Nikon View NX 2.9.0 for Win and 2.9.1 for Mac released

Today Nikon released View NX version 2.9.0 for Windows and version 2.9.1 for Mac.

Nikon View NX 2.9.0 (Win) and 2.9.1 (Mac) changelog:

Updates that apply to both the Windows and Macintosh versions

  • Support for the COOLPIX S6800, S6700, S3600 has been added.
  • The White Balance section in the Adjustments palette has been changed, or support added, as follows:
    • An Auto 1 option has been added.
    • ViewNX 2 adjusts white balance for colors similar to those captured with a camera's Auto 1 (Normal) * white balance setting. However, only RAW images captured with the following cameras are supported:
      • The D7000 and later DSLR cameras
      • Advanced cameras with interchangeable lenses
      • The COOLPIX A as well as the COOLPIX P7100 and later COOLPIX cameras that support recording in the NRW format
        *Auto white balance setting with cameras that do not offer an Auto 2 (Keep warm lighting colors) option
    • Adjustment units available with the Tint option have been changed from 1 to 0.01 for more precise specification.
    • The adjustment range for the Fine Adjustment option has been expanded from 4132-7042 to 2500-7042 when Direct sunlight is selected.
    • Adjustment using the Fine Adjustment and Tint options is now possible when Recorded Value, Auto 1, Auto 2, or Underwater is selected.
  • A Switch over to second slot after transfer option has been added to the Preferences panel in Nikon Transfer 2. When this option is checked, a confirmation dialog asking whether or not files recorded to the second memory card should be transferred will be displayed after files recorded to the first memory card are transferred. This function is available only when a camera with two memory card slots is connected to the computer using MTP/PTP (PTP).
  • The AF Noise Reduction... option in the File menu more effectively reduces the sound of lens drive with autofocusing
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  • outkasted


  • DesertCat

    “Advanced cameras with interchangeable lenses” – seems like a very vague way to say “Nikon 1” cameras. Makes me wonder if they say it this way so they aren’t tipping their hand about new mirrorless products on the way?

  • Mansgame

    Give it up Nikon. Most photographers like to use Lightroom and the few that use NX, only use it because you intentionally don’t share your in camera settings with Adobe and the proprietary fine tuning of in camera settings is the only “advantage” you have over Lightroom. Just make it open source already.

    • TeaBreak

      It’ a simple calculation for Nikon: as long as they’ll earn more money by selling Capture NX2 copies than loosing money from LR Fanboys who don’t go with Nikon DSLRs just for the need of NX2 to get the most of their RAW files, they won’t share the secrets of NEFs with Adobe.

      • Mansgame

        Exactly, that’s the problem. They are putting their own profits ahead of their customers’ needs.

        • TeaBreak

          They soon won’t be able to satisfy your needs when they don’t make profits anymore.
          BTW: Capture NX2 lacks nothing but a modern UI. Results are perfect.

          • Mansgame

            That’s ok. I’m at a position now to dump them and change platforms.

    • Norm

      You don’t or don’t know how to use it doesn’t mean the same to other photographer !

      • Mansgame

        Yeah I don’t know how to use it. I don’t know how to process 1200 pictures from a shoot and apply a white balance change to all of them in 30 seconds the way I do in Lightroom. I don’t know how to keep catalogs in NX. I don’t know how to apply a graduated filter to NX. I don’t know how to mix my Nikon, Canon, and Sony raw files that I get from my second shooter in NX. I don’t know how to apply watermarks in NX.

        Please, tell me how I would do those things in NX?

        • TeaBreak

          Simple. Change WB manually for the first picture, click “save settings”, run batch with the folder of your other 1199 files, done. Takes 5 seconds.

          • Mansgame

            But how many files are open at once? because in Lightroom, I can change my mind and just hit undo.

            • TeaBreak

              So many as you like but it isn’t necessary to open more than one file.
              You can see the effect on the files you don’t have opened in Capture NX2 immediately in ViewNX2. If you don’t like the new WB just repeat WB batching in Capture NX2 with the original WB data. (5 more seconds).

        • TeaBreak

          Graduated filter: make selection & use LCH editor + blend modes.

        • TeaBreak

          watermark: there’s a lot of third party freeware, but you can also try this in NX (attention: french) 🙂

        • Ric

          Less Filling!

        • Caliban

          You mean you can’t get the WB right in camera?
          Much the best way.

          • Neopulse

            Caliban, the Auto-WB is NOT all knowing especially when shooting in different light source scenarios. Tweaks are needed to fine tune it. The camera is dumb without the user behind it to man it.

            • Caliban

              Now where, did I say anything about using AWB??

            • Neopulse

              Said AWB for the sake of the argument. There are many times when colors don’t go right. And if you get the WB right in a controlled environment well good for you then. Less post-processing work to be done. But the vast majority have to tweak at times in post especially when shooting in non-controlled environments. Don’t understand why you would make such an arrogant remark in a thread that’s related to post-processing?

          • Mansgame

            Why would I? I shoot raw. Instead of relying on a tiny LCD screen on the back of a camera with glare from the sun, I set the white balance on a calibrated monitor and get it perfect. Are you one of those photographers who thinks you’re superior because you don’t edit your pictures?

            • Caliban

              No, I’m one of those photographers who knows that I am superior because I can get it right first time.

      • Ric

        Tastes Great

    • groucher

      ‘most photographers’ who are they? I far prefer NX because the RAW processing is superior to anything Adobe has ever managed, D-Lighting doesn’t mangle the colours as does Adobe’s software and the selection tool, to which any control or effect can be applied on multiple regions, is infinitely better than Adobe’s antiquated lasso tool.

      • Jon Ingram

        I’m not sure about “most” photographers. It’s true there are a lot of casual users who may use whatever software comes with their camera, or whatever they can get free online.

        However, I will say this: Every single event shooter than I know uses Lightroom (except for one guy who uses aperture). I think it’s safe to say that most photographers who shoot events or who need to quickly process hundreds to thousands of photos weekly use lightroom.

        I will sometimes use Nik plugin’s with Lightroom, which works very well for selective editing. As for an “antiquated lasso tool”, I think you may be a bit out of date with current Lightroom features and selective edits.

    • Jon Ingram

      It would be nice if they did this, although I understand why they don’t. As a co-monopoly Nikon can be greedy with these things and it drives me crazy. This is contrasted by a company like Fuji, which would love it if Adobe would take the time and effort to improve raw support for the Fuji line. It’s interesting; If Adobe adds better Fuji support, Fuji might actually make more money in camera sales from hesitant raw photographers who will finally buy into the system. However, if Adobe added better NEF support, Nikon may lose a marginal amount of money from their proprietary software sales.

    • KnightPhoto

      Pay attention guys, this article is about the FREE SOFTWARE View NX2 ;-0

    • DL

      totally! they should make their cameras take canon lenses too, instead of forcing us to use nikon lenses.

  • I wonder if there will be Capture NX3 one day which will be not modifying original RAW files…

  • Kynikos

    Does anybody actually use this?

    • Say no to crap software

      I had to resort to it recently due to computer issues (all sorted now thank God) and I had forgotten how clunky it was.

    • Mike


    • asa

      yes, a lot, View NX + PS final touches, LR can not give such RAW processing colours wise like NX

      • Mansgame

        Because Nikon doesn’t share that, but you can still use the color slides.

    • tertius_decimus


    • Jon Ingram

      Yes, plenty of people use. I’ve occasionally used it myself when I’m not in a hurry. View NX is great for Nikon color reproduction. However, all the event shooters I know, including myself, use Lightroom. I have found Lightroom to be so much faster for my needs in sorting, editing, batching, etc… It doesn’t just come down to one thing that’s better. Just, overall, it’s so much faster for me when I have 1,000 images to deal with. Now that I’m used to it, I find I get better color skin-tone reproduction with my own eyes making Lightroom edits than I would get by trusting Nikon’s algorithms.

    • mark

      I also use this. It’s free, easy to use and quite fast. My tasks are usually limited to crop / rotate , simple color correction, sharpen, saturation, etc.

      Complex tasks such as retouches, stitching, etc are done on GIMP.

      Dual screen support is a big plus.

  • manuel

    view nx 2 is a great software for batching photos, you can have auto jpegs in 2 cliks, i would like Capture NX3 too, the only software that render Nefs in the right way

  • Simmering Bob

    What does this mean?
    “The AF Noise Reduction… option in the File menu more effectively reduces the sound of lens drive with autofocusing???

    • Must be for editing out the focusing noise from videos.

    • AM

      It means that the AF Noise Reduction option in the File menu more effectively reduces the sound of lens drive with autofocusing.

    • DonD

      Not for photographers… just for those crazy video heads. Nothing to see here… just move along! Please remove any video support from the SW and my bodies!

  • Michiel953

    I don’t know anything about View NX, but (not having scrolled down yet), using a D800 and processing scanned b&w film as well, is there anything to gain by switching from LR4.4 to View NX?

    While we’re on the subject, is there anything to gain by switching to LR5?

    • Jon Ingram

      On switching from LR4 to 5, I’ve heard that the best two upgrades are better tools for selective edits and a much more intelligent tool for correcting distortion which produces better results. There are probably lots of minor differences but these are the two I’m most interested in as a LR user. Haven’t switched myself yet…

      • Jeff Hunter

        I’ve upgraded to LR5. To me it was worth it for the distortion correction alone. It’s like having a tilt-shift perspective control lens in a computer. There are limits to the amount of correction that can be applied. I’ve enjoyed using this with my 14-24mm lens. Just be sure to leave a lot of excess space around the photo’s subject to apply this to because a lot of the surrounding edge space will be cropped out. Noise correction and cloning and retouching tools have also been improved.

      • Michiel953

        Thanks Jon and Jeff! These are two improvements that don’t mean much to me in my photography, so I’ll skip 5 for a while.

  • Jay

    Exactly, Lightroom is such a crap comparded to Capture NX. Still cant believe how does people manage to use that Adobe product which is neither editor nor a good DAM.

  • Peterw

    “Adjustment units available with the Tint option have been changed from 1 to 0.01 for more precise specification.”
    This means also Capture NX 2 will change soon, and it means a big improvement to me. The steps (at least two places) were very crude: you can choose until only between too much and too little. Remove just a little cast from a reflection of a tree e.g. was rather difficult.

    Good, finally. Lets move on 🙂
    (I think this was better in Lightroom, and rawshooter)

    • Laurentiu Ilie

      Great improvement!

  • NickyNockyNoo

    No D400 support then?

  • Aldo

    Canon photo pro has a better workflow… but yeah I wish lightroom would render the raw files like the nikon software

    • Michiel953

      Aldo, in what way is the RAW conversion (of NEF files?) better in NX 2 than in LR4.4?

      • peterw

        Not being Aldo I can respond:

        color profiles

        Lightroom is more versatile giving more possibilities to adapt the profiles for each photo and you can rather easily use profiles other people have made,

        With Nikon you can use the Nikon profiles which are rather good. It appears you can make new profiles based on these, (As long as you don’t have a slight green or red cast in your pictures… which might be solved soon.) I have limited experience in changing color profiles and I didn’t find other profiles to use than Nikon’s. It is a pity that D2x profiles aren’t available for D800 files.

        Of course you can adapt the colors and curve in individual or series of photos further after applying a profile. And you can copy these changes and paste them to other pictures, or run them in a badge over a directory. In Lightroom you could apply these changes to a selection based on other criteria than directory, however this seldomly makes sense considering corrections correspond to light conditions, which correspond to a shoot and not to any other selection criterium than a directory.

        After using Capture NX for years – since D200 times – I don’t see how anyone can have a problem with Captures workflow – how it works – well perhaps I am used to it to much :), An other thing is the quality of software operation itself. A great improvement on working speed was made years ago. Still the software is not very quick in handling files and applying filters. But still, the results are great.

        The combination of D-lighting and control points and the selection tools are ideal for applying some sort of HDR inside a photo. The results may be natural if you
        don’t exaggerate and apply proper contrast correction.

        I love it, sometimes softly cursing its little software drawbacks.

        As a DAM I use ID-imager software. which I find easier to work with than Lightroom.

        If not for Capture NX, I’d probably use Lightroom.

        • DonD

          I use Capture NX2 for almost everything. Only when I need to do some serious cloning is PS necessary. Never LR, and I own them all. Of course I have Nik Color EFx Pro 3 working in Capture NX2. I do add borders to my photos in PS and my logo, but that’s it.

  • DL

    Where is the download for free Lightroom? Because all the whiners here are crying about this free software vs $100 lightroom.

  • DonD

    So, did I read this correct? The new version will not support bodies older the the D7000? Are you kidding. Does that mean I can not edit photos taken with my D700 in this new version?

    • peterw

      off course not
      this only applies to auto 1 and auto 2 white balans settings

  • fourtis

    View NX2 v.10 is released !

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