Nikon USA will fix the dust/oil issue in all D600 cameras for free (even if out of warranty)

Who said class action lawsuits do not work? Just few hours after I reported that the first D600 class action lawsuit was filed in California federal court, Nikon USA published a new technical service advisory where they announced a free cleaning and free shutter replacement for all D600 owners, even those with expired warranty. You can send your camera even if you do not have a problem. To schedule your service, go to this website. My only concern is that this advisory is valid only for the US, hopefully other Nikon subsidiaries will follow. Update: Nikon Japan, Nikon ChinaNikon Canada and other subsidiaries have also issued similar service advisories - this is global fix.

New Nikon D600 cameras are still available on Amazon for slightly over $1,500. Check also the refurbished D600 prices on eBay.

Here is the full text of the service advisory:

Technical Service Advisory for Users of the Nikon D600 Digital SLR Camera

Affected Products:
Nikon D600 Digital SLR Cameras

Some users of Nikon’s D600 D-SLR camera have reported the appearance of tiny spots on certain of their images. Not all users have experienced this issue. Nikon has thoroughly evaluated these reports and has determined that these spots are caused by dust particles which may become visible when the camera is used in certain circumstances and/or with certain settings. It is a well-known fact that the presence of dust particles cannot be completely avoided when using a D-SLR camera even after normal sensor cleaning procedures, because of a number of factors including components moving at high speeds when images are taken, the use of interchangeable lenses, and the different environments in which a D-SLR camera may be used. As part of its customer-service commitment, Nikon is providing a customer-service measure to reduce the potential impact of dust particles on images taken by its D600 D-SLR cameras.

The solution: Nikon is making available to all owners of D600 cameras (even if Nikon’s product warranty has expired) this customer-service measure, which includes the inspection, cleaning and replacement of the shutter assembly and related parts of your camera, FREE OF CHARGE as well as the cost of shipping D600 cameras to Nikon and their return to customers. Once again, please understand that regardless of this service, your D600 camera as is the case with all D-SLR cameras, will continue to require normal periodic sensor cleanings.

To have your D600 camera serviced free of charge please follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Schedule Free Service link below.
  2. On the following pages, you will need to provide the serial number of your D600 camera and your contact information.
  3. Then, you will be prompted to create and print your Pre-paid UPS Return label and packing slip.
  4. In shipping, please secure the D600 camera in a plastic bag inside the shipping box with several inches of quality packing material on all sides of the D600 camera. Please send your D600 camera and packing slip only. Do not include any lenses, batteries, memory cards or other accessories. Please do not ship in the original display box (It will not be returned)
  5. Drop the shipping box off at any UPS facility. (Visit for hours and locations.) You may also arrange to have your shipment collected by a UPS driver.

Nikon will notify you by email when your D600 has been received at Nikon’s repair center. Nikon will notify you by email when the service is complete and ship your D600 back to you free of charge via UPS Ground.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused. Nikon remains committed to providing only the highest quality cameras and components, and we hope that you will continue to choose Nikon for your photography needs.

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  • For D600 owners, I would say it’s about time.

    • leroy

      I say NR is the n°1 rumor site!… and i havent Nikon 🙂

      • broxibear

        “I say NR is the n°1 rumor site!” …I didn’t realise there were any others ? lol

        When is that 24MP D4s coming out ?

        • there is only one other rumor site – 🙂

    • pass the buck

      Its planned. They raised the price for D4s by 500, to offset incoming D600 fixing expense.

      • Paul

        haha. very funny.

      • erich1b .

        That’s funny

  • Serious question: where can I get a cheap D600 on the quick? Just checked the refurb store but they’re still up there at $1599.

    • As far as I know, they are all sold out. Whoever got one for $1300, got a really good deal considering the latest development.

      • bob knob

        I got one at Xmas for $1300 plus $130 in points. I guess it wasn’t too bad of a deal after all.

        Thank you Neeekon!

        • Yep, you hit the jackpot – an excellent full frame camera for $1300, you will not see this again anytime soon.

          • Joseph

            Wellll I see D700’s selling for $1200-$1300 all the time with usually 20-30k clicks. I’d rather have (another) D700 than a D600, personally, due to the superior AF.

            My D800 is the workhorse though 😉

            • desmo

              the AF is superior on the D700, but the sensor
              ,although excellent in it’s day, is vastly inferior to the D600 on every level (resolution, low noise hi ISO, color depth , etc).

            • Reality Check

              All at the sacrifice of color accuracy as the high density CMOS sensor shifts the images green even at base ISO.


          • Andrew

            A good day indeed, a good day! I am so happy for all those affected finally getting peace of mind. And for all those who got in on a good deal. This advisory goes beyond anything I would have expected – giving an invitation to even those not affected. Awesome!

        • Horshack

          Same here, got two bodies on that Rakuten deal. Have one of them at Nikon right now getting its shutter replaced. Paid $20 for shipping but at least I’ll miss the rush 🙂

      • alex

        I JUST received mine from Roberts for $1300, no tax, free ship to CA. Its a Nikon Refurb with 365 actuations & visible dust over f/16. Was really bummed out coz of the dust, but the recent developments are looking very promising!

        • bob knob

          Is the Roberts camera a NIkon USA body that NIkon USA will repair, or will you have to go to Nikon Canada or some other subsidiary that may not honor the Nikon USA policy?

          Roberts ships from Canada I think. That may be sufficient to be considered gray market and Nikon USA won’t honor it.

          • DDH

            I also purchased mine from Roberts camera and it shipped from Indianapolis – with USA 90 day warranty.

    • Nick
      • Nick

        Err, $1,369. “Like new” condition.

    • MRGABE

      from me. i’ll sell it to you for $1300

  • Nikon Fanboy

    Why not start this in the first place Nikon, then your reputation wouldn’t be so bad…

    • Andrew

      Ah, but they went beyond the call of duty. They will fix your camera even if it does not have any problem just so that you will have peace of mind. They are not just saying we are sorry, they are doing what no other company has never done before and that is to send a message to the entire world that the Nikon D600 cameras are all excellent. Don’t you understand the scope of this announcement. Then let me spell it out to you: “Nikon is asking that every D600 camera be sent in for complete servicing.” Plus they are saying we are sorry. This should increase the resale value of these cameras.

      • Mansgame

        Doing the absolute minimum they should have done, a year too late is not exactly going “beyond the call of duty”.

      • umeshrw

        You just don’t want to see it do you? Nikon is not doing it in good faith. It’s just because of the class action and then too they are not accepting the fault because of which the whole debacle has occurred. Read the advisory. It’s clear as day. Where do you read them saying sorry? All they are saying is that we the users are stupid not to use the camera carefully and hence the dust is entering the camera but they are kind ? enough so they will clean it for free. Point in case is if it is just the dust then why be willing to change the shutter block? In case you cannot see the relevent part in the advisory I am pasting it below
        —- Nikon has thoroughly evaluated these reports and has determined that these spots are caused by dust particles which may become visible when the camera is used in certain circumstances and/or with certain settings. It is a well-known fact that the presence of dust particles cannot be completely avoided when using a D-SLR camera even after normal sensor cleaning procedures, because of a number of factors including components moving at high speeds when images are taken, the use of interchangeable lenses, and the different environments in which a D-SLR camera may be used. —-
        Don’t be blind. Unless as I always have felt – You are a nikon employee which then justifies your posts.

        • js200022

          @umeshrw – Please just ignore him. Andrew is clearly a Nikon employee doing damage control. All his comments are just like that, make no sense at all.

          • Mansgame

            I think I had actually got an email from an Andrew from Nikon in my many back and fourths.

      • Okuto

        I am not so sure about Nikon taking any D600 without a good reason(s).I got a Email from Nikon repair saying otherwise.Mine got serviced twice so If your camera has new shutter replaced or sensor cleaned previously by their service repair you won’t qualify for that maintenance offered !!?

        • Dion

          Hi. So have you had your shutter replaced & still have the problem? Mine’s been serviced 3 times now by Nikon UK, with a new shutter etc supposedly being fitted the second time, a week before my trip to Iceland. A couple of days in (no lens changes) there was loads of visible dust in the same pattern as previously (top left bias). Had to rent another camera. Still waiting on Nikon to respond to why this bias if fixed & why their test shot after 3rd cleaning that I requested has more dust than the uncleaned sensor of the D800 I’m borrowing from a friend! Fed up with Nikon claiming “normal dust” &/or high resolution of sensor in every email. Clearly not true if D800 I’m also using has no problem.

      • Paul

        I am very happy about the decision, and this gives me a net positive impression of Nikon as a company. I just heard back are they going to refund my d600 fix that I paid for 3 months ago. Just got the quick reply from Nikon Support 🙂 BUT, This was NOT beyond the call of duty. This was their duty IMHO. If there is a ‘broadly’ defective feature this shouldn’t be part of the warranty program. It starts to look like a recall. hence the lawsuit.

      • Harry

        you entire post is laughable! Unprecedented, my foot! They knew about this and hence released the D610 as damage control. They did nothing to appease the D600 owners. Once the class-actions set in, Nikon started pissing in their pants. It became apparent that they had no choice. Even now, the class action is going to require to pay for lost time and loss of time and effort (I, for example, had to send it in twice and work with pathetic CSR). Explain to me exactly how this will increase re-sale value please when the D610 is around. If Amazon’s trade-in is anything to go by, this camera has precipitously lost value because of the D610. The class-action covers that aspect as well. There is absolutely no justification for the release of the 610 and intentionally cover-up a issue and deny warranty service (I know of those cases too) despite a known issue. I read posts that you are probably a Nikon employee and that may or may not be true. Regardless, your post is absurd. Sorry, I am never this curt to people but I simply feel too strongly about this especially after a 45 minute conversation with the CSR.

        • Ptluzzi59

          Geez man why don’t you relax? its not all that important that if you point your camera in the sky with an f22 that you will see some specs that you can photoshop out in a cpl mins! whats me thinks is most of the people complaining the loudest see the opportunity to get a new 610!!! i doubt very much there are pros taking pictures of skies with a d600.

  • BluePlanet

    I sold mine last year but i am happy for the D600 owners. It’s about time!

  • Cloke

    Ah, good ol’ court scaring the crap out of corporations. Shameful they opted to do nothing about this on a larger scale to begin with.

    • Let’s be positive for a change – Nikon did the right thing.

      • Mansgame

        Nikon after over a year finally did something they should have offered. That’s not exactly right. They did par.

        • Al

          Will be interesting to see if Nikon does the right thing for left AF issue in the D800 on their own.

        • Andrew

          Nikon actually issued a service advisory about 1 year ago to take your camera in for servicing. Now they have offered more than they should have offered. They just said to send your camera in even if you do not have a problem. Didn’t you hear the admin? It is time to be positive.

          • Mansgame

            Andrew, do you work for Nikon or are just a fanboy? Did you read the advisory last year? It was a joke. It admitted to nothing and said if you think you might have a problem, let us know. The burden of proof was still on the customer having to send in test shots. And in the end, they never fixed the problem or otherwise wouldn’t have 3 lawsuits on their hands.

            • Ptluzzi59

              why are you picking on this guy? maybe he sees a bunch of whiners who should learn to clean their own sensors and not want a new 610 because of a few specs that can only be seen in f22 pointed at the sky lol and what is wrong with being a fanboy?

          • Arthur Tazo

            You are nothing but a Nikon apologist.

          • neversink

            Andrew… Thou proteteth too much… Drop it. You’ve said the same thing a dozen times now.

        • desmo

          I play golf—
          Par is good

          • Aldo

            I’m on a horse

          • Mansgame

            I play putt putt.

        • mohammad hoque

          Be positive. what you would have done if they did not offer that fix.

      • Cloke

        However don’t you think this decision was more based on saving money rather than saving face? I don’t know much about lawsuits but wouldn’t it be possible they would have had to pay out anyone who had a registered D600? As opposed to volunteering to repair any cameras that are sent in. Of course there are people out there that never checked/known about this issue and will not send in for a repair.

        I just think there were other motives behind this rather than simply to do the right thing… Either way, the customer wins and I’m glad anyone that had this issue will get it resolved.

        • thomas

          most of the class action law suit funds would be gobbled up by the lawyers, this way Nikon is making right to the customers.

      • Rudi

        Yup. Better then throwing money after the lawyers…they really don’t care about the D600 users but for their own!

      • Yes, Nikon finally did the right thing, only after a Class Action lawsuit, which will cost them millions, was filed against them. BTW, the lawsuit will likely proceed, so Nikon still has egg on its face. This couldn’t have been more poorly handled, but at least people now know how to get action out of Nikon — Class Action lawsuit works like a charm.

      • Maji

        Say or stay positive by some trolls? Come on Peter, you know better than that… these trolls thrive on negativity. 🙂

      • neversink

        Yes Peter, I agree. It is positive. But it is also sad, in that it takes a legal action to make Nikon provide adequate service for its customers who bought a product without knowing about the oil and dust problems.

      • Oil Baron

        “Let’s be positive for a change?” On an internet forum? The interwebs is where people thrive to practice their style of hating the world. 🙂

        Anyway, this is essentially a recall by Nikon. If you own a D600 and registered it with Nikon, then you’ll be receiving an email from Nikon USA apologizing for the issue and asking you to return the camera for repair. It’s all free of charge including shipping, etc.. You can even arrange for UPS pickup so that you never have to get out of your pajamas let alone out of your house….. (and so you can still keep on typing on interweb forums 😉 )

        What they have done is the same as an automobile type of recall where you turn your car into the dealer for a fix (the entire car is never replaced and only what’s wrong is fixed.) And I seriously doubt that the threat of a class action lawsuit was any motivator. These things take time and Nikon needed to get everything in order (imagine the deluge of D600 cameras coming into service now), figure out their costs (yes, Nikon is a for-profit business), and decide on a plan of logistics to undertake it all. And sure, they’ll wait until they fully decide against costs versus public perception. Any company will do this. They already have a full team of hired staff lawyers and the threat of a class action doesn’t mean much; Nikon has a yearly legal budget already in place no matter what. It’s all about recall costs, logistics, publicity, etc.. BMW went through the same thing a few years ago and finally figured out a plan (it took two and a half years) to make everybody happy. This sort of stuff is really the normal way of doing business for the majority of corporations.

        • cgw

          This is just a rank apologia for Nikon’s sustained denial and obfuscation of a baked-in problem. Nikon likely had no plans for anything as comprehensive as the current service “program”(AKA as a recall) until the class actioin suit clouds gathered. Otherwise, it begs the question of how many howling customers it took for Nikon to budge if they actually had plans to make amends for bum camera. This wasn’t their plan and they could lose even more face if they and their service centers muff this recall. The company’s looking especially rudderless after this fiasco.

      • Ptluzzi59

        imho, most people who complained just wanted a new d610

    • Rose

      This is nothing to do with the Class Action suit. It will have taken Nikon more time to secure the supply of replacement shutters and scale the service centers to cope than the time since the suit was announced

      • ereshoping

        Do you mean they were too busy with the D610, hoping no one would notice or be bothered to take a class action ?

        • Concerned Citizen

          A Nikon Class Action suit is more damaging to Nikon Corporation than fixing the D600, even if it cost more.

      • cgw

        Malarkey. Nikon’s arrogance finally caught up with them. It was move fast or risk a tsuname of bad press outside camera geekdom. Can’t recall a camera maker EVER looking down the barrel of a class action suit for faulty merch.

  • J.

    That’s excellent news for the owners of the affected cameras. Nikon’s response also validates the position of the NR administrator in bringing relevant information to the community. And not surprisingly… it also diminishes the stature of those who questioned the initial NR posting. I can recall at least one posting in the form of “… I wish he hadn’t posted this…”

    Good work NR!

    • Exactly, thank you!

      • Dustbuster

        Do you ever sleep Admin? I just checked Nikon USA to see if they uploaded any new D4s videos/pictures, etc and saw this “D600” advisory. I was about to post something on the forum and just saw your post. I guess we can never beat you on your own game 🙂 You did the same when I was losing my mind when ViewNX started making diagonal lines when I shot a few pix in DX mode with my D600 (see my post on the forum). A few good people tried to help me but a few days later your post explained that this was a software issue and the new update fixed this issue. I (we) thank you for not just for the rumors but also very up-to-date, valuable, accurate news as well. Thanks Admin!

        • I did not sleep last night because of the D4s announcement. I was just about to go to bed when I saw “activities” in my email box, text messages, Facebook, etc.

          • lol lawyers.

            A magician should never reveal his secrets 😉

            Good job Peter. I wonder how much of your/NR involvement has contributed to bringing a multibillion dollar corporation to its knees.

            You can sleep well tonight my friend.

            If anyone is listening, there are still a lot of D800 owners who never got their left/right focus problem fixed because by the time Nikon figured out a fix their warranty had run out.

            This post from 2012 states that the problem has been found and no new cameras are supposed to be affected.


            My last D800 was bought brand new from Amazon in March 2013 and it does have that same exact problem.

            Let’s get the fire started.

      • ha

        yeah yeah shoot me down but reallllly? Did NR really influence this……?

        • AM

          Really hard to quantify, but at least in my case, this site is where I first read about the class action lawsuit and now about Nikon servicing all D600’s. Even if is 0.01%, good job for NR!

      • Aldo

        If you guys have gear that needs service… you best take it now before nikon service centers get flooded with d600’s.

    • Eric Calabros

      one who wished he hadnt posted this, had wished Nikon do what did today one year ago. Honestly, the thing that forced Nikon to do this was the private request from law firms before they take the action, not our screaming in NR.

      • Yay Rumors

        It’s usually a combination of screaming/suing that gets the job done. There can’t be one without the other. Our screaming got the attention of the sharks and they came in droves at the smell of money.

  • Mr Pickle

    Now if only they would fix my 2 SB-900s that overheat.

    • They did. In the 910. lol 🙁

  • whisky

    now, about that D800 left focus issue … 🙂

    • lorenzo

      They never acknowledged that issue and they never will.
      Mine has some problems with the central upper focus points.

    • D700guy

      My D800e suffers from this. It also has a very distracting sync issue that forces me to keep my shutter speed at 1/200 or lower or else I get the dreaded black band

  • Mansgame

    They should have done this In November of 2012 when the issues first came into light and customers were complaining instead of fighting with them for over a year. To this day, they still have not been honest with what caused this issue in the first place and for many people replacing the shutter didn’t solve the issue.

    I guess this is good news for someone who bought a used one for dirty cheap but for someone who paid $2100, this is still BS.

    • Andrew

      Boy are you distorting reality. They cleaned the sensors. Then when they equipped their service centers they sent out an advisory to take your camera in to replace the shutter. What planet are you living on?

  • D600_2nd life!

    It’s official in Canada! Nikon Canada will offer the same service advisory as in the USA! Here is the link:

  • Al Case

    Unfortunately, I can’t live without this camera for the several weeks it will take to have it “fixed” so I won’t be sending mine in.

    • That would be a problem, it will probably take months until they can fix all D600 cameras.

      • nwdcrob

        Do you really think it would take several months to repair all D600s? Is there a high risk of cosmetic damage while the cameras are at the Nikon service centers? I’ll wait several months to verify that Nikon has finally found a solution to the sensor dust problem since numerous owners have reported that Nikon USA service centers have failed to rectify the problem. Thanks!

        • desmo

          Mine came back looking like new,
          they not only cleaned the sensor, but the whole camera as well.
          It was serviced by Nikon LA overall a very positive experience

          • nwdcrob

            Thanks for the info.

          • Paul

            My came back in excellent shape as well. They always do a good job cleaning out the buttons so they feel like new. I am now just hoping they refund me. Already sent in a request.

        • Scott Steglinski

          I called Nikon the other day the service rep told me 7-10 day turnaround, went to a camera shop and they told me 6 week minimum, so who should we believe?

      • AM

        Any idea if there is a cut-off date for this service advisory?
        I need my D600 for some events in the coming weeks and would like to send it afterwards.

      • zoetmb

        In that case, customers should request that they want to send it in and Nikon should tell respond back and tell them WHEN to send it. What’s the point of having thousands of cameras sitting around at their facility waiting for their turn on the bench? If users send in their cameras and they sit at Nikon for months (as my 70-200 2.8 once did), that’s simply going to bring on another lawsuit. Can you imagine? “Nikon stole my camera!”

        Obviously, I don’t know how Nikon is going to fix all these cameras but it really needs to be organized into an assembly line procedure, not a “fix it at the bench” procedure, so that they can fix many cameras in a short timeframe. Otherwise Nikon is going to make things worse, not better.

  • D600_2nd life!
  • Jeff Hunter

    Congratulations D600 owners! Hopefully Nikon has learned a valuable lesson and situations like this won’t happen again.

  • Chris Song

    the packing slip cannot be printed, well it can but you can’t read anything

    • Chris Song

      had to do a screen shot and print the submission complete screen that has the advisory summary info.

  • Rock Kenwell

    @6.5K shutter count, my refurbished showed tiny 2 spots at F16. I am not sure it is worth sending it over to forget it for the rest of its life on this oil issue.

    The risk of breaking the unit during shipping vs the deal is too good to pass up. I want to wait to see the return stories of real problematic units.

    • Rock Kenwell

      if yours is already at 65 thousand clicks and cleaning is your regular routine, or already pre-ordered D4s, heck, send it over for a new set of shutter.

    • Captain Megaton

      All my dSLRs show tiny spots at f/16 and up. That’s the problem here, figuring out if you have a problem…

      • With other DSLRs, dust on the sensor happens, and you can blow it off and it’s no big deal.

        With the D600, oil lands on the sensor, then dust lands on the oil and gets stuck, it can’t be blown off and it is a big deal.

        For many users (including myself) after a few tens of thousands of shots, the oil slows down and stops, so the problem eventually takes care of itself, but you still have all that caked-on oil and dust to deal with.

  • How the mighty have fallen.

  • shao
    • Joseph Li

      WOW…global d600 fix..that’s awesome

  • Fotoman

    More good news, it´s also valid in Mexico! Here is the link to Nikon Support regarding the D600 shutter assembly replacement:ámara-Nikon-D600-Digital-SLR.html

  • Al

    Only in USA can this happen, to push Nikon to act and act globally.
    This is why US is the leader for progress.

    • Aldo

      You clearly don’t live in the US in recent years… US global leadership is running on fumes. but thank you for your comment.

    • DanielHPC

      This offer is for all D600 owners worldwide.

  • sold mine but i did get nikon to replace the shutter before doing so

  • Anonymous

    Lucky I got mine with 0 clicks for under $1400. Thanks! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Now for aperture in live view 😉

      • Aldo

        I hear Chuck Norris can change aperture in live view…

        • AM

          The Chuck Norris of photography?

        • I heard Nikon didn’t care about the D600 lawsuits, until they heard Chuck Norris bought a D600.

    • Aldo

      I got mine for $1500… and then it magically turned into a d610

  • umijin

    Except that Guam is not a valid shipping location, even though it is listed in the address options. Grrrr…

  • Marchellino Imam

    what about d600 owners in indonesia???

  • Skipmed

    This is not a good news, In Italy Nikon did put online a form for collecting problems on D600 in october 2013, and they replaced almost all shutters (to me too) without solving any problem. D600 cannot be fixed easily in Nikon service centers, so they are starting to propose to replace it with D610 or D800 but paying a difference. For this reason the target of the class action isn’t to have the shutter replaced, but to have a D610 without paying difference OR to have a total refund.

    • Last Mohican

      Yes, the problem seems to be that neither owners of the D600 nor Nikon service personnel appear to know what the problem really is. So far no service advisory has lifted the veil but many reports of customers prove that repeated servicing did not fix it. Is it the shutter mechanism? Flaky paint in the housing? Problems with undefined “related parts”? I’d love to read internal service advisories, and so do the class action lawyers

      • zoetmb

        I think they DO know what it is, since it doesn’t happen in the D610. Obviously they made design changes to stop it from happening.

        • desmo

          see comment by D610 owner in this post

        • Last Mohican

          The proof of the pudding would be the disappearance of the problem after Nikon servicing of the D600, no? Any evidence of that?

          • Dave Ingram

            Mine was still horrendous after a initial shutter replacement and a second Nikon service/cleaning.

            Maybe Nikon has this figured out now. I’d say, get a refund if you still can and use it to buy a D610.

          • Dion

            Mine’s been serviced 3 times now. 2nd was fitting new shutter & problem returned almost immediately ruining a few days of a holiday before I could rent a replacement. Typical bias of dust top left still happening. Nikon UK still claiming “normal dust” & that the high res sensor shows more, but why does my borrowed D800 not have the issue? Nikon still hasn’t replied to that.

    • Alex

      Normally warranties means the company has to fix the problem, not provide a free upgrade or refund. Gee Americans and their freaking ‘take everything back to Walmart’ mentality so when you go to buy something brand new, it’s probably used.

      • Skipmed

        but fixing the problem is not sending the camera to service each 300 shots, wait 3 weeks for cleaning/shutter replace, use and send it back again.

      • Jorge

        Sorry Alex, but I’m an American, Cuban-American actually. I just turned 57 and I have NEVER, EVER stepped foot in a Walmart. Please don’t pigeon hole us all.

  • Wu

    All comes with a year warranty anyway only benefits people who have bought D600 before Feb 2014?

  • Last Mohican

    Has anybody actually read the new service advisory? I think it is classic doublespeak and will play right into the hands of the class action lawyers. Nikon basically says that these are normal, unavoidable dust spots as in any DSLR, no admission of any fault on their part in the “problem” section. If that were the truth: why do they offer the free replacement of shutter units just for D600 owners? Anything wrong with the D600 shutter unit? Where does the debris ( not just tiny dust spots!) come from? I guess a judge and jury will have to find the answer in Nikon internal emails and the “thorough analysis” that prompts them to replace shutter units “and related parts”, whatever they are …

    • Captain Megaton

      Noted. However, they will go so far as to replace the shutter if you want them to. For free. Realistically that’s about as far as anyone could expect them to go on this.

      • Last Mohican

        There’s no problem really, but if you’d like we’ll fix it for free. Is that about as far as anyone could expect a great company like Nikon to go?

        • desmo

          Look at the upside no other DSLR comes with a lifetime shutter warranty and free cleaning as well
          (to anybody, not just NPS or CPS members)

          • Last Mohican

            Appreciate your optimism, but lifetime warranty and free cleaning is a pipedream. Nikon does not accept a second shutter replacement / cleaning, it seems now, according to owners who wanted to send their camera in. Not subject to this advisory, they are told, your camera has been already repaired and must therefore be clean. I hope my doctor doesn’t adhere to Nikon strategy…

    • Mike

      It’s lawyer speak. Admission of guilt is a nail in the coffin. 1st rule of defence or customer service: never say you’re sorry. It admits guilt. BUT! Give something away for free for the trouble. I worked at Whistler ski resort in the late 90’s and the it was a policy to give something away vs offering a refund. For example if a ski lift broke down skiers were welcomed at the top with a voucher for hot chocolate. They reasoned that it was better to walk away with the mind set “this happened, and they did this great thing, I’d go back” versus “this happened and I got my money back but I am never going to”. Positive word of mouth is better than any damage control advertising. In the end, Nikon is doing the right thing. It’s unfortunate that a higher power than their customers forced their hand though.

  • rensuchan

    As a D600 early adopter I’m glad I’ll be able to take advantage of this out of warranty. It’s about damn time.

  • Wilfred Lim

    This already applicable to Nikon Malaysia even before any official Service Advisory is released. The service personnel already informed us verbally on this approach, but the free shipping part is unheard of. Not sure if Nikon Malaysia will release an official advisory with that?
    However i would prefer to drop it myself if there is such a need…

  • Marcin Urbaniak

    It seems that Nikon forgot about Europe cause there is no info yet 😉

    • jmj3

      As far as I know, at least in Finland, you have been able to bring your D600 to the service center if you have had this dust problem and they fixed (or cleaned before there was a fix) it for free. They also paid shipping. This is actually required by law. Maybe there is similar law also in other parts of Europe.

    • dinpin

      I just took it the repair center in Denmark and was told the call is global and that they are now changing the shutters. They sent it to Estonia, to Nikon Europe Repair Center.

      i was told it tipically takes one week, but up to 2.

  • The Egyptian Magician

    Good god. You people get what you’ve been asking for and you’re STILL bitching about it. And if you think that Nikon Rumors and the dozen or so screaming trolls had a hand in doing this you’re nutty as a fruitcake.

    • Mansgame

      If you would have worked a day in your life and spend $2100 on a camera, you’d understand.

      • mikeswitz

        Which day was that? I thought you spent your days not working because you had oil spots.

    • Jorge

      LOL. This post made me chuckle

  • Aldo

    Two theories… This could have been suggested by nikon’s lawyers or nikon is just trying to redeem itself…. considering they did this only after the law suit… I’ll pick the first one. That takes no credit away from this awesome site though. Thank you nikonrumors.

    • Last Mohican

      It’s both. The “no problem” part by the lawyers, the “we’re sorry to have caused inconvenience” part by seekers of redemption.

    • Thanks for being a reader!

  • Jas

    Any informations about Nikon Europe or Czech Republic?

  • Dusty

    I wonder if Nikon Australia and Nikon Malaysia would follow suit… ?

  • Marcin Urbaniak
  • Dave Ingram

    Just make sure to keep an eye on your sensor after the shutter replacement … in my case, significant oil and dust returned despite shutter surgery. Not that this isn’t good news for D600 owners, but personally I think Nikon should have just bit the bullet and recalled the camera. I’d be curious to know if Nikon is still offering the choice of a refund instead of a shutter replacement, I’m guessing probably not.

    • Last Mohican

      I may be overly cynical … but my hunch is that this move by Nikon is custom-made to prevent greater expenses (such as full refund, or replacement with D610).

      • neversink

        You are probably on the right track……

  • Arun Karthik

    Most importantly, its applicable in India too !! I’ve never seen anything like this before in India. Awesome move Nikon, though a bit late.

  • Arthur Tazo

    About time. if they had taken this long overdue action a lot earlier in the process, they would have come out as real winners. Right now it seems like they are almost backed into a corner in doing this, but nevertheless, glad they are doing it.

  • metsatsu

    Since they are honoring the repair to those our of warranty D600, what about grey imports?

    • metsatsu

      out of warranty*

      • Johnny Dough

        I think what he means is, if you are in Australia and buy through a Hong Kong reseller like DigitalRev, Nikon Australia consider the camera to have never been in warranty, so I wonder what then?

        • metsatsu

          I reckon they should honor the repair for those D600

    • Naval Gunfire

      Probably a case of tough, you’re on your own.

  • Ed

    Well this is all good news…..sort of. As a working professional in NYC I bought the D600 shortly after it was released and shortly after that began to see the oil and dust spots reported by others. Since then I have sent my D600 back to Nikon 3 times and each time they have replaced the shutter. That makes a total of 4 shutters including the original and I still have the problem. I’ve read the advisory and nowhere does it indicate and newly designed shutter. I can only hope they have taken the proper steps to REALLY make this right.

    • lord eels

      why is a “working professional” using the lowest end full frame camera ever made? respect yourself next time, it’s not a pro build camera

      • ScottW

        Being a sucker to trolling that I am, how about a higher gross profit margin for starters? Just one of the small considerations a ‘working professional’ has to think about whilst not on NR.

        • lord eels

          sending to nikon 3x and the lost time sure was worth that gpm? quiet your mouth.

          • ScottW

            Pain, yes, but not exactly planned for when purchased. We use couriers here and it takes all of 5 mins to pack up a camera and sign for a delivery.

      • Ed

        Clearly you confuse my use of the phrase “working professional”. I say that because I use my cameras almost every day, It has nothing to do with your expectation of my needing or ability to spend 5K+ on a camera body. It is that regular use that gives me the chance to gauge the camera’s performance. Aside from a manufacturer’s defective shutter, the D600 is a great camera. The photo quality and low light performance is fantastic. I also own a D610 which is the camera the D600 should have been and I love it. I’ve shot over 50,000 images with it and have no complaints. While I am not an advocate of the iPhone as a camera, I refer you to the Chicago Sun Times who last year gave their reporters iPhones to produce photos for the newspaper. Determining what equipment to use is based on many factors. Price has never been the main choice for me, but in my work flow the D600/D610 series from an image quality and feature standpoint work perfectly. In my 36 years of work my equipment which includes Sinar view cameras, Hasselblads, and a list of Nikons too long to mention, my cameras have never been a detriment to the quality of my work. The issue with the D600 is an anomaly and the only real frustrating part to all this is Nikon’s very slow response to fix it.
        Perhaps you should think before you write some nonsensical opinion that doesn’t apply to the topic at hand. My comments were/are to the topic of my experiences with this particular issue with one camera. I was in no way lamenting my choice in camera purchases.

        • neversink

          I have fallen for the same trap that this troll sets. He is just baiting you. This is what “lord eels” does. Don’t waste your time explaining your life to him. He doesn’t care….

        • mikeswitz

          He’s a troll, he loves to get responses like yours. He lives to annoy people. Don’t feed him.

      • I made good money with the d7000 2-3 years ago. There is no general minimum requirement for “working professionals” in terms of gear. I know quite a few working professionals who use whatever floats their boat. Most of the magnificent vertoramas sold by Klaus Herrmann were made with the d90 and the d7000.

        • lord eels

          image quality has never made a pro camera, numbskull. even in the film days. think about what I am talking about and shut your mouth.

          • Dave Ingram

            I’m getting really confused now … is it the photographer that makes a camera a pro camera or a pro camera that makes a photographer a pro?

            • lord eels

              no, you subhuman mongrel. build makes a camera “pro”.

          • mikeswitz

            You wouldn’t know IQ (either kind) if it bit you on the ass.

        • umeshrw

          Don’t feed the troll.

          • Ed

            umeshrw, well said. 🙂

      • Aldo

        A camera doesn’t make you a good photographer… you are the living example.

      • Dave Ingram

        L ordeels – I tried to reply to the “subhuman mongrel” comment – woof, woof – but it looks like it was removed.

        Anyhow, I get that part about build quality – that’s obvious. What about the photographer part? You
        seem to imply that Ed (and Csaba) can’t be a professional because of his
        gear – unless you’re using quotation marks to suggest something else.

        Also – I think you should start using capitals. : )

      • Aldo

        lord eels, if an alien civilization came and met you first… they would destroy the planet immediately.

  • Alex

    – Hi Nikon centre! Id like to have my D600 fixed for good!
    – Sure, we are gonna clean the sensor for you!
    – What about replacing the shutter mecanism?
    – Let us check … Naaa … you re allright! A good clean will do!
    (just bitching about 🙂

  • torwag

    Maybe it wasn’t NR (or other sites) who gave enough pressure to Nikon, however, it was NR (and other sites) who reported about the oil-dust problems extensively. That alone made some people and law firms confident enough to fill a lawsuit (Did you read the NR was mentioned in the letter of the lawsuit as an evidence of a massive oil-dust problem on Nikon D600).
    As a single owner without internet you might simply belief you just got a faulty model. The community and the internet is what helps people to understand that this is not a “rare case” as Nikon stated initially but a fault by design.
    Hopefully, Nikon (and other companies) start to learn that they can’t easily talk down consumer complains anymore.

  • nikclick

    The problem now Nikon will have to face is even the owners who suspect an issues & really don’t have it too might approach them. If Nikon had done it on time, they could easily filter out which batch of D600 had this issue & saved themselves from a D610 & bad feeling from us.

    Any ways past is past Nikon, lets learn from this & be positive. At least from now on please take us (customers) seriously. All de best !

  • Nuck Chorris

    So, what about the D7100? Same issues, different camera.
    Do you think they’ll fix that as well?

    • Sarah

      I was wondering the same thing – had my D7100 since July 2013 and had dust/oil spots from straight out of the box. Had sensor cleaned a few times which had reduced the issue but not removed it by any means. If Nikon can acknowledge fault in D600 then why not D7100? Anyone know if Nikon UK has confirmed they will rectify this issue?

      • broxibear

        I’d contact Nikon UK, explain that you’ve just read the D600 statement and tell them your D7100 is having the same issues…be nice in your letter and you never know ?
        It’s worth trying.

  • Young

    Well, they had done this for months. This is just a message that tells everyone what they had done in the past months.

  • Luis
  • dan

    fail ass fuck nikon

  • Danzig

    This is really great news. I’ve just bought mine for $1100 at a forum with 5k clicks. However, the question no one seems to be asking is what happens if replacing the shutter doesn’t solve the problem? I had my previous D600 shutter replaced twice last year and the issue persisted and I decided to sell it.

    • Mansgame

      As someone who had a shutter replacement, I can tell you that it didn’t solve the problem. which is why this is kind of funny to me now.

    • Last Mohican

      Which leaves the question: great news for whom? For the poor souls who’ll have to part from their camera again for a few weeks without any guarantee that the problem will nor recur? For those who spent $2000 and may soon have trouble recuperating half? For those who have had the shutter replaced and are again cleaning their sensor every few days? For Nikon who keeps writing about a few little dust spots that can affect any DSLR and has never explained the cause of the problem and why the D600 is so special? My guess: for the class action lawyers arguing that it is a basic design flaw, so basic that not just customers but also Nikon servicemen all over the world are lost, struggling to understand what’s wrong.

    • neversink

      Then you will join the class action lawsuit, I reckon.

  • Hightower

    Finally also in Germany 😉
    “… Der Nikon-Kundendienst wird eine Wartung der Kamera vornehmen, die
    Inspektion, Reinigung und Austausch von Verschluss und zugehörigen
    Teilen umfasst. …”

  • Padaung
  • Giannos Menelaou

    for Europe? my country does not have Nikon Service

    • Graf Almassy

      Nikon Hungary is replace the entire shutter mechanism according the latest service advisory. This is a worldwide action.

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