Nikon Pure Photography video #2

Nikon released video #2 of their Pure Photography campaign for the upcoming DF camera:

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  • Chris Raymond

    Well I can say one thing – this advertising is working. I have been into Nikon DLRS since 2008, learnt about each model as it come out and am on my 3rd DX upgrade – but I have never been sucked into following rumors like this time – I want to know about this camera NOW, even if I can not afford one yet.!

    The lovely clicking sounds in the first video, makes me think of my Olympus OM-10 – I wonder if it CHANGING APERTURE, or could this new Nikon have MANUAL SHUTTER SETTING – now that would be a link to the past and create a real tactile experience.
    I have a Bronica GS-1 and just love the process of winding the film, feeling the tension as the shutter sets and the pressure it puts on you to do something worthwhile with the camera.

    • Cyrille Berger

      Indeed. Sounds like Nikon marketing department finally figured out how to market a product. Tease, tease and tease. That is what Apple and Google, a mix of leaks, videos and employees’s carefull hints.

      • Erik

        Ok, but what’s important is the product. I am still not convinced that what we will see is not just a camera with a lesser 16mp sensor than the D4 and the AF system from the D600.

  • FinchBug

    A bigger one (hopefully). The grip seems rather small to me. And it seems to “lean” against the body on top where the – supposed – exposure-time-wheel sits.

  • USA

    In the two videos released so far we see: different camera straps and what appears to be differently shaped camera bodies. So far “Pure Photography” appears to be pure marketing to these lying eyes. The homo-erotic gasp when the model sees the men fishing with long poles in the river is funny, though. Dr. Freud would approve.

    • FinchBug

      I didnt see a camera body in the first video. And a strap? The same, I would say.

      • USA

        See the captures of the top of the camera in the prior thread.

        • FinchBug

          So what? Do You see that part in the second video?

          • USA

            yes. And you don’t have to use a capital Y when you address me.

            • FinchBug

              Sorry for that. Unintentional. Where I live, this means respect.

  • hexx

    Looks like a DSLR to me, normal one, nothing retro. Can’t quite imagine G lens to have aperture ring unless it will be some multifunctional ring like on some point and shoot cameras. Slowly sobering up from all that excitement.

    • Cyrille Berger

      Unless the ring is on the camera body, and replace a dial.

  • Mars Observer

    I’m guessing video #3 will be like a scene out of ‘Deliverance’ Only the camera survives, a testament to it’s ruggedness!

    I hope they release the video in time for Halloween.

  • Mars Observer

    Nikon – hurry up and leak the price please – that A7/7r’s will be shipping in a week or two!

    • Erik

      Or could it be so that Nikon thinks the impact on Sony A7/A7R sales is bigger if they are *not* revealing the true specs and price of the DF?

  • NoGo

    just another big dslr to me, very dispointed

    • FinchBug

      Ronin, USA, NoGo, hexx. Which one do you like best?

      • hexx

        Could you please rephrase your question so I can answer it? Because as it stands now I can’t really tell what it is you’re asking.

        • FinchBug

          Which name do you like best, orbitz? Ronin, USA, NoGo or hexx. Or orbitz?

          • hexx

            I like mine, have been using it for years. Ronin sounds good too, I like that film 😉

          • Are you talking about user names apparently changing? I think that’s a Disquss bug.

  • orbitz

    This camera is dslr shaped. It ain’t no retro. Fail.

    • FinchBug

      Ah orbitz!

  • Marco2k7

    Check out this, not sure if anyone did it yet.

    Not much, I guess they’ll unveil more details at the end of video #3, since this snapshot comes from #2 and those buttons were not visible in video #1.

  • Matt Granger (formerly ThatNikonGuy) has a video up talking through this camera’s rumors.

    • VictorC

      at least he pronounces Nikon correct

      • Polygon

        Hello, jared polin hereFROKNOWSPHOTOOOOOO

        • dale


          • Fro does, but Matt doesn’t sell shirts. He’s spoken about it several times.

            • And of course he doesn’t care about rumors… unless there is an interesting camera coming. Waste of bandwidth if you ask me.

    • Sahaja

      And he doesn’t say that everything he mentions comes straight from this site.

    • fjfjjj

      He thinks the 1×1 crop mode is for “Instagram maybe.” ::rolleyes::

  • newoldmate

    One great shot.. I’m guessing the buffer is shithouse.

    • Hehe.

      Seriously tho, previous rumor was for a 100 shot buffer.

  • Hawkeye

    Introducing the Nikon DF Fly Fishing Rod, retro styled with positronic sensor.

  • TC

    HA, looks like just another digital camera. If you really want retro – go buy a Nikon F and a few rolls of film. There. Done. Retro.

    • Erik

      Don’t have to buy one. It’s enough to open my closet.

  • TheInConvenientRuth

    Nikun Stahp! Nikun waht are yoo doowin? Stahp!!

    You killed of my dreamy Photograhunk. Really? You had to? No more mystery, no more suspense, no more wistfully staring (at me..). Now hes rambling through the undergrowth like a civil servant who lost his car keys after a night of dogging and is now late for work… Yuk.

    O, yes, there was a camera too. Anyone esle notice how they keep it angled up so you can’t see the top plate or any dials that may or may not be on there?
    And it doesn’t look very retro apart from the angular prism housing….

  • SkyMeow

    I imagined retro-style camera would look more retro than this.

    • Guest

      It’s not about the photography, it’s about gawd!

    • Guest


  • Funduro

    Shutter sound will make that viral video wedding minister go ballistic big time. Me, I think is sounds beautiful.

    • Erik

      Maybe they have implemented audio playback of the sampled sound from a classic film body. If the car industry does it, why not the camera industry too. Choose your shutter sound just like the ring tone on a mobile, maybe?

  • Rich Murray

    To my tired old eyes the”camera’ in those pictures looks like nothing more than a black painted hunk of wood. Yeah, I know, wet blanket and all that but, I don’t see enough to speculate on and it could be a prop.

  • Jon McGuffin

    I’m at a loss here as to why everybody here absolutes assumes and takes for granted that the guy in the video is actually using a production version of the Nikon DF.

    There is absolutely nothing that guarantees that’s the case. The video series is all about making the pictures happen in a very “raw” way and NOT about gear. He could be holding a cardboard camera for all we know; again it’s not the marketing strategy Nikon is pushing here.

    What the guy is holding could be anything….

    • TheInConvenientRuth

      You are so right. I assumed the guy in the #1 video was a moody, broody, deep, insightful, artistic hunk of a photogrpaher with big yet sensitive hands… But in the 2nd video he’s just a bumbling Mr. Bean. No words can describe my disappointment. The same might be true for the camera…

    • DTC99

      Is it just me, or in the video frame above (and in the actual video), it looks like someone purposefully obfuscated the image of the camera with a grey rectangle overlay, which makes the ‘grip’ area appear large and plastic. They could be trying to disguise the camera until the official reveal…….

  • Fisheye

    Looks more like the Nikon N4004…………

  • Mark

    Is that a 10-pin port in the top right? Clearly there’s an Fn and DOF preview button on the left.

    • I speculated it’s a tiny kilowatt searchlight assist the D600 focusing system.

      • J. Dennis Thomas

        That looks like the PC sync port cover from a film era camera.

        • Erik

          Indeed. Probably is one.

        • Rad Alzyoud

          or sync port like D800/E

        • Hm. Why would they choose to highlight that detail?

    • Kyshler

      Maybe focus assistance lamp ?

    • Lamar Lamb

      PC connector. For flash sync.

  • Is it just me, or does the lens look shifted in relation to teh body?

    • MJr

      Not just you, it does *look* like that.

      Possibly because the camera is in a leather case.

      • Hulyss Bowman

        Yep, probably 😉

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      That’s just jello video. Nothing to worry about.

      • I was thinking some kind of tilt feature.

        • J. Dennis Thomas

          It comes standard with a Lensbaby.

  • This looks like the D700 replacement you’ve been looking for. Mini D4.

    • Erik

      But does it share the specs with the D4?

  • Petere

    Nikon should have used the silver/black version in these teasers so that the teaser would be more attractive and eye-catching. The black version looks too normal for advertising purpose.

  • Dino Brusco

    I think – it’s the second time I see that – that the lens used – if the new 50 f/1.8 G, has an AIS look with the chrome ring outside.

  • Mrpong

    Hi Admin, do we have any update from the sources?

  • Guest

    How do you add an image to a post?

    edit: nevermind…

    • Stephen

      You just paste URL of an image.

    • There is a little icon to click if you want to upload.

      If you’re serious, I would sure love to see that image 😉

  • Guest

    I found this leaked photo of the camera taken in NYC at PPE!

    • Steve

      I found it too! Gosh it looks ugly….

    • pmabli

      can you share the photo?

    • This is a bad joke, right?

  • Jon Ingram

    I AM less excited. However, I’m still hoping for a highly functional perfect piece of pure photography machinery. Small and well constructed which gets the job done. That is the real heart behind retro. If they deliver this, then I will be happy and the the design is secondary.

    • VictorC

      With every new teaser this camera slowly but surely is being transformed into another boring dslr with (may be) the shutter speed knob….very sad to see that nikon followed olympus

      • Homeros

        The Nikon Jedi mind trick is beginning to wear off on the gullible.

        Thom guided us into realizing that this is just a cheaper FX designed not to siphon sales from the pro bodies. Just like the SX series was weakly speced.

        But I suspect it will have OPPDAF and/or a hybrid OVF/EVF viewing system.

        Nikon will not undermine their top of the line systems until someone does it for them, and someone will eventually.

        The funny part is that Nikon could make a kickass FX mirrorless, with fast AF. I’d buy it even if they overpriced it.

        • Erik

          Why on earth are they not doing a pro FX mirrorless?

          • KnightPhoto

            Pro mirrorless will come one day. Prob not until they can scale up up the Nikon 1 PDAF to cope with the shallow FX DOF.

  • TinusVerdino

    Looks like the Nikon K-01

  • DonD

    Why is my photography today not pure? or any less pure than an image I could get with this camera?

    • xt

      because you are using a D600


    One great shot, and what did he say?

    • Erik

      One great shot before the sensor gets dirty from oil drops?

      • MIAMI-MICE

        Thanks, I know this ad is exclusively for OLD D600 users. 🙂

        • MIAMI-MICE

          Anyway, would you please teach me what he really said after “one great shot?”

          • He says:
            “One great shot rewards everything.”

            • MIAMI-MICE

              Thank you. I appreciate it.

  • Rafa R


  • 103David

    You know, I’m thinking, could this be the (up to now) mythical Digital Back for film cameras? Think about it.
    Using but not defining what is meant by “Fusion.”
    Is it a FM body or a F3 body? Maybe it’s both. That would explain why the hipster-guy looks so confused.
    Maybe we are not to be presented with a camera, but rather a sensor module intended to latch into your appropriate optional replacement camera back.
    Your FM or your F3 could live again…or both. For that matter, if that pesky back-focus problem could be fixed, this could be the beginnings of the workable interchangable sensor system everyone gets all bent about on a regular basis. And why keep limited to Nikon? You really could have favored-party sensors mounted on pre-existing body/lens combinations.
    Naw! Ain’t never gonna happen…
    But what if it does? 🙂

    • PD

      No. It will kill their profit so they won’t do it.

    • Erik

      If there is a demand, Nikon can charge a price for it. As simple as that.

  • eman

    A River Runs Through It….

  • Marco Fiorini

    Maybe is just my immagination…but it looks like an F3/F4…digital, with AF F3. Too good to be true…and with 102000 iso D4 sensor I could also live with the ridicolous 39 point AF!!

    • Sebastien Girard

      Me too, coming from D7000, this could be an awesome upgrade (full frame + really high ISO).I’m waiting for the price and official specs.

  • Roger Botting

    Looking at the screen shots, the camera looks like a Nikon EM with an E series 50/ 1.8. The lens was decent.

  • magnum

    I wonder if they will use the same sensors of the recent sony alpha A7/R ,
    or otherwise they won’t work dslr., but Nikon should come with new sensors.

    • Erik

      Sony denied Nikon using their sensor in this one.

  • Anomad

    I’ll be glad when the marketing hype is over… and we find out some details.

  • James M. Atkinson

    A “Hybrid” camera is one which used both film and digital imaging at the sam time.

    There has been rumors for years that Nikon had a design on such a camera, but the imaging element on the digital side was not sophisticated enough until recently (The D800 changed this).

    The new Nikon AF-S Nikkor 58 mm f/1.4G telegraphs a profound shift in the quality of the lens, and this lens would need a camera of equal quality.

    “Pure Photography” uses prim lenses only, and intermixes digital imagery in both color and true panchromatic, and of course “develop-stop-fix-wash” film.

    There is also some possibility that Nikon has a Medium Format Digital Camera with a 70mm sensor.

    • JohnH

      What the heck are you talking about?

    • phosgene

      Google translate may not have served you well in this case

  • Jer

    My hope is that it will have interchangeable focus screens so I can put a totally uncluttered plain matte focus in it for ideal manual focusing.

  • Erik

    A thought. If Nikon made this a totally manual camera with no auto mode at all (neither auto exposure nor auto focus) it would become mandatory equipment for all photo students.

    • Dave

      my wish come true

    • umeshrw

      And (obviously with no AF and ground glass screens) a true retro camera.

    • HotDuckZ


  • Smaczny Konsek

    Interesting how the model walks through a mostly coniferous forest and suddenly finds himself on the side of the river with only decidous trees in sight.
    Somebody in the comments (James Atkinson) speculated about MF 70mm sensor, interesting idea, could it actually be a medium format sensor with a new medium format 50mm lens from Nikon? and auto sensor crop depending on what lens you use? I guess that 1.8 aperture contradicts that idea unfortunately…

    • photoroto

      The former “video record” button now invokes a teleportation device that instantaneously moves the photographer to the nearest pure photo op.

      Maybe not a 70mm sensor, but wouldn’t a square sensor be interesting?

  • Lumenatic

    What does he say exactly at the end ? It sounds like “One great shots rewards everything”. But that does not make sense since “shots” is plural and “one” is clearly not plural


      Yes. And “rewards” means the subject must be singular, right?

    • I heard “shot”, singular, making the grammar correct.

  • joe

    What’s with the creepy videos? This guy looks like he’s stalking someone.

    • Mardock

      Yeah, thanks for that, Dexter.

  • John

    It appears that the “retro” thing was a rumor or hype or something — this looks like a standard contemporary DSLR. I wonder what you guys would think it needs to have to justify the price over a D610?

    • JohnH

      Depends on how you define “retro” now doesn’t it?

    • VictorC

      Justify the price? The Billingham Hadley Pro bag, that actor carries, is included 🙂

    • Mardock

      This thing looks NOTHING like a contemporary DSLR; I can’t fathom why people keep saying that.

      It’s clearly smaller than a D600; more akin to an F3 with a half-case on it. And for those who don’t remember AiS lenses, the “silver” ring around the lens barrel is a clear throw back to that era. Expect the body to be as well.

  • Sahaja

    Nikon will surprise us all and release a new film camera.

    • Erik

      Nikon F7!

      • TonyU

        Exactly, it’s an F6 with a Digital sensor!

        • Erik

          No! It’s a D4 for film! 🙂

  • Tman

    Out of curiosity if you take old school cameras like f90 or f100 and put little more than a digital back can you make a much cheaper camera? It doesn’t look retro so I’m curious if this will truly slot below d610 in pricing as one person posted in forums earlier.

    • mooh

      Expect a starting price of $2499 for such a back, in case it’s FF.

      (The bulky Leica DMR was $5995 when new)

  • tap0

    Dear Admin,

    Do you have any juicy info or do we have to rely on Nikon’s handouts to tell us what is coming….

    • Did you miss my previous posts?

      • tap0

        Any photographs or price ? What does your contact in Sendai say ? 😉

        • Don’t be an ass.

          NR has a long history of collecting and reporting rock-solid info. He was reporting on this long before these videos came available.

          • It’s funny how none of those videos mentioned the source of their specs 🙂

            • I thought about that too. Seems wrong not to get a “via” link at least.

          • tap0

            Why so defensive ? All I asked was if he had any more info now. Clear the mist from your glasses and learn to read.

      • Kasponaut

        Hi Admin.

        Nikon has removed the NIKON DF from the ‘line up’ side – strange I think. hmmmm …. Whats your thoughts about that?

        • Yes, maybe they are working on the real site.

          • Kasponaut

            Yes maybe 😉 But a little strange anyway.
            Any new info on the DF? 😉

          • Kasponaut

            And Admin. Didn’t you report on an interchangeable mirror less camera with a large sensor in the pipeline around the time the Nikon Coolpix A was announced? Maybe this is it – if its really hybrid 😉

        • Kamasutra

          The D4 is gorgeous 😛

        • Erik

          Maybe Nikon has really listened to this thread and is getting last minute regrets about the AF system. Withdrawing it before it has been released.

  • delowan

    If you look closely in HD, you can see that they intentionally blurred the camera, by photoshopping a small black patch. The patch follows the camera movement. Look closely !! So the camera, may not be THAT big in reality. 😉 Look for 00:07 to 00:09, in HD, and do some frame by frame, Fast Foward and rewind. You will see what i mean.

  • Anonymous Coward

    He should be wearing a Members Only jacket.

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