Additional Nikon D4s details

Some addition details on the upcoming Nikon D4s camera:

  • New focus mode: now can use 3D-Tracking in 9 or 21 points group
  • Native ISO: 100-25,600 (as previously reported)
  • Improved time-lapse movie recording: can change interval shutter in 1/6 stop (adjustable)
  • White balance can be fine tuned by 0.25-0.50 Kelvin
  • You can adjust the color tone of the camera LCD screen (probably because of this issue)
  • Same resolution as the D4 (16MP)
  • HD movie at 60 fps/1080p
  • Small change in the body design
  • Same price as the D4 ($5,996.95 in the US)
  • The official announcement will most likely be next week
  • Shipping will start in March or latest April
  • The first sample images taken with the D4s are already available online
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  • Big boy toys!

    • h

      “big boys” don’t talk like that…

  • Adam Mullins

    no 4K or 24MP 🙁

    • Fgonz


    • waterengineer

      Go read Thom Hogan. He explains why not very well.

      • mikeswitz

        Can’t tell. Did you mean “He explains why, not very well”–or–“He explains why not, very well”?

        • dredlew

          I read it, he means the first. However, Thom’s “explanations” are assumptions at best.

          Canon and/or Sony will gladly step up to be the first with 4K. Just because it hasn’t been done before, does not mean it can’t be done (right) the first time. Even if it isn’t done right from the beginning, you have to start somewhere and improve. Nikon does not seem to dare wanting to compete with Canon in this segment. 4K on the D4s would have been a good chance to get back into the game…

          • MyrddinWilt

            I think Thom is way off base.

            The camera makers have to move to 4K several years before the content providers can deliver in 4K. So it is much more important for Nikon and Canon to deliver 4K capable bodies than Sony etc have to get 4K tellys on store shelves.

            The big holdup isn’t the technology or specs. Nobody is going to be pulling 4K content off a camera straight to broadcast. It is going to go through an editing suite or a pretty fancy control room for live broadcast. Its all digital so conversion is fairly straightforward.

            The holdups are processing power and storage. The market seems to be settling on CFast for the storage format but the chips are not quite ready yet.

            The D4s specs suggest that the CPU is the same speed as the D4. Support for 4K would require a minimum of four times the processing power than 1080 HD to process in camera. At the full 120 Hz frame rate it is eight times. That is a lot of CPU and more importantly a lot of heat.

            The best way to support 4K on a Nikon F-mount body is probably in a D800 or D600 body with the processing power in a separate grip. But the CX lenses are much better for the task. Low light is not an issue in a TV studio.

            • Maji

              In a previous post admin mentioned that D$s will have “new image-processing engine”. We are guessing it is the Expeed 4. Perhaps it has the horsepower required for the 4K.

            • dredlew

              Well, surprise! Panasonic already has a leg up:

            • Not a surprise if you are reading PhotoRumors 🙂


            • dredlew

              Yap, probably not to you but I don’t read it. I catch the eventual announcement on various other blogs although, I usually only care about Nikon for which this site is great. Unless it’s a new Sony and maybe Canon, it’s unlikely that any other camera manufacturer’s announcement will have an effect on what Nikon’s going to bring to market. Sadly. As per above, if Nikon did not already include 4K in the D4s, then they’ll be once again behind the curve as a D900 is still is still ways off, let alone a D5…

            • Thom Hogan

              Please read the specs on the GH4 very carefully. Yes, it has 4K video (24/30 fps). But what it actually has that’s more important is 1080P done mostly right (2 to 96 fps, up to 200Mbps bit rate, etc.). Not only that, but they allow 10 bit 4:2:2 via the adapter. Now go back and re-read my article and see what I wrote was needed.

            • dredlew

              As I mentioned in another reply, most of the time it doesn’t matter whether it’s done right or not from the beginning. According to your logic, everyone should have waited up until this day to release HDSLR because now it meets the specs that you, personally, want. Technology doesn’t work that way, I’m sorry.

              Has the lack of quality in DSLRV stopped anyone from not shooting and creating amazing things with it? No. It’s the opposite; millions of people have been able to create works in respectable quality because of DSLRV that came at a respectively affordable price. It’s called trade-off.

              So please, go read carefully my reply to mikeswitz below, since apparently you, too, don’t see the bigger picture (no pun intended).

            • Thom Hogan

              The problem with Nikon is that they don’t do it right from the beginning, and then they don’t really do it right in the followup, and then they don’t really actually get to the point where we have what we want/need. Just look at how Canon progressed with video in DSLRs versus Nikon, and note that to really do it right means you have lens needs, too.

              I’m not necessarily arguing that a company shouldn’t do 4K video, but that doing that without finishing doing the other things that came before it is just chasing technology check boxes. The GH4 is a good example of doing it “right” in that regard. We get 4K introduced, but there’s been an awful lot of attention to the 1080P side, and I’ll bet that gets used a lot more by GH4 users.

            • Maji

              Panasonic has a full frame dSLR or mirrorless camera that does 4K?

            • Thom Hogan

              I didn’t write that Nikon won’t do 4K. I wrote that they should spend time elsewhere.

              A few years back I wrote that the TV makers shouldn’t do 3D TVs. They did, and they probably shouldn’t have.

              Sometimes companies chase technology simply because they can, and they hold out hope that the technology will bring a fresh round of buying. As I’ve written time and time again, if the technology doesn’t solve a user problem, this is a false pursuit. What user problem does enabling a basic 4K video capability solve? Please identify the users that will take advantage of that, all ten thousand of them ;~).

              Nikon needs to sell 17m cameras this year. There are not 17m users that want 4K, let alone need it.

              I’m as leading edge a tech user as you can find. Even though I have things that can shoot in 4K, I don’t shoot 4K video. I shoot 1080P, and I have problems in 1080P that aren’t being solved. That was the point of my article: solve the user problem, don’t chase technology jargon.

            • ola

              As a home video shooter, I need 4k video with high bit rate. You might go on about professionals need this and that. But home video shooters represent the bigger market.
              What I need it for? Pan & crop of course, to get that flow in the videos without using complicated rigs or trolleys.

            • Thom Hogan

              You’d be unusual in that. If I were to survey a group of camera owners and ask how many pan and crop the video, the numbers would be abysmally low, I think. I’d be surprised if the number that have an editor that can do 4K reasonably well is very high.

          • mikeswitz

            But Toms’ tend to be pretty good assumptions. Just because your company is the first with the latest technology doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best. I’m not at all convinced that DSLRs need 4k and all that goes with it.

            • dredlew

              You might want to check out the link I posted above and reassess how good that assumption was. And granted, you don’t have to be the first to be the best, if you look at Apple as an example. Most of their products had predecessors on the market. Yet Apple made theirs successful. But Nikon is no Apple, let’s not kid ourselves. – As a matter of fact, Nikon had the first DSLR with video on the market, but it lost scores of people to Canon with their 5DMKII & III that did video better. Not perfect but better.

              Oh, and you’re not convinced that DSLR need 4K? Just as much as they didn’t need HD video and now TV shows, documentaries and scenes of feature films are being shot with it? Or back when SLRs went digital? Right, no one needed that…

            • mikeswitz

              I’m not convinced that DSLRs need 4k video because I’m a TV/Film director with over 30 years experience in the business. I was a cinematographer before moving into directing. Many of my friends are ASC cameramen and I can honestly say none of them would voluntarily use a DSLR to shoot a dramatic production. The few Tv shows that were shot with DSLRs were stunts promoted by Canikon. DSLRs can be used to shoot documentaries, but really, do documentaries need 4k? It depends on subject matter, of course, but from what I’ve seen of 4k, I’m not sure. Weddings? Maybe. But with a D4x, when you could use a much less expensive camera dedicated to video?
              Hollywood has historically not been an early adaptor. Most features are still being shoot on film. Maybe this year, finally, well see a change.
              If Nikon and Canon really want to be in the movie business they will have to design and manufacture a dediicated professional very high end video camera. Hybrids just ain’t gonna cut it.

            • dredlew

              Since you are in the business, you should be familiar with the concept of having high-res source material that will be down-res’d for final output. The DSLR video source is generally not the best for post, so being able to down-res to HD helps to improve the output. This is one aspect of why 4k is needed.

              I’m not aware of any stunts you are talking about, do you have any references that prove that? Aside from that, there is increasingly more and more video shot on DSLR. Do you really think a whole accessory market had sprung up around DSLR video and Canon had introduced a line of DSLRs (EOS-C) that were specifically focused on video if it was “not needed”?

              I think you are missing the point of video on DSLR. Nikon nor Canon tries to compete with Sony, RED, ARRI and all the other high end guys in the business. DSLRV is not supposed to replace any of that, that’s just silly. But it does serve mainly the lower end professional and amateur market with respectable and usable results, for a much more affordable price. That market is far bigger than the Hollywood type market is. It would just be plain bad business for Nikon, Canon, etc not to serve that market. And you saw what happened when Nikon was not able (not willing?) to bring a competitor to market; a lot of people switched to Canon, just for the video.

              That was HD. Now it’s time for the next upgrade, and that large market will move to 4k within the next two years. And probably within the next five years it will be 8k. – If you look at historical developments, it doesn’t matter whether you are convinced that something is needed, technology will advance regardless. You may personally not need something but chances are, a lot of other people do…

            • mikeswitz

              They (the stunts) were done by friends of mine.
              Have you seen 4k? Sharp and detailed but doesn’t look like film. I personally think its ugly. Just because there is new technology doesn’t mean its better. How you liking the 3D on your home theatre?
              Let’s talk again in a year.

            • Thom Hogan

              The difference with HD is that there was a worldwide broadcast standard and distribution methods BEFORE we got the camera abilities.

              Sony (and a few others) are trying to push 4K before its time because, well, their revival of their TV group requires it. It’s a forced technology, not a natural one. Will some shoot in it? Sure, but the costs of doing so are enormous; you’ll be buying a new Mac Pro, lots of Thunderbolt storage, and much more, and then where are you outputting?

              The problem for Nikon is this: putting 4K into a DSLR at this point doesn’t win them much, if anything. The market for true 4K users is going to be relatively small, and they’re going to want things done right in the camera, and Nikon isn’t really helping them with that. Others are, so they’ll go there. At the price of the GH4, Nikon would have to put really, really good video (1080P and 4K) into the D7200. Better video than they’ve ever done before. Putting it into a higher end model won’t get them any more customers.

    • ak8518

      Thank God no 24mp. We already have D610 and D800/e for high resolution work. Here its about ultimate shooting speed and clean high ISO. Hope the high ISO improvement is as big as with D3 -> D3s

      • can 24MP really be considered “high resolution” when it’s become the standard resolution for DSLRs; including the entry level crop sensor models?

        • Go ask Canon! :-)))

          • Steven Solidarios

            Canon answers with dead silence.

      • Shaun Tucker

        Yep. And then a d800 size body with the same specs! Can’t wait!

  • Guest


    • george

      You are making no sense whatsoever…


        • needs

          PERFECT SENSE = new D4 for $2000

        • Dominic


    • Mike

      Thank you for your insight Yoda. Now, go back to bed, you’re drunk.

      • sebazshi

        I sense a google translate in the force…

        • jim

          You mean in the Force 🙂

      • EJP

        Drunk Yoda – I’m still ROFLMAO – thanks for making my day! 🙂

      • guest stalt

        No, no bed yet. First I want to know what they meant. It is not always first language, the English, yes?

    • mikeswitz


      • Thom Hogan

        NIKON YOU’RE HISTORY DOES NOT THE FUTURE TOOK makes more sense (not to me, but to un-Yoda-fy the scramble as much as we can).

        • mikeswitz

          wait…..where’d the TRAIN go?

          • george

            IT TOOK…

            • Michiel953

              TOOK IT FUSCO. Am I getting close?

          • Dpablo unfiltered

            It was going off the rails.

        • Must be something like “Nikon you’re history, (nikon) did not took (=missed) the train of (=to) the future”.
          Judging by the kind of mistakes he makes he must be italian like me

          • mikeswitz

            He may be Italian, but clearly not like you. ;+)

  • broxibear

    “You can adjust the color tone of the camera LCD screen”…but we’re still not admiting the D4 or D800 had any colour cast issues on their LCD screens ? lol.

    • george

      They don’t, the D800 has one of the best screens ever. It’s the closest match I ever had to my high end Nec display. It looks different to other cameras only because the rest are not even remotely capable of displaying accurate colour…

      • broxibear

        Hi george,
        “They don’t, the D800 has one of the best screens ever.”
        Why do you think Nikon have added the abilty to change the colour tone if there was never an issue with it ? If it’s as accurate as you say, and I’m not saying you’re lying, why would Nikon add this feature ?
        Is it possible the colour cast only affected a certain number of cameras when they were first made, the issue was noticed and fixed in later production batches ?

        • because it hurts sales not to have a fix

        • Rudi

          So everybody can setup his/her own color cast so they don’t have to complain about right colors.

          • broxibear

            Hi Rudi,
            Yeah I think you’re right…and to match the other Nikon bodies you might own, so images have the same colour leaning.

        • george

          Hi broxibear,
          there is of course the possibility some cameras were affected at early stages (I got mine from the very beginning and it wasn’t), but that would be just poor QC, not something to be remedied by software upgrades or the new tone control feature.

          If the rumor is true, I believe this “color tone adjustment” would help with the reproduction of colors under varying lighting conditions, like you can adjust a monitor during profile generation depending on the viewing conditions, ie D50, D65, fluorescent etc (our perception of the monitor colors depends on the ambient light).
          And if there’s somehow the possibility to quickly restore preset settings, that would be awesome (for instance, we could create a tone preset for when we are in a room lit with fluorescent lights, another for outdoors and so on).

          • broxibear

            Hey George,
            I don’t think it’s as complicated as you say.
            All screens have some sort of colour cast, some more than others and hence calibration even with high end screens. The D800/D4 colour cast showed up when people had them side by side with other Nikon bodies D3, D3s, D700….I think that is the reason for this adjustment feature. If you have a D4s and say a D3s you can match the screen colour, both of them might be inaccurate and that can be addressed in post with raws or custom wb when taking images…but at least they’ll look the same when you look at your lcd to.
            Peoples eyes adjust to colour casts, a person used to a slightly warm screen will always think that a neutral screen is too blue…but these things don’t show up until it’s side by side.
            Plenty has been written about the colour of the screens on the D4/D800, whether they were more accurate is very debatable…to me they just leant in a particular way which was different from other screens (even on other cameras from Canon or Sony) which showed up markedly when next to each other.

            • Perquisite

              My understanding of the colour cast issue in the display was that it was due to early cameras being sent before the screens were fully cured and that the yellowish tinge went away with time. More recent samples haven’t displayed the issue.

              This is separate, I think from the claim by KR and others that the colour space itself is biased too green.

        • Dpablo unfiltered

          They did it so that you whiny bitches now only have yourselves to blame. Everything should be that way.

    • From a PR standpoint, companies generally do not admit to mistakes very easily. Neither do governments 🙂

      Fresh & Modern Family Photography
      New York | San Diego

  • Fgonz


    • cry cry

    • Truth

      Phase One has your megapixel fix.

    • Dpablo unfiltered

      But WAIT!!! I thought 24 was too much file size. Must’ve heard it at least 24,000 times…

  • Marcel Speta

    very minor least the price is same as before…. to much secrets for nothing.

    • cobby64

      Minor changes.. Is it not possible to fix it via firmware? Canon would have done that so that everyone who already owns the camera would smile.

      • andy

        People saying that Nikon should make changes to the firmware may not be aware of what’s involved. There are a mix of circuits in the camera. Some of the OS is baked in,, and then a small portion of the rest are field programmable.

        (There’s also a teeny, tiny amount of memory for your settings but that’s next to nothing. The pro cameras let you export your camera settings and the file is really small.)

        Just because a feature is programmed into the camera doesn’t mean it can be reprogrammed. Look up Field Gate Programmable versus Application Specific circuitry in Wiki for an overview.

        Baking code into the chips allows the manufacturer to make energy efficient decisions. Hey, battery life is a consideration after all. It also means errors can be restricted and operations can be faster because the system cannot go off the rails.

        However, it also means ‘that’s it, baby.’ No changes.

        Nikon’s firmware updates are therefore restricted to the portions of the circuitry that have reprogrammability. That’s a smaller set of the overall information in the camera.

        • broxibear

          Hi andy,
          I understand what you’re saying and it’s perfectly valid.
          Looking back at previous firmware updates from various camera manufacturers, it seems as if some build in extra leeway for future firmware updates more than others.
          Nikon’s firmware updates are small compared to Canon or Fuji. I think those companies build in that ability to be updated, where Nikon tend to update with a newer model rather than firmware update.

          And it brings benefits to the company to add firmware updates to older models to keep existing owners happy…look at how much good press Fuji got for releasing a hefty firmware update to the X100 even though it was replaced by the X100s…and Fuji owners feel the company care a little more about them than just the money.

          • Maji

            Thom published a blog entry few days ago about how Fuji releases the products before properly testing and finalizing the firmware and then does upgrades to them. Many people consider this as Fuji caring more about their customers, but to me it is releasing a program before they are ready for prime time and then debugging them. Opinions differ here.

            • broxibear

              Hi Maji,
              I know what you’re saying and maybe Thom has a point…but Fuji didn’t have to release that firmware update for the X100 after it had been replaced by the X100s. A firmware update to a model that’s no longer made is different from a firmware update to an existing model.
              Most manufacturers would have said hard luck, buy the new camera…but they went to the trouble of a firmware update for owners who may not be able to just buy another camera.

    • Bob L

      May be a little more than $6300 (current price for the D4) in Canada due to the falling dollar.

  • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

    Yes i was correct – no big changes that will be in D5 or D4x where 4k should be an item to be introduced.. its good its the same price as D4

    • D800 x 3

      why would anyone need 4K to be added to a camera like the D4 or 1Dx for that matter? Many of the benefits of DSLR video become less so when you start with the bigger bodies. What should be done would be to create a D800C with 4K on a 12MP sensor with all the bells and whistles that magic lantern has been adding to canons. Focus peaking, zebra, additional speeds even exceeding 60P. Also add a couple pro-quality video inputs. Nikon does not have a C100/300/500 or Sony “affordable 4K” camera to cannabilize. Make a D800s with 24MP and 7.5 frames per second, a D810 with 40 or so, and the D800c each around 3K and you will have people buying multiple bodies….

  • Jon Ingram

    I suspect the 3D tracking upgrade will be appreciated by the Olympic shooters.

    • neversink

      The 4D tracking is perfectly fine as it is on the D4. That certainly isn’t a reason to “upgrade” if you have the D4.

      • EJP

        No it’s not! The processor struggles to keep up with fast randomly moving subject with complex motion. Reducing the number of point in the 3D tracking will allow the processor to keep up better resulting in a higher keeper rate. Folks that shoot a lot birds in flight especially of birds with unpredictable flight patterns have never been able to use 3D or 51 point for that reason and have to switch to 9 or 21 point for the processor to keep up. This is a good change for those.

      • MB

        4D? What 4th D would be? Sound?

        • Mark Finney

          The 4th dimension is time. The D5 will be so advanced it will be able to predict the movement of athletes, dogs and politicians long before they even step into shot.

          • The D5 will see into the future and allow you to photograph the past.

            • Aldo

              … so badazz that when you miss a shot… it will port you to a parallel universe in which you will have a second chance to capture the moment…. or better yet… a time stop feature.

            • guest

              I don’t think so. It was the F5 that was “imported from the future”. Digital decay perception denies the D5 any “future”. Any digital camera, actually. Whether true or not.

          • I’m pretty sure continuous AF is already predictive on both Canon and Nikon DSLRs. I guess the marketing folks didn’t think of calling it 4D.

            Nikon certainly thinks it is:


  • neversink

    Definitely no need to upgrade from D4 to D4s — and that really isn’t an upgrade…. i actually expected a little bit more, but I am happy with my D4. Perhaps the D5 will offer more. Perhaps not.

    • bratvlad

      Native ISO range goes from 100-12,800 to 100-25,600. One stop advantage. Its like D3 vs D3s, which one you like better? 🙂

      • Just a Philospher

        Doesn’t really matter anymore – only few shooters ever go over 12,800 which is already very good for the D4.

        IMHO there is no sense into introducing D4s except for milking out professional photographers that really want to have the latest toy.

        Nikon could have easily done with the D4 as it is right now for another two years and for now introduced a D4x with 36MP no AA filter 4K and all with a one stop advantage over the D800E.

        Now that would have brought something new.

        • MyrddinWilt

          They might well come out with a D4x but that would require a completely new sensor.

          The D800 seems to me to have been intended as a crossover camera from DX to FX. At the intended time of launch it would have been the highest DX resolution then on sale on a full FX sensor. So it would be the best camera for your DX lenses as well as being FX. The flood etc threw the plans awry and the 24MP DX bodies were out before the D800 launched.

          What I expect for the D4x is a studio camera with 50-60 MP resolution. Basically the D5300 sensor cell on an FX sized chip. 50MP is considered equivalent to medium format film. Hassy and PhaseOne have only just gone to CMOS sensors. And despite huge sensor sites, the performance is far from impressive. The phase one is $35K for 50MP and a lens set costs as much again.

          It is a matter of when, not if Nikon and Canon overtake them.

          The holdup might well be the storage format. It looks now like Nikon might have bet on the wrong format for CF successor. CFast looks like it is going to win since it is designed to be used as a SSD format for laptops.

          The D4s would have to use the XQD format unless Nikon did a major redesign of the frame. The D4x might move to CFast.

          • Guest

            >What I expect for the D4x is a studio camera with 50-60 MP resolution.

            Except that all you may have done is add smaller, blurrier pixels to the DSLR without adding any effective resolution.


            Because only so much light fits through the lens. Beyond that line resolution, you need to move up to a larger format in order to increase the resolution.

          • umeshrw

            “Hassy and PhaseOne have only just gone to CMOS sensors. And despite huge sensor sites, the performance is far from impressive.”
            I read the phase one review on luminous landscape a couple of days ago. According to their tests the IQ at 6400 is impressive and compared to previous ccd sensors are vastly superior. Don’t know how the sensor would perform under actual low light situations though. Theirs was a controlled environment test.

    • MyrddinWilt

      The D?s lines are really not intended to get people to upgrade from the D? model. They are incremental updates to encourage people who missed the launch of the original body and might otherwise wait for the next flagship launch.

      So the main audience for the D4s is D3/D3s/D300s shooters upgrading and people who need a second or third body.

      The improvement in ISO is probably not even a full stop. By agreement, the way they rate low light performance is that they take a picture at full resolution and measure the noise. When the noise level is roughly equivalent to ISO1600 film, thats the maximum ISO stop that they claim in the advertising.

      So it is possible that the improvement is from 12,800 to 25,600 but it could easily be from 20,000 to 25,600. And moreover, the bodies improve over the production run with incremental improvements. The D4s sensor comes off the exact same line as the D4 and Df sensors. The difference will be that they sort out the sensors and pick the best ones for the D4s and the rest get sold in Df bodies. Which is why the Df does not need to deliver stellar sales. It just needs to keep track with the D4s.

  • Joseph Li

    Hmm..very small updates…but if it’s going to be priced $6000 just like the D4 it’s a good value indeed, slightly better high iso, slighter faster fps, slightly better WB and LCD color adjustment. If that’s the case they should drop the D4 pricing to 5k or something, which is about the current market average for a new or like new unit. Honestly I think the D4 iso is already superb…1 stop of high iso difference could benefit in very dark situations but perhaps we dont get to take advantage of that a lot

    • MyrddinWilt

      There are no D4 bodies in the channel.

      Nikon were careful to let the D4 bodies run out before they launched the D4s.

    • Sergio Ortiz

      where does it say anything about faster fps?

  • shaunly

    Native high iso is up from 12k to 25k, that’s a big improvement. When the D3s was released, it went from 6400 (D3) to 12k (D3s). Keeping it at 16mp and improving everything else is the right decision.

    • bratvlad

      yep, agreed

    • KnightPhoto

      Really important is how the ISO improvement translates at ISO 6400 and 12,800 range. Will be interesting to see the DXOMark rating for this.

  • lord eels

    I want 51 crosstypes or I am keeping my 3 d4 cameras

    • G0nzo

      can i ask you, why you have 3 D4 Cams?

      • niko

        for every room of the house of course

        • Aldo

          those cats jump rooms fast… gotta catch them all.

    • Aldo

      you had said 2 d4 and 1 d3s … yet you excluded them in your showcase picture 😛

      • lord eels

        I meant 2 d4s, I corrected it. bottom line I have amazing professional gear because I am an amazing professional. you have cheap garbage equipment and don’t need to worry about these threads because you are not of a class or skill to own real photo gear.

        • Aldo


          • Dpablo unfiltered

            Come on. Anyone with a name like “lord eels” is really only mocking himself. Douchebag 101 would have been a great class. A class of it’s own. I admire the humor.

        • nut factor

          Two D4. $12,000 short. Stupid is not cheap.

          • Dpablo unfiltered

            It’s free. This is the internet.

    • Guest

      I’d like to see a few more cross types sensor points but I don’t imagine we’ll ever see them at the edges of the sensor grid. The cross points appear to only work when the light strikes them head on. At the edge of the sensor grid, the light is at a fairly steep angle.

  • Like I stated before, The S update of Nikon cameras is always incremental, and aimed at professionals who either haven’t made the jump yet, or are always on that S cycle.
    Pros who bought the D4 will most likely wait for the D5, and pros with the D3S will upgrade to the D4S.
    For me, it is because I prefer to avoid first runs of a new line that I have chosen to stick to the S cycle of cameras.
    My D3S will be a wonderful backup to this new camera.

    • lord eels

      well don’t expect a new d3s-type experience out of the box. new nikons need multiple firmware updates

    • bratvlad

      nice………. way to go!

  • D700guy

    Interesting. If the price remains the same, the D4 will effectively be eliminated from the lineup.

    • Andy

      Yes, the S variant replaces the earlier edition and the D4 will not be stocked. If you’ve not upgraded from the D3 or D3S yet the

      Remember that Nikon never really has a sale, they will usually have a bundling offer with lenses to clear out the inventory.

  • outkasted

    Well this is what I was waiting for. With native ISO 25600 and a few other cool features like 60fps at 1080p I cant ask for too much more. As an event photographer for concerts etc. this is the camera I’ve been waiting on and my D700 will be backup. Yaaay.

  • Beso

    I was hoping for a bit more …

    • no-one

      It’s a mid-life refresh and in line with what the D3->D3s did.

      I think the speedier focus will be appreciated by the sports shooters. This may be a really useful change but let’s see what people in the field say.

      What I think is a good upgrade is the fine white balance settings. I think the .25 Kelvin adjustments will be really, really, really useful in dealing with those goddamned LED lights.

  • Wait ‘n see

    Rather underwhelming.
    But then we all thought that about the D3 to D3s updgrade……until we started using the new body.

    • lord eels

      very true

  • qwerty

    Any info on shutter speed?

    • bratvlad

      why? 10fps isn’t enough for you.

      • qwerty

        10 is good, but we always want more. Especially if its just 16mp. Why even go with XQD slots if not going for speed? Just trying to see if Nikon is going up against canon’s 1dx in this category.

    • EJP

      Frame rate – shutter speed is something different 😉

    • Jon McGuffin

      It’s unfathomable to me that somebody could be posting and inquiring in a forum for a camera that costs $6000 and doesn’t come with a lens and ask if there’s been a “shutter speed increase” which means they don’t know what the difference between FPS and shutter speed is, crazy!

      • Patrick O’Connor

        Everyone misspeaks/mistypes at times. I wouldn’t call him on it; it may come back to bite you on the butt!

    • Truth

      Most likely 1/8000.

      Is 1/16000 possible?

      • O

        The old Canon 1D had 1/16000 as max shutter 🙂

        • EJP

          I think it was 1/12000 and that was electronically controlled as that camera used a CCD.

      • Mikael

        Yes, but then you need really high end stuff:

      • peterortphoto

        from my understanding, since modern cameras have so many megapixels they have to use a mechanical shutter instead of an electronic shutter, and that’s why they’re not 1,16000 like the D1 was. I Could be wrong though, I’m not an engineer lol

  • EJP

    1/6 stop is still too course for time-lapse, you can still see the transition.

  • Brian

    Sounds like a Firmware Upgrade to me.

  • Beso

    I was hoping for a bit more …

    • AM

      What? A small change in the body design isn’t enough for you?

      • Beso

        Unfortunately for me that just does not quite get there.

  • Deserted

    Finally i’ll be able to perfect white balance at 4237.75K

    It was really screwing me up shooting at 4237K

  • Welfare Guy

    Does anybody know if this is going to be WIC approved?

    • Jorge

      With a block of cheese

  • AnotherView

    Whew! For a while I was worried I’d want to trade-up my D4. Not now.

  • waterengineer


  • No4knoSurprise

    1080 60p with the same crappy full frame video as before or is that fixed? And codec, same as before? And nitrate, same as before?

    • KnightPhoto

      Yep – important questions on the video side…

      • Vlad Dusil

        Agreed, the video in FX mode better not be as soft.

      • No4knoSurprise

        Panasonic are packing 4k 200Mbps and all 96fps 1080p in the GH4 and that is less than half the size of a D4s and the same 16Mp and to SD cards ontop.
        Nikon, and everyone else need to lift their game.
        Spec vs Spec what you get in a 6k camera vs a 2k camera is a bit of a joke.
        No one expects a miracle or even for them to leave 1080p land but for gods sake do SOMETHING to improve image quality.
        Though why anyone who values video would look past the GH4 is pretty much beyond me at this point, Panasonic are so far ahead Nikon might as well not even bother trying.

    • G0nzo

      yeah, I wonder if they fixed that…i wish they also have a fix for the D4.. since it’s a codec and not a hardware issue. hmm…

    • Don Hogfan

      They should include full sensor read out instead of line skipping. How can the D5200/D5300 do it, and their top camera can’t?

  • Jon McGuffin

    Does anybody know if Nikon is still including a XQD card as they were when the D4 was originally shipping?

  • Spy Black

    Nikon is really losing it. WTF, why did they even bother?

    • Thom Hogan

      That’s a bit like all of us saying you aren’t writing anything new here, so why do you bother? ;~)

      • Esmerelda

        Perhaps if enough of us keep on shouting Mr Nikon might hear?

        • Thom Hogan

          Mr. Nikon has some really big problems on his hands at the moment. Shouting would probably just distract him. I’ll have much more to say about this on my site on Friday.

          I should point out that shouting at Mr. Canon, Mr. Fujifilm, Mr. Olympus, Mr. Panasonic, Mr. Ricoh, and Mr. Sony would probably have the same results. Everyone’s already made their choices for the year, and it’s going to be a very, very tough year. Indeed, when they all got into a room together, they predicted that in a secret ballot.

          • Mr Fujifilm seems pleasingly responsive nowadays – seems like what customers ask for, they get. Pity Mr Nikon isn’t doing the same …

            • Thom Hogan

              Despite what you may think from Internet hype, Mr. Fujifilm has very few customers at the moment, so when they yell at him, he can actually still here them.

            • This is definitely an interesting fact (which I’ve also noticed when you mention it in – if you go by news coverage, you would think Fuji has a high market share, and actually, well, it doesn’t.

              That being said, they seem to be doing a lot of the right things to increase market share in their chosen segments. I really love the Fuji cameras I’ve tried (and plan to buy a XT1 when it’s out), so I hope they do well.

              And I would think that with your popular web site screaming about Nikon and DX bodies/lenses, even the mighty Nikon would hear you … but it seems like that is not the case :(.

              Maybe Mr Nikon is deaf? …


            • Thom Hogan

              Mr. Nikon is in the business of keeping Mr. Nikon in business. To their credit, they’ve not only managed to do that, but have done so by remaining one of only two profitable Japanese still camera makers.

              A lot of the shouting at Mr. Nikon and praise for Mr. Fujifilm,, is what a psychologist would call “displacement.” Because Mr. Nikon hasn’t satisfied and pampered Mr. and Ms. Customer the way they want, the Customer family is acting out against Mr. Nikon. Some of that includes proclaiming support for others, even if they are just doing that to annoy Mr. Nikon, not actually supporting the others.

              I’m pretty sure Mr. Nikon hears me most of the time. Mr. Nikon, however, has different opinions than I do, and acts on those. I believe that long-term I’ll be proven right, but again, Mr. Nikon’s first job is to stay in business. I represent only one voice–the advanced enthusiast/prosumer/pro market–and we aren’t the ones that are keeping Mr. Nikon in business.

      • Spy Black

        I’m not running a business here. 😉

      • Grumpy

        Having a bad day Thom?

        • AM

          I think it’s personal. Those two guys have been bashing each other for quite some time.

        • Actually for a moment I taught this was not the “real” Thom and I was ready to delete those comments.

          • Eric Calabros

            ;~) at the end of his sentences is unique
            oh wait.. it also could be fake

    • Quasimodo

      No, Nikon are not losing it.
      They totally lost it quite a while ago.

    • G0nzo

      hmm yeah, Nikon missed the jump on the video :/ still no real great (pro) Video Cam. filming is ja minor option for nikon…that’s unfortunate.

    • Guest

      I think the problem is not Nikon but your expectations. Nikon’s pro camera line ‘S’ upgrade is a tweak of the original, not a new unit.

      Sorry, but you must be new here.

  • atjgr

    If you have a d3s… and don’t care about video I still don’t see a reason to upgrade to d4 or d4s…
    You can get used d3s’s from 3k to 3600+ … if your in it for photography I think the 2500+ extra would be better served on buying quality glass IMO.

    • PSAGuy

      You make a valid point. One I really do need to consider. The only good thing about this to D4 owners is it will not dent the value of their camera much. Essentially little to no difference.

  • Yoshi

    Sounds like a lot of complaining about something that doesn’t cost anything extra…
    They’re not huge improvements but they’re still there. You’d 100% choose this over a D4 if you were choosing between them (unless it comes with issues).

  • PSAGuy

    So the D4 won’t be available anymore….so what is the ‘choice” here. Same price for essentially the same camera with an “s” on it’s name badge. The BEST deal will probably be a D4 in lightly used condition !

    • broxibear

      Hi PSAGuy,
      I don’t think the price of the D4s will be the same price as the D4 is right now…It’ll be the same price as it was when the D4 was first available.
      In the UK the D4 was around £5249 at launch, it’s now £4149…there’s still a fair amount of D4 bodies in stock in the UK, don’t know about other countries.
      A slightly improved camera with an “s” next to the “D4″…and a wait for the D5 rumours which should start a few minutes after the D4s release, lol.

    • the D4 has been out of stock for a while

  • Jader


  • Jon McGuffin

    From my perspective, it’s just a little unfortunate that the “perfect” camera costs $6,000 when the “nearly perfect” one costs half as much at $3,000. I know many will say they serve different purposes and I get that, but I just would love to have a D4s but don’t know if I could ever justify the price tag relative to other options. Just my two cents. If Nikon wanted to make some noise, this release with a $1,000 less price tag would have done it but I get that they’re not serving the value minded buyer with this great camera.

    • Naval Gunfire

      It isn’t a camera aimed at people with value in mind. It is a camera for working professionals rather than your casual shooter who wants to buy the “best” camera. If you have to think about whether you can justify dropping that much on a camera then it probably isn’t the camera for you.

      • Martin

        Wow, someone who actually understand who this camera is aimed at 🙂

    • Bob Cratchett

      6k is too much so people buy 3k. when 3k warehouse is finally empty 6k goes to 5k. It’s easy, when you get to see their books.

      • Dpablo unfiltered

        Do tell me when the 3K warehouse is empty. You’re wareing me out.

    • peterortphoto

      Nikon also has to think about profit margins. Sure, they might be able to sell the camera for $500-1,000 less but that would mean less money for R&D on the next camera.

  • SEO Specialist

    I’d never purchase a new Nikon with ‘only’ 16 mpix. Give the Medium format cameras a match instead.. Waiting for other news from Nikon

    • Martin

      So you want the D4s to be a D800 instead?

      • SEO Specialist

        No, the D800 is a brilliant but old camera now, considering the new medium format CMOS censors are ready. So I’m waiting for Nikon to announce a medium format camera. But we all know that is not gong to the be the D4s.. so I should not really comment here 🙂 Let’s wait a few months and see what Nikon might come up with.

    • peterortphoto

      I’d never purchase a new PhaseOne or Hassy because they can’t figure out how to make a camera to keep up with sports and action! *sarcasm*

  • DragonTesticle

    any D900 rumor?

    • broxibear

      Lol DragonTesticle…what rumours have you heard about the D900 ?

      • TheInconvenientRuth

        …I heard it is 2.25x better than the D400

  • Aldo

    biggest improvement I see is the 1080 60p video.

  • Jack oby

    Anybody care about the release of the Nikon 35mm 1.8 FX lens tomorrow, or have received notice of shipment?

    • I pre-ordered three weeks ago. No confirmation yet, but that’s Switzerland: you get it when you get it, so be happy.

    • AM

      I care. Just waiting for the rebates and hoping that this is included in the list.

  • Paul

    That’s it?

    • Aldo

      well…. I hear the box comes with a cherry on top

  • Neopulse

    Well done Nikon price wise. It’ll shut up the idiots who said it was gonna be +$500-$1000.

    • Aldo

      Hey you just called me an idiot… It’s cool I still love you. We also expected more though…

      • Neopulse

        Lol, there were quite a few anonymous posts tearing at the D4s price wise. Kinda like saying that Nikon is intentionally trying to screw it’s clients. I think when the D3 came out then the D3s there was a price hike. Just glad it didn’t happen this time around. Plus, it’s reasonable the price in my opinion for a camera like that. Although the specs aren’t that detailed maybe they will still add another surprise.

        Also wanted to point out something about the D4. A friend of mine switched out the eyecup of the D4 to the DK-19 model. And during a rainstorm apparently waterxgot in through the eyecup. Don’t think it’s meant to be used in rainy conditions. In the end he’s gonna take it to get the sensor cleaned and the insides. Also the Nikkor 24-70mm got some humidity in there :-/

        • Aldo

          Thing is that nikon pricing is unpredictable tbh… d800 @ 3k when people expected close to 4k. d600 at 2.1k when people were expecting 1.5k … 2700 on the df when it really should be around 2k… as far as the “S” club goes… they got pricey in the past that’s why I also predicted at least 1k more. I’m glad I’m wrong though. d4 is a pricey camera as it is.

          Sorry to hear about your friend. I’ve been so tempted to buy add ons for my cameras, but I’m so skeptical about the items being genuine… everything is faked now days. Couldabeen a fake eyepiece… or like you say it wasn’t designed for rainy weather. As far as the lens goes. I once replaced the zoom ring on the same lens and I discovered that there is a HOLE underneath. That’s a perfect place for humidity to get in. I hope the clean up isn’t to costly (should he decide to send it in)

          • Neopulse

            He’s gonna pay for the cleaning service for it down here since the warranty doesn’t cover worldwide it seems (bought in the U.S. but using it in Argentina). It was a genuine Nikon eyecup. Just think that he should have used the vierfinder protector or made sure it was screwed on tight before heading out into the storm since the cup does protrude a bit.

        • I have the eyecup, and have shot in all kinds of weather, including rain and snow. No problems.
          Might have been screwed on incorrectly.

          • Neopulse

            That’s what I’m thinking now what it could be. Thanks for the input.

        • clifflwms

          I’ve shot with the eye cup in rainy conditions with no problem, you just need to make sure that you attach the original ring under the new one; it seals just fine.

  • SkyMeow

    Woohoo price is the same as D4, I’m one of the few people got it right!!!

    Anywho, kind of disappointed with this spec. I was dreaming we would get more on D4S. Looks like D4 will continue to be with me for another 2 years. This might be another dream that will end up being shuttered…I still have given up my hopes on D4X.

  • Zohar

    I hate you Nikon!
    Why does the D4 have 2 different types of memo cards? common!!
    How hard is it for you to make a camera like the D700 with a D610 sensor + video??
    I truly wish I could switch to Canon 5D3 + 1DX
    unfortunately I am heavily invested in Nikon with eleven(!) Nikon lenses, d700 + d3 and speedlights. fuck this shit!!

    • Mike

      No problemo, just sell it!

      • maciman

        Sell them! If the lenses have golden rings, I’ll take em. And whats your Problem with the D800? I’ve never had a more versatile camera than my D800E.

        • Zohar

          Too much of a hassle to sell all my gear
          +24,35,50,85 all 1.4)

          the D800E is slow and cumbersome, raw file are huge no matter how good it is, this camera is totally over the top.

          I do weddings, architecture and pack-shots, I don’t print ads on building. 21-24 mp is the max that a photographer like me needs.
          so again, a camera with D610 sensor + good video, d700 like body + 2 similar memo cards that it

          does the 5d3 rings a bell?

          • maciman

            So why don`t you go and buy it? Maybe you can start small, with a 24-70 on it… Seems like you`ve been satisfied with Nikon for a long long time, so why change to Canon? You want more red colour in your files or what?
            Some People seem to be in a constant need for whining for something new, that they don`t really need. Why don`t you just go out and be happy with you gear?
            Or did you at least once try a D800/E? I don`t know…
            And if you really want 24 MP, just scale it down… Huge files can`t be a real issue to someone working with todays equipment…
            But these are only my two cents on this Topic…

            • Zohar

              Firstly, thanks for your input.
              Secondly, I like Nikon and am using Nikon for years, hence I’m happy with my gear, BUT
              Thirdly, I will be needing new cameras soon cause my cameras (D3&D700) are getting old and that’s that.
              I tried the D800 and didn’t like it. it is 36.3MP, slow and impossible to scale down raw file. I shoot only raw. for studio its nice, but not wedding which is my bread and butter. D4 with its QXD+CF and greenish screen, no thanks.
              Whining is not my thing, I don’t like canon that much but they offer better photography solutions for quite a while now. I just wish Nikon would have the same combo as the D1X+5D3, at the moment, they don’t.

              Maybe I’ll get a used D3s and wait for a D4s replacement. If Nikon will fuck it up again, then, I think it will be the time to say goodby


  • Mehdi Moeqrie

    Well, not a big jump compared to D4, We should get some of those features with a firmware update…

  • Sleeper


  • Michiel953

    I was wondering, being (slightly) more professional than any poster here, will the D4s finally allow me to make those great images that the D800 does not allow me to? I always find my current gear a real hindrance to making those perfect images, and was sort of hoping the D4s would put an end to my misery

    • Patrick O’Connor

      You are joking…right??

      • Michiel953

        Of course not. Maybe I should wait for the D5 to fully enable me.

        • AM

          Well, if you have a miserable life because you can’t get great images out of your D800, guess what? All the gear in the world won’t help you at all either.

        • Sports

          You’ll have to wait for the D5s.
          Too many issues with the D5…..

      • umeshrw

        Of course. How can you even ask ? Isn’t she/he ?

        • Patrick O’Connor

          I tend to be naïve at times, having been raised by wolves…

        • Patrick O’Connor

          I tend to be naïve at times, having been raised by wolves…

  • Martin

    It seem very few people stop to think for just 10 seconds about who this camera is for and what that means …

    The D4 and its ‘s’ update, the D4s are designed and built mainly to match the demands of professional photo journalists and sports photographers. They are also pretty useful for professional wildlife photographers and some other specialized groups.

    A lot of the photographers in the target audience replace their cameras after about two years, because by then the cameras are getting worn, and a large portion of the expected life span of the shutter/mirror assembly is used up. For a company (and most of the target audience are either employed or have their own companies) it makes sense to replace a camera before its start to need major service.

    So not surprisingly, both Canon and Nikon tend to replace their models aimed at this audience roughly every two years. And in Nikons case it has for a long time meant a completely new model roughly every four years, and a intermediate smaller update roughly two years into that cycle. Look at the D2X/D2Xs and D2H/D2Hs, the D3/D3s and now the D4/D4s.

    And yes, the D3s was a unusually big upgrade. But that is more the exception to the rule.

    And believe it or not, but professional photographers are by and large not looking for dramatic, exciting and fancy new features. They look for cameras who actually work, reliably and consistently, day in and day out, week after week, year in and year out. They do like performance upgrades – but only, and only if they do not in any way jeopardize the base requirements: That the camera work, reliably and consistently, day in, and day out.

    The D4s is a small intermediate upgrade which will introduce some minor performance upgrades and hopefully address any bugs or issues with the current model (which has not already been fixed with a firmware upgrade). Much like the D3s got a bigger buffer since the one in the D3 turned out to be inadequate. That is a very typical intermediate fix.

    Don’t expect to be exited about a D4s – it its not the purpose of that camera 🙂

    • Naval Gunfire

      Excellent post. Glad to see somebody understands!

    • broxibear

      Hi Martin,
      In general what you’ve posted is completely right (not sure I agree with the “D3s was a unusually big upgrade” but it’s not important, lol).
      It’s interesting to think about who buy a D4 or D4s ? Yes it’s aimed and designed for professional photographers, yes they buy it…but are they the majority of buyers ?, I don’t think so.
      Professional photographers are a small group, I bet the vast majority of D3, D3s , D4 owners are not professional photographers but enthusiasts who use profesional equipment. (don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that.)
      Yes the D4s is a slight upgrade as was the D3s, but Nikon also have to be aware of attracting those people who are not working photographers but make up most of the buyers.
      I think it’s that group who are expecting more…the D5 will bring the changes the D4s won’t.
      Personally I think all camera manufacturers are guilty of updating their models too quickly, but that’s just a personal thought.
      Anyways, take care.

      • Naval Gunfire

        I’m willing to bet most of the Dx product line goes to pros rather than well heeled amateurs with cash to burn. The number of pros buying these cameras is pretty small but the number of amateurs dropping that much money on a camera is also going to be pretty small. Of course, nobody really knows because nobody keeps track of this but honestly, the amateur market for flagship professional cameras is not that large.

        • broxibear

          Hi Naval Gunfire,
          Thom’s probably the one who might have those figures…I don’t.
          Somebody apart from professional photographers must be buying them.

          • Naval Gunfire

            It isn’t something anybody will have numbers on as there is no way of knowing whether a professional sports photographer buys a D4 or a guy wanting to use it as a point and shoot.

            We know how many cameras are being produced but not who they are going to. You and I can only guess and we will have to agree to guess differently!

        • iamlucky13

          IRS statistics reveal some things that might surprise you. They obviously tell us nothing directly about what people buy, but they do tell us that more amateurs than you might guess can at least afford a D4.

          This will be a very, very rough analysis only intended to estimate what people *could* justify buying, not what they actually do.

          A D3300 costs about 1% of the median household income in the US. The weighted average DSLR costs a bit more than that, and high income households have more disposable income, so since the IRS data has a bin that puts the price of a D4 at 1.2% of income, let’s assume that’s the level ($500,000 per year) where a hobbyist might justify the cost of a D4.

          The IRS says that covers 898,000 households. Surprised? That’s actually little under 1% of American households, and the bottom of that category isn’t necessarily big business executives like you might tend to think. A husband and wife who are both experienced, specialist doctors or large-firm lawyers can reasonably make that much.

          I’m having trouble finding solid numbers right now, but it sounds like Nikon sells about 2 million DSLR’s in the US each year, so about 1 in 75 households are buying a Nikon DSLR each year.

          That suggests 12,000 American amateurs might buy a D4 per year.

          Nikon Rumors reported when the D4 went into production that production capacity was 5,000 per month (60,000 per year, but it has probably dropped since the rush at introduction), and Nikon attributes ~1/4 of their overall sales to the US market.

          Thus, while I don’t know the real numbers, I argue it is at least economically plausible that 80% of the D4’s in the US are bought by amateurs.

          I’d bet the actual ratio is significantly lower – half would not surprise me in the least – but that’s still a non-trivial number of amateur buyers, and the point of my exercise was just to estimate what’s possible.

  • Love reading these comments, . . . . I need an additional sports body in about 3 months, so I will buy a D4s (currently have a D4). This is going to be a slight, and noticeable upgrade, looking forward to it. People that complain, or say it is too expensive clearly aren’t professionals, or they aren’t making enough money at shooting to purchase a $6000 camera, in which case, maybe you should work on properly marketing yourself. To me this is a no brainer. Cant wait. The D800, great camera, . . . quit whining about not getting a D400 or D700 replacement, you have a ton of Nikon bodies to choose from. LOL – morons!

    • Patrick O’Connor

      Good post up until the last word.

      • well maybe, on the moron comment, but there has to a word for the people that leave comments whining about how Nikon is screwing them and not giving them features they want, . . . i mean like, what else do you need?

        • Patrick O’Connor

          I guess it depends on your goal. If you want to reform them, calling them “morons” won’t achieve that. If you just want to chastise them with no thought to their reformation, I guess “moron” is as good as anything.
          In their defense, I would like a D400 (large buffer and more FPS) but I won’t whine and I don’t think Nikon is screwing me.

          • right, i get that, it is whatever their goals are, but really, their goals can be met with what is available, and if they can’t be then maybe they need to take a step back and really figure out what the problem is. I shoot with a D4, 10/fps, and I shoot sports, but i rarely click off more than 2-4 frames per second, just not necessary, and I do a lot of single shots. Before I had the D4 and D3s i shot with a D7000, i think it was 4/fps, with maybe 10 in the buffer, can’t remember, but i rarely had a problem.

            • Patrick O’Connor

              I’m primarily a nature photographer but sadly nobody pays me to do that. 🙁 For my industrial and portrait work, for which I do get paid, and landscapes, my D600 provides everything I could possibly want. For wildlife, I get by with 5 fps but more would give me more shots to choose from. One may be a “keeper” but one of the in-between shots, that I missed, could have been better. Buffer is the biggest problem. Of course, If I could justify buying the D4 (well, D4S now) that would solve everything but I can’t. So…I hope for a D400 and shoot anyway!

  • Considering we do a lot of natural light (and low-light) photography, I would be willing to upgrade from my D4 if the ISO image quality improves by a stop. The rest of the upgrades I have little use for. I think I’ll just wait and see.

    Fresh & Modern Family Photography
    New York | San Diego

  • LeviH

    I still wish this was a D800s, or D700s.

    • rt-photography

      D700s wont happen, but a D800s may happen.

  • ug


    no comment

    • Mansgame

      This reminds me of a limerick about the plumber of Leigh:
      There was a young plumber of Leigh
      Was plumbing a maid by the sea.
      Said the maid, “Cease your plumbing,
      I think someone’s coming.”
      Said the plumber, still plumbing, “It’s me.”

  • Ralphy

    Very unimpressed. Guess I’ll wait for the D5. Really was hoping for a few more MPs. Love the D800 MPs, but want the D4 ISO ability. Hoping the D5 will be 24MP with the same ISO range/quality of the current D4. Come on Nikon, you can do it!

    • Michiel953

      Fully agree. These cameras really suck. I’ll have to wait for the D5 to get me going.

      • Sports

        I, for one, would wait for the D6.
        But, no, not much has happened in two years.
        Internally, on the other hand, it’s probably based on Expeed 4, which means that one (new) chip replaces a whole board … which was needed in D4, as Expeed 3 was too slow for doing everything on its own. So it’s much cheaper to build, and still performs better.

        • Michiel953

          I actually think it’s a wonderful camera. Not one that I need, I’l stick to my D800, but a wonderful achievement nonetheless. That won’t keep the whiners from whining of course.

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