First Nikon retro camera teaser: “it’s in my hands again”

Nikon just released the first video teaser for their upcoming retro-styled DSLR FX camera called "Nikon - Pure Photography #1" (update - see also this post):

I definitely like this clicking sound! Now who can get us some good screenshots of the new camera? The lens is definitely a new 50mm f/1.8G lens as previously reported:

You can also see the flash hot shoe on this screen grab:


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  • rhlpetrus

    The choice of f/1.8 for the dedicated normal is interesting. I still have my screw-mount AP Takumar 50mm f/1.4 and it’s a great lens, and definitely not that large. Maybe the AF gear inside is what make present lenses much larger, but it’snot about the optics. I’d rather have the f/1.4, that’s the real classic Nikkor.

  • T53

    Intensive lobbying is underway to increase the debt ceiling.

    • Avoid the bedroom shutdown at all costs.

      • PhotoAl

        These two comments are pretty clever, almost made me spit my oatmeal out.

  • per

    Now we’re waiting for the follow-up: “From my dead cold hands..”

    • Danonino

      ROFL! >,D

  • Goose


    • Jorge

      Holy Crap I’m LOL’ng in an office meeting. STOP IT!
      LOL LOL

  • Bobby

    OK Nikon …you win. Your first teaser makes me crazy to know what happen next.
    Now please release the second episode.

  • Tony It.

    You guys seriously need girlfriends 😉

    • Mark

      I plan to get this camera for my wife…who just sold her Fuji XE1 to buy this 🙂

    • taildraggin

      If it’s in *his* hands again, he needs a girlfriend.

    • Danonino

      Or boyfriends, anything that ticks your boxes 😉

  • Gummybear77

    “It’s in my hands again”…maybe it refers to “real” photography where you set everything yourself instead of digital cameras that set everything for you?

    • saywhatuwill

      The funny thing about that comment is that we’ve always been able to set everything ourselves. The camera mode is called Manual. I use it periodically. I even have a hand held meter and AI-s lenses with an aperture ring.

  • Dan Gabai


    • tap0

      @ Dan Gabai … are you describing yourself ?

  • Filip

    From Nikon’s site, comment on the video:

    A photographer stands alone in a bleak landscape. Something has been missing from his creative life. Will he find it here?

  • chrisseg

    Maybe, this camera will be presented at “Salon de la photo” at Paris on November 7th.

    • Yes, it will – see my post from yesterday

      • So we have two weeks and probably four more videos. I think I can’t stand the anticipation with only one video!

  • dimitrisservis

    You can see it in the picture! It’s the devil!

  • Just Passing Through

    For a split second I thought that ^ was Richard Hammond.

    • saywhatuwill

      There would be a car or some monstrosity somewhere in the frame.

  • Jeff Curtner

    The aperture marking in the teaser is 1:1.8 like those non G lenses whereas the G lens is 1.8.

    • Kwanhan

      as a native mandarin speaker, i would translate the text as “it stirred within me a familiar feeling”

      hope this helps to narrow down possible interpretations.

  • Blackness

    Enthusiasm does actually live here at Nikon Rumors after all. Fun watching this bunch of dust moaners actually getting worked up by such an underwhelming storyline. Pussies the lot of ya!

  • BM

    Well then, If a real camera in our hands AGAIN then what have we been using since then??? Is Nikon suggesting they were making crap cameras all these years?

    • BroncoBro

      Everyone’s been making crap. Technology is finally catching up to desire.

  • Falk Lumo

    Nothing in the teaser points at a digital camera. So, it must be a new film camera, pure and in your hands again. What else 🙂 🙂 😉

    • Börje Dahrén

      I would actually be quite happy if it was a new film camera, but they already made the FM3a 🙂
      Anyway, my expectations are insanely high!

      • Falk Lumo

        So ok, three smileys were not enough. My bad 🙂

        • Börje Dahrén

          it was, but one smiley definately wasn’t!

        • Börje Dahrén

          haha! yes it was, but one smiley definately was not enough! 🙂

    • tap0

      It is mentioned under the lineup digital SLR cameras. So it will definitely not be a film camera.

  • Michele Perillo

    Hmmmm. Lot of food for thougt here. A guy dressed in Smart casual, no bag in sight, so he is not a professional. Very mechanical sounding “clicks and no winding noise can be heard. Nikon is stressing the “retro
    Concept very much, so the family feeling with D4, if any, shall be almost negligible. I am rather curious!

  • USA

    Nikon turns on the Leitz to see new product line?

  • USA

    “it’s in my hands again.”
    That comes with puberty.

  • Bertalan Soos

    it needs to be an all time ISO champion to rule.

  • m

    i highly doubt the guy in that video had the actual upcoming camera with him

  • Hulyss Bowman

    Just worked on a pic found in china 🙂

    Kind rergards – H.Bowman.

    • Horange Cones

      Scalloped Focus Ring?

  • BuzzAldrin

    I’m not getting excited over anything that doesn’t have the hot shoe on the rewind knob.

  • phosgene


    • BroncoBro

      I still have one. I use it on my D300s.

      • MisterF

        Pain in the neck?

        • BroncoBro

          Not really. Certainly not in the way like wider straps. I reach in under the strap to grab the camera with my right hand and then secure the strap in my free fingers. I have the length set so that there is tension against the side and heel of my hand when I do that and it acts like a stabilizer.

  • Guest

    Can’t believe how everyone is getting sooo worked up about this. I’m excited too, mind you, but it drives home to me just how long I’ve been out of the gear market. This camera sounds like nothing more than what I expect to hear from a camera. I played with an F, an F3 and an M3 and they all make similar, mechanical sounds for speed and aperture selection. It’s almost funny how much a lot of you must miss those sounds, having lived in the digital world, perhaps for your entire photographic careers (I’m 60). It speaks a bit to the lack of connection between humans and the ever more electro-automatic all machines are becoming. And that’s the bet: Nikon has to pick exactly how far into the past to design this machine. Not enough and it’s just another huge gummy bear plastic body like they already have tooling for. Too far and it has lost too much of what would drive sales to offset R&D. I’m sure Nikon Financial is trying to read the tea leaves as much as are consumers. I hope it’s a huge and long-lived hit for them. They make great cameras but it’s been a long time since Nikon demonstrated that spark that set them apart decades ago.

  • A digital back with an LCD on it, to swap out on the FM2 I hung on to… would be cooler. 🙂

  • Mars Observer

    I like the look of the video. I wonder what they used to film it.

  • Falk Lumo

    There is actually an image of the camera in the Nikon category listing.
    It must be the same image as posted by Hulyss from China.

    It is very tiny and dark and almost invisible. But processed a bit, it looks as following:


    • Hulyss Bowman

      Yea, look like there is an Eye-Cup ??

    • BroncoBro

      looks like it has 60 fps video from what I see here.

    • MisterF

      No grip and the shutter button in the top plate? And two knobs on top? Nikon FE-D??

  • hahaha
  • Dweeb

    Is it called the “Lunar”?

  • joe

    EVF is quite a turnoff

  • Harpo

    The Prime Minister’s Lover has a NIKON! (talking ’bout Borgen)

  • Ram Dulara

    At 765g weight, there is no comparison with Sony A7

    • Admin thinks that maybe the weight is with the new matched lens.

      Still, it’s lighter than the D610.

  • sperdynamite

    From the look of the model and the phrase “pure photography” we can surmise that Nikon will be launching their new Aryan line of FX cameras.

  • pix555

    Wish Nikon would announce sooner! Sony is supposed to be shipping in two or three weeks.

    • BroncoBro

      you’ve been without either camera for your entire life…and you can’t wait 2 weeks?

  • pix555

    The shutter sound is truly haunting.Takes me back to my childhood days and the sound of my Dad’s Nikon F, exactly the same! The bokeh is fantastic.

  • VictorC

    The picture with the guy holding the camera:
    1. The lens will have a”silver” ring, line an aperture ring on AIs lenses
    2. The camera seems to have two knobs, one on each side of the VF (shutter speed? ISO, EC?)

    • Sahaja

      Only older non-AI and early AI lenses had a silver ring

      You used to set the ISO and exposure compensation with a ring that went round the rewind crank on the left (looking from the rear) and the shutter speed on the right. Aperture on the lens.

  • BustItAwayPhotography

    Pure things are expensive

  • Neopulse

    Sounds like a D4 shutter click to me.

    • Sahaja

      so long as there is no sound of splattering oil

  • USA

    Reminds me of the original Infiniti Q45 ad campaign. All rocks. No car. Guy in video needs a shower & shave. Probably up all night with the owner’s manual.

    • outkasted


  • Kyle

    The way by which such guy uses to take a photo is quite weird. Why waste time adjust too many knobs, too many clicks? Very awkward indeed!!!

    • BroncoBro

      …go ahead, just set it on that green thingy on that knob over there and fire away

      • TheInConvenientRuth

        Kyle probably uses “P = Professioanl” mode all the time…

    • Max K

      Because some of us regularly use manual. Even when I shoot weddings. I’m honestly not consciously aware of my changing my shutter speed or aperture, but I do it a lot, and have shot enough that my instincts give me more reliable exposures than P, S, or A mode can. Don’t knock a creative process just because you don’t understand it or it doesn’t suit you.

  • Brian Collins

    What a TERRRRRRRIBLE tag line.

  • hyu

    I’m worried he’ll go blind with that thing.

  • tap0
  • Leighten

    I am seriously considering selling my D800 for this camera if it is within a decent price range. $2,000 ish.

    • JF69

      You’re out of luck by what is being predicted as a $3K price range.

  • Sebastian

    I’m not sure why everybody’s so excited. If this is going to be Nikon’s entry into full-frame mirrorless, that’s certainly a good thing. But the retro part?? As for using this body with legacy glass, it will be just as bad as it is on DSLRs. not all, but most of the older glass isn’t up to the demands of high-resolution sensors.

    • MJr

      It’s one of these things, If you have to ask …

    • BroncoBro

      …thus the 16MP sensor. Most of my legacy glass looks great on my D300s.

      • Read the FAQ

        And some of the AIS lenses are excellent with the D800E, too (e.g., 28mm 2.8 and 2.0 CRC; 50mm 1.2 and the 50mm long nose 1.8; 35mm 1.4; 105mm 2.5; and many others…)

        • Jeff Hunter

          I bought a lot of pro-grade manual prime lenses in the 80s. They work great on my D800. Although, I eventually purchased the “Holy Trinity” of Nikon zooms, I still use some of the specialized manuals; micros and perspective control lenses to fill in the gaps, so to speak.

    • MisterF

      Are you sure?

    • happytron9600

      I think part of the “retro” appeal is that there is a feeling that products were more sturdily built in the past. It’s not always true, especially with professional photography equipment, which has generally retained its build quality. I will say that there is something that just feels right in the hands about an old Nikon SLR or an old rangefinder. Even the Leica knockoffs were built like military equipment. It’s weird, because they really weren’t as ergonomic as today’s cameras. But (IMO) they felt a lot more solid and balanced to hold.

      • Jeff Hunter

        My old Nikon FTN I bought in 1969 feels as heavy as a brick. When I upgraded to the FMs in the 70s I was glad they were a bit lighter.


    For a company that doesn’t know what it’s doing… and Nikon obviously doesn’t.. this one is big big big…

  • Del-Uks
  • TR_T-Rex

    The lens looks same as my 50mm 1.8G. How come you claim this is a new lens?

    • Jeff Curtner points out below because the text reads “1:1.8 like those non G lenses whereas the G lens is 1.8.”

  • marketingmaster

    Who the heck is this jamoke? and where’s Ashton Kutcher? Zero chance of this marketing campaign working.

    Another failed product by Nikon. Complete trash.

    • Horange Cones

      Are you bating us, Master?

      • JF69

        Not bating you, but “baiting” you……otherwise you would be receiving a sexual service.

        • Horange Cones

          Remember, the only difference between dating and bating is the number of people in the room.

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