is the big test for me. I don’t see how it can handle 18mp @ 20 fps and not be built to shoot 4k. If it doesn’t, I’ll tell me that Nikon are just not serious about the entire lineup. My J2 & it’s lenses are the only Nikon gear I have left, but I’d love a V3 with above average video options.

  • topic

    Need gossip about D900 and D800s

    • broxibear

      “Gossip” ?…OK…the D800s will be announced in September, it’ll be almost identical from the outside to the current D800/E, the sensor will be the same as the D4s as will the AF improvements, Expeed 4 processing engine. Here’s the bit you may not like…it’ll have one CF slot and one XQD.

      I don’t have any “gossip” about any D900.

      • Vin

        I bet this will be a D800E/D400, in FX 4.5 fps, in DX crop and battery grip 8-9fps.
        if that $3500+ and it will be one good body. It sure will put a number of people in crazy emotional uproar!

        • Vin

          I am thinking 54mp, and 24mp in DX, so it out preforms the D 800, and out preforms D7200, @ the same time. Landscape, studio, wildlife and sports, all in one. Maybe most well rounded, and detail shooting camera,

      • KT

        and why not apply the D4S sensor tweaks to the 36 MP sensor in the D800 instead, add AF improvements + Expeed 4 and sell it for $500 more? I would think that would make better sense, otherwise who will buy the 6-months old Df if all Nikon high-end bodies wind up with the 16 MP sensor.

        • Mike

          Many claim that the sensor of the d4s is the same, just the image processing of the expeed 4 is the improvement

        • broxibear

          Hi KT,
          Because a number of people want the flagship sensor inside a D800 type body, ie a true D700 replacement.

          Not a replacement for a 36mp D800, as well as that body.

          • Vin

            It does not matter what people want, its what Nikon can do, its what will shock the other companies, its what the competition has not done.

            • broxibear

              “It does not matter what people want” ?…not sure I understand that logic. If Nikon don’t make what their customers want they’ll go to another manufacturer. You can make what another company hasn’t, but if no one buys it then what was the point ?
              It’s not breaking news that the two bodies that are most talked about and wanted by Nikon users is a D300 replacement (D400) and D700 replacement.

            • Vin

              I am being a little sarcastic, I know that people want those.
              I think Nikon wants more of the publicity of the D800 launch

        • Cuculain

          Wonder how many DF were sold by Nikon. Seemed to adress a very small niche to me…

  • bgbs

    They say Nikon 1 is selling poorly, why the heck can I not find Nikon AW1 anywhere in the US?

    • JWG

      Have you checked BestBuy?

  • Thomas Stirr

    I am REALLY looking forward to the 1 Nikon 70-300 lens….this should be an awesome lens for nature/birding. I love my V2 and would consider buying a V3 for my video production business if it has some enhancements over the V2…i.e. better low light performance, improved dynamic range and colour depth. If the V3 does have an 18MP sensor with continuous autofocus at 20 fps there will be nothing at any price that can touch it.

    The Nikon 1 V2 with an assortment of 1 Nikon lenses has proven to be a perfect compliment for my D800 for client video work. The depth of field characteristics of the CX sensor adds a lot more flexibility when shooting video at f/5.6 and under.

  • whisky

    EVF option, 180º tilt LCD, low-low-price … i’m excited. 🙂

    • Morris

      little-little-chance 🙂

    • stoooopid

      haha – yeah, I am excited for that camera too. Maybe another manufacturer will make it.

  • Anton PupkIn

    For God sake, somebody tell ’em to stop doing tons of super-dark zooms for a small-sensor cameras.

    • Pat Mann

      Adapters are not your friend, you say?
      I vote for that. But they need to start making bright lenses for them instead.
      I think a 200 f/2.8 AF-S VR in Nikon 1 trim would be quite nice for this camera for birding.

      • nwcs

        Not as much as you’d think. The depth of field will still be based on 200mm. In other words, it will have noisy backgrounds. A 300 f2.8 would be about the minimum for nice background bird shots. I used my old 200-400 with my V1 and it was only acceptable both in isolation and image quality.

      • Anton PupkIn

        Nope. First of all, FX lenses are quite bad on a pixel dense 1” sensor (
        Second, what is the sense of buying tiny-winy camera and mounting it on a monster-lens (in comparison to the camera).
        Canon has just announced a Nikon 1 killer (and partially a m43 killer) – G1 X mk2. Bigger sensor, perfect focal range 24-120mm, and fast lens f/2-3.9.

  • Happy Daze

    At last.
    A new 62mm lens cap!!!!
    Fantastic. I’ve been waiting for that one.
    Any pre-order info, Admin?

    • whisky

      but at least we now know the front filter size of the N1 70-300mm will be smaller than the current 70-300mm VR.

  • Nikon Dude

    It all depends on the price……and looking back on prices for latest nikon gear i do not have high hopes.

    • bgbs

      It looks like Nikon is keeping the stock piles very low to price gouge.

    • desmo

      I suspect the spring loaded lens cap will be affordable 😉

      • Kynikos

        Wait and make sure the spring loaded mechanism doesn’t splash oil on the front element/filter.

  • Spy Black

    Spring-loaded lens cap FTW…

  • broxibear
    • Not sure. Maybe they just used an old picture.

  • stoooopid

    Holy crap. I was about to dump my 1 system because of low IQ. But a 70-300 – on a 1″ sensor! What the h***. I don’t know if any other system will have that kind of reach, in that size for less than $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Amazing.

    • AM

      Coolpix P530 and P600.

  • Sounds like a fun camera. I’m still hold out hope that one day they’ll make a retro S2 styled version.

  • jay

    Any word on sensor size change?

    • Daniel Holzer

      Not sure that would be possible given the focusing circle of the CX lenses. Probably the best option would be a hybrid EVF/OVF DX camera with the F mount or a new mirrorless class with dedicated DX size mount (shorter flange for ML) with F mount adapter.

  • c.l.

    sadly, it will probably be priced in the $900 range.

  • itsmyname

    Spring-loaded lens cap.!!!..really cant wait…

  • nwcs

    I’m really curious to see the starting price. It has to be very aggressive to get enthusiast interest. If they don’t nail this, it might just be a big boon to Fuji and Olympus.

  • Fotich

    Great! Now, I’m waiting for V2 fire sale. V2 is nice camera, but it was overpriced.

    • Felix

      Depending on the specs on the V3 (4K would be nice), I will get a V2 also.

  • Aldo

    since the vertical grip holds no battery… I hope at least it has a place for my weed.

  • Wally Brooks

    Will it have full CLS and work with Phottix, Pixel King, & Poxket Wizzards for TTL flash?

  • SteveHood
  • istreetshooter

    So according to this Canon site, this is what the V3 is all about:

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