Weekly Nikon news flash #254

Nikon modular DSLR camera patent
→ Nikon filed another patent in Japan for a modular DSLR camera.

→ Pentax Multi Mount is a replacement mount plate that allows you to use Nikon F-mount lenses on Pentax DSLR cameras.

Six different Tamron lenses currently have a $100 rebate (valid till the end of March). All current rebate are listed here.

Nikon announced issuance of unsecured straight bonds.

→ Nikon Group rolls out global sales of data analysis software HEVC/H.265 codec analyzer (265CA1).

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  • MandyDog

    That’s it? No news about the V3?

    • What other V3 news do you need/want?


      • MandyDog

        Price, video resolution and frame rates, confirmation of manual controls for photography (M, A, S), etc… Basically, the full specs. Usually you get them a few days early. 🙂

        • Sorry, do not have them yet. Hopefully in the next two days.

          • todd

            Don’t you just hate it when the crystal ball is in the shop for service. 🙂

            • AM

              Did the crystal ball have dust and oil? Was it part of Nikon’s service advisory?

            • Vin

              Crystal Ball said we want the professionals to buy a Df, D800E, and a D4S also.

            • broxibear

              The crystal ball says the D4s is not the new high ISO king…The crystal ball aka DxO lol.
              Is that excrement colliding with a rotating arrangement of vanes or blades which act on the air ? lol

  • Jon Ingram

    Modular camera would be cool

  • Erick Santander

    Medium format? Maybe…

    • SpartanZero

      Agree. This would make sense from a money point of view for both nikon and customers ( modular means different budgets could be catered for) and full frame sensors can only have so many pixels crammed onto them and I think we are fast approaching that point-hence the need for a move to medium format.

      • neonspark

        we could easily get 4X more resolution and obtain cameras equivalent to a non-bayered D800…which would look stunning.

  • fixit

    My first Nikon is the F2. Its interchangeable modules is what attracted me to it. That, and that it can also be used to smash walnuts!

    • guest

      I own five Fs (don’t ask) but yes, the F2 is the better camera.

  • One More Thought

    I get the reason behind a modular camera, but somehow I just don’t think it would be that popular with most people. Most people don’t want to always reconfigure their camera like a Lego piece.

    People have enough trouble reconfiguring their electronic devices via software; I just think asking them to do that via hardware is another bridge too far.

    Look at personal computers; most prefer to buy off the shelf and never bother to swap out internal components. With post pc devices, like smartphones and tablets, people do not have these modular hardware options, and no one is clamoring for them.

    The goal needs to be to make things simple for people; Apple gets that, and that’s one reason why they are not big into modularity on their own computers, with the exception of the Mac Pro.

    The real market is for whichever company can deliver to the market a camera that the average person perceives as easy to use but high quality.
    People often cite the rise of smartphone cameras as being due to the fact that people always carry these devices with them, and that is surely one huge reason for their popularity. But often overlooked is the fact that these smartphone cameras are just plain simpler to use for most people, and that matters too.

    Building a modular camera is simply a step towards a more complicated product, and that means it will have limited appeal if it comes to market.

    • Cyrille Berger

      The point is not to reconfigure it every day, the point would be to configure it once to fit your needs and budget.

      If you read comments and blogs about what the future cameras should be, you always get a different set of specs, and since Nikon cannot provides them all, they currently release compromise, but what if they didn’t have too.

      Modulars camera also provides benefits for upgrades. No need to throw out your entire camera just to get a new sensor. They are also likepy to be easier and cheaper to fix.

      And a modular camera would most definitelly not targeted at entry level, it is for prosumers and pro. People would already see camera as complex object.

    • DonkeyKong

      For consumers, maybe. But that’s not who a modular camera is for. The market for a modular camera is high end professionals/enthusiasts.

      Think of it this way: your existing DSLR is already modular in that it allows you the swap the lens.

      What a lot of people want is to take it further and allow the sensor to be replaceable too. Not only will this give photographers a lot more flexibility, it will give them a reason to upgrade their existing bodies (obviously something Nikon wants them to do).

    • Eric Calabros

      D4x could be target of this modular idea, not D5400. and D4x place in Nikon lineup, is exactly same place as Mac Pro in Apple lineup

      • neonspark

        the mac pro is the most modular unfriendly thing ever made.

    • Wally Brooks

      It seems that the new Fuji cameras have the right amount of controls and menu systems. I wonder about Nikons product management and management and don’t see a modular camera having the useability or the external software to make a modular camera on par with a company like Fuji. From a D7000 and V1 shooter now looking at M4/3.

  • Spy Black

    So is that a body that could take an OVF or EVF? That would be interesting. More so from the perspective of being able to upgrade the EVF as technology improves. An all-electronic F-style body with interchangeable viewfinders, sensors, and memory buffer would be cool.

    • Thom Hogan

      That’s correct. It’s not actually “modular” in the sense that I originally suggested. It’s modular in that it has a hybrid approach to preview. This appears more like a studio camera than anything else: optical view, EVF, or fast live view, and some allowed combinations of those.

      • Spy Black

        It would be interesting if Nikon was adventurous to return to a single modular body design for it’s flagship model, so instead of dealing with the likes of a D4, D4s, D800, etc., you simply had replaceable sensors, memory, power packs and eyepieces to configure the camera as needed for the job at hand.

    • neonspark

      except that it doesn’t make any sense to upgrade a VF as technology improves for the improvements come far too slow and the body itself will be outdated. Maybe for the very very high end this could be a cost saving proposition. But if nikon starts charging 300 dollars for a viewfinder, as I’m sure they will, it just doesn’t make sense to buy that over a brand new camera which will have a better cpu, sensor, software, focus systems, overall specs etc.
      the reason RED does this is because the components are so high end and produced in so few quantities that modularity does translate in cost savings. Nikon does not enjoy that position in the cut throat DSLR market.

      • Spy Black

        Depends on what kind of advancements there are. We’ll never know until they occur.

  • shotzkowski

    Ive shot everything but nikon. If the 800, df or rehashed d4 didnt get me to jump on, what in the world makes the dark side think blasting patents for modulars will kick me in tbe nads? Im not a nikon zombie.

    • shotzkowskiisawanker

      Well, obviously you’ve never been kicked in the nads – or else you wouldn’t be such a wanker!

    • neonspark

      a lof of these patents aren’t really going to see the light of day. How many patents has canon released with a high res camera and they are still stuck in 2011 resolutions.

  • neonspark

    I bet Thom Hoggan just came. But realistically this will never happen. The complexities and cost of such design over an integrated mass produced one don’t make sense for the consumer market. This really only make sense if nikon wanted to enter the medium format or high end video market with the Red strategy in mind.

    • Thom Hogan

      This particular design isn’t really modular other than the viewing options. Thus, alignment isn’t all that big a deal.

      • broxibear

        Hey Thom,

        If we say your name three times do you appear ? lol

        • Thom Hogan

          Unfortunately, yes. So stop saying my name and we can both rest easier. ;~)

      • neonspark

        modular for bouncing photons is one thing. modular for electronics is a different ballgame. Designing data busses, electrical connections, pin layouts, etc which can allow for sufficient forwards and backwards compatibility is a challenge. Yes some companies get it. I’m doubtful Nikon is one of them. If that company had the slightest sense of forward thinking, they wouldn’t be having to produce E type lenses which is basically their admission that the F-mount has to trade features for electrical compatibility due to a poor pin layout design on top of an overly restrictive mouth. And these are the guys that will “get” modular? ha!

        • Thom Hogan

          I think you underestimate Nikon and haven’t looked inside the cameras enough. Nikon has plenty of experience designing data buses and electrical connections that live on for long periods of time. They just haven’t externalized those.

  • broxibear

    EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association) just released a load of videos about their recent award winners… https://www.youtube.com/user/eisatv/videos


  • PeterG

    A Nikon SLR with a replaceable viewfinder? How ’bout replaceable focusing screens? Reminds me of my Nikon F from over 1/2 a century ago.

  • Richard Hart

    doesn’t look like anyone is interested in the pentax adaptor!

    Does it only work with my granddad’s lenses?

    Very nearly went mirrorless, didn’t want to reinvest in the lens line up though and the sonys don’t have quite the flexibility of an slr. the fujis would be perfect if they went full frame and had a nikon f adaptor!

    • KnightPhoto

      Pretty incredible, looks like the same adaptor fits Nikon, Olympus, Contax, and Konica all onto the Pentax body…

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