More on Nikon’s “Pure Photography” campaign

There is another image with a better view of the retro-styled Nikon DSLR camera:

It appears that there will be a total of 6 teaser videos for the new camera (see the first video here):

Nikon Imaging already has a dedicated spot for the new camera on their website - the link goes to a new page that has this description:

"Nikon presents a series of short movies depicting a photographer roaming through Scotland with a camera as his only companion. Discover how he reunites with his creative self during this uniquely ambitious trip."


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  • John

    Manual lens, but an old one… looks to have a grip though. Grrr.

    • jsvfoto

      That’s what I noticed as well. I wonder if that grip can be taken off…

  • Neil

    If the lens ends up having an aperture ring… then it really makes me wonder why Nikon removed it in the first place. Not sure if this retro Nikon would have been enough to have kept me from moving to Fuji but it would have definitely made me think more. I just hope I don’t end up thinking that Nikon could have done better.

    • Maybe it will have a bright, anodized aluminum advertisement on it like Sony’s higher end cameras. Kind of like those stickers they like to festoon display models with, only not removable. We can hope!

    • MyrddinWilt

      Taking the aperture ring off the lens and putting it on the body would make perfect sense.

      The reason those aperture rings have gone is because they have to be stopped down to f/22 for the automatic aperture control to kick in (and stop use of an electronic aperture control).

      But having an aperture control dial on the body would make perfect sense to me. In fact I would like to have separate dials for aperture, speed and ISO gain and a button next to each letting me set them automatically. No more modes.

      • what_the_fox_says

        what about variable aperture lenses or lenses which stop down to different f-stops like f/16 vs f/22?

    • JonB

      The original teaser shot shows the lens as labeled 50mm 1:1.8G, the G being the part that tells us it has no aperture ring. I can’t image that Nikon would break that nomenclature by calling it a G lens if it had an aperture ring.

    • Cliff

      Isn’t that a “G” lens?

  • Scott W

    I hope that line up of camera bodies isn’t sorted from most expensive to least expensive.

    • The chief purpose of “retro” styled cameras appears to be to separate idiots the fashion conscious from their excess money. It’s particularly funny when you consider that the best way to look fashionable is NOT to be the guy with the camera.

      • phil

        he’s a hipster, that’s fashion.

      • John

        Or it could simply be that some like their cameras to have aperture rings, shutter speeds, and not look like a bloated blob. The real idiot is the type that thinks his opinion is the only right one.

        • Remedy

          Maybe “tools” look like a bloated blob because it’s the sort of shapes that feel most comfortable in humanoid hands? Brick/lego hands much? Double facepalm.

          • John

            True, for some… and what I said is true for others. Why can’t people understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to cameras?

            • Remedy

              It’s not about size, it’s about shape and that’s not debatable. Curved/blobed shapes fit better in human hands, period.

            • John

              Sigh, “one size does not fit all” is an expression. They may fit better in your hands, but for others we may prefer a different shape. Not sure why everyone cannot see that some don’t like the current DSLR shapes. Fuji and Leica have proven that they do.

        • Remember how in the “good old days” you paid a whole bunch extra for an SLR with a small dusty window that showed you your aperture (but only in good light)? I like thumbwheels that control the aperture—which I can clearly see in the viewfinder—while not needing a second hand.

          • John

            Fair enough Tonio, but let’s remember not everyone feels the same way and that is why Nikon is making this camera (I assume).

            • Hey this camera is very attractive to me precisely because it seems like a small, ergonomic, full-frame camera. My complaint is with people who fetishize the surface appearance of things over functionality. I want a pentaprism hump with a pentaprism in it, or no pentaprism hump. (That said, it looks like the OM-D EM-5 is simply a better camera than the GX-7.)

              Switching to a Leica-style control system today would be nutty for Nikon. It would further fragment their lens lineup and it wouldn’t improve ergonomics.

            • John

              Well right, surface appearance is a shallow spec that doesn’t really work once you go out, need to accomplish something, and are serious about photography. However, the camera has to do what you want the way you prefer. I guess what I’m saying is that some people still prefer cameras that act like a film camera before Nikon and Canon went plastic blob crazy (Pre-F4). Dedicated shutter speed dial, aperture rings, no huge grips, etc. However, I’d settle for a F4 style DSLR at this point since FM2 and F3 seem to be off the table. Simplicity is what I like. We don’t all photograph the same things the same way, so I get it that this camera will not be for everyone. However, I take offense to those who want to change this into the same old DSLR by Nikon. Nikon has a first class DSLR called the D800(E). You can buy that if you like the status quo. Why not leave this camera to those who will appreciate it for staying out of our way the way a Leica or Fuji does currently.

            • Right (see the post I was writing while you were writing this :-)). I think we’re both after the same camera pretty much. Ideally we’d go back to a dedicated shutter speed dial that shows the shutter speed at a glance etc., but practically speaking we need something that supports gelded lenses.

              I will make a side point: Pentax’s shutter + aperture priority (where the camera picks the ISO to make the settings work) is the kind of genius obvious-in-retrospect feature that the new camera control layouts allow. My issue is with the disconnect from the dial you set something with and where it’s displayed. OK, it’s in the viewfinder, great, but the top LCD panel on my DSLRs is still something I need to think about.

        • As an aside: if you don’t think your opinion is right, why have it? Idiocy is being unwilling to change your opinion when you get more information.

          I think we shouldn’t talk across each other because that’s pointless. I’m not advocating bloated blobs, and I suspect you’re not advocating a return to aperture rings for their own sake. I suspect both of us want a camera that’s as small and attractive as possible without sacrificing ergonomics, and the only real quibbles here are (a) what’s “attractive” and (b) what’s ergonomic. Scoring points by putting words in the mouths of other people is just wasting time.

          • John

            Ok, I concede as well. Hopefully the camera is the right one for at least one of us.

      • fjfjjj

        “Retro style” cameras seem to be about classic design, not fashion. That means dedicated physical controls for basic functions like aperture and shutter speed, and a silver top-plate for good control visibility in the dark. There’s nothing stupid about that. I personally like those great design choices better than all the “logic” of the Nikon F4 style controls that dominate SLR design today. The Fuji X-E1 might be “retro style” but to me it’s just “classic design” that wins.

        • Börje Dahrén

          Absolutely agree! I shoot mostly with D700 and a Nikon FE from 1979. I much prefer the handling of the FE. Great ergonomics and simplicity. Though I wouldn’t use the FE for shooting sports, obviously!

    • MyrddinWilt

      Maybe they punked everyone and it is actually a 50MP D4X…!

      That list also has the D3X and D3s listed which I thought were discontinued and the D90 which is long gone.

      Cant see D4H making much sense as a name unless the idea is that you are getting the D4 sensor in a different package for D4 money…

      This does seem a better fit to the FX rumor than the D4X though. I think it is still a bit early for a D4x and there would be no point in launching what would be a studio body to compete against the Hassys and Phase Ones ahead of the olympics.

      • this_isnt_real

        yea, d4h makes zero sense considering in the past the h was used for higher speed press oriented cameras.

      • Cliff

        Well…you won’t be getting a built in flash…

    • Jon Ingram

      lol, yeah no kidding. Looks like the list is sorted according to original line-up purposes. Case in point, the D90 is below the D7000, it’s “replacement”, but above the entire D5000 line, even with the D5300 being more expensive and more advanced in many ways except for a few things. According to the logic of the line-up, this new camera would be at the top of the line-up, but realistically that probably isn’t true. They are just placing it at the first slot because it’s new and unique and placing it anywhere else would generate less excitement.

      • Remedy

        Top screen, PENTAPRISM viewfinder with largest in it’s class image, screwdriver for old lenses, dedicated buttons for everything important, size that’s meant for someone bigger than a capuchin monkey, more advanced white balance customization options, flash with commander mode, waaay more battery juice. All the important things are/were better on the D90 apart from the sensor, that’s logical. D5300 is a fine camera but I just can’t see it being a replacement for something like D90/D7000 etc.

    • RMJ

      It’s obviously on the first spot to gain attention. Not it’s final place.

      • Cliff

        Is it lighter than the D800 or D600? No video is not an issue with me as I use a dedicated video camera anytime I need to take movies. I own all of the single digit Nikon F cameras (except for the F6) and would like one to feel like the first camera I ever owned, the Nikon Photomic F. That was my first camera but unfortunately, my instructor in College made me use a Speed Graphic for my assignments…

  • gorji

    Looks like a Nikon F3

    • emmevi

      yeah, F3…should have the possibility to change the focusing screen like the old F3…would be amazing with manual focus lenses…

  • Lee

    the spot it is reserved… not going to be cheaper than D4x? o.0

    • Mars Observer

      (cries) 🙁

    • Stephen

      That’s so sad but seems to be true.

    • RMJ

      Obviously it’s on the first spot because it’s the first thing people will see and will be interested of it.

      It has nothing to do with it’s real classification.

  • northrop

    Where’s the CSI’s “enhance the image” when you need it.

    • Chimphappyhour

      Can’t believe I had to scroll this far down on the list of “best” comments to find this one. Enhance, enhance, enhance… was my first thought. (Although, more from SuperTroopers than anything else.)

  • USA

    Why is the D3s still listed? Is it still being manufactured?

    • GXR

      I was just going to ask the same question?

  • LarrC

    If “Pure Photography” means an aperture ring and no video, I’ll buy one.

    • Crackity Jones

      But if it means aperture ring AND video, you won’t?

      • Theodoros Fotometria

        In fact, there is a very good reason why Nikon should bring the aperture ring back to all their G lenses… Lenses will be easier to use via adapters on mirror less cameras, this is both sales beneficial and may attract future customers to the company.

    • Spy Black

      It should mean aperture AND shutter ring, and no video…

      • Anónimo

        If this rumored “special” 50mm F:1.8 is a “G” lens, how do you see the aperture ring?
        A body’s ring like the one on the Fuji X100 or similar to the one that the Olympus OM bodies have for speeds?

        • RMJ

          Electronically coupled aperture ring with standard mechanical AI lens feeling. It’s not tricky thing to do.

          • Theodoros Fotometria

            Actually, there is no other reason than cost that the aperture ring has been removed… The classic17-35mm f2.8 and 28-70mm f2.8 (the beast) golden ring lenses are AF-S, have full aperture coupling and still have an aperture ring… In fact, with the F100 & F6, one can program the camera to either set the aperture from the dial or from the ring itself, which Nikon removed (for no reason) from the digital bodies that followed…

            • RMJ

              Actually, now that I remind myself what exactly G stands for, it’s impossible to have aperture ring if Nikon stands behind the abbreviation. G literally tells that there is no aperture ring.

              You are right about those lenses, they can be controlled by sub dial and by aperture ring.

              But you are wrong about removing the option in digital bodies. For example in D7000 has the option under menu f6 “customize command dials” -> “Aperture setting”. You can choose to set it by dial or by aperture ring.

            • TURNERO

              I was always told the G stood for gelded which means castrated.

            • Theodoros Fotometria

              Whoops! …never noticed! …I used to own a D7K, I should have checked! A G with an aperture ring would be a …D!

            • timarts

              “one can program the camera to either set the aperture from the dial or from the ring itself”

              some cameras still have this feature, my D300s does

            • Joel Zdur

              and all other ones, it has to do with the lens having a lock at the smallest aperature. Zeiss ZF lenses work like this as well.

        • joe

          probably the 50/1.8G formula in a MF lens body… only turn off is the EVF…

        • joe

          probably the 50/1.8G formula in a MF lens body… only turn off is the EVF…

    • bob2

      Pure Photography means it should take film. Or wet plates. Large format wet plates. Nikon’s coming out with a 8×10″ LF camera. Imagine the bokeh on that 300mm Kodak lens….

      • LarryC

        I disagree. Photography is about capturing a static moment. Medium is irrelevant. “Old school” photography refers to medium. Video is a completely different art form – and one I have zero interest in and I don’t want record buttons, compromised hardware or unnecessary menu items cluttering up my PHOTOGRAPHY tools.

        • Remedy

          Because everyone knows that video capability means compromised hardware…. triple facepalm

          • John McClane

            If the video mode is nothing special than I’d rather Nikon just leave it out. I understand that video isn’t difficult to add to these cameras but what’s the point if it’s crappy video? It seems Nikon is marketing this as a “true” photographer’s camera. I wouldn’t be surprised if they even left out liveview as a feature… or at least buried it in the menu

            • Remedy

              Oh right, because fake retro look digital camera is a “true” camera. Excuse me that I can barely hear You over the laughter of photography legends.

              Also, why do You assume it’s gonna have a crappy video? Last time I checked D800 had really good video and D5300 seemed pretty great too.

            • Franckie

              Sorry, d800 has a good video quality in daylight, but it’s crappy under low-light conditions… as photsites are two small, even if there are 2 milions of them, noise rises a lot, the 5200 on the other hand has an excellent quality video mode, thaks to toshiba, who didn’t know that dslr’s sensors had to show moiré and aliasing ! 😉

          • Captain Megaton

            It means a compromised, or at the very least more cluttered, control set.

    • Theodoros Fotometria

      …and an XQD card slot!

      • Shutterfella

        “That’s extra… what do you take me for?”

    • Theodoros Fotometria

      No matter the cost? …Think of it like approaching a whore…
      – “Hi DF do you have an aperture ring and luck video”?
      – “Yes…”
      – “How much”?

  • USA

    Dude in the campfire pic is trying to operate the GPS?
    Or auto-facebook function?

    • Glen

      Perhaps he’s chatting via LINE thru his camera.

    • kodak

      He’s trying to load the film.

    • Mr X

      Looks like he is blowing dust from the sensor to me 😉

      Mr X

    • USA

      Retro may mean that the built-in phone is rotary.

  • Jeff Curtner

    In the first teaser the lens aperture marking is 1:1.8 like the old AF/AF-D whereas the last year released AF-S 50/1.8 is simply 1.8. This proves it is a new AF-S 50/1.8G.

  • John Armstrong-Millar

    I’m interested

  • phil

    judging by those 20 pixels extrapolated to 200, that looks like a regular DSLR

  • USA

    Is it just me, or is the Pure Photography image on the Digital SLR Cameras homepage way, way underexposed?

    • USA

      Perhaps it does not have a built in exposure meter? Retro!

      • Stefan Georgiev

        my FM3a does have exposure meter

        • Cliff

          So does my Photomic F, FTN, F2AS, F3, F4, and F5.

    • I think they’re intentionally obscuring details.

  • Dave

    It is not retro and there is no EVF. It is just a plain simple camera how it should be. Thanks! I am very interested.

    • aaaa

      It is a nikkormat shape

      • Anónimo

        Looking at the second image (zoomed) it looks more like the prism’s shape of Nikon F than Nikkormat’s one.

    • The_RazE

      It clearly DOES look retro. And how can you tell from the picture that it doesn’t have an EVF?

      • Dave

        Just a guess, the EVF is a rumor only. What sense would an EVF make in a ‘pure photography’ camera, kind of contradiction. Maybe there is no display, so ‘the’ EVF would display the picture into the OVF. Just speculation. Happy enough with ‘it’s in my hands again’ = full manual control….

        • Hans

          Maybe Dave meant, reduced to the max is not imperative to retro, just timeless, how a purist camera should look like.

  • VictorC

    Looks like it has grip….damn

  • BuzzAldrin

    Hoping for a pin, prong, and ratcheting maximum aperture indexing!

  • quintas

    So confusing. It seems like typical DSLR. Not retro at all.

    • The controls will be retro.

    • Thorne

      I searched all the comments to read like this. It also seems to me that’s pretty much like an F6

  • J. Dennis Thomas

    What would be hilarious would be if it was actually an update to the F6.

    • Erik

      An F7 with in-body stabilisation for film would be great! (However, this one is sorted under digital so this one is likely not the F7)

      • J. Dennis Thomas

        IBIS for film? If Nikon could achieve that feat they could do ANYTHING!!!

  • Harv.!
  • quintas

    Now the expectation is very high. This advertising strategy is very dangerous. If it ends with success, it will be a milestone for digital camera, but if finally becomes disappointment, that will be disaster.

    • Mike

      Indeed. Nikon is at the plate, bottom of the 9th with bases loaded. They are essentially pointing to outfield saying “I’m about to hit a grand slam”. Let’s hope so. Let’s hope this is a D3 moment again.

  • Charles

    The photographer seems to adjust the aperture directly on the lens. And the camera doesn´t look very small. This could be a great camera.

  • grant torres

    Looks like an EM-1s big brother.

  • Killroy™

    Look where his fingers are wrapped around the front….tell me that does not look like a MD4 style grip?

    • Whoever edited that image brought out the detail very well.

      It does look like some kind of grip.

    • RMJ
      • Killroy™

        It looks much bigger than the F3 body grip. I have the F3 and my hand does not wrap like that unless there is an MD4 on it.

        • RMJ

          Well, I got F3, too, and that’s pretty much how I hold it. 🙂

          I guess it’s matter of style of holding, too. As well as size of the hand.

      • Cliff

        I have to agree, it doesn’t look like the hands are in the right position for a motor drive but he’s definitely holding on to something. I too have an F3 but I think the grip is larger that the one on the F3 but it’s doesn’t seem to be large enough to be a motor drive unless the actor has really long fingers.

  • rosshj

    Hopefully the grip is more like this one…


  • rosshj

    Not sure if that’s a silver band on the lens, but it reminds me of the AI-s lenses.

  • KUK


    • Killroy™

      Nikon N90…worst Nikon ever!!!

      • JSturr

        No — the FG was the worst ever.

  • Irresistible

    That camera is not similar to F3, but it looks like Nikkormat.

    • Killroy™

      Did you forget that the new one has a hot shoe?

    • Cliff

      No, based on proportions, it looks more like a Nikon F with a hot shoe. The early Nikon cameras had flash terminals close to the winder that provided the signal to the flash sub-system. The first professional Nikon to get a hot shoe was the F4.

    • 103David

      At least give us an FT3 Nikkormat. You know, the one with the AI metering connection.

  • this_isnt_real

    good thing it isn’t the end of march because i would think this was an april fools joke

    • 103David

      I’d say, “…Movin’ in that direction…”

  • MrSkelter

    If it has a low power mode perhaps the body is small and to get long battery life with the LCD in “normal” or high power mode you need the battery in the grip. Maybe the gps is in there too like Leica?

    Pure photography suggests putting function over size. A grip as an option makes sense. The camera has to offer choice to shooters.

  • VictorC

    surprisingly it looks like….. Canon F-1 with a bigger grip and FL lens attached….

  • Albi86

    Am I the only one catching the irony of 5 videos to promote a camera that has no video functionality?

    • bob2


    • analogue alex

      No you are not!! It amuses me totally!!!

    • Captain Custard

      I’ve seen videos to promote custard powder that doesn’t have video functionality.

      • dave

        You just killed me there. 🙂

    • LarryC

      Irony? Video is used to market everything. Why not use it to market a camera? Is it ironic that cars, glasses or phones are marketed with video – all of which may or may not incorporate video capabilities.

    • fjfjjj
      • Good one!

      • Aldo

        Even more ironic this new cam won’t shoot as fast as the F5

  • BroncoBro

    Is that a focusing ring he has in his left hand? I hope so.

  • Jon Ingram

    Best marketing move I’ve seen from Nikon in a long time…, using teaser videos to generate excitement via the net, word of mouth, etc…. Also at the same time appealing to the purist crowd. Surprisingly good. I can’t wait to see this thing…

  • Ricky

    I hope they offer silver/black edition

  • NIR

    I’s funny how the camera maker that brought video to DSLR’s is now taking it away.

  • Peter

    Theposition of the black square scares me: “I AM the most expensive FX camera” 😮

  • MMS

    The bright spot next to the shutter release button on the enlarged photos looks like a shutter speed dial.

  • ronin

    Thank goodness for this. What were we thinking all those years with D700s and D800s and D4s, disunited as we were with our creative selves? We were do damned IMPURE.

    • Killroy™

      I sense deep sarcasm in this one.

  • photoroto

    It will be a relief to put all this impure photography behind me. I feel so dirty!

  • desmo

    even though the kit may come with a “G” lens,
    nothing says they have to use the kit lens in the video

    Looks and sounds like a non-AI or early AI lens

    I suspect it’s going to look and feel like an ” F “,
    just not modular,
    removable back ,prism, focus screen, etc

  • NoSnobby37

    No video? It’s for oldies.

    • LarryC

      Or it’s for photographers.

      • NoSnobby37

        Real photographers are confused by the video capabilities?

  • Aris

    They advertise as main feature hybrid “RETRO” hipster camera with no movie mode and listed above D4??? haha 😛
    We are in 2013 we want the camera can do coffee if it’s possible… Sorry Nikon but ….

    • Scott

      YOU want a camera that can do coffee!

      I’d just like the option of video 😉

      Never been a fan of coffee. 😛

  • per

    If pure photography means photography with physical controls, and the camera comes with a G lens – then does it not mean that one will be able to shoot with G lenses in pure mode? Which means that there will be some physical control for aperture on the camera? For example a fixed aperture ring. Is this possible?

    • Scott M.

      Yes, it does seem like there is a built in aperture ring built around the mount somehow. You could use that for G lenses if you want or older lenses work too. =Hybrid. F-stop shows up electronically in viewfinder.

  • jtorral

    looks like his thumb is behind some sort of bump. maybe a lever?

  • Анатолий

    You’re a goddamn snobs! You’ve made youself believe that you actually WANT less features and less comfortable body just for “PURE” photography! That’s just ridiculous. Just grab a camera a go shoot!

    • callibrator

      Anatoli, no we’re not. We’re photographers, not Leica gear masturbatory.

      • Vladibums

        No, its Nikon’s Leica for the pure photogs.

      • Анатолий

        But if that camera will have video you refuse to buy it? nontheless, congratulations. Nikon has noticed you. They’ll release a special-colored 50mm 1.8. Just for you)

        • Pablo Ricasso

          No one is saying “I won’t buy it if it won’t have video”…just where did you get that from?

          You don’t have an argument and you’re loosing quickly any credibility you have left by unintelligent commentary like that…

          • Анатолий

            sort comments by “best” (lol). First one. then go to explanatory dictionary and type “IF”. then google “logical connective”.
            I’m not familiar to that community you got here, but if you vote up comments like that… I don’t care about “credibility I have left” in your eyes…

    • Danny

      IT HAZ Begun!

    • Vladibums

      Less is more…. no choice = more brain

    • John

      Don’t use video or 50% of the available features on my D800.
      Want something smaller and way more usable with my MF Nikon glass – some of which has no peer in Nikon’s AF lens selection.
      24MP would be better, but I’ll take the quality 16MP from the D4 sensor. Likely to keep my D800 though . . .

  • 103David

    Man, I hope this works, I really do, and I wish both Nikon and us well…
    But I smell a Red Herring. I suspect what is promised and what we get will be very, very different.
    Please, Nikon, say it’s not so.

  • 103David

    Can’t help but notice the guy sitting around the campfire is running the battery down on his SUV. Hope he’s got cell phone reception to call AAA in the morning to come get a jumpstart. Naw, probably not…he’s using his cell battery up scrolling through commentary in “Nikon Rumors.”

    • It’s ok, they’re burning about 1000 watt-seconds to light the tent and the ground behind them.

      • 103David

        Yikes! you’re right.
        I don’t see any trees so I was just wondering where our guy got the wood for the campfire.
        Mostly where I live you’d have about 50 rangers on your ass right about now concerning an open fire in a national park.

        • I think the fire is real, but it wouldn’t throw light that far and even.

    • JM

      I wonder how he’s going to use the telescope without getting burned.

      • 103David

        You’re right. We don’t see any trees because he chopped them down to make the campfire and he’s using the telescope to be all creepy and drippy at the nude beach a bit down the way.
        Meanwhile, back at Nikon…

  • Blue_439

    It looks like there is a chrome/silvery ring on the lens, like on the old Nikkors. And the angle of view, plunging down on gras, is very reminiscent of the closing sequence of Blow-Up, a Nikon movie if there ever was one (and Cannes festival winner in 1967)…

  • John

    From the blown-up image it looks to me to resemble the pentaprism hump of a FE2 or FM3A. Also looks like the top of the camera on either side of the viewfinder is fairly flat by the way his finger is on the shutter button.
    Also, the hint of a bit of a grip by the way his fingers appear to be wrapped around something.
    Perhaps his right hand thumb is pressing some sort of button on the back.
    The width of the viewfinder seems more EVF-like (or it has an eye cup on it).
    The lens looks like it has a chrome ring with DOF markings on it – if so it must have an aperture ring – likely a black one.
    The front of the 50/1:1.8G looks very similar to the 50/1.8G so they likely did not make a pancake lens out of it (plus the lens he’s cradling in his left hand does not appear to be short/squat, but more like a 50/1.8G if in fact that’s what he has on the camera).

  • PD

    Im more concerned about how many grands it will be…

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