Nikon Df camera hands-on and preview videos

Here are some Nikon Df hands-on and preview videos from around the Web. First, watch Joe McNally, Bob Krist and Lynn Goldsmith talk about the new Df (follow the links, the videos are not published by Nikon yet and are available only on More videos after the break:

Another Nikon Df promo video:

The Nikon Df is currently available for pre-order at B&H, Amazon and Adorama. It seems that the Nikon Df will be available only as a kit in the UK (see Jessops pre-order listings).

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  • Hal in Cal

    $3k for this? Might as well go the whole way and buy a real snob camera called Leica.

    • MrSkelter

      Have you shot a Noctilux? A Summicron 50? A Summilux 21? There’s a reason Leica’s still sell and it’s not just cache.

      Ferrari’s are loved by poseurs too. They’re also among the very best cars you can buy.

  • Hal in Cal

    Nikon Executive Meeting Notes:
    Let’s repackage a D600, remove some features and add some shiny metal and fake leather and charge $3k!!!!

  • Ken Mann

    The ULTIMATE Nikon – a D800 with a small (16mp) and medium (24mp) raw option! WTF. BTW – throw in some option to store all my settings in a few banks – not rocket science 🙁 Till Nikon gets it’s stuff together I’ll keep my 2 d700’s with grips and batteries that give me 1000’s of crispy images for every event I shoot and the D800 for the occasional big landscape 🙂

  • Hal in Cal

    You can buy 2 Refurb Nikon D600 or Canon 6D for one of these DF cameras. You can buy a D600 or 6D refurb with a really nice lens or lenses for $3k.

    • mikeswitz

      Yes but what you will be getting is a D600 or a 6D. Not a Df. Very big difference.

      • Josh

        Cosmetically but A D600 feature wise is about the same camera sans a couple knobs.

        • mikeswitz

          Other than sharing a few ingredients, they are nothing alike, although they both use Nikon lenses.

  • Jun

    Nikon said about “pure passion, pure photography”, but true photographer doesn’t need to pay for a camera like this to prove himself “pure photography”.
    For so long Nikon has believed themselves as a part of passion in photography of everybody who love to take picture, and they always were. I have seen every commercial video from Nikon and they always give me feeling about taking picture, sharing moment, exploring photography life… that something very attractive that I could never found in Canon’s commercial video, which just always show-off technology (no fan-boy war here, please!). But honestly to say, the 6 videos about this Df camera didn’t give me the same feeling, “pure photography” is just something Nikon created to lure people to believe in an over-priced camera, which has no innovation over the current products.

  • Up $#!t’s creek!

    I love those 3 Nikon vids. Nikon DF: the official camera of AARP

  • gundamboy

    Nikon has a survey out for the Df…leave your comments there and let them know its overpriced!

    • Drazen B

      I think most of us already did.
      Told them it’s on a pricey side, that is.

      • Carla Pollock

        I even provided a long comment in the end, to make it ‘sink’ even more.

        • hexx

          shame you can’t really provide long comment, even though they say it has limit of 1000 characters, limit is 550 – had to rewrite it several times

  • satrio

    So…all df are going to be manufactured in Japan?

  • gary morrison

    Yes please but not in the UK we are getting ripped off yet again, the price in the USA and Japan is more or less the same 270000 JPY = $2742(+tax) = £1713 . DF with kit lens £2750(with tax) = $4400 how can Nikon UK justify the difference in price tax or not

  • hexx

    LOL!!! what a drivel 😀

  • nik

    very expensive monster.

  • Zen-Tao

    Keep complaining. Nikon Df-X is just aound the corner with video features and 24 mpx…. It rings me the bell. By the time being I’m looking for a budget D610 But happens that it has been ecclipsed by the new star.

  • Zesty

    What a total contradiction.

  • Will Speak

    I’m sure the Df is a very capable camera which will appeal to a select group of people, however I can’t help thinking that Nikon would have been better off from the point of view of potential sales in developing a D300/D300s replacement which has been eagerly awaited by far more people than the Df.

  • Mikael Risedal

    not if you look at the measurements and up to 25600iso, Chose D4 and d800 and compare , the d800 is turning at red and in lowest levels at high iso, easy to correct the shadows .
    D800 sensor from Sony is the best all round sensor in SLR market today and i look forward to a 54Mp

  • AllinsonsPhotography

    Love it I’d pay them extra if the took the surplus metering system out. All cameras are so cheap these days in the eighties I bought my first home (£17.5K) and started my first business the camera equipment (£28K) cost more than the house! The Hassleblad Body alone cost more than my Jag!

  • Guy With-camera

    CooL! Now all we need is a 1080p 120fps video firmware update.

  • lol


  • Oscar Wilde-Cat

    I’ll stick with my Nikon D700. Best damn camera Nikon’s come out with in ages. It’s still relevant today. And who cares if it’s only 12 megapixels. With a 1.8 50 mm lens it shoots like a machine gun.

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