Nikon Df camera additional coverage


Credit: Tom Grill

Some additional Nikon Df coverage:

There is a new dedicated Nikon Df website.

Do you have a strong opinion about the Nikon Df camera - fill up this official questionnaire and tell Nikon what you think.

It's now really news when a new products climes to the #1 spot on the Amazon best selling cameras list, the interesting part is that more silver Df cameras are being pre-ordered (both body only and kits).

Nikon Df has a magnesium-alloy body frame only on the top, back and bottom (source):

Current Nikon DSLR range:


What the Nikon Df camera should have been (source):


Two new hands-on videos - the Nikon Df was in development for more than 4 years and the official release was delayed because of the earthquake in Japan:

Here are some of the early Nikon Df design sketches - the Df project started in the summer of 2009 (source):


Nikon Df sample images (click for larger view):

Nikon Df Nikon Df
Nikon Df Nikon Df
Nikon Df Nikon Df
Nikon Df Nikon Df
Nikon Df Nikon Df
Nikon Df Nikon Df
Nikon Df Nikon Df
Nikon Df Nikon Df
Nikon Df Nikon Df

What others are saying:

"The Df is easily the smallest full frame camera that Nikon has ever released, with the company banking on the idea that keen photographers will find that DSLR image-making quality combined with a smaller, lighter camera body and external control is worth the $2750 pricetag." /Forbes

"It’s cool. It looks and feels kind of like….your dad’s camera. It certainly does not have the foreboding heft and street howitzer feel that attends walking around with one of the bigger flagship DSLRs. Some of those make you feel like Iron Man with a camera." /Joe McNally (there are also few sample images on his website)

"It really is a thing of beauty, though. For a working photographer (weddings, events, etc) this actually does fill a need for some Nikon shooters who might not want to deal with all the pixels offered by the D800. But the lack of video still seems like a gamble." /Popphoto

"It's a spectacularly high-end camera designed for professional photographers looking for a more portable supplement to (or replacement for) their D4, or for those with a wicked case of film-era nostalgia. Like the best cameras we've seen from Fujifilm and Olympus, it marries classic looks with updated performance, and if you've got the cash to burn the Df is nothing if not a scene-stealer." /The Verge

"But there’s some good battery news. Despite using the EN-EL14a battery that also appears in other Nikonmodels, the company claims it will deliver 1,400 shots per charge. Which is bloomin’ brilliant - if, of course, it’s true." /Pocket-lint

"Reincarnation is the new innovation -- the camera industry's latest salute to days gone by comes compliments of Nikon." /Engadget

"While the purist crowd will love the optical viewfinder, the Df's mirrorbox does add a chunk of heft to the camera. Consider that the Df's body has nearly twice the volume of the new full-frame mirrorless cameras from Sony. At 710 grams, it weights about 50-percent more as well." /Gizmodo

"Built from magnesium alloy and with the same weather and dust sealing as the Nikon D800, the DF is more than just a expensive novelty, retro-styled camera. For documentary and street photographers, even photo-journalists, it is a serious tool with the professional build quality you would expect." /AP

The Nikon Df is available for pre-order at B&HAmazonAdorama and Jessops.

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  • louster

    Does a photo exist yet of the Nikon DF with their new 58mm 1.4 lens mounted?

    • Pete Grady

      Go to the B&H website and see it there. I like the look of the shot above by Tom Gill with that big ol’ 58mm f/1.2 on there!

      • peterw

        You mean the picture with the 105 F2,5 ai in the back-ground, one of the rare of these lenses which was not adapted to ai-s…

  • My conclusion is that the Df looks good, will have excellent IQ & has auto mode. It will sell well despite its premium price and lack of some pro features.

    • No-wit-Tall

      There is no auto mode! “A” on mode dial is for aperture….

      • You are right! I was absolutely wrong, I assumed there was an auto mode too … maybe Nikon will have a problem 😉

        • broxibear

          ?…P is for Program, that is “auto mode”, as in the camera chooses everything for you.
          Although I still don’t get why a camera like this needs anything more than Aperture Priority and Manual, but there you go.

          • I don’t think my wife, for example, knows what ISO is, but I see your point. If the ISO is set and left alone, P is effectively Auto.

        • broxibear

          ?…P is for Program, that is “auto mode”, as in the camera chooses everything for you.
          Although I still don’t get why a camera like this needs anything more than Aperture Priority and Manual, but there you go.

  • B.F.

    I’m wondering if the aperture ring on the Zeiss Planar T* 50mm F/1.4 ZF.2 Lens for Nikon F-Mount Cameras can be fully engaged on the DF without making any in camera adjustments for metering, etc. Any know for sure one way or the other?

  • broxibear

    “the Nikon Df was in development for more than 4 years and the official release was delayed because of the earthquake in Japan”
    It’s intersting that they should reveal that the earthquake had an effect on new releases, I’m sure the Thailand flooding also had an effect on certain products.
    I thought they might try and introduce a D4s in time for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, Feb 7-23…is it too late ?. And I just don’t see how they can let the D300 replacement drag any longer, so many people hanging on for a D400 that Nikon have to address that in 2014…I have a feeling that the D400 was one of the products delayed.
    I know many believe that Nikon has done away with the D300 line, I don’t know…I think the D400 is sitting there somewhere.
    Never know…maybe a D4s + D400 double launch ?…that would make a lot of people happy.
    But this is just a rumour site…and what do I know, lol ?

    • NikonDude

      If you want proof that no D300 successor is coming, just take a look at Nikon’s choices re DX lenses. It’s full of holes that they ain’t filling.

      That’s your best indicator right there about where they plan to go with DX DSLRs.

    • Lamar Lamb

      If you read the latest post regarding this on his site Thom Hogan seems to think there’s something big on the horizon.

  • CHA0S_TH30RY

    This is such an illogical camera. Nikon obviously promoted the camera as being basicly a “digital” film-camera – a simple camera – hence the exclusion of a video feature.

    The choice to exclude video, however, stops making sense when you realize that the logic behind this exclusion isn’t implented anywhere else within the camera. Because the Df does for example have Live View, and you can override the shutter dial to allow for modern control via the thumb-wheel. Oh, and the entire back of the camera is of a totally modern design.

    The Df, then, is a very advanced and totally modern camera; not at all like the simplistic “digital” film camera that it is made out to be.

    Thus, Nikon’s reasoning for not implementing video is simply not warranted.

    I’m guessing it all comes down to marketing…

    This is just my opinion anyways…

    • Aldo

      Thing is we don’t even have a split screen to prove you wrong…

  • Dan Howell

    I’d buy one in a heartbeat if they had a version that was 3 channels of grey like the Leica Monochrom…short of that I’ll wait for the D4X.

  • Steve

    I’m a working professional, as in I don’t have a second job – marketing/corporate mostly. The Df has me intrigued.

    I’ve been shooting Nikon a long time (kept 1 F3 and an F4 from film days), and digital since the D1, which allowed me to go freelance full time in 1999. I exclusively shoot a D3 (not the ‘s’) and a D700. They continue to be a fantastic pair and after so much angst w/ early versions of high-end DSLRs (D1h/s etc.) I (and my art directors) couldn’t be happier w/ what my current kit does for me day-in and day-out, including eye-fy’ing to Ipad (yes I did the D700 hack). I may be an old-timer in this field at 45, but I’m regularly blown away by what these ‘old’ cameras can do (paired w/ pro glass). I wouldn’t mind a little better low light files, but more MP? Nah. My work’s nearly never going to print larger than 12″, and the 36″ prints I’ve had made still look fantastic. I’ve rented the D800 for a couple of jobs requiring mega-high MP and, dang! my workflow simply doesn’t allow for dealing w/ those giant files – I’ve got shooting to do! If there was a setting to 1/2 the pixel count in the D800 I’d be all over that camera. I’m sure it’s a reflection of my age and my niche and having my head in the sand, but I mercifully haven’t had to figure out video (and audio) and I’ve almost never been asked to provide it (knocking wood).

    But this Df? I want to get one in my hands. The slightly larger files, better low light ability and a newer sensor? Hmmm. The retro look/layout is not a turn-off for me (although I absolutely won’t consider one if neither command dial can be assigned for ‘easy exposure compensation’ in aperture priority – other than M, it’s how I shoot 75% of the time and I don’t want to reposition a hand just to tweak exposure in A mode). As others have pointed out, the price is quite a turn off; if I like what they can do and how they operate I’d take 2 for $4000 – I haven’t worked w/ matching bodies since F3s and I truly miss it. I’ve played around w/ the D600 and even shot a job w/ it, but again, the files are more than I want/need and it doesn’t exactly feel like a pro body. That said, I very much like the idea of a lighter kit – the D3 (and others of its size) feels great early in the day, but my work is often very much on the move and by the afternoon I’m tired from just holding the thing up. I’d really like to have the option of traveling super-light/small w/ a quality full-frame kit and a couple of SBs to be more focused on the images than the gear. At first glance, the only thing that turns me off (other than the price) is the limited AF points – my experience w/ the 600 was less than enjoyable partly due to the smaller AF reach the Df has apparently inherited.

    I hope my local shop will be renting this body so I can truly put it through some paces. I just might have to slip one into my Christmas stocking.

  • Lamar Lamb

    I just took a look through some of the Amazon ratings. The D610 is only rated at 3 stars. Looks like Nikon’s D600 debacle has crossed into the D610 ratings. Lots of very negative comments coming from (ex?) D600 owners. Nikon really screwed up and screwed lots of customers with the way they handled (or didn’t handle) that one. I also saw where they have new D700’s listed for $3300. Wow!

  • Dave Ingram

    Just looking at the Tom Grill image – notice that there’s a leather bound Nikon book. Is that the user manual? Maybe that’s part of the reason why it is priced as it is : )

  • John Chandler
    It would be nice to take this Nikon DF and use it as an updated iPhone dock, my old one is getting old…

  • Ruediger Glatz

    I really hope they thought of a split screen…and even more important of a screen that supports 1.4 lenses. All nowadays screen are made for lenses with 2.8 and up…

  • Bennybee

    Yet another big blob of a camera that bobs around on your belly. And one that still has that antique flopping shaving mirror inside – wasn’t that invented early in the past century? (by Exakata or something like that…)

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