Nikon 1 V3 camera doing 20 fps burst (video)

Here is a short video of the Nikon 1 V3 mirrorless camera doing 20 fps burst:

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  • Don Hogfan

    $50 per frame –> $1000 for a sec.
    Now I get Nikon’s pricing

  • Yeah, but does it blend?

  • Nikon User

    Looks small.

    It could have been a J4.

    Please add the EVF to the V5.

    • Maybe that’s why they are not releasing a new J4.

      • Ken Elliott

        I’m suspecting the same thing. After they sell out of the J-series, they offer a striped down V4 as the entry level camera. I also suspect Nikon is using the 1-series to try out different ideas, and develop the foundation for a DX and FX mirrorless design. It also ramps up unit volume for some of the parts, cutting costs for more up-market products.

  • Paul

    That fast moving building is coming around the corner I better shoot it at 20fps.
    Yes it’s a demo but this does nothing to show off it’s AF tracking abilities.

    • Skaarj

      That there was funny!

    • phil

      was it even confirmed the AF will track at this speed ? The J1/V1 models locked the AF during the first shot when shooting at 30fps

  • PeerlessPaw

    for fast action family shots? seemed to lock focus for the 1st frame then busts away.

  • nzswedespeed

    Talk about spray and pray haha. Would be fun to play with though, if they had made it 24fps it would have been even cooler!

    • julian correa

      24fps would really be magic

  • foorider

    That’s not “Fake Camera Noise”, is it?

    • n11

      Probably… But it sounds pretty cool!

    • PhotoAl

      Yup, sure is. The V2 uses a mechanical shutter when set to 5fps and an electronic shutter when set to 15, 30, or 60fps. I’m guessing the V3 will have a similar cut off for the mechanical shutter. The nice thing is that it can be silenced.

  • ulysse

    Heavy machine gun !

    These cameras make Harddrive fabricants’ life wonderful

  • V1 user

    Look impressive. I like it. Let it go so long as it take good pictures.

  • Jeff Curtner

    I wonder if Nikon will give us a surprise in buffer size or they will butcher the buffer again. 20 fps in 6k for 5 seconds will be miracle. 20 fps in 1 second will be just a gimmick.

  • Jeff Curtner

    Size comparison of V1-V2-V3 based on mount size as reference, roughly. It seems Nikon is able to fit the removable LCD without adding thickness.

    • Nikon User

      Old kit lens looks more professional.

      New one looks like a P&S toy.

      • Mike

        You know you’re talking about the 1 series here right? The whole line looks like P&S toys.

        • I giggle every time I read “P&S”.

  • C

    Official at dpreview, great job NR!

    • refresh the front page – already online also at

  • Paul

    isn’t this the socialite purse camera? blast 20 frames of your drunk friends and you should get at least one with most everyone’s eyes open.

    • groucher

      Possibly but if you’re into any form of action photography, 20 fps (or 60 fps jpg) is extremely useful. Speed is what the 1 Series is all about but Nikon seem incapable of communicating that fact.

      • Paul

        i didn’t get that message, but now you got me thinking.

  • With the advent of 4k this is sort of a gimmick. Their time would of been better spent in R&D of a 4k camera with perhaps raw capabilities and then pulling screen grabs from video as burst rate is no longer relevant. Well these images are 6k but still to the average consumer very small difference.

    • spinach

      this Is the r&d line of cameras, and a burst rate at film speeds is motion picture capture — a video workflow that ceases to differentiate still from motion shots is closer to film than anything any digital video camera is currently doing.

  • 103David

    Sorry, but the point is?

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