Nikon D4s listed at Adorama as a 24MP camera

Adorama lists the Nikon D4s camera with a 24MP sensor, 11 fps and 51 points AF system.

Update: the listing is now removed. I believe this was a mistake - I expect the D4s to have the same 16MP sensor from the D4.

The camera was listed to include:

  • Nikon D4S HDSLR Camera
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL18
  • Battery Charger MH-26
  • USB Cable UC-E15
  • USB Cable Clip
  • Camera Strap AN-DC7
  • Body Cap BF-1B
  • Accessory Shoe Cover BS-2
  • Eyepiece DK-17
  • Battery Chamber Cover BL-6
  • UF-2 Connector Cover
  • UF-1 Connector Cover
  • Nikon View NX2 CD-ROM
  • Nikon 1 Year Warranty
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  • I still believe the D4s will be a 16MP camera as I previously reported. I think Adorama made a mistake in their listing.

    • Jon

      you’d better or you will have to close our favorite blog ahaha

      • Morris

        first i want the 300 f4 VR, then let’s see, Peter what about ? πŸ˜€

        • peterw

          count your blessings:
          we do/will soon have updates for the af-d 80-400 and the 35 F2. The present 300 isn’t bad at all. πŸ˜‰

      • I know πŸ™‚

      • feeling it

        24mp makes me hard…

        • Stenward

          Get hard then, cause it will be 24mp. Heard from someone in the know πŸ™‚

    • G0nzo

      weren’t there any official specs about the D4s already?? or
      and or, the exif data of the pic, also shows 16mpx. or the photographer (of the olypmic games) reduced the mpx…which makes no sense at all….
      this looks like the unicorn cam D400 book on amazon.

      • There are no official specs yet. I think Adorama was reading the wrong website πŸ™‚

        • Marcel Speta

          maybe they took it from KenRockwell web site. He claimed D4s as 24Mpx … i was quite surprised, but more or less believe its 16Mpx. 24MPx would be wonderful and then i have to consider selling the kidney to ge it πŸ˜‰

          • terry

            I offer 2 kidneys ( 1 from my wife, I give the other) πŸ˜‰

            • Colblimp

              I’ll see your kidneys and raise you a lung, spleen and 1/2 a liver…

        • G0nzo

          ok, I think so too ^^

        • itznfb

          So was the D4s at CES only behind glass? I thought people were able to play around with it…

          • the camera was behind glass

            • MB

              Isn’t it always ..

            • mikeswitz

              sometimes there is a body cap…

      • Zeckson

        When I looked at the pictures from that photographer in the Winter Games, somehow the pic quality quite disappointing… Focus not entirely accurate, image quality degraded tremendously due to high ISOs and stuffs… I am seriously hoping those EXIFs are fake and that fella modified it somehow. I will be utterly disappointed if its that… 😐

        • koenshaku

          I wasn’t really impressed either.

        • Zeckson

          I did some shots with a Nikon Df and the 70-200 f/4VR not too long ago. I was walking around the city at night and shooting in whatever light I could find. Using the same sensor as the D4 technically, the Df churn our pictures at high ISOs but I was very impressed with the details it was able to retain and the ability to grab perfect and accurate focus in low light! Comparing to the images done on the Winter Olympics, I was really disappointed.

        • Naval Gunfire

          You’d be a fool to judge the camera based on those images. Sports photography is not for the pixel peepers and the images are heavily compressed jpgs to boot.

          • Zeckson

            Yeah, perhaps I was wrong to look at sports images that way. But I am not a fool. From the looks of those images, it did not need to pixel peep to see the quality of those images. I am not a sports shooter anyway so I really cannot say much but I am coming from the point where I look at the photos and not really impress by the quality I am seeing. Since it is on the web as “sample images”, I wonder why wouldn’t they wanna present the better quality pic instead of compressing them? Anyway I don’t think the pics are compressed at all… Perhaps to you those images are great…

            • Naval Gunfire

              I used to shoot sports full time when I was younger and sports photography really is not for the pixel peepers. At best your image might make a half page in a newspaper or these days end up on a small web gallery. The minor imperfections in the image aren’t as visible printed on crappy paper or as a small image on a news website.

              The photo editor won’t be looking for the best image technically, they are looking for the best image to tell the story. A slightly soft image of the right moment is far better than a tack sharp image of the wrong one. That isn’t to say you can get away with shoddy images (nobody will employ you if you can’t take a picture to save your life) but sports photography is probably always going to yield results that the pixel peepers can criticse.

              Looking at the images in another post, they are par for the course really. I’ve been looking at a lot of Sochi images and you can find soft looking photos from the 1DX, D4, D3S etc etc. They are all great cameras but not all the images they take will be perfect. The person behind the lens might not have got everything quite right so the images don’t look as good as they could have coupled with a healthy amount of compression but they are perfectly usable images. Probably not going to win any prizes but you’d put food on the table which is the main thing.

              Maybe you are right. Maybe the D4s is going to totally suck, in all likelihood it won’t but I wouldn’t judge the camera based on the images I’ve seen so far, not nearly enough for us to work with.

            • Zeckson

              You know what, my friend? I agree with you on most of your points you mentioned. Thank you for taking time to write these out. I am sure many enthusiasts reading these posts will learn from your valuable experiences and knowledge.
              I am not against sports photography nor am I saying directly the D4s images suck. I own D4, D800, D800E, D610, D3s, Df, and a couple of DX bodies as well as some array of NIKKOR lenses and Sigma lenses. I do a variety of shoots but mainly people photography. I’ve also got some opportunities to shoot some sports and some race events. I know all that you mentioned and I fully agree with you. Photography is all about capturing the right moment that best tell the story of that moment (art) with the best possible technical skills available at that moment(science). I do value a lot of images that were not technically correct but taken at that right moment. They have wowed many of my friends and clients.
              I am very sure that are many images from the SOCHI Winter Olympics and many were done well. Just that those that were “exposed” to me were just the 6 or 7 images posted on the web that I saw taken with the D4s. Being a person hopeful about D4s and Nikon Corporation, I was ready to be wowed but… Well… Ha ha ha ha. Yeah, perhaps the photographer may lack some technical skills over there but not his ability in capturing good moments. I am only looking at the technical images here, nothing personal. When a new camera is ready to hit the market, wouldn’t one be showing what the new camera can do and what differences it makes that win over its predecessors so that it can generate enough demand for the company to produce the new camera and beat its competition? We are not looking at how well the picture is taken or what moment was captured, just technicals. At least I am right now. Again, nothing against you nor the photographer, just being focused on the technical abilities of the D4s (I am hoping to purchase one when it is available). πŸ™‚
              I will be very concerned what can the D4s do and at what level. After that, it is up to me how I make use of these abilities to my style of shooting that blends science into art.
              Lastly, if you were not to use the word “fool” in your comments in the first place, I guess we do not need to spend so much time explaining ourselves. Let’s stop here and let’s make friends. 1 more friend is better than 1 more enemy, am I right? πŸ˜€

            • Some Zeckson Knows

              Yes bro, I am eagerly waiting for the D4S to be revealed. And those pictures were really bad, don’t need a pro or seasoned shooter to judge or tell.

            • Naval Gunfire

              I humbly apologise for using the word fool, it was a turn of phrase I used without really thinking.

            • Zeckson

              No worries. Apology accepted. πŸ™‚

            • El Aura

              They were randomly pulled from the photo feed of a newspaper, they were not ‘sample images’. I’m sure, if I randomly sampled high-ISO, fast-moving-subject from your work, I would also have to conclude that your images are not that great. How would you feel about somebody making such a conclusion about you?

            • Zeckson

              Yes, agree. High ISO images are often of a lower quality. But think again, I am not against the photographer and his skills, neither am I saying D4s totally suck. I am refering to the image quality as compared with existing cameras in the market now. I sad I was disappointed and unimpressed, I did not say the images suck. By my note, I mean to say the images from the D4s I’ve seen on the Internet makes me think they are not much better than images made from what cameras I already have which in point at this time I will not want to spend another US$6,000 to get something that does not have much improvements that justifies this spending. Those on the D700 or D3 can really consider upgrading to it. Please stop mislead my intention on comparing the technicals to criticising the photographer. My comments have nothing to do with him.

          • j k

            Photography alone shouldn’t be for pixel peepers to the extent that they have evolved to.

        • Spy Black

          Maybe he’s a lousy photographer with an uncle in the business…

          • Zeckson

            I cannot comment much on that. He may have his own style and we are not in that moment he was in when he captured the images so we should be fair to him.

        • Mike

          Wtf you have to judge the conditions of the image was taken under – not the EXIF ….

          • Zeckson

            Oh but the EXIF do give us a lot of information about how the image was taken. For example, the images were mostly shot at 1/2000, f/4, ISO6400 ~ 10000, 400mm, etc. So what this say?
            It means the photographer needs the fast shutter speed so that he is able to capture and freeze motion when the skaters spins or jump in the air and motion and moments are captured timely. It also means that because of the fast shutter speed, the largest aperture setting has to be used, in this case f/4. He may be using either a 400mm f/4 lens, 400mm f/2.8 lens (which makes no sense using f/4) or a 200mm f/2 on a 2x teleconverter. As such, the photographer must be at the ringside and probably on monopod due to the weight of the lens and body combination. No flash was used because the arena was brightly lit as always in any major sporting events. He could be restricted on his movement for he needs to squeeze through many other photographers along the ringside when he gets himself on the stairway for a clear shot top down. And because of the fast shutter speed, high ISOs are common. Likely he dials in his intended ISOs since most of his shots are on ISO6400 except one or two (one even at ISO10,000). The cropping may not have been done by him.
            So the above WAS HIS SITUATION and CONDITION where the shots were taken. So what conditions were you referring to?
            And again, I am making my comments based on the 7 images I saw on the Internet. There could be many other better ones but those are exactly what I saw and I said I was disappointed and unimpressed. So what is your point here? Are you just writing for the sake of writing?

            • I’m pretty sure pro photographers shooting from privileged spots are precluded from using flash (even if they wanted to) because it would interfere with the event.

    • Dpablo unfiltered

      That would make it the D5.

      • I agree

        • Rock Kenwell

          36 MP D4x next year to follow D4s?

          • silmasan

            I know some are making a point about the difference in ergonomics between the D800 and a D4-type body. But frankly, just repackaging a sensor similar to the one in D800 isn’t going to cut it. Think of it like the D3/D700 situation, but released in reverse order.

            • Aldo

              That’s depending on how much more they can increase performance with the new processor. A 54mp sensor would definitely make a D5 a specialized camera, unless they give you raw mp size options.

            • I’d like to see Nikon go for a crazy resolution sensor and pixel-binned RAW images. 90MP or more. This would also bode well for improved video quality.

          • Lol Catwell

            I guess a 24 MP D4s will be the prenatal death of a 36 MP D4x.

        • neversink

          I agree, but don’t be surprised if the D5 is a totally different animal. Anyway, I have been a very happy D4 and D800 owner.

    • Aldo

      Most likely a fluke… but it would make more sense to buy over the d4 if it was true.

    • duck

      I believe that if a D4s did actually come with 24MP with two C2 cards there would be a lot of happy people out there, including me! I would probably get rid of my D3 and my D3s in a flash! But think it’s likely we won’t see these specifications until they release a D5 – whenever that might be. Maybe I should start to seriously look at a Canon πŸ™‚

    • Theodoros Fotometria

      It is obvious to me that Nikon aims to use more of their own 16mp sensor than of sensors from other makers. Up to now they where trying to protect D4 sales from being cannibalised, I think what they are trying to do, is to differentiate D4 as much as possible (similar to D3s with respect to D700) so they can proceed into a cheaper action camera (16mp d800s perhaps?) and have D4 protected enough.

    • Stenward

      It’s 24mp. My local dealer is taking orders already based on info from Nikon

      • Let’s talk when it is announced. Where do you think your local dealer is getting his information?

    • Stenward

      Had it confirmed by someone in the know, it is 24mp πŸ™‚

    • Stenward

      Why do you keep deleting my messages when I confirm it is a 24mp camera?

      • Because I delete every reference to KR. I have many reasons for doing this.

  • Bill Pahnelas

    i agree. it will be 16mpx.

  • NICE

    I can’t afford it, but if this is true I just have to say WOW

  • meartur

    24Mpix? That’s not good news I’m afraid…

    • burgerman


      • Morris

        24 is bad luck number in St Helena

        • FredBear

          And Lower Volta

  • burgerman

    Mistake? Or better camera?
    Because I use a D800E and all my old D700 files look very small and silly now! No real detail. Cant believe how fast you learn to expect all that size/detail.
    24mp is about right for full frame, 36 only benefits if you have the best lenses, best conditions, and need a large output size. Or large crop, or wish to level a horizon, distortion correction etc. It allows this without the usual quality loss.
    If it has 24mp and the speed to use it there’s no downside.

    • Rudi

      Whenever I look over my D700 files I’m really impressed what a great cam it is (I have D4 and D800E, too!). 12MP is more then enough ( D3s is also a good example). I don’t need 24MP with the D4s as it slows down the workflow. I guess I would rather buy a 2nd D4 then. At least I can’t imagine that the D4 will make 11fps with 24MP. Anyway, I would like to have more AF-points instead of more MP.

      • burgerman

        >>>I don’t need 24MP with the D4s as it slows down the workflow
        In what way? 36mp is practically instant on my 3 year old i7 PC and 12gb ram, SSD boot drive.
        Get with this decade.

        • outkasted

          Oh please 12MP is still running things in many a camera bag. Many are still printing 20 x 30 with ease from a D3

          • burgerman

            Of course. I have as well. But the difference is not small compared side by side…
            I no longer “have” to do so…

          • waterengineer

            If you are a wildlifer and like to use the crop mode occasionally, the the 24Mpix would be a god send. The 16Mpix crop mode files are a bit lacking.

            • dgr


          • Aldo

            I wonder how people will look back in 20 years to preferred resolution in 2014.

            • mikeswitz

              That goes for shooting video in 4,8 or12k. At this point DR is far more important than resolution.

            • For me, the D600 looks like the camera that resembles 35mm film most closely: 24MP with 14 stops of dynamic range.

              Right now, my sensor is better than any of my lenses.

              Unless there is an upcoming revolution in lens design, I don’t see resolution being a defining feature for much longer. All things being equal, we’ve hit the point of diminishing returns. Dynamic range, AF, metering, connectivity, etc. are the future.

              What I’d really like to see are square sensors rather than the current rectangles. Why should I have to go to the trouble of rotating my camera body 90 degrees? Just let me crop later!

            • Aldo

              Some good points there Kyle. Aside from the focusing system, I think I enjoy more shooting with the d610 than I did with the d800. I also think 24mp is the sweet spot for many photographers. Crop mode is at 10mp… that is super sweet. I also agree about the lenses. Not so much stopped down, but if a lens is soft at its fastest aperture, our sensor will definitely make it show.

              As for the wide sensor, I think they make it that way to resemble how humans perceive the world (this is why movies and most recently tv programming is shown in a wide aspect ratio). I think medium format cameras are square still. However it would be sweet not having to rotate the camera. If not a square sensor, how about an “cross” sensor. Imagine fliping a button and this would automatically change the orientation in your viewfinder. The only downside is that you would waste “sensor” whenever you aren’t shooting the other orientation. An interesting idea though.

            • Michael Sloan

              Aldo, Nikon just needs to figure out how to rotate the sensor for us. πŸ˜‰ button, lever, etc…

            • Wondering

              I wonder how people will look back in TWO years to preferred resolution in 2014.

            • Marc W.

              I printed an 8×10 from 7.2MP 300DPI scan from a Mamiya RZ67 and it look amazing. The file ended up being ~225dpi at 8×10 size, it still looks awesome.

        • I work with my D800 a lot under the lights, that when I go back to my D4, I shoot a lot tighter than I used to before my D800 use, . . . so i get it right in the camera more often

        • Eric Duminil

          And please get over yourself.
          “The quality drops visibly”
          Did you ever try it? I’m pretty sure that in a double-blind test, almost nobody would see the difference between 12MP and 36MP printed on 14×9.

          • burgerman

            No. Both are 300dpi or more. Unless cropped. But that’s about as big a gas bill…
            Try it at 40 inches wide. I have.

        • Patrick O’Connor

          He didn’t say it was due to his computer’s ability to deal with the files. In my case, I already have to downsample most of my 24mp files. Having to downsample every single photo adds an unnecessary and time consuming (depending on the number of files) step.
          And, I don’t want to call anyone a liar but I have a new, top-of-the-line computer and, sometimes, processing hundreds of files IS slow.

          • neversink

            I am using an early 2011 Mac Book Pro with a second display. I have no problems processing hundreds of photos at a time. Perhaps you need to upgrade your computer or add more RAM.

            • Patrick O’Connor

              Maybe but no matter what the difference in speed, relative to processing 24mp files vs 36mp (and there WILL be some kind of difference), why would I willingly bear it if I gain nothing for my trouble? There are a few features of the D800 that I wish my D600 had but nothing to do with IQ or image size. And why should I upgrade my computer to handle files that are larger than I need?? If I could afford one, I’d have the D4(s) and be done with it. The D800 is a wonderful SPECIALTY camera that far fewer people would own if Nikon had released the D600 first. Well…assuming the D600 hadn’t suffered from the whole spotting thing.
              Again, I’m not calling you a liar but there’s no way there isn’t a difference on even the fastest computer between processing 36mp files vs 24mp files. It’s physically impossible.

            • neversink

              Thanks for your response:
              1. I didn’t say there wasn’t a difference in processing speed between a 16mp file and a 36 mp file. I said that I have no problems processing hundreds of photos on the three-year-old computer I already own. The new Mac Pro would be great, but I am not buying one in Nairobi.
              2. The D800 is not a “SPECIALTY camera” as you state, but an all around camera. i use it for portraits, wildlife, sports and street photography and other genres of photography. It is a versatile camera, as is the D4. Just because the D4 can shoot 2.5 time as many fps as the D800, the fps argument does not disqualify the D800 at any sports events. i have shot hockey, baseball, basketball, field hockey, volleyball, soccer with the D800. I have had no complaints from photo editors that I was using the “wrong” camera.
              3. The D4 is not a specialty camera either. Both cameras are incredible and they complement one another.
              4. i personally don’t like the D600 for several reasons, but ultimately, I don’t believe it can stand up to some of the environmental conditions I find myself shooting in here in East Africa with the D4 and D800. So I doubt I would have purchased a D600 even if it had come out before a D800.
              Anyway, enjoy your day, and your photography

            • Patrick O’Connor

              1. There’s no need to respond to this.
              2. The D800 IS a specialty camera but, naturally, it can be used for anything. Much in the same way that most people describe the 14-24 f/2.8 Nikkor as a specialty lens but a lot of people use it for general photography.
              3. I didn’t say the D4 is a specialty camera.
              4. I can certainly see why you wouldn’t want the D600 for those reasons but the conditions of your environment aren’t “general” and therefore, a general purpose camera wouldn’t be your best bet.
              Believe it or not, I’m not trying to be argumentative. You enjoy your day, and photography, as well.

            • neversink

              No offense taken at all. I enjoy a polite conversation, even if it appears to be pugnacious. This is the internet after all…. And although I enjoy this site, it is also entertaining. You have to take a lot of what is said on the internet with a grain of salt. You have to have a bit of a hard shell and let thinks fall off your shoulder. And I have great practice at learning to ignore the annoying posts, thanks to my two teenage daughters. Enjoy your day.

            • Patrick O’Connor

              Gee, having left my child-rearing days long ago, you’d think I’d be better at ignoring people!? πŸ˜‰

              I don’t mean to be pugnacious. I see myself as being decisive rather than stubborn; persuasive rather than argumentative.

              “So convenient a thing it is to be a reasonable creature, since it enables one to find or make a reason for everything one has a mind to do.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

            • mikeswitz

              Why anyone would think the D800 is a SPECIALTY is beyond me. While not perfect (what camera is) I think it is the best all around (most functional) Nikon has ever produced. You can shoot Raw compressed, lossless compresed and uncompressed, DX crop mode and of jpeg in various settings and sizes. As neversink has already said, there is not much you can’t successfully shoot with the D800 provided you have a modicum of skill. Oh, if you didn’t happen to have the right lens on at the decisive moment there is always the amazing crop advantages of that 36mp file.

            • Patrick O’Connor

              No camera is perfect. I already said it’s a great camera. What makes it a specialty camera is precisely its large file size and the compromises that entails.

              What you get is the ability to print at much larger sizes than the vast majority of photographers will ever need. What you give up is frame rate and the number of photos that will fit in the buffer.

              Of course you can use it for other purposes but it’s less suited for them than a lot of other cameras. Let me repeat that: you can use it to take photos for purposes other than it was designed. And there are a lot of ways you can circumvent its shortcomings for those tasks. That does NOT make it a general purpose camera.

              As for the crop advantage, while that can save a photo that would have otherwise been lost, it becomes easy to rely on that ability and even plan on it, encouraging poor habits. Eventually, that modicum of skill you mention can be lost and you won’t even realize it until you shoot with a different camera.

              Have a nice day, take lots of photos – of anything you like – and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks about your gear.

            • mikeswitz


            • Patrick O’Connor

              Have you ever noticed that sometimes posts will get dropped? My reference to the D800 being a specialty camera was in response to a post by “neversink” stating that it isn’t. But I don’t see that post now!? Weird…

            • check your sorting

            • Patrick O’Connor

              Ah, yes. That was it. Thanks.

            • very welcome

            • umeshrw

              “Oh, if you didn’t happen to have the right lens on at the decisive moment there is always the amazing crop advantages of that 36mp file.”
              That alone has saved me during shoots many a times in the past. Shooting portraits only with an 85 mm is a pain at times.

            • Eric Duminil

              Add sRAW to the D800 and it really will be the best all around Nikon camera.

            • umeshrw

              There wouldn’t be much difference between 600 and 800 files. The discussion was about 700 and 800 files. 12 vs 36 mp. There is quite a visible difference there when enlarged or cropped. As for processing speed difference, there is approx 25 % difference. I have very good pc. But that is on capture nx and I process 100s of files and still I am ok with it.The cropping ability is worth it. That is just me. Can’t say about others.

        • Peter

          Myths – I do have ten 70x100cm prints hanging at the wall in my studio (portraits and fashion shots outdoors).

          Up to now no one could tell my with a significant hit rate which picture was shot with which camera (D3 and D800).

          • lan ban

            lol 1-so why people buy Hasselblad and Phase One when they can buy “super 3ds d4” and print big 2-saw a video d800e destroy Hasselblad 40mp

            never saw d3 d4 compared to digital medium format camera systems

        • Nobody Cares

          I have an i7 12GB of ram, LR renders d800 files slowly. Then again, LR has always been slower than I’d like. I’d really like all those features with rendering like Photo Mechanic, but maybe I’m asking too much..

          • Steven Solidarios

            Create a new Catalog for every shoot. Also place your lightroom catalog on a SSD and backup to separate external hard drive for piece of mind. Oh and try to keep all your RAW/JPEG’s on once drive, not multiple. This will speed things up for you.

            • Jorge

              That’s crazy talk πŸ™‚ A new catalog… I have 145,000 images on ONE catalog. My laptop is a MBP, Circa 2010 with 8G ram, 500G internal, and a external Drobo with 8TB of space, + a 24″ external Apple Display. I have no problems with my D800, D700, or Fuji files ingesting, processing speeds.. Someone suggested that I setup different catalogs for each wedding. No way.

            • Steven Solidarios

              To each their own. I don’t really need a list of your computer components as the 2 most important details are processor and hard drive. Most processors from the last 10 years can handle basic photo editing. Its how fragmented the mechanical drive can get that effects performance. SSD’s do not suffer from this as the access times are lightyears faster because there are no moving parts. Its already been proven that recent versions of Lightroom are slower than earlier versions. Resource hungry. Some people use different methods of speeding things up.

        • Reggie

          Well, you’re wrong that the quality drops significantly, unless you don’t know how to shoot. I have 13/19 prints from my D3s, with a decent amount of cropping. Unless you’ve got bad eyes and are pressing your nose up against the glass of the frame, you won’t see the difference between that and your 36MP print. Seriously, 14×9 the most you can get? You don’t know how to handle your gear.

        • Rudi

          When I’m on the road and have to deliver while a show/sports event is still on I don’t have 3Tb storage devices with me and even on the MBP with SSD editing D800E files takes time. Time is money!

          Did I anywhere wrote my computer is too slow? I was talking about workflow. That’s a bit more then just computer speed!

          And, btw. I try to make right in camera and will not stress the odd thing of MP for cropping. I’d rather choose the proper lens.

          I bet you don’t even use a D4 and working slow with the D800 is OK for you?

          • neversink

            Rudi – You sound a lot like our old friend “robert.”

          • burgerman

            Yes I don’t own a D4. My friend does and we tried lots of comparisons.
            And yes, I don’t need a machine gun. D800 is slower, but plenty fast enough for me. But a 24mp D4s would be fast too! What have you got to lose?

        • Nicolas Cho Meier

          HOBGOBLIN!!!!! <3

        • Paul

          I get Rudy’s point about trading off AF for more MP. probably a smart choice for sports. but why is everyone in such a hurry to insist that 12MP is good enough? if technology progresses and you can have both, would anyone object?

        • Colblimp

          You think a 12mp file looks silly? That picture you linked to is one of the worst I’ve ever seen in terms of quality!

          12mp is more than enough for anyone, unless your image is appearing on billboards. I’ve printed 30″x20″ from a D700 and the quality has been excellent. The only people that think they ‘need’ 36mp are amateurs, but in reality they ‘want’ 36mp because they think it will make them better photographers…

        • Andrei C

          is this JPG SOOC or is it processed?

    • neversink

      I use D4 and D800 and love the results from both cameras, and I use them both for various assignments. But my backup is a D700 and I love the image quality from what you call small and silly. I have made 24X30 inch prints from the D700 with incredible detail. Do you consider that small and silly.

      • burgerman

        I would expect BETTER detail with more pixels…
        30 inch prints are down to under 150DPI with a d700 like a fax… Before you straighten a horizon or take out some distorted wall… Yes its OK but not great. I have done that too.

    • Michiel953

      Yes, notwithstanding what a lot of “experts” say, the difference in file quality between the D700 and the D800 is really noticeable and well worth the money. Now, what was the topic again?

      • neversink

        The topic was Adorama’s faux pas. In their short-lived D4s description which they took off their internet catalog, they stated the D4s has a 24mp sensor. Now the debate between 12mp, 16mp 24mp and 36mp sensors are on topic – sort of.

    • meartur

      Depends what you are after. I prefer quality over quantity (resolution), and the quality drops much faster on D800 when you increase ISO than on D4. If lower resolution means better dynamic range and better colour reproduction at high ISO, then I definitely prefer lower resolution in this case, that is, 16Mpix over 24Mpix. If D4s has improved ISO performance by one stop, then I’m all after it.

  • 16MP, 24MP, doesnt matter to me, but I need one ASAP to hang on the other side of my body, opposite of my D4, . . . and a D8000 around my neck

    • ShaoLynx

      Going for the Apocalypse Now look, are we?

      • Lol – it is a good look, maybe I should make it a leica!

        • Michiel953

          What’s a leica?

    • neversink

      Reminds me of my photojournalism days. Two F2’s (sometimes a third in my bag) hanging from my shoulders with a Leica around my neck. And a back up Leica in the bag. Plus all sorts of extra gadgets including a Minolta light meter, a couple of vivitar 285 flashes, etc. I miss film but I am glad those days are over. I love assistants!!!! They get to carry everything for me.

      • actually thinking of a small, maybe some kind of Fuji from the neck. I really need the 24-70, and 70-200 strapped to me, would be nice to throw something in there light and WIDE!

  • Alon

    24MP changes the whole equation…..for the better.

    • Morris

      i read bad, i read good, next one has to write, nothing changes πŸ™‚

      • Alex

        nothing changes πŸ™‚

  • JJ168

    If this is true, we may see a 16mp 6-8fps in d800 body as a 5d3 killer. It may be the 4th dslr for this year…?

    • i dont even understand why this would be necessary

      • JJ168

        Because everyone and their dog have been crying for one? πŸ™‚

        • LOL – it kills me everytime, . . . . “Why cant Nikon make a FX in a D3200 body that shoots 4K video, and 6.5/fps at ISO 156,000, . . . ” “and when are we going to get a 200mm f/4?”
          If you cant find a body in their arsenal that works for you, then maybe you should chose a different art form, . . . LOL!

          • JJ168

            Oh now i am being judged for merely speculating? I have d800 and have no complaint. But i do understand what others prefered on a camera. Btw, i am no artist. I take pictures of my kids, family outing n events, landscape etc. You sound like only a race driver can buy a ferrari.

            • LarryC

              As a former formula car driver and Ferrari owner who has never wrapped a street car around a light post, I would vote for that.

            • None of us need a different option at all, they offer more than we can handle, ……. Don’t downplay what you shoot

          • saywhatuwill

            You forgot “and it costs $800 otherwise it’s too expensive and I’ll go to Canon because of it.”

            • easy dude, you much be rich or something, i was thinking about $399

      • bgbs

        because we are all still stock on our D700, with no where to go.

  • tchar

    24Mp keeping the high ISO performance is what we all looking for!

    • burgerman
      ISO 3200
      Dark pub, hand held, 2.8 wide open…
      View in your browser at 50 percent. So its the same output size as a small mp sensor.
      Why would you think that more pixels means more noise? It means more noise only if viewed at silly sizes. If OUTPUT size is the same, then noise is absolutely identical to the D4 and yes I have tested this. You cant tell which camera its from.

      • phosgene

        1) 3200 is actually that high of an ISO anymore and 2) “noise” is too simple a metric; larger pixel cameras can usually handle more DR at each ISO value. I love that we can take pictures like your pub picture nowadays, but with each new iteration of camera, people are wanting ‘more’. Do I need to have usable files at ISO 12,500? nah. But I’ll take this option over having excess MP.

        • Aldo

          3200 is still pretty high… testing high ISO is different than cranking up ISO in real world situations because you really needed. The amount of apparent noise will differ greatly.

      • Mac Rockwell

        Which camera?

        • Aldo


      • Aldo

        Nice shot. What lens is this?

      • umeshrw

        You don’t need to put up the picture. D800 proved that with its first sample images.

    • Michiel953

      I regularly shoot my D800 at 3200 ISO; usually no problem at all. I don’t like to go over 3200 though.

  • Neopulse

    Maybe they meant to put D400 instead of D4s πŸ˜€

    • i think they already discontinued the D4

      • clifflwms

        They have; I’ve had one on order for 2 months, and my rep called to tell me that Nikon said that the D4 is no longer available. He’s canceling my order and will update it to D4s as soon as Nikon has a part number.

        • well that is a good sign, . . . but i really need a 2nd sports shooter body by the end of march

          • clifflwms

            Good luck! I hope they have a decent supply ready to go.

      • wrong on discontinued, just not in stock

      • Neopulse

        Yeah, they officially discontinued it just recently to make way for the D4s. The D400 however is a DX camera that I mentioned since many people are waiting for it.

  • Pippo

    Expeed4 throughput is 24Mb x 8fps. Somwhere here I read this.

    • Pippo

      Hmm, I thinkin, or I’ts be for D800 with 8fps. If, that, 11fps is possible.

    • Sports

      Expeed 4 is much faster than this.
      It easily handles 24 MP at 11 fps.

  • juanillo_76

    Probably it is a mistake…. but if it’s true??? soooo sweet!!!

  • Eric Duminil

    Wasn’t Nikon supposed to announce and deliver this camera *before* the Olympics?

    • Yes, there were supposed to announce it by now. The D4 has been out of stock for months. Basically they have nothing to sell to anyone that needs a top of the line Nikon camera.

      • any reason to believe that Nikon will have enough of these bad boys (D4S) by the end of March for sale, . . . available that is

        • clifflwms


          • you make me SAD! On D4 I got lucky, woke up at 3am, thought I would check Best buy, was able to purchase one with in a week of sales going live, . . . checked back a couple of hours later, no available

            • broxibear

              Hi Christopher,
              If you’re desperate to be one of the first then contact your dealer, they’ll have a pre-order list even if they’re not advertising the fact.
              In the UK dealers Parks and Dales have pre-orders on their website for the D4s.

            • Hmmm, will have to contact someone – thanks

      • Lubos

        Henry’s are still selling D4

        • I was talking about the US.

        • Mike

          It’s because no one buys pro from Henry’s. Vistek and Aden are out of stock.

          • Zinchuk

            Dons Photo has been great for me in Saskatchewan. We don’t have Vistek here. Yes, you can order online, and I do for some things, i.e. Epson 9900 printer and its supplies. But it’s good to know the people you talk to when you call them up and say I need an SB-910 shipped on the bus, tonight, pronto.

    • Guest

      They did. But to Nikon Professional Services members and made them sign NDAs.

  • burnitwithacid

    Does it strike anyone else as pretty crazy that these high end bodies only come with a 1 year warranty? Wouldn’t it make more sense to treat these like cars- 3 years or 50,000 shutter pulls?

    • clifflwms

      Yes, it’s crazy, but honestly if they extend the warranty by 24 months, you’ll get to listen to Nikon tell you that it was “impact damage” for that much longer! Maybe the short warranty is a blessing πŸ™‚

    • rt-photography

      I agree. these bodies should be much longer than the rest. I buy a mack diamond warranty for anything new. its like an all risk warranty that covers even unintentional impact damage for 3 years. whats a few hundred bucks to the $6000 it costs already. its not IF the shutter will go but WHEN. and replacing a shutter in a D4/s will be more than the warranty.

      • neversink

        The shutter will fail the day after the Mack warranty expires!!!!

        • rt-photography

          has never happened that the shutter didnt die within the warranty time.

    • Naval Gunfire

      50k actuations wouldn’t see some shooters (especially pros who the camera is aimed at) through a year so you’d be reducing their warranty period by doing that. We get two years here in the UK, I’d only get half that if it was case.

      • Mike

        Canada has a 2 year warranty for camera bodies too.

  • Bill Ferris

    Finally, something to rival the D600/D610 ;o)

    • df_df

      Forgot something? (hint:Df)

  • Mansgame

    If only the D800 had this sensor.

    • js200022

      And then, finally, we would have our D700S as expected for years.

  • No-one special

    The big question — to me — is whether it’s an Expeed 3 or 4. If it is the latter, then we may see Nikon transitioning to a higher MP camera for the D4X. The Expeed 3 is a great processor but it’s so overstuffed with code now after having to support many different cameras and having been transitioned from its initial ARM architecture, I think that it was starting to become a bottleneck.

  • Mac Rockwell

    Does this have built in WIFI and ViewFinder Like X-T1? We are fed up with your catch-up style with Fuji. Too old Nikon

  • CDobby

    When do you think the official announce will be?

    • should be any day now

    • Morris

      tomorrow is CP+ in JP

  • lan ban

    lets start the Mpix phobia hhhhhh

    • broxibear

      But I always thought more MP meant my pictures were going to be far better ?…my clients demand prints so big they don’t have to use wallpaper in their houses. Isn’t that what photography is about ?, the biggest prints with the best detail, so you can stand and admire the quality of the work done by the sensor designers ?

      • MPLover

        In principle, more mp is always better. Try 0.5mp(tired of 1 pixel argument). But too much MP cost you money(larger hard disk, faster computer). So we usually go for the “good enough” solution(12mp,16mp).

  • 5DollarFootlong

    Makes no sense for the D4s to be a 16mp camera. D4 really didn’t suffer from any issues that deserved a revision and I sure as hell can’t see them getting better ISO out of that sensor.

    A 24mp machine gun would be awesome!

  • Anto de Chav

    For me a D4S with 24mp would be the perfect 35mm format camera.. I doubt the D4s will be 24mp but I have high hopes for the D5..

    • Morris

      im saving for the epic D10s

      • Anto de Chav

        I’ve already had a D3,D3s,D3x and D4..but best of luck with your saving…

        • Morris

          thank you!

  • Rob H

    Adorama has now removed the page

  • Paulo Feitosa

    Adorama just removed the link to the D4s. And the standard D4 reappeared “in stock”:

  • Scott M.

    Hope it’s true

  • Johndoe

    24MP @11fps….if that’s true EXPEED 4 is sick. I hope this isnt real too..otherwise I have to buy it. 1 stop higher ISO performance at 16MP is already an imagine with 24MP…wowwwww….that will turn the D4s into the dream night machine

    • Zeckson

      Yeah, if that is true, it will be awesome! I am loving the 24MP images — The details are so much finer as compared to 16MP images. And visually it seems to be “cleaner” in noise (actually the noise pixels are finer so we don’t see as much visible as on 16MP images when we view them as a whole image. πŸ˜€

      • Johndoe

        seriously…if that’s a 24mp 11 fps with super clean high ISO….that might be the ONLY camera I need…24mp is plenty enough, certainly no need for a D800, assuming the new sensor has competent dynamic range as the D800 and D600

  • DanThePhotoMan

    Sure hope it is a 24mp camera. That allows for more cropping if needed!

    • MRomine

      It already allows for more cropping than a D3s πŸ™‚

  • bgbs

    Doesnt make sense to me. S version has always been a small refresh, and never more resolution. X version was always more resolution.

  • pic2late

    ok this could be upsized but one of these is height is 3490 – more than a D4

  • Maji

    clicked on it… page does not exist… as of 12 noon CST 2/12/2014

  • lorenzo

    Don’t get too excited. I think that Adorama made an intentional mistake.
    B&H and other stores list it, as Peter said, as a 16 M pixels.

  • Spy Black

    Probably a typo, but would really justify the camera if so, it certainly isn’t justified as we understand it to be.

  • Bruce

    You got my hopes up there for a moment. If it was 24MP, I’d seriously consider upgrading from my D4. But, if still a 16MP, won’t be upgrading.

  • Guest

    looks like they fixed their description. shows 16MP

    • bummer


  • jk

    I also heard it would be 16mp but not the same chip in the D4 and the Df , an improved version of it.

    • jb

      The same sensor, but improved algorithm and processor.

  • Raoul

    The title should become “was listed” πŸ™‚

  • robertkrasser

    Actually I do not care about the resolution I was happy with the D90 I was happy with the D700 also I am of course happy with the D800 and also with the D600 I do have in the office. What would make life much more easy to me would be a GPS all the Nikon cameras (YES IT IS POSSIBLE SEE CANON AN NIKON D5300) and have WIFI. I lost already 2 GP-1 broke one and hat to repair the socket twice:
    I simpy do not unterstand Nikon at all.

    so my wishes to the D4 is not resolution it is:

    – WIFI inside goof would be 3G as well so you dont need a laptop
    – GPS inside
    – much better weather sealing
    – a display cover like D800
    – a weel in the back like canon
    – maybe 2 stops better iso 500.000 (is a dream)
    – and two customises U1 and U2 like d600 – yes I am a pro – I know thats sounds funny but I would like it, somtimes I would like to make a B&W piture and see how it looks in B&W and I dont want to go to the menues.
    – and since I tested the df I would like to change aperture on the lens again

    • neversink

      Robert – What’s wrong with the weather sealing in the current D4. I have been shooting in dust storms and tropical downpours with my D4 (and D800) and had no problems, if you take the right precautions, and you use the right weather sealed lenses with it.
      Changing lenses is what is challenging in these conditions. (And going inside, after being out in a rain storm is another issue.) But then again, you can get dust on your sensor by changing lenses on a sunny day with no wind.
      If I need to change lenses in challenging conditions, I use an old film-changing bag that is clean inside. But unfortunately I ripped the one I have.

  • Benjamin

    So, when does this camera come out? I thought they were announcing it Feb. 10th, 2014. I don’t understand why Nikon has to say the camera is in development. Obviously it has been in development – I’m sure they were developing it after they released the D4. They had teaser videos for the Df weeks before they officially released it, and still nothing on the website. The camera has been seen at the Olympics numerous times. So, Nikon – what’s the deal; what’s the hold up?

    • broxibear

      Hi Benjamin,
      “Nikon – what’s the deal; what’s the hold up?”
      There is no hold up, Nikon have a launch date and that launch date hasn’t arrived yet…there’s nothing complicated about it.
      The Df teaser ads bear no relevance to the D4s and it’s release. They haven’t showed it off at Sochi, the few photographers who have one are obviously not under super strict ndas, otherwise you wouldn’t see any instagram pics or exif data at all.
      CP+ starts in a few hours, I expect some spec information to come out even if the D4s is still kept under glass.

  • broxibear

    3 hours until CP+ opens it’s doors…anyone there ?

  • a4

    Well, who cares?

    • broxibear

      Hi a4,
      All photographers are interested in new equipment to certain extent, some way more than others.
      What I’ve never understood is why so many get so worked up about it. Some of the comments here, and across the net, make it sound as if someone’s killed their child.
      There’s a lot of gullible people out there who are easily seduced by advertising and marketing. The camera manufacturers want to sell you products and will tell you how much better the new D* is compared to the old D*. What they won’t do is show you two 20 x 16 prints on a gallery wall, one shot on a 8mp compact and one on 24mp dslr, and explain that there’s very little difference between them. But that won’t make them money, it won’t make the websites that promote them money…so gullible people read all the reviews, compare all the 100% side by side crops and convince themselves that all will be better in the world when they can take pictures of their cat with the latest and greatest camera.
      Who cares ?…I don’t know.

  • whisky

    smells like pre-emptive marketing.

    if it were a typo … why not just correct the typo instead of taking the page down or redirecting elsewhere?

    • broxibear

      Hi whisky,
      Maybe…or maybe someone at Adorama doesn’t like nikonrumors, have you read what it says on their blog ?…
      “Teaser from Nikon takes a little wind out of rumor sites’ sails. In an apparent attempt to circumvent
      rumor web sites and a gift to sites like the Adorama Learning Center
      Blog, which does not report rumors but is jealous of rumor sites’
      traffic, Nikon created a bit of pre-announcement buzz at the PMA@CES
      trade show by declaring that the Nikon D4S, a replacement for its
      2-year-old flagship camera, the Nikon D4, is “in the works.””
      And of course it gets Adorama a lot of free advertising across many forums and blogs ?

      • sasdasdsdsa

        your brabblings make no sense.

        • broxibear

          Thanks…I’d be worried if I did start to make sense.
          Take care.

  • Fredus

    Any D900 rumor?

    • Aldo

      54mp sensor… 1fps 1.5 in dx mode… 20 stop DR

      • Morris

        0.5fps would be more competitive

    • lan ban

      ya will be a stupid 6.000$ smart phone

  • Bcb

    If Nikon doesn’t want to loose market share and/or be competitive with the 1dx they will have to upgrade the sensor to 24MP otherwise it would be pointless in spending the time money and energy launching a new camera. It’s that simple.

    • sasdasdsdsa

      you are a moron…..

    • RRS

      No way, if so, nobody will buy (as pro photographers) the 800 or 600)

  • broxibear
  • TheInconvenientRuth

    Heading out to CP+ today, will mail Peter if I see anything worht sharing

    • Thanks, I will be happy to share few pictures of the Nikon booth.

      • TheInconvenientRuth

        First bit of HOT news: The 16mp sensor has ‘organic layers’ in it and needs oxygen to work efficently, that’s why there are plants in the display case…

        (no, I’m not even there yet, hopelessly stuck in traffic…)

        • xt

          will it grow up to medium format ?

        • Morris

          so u have to breathe on the sensor every 100 shots ?

        • TheInconvenientRuth

          Sorry, never made it to the show, work got in the way πŸ™ Try again tomorrow…

    • broxibear

      If you could “accidentally” fall into the glass cabinet, and as you break the glass pull the card slot door…and have a quick look, that would be helpful, lol.

      • jp

        Upskirt of DSLR? =)

        • broxibear

          I was thinking more gynecological…Is it still XQD/CF and is the CF Cfast ?

    • Morris

      do u see any FAT SHORTSIZED Black pipe with writte ‘300 f4’ somewhere ???? look under the display tables!

  • sasdasdsdsa

    itΒ΄s 16MP i spoke with a nikon rep i know.

    if you want the camera for a good price visit my camera store “kamera kΓΆnig” in berlin. πŸ™‚

    • Morris

      sorry but kamera kΓΆnig is too far

  • Realist

    D4S is to D4 as the D610 is to D600 – a bug fix without the need of a product recall.

    • AM

      Actually Nikon is starting to remind me of my parents’ neighbors. When I was a kid, during Christmas, the neighbors would take the old bicycle of one of their oldest kids, repaint it, and give it to one of the youngest kids as if it were a new bicycle.

    • WhatToDo?

      “D4s has a better focusing system” == “We found a fix to the D4 focusing issues”.

  • broxibear

    No D4s specs yet, but hey booth babes from CP+ 2014…

  • CDobby

    Got this email today!

    • Marc W.

      Already discontinued? That was fast. HA

    • John

      Got one too. I guess Nikon is shutting down everyone until they are ready to talk. Strange lead out compared to Df.

    • Morris

      maybe Nikon encountered certain problems that let them change the route for a d5 later in the year (fall)
      however Nikon made an announcement, now they should make another if that is the case.

    • CDobby

      Who Knows. I know Canon must be getting a kick out of this. Boy Boy Boy!

    • D700guy

      I got the same email from B&H

    • Tony Mateus

      Sensor Dust! Everybody Runnnnnnn!!

  • broxibear

    I know it’s nikonrumors and not canonrumors, but I like their display of lenses at CP+, looks very cool…do you think if you knocked one over it would be like dominos ? lol

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