Nikon Df “Pure Photography” video teaser #5

Pure Photography video teaser #5 for the Nikon Df camera (see rumored specs) is now online:

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  • jackleeeen

    this looks much better in size than originally feared. now, if they could reduce that weight from 765g down to approx 600 i’m instantly sold

  • Mel

    Nikon is losing a LOT of money by playing these silly 1970 games. Does the frigging thing have focus peaking or an A+ EVF or not? Tons of people with older ais & Leica glass and/or vision issues are buying the Sony right this second.

    • Sky

      And still Sony sells roughly 20% of what Nikon does. And that includes both: A and E-mount.

    • JorPet

      If the Sony answers their photographic needs better than any other existing camera, why would they not buy a Sony? This camera is not designed to go head to head with the Sonys, so it doesn’t matter how long it takes them to bring this out.

      • Mel

        yes true. but after the d600 debacle, and having returned one with frustration and anger, playing marketing games in my opinion is tiresome when they could just announce the thing and be done with it.

        they should be happy many nikon users are willing to give them another chance. and I’m no stockholder and could care less about their sales figures/brand/or whatever. I also own Oly & Sony, and 2 other brands.

      • J. Dennis Thomas

        I don’t get why people keep comparing the Sony A7 to this camera. Apples and oranges.

        • Mel

          Not all have same needs/wants, so it’s easy not to “get it” without knowing.

          • Mel

            just to be fair/clear I’m not the “Mel” from the other review site who uses Sony.

          • J. Dennis Thomas

            Needing or wanting doesn’t change the fact that the Sony is a mirrorless and this is a DSLR.

            Two different types of cameras for two different markets.

            • Erik

              But manual glass with an adapter might work equally well on a Sony A7/A7R as on a Nikon DF.

    • Hey – I’m not *that* old! And I only have vision problems when I’ve been on the computer all day at work. But (sigh) yeah, you’re right about the benefit of a great EVF and focus peaking for someone like me.

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      There are plenty of options for people that want focus peaking and EVF. Just not here. This isn’t the camera for you if that’s the market you’re looking at.

  • Adam McKay

    Gross, I would have much preferred the x-100 look.

  • VK

    wondering if it has an ADR window…would be very nice…

  • Eric Duminil

    Admin, isn’t it possible to change the tree structure of comments? They’re flat after 3 or 4 comments, and it’s impossible to follow conversations when there are too many comments.

    • disqussing

      Sort by “new” instead of “best”. 😉

      • Marc W.

        It’s still flat after a few generations / replies.

  • Jon Ingram

    On Size: Let’s be clear, Nikon COULD make a smaller full-frame DSLR if they chose. Yes, we all know about the mirror, prism, flange, etc.., these do pose challenges. There are limits, but I assure you that the limits are much smaller than the size of the Df. Clearly, small size obviously was not Nikon’s main goal. That’s ok. Whether or not YOU want small is a matter of opinion. Obviously, bigger is better for many things. I personally prefer bigger cameras for event photography because of the ergonomics. However, I like smaller cameras for things like back-packing because of the weight. Different cameras for different purposes.

    Now I am going to explain why some people want a NIKON MADE super-small/light full frame camera. First, to address the competition: The DISADVANTAGE of Sony is that many of the lenses for the A7 are still relatively large and heavy, thus defeating the overall purpose of a small system. Also, many people have concerns about the quality of adapters for Nikon lenses, especially for wide angle lenses and retaining Nikkor AF functionality. Even wide-angle adapted M-mount lenses can be very problematic in terms of quality when mounted to Sony’s system. Finally, it costs a lot of money to switch systems, which is another disadvantage.

    As for other alternatives, many people find the quality compromises unacceptable for smaller-sensored cameras. Also, Many people find the lack of flexibility unacceptable for less developed alternatives (lack of lens choices).

    One of the main ADVANTAGES of Nikon is the vast quantity of high quality, very light and affordable legacy lenses. Many people, myself included, would appreciate a small FX camera to attach their old-school lightweight Nikkor lenses too (many lenses are 7oz or less, which makes for a very light overall system). This would create a light and flexible system that other companies just couldn’t touch in terms of lens-flexiblity, full AF functionality, and backwards compatibility. This is especially true for people who are already heavily invested in the Nikon system.

    Personally, I value Full-frame quality to the degree that I am not willing to go with anything smaller, so I will just keep backpacking with a heavier camera for now. I’m OK with that, I just want people to understand the other side and stop making ad hominem attacks at anyone who disagrees with your opinion and wants a small camera. There should be more respect on this forum.

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      Tiny is better!

      • MrSkelter

        I would love a tiny body for fun but as a tall guy with big hands little cameras with lots of controls are too fiddly for me. Small has to mean simple for me. If I am to manipulate an interface it needs to be scaled for adult hands (large ones in my case).

        • J. Dennis Thomas

          I was being sarcastic.

    • FredBear

      Olympus did it with the OM1N back in 1974 or thereabouts.
      That was a brilliant camera.

  • reporteratlarge

    I’ve been reading these comments for a while and I don’t understand why anyone would pay more than $1,600 for this, if that.

    My point is: Why not get a D610 (or refurbished D600) now? You can always use the manual controls and pretend it’s 1986 all over again.

    • Sky

      Plastic body kills the impression.

      • Ryan McBride

        Where does it say plastic body?

        • JorPet

          It doesn’t, it is said to be an all metal body like the old film SLRs. That is part of why it is going go be priced well above $1,600. I want this to be as strong and robust as the old film bodies and that requires design and materials that aren’t cheap.

          • Ryan McBride

            Well that I agree with. And very true… we’ll just have to see. They are also NOT offering a lot of things.. so far the rumors are saying no video, which takes a lot of components and firmware out of the question as to functionality of the brain of the camera… that also changes and simplifies the ergonomics, IE. buttons and the wholes for those buttons etc… So, I mean they can’t really price this guy like a D800… That would be insane and no one would go for it.. I’d HAVE to think that this would be a $2,000-2,300US camera.

            • Ryan McBride

              holes* welp.. it’s friday

            • JorPet

              But as I commented below, it still has a front and rear command dial and multi-direction pad, so all of the “modern” DSLR buttons. On top of that it has all of the manual controls for A, S and ISO and some others. This is a “more” camera, not a “less” camera. The only button missing is the video start/stop button and the mode switch, so dropping video doesn’t save you much.

            • Ryan McBride

              Yea… you may be right… it’ll be interesting to see. But I would have to think, if you put this up against a D800 as far as price goes… how can you justify a $3k price tag? Not saying you said that… but just saying in general. We’ll just have to see.

    • Sultaer


      2K-3K is BS pricey.

    • lancecouzens

      i think if it has a nice huge viewfinder with some sort of optical focusing aid (other than the green dot) that makes manual focusing easier as was the case on older film bodies, that would be worth quite a premium for some people. also, i gather quite a few folks would pay a premium for the d4 chip, if, in fact, that’s what’s in the Df

      • decisivemoment

        That’s key. We can’t have another one of these difficult-to-focus screens. Good ground glass essential, split image desirable, KatzEye change option important.

      • Alistair Maitland

        You said it guys. That D4 sensor is the foundation of my desire for this cam. It’s small so I’m going to want to put small fast lenses (primes) on it. Throw a split focusing screen and controls that LIGHT UP like the D4, and we have a winner.

    • decisivemoment

      The point is presumably to make it feel more tactile and quicker to use. With all those direct switch controls, having to press halfway on the shutter, then press a button and hold while turning a dial to change anything will be a thing of the past — instead of a three-step process, changing any of the common settings (aperture, shutter, exposure comp, metering, mode) will be a one-step move, and what’s more is that, except for aperture, it will be immediately obvious what your current setting is without having to flip a switch or half-press a button. That’s a big plus in my view. Haven’t had that in 20 years.

      • JorPet

        Exactly, and if you just don’t get that, then this camera is not meant for you. Plenty of PASM cameras out there for those who just want that.

        • Marc W.

          Is that like a film only (or Canon, Pentax) user coming in here and complaining about a new Nikon digital camera. If it’s not for you, don’t buy it.

  • HotDuckZ

    Will Nikon produce faster (1.2), high-performance (Coma free, sharp @wide open) but smaller size to match a DF, low-cost & manual focus?

    • Tony

      Just a dream

    • TheInconvenientRuth

      I wish they would, but there is no need and probably no market. Back in film days when ISO1600 meant golfball grain, it might have mattered. But now with most bodies having ‘clean ISO’ to 1600, there is very little need for it. The very few who want f/1.2 for either bragging rights or creative use AND are actually going to pay the premium for it are probably not enough in number to yield a profit. Remember that the vast majority of people on sites like these screaming about their urgent need for f/1.2 lenses will never actually spend the money on a new one.And Nikon probably knows this.

  • decisivemoment

    Too many comments to plough through so I apologize if this has already been mentioned, but that shutter speed dial really has been lifted right off the Nikon FA, right down to the 1/4000th, not 1/8000th top speed. Is this just the D610 innards repackaged, or worse yet the D600 ones? Can someone make out the X-sync speed for flash?

    • lancecouzens

      flash sync is a big open question for me too – i fear it may be just as low as it is in the d610

      • Ryan McBride

        If you are seriously worried about flash sync with a camera like this… this camera was not made for you whatsoever.

        • lancecouzens

          Full manual controls and a decent sync would make it a really nice camera for off-camera lighting… Your comment makes no sense to me.

          • Ryan McBride

            I would never put a flash on this camera. Not only would be defeat the purpose of the point of this camera.. it would be awkward to look at, and physically would end up being top heavy. I guess I could see you putting the smaller speedlight on it… but other than that. It’ll never have a flash on if I’m using it. Sorry if I came off strong… Wasn’t my intention Lance.

            • lancecouzens

              I wouldn’t put a flash on it either. As I said “off-camera lighting”. I might, however, put a radio trigger on it. I guess I don’t see how using this camera with lights defeats it’s purpose…

            • Ryan McBride

              Lance… that’s why we are all different in our styles and approach. I’m sitting here as someone who pretty much never uses artificial light for anything. I am also a working photojournalist for a newspaper… I’ve used a flash once in the past 3 or 4 months. So… it’s on my end that I was short sided that others may not be the same. I must have also mis-read the “off-camera” part.. but for me.. it’s still a no-go. That’s the beauty of photography though. Everyone has a different philosophy.

            • BroncoBro

              Flash is one area where electronics has helped. I really like using Nikon’s CLS for off camera work. The whole idea of SLRs in the beginning was to have a flexible system; lenses, viewfinders, flash options, etc. I used flash on my first Nikon F2 for many things where that was the look I was after. You have to pay the bills and if you get a headshot assignment,well, you take it. And do it with flash.

            • Ryan McBride

              Bronco… I hear you. Gotta be them bills. Anyway you can.

    • Kenny

      I use D700, and 1/8000 is really helpful for f1.4 at good daylight. If Df can offer only 1/4000, then it should provide the base ISO at 50.

      • JorPet

        Or just buy an ND filter? I’m at the opposite end of this. At f/2.8 I’m always bumping up against the maximum acceptable ISO or the minimum shutter speed. I never seem to have an issue with too much light, but that is just based on what I shoot, YMMV.

      • Marc W.

        The “real base” ISO of the D700 is 200. So if you start it at 100 on the DF, you can still shoot at 1/4000s @ 1.4 @ ISO 100

      • Erik

        D610 in metal case at Leica price. Still I think I am going to buy this to use with my manual glass.

      • RxGus

        Your D700’s base ISO is 200… So as long as this camera has a base ISO of 100 you will be even with your D700.

  • decisivemoment

    I also see they’ve “cheated” ever so slightly on the body thickness. Just like with the Nikon AW1, they’ve pulled the front plate backwards as opposed to shrinking the distance between chimping screen and sensor in order to pull the back plate forward. That means quite a long throat around the lens mount; it will probably make big lenses feel a bit front-heavy. But that won’t matter too much for small primes.

    But, I also notice, no chance of an on-throat aperture ring to help out with people who don’t liek the handling of G lenses.

    • flightofbooks

      “chimping screen”


  • Jon Ingram

    This camera just became boring for me. The design isn’t as exciting as I would hope. The size isn’t spectacular either. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad for all the excited people out there, but I’m not one of them. At least this way I won’t be tempted to spend more money!

    • Ryan McBride

      I hear you Jon. While I respectfully disagree ( I am one of the excited ones lol)… I think this is exactly what they were hinting towards though… once the rumors started flying about it looking like the FM2 or F3…. I figured that we’d be looking at something like that… but a little bigger to encompass the electrical insides.

      • Danonino

        Hm, thats strange, I thought that electronics took much less space then mechanical? Well with all these giganormous dslrs on the market, I must have misunderstood..

    • Celtic

      I don’t understand what part of the Nikon community this camera is supposed to appeal to. Professional photogs don’t seem to like the specs, and at $3,000 a copy, most enthusiasts are going to back off. Is this camera only for high-end enthusiasts? A fun pro backup camera? A quick profit maker to finance a new Nikon project? None of these are bad objectives, but they certainly keep this from being a Pure Photography camera for most Nikon users.

      • Marc W.

        $3k was part of a rumor that was fake/wrong. So we don’t know the price.

        • Celtic

          Thanks. I didn’t need that last blood pressure pill after all.

          • Erik

            If $3K is wrong it doesn’t mean the price has to be lower, it can be higher…

      • stoooopid

        That is what I was trying to figure out too. If the price is over $2k, it is very squarely in the semi-pro to pro range. But for that kind of money, why not just get a D610? Or stretch a little and get a D800. On the other hand, at $1600 body only – now you will have many, many more potential customers.

    • Jon Ingram

      Why do people vote down my non-abrasive, non-profanity ridden comments? I even said I was happy for people who feel differently than me. Strange.

  • Ryan McBride

    I am ready for this damn camera. This looks awesome! They said retro, and that looks retro to me! Remember, retro doesn’t mean clone!

  • T53

    I’d really be pleased if this came as Body Only. The last thing I need is another 50mm.

    • I’d buy body-only, and slap a 50mm f1.2 ais on it.

      • Ryan McBride

        Oh. Great idea Mars!

      • Erik

        Put the Noct-Nikkor 58 f1.2 back in production

  • droll

    it doesn’t look cute as Fuji. So who really needs this except for the poor retro feels?

    • BroncoBro

      If you don’t know the answer to that question, you don’t need this camera.

      • Ryan McBride


    • Guest
    • Stan Dibben

      I don’t find Fuji line, except for the X100/s and the X10/20, that sexy… And they are fixed lens non FF cameras…

  • Stan Dibben

    Ok Nikon. now it’s time for a true Digital F camera. Nikon F plain prism shape, No LCD, no AF, just a shutter speed dial and a ‘digital needle’ in the ultra-bright 0.8x split focussing mirror finder. Brass, low cost (500/600 bucks), heavy and small, Ai, Ais 16mpx optimized sensor, black or dark brown nappa accessories.

  • biggySmallz

    Camera is short and fat. It looks unattractive. Cameras and women need to have just the right proportions.
    I guess this is what happens when you’re married to the Jurassic F-mount. I feel sorry for the person who had to design this thing.
    But hey, it’s got a shutter dial. People are gonna fall for that at least..

    • Ryan McBride

      I don’t know that I agree. The reason I say that is because it was never going to be a full body looking camera.. which tends to lean on the tall, skinny side. While I agree women need to have the right proportions.. cameras are not women. Their designs differ based off of what their strong suit is going to be.. D4? Sports camera… perfect size, shape and design for what it is… this camera? IMO… a great size and shape for a more street type of photography or a documentary style that needs a smaller and more unobtrusive body. Just my two cents… which ain’t worth much!

      • Bamboojled

        Yea but it has a great personality…:)

    • Erik

      I guess you would never talk about a man that he should have the right proportions.

    • She will look better in real life! 😉

  • Narog

    Damn beautiful but too late with my Canon 5D and Fuji X-Pro 1 there is no wise reason to change to the Nikon DF and to buy all the ynikon lenses. 5 yeasrs earlier and I definetly would go for it …

    • albgrevg

      I agree with Narog. The photo industri now understands that a lot more people want “hard” controls like this one and what Fujifilm brought X series. But this Nikon is still a little heavy…

  • minivini_1275

    Hmm, now it’s looking more like my D700 below the top plate and my FM above. While I like that combo, now I’m leaning back towards going deeper into Fuji gear instead and just hanging on to my 700/lenses.

  • Doubting Thomas

    Everyone is speculating $2k-3k for this camera. I am betting that it is meant for the elites, like Leica, and will be priced in the $5,000 range.

    • Celtic

      No, but 3K is still a bit stiff.

    • tap0

      i hope not.

    • hexx

      what makes you think so? i’d say D800 price will be about right.

    • Erik

      A Leica M is $7K

    • It is theoretically possible but I doubt it. $5k would severely limit the camera’s potential customer base and I doubt Nikon would go through the trouble of this huge, mass market, roll-out just to tap that “elite” part of the market. Also, Leica’s are essentially hand made cameras, Nikon are not.

  • Jake Peters

    I wish it would have the shutter speed dial around the lens like the Nikkormat did.

    • Celtic

      I bought my Nikomat in ’65, and that shutter dial drove me crazy. I kept bumping the thing and changing speeds–and there was no way to tell you’d done the deed until the next time you purposely changed speeds. It got so I checked the dial every time I snapped a picture.

  • NikNik

    From all the rumors and teaser I still can´t figure out what would be the truly differentiating point of this camera or what would make it so much different than other cameras -I mean, why would I go with this one if I can get a D700 for $1200

    • John McClane

      D4 sensor in a smaller body and “retro”-inspired design

      • NikNik

        ok, the D4 sensor makes sense.

        The retro-look I still don´t quite get it.

        • wildstar

          It’s not just a look, it’s functionality. I prefer a fixed shutterspeed dial and aperture rings, like an FE2 or the new Fujis. I want that level of simplicity and direct access.

          • TeaBreak

            It’s the way to work with a camera. Some claim the journey the reward (me included). Love it!

  • Can’t Believe It

    I see that it has the round eyepiece. That means Nikon has decided it is a professional camera….and the price will be way over $2,000.

  • ereshoping

    I notice some commentators want rugged this and rugged that.

    In 12-18 months they will bring out a DF2 with a bigger sensor improved af, better iso, etc etc.

    How rugged does a camera have to be (for most of us)?

    • TeaBreak

      Product cycle will also be “retro”. Al least 7 years. We’ll don’t see a DF2 before 2020. 🙂

      • ereshoping

        Think Nikon will still be going by then? 😉

        • Goonies

          Piss off troll…

    • Erik

      Wishlist for DF2:
      51 points AF
      10 fps
      Smaller size

      • stormwatch

        Too much advanced for a retro cam.

        • Erik

          Ok, put these features into a small D4 mini then

  • Philipp

    The hot shoe looke like glued on. Not a very sexy VF, I think. MAYBE because of stability. Exchangeable VF? As earlier told, maybe have an exchangeable VF. One for locked mirror, EVF and one for focusing MF Lenses. But the hot shoe stays ugly.

  • David G.

    I love the “throwback-style” logo!

  • Mark

    Size is OK. Just add vertical grip.

  • RomanMF

    Looks a bit large, was hoping for something closer in size to the A7/r. Getting tired of lugging the D800 around for simple photo walks/exploration. We’ll see. Just a few days away.

  • Scott

    I’m still hoping for a lower cost body around the Sony A7 price. The body has so many odd surfaces to make it slightly smaller, so maybe it does have a plastic casing considering it would likely be a lot more difficult to make in metal. They might have dropped video mode, so that would take away a live view/video switch and a record button. They potentially gave the users a bit back by adding the AF button, which fits with the focus of this camera. We also see that the top LCD is probably gone, saving more cost. Their return on that loss are the nice big dials on the top. Still crossing my fingers. I could consider 2k or under, but 3k would likely be a no go for me personally.

    • K


  • where_is_my_D750

    perhaps $3000 with video??

    • saywhatuwill

      Might as well get a D800 then.

    • BroncoBro

      there is NO VIDEO

  • hexx

    Stop complaining about 1/4000 max shutter speed 🙂 base ISO is 100, that should still allow you to use it at around f/2.8 in bright day, if you require larger aperture just slap ND filter on the lens.

    • Neopulse

      Isn’t it possible to lower it to 50 on this model though?

    • Erik

      But wouldn’t it be nice to be able to stop carrying ND filters?

  • Killroy™

    After having slept on it, I am again torn about this one…

    Seeing the controls on the back I am seeing too many high ends tools that will push this way above the price of the D610. The whole FM2 digital concept was meant to provide us with an affordable digital body that did NOT have all the numerous controls of most DSRLs of today. The FM2 was very affordable when it came out. Heck, even the F3 was “somewhat” affordable on the initial release.

    If this body reaches over $2k it will be way above my price range for what I am willing to spend for what I dreamt of a digital FM2/F3.

    I am willing to wait till the 5th to find out all the details but I am not holding my breath on it being anywhere close to $1600 (the price point between the D7100 and the D610.

    Bummer. I really want this camera. I am in love with the way it looks so far.

  • Remedy

    Oh noes! Purists will be devastated! It has an LCD screen and modern buttons!!!

    • Stan Dibben

      The real problem for me is the AF.

    • Erik

      Purists still have the analog bodies

  • Jumbonas

    Amazon lost my sales with their new sales tax rule.

    • ereshoping

      There charging tax now ? cos they dont seem to pay much:)

    • saywhatuwill

      I left Amazon Prime the moment they started charging tax. There was no reason not to just buy it locally if the item could be found. In the end I guess that was the whole reason the states wanted online companies to charge tax.

  • blckcat

    Does anyone notice on the dial it has up to only “4000” shutter speed..?

    • saywhatuwill

      But, like your car, it has a special “Faster” selection. In your car, it’s R on your transmission and it stands for Race!

      • stormwatch

        And what if someone actually knows how to drive, and uses manual gearbox? Where is R then?

        • saywhatuwill

          On a manual gear box usually you pull the shifter to the left and up, or in some cars, left and then down, or, in other cars, all the way to right then down. But Race is there!

          • stormwatch

            I have so far made about Km’s with manual gearbox. Here in Europe is a must have, but don;t forget that for the real enjoyment you need a Carburateur injection with the actuall steel STRING that pulls the throtle when you push the gas pedal, not the shitty electronics to imitate it’s promptness or some hybrid retro fake try :-)))))

            • saywhatuwill

              Wow, I never had any of that. If I did I didn’t know since it was a crappy ol’ Dodge Colt that I purchased for $10 from a friend. 😉

        • Erik

          On a manual gear box R is for reverse. That’s something completely different…

  • Arthur Tazo

    If this camera gets stolen and you have happen to recover it, don’t forget to say “its in my hands again” really loud.

  • Anita Dick

    OK Kiddies…One more Time…The Lens on this not a nikon 50mm 1.8G…The lens in the video has a silver band…IS this something new just for this camera? Just wondering way out loud…Any Info?

    • saywhatuwill

      It was in the info table of Video #1. It’s a new lens for this camera.

    • Pablo Ricasso

      OK Anita…before you start calling others ‘kiddies’ you may want to do your homework first.
      Plenty has already been said about the new lens, somehow you missed it all, kid.

    • Anita Cocktail

      I don’t know but sure hope it comes with a strap and a lens cap.

    • Guest

      Do you have some top secret info on what Nikon’s new 50mm 1.8G looks like? Oh, you did know that Nikon is releasing a *new* 50mm 1.8G with this camera, right?

  • Neopulse

    To be honest, people who complain about it’s weight and want a successor to the D700 should realize that the D700 is heavier than it with a great low light sensor to boot.

    • Yes, the D700 is 1095g

      • saywhatuwill

        And in reality too heavy! I like a solid feel to my cameras, but man, this sucker is h-e-a-v-y!

  • Steve Gaucher

    Can anyone see what the AF controls are like? I hate the “hold a button and twiddle the dials” thing that Nikon’s been doing ever since the D800 and would love it if there was a dedicated switch for selecting at least number of AF points like on the D300/D700…

  • Johnnie Jon

    The camera will have two advance shutter options. Eclectic and mechanical. This is the ‘hybrid’ aspect of the DF.

    • Drazen B

      Eclectic you say?
      Yeah baby…I’m all for eclectic…bring it on!

      • Maria Slade


      • kenjo

        I’m pretty sure Feng Shui is somewhere there as well – haha!

    • Thomas

      You may in fact be correct! A manual advance option is ablolutely plausible.

      • Thomas

        Not only that I’m talking rubbish, but I also can’t spell…

  • TxCamFan

    Nice! 😀

  • Ronan

    This DF looks VERY thick… 🙁

    • TSY87

      considering the flange distance of nikkor lenses… they can only slim it down so much

    • callibrator

      No sh$t, Sherlock…where have you been last few days…?

  • SR

    I hope some employee at Nikon is forced to read over 1k comments; after all they brought this unto themselves.. hey you Nikon guy, you chicken..

    • blue

      probably a team of marketing guys actually

  • Ronan

    Anyone noticed!? All plastic like Nikon’s DSLR (probably has a magnesium frame)… so there goes the nice metal finish 🙁 How can we even get a silver version? Painted silver DSLR plastic?

    • Pablo Ricasso

      Only “plastic” Nikon DSLRs are entry to mid range models. This camera isn’t that. And no, it isn’t plastic, it’s standard painted over magnesium alloy, just with any other high end and pro bodies of any other camera manufacturer.

  • Fred

    The ISO dial is on the left as were other film camera’s

  • photoroto

    There had better be some mojo with that whale-sized prism, because I’m not seeing much to distinguish this camera from a zillion others.

    A retro shutter speed knob is not enough to heat my blood. But EVF focus peaking or a microprism focusing aid might. Won’t love this camera unless there’s some darned good way to make usable those dismal “manual” focusing rings on autofocus lenses.

  • Edward

    Clearly in the first video is the sound of a manual shutter advance. This camera will in fact have this option.

    • Diane

      I agree. You can hear the advancing of the shutter.

    • saywhatuwill

      Don’t think so. There’s no rapid film advance lever.

      • Diane

        Yes, in the still frame. However, there is another dial where a lever could be attached or simply turned.

        • saywhatuwill

          A film advance lever would be odd unless there was actual film, otherwise it’s just wrong.

          • diane

            not if you choose to shoot as you did when it was only film.

          • Pete Grady

            It essentially becomes a shutter cocking lever.

          • J. Dennis Thomas

            The Epson RD-1 had a manual shutter re-cocking lever.

    • Drew

      The camera has a manual advance option.

      • saywhatuwill

        Maybe you hold the shutter button down until you’re ready to have everything reset, then you let go. My old Konica Hexar had that in silent mode.

    • Love photography

      I concur!

  • MB

    Retro exposure speed dial is kind of cool, but how do you change the aperture on a gelded lens?

    • Josh

      With the command dial. I suspect this is where the hybrid part comes in. Non gelded lenses let you use the aperture ring on the lens just like the old days and gelded lenses still work like they do on Nikon’s other DSLRs.

      • Pete Grady

        I hope you’re right about being able to use the aperture ring on older lenses.

      • MB

        I was certainly hoping for something like this, but so far I couldn’t recognize the dial used for aperture…

  • refalnatz

    wow.. so excited! even though I’m still using D80 and Nikon FA almost on a daily basis and probably couldn’t afford this beauty, I’m still excited!

  • MyrddinWilt

    Shesh, the complaining that goes on.

    I am told this is known as the ‘Shut up Nikon Rumors Bores’ camera inside Nikon. Only they use less polite language. Basically they have done everything the moaners have asked for here and then to show their contempt for the people who would buy it, put it in a box that is twenty years out of date.

    So here is your D700s. It has the low pixel count people have asked for and all the controls are on manual dials, there is no flash and you can mount your pre-AIS lenses from the 1830s. Whoop-de-doo.

    Next we are going to see stories as people discover how to turn on the video features since the chips are all video capable, the body is just missing a button for video shooting.

    And then people will be asking for more pixels… and… and…

    I would like to see a rationalization of the Nikon controls. There should be separate controls for speed, aperture and ISO gain.

    What would be kind of interesting is if this camera was compatible with the F-3 series focusing screens.

  • Josh

    Nikon is just using “retro simplicity” to sell people what will
    essentially just be a D5200 with a few more controls and a FF sensor for
    probably around $1500. It also explains why it gets the 16mp sensor
    instead of the 24mp sensor the D610 has. Plus making it retro so they can call it the DF eliminates
    the confusion calling it a D400 would have caused even though that is
    what a camera in such a position (FF below the D610) should be called under Nikon’s current
    naming scheme.

    • MP

      Yes, we all know the D610’s sensor is better than the D4’s, because 24 > 16, so it must be, right ?

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