Nikon’s retro full frame camera coming in two weeks


Size comparison of new camera from slrclub

The new Nikon full frame retro-styled camera will most likely be available in two colors - all black and silver/black (a.k.a. as Panda version). I can now also confirm that the official announcement will be in two weeks (first week of November). I am surprised that Nikon will not be presenting the camera at the Photo Plus Expo that will take place this week in New York. If you are visiting the show, keep your eyes open - the new camera will most likely be shown to the press behind closed doors. You can also send me other interesting pictures from the different booths and new products at the show.

The upcoming camera was described to look more like the classic Nikon F3 instead of the FM2 - this means a more pronounced/bigger/sharper shaped pentaprism viewfinder:

If anyone has more info on the new retro camera (price, pictures, etc.), you can contact me anonymously here.

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  • ettventer


  • Stefan Georgiev

    it’s HUGE!
    I would appreciate the FM2/FM3a size!

    • stq66

      Huge? you mean the diff between the F3 and the FM?
      It’s not a big deal IMO. I own both and only the prism part is noticeably larger. But this does not affect it’s overall size.

      • MJr

        It affects the Prism, which is awesome in the F3HP. 😀

        • stq66

          Sure. Or the DA-2, which I recently acquired for little money.
          But this is really a huge beast which adds also to the weight.

  • Donald Simpson

    Looking forward to this!

  • FM

    Any news for the AF system admin? And weather sealing?

    • Thats what I’m waiting to hear about.

    • Jon Ingram

      Count on the weather sealing

  • what_the_fox_says


  • RichMonster

    So excited! Last time I was this excited, it was D800 time!!

    • NW

      I feel the same!! And before D800, it was D3. And before that, it was FM3A.

    • JorPet

      Totally agree. This camera is much more exciting than anything I’ve heard of for a while. If they pull this off, it will be a great camera to carry around when you want a great camera, but don’t want to be “that guy”. If I need the features of the D800 I will carry that, if not, well then this camera with an old school 50mm or so lens will be ideal.

      Panda version for me to match my first AE-1.

    • f/1.4

      Last time I was this excited, it was the original FM2.

    • Aldo

      I used the F 3 and FM 2N for a long time. This brings back so many memories… The F3 is trully a tank.

      • Read the FAQ

        Memories? I still use a F3HP on almost a daily basis. 🙂

        If this means a small digital F/2/3/FM/FE style of camera with a moderate MP count and high ISO, and with easy use of legacy MF AI and AIS Nikkor lenses (and with no issues), then count me in. Big plastic AF-S G lenses will kill the small size factor, but the MF Nikkor AI/AIS lenses are small and so well-built. I use them on my D3s and D800E. AF is not always necessary (or even desired sometimes.)

        • Aldo

          You are a lucky man… unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to afford using my F3 even if I wanted to.

          • Read the FAQ

            I have a freezer full of film and process at home (B+W and C-41.) In addition, there is a lab nearby that has a Refrema for E-6. At 2.50 USD processing for 36 exposures that’s not too bad. But I’m not investing anymore in film products, just using up what I already have. For me that means a few more years. But I do thank Nikon for never changing their lens mount. That is a real plus. We are lucky that we can use almost any lens that Nikon ever made.

            • Aldo

              Indeed lucky we are.

    • Dpablo unfiltered

      I think I know what this talk about hybrid system is about. I think that it uses an AF system like is in the newest mirrorless cameras while retaining what is basically a big manual focus prism. Sort of the best of all worlds. I’m hoping that is it…
      And that means NOT (exactly) the same sensor as the D4 and possibly a MUCH lower price point than most of us have been anticipating.

      And I’m thinking… “YES they CAN…”

      • +1
        this also crossed my mind, a hybrid af with a real mf focus screen and old style pentaprism, the whole package at a very reasonable price

        • Joan Ollé

          let’s hope it’s gonna be a very reasonable price

      • Starfires

        Now you’re talking! An affordable, smallish mirrorless camera with this new-fangled ‘hybrid’ on sensor PDAF everyone’s talking about. The thought of using all my old F mount primes on it is pretty attractive.

  • stoooopid

    Well, even if I don’t buy the body, the new lens could be interesting, depending on price.

    • Kasponaut

      Yes. But why 50 1.8 and not 50 1.4?

      • stoooopid

        Well, my guess is that they are trying to keep price down. And I think this may just be a restyled 50mm 1.8g (although I think they will want to include an aperture ring as well is this is truly a retro type cam). And this aperture ring will be very useful for video (on other bodies).

  • skaarj

    So why the EL-14 battery and not the EL-15?
    Size, weight, cost????
    I have become spoiled with the longer life of the EL-15 battery.

    • Eric Calabros

      If there wont be Video (or Live view), EL-14 is enough

    • FredBear

      Because it’s a smaller body size I’d think.

      • Pretty much because of the smaller body as Fred said.

  • FrenchGuy

    The longest 2 weeks ever!!!

  • grant

    “hybrid” could mean something a lot less exciting than we are imagining, for example it could just mean that it has instagram and facebook apps built in and the camera can share without a computer or smartphone

    • phil

      it does not have video, and you joke about instagram ?
      You’ll be lucky if it has exposure metering 🙂

    • waterengineer

      …..or a hybrid viewer………

  • Mike

    Who remembers the TV show ‘Dukes of Hazard’? Remember the character Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane? And his giddy little chuckle? Well, I’m doing that right now.

  • sperdynamite

    Nikon: Pleasedon’tfuckthisup, Pleasedon’tfuckthisup, Pleasedon’tfuckthisup, Pleasedon’tfuckthisup, Pleasedon’tfuckthisup, Pleasedon’tfuckthisup, Pleasedon’tfuckthisup, Pleasedon’tfuckthisup, Pleasedon’tfuckthisup, Pleasedon’tfuckthisup, Pleasedon’tfuckthisup, Pleasedon’tfuckthisup, Pleasedon’tfuckthisup, Pleasedon’tfuckthisup, Pleasedon’tfuckthisup, Pleasedon’tfuckthisup,

  • fashion accessory

    • stoooopid

      Fuji has brought themselves back from the dead with these fashion accessories. Apparently people like them.

    • sperdynamite

      What some call fashion others simply call good design. Film cameras were both. As long as they deliver in performance, why not have it look cool?

      • hexx

        And not just that, Nikon F pretty much photojournalistic tool of 70s – and all controls layout has been tweaked to meet highest demands and no BS operation. That’s why I switched from dSLR and replaced it at first with X100, then added X-Pro1 and since then only film cameras – haptics, I can’t really explain it better but all exposure related controls are there on rings or dials with clearly shown setting w/o the need to switch camera on

        • Vin

          I love the manual dials on the X-E1, but I have to say the new Nikon DSLR style is just as easy to use. Flip the exposure compensation. This does make me question, how bare bones are they really going to build this. I still have an FM. There is not a lot to it. That is great for some, a nightmare for others.

          • Contrarian

            How is simplicity a nightmare? Being a photographer entails judgment and intelligent choices. Reduce those choices to necessity and free up the photographer’s mind for image making and art. I hope that Nikon is emulating Leica with its new camera, getting back to the basics that makes photography the enjoyable art form that it is.

            • Read the FAQ

              Even Leica has deviated from that concept. The M240 is more electronic (video, EVF, and LV) in order to compete. I think there’s a place for both directions (appealing to those who want more and to those who want less.) Leica also sells the M-E alongside the M240. Nikon could do both too, providing they can afford the resources to do it.

        • ronin

          The Nikon F was a workhorse, and Nikon kept it state of the art. You modularly added new meters as time went by. Form followed function to allow for film path, film advance, metering.

          Doesn’t sound like this is state of the art. Sounds like it is something you’re glad they made, but is priced way too high for what you can get in 2013, and a little too precious and self-conscious.

          • Dpablo unfiltered

            DO tell me the price!

    • Dpablo unfiltered

      I would consider registering….
      Just so I could vote your comment down.

  • GeorgeK

    Ah, this will be a beauty. Unortunately “no video” disqualifies it for my purposes. But congrats to all the people who wished for exactly this. I guess one still can appreciate beauty even if it is not one that’s right for yourself.

    • instamatic

      Really, while I understand that it is now “expected” that still cameras incorporate video as well, I would say if you want to record video, get a video camera. There are plenty around, and many very good ones. Chances are that whoever will be buying this upcoming retro Nikon, will already either have a video camera, or another DSLR that can record video well. For my own purposes, my iPhone records all the video I need at this time and I carry it with me almost everywhere.

      • phil

        That’s exactly the point.
        With this crippled functionality, this camera will only appeal to those, who already have existing gear, and just want something “exquisite”.

        Whereas the Sony A7(R) will win existing, as well as NEW photographers.
        Don’t get me wrong, I AM a Nikon fan, but it seems Nikon just dwells on the past, and is just too scared about their DSLR business. The same goes for Canon.

        If they continue ignoring the trends, they will find themselves being irrelevant 3rd party lens producers in the future.

        • Cinekpol

          I’m a Sony shooter, and with current specification – this camera DOES win me over A7. Actually: It wins me quite easily. A7 doesn’t have anything really tempting for me, and dark lenses for 1000 euro each are a deal-breaker. (oh – and it’s horribly ugly, almost as bad as Nikon V1)

          Also I can’t see how Nikon being too scared about DSLR business applies to this camera in any way. IT IS a DSLR!!!

          • phil

            It could have been mirrorless, and introduced a new mount with smaller lenses.
            But that’s where Nikon got scared.

            • Cinekpol

              That would be a deal-breaker. I don’t want going into new shitty mount with no good, competitively priced lenses. F-mount is MUCH better option, as I can get bright Zeiss glass in decent prices, or choose one of dozens of F-mount lenses covering every scenario. FE is usable only for street photo right now, I don’t care much about street photo.
              What’s the point of interchangable lens camera if you don’t have any real benefits from swapping lenses – right now all of Full Frame E-mount lenses are in very narrow range of focal lengths.
              And I can’t imagine myself investing in a system that needs years to become useful.

            • Eric Calabros

              NEX proved that mirroless mount doesn’t necessarily lead to smaller lenses

            • phil
            • robert

              hey nice site! ty.

            • Bamboojled

              That’s the problem Sony has, introducing a new mount every other week.

              They keep flinging crap at the wall to see what sticks.

            • Read the FAQ

              fwiw, if you’re not afraid of manually focusing (you know, like it’s been done for over 100 years), then legacy Nikkor AI and AIS lenses are as small, better made, and as high in optical quality as any modern mirrorless or micro 4/3 lenses. This will be a nice addition to a D4/D800 body for those times of a more contemplated style of “film photography” but in a digital body.

              And if you truly need/want a small digital body with smaller AF lenses, there are/will be other choices out there. Use APS-C (for what most people want from a small camera, APS-C is totally adequate; it really equals or even betters the equivalent of 35mm film quality in respect to print enlargements.) And with a new mount, you would have to buy a new set of Nikon lenses. This way you don’t need to. So I don’t really understand the concern.

            • phil

              I don’t drive a 100 year old car wreck either. Just because there was nothing better a 100 years ago, does not mean I must limit myself to that ancient technology.

              But you ar right about the “addition to a D4/D800 body” – that’s exactly the typical profile of those 25 people that will buy this camera.

              Guess how many people will buy the A7.

              It seems that Nikon has run out of ideas. They created a new system that got obsolete as soon as the RX100 was released. Then the pathetic Coolpix A. Then an underwater ILC camera (wtf?). Now a “compact” FX camera that isn’t any smaller or lighter than traditional DSLRs, and doesn’t have many common features either.

            • Read the FAQ

              “I don’t drive a 100 year old car wreck either. Just because there was
              nothing better a 100 years ago, does not mean I must limit myself to
              that ancient technology.”

              btw, that sentence doesn’t making any logical sense in respect to the discussion. It’s only a knee jerk reactionary statement. “Car wreck?” “Ancient technology?” And nonetheless, if you don’t want to ever use a MF lens, then use AF lenses. You have over 50 years worth of lenses to choose from. And btw, some of those earlier lenses are higher quality (both in build and optical characteristics) than a lot of Nikon’s current Chinese made plastic zoom wonders.

              Just because Nikon announces a specific camera (which nobody has even seen yet) doesn’t preclude them from making other varieties of cameras. And probably something that will suit your needs better. It’s not just about you. There’s a wide variety of needs and desires out there. If this doesn’t appeal to you, then just sit tight. Your time will come…..

            • phil

              that’s the perfectly normal reaction when somebody recommends manual focus, arguing that it was used 100 years ago.

              Well so what ? Today we have better options, so most people won’t dwell on obsolete concepts.

            • Read the FAQ

              Well, I said “if you’re not afraid of using MF lenses.” That doesn’t mean you are limited to using them. You can still use AF lenses; after all it’s an AF camera. But MF isn’t at all an obsolete concept (except perhaps to newbies of the medium.)

              Both Leica and Zeiss make modern and current high quality MF lenses. And for a reason. And many people (myself included) can be often faster with a manual focus lens (e.g., zone focusing and hyper-focal distance focusing) and more accurate. Some lenses are better suited for MF, too (e.g., true 1:1 macro lenses.) These aren’t “obsolete” concepts, they are used everyday by experienced photographers. Including other “obsolete concepts” like handheld incident metering. It’s not all about automation for easy image capture. But if you’re happier using something that doesn’t require any further thought than to point and shoot, then more power to you. It’s why fully automated cameras have always been popular. But eventually you’ll come to understand that these aren’t “obsolete concepts” and instead are concepts that are quite current; the difference being that many devices have taken over the same function automatically instead. You know, like a manual transmission versus an automatic transmission. They both do the same thing: change gears. But sometimes one is preferable over the other. It’s not about obsolescence. btw, rubber tires were used 100 years ago and I still would recommend rubber tires for your car 😉

            • phil

              Zeiss and Leica represent a niche market – that is not an alternative for consumer-level DSLRs (D3xxx-D610). And this is the segment that will plummet next. Cell phones are already destroying the P&S segment and mirrorless systems will eventually destroy DX. It’s not a question of IF, but WHEN.
              And currently, Nikon does not have a plan B. What they need is a serious mirrorless system – supporting both APS-C and 35mm sensors to be future proof.

            • Read the FAQ

              And the fact is that this camera is also a niche market product. I think you’re on the wrong discussion topic. You’re starting to mix in apples with oranges and are going all over the place, from “obsolete” MF lenses to cell phones destroying the industry. Look, if you want a FF mirrorless system from Nikon then wait until they come out with one that suits you. You’re mixing in your frustration with a specific discussion about a rumor of a full frame niche style camera that Nikon might introduce in a few weeks. And that doesn’t mean that Nikon has forgotten about you. Relax and wait until the next rumor comes along concerning Nikon’s newest mirrorless. It will happen. Just because they announced this doesn’t mean they’re going to stop producing new cameras and new ideas. Don’t worry, everything will be okay. btw, since you claim you want a new mount and whole new system, then why not just move over to the Sony for now. None of us are so brand loyal that we don’t own other products. A toolkit needs to have a variety of useable tools. Cheers and good luck.

            • phil

              If this is a niche market product, why do people expect it to cost <$2000 ?
              I'm not frustrated, I'm just disappointed that instead of winning new markets, Nikon barricades itself in a dead-end hallway.

            • Read the FAQ

              I don’t expect it to be in that price range; I would assume it will be more if the build quality is truly stellar. But don’t forget that this is a rumor site and it’s all speculation right now. However, manufacturers do set price points for a variety of reasons and it sometimes doesn’t always seem to be based on what we might assume is logical (look at the automobile industry.)

              I’m not so sure that one could come to the conclusion that Nikon is “barricading itself into a dead-end hallway” based only on a speculative announcement on a rumor website. And again, you have to realize that what you need might not be what I need. There’s a wide variety of needs and desires out there. Plus (and I’ve said it already) this isn’t going to be that last product Nikon comes out with. You have no idea what their plans are; only they know. So swallow the disappointment for now and have patience. But if Nikon never does come through for you, then move on to another manufacturer.

            • KnightPhoto

              Well yeah mirrorless Nikon cameras are needed and are coming. I don’t think it is IF, just a matter of WHEN.

              Much as I like the mirrorless cameras size (that link somebody pasted of the A7 compared to the D610 was crazy!), the only one I own is the Nikon 1 because it can at least focus like crazy.

              The FujiFilm and upcoming Sony are going to struggle with AF-C. AF-C is where I live, I rarely even shoot a photo of a purely still subject. So I guess if I NEVER use AF-S, that pretty much rules out the Sony for me 😉 I must say that dinky A7 looks very interesting though!

              Hopefully by the time Nikon gets around to introducing the Nikon 2 (DX) and then later? Nikon 3 (FX) they will be able to scale up the Nikon 1 AF-C performance as needed.

              So then we will have the digital FM co-existing besides it’s little brother Nikon 3. I’m coming around to the idea of having both in the lineup, so I guess the D-FM doesn’t have to have video. If it isn’t de-featured too badly, the D-FM may be able to carve out a respected “photographer’s camera” permanent niche in the lineup.

            • phil

              Well, Sony already has a hybrid AF similar to Nikon 1 in their latest Nex cameras (Nex-5R etc), and the A7 (without R) should have a hybrid AF as well:
              “Hybrid AF system with 25 contrast-detect and 117 phase-detect points”.
              I wouldn’t worry about the AF performance.

            • Dpablo unfiltered

              I’ll bet you don’t drive a stick. I’ll bet you don’t ride a bike. I’ll bet you don’t know what you’re missing. All things for all people. You have no idea what’s in the works…

            • phil

              Terrible analogy.54% of cars worldwide have manual gearbox (mine included).
              How many photographers use manual focus ? 1-2% ?

            • Dpablo unfiltered

              Well 90 percent of the cars here in Murka! have automatics and the majority of the full size trucks don’t even have the option of anything other. And if the one you want does then I’ve heard getting insurance is expensive…
              Also, anybody shooting macro at least SHOULD be using manual focus.
              And I really don’t understand your whining. It’s not like the company isn’t making a whole lot of other kinds of camera. You would be a fool if you didn’t think there wasn’t more mirrorless in the pipeline.
              Did you see the underwater one coming? Or this? Neither did I. I like them both. To be honest, I also didn’t see the D800 coming either. Just because it isn’t out there doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

            • Read the FAQ

              It’s a lot higher than you might think. And once again, it’s NOT about exclusively using one method over the other. It’s about having the skill set to make your tools work for you effectively in a variety of ways. And as I said before, you can use both AF and MF with any Nikon (Nikon is certainly not forcing you to use MF.) But one feature about this announced product is that you can use legacy MF Nikkors and Zeiss ZF mount lenses very effectively along with any F mount AF lens. And btw, Zeiss just announced a new line of MF lenses for the new Sony A7/A7R. Zeiss makes both AF and MF lenses. Are you suggesting that they are out of touch with the market because they make MF lenses? Trust me, they know what they’re doing….

              This particular product announcement isn’t specifically about expanding market share. It’s really about an alternative product for existing F mount users. And it’s not excluding those who only feel comfortable auto focusing their lenses; if you don’t ever want to use MF then don’t use MF only lenses, it’s as simple as that.

              btw, try adding to your existing skill set and learn something: (And I mean that in a positive and sincere way.) Also here’s an article from Zeiss that might be informative for you, too: Don’t forget that AF Nikons have a MF and AF switch on them (lenses, too.) There’s a reason for that. 😉

            • zoetmb

              Bad logic. How can it be a retro camera if it’s mirrorless unless it’s a rangefinder? Just because Nikon is releasing this, doesn’t mean they won’t also release a full-frame mirrorless. With a new mount? That would indeed take some guts, but I don’t think so, unless a simple adapter with no disadvantages and full functionality will work with it.

            • KnightPhoto

              Yeah, the thing to remember as this plays out is that Nikon WILL come with an FX mirrorless one day as well. I could see a photographer’s camera like a digital FM, a D5 modular, a D620, and a D900 all co-existing and sharing a lens kit. Add in a Video-cam and a lower than D600-line model and this will be Nikon’s FX lineup in a future near you.

            • mikeswitz

              Not without changing the F mount and that would have made all the wonderful legacy lenes useless. Not scared, practical and loyal.

            • 103David

              Phil, the idea here is not to need to buy new lenses. I’ve been buying Nikon lenses for decades and that’s one of the major reasons they’ve earned my loyalty. And why Canon lost it when they obsoleted their otherwise excellent system. And also why Sony was never even a contender.
              New 35mm f 1.4? Got one already. 55mm F 1.2? Got one of those too. 50mm F 1.4? Yup, along with the 85mm F 1.8. Hey, I just saved enough money to probably pay for my new F3D!

            • phil

              I understand your position, but my point is – Nikon will not win any market share with this new camera.

              None at all.
              So they are basically exactly where they were 3 years ago – they do not have a viable mirrorless system.

            • Cinekpol

              Don’t be so ignorant. Just look around! There is already a lot of people declaring that they’ll sell their NEXes and other mirrorless for this Nikon!

            • phil

              yeah, right. You’ll see the enormous success of this camera when it gets the typical 40% price cut after 1 year.

            • Cinekpol

              Nah, just wait for the same with Sony lenses. Perhaps than people will actually buy a few.

            • Harvey

              I’ll be switching to Nikon for the first time ever… or at least buying one of these and seriously testing it out. I currently shoot with a Fuji X-Pro1. I used to shoot Canon. However, this Nikon potentially offers me improvements in AF, lens selection, and high ISO performance while still offering a small form factor, manual control dials, and an optical viewfinder. Count me in.

          • Uglier the V1 imho because it’s a fake pentaprism. As least the Nikon V1’s hump is functional.

            If the camera has a split prism that would be ridiculously awesome.

            • Cinekpol

              Well, A7 hump got EVF in it. So it’s not entirely useless. But still ridiculous. Some people argue it’s similar to old Minolta bodies – I call it BS – I shot with Minolta and never seen any body that would be similar to A7. People post some photos of cameras supportingly similar to A7, but that’s a huge stretch – I don’t see any similarities at all. Old Minoltas were a thing of beauty, not shit like these new mirrorless.

            • Right but an EVF is a rectangular thing, not a pyramid. It irks me to see cargo cult design infesting cameras (and a bunch of people falling for it). The Nikon 1 is an abysmal design in many ways, but I have no issue with its looks.

            • The rumour states that it will have a pentaprism.

            • If you actually read the thread I was referring to the fake pentaprism humps in the A7/A7r and OM-D cameras.

          • Bamboojled

            Excellent post…
            I laugh every time I see posts saying that Nikon is scared, they don’t know what they are doing.

            This camera will have the best high iso on the market with the greatest amount of native lenses available (both new and old).

            Sony has now changed mounts 3 times in the past 5 years… They currently only have extremely slow lenses available at very high prices for the A7/r, but people thinking of buying it say they can use legacy lenses with an adapter.

            With this new camera, we have 50 years of legacy lenses that will mount with no problem…why would I even consider the A7 with this FM-D coming out.

          • Rui Nelson Carneiro

            Nikon V1 is cool looking, V2 is the ugly one.

        • Craig John

          Um. No it won’t. If this camera comes with:

          D4 sensor (and same low-light abilities)
          D4 Autofocus ability
          Built-in Auto focus motor for D lenses
          Dual SD card slots
          1/8000sec shutter speed
          1/250sec flash sync

          And the keep the price right (around $2k or less), I’ll sell off my D3 and D3s get two right away for weddings.

          I also want the D800E for my food photography work.

          I also want the new Sony a7r so I can mount Leica M glass to that beast – if it turns out to be doable. But that’s for my and travel – and maybe even for portraits. …MAYBE!

          • robert

            specs look nice in your list. and for less than $2000 then yes, its a winner, but no way nikon is going to make it so tempting for us wedding photogs. the d4 is where they want to steer us so this will be crippled..mark my words. it will have a lot of goodies….and one feature we need, wont be there.

            that focus tracking on the d4 is really nice. I doubt they will put that in. im certain its just the d600 sensor. it doesnt need to be so fast. at weddings we need speed for locking and low light ability. this camera is not aimed at us. so I HIGHLY doubt D4 AF capabilities. now way.

            • phil

              it won’t be less than $3000.

            • Cinekpol

              What’s the source of this information?

            • robert

              you may be right phil. with nikon wanting $1800 for 50 1.4G everything is possible.

            • Cinekpol

              it’s 58 f/1.4. And that’s a response for Zeiss 55 f/1.4 for $3000 – so it’s still quite a good deal 😉

            • phil

              With that logic, you can say that this new $4000 Nikon retro DSLR is a response to the Leica M9, and it’s actually “still quite a good deal”.

            • Dpablo unfiltered

              Look, it’s always been like that. When I returned to the hobby I bought a camera and 2 lenses for 35 bucks and I had a package of 7 lenses and converters I had picked up a few years before for a total of around 75 or so. It was a BIG deal to buy a pentax screwmount 50 f1.4 for 30 and a much bigger deal to buy a nikkormat with a 288 flash and a fat vivitar handle and a 50 f1.4 for 125. I remember shooting my ten dollar lens and wondering if the Nikon was really any better. So I had to set up a tripod and shoot the same scene a couple times with all my lenses and then look at the prints for a long time before concluding that I was getting a slight improvement.

              This set a pattern of carefully testing my new purchases that lasted for years. If I didn’t get a gain I took or sent the stuff back. What I wound up with is the fastest and most expensive lens in every focal length and sometimes the second fastest as well. The case where the second fastest was a bit better was the 20, the 24 and the 85. I’m talking AI/AIS here… I should probably have a slower 50 also… But the 28, 35, 105, 135, and 200 on are best in the fastest version and they cost several times more. I also found that until I had the better version that the lens that I DID have allowed me to make images that were much more than acceptable, sometimes so good that it seemed impossible for there to be better.
              You can spend ten or twenty bucks or one hundred or two hundred or a thousand or two. You always could. You can do fine with the ten or twenty dollar lens too.

            • robert

              Btw its $4000 for the otus 55mm. And from the mtf and sample pics the nikon 50 1.4 nano is nothing special.

              Not a good deal as i see it and has MANY MANY others have said in forums i frequent. The 50 1.4g at $450 is just great. Or if i wanted something better the zeiss planar zf 1.4 is just superb.

              $1100 more for 8mm. Theyre crazy & greedy. Id pay more for large aperture glass but not for 8mm. Screw that

            • Cinekpol

              You pay for resolution wide open, not few mm. And I got that Zeiss ZF 50 f/1.4 – it’s underwhelming anywhere below f/2. Perhaps it’s the best 50 on a DSLR market, but still rather poor wide open. Because you see – it’s extremely difficult to make bright f/1.4 lens that at the same time is really sharp wide open. Zeiss achieved that. Nikon as far as I heard – came up very close. But that can’t come for free.

              Besides – such lens got very limited use (how often you need lens that’s super-sharp at f/1.4? Not very often – for portraits slight softness is often desired), which drives a price of lenses like that even further up.

            • robert

              dude! 50mm f/1.4 for $1800! ripoff like a mutha fucka

          • NoMeJodas

            On my X-E1 (crop factor 1.5x) I use the 90mm summarit for portraits and as tele and the Zeiss 25mm 2.8 ZM for everything else. With both lenses I have a very compact system and the results are superb! I think M-mount glass on that a7r will shine even more because of Sony’s great sensors and a good Focus Peeking implementation, or at least that what I’ve heard about it (never used a NEX before). But unfortunately I’m too spoiled by the shutter speed dial on the top of the Fuji to consider going back to a PASM-style camera again. But that’s just me 😉

            • InLoveWithLeicaLenses

              I’ve been thinking about just that lens/camera combo. Please post links to examples…

            • Cinekpol

              Why the heck would I use lenses through adapters? I don’t have time to play with toys. I need reliable gear. If you want to use M-mount lenses – buy M-mount body.

            • Read the FAQ

              Yeah, I immediately got interested in the A7R as a possibility for using my Leica M lenses (sold my M9 just before the M240 was announced.) Although I do like the specs of the Sony over the M240 (minus the optical rangefinder) plus the smaller price tag, I realize that using adapters is not ideal. Native lenses are much more preferable overall. Adapters are kind of those things we left behind from the film era where precision didn’t matter as much compared to perfectly flat sensors and flange distances where there can definitely be issues. So for the meantime, I’ve decided against the Sony as a M lens substitute body.

              In the next year or two the A7/A7R will be a more interesting package with more lens options. And Zeiss has also just announced a new line of MF lenses (horrors!!! manual focus ;-)) specifically for the A7/A7R in the coming years. That might prove interesting and give the system even more viability.

            • NoMeJodas

              What’s wrong with adapters? They don’t have optical elements so they do not influence the original IQ of the lens and they let you be much more flexible and not dependent on any one single manufacturer! I love the X-E1 but dislike Fuji’s lenses (because of the Focus by Wire, not the IQ!), so Fuji’s M-adapter allows me to still use the X-E1, but with the lenses I like most! And when my M240 arrives, I can walk around just with two compact lenses and bodies and cover a range from 25mm up to 135mm (and still stay way under the bulk and weight of a D600 and and an 24-120/f4 which used to be my walk-around kit).

              You may wan’t to check out Steve Huff’s FAQ:


            • NoMeJodas

              Already ordered an M240 and expecting it to arrive in the next few days. But still then, I’ll keep the X-E1. Unlike Nikon, I think that DX and FX are complementary!

        • Gianluca

          Which lenses these existing and new photographers are going to mount on the A7?

          By not going mirrorless, the new Nikon camera could used any of the Nikkor produced up to now.

          Get rid of the mirror and you need new lenses or a converter…

          • phil

            The 35mm f2.8 and the 24-70mm f4 for the start.
            That should take care of pretty much 80% of the target photographer’s needs.
            You see, it will be a walkaround camera for us – prosumers. We don’t need a 85mm 1.4 lens, or a 70-200 f2.8 zoom.
            And while Nikon will be selling 10k of this new DSLR a year, Sony will sell 20 times more.

            • Gianluca

              Which makes a grant total of 4k€.

              Now consider the D610/D600 with a 28 f/1.8, 50 f/1.8 and 85 f/1.8 and you save 1k€ at least (which is very important for a prosumer like me ;-)) and you have much faster lenses offering greater creativity opportunities.

            • phil

              ..and it’s twice as large and almost twice as heavy


              (they don’t have the Nikon 28mm in the database, but the Sigma is equally long)

            • Cinekpol

              And yet I’m yet to see someone complaining it’s huge and heavy! Miracle? Nope. More like: It’s rather standard size which balances perfectly fine with wide range of lenses (unlike A7 which gets nose heavy as soon as you use something different than standard primes).

            • phil

              I’m using mostly my 24-70 2.8 on my D7000, you don’t need to tell me about nose heavy setups 😉
              But a A7 with the 35mm lens is pocketable.
              I can’t make my D7000 pocketable even if I used some exotic pancake lens. And it’s not even FX.

            • Cinekpol

              Pocketable!? What kind of pockets do you have?! 😀 Buahahahahaha

            • phil

              My J1 + 18.5mm fits easily into my jacket pockets.
              The A7 is not that much larger. Certainly a heck of a lot smaller than a DSLR.

            • Dpablo unfiltered

              That is your fault entirely. If you don’t like big lenses why are you using a “fast” zoom and why are you using a full frame on a crop sensor? Use a 35-70 if you must zoom and carry a 24 with you. You can probably get the pair for 500 bucks.

            • phil

              Because I love that range on a crop sensor, and I expected to get something like a D630 somewhere in the future – when Nikon puts a usable AF system in it – not that joke with all the AF points centered in the middle of the frame that the D600/D610 currently have.
              I have this “big” system and a small N1 system.
              So something like a A7 would pretty much take care of both – I could use one lens to travel light, and another when I don’t mind packing additional weight. I also expect the IQ would be way above anything my current setup could produce.
              And with 1080p @60fps video, it would be pretty much perfect.

            • Dpablo unfiltered

              There’s an old Tamron 35-105 that won’t quite keep up with the Nikon 2.8s but if you use it on a full frame it gives you exactly the range you want and the full frame + that lens should give you better image than the crop sensor + your better lens. You can get the lens for a couple hundred and it has a 67 filter, meaning it is small. The newer 28-105 f2.8 is a dog and uses an 82 filter.
              Just get a refurb D800 if you are worried about the focus and later get a couple cheap primes or use your 24-70 in it’s sweet spot and see how nice it can be.
              If it’s video you want you might be inclined to a Panasonic 4/3 system, but you should remember that you aren’t going to get the depth of field or the extreme detail you can with what I outlined above.

            • Read the FAQ

              Then why not just get the A7? Why complain here about a solitary Nikon product that doesn’t fit your needs at this particular moment in your life? It’s not a personal insult aimed at you by Nikon because they happen to be announcing a certain product that you feel you can’t use (you’re making it all sound like Nikon is out to intentionally disappoint you 🙂 )

              Porsche made the Panamera. It doesn’t fit my needs. Does that mean Porsche has failed as an auto manufacturer? Of course not. It’s simply a product of theirs that I don’t need or want. But other people want it. And I accept that.

              More options for you will be coming. Camera manufacturing is not over. You’ll be surprised with what’s on the horizon, trust me.

            • Cinekpol

              Us, prosumers, need a wide range of lenses to satisfy different needs, and give us free hand in experimenting with different kinds of photography. Perhaps if we all would be professionals earning money from street photography after spending several years to master one focal length – it might have worked, but otherwise? Sorry, but 35 f/2.8 for 800 euro just doesn’t do it.

              As for sales – so far Sony got rather poor record of outselling Nikon DSLRs. So I wouldn’t go too far with statements like that. Mirrorless is still 80% smaller market than DSLRs and it’s not growing anymore.

      • JorPet

        This is my thought too. If I need video and more bells and whistles I can carry the D800. If I want to take just stills in a smaller body with amazing ISO, etc. this will be the camera to carry. I would probably aim to go back to shooting with a prime on this type of camera instead of the massive f/2.8 zooms I use on the D800. I would be going for simple and elegant with this one.
        And I want a winder on it. Even if it just ratchets back and fourth doing nothing, I want the winder. I would use it between frames just for the memories…

        • JorPet

          Oh, I also will want a full leather case that will go over this camera and a 50mm lens. Now that would be a sweet package to carry around.

          • Pat

            Yes! It will come with a beard, a fixie and huge glasses.It will have interna SKU : NIK-2009HIPSTAMATIC

      • umeshrw

        When you say ” get a video camera” you forget that one would have to carry two cameras. Exactly why PS camera market has gone down.

        • zoetmb

          No. PS marketshare hasn’t gone down because people would HAVE to carry two cameras. PS marketshare has gone down because their smartphones give them everything they need at the same perceived quality. The reason to get a video camera is because the DSLRs simply don’t do great video yet, even though they have the “large lens” advantage. Where is a Nikon zoom lens that keeps focus throughout the range? Where is focus tracking while shooting video? The Nikon DSLRs are fine for video if you’re making a narrative movie (one shot at a time, no zooming, predefined actor positions), but they’re terrible for shooting documentary style.

          • Kyle Farris

            “Terrible for shooting documentary style”…

            O RLY!?!?

            Tell that to just about any wedding videographer doing well right now… Hell, shameless plug, check out my site: and then check out the gear page ( under the camera section… yep, all Nikon.

            Now, granted, I don’t care if this camera has video functionality or not. I just want you to understand that people actually use DSLRs for video work in a professional capacity.

      • Blind as a Bat

        The point of video on a Nikon is that you get the creative freedom that only the full armamentarium of Nikkor lenses can bestow. There is no video camera I know of that can go from the jaunty look of the 8 mm fisheye to the unparalleled awesomeness of the 400 f/2.8 with stops along with way for the 14-24, the 200 f/2, the 105DC and all the other cool F-mounts, not to mention the microscope and astrophotography mounts. That’s why video on a Nikon is essential.

      • ronadair

        Video cameras have sucked through the ages. They may be getting better (finally!) just now, but why do you think all the big-time film productions and commercials that aren’t shot on film or RED or Alexa are shot on DSLRs? DSLRs are a different beast, a better beast. Telling me to “get a video camera” is like telling me to spend double the money on double the shit-factor. No thank you.

    • mikeswitz

      Finally someone who uses video gets it!

      • Chris P

        Using Nikon for video you have the choice of D4, D800 and D600 FX and various DX cameras. If you can’t find one of those which isn’t suitable for your needs then you either aren’t looking hard enough and/or need a dedicated video camera.

        Now Nikon are rumoured to be producing a photocentric camera which will, hopefully, have a focusing screen which will allow easy manual focusing with their legacy lenses, you, and many others, are screaming that no one will buy it because it doesn’t have video. I, and many others who like me have absolutely no interest in video, will buy it for just that reason.

        • phil

          or, you know, you can buy something that is NOT a Nikon. Because Nikon does not have a compact DX/FX ILC camera.

        • mikeswitz

          I don’t know what you are talking about. I take that back, I do know what you are talking about, I just don’t know why you are saying it to me. I was responding to GeorgeK who shoots video but doesn’t see the need to have it in this camera. In fact I believe pro video should be shot with a dedicated video camera. For now shooting video is a giant comprise when using a still camera.

  • Nokin

    I’m still dissapointed about the No Video! I like many others buy a camera firstly as a stills camera but I find the video function so useful for many reasons!

    Don’t get me wrong a camera purely for photographers sounds exciting but at least bury a video mode in the menu somehwhere for the people that use it!

    I will probably still buy the camera though 🙂

  • Eric Calabros

    that “143.5mm” scares me

    • Marc W.


      • No upper body strength to lift it.

        • Cinekpol

          But… millimetres are not a measurement of weight. 😉

          • Eric Calabros

            those millimeters are gonna be filled with metal alloy 🙂

            • JorPet

              My old AE-1 is 141mm across and I always thought that that was a near perfect size. This looks like it will be a bit thicker and taller, but that should be fine. Weight is going to be way higher than an old film camera since the were mostly air and this one is going to be packed with electronics.

            • Bronco

              The stated weight is about the same as the Nikon F3 – which was not filled with air, but complex, highly crafted gears and mechanisms that were called shutters, film wind, etc.

            • 103David

              Maybe your AE1 was full of air but my F3T is full of metal gears. And is not a particular lightweight. (the titanium doesn’t save any real weight.)
              Your AE1 top and bottom plates are silver-painted plastic, however. Maybe that’s why it’s such a lightweight.

        • Marc W.

          Yes, because size dictates weight.:)

          • Not absolutely but it’s a good indication 😀

            • Marc W.

              Depending what are the materials it’s made of. If it’s anything like the F4, I agree, but if it’s plasticity without the magnesium innards, then it wont’ be bad. For example, the Fuji X series are extremely light. I expected a much heftier feeling.

  • Agni

    Seems like a perfect D700 replacement or even better.
    But any news on the 300mm f4 VR?

  • Erik

    Hybrid = both digital and film?

    • Marc W.

      OMG, yes. But then again, I have an FM2n.

    • Dpablo unfiltered

      I think hybrid might mean a real manual focus viewfinder that somehow still can handle focusing the lens for you when you’re lazy or drunk or in a hurry.

      • Just cause I want to AF doesn’t make me lazy, snowflake. A reliable AF is going focus better and more often than a human when it comes to things like kids or [insert wild thing here].

        • Dpablo unfiltered

          Ok, you’re probably fitting the “in a hurry” crowd. So much for challenges… And I’ll continue being careful where I insert the wild thing. This is the internet, after all.

          • Nope. Can’t be in a hurry shooting macro or lightning like I love to. Quit trying to pigeon hole me into one of your ill-fated groups! It ain’t right. 😀

            • Dpablo unfiltered

              Well if you shoot macro then you should really appreciate a big viewfinder suitable for manual usage. And we all get in a hurry sometimes. It’s not like we can tell the world to hold still…

      • Jem

        What’s wrong with pro-quality AF?

        You think you can do better than the AF of a D3? Not even mentioning the new one’s?


        • Dpablo unfiltered

          There’s a reason they shrunk the viewfinder on auto focus cameras. And with every AF camera I’ve ever seen it can only guess where >>>>>>> I <<<<<< want to focus.

        • BillyBob

          Nothing is wrong with pro-quality AF – in fact, it is a marvelous and beautiful thing. The rub is that AF lenses are huge and heavy… heavier when you add VR. The ability to easily focus (with correct screen) manual focus primes will be a godsend… they are smaller, lighter, better made (metal), more durable, and yes, sharper than the prosumer junk lenses that Nikon has foisted on the “prosumer” public. Few people who have taken up photography in the digital age have yet to experience this. Now maybe they can.

  • Really would like to hear something about the AF system this thing is going to have. Thom Hogan mentioned it having an AF system but didn’t speculate on what kind.

    • sperdynamite

      Honestly I would be happy with just like 11 points, spread out in a smart way, and dead accurate. This is obviously not for the tracking crowd.

      • Yeah, I could dig that but I really would like it for tracking something like kids.

  • Web

    I hope rumored size is not correct. I’m a bit bummed how large it is, hoping it would be much closer to FM2.

    • Cynog

      Me too. If it’s as big as my D800, there’s no great advantage in having one as far as I’m concerned.

      • Same here, if it’s too big I’ll buy a Fuji X-E2 instead

        • codeNsnap

          I’m totally confused now. I have pre-ordered a Fujifilm XE2 with 23mm f/1.4 since I really want to be at 35mm f/1.4 on APS-C or 35mm f/1.8 on FF.

          Does anyone know if there is any possibility of a Nikon FF 35mm f/1.8 in the next few months ? I will cancel my Fuji pre-order and go with this if this has a 51pt AF, 6fps and a 35mm f/1.8 is in the roadmap.

          • codeNsnap

            BTW I reason I prefer a 35mm f/1.8 on the assumption that it will be at least 40% smaller and cheaper than the f/1.4.

          • Jon McGuffin

            Have you considered the Sigma 35mm 1.4?

    • For someone like me I don’t care the price and features are right.

      • Eric Calabros

        there is also something wrong with the picture above. D3200 height is 125mm and FM2 is 142mm. but in this image D3200 looks a bit taller.

        • Vin

          X-E1, FM, D3200, F4s

        • Greven

          FM2 is 90mm height. 142mm is the lenght.

        • ‘Tis funky…

    • Al

      I think Nikon is playing the contrarian here.
      When the rest of the world is making smaller and smaller cameras Nikon introduces the biggest retro styled camera on the market.
      Would be interesting to see how the contrarian strategy works out especially since the smaller size won’t appeal to everyone.

    • a4

      Same here. I own FE2 and F3(HP) and consider the F3 a little too big already (not that there isn’t a reason for its size). And this one should be even bigger? What the duck?!

  • Northerntrumpeter

    If you can only afford one camera, this ISN’T it. I reckon the price will fall between the D610 and D800 models. It will be a great camera, but too expensive for most people even if it were their only body, let alone a 2nd or 3rd body (which is what this will be to a lot of people who end up buying it). It’ll be a camera for those who have disposable income. For some it will be a great tool, but for many it will be a status symbol. Not a camera for the people. Don’t get me wrong, I think this will be a REAL photographer’s camera…but that means it will come with a price tag. Guess I’ll just have to wait for the D7200.

    • Eric Duminil

      It sounds like the perfect wedding camera.

      • Northerntrumpeter

        Yes, the specs seem spot on for that purpose. The right resolution with lots of dedicated controls rather than menus. And the smaller size would probably make it easier to carry two bodies. Seems perfect!

  • HotDuckZ

    Hope it not fat.

    • phil

      It has a mirror. It will be fat.

  • vkphoto

    I hope that rumoured camera will not further transform into “F100 alike”

  • what_the_fox_says

    I only got Nikon primes, this is the perfect camera for me. Who needs video anyway? Get a D800 for that and stop moaning people.

  • Donsantos

    I kinda want this camera but downgrading megapixels from 24 to 16 isn’t very appealing to me for just a cosmetic upgrade.

    • Dpablo unfiltered

      I think this camera might have a real viewfinder, not like that which has been common since auto focus became the norm.

      • ronin

        Autofocus became the norm 20 years ago. You’re thinking this will have a matte screen with central focusing aids like a split image fresnel? Doubtful.

        • Dpablo unfiltered

          Well, that’s what I think.

    • jake

      Unless you already have a D4 the sensor inside will definitely be an upgrade!

  • GGB

    This is much much bigger than what Apple’s going to release in a few hours!!

  • nawab

    I bet the cost will be somewhere between the D4 and D800

    • Dpablo unfiltered

      I bet it might cost a lot less than you think.

      • phil

        Nope. It’s a Nikon. It will be ridiculously expensive and it will get a 40% price cut after the first year.

        • Ronan

          It’s not a Leica, so don’t worry.

          Nikon camera’s are priced against Canon camera’s anyway.

          This will cost between $1999 and $2999, because the market is a niche market and it uses the D4 sensor (which screams professional IQ, which dictates prices).

        • Based on Nikon’s recent behavior — insanely expensive at launch, stupidly discounted within weeks (making all the early adopters mad as hell).

      • Dino Brusco

        My same idea. it should fall between the 1500/2000$ (max 2500$) body only because of the reduced set of features, while I’m *truly* happy about the bigger pentaprism since it might mean it has an adequate focusing screen also for mf.

        • Agreed. It doesn’t have the same feature set as the D4 or the selling points of the D800. If anything it’ll be priced somewhere around the D610. I’m willing to bet it’s going to be priced inbetween the D7100 and D610.

          • Vin

            I tend to agree when looking at price of new Sony A’s,, Fuji X-E2, and others it must be about $1200-$1600, for body. Then tack on lens price. So $1400-$1900

      • Jeroen Wijnands

        And I bet this will be Nikon again and the thing will be well over $2000.

        • Smith

          Sadly, if that is the price, I will have to consider A7r instead.. *sign*

          • Tan


            I mostly use manual focus. So if the price and weight go much higher than A7, I would consider attaching my Nikkor lenses with sony A7 in stead.

            Anyway, the material used to build a body of the camera seem to be very expensive. I would say it might be difficult to bring its price down to compete with A7 or A7r.

            The camera might be position as special occasion like Nikon S3 in 2000 or Nikon SP in 2005.

            • KnightPhoto

              If you mostly use manual focus, seems to me the A7R is the better camera for you. And that will run you up in the mid 2K range. And the digital FM is perhaps going to be near enough in price to be an effectively even deal.

              As has been stated elsewhere, Nikon can’t give away their proprietary D4 sensor! Don’t forget, Nikon corp. needs to make some coin and stay afloat and by god if can they get back to #1 again I for one would love to see that happen. It’s a tough fight out there in the marketplace!

            • Tan

              KnightPhoto, thank you very much for your recommendation. I still love Nikon. My family also love Nikon. We have many old Nikon lens and we are brand royalty to Nikon. But if this Nikon camera is too expensive, I cannot affort it. I have to go to Sony as you said. Anyway, I still hope that the price of this camera is not too high.

      • JorPet

        I keep going back and forth on what I think the price would be. On the one hand, those who would find this interesting, would probably be willing to pay $2,500 or so for a top notch camera with an amazing focusing screen. On the other side, it as the Expeed 3, D4 sensor, no movie, etc. so it could be much less expensive for them to build. Overall, I’m betting on the high end, but we’ll see. Anything up to $3k and I will buy it for sure.

    • tap0

      I hope not. I pray that it will be between the D300s and the D610. Even between the D610 and the D800 will do. But please not more than that of a D800.

    • aarif

      with the lens 2350$

      • JorPet

        At that price, I think it would be a “must have” for a lot of long time Nikon shooters. I’ll up vote this just in hopes that it comes true.

    • SkyMeow

      I too bet much cheaper. Just having D4 16MP sensor doesn’t make it perform like D4. There is a lot more to it in order to make what D4 delivers. I think around $2000 would be a good price.

      • Erik

        $4-5k. Will buy it anyway.

        • anatoly

          You are the only guy here who is sane. The rest are just dreamers…. A crappy camera like D610 is around $2,000. How in the world a solid built body with the D4’s AF and sensor could be priced below or slightly above the D610??? It is going to be much more expensive then a D800. Some say it has to compete with a Fuji or Sony. First of all those are not even cameras – just gadgets for gicks. Only Nikon and Canon make cameras! So Nikon will not have any competition as real photographers would not even consider anything other then Nikon or Canon. As simple as that!

          • KnightPhoto

            Price range of around the D800 should be just fine? Maybe marketing guys could chime in but why can’t Nikon have two divergent cameras at the same price?

            Side-story, I would see zero problem if the D400 cost more than the D610 BTW.

  • skinnymakespretty
    • Joan Ollé

      that would be awesome! As long as it has the standard Nikon bayonet mount

  • ereshoping

    Its a V3 with a ff sensor. lol.

  • Anthony

    It seems that the size is not much different than d610. I hope it will look smaller, as this is the selling point of this camera, not only its retro look.

  • aarif

    I will keep on saying this pls Nikon pls do not use the D600 AF on this or on any FF bodies, I know its not because of cost you are just worried about D4 sales but this will not effect your D4 sales because it’s slower fps, poor battery, slower AF even if you use the same 51 AF and no video, I think that is enough no need to cripple it anymore please don’t disappoint us. I’m one customer your going to lose and many like me, I don’t want to buy the D4 because I have the D3s/d600 and this is my chance to get a smaller
    body with the D4 sensor and a half decent AF. If you want to charge
    me more I’m fine with that just don’t cripple the AF. This will be
    excellent for street photography and cross type sensors in the crones
    are very important specially with fast lenses.

    Sorry for the rant every one

    • NoMeJodas

      It would be also nice if they avoided intentional firmware crippling this time like not allowing one to zoom to 100% with one button press to check critical focus but dedicating two buttons for a retouching menu on the D600. Who uses that small screen without ability for color calibration to retouch photos anyway?

      But somehow I have a feeling that Nikon is willing to do it right this time.

      • Jorge

        HA!!! Love the name you picked!!!

        • NoMeJodas

          Thanks 🙂

    • It could use a tweak 39 pt AF…. THey could make the 39 pt AF as good as the 51 pt AF it’s a matter of not doing it simply to diversify the product points between the product… in my opinion of course.

      • aarif

        I think using an existing AF will be cheaper than modifying one so why should they do that , yes I’ll be happy if they make all 39 AF points cross-type 🙂 or at least 10 more points in the spread in the corners. The numbers don’t matter that much to me just the locations accuracy speed so 24 is more than enough just spread them out all cross types.

    • codeNsnap

      Ditto. I just hope they out a 51 point auto focus and has at least 6fps (the initial spec says 5.5fps).

      BTW will there be ever a Nikon 35mm f/1.8 for FFs?

      • aarif

        5.5 or 6 won’t make much of a difference but the 51 AF is very big deal, maybe they have something totally new who knows and that’s why nothing has been mentioned yet

        • MB

          No it isn’t really, 39 point AF sensor used on D600 is excellent where it counts.
          You are aware that 51 point AF is also DX sized, it does not cover much more and the difference is negligible

          • aarif

            I have both the D600 and the D3s , my issue is with having all the 9 cross type sensors in the middle, the 51 AF has some cross type sensors in the corners too.

            • June

              AFAIK the multiCAM 3500 module only has 15 cross-type sensors at the center, and they never reach the corner of the frame.

            • aarif

              if still better than being in the center only

    • Tony Persson

      And please let there be built-in wi-fi! >:(

    • Eric Duminil

      Exactly. Also 2 SD slots please and fast X-sync 😀

    • Nikon CEO

      Oops too late..

  • Ben

    I think this is a little too big big and heavy. Ultimately it may just be be like a dslr in terms of size and weight, just a different sensor. Honestly, what’s what’s the purpose? We need something like the Sony a7 which is smaller and lighter than normal dslr!

    • Yeah right, and we need sloooow lenses just like SONY to keep the body+lens combo on this side of the ridiculous.

      Neither system will be pocketable anyway, full frame lenses, especially fast lenses will be big and ultimately the deciding factor of the weight you carry around. Just look at the 28-70mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens – 425 grams. The Nikkor 24-85 f/3.5-4.5 is 465 AND is 4mm wider (fairly significant on the wide end), 15mm longer, and a stop faster on the long end.

      • Buckaroo

        Think again… my brand new MANUAL FOCUS 50mm F/1.2 (not a typo) is just a little larger than a golf ball and weighs around 9 ounces. Only sissies can’t manual focus.

    • JorPet

      Yep, smaller and lighter. I guess that is why I keep the battery grips on my D700 and D800 with 8 AA batteries all the time. I don’t do it for the extra battery and I don’t do it for more fps. I do it because the size and weight of the camera balances the size and weight of the lenses perfectly. To make a mini camera means you’ve got to shoot with mini lenses.

      • tripodius

        +1 for me!

    • BillW

      Totally agree!. Just producing a big and heavy camera with a different form factor to answer to Sony’s small and light retro looking A7/R is not going to cut it. Sony A7/R is creating a wave in the camera world because it is small, light, retro-looking, and with possibly a great sensor. The rumored Nikon has none of that. It’s as big and as heavy as the D600, what’s the point? Does Nikon think that form factor along is to going to sell the camera?

      • phil

        Don’t forget the price.
        The Sony A7 body only costs 1425 eur on
        1800 eur with a 28-70mm kit lens.

        At this price point, it destroys the OMD EM5, which is already a best seller.

        It seems that the traditional manufacturers have run out of steam – it’s the underdogs that make exciting products now.

    • mikeswitz

      Then go buy an effn sony!

  • Rynm

    As long as mirror exists, it cannot be smaller. That’s fact.

    • Armin

      As long as F-mount exists, it can’t be smaller.

      • richard

        That’s why I keep telling here that if Nikon wants to make a smaller FF body, throwing away F-mount is inevitable.

        • ereshoping

          Weve had CX, DX, and FX perhaps this will be SX.

          • Erik

            Please, not another mount.

      • Exactly. 46.5mm flange distance so bodies will be at least 50mm. That said, this is FINE for me.

        I think the thin body with a huge barrel in front is bad ergonomics (see NEX) and a fad to boot. That is why SONY is doing slooooow lenses for the A7 – to keep the size down, otherwise it would be just as ridiculous as the NEX system (and that’s APS-C!!!).

        Keeping the F-mount and going for slightly thicker bodies (shaving off size and weight from the top and sides a bit perhaps) would be the right way to go for NIKON. F-mount compatibility with hundreds of AVAILABLE lenses (not future promises) is infinitely more valuable than 1-2cm thinner bodies and a hundred or so fewer grams.

  • Joan Ollé

    Definitely looks like the camera I need, really excited about it! and no problem for not having video. Question is: how much? I hope the price range is also in the middle of the d600/610 and the 7100…

    • Dave Ingram

      I hope it’s priced at about the current resale value of a D600 + kit lens on eBay or Craigslist.

  • Cinekpol

    Visualization is wrong. Nikon ???? isn’t as tall as D7000. It’s only 6mm taller than FM2, so it’s actually 10mm shorter than D3200.

  • Kynikos

    ADMIN: any word on the quality level of the included lens? Thanks.

  • bjrichus

    All this idle and uninformed speculation… I’ll join in then. Its going to be a mash-up of the Nikon “1” body shape and Sony A7,

    • The whole look of this camera will make or break it.

      • bjrichus

        Oh how fickle we are if that matters more than wonderful (potentially the best) image quality or usability….

  • Ryan McBride

    I am actually really excited for this. I am a photojournalist who is looking to become freelance and work on documentary projects. This would be the camera for me… just when I thought I was done with Nikon… they throw me a bone.

    • Ryan McBride

      Of course, if the specs and rumors we are hearing are true. Then this would be the camera for me…. tbd

      • Erik

        Still a bit worried that it is only a hoax or that Nikon screws this one up in one way or another.

        • Ryan McBride

          Yea I know…. same. A lot of reports coming out now. Would be a big shame.

  • phosgene

    Any thoughts on the relatively large size without a grip? Seems to me that it’ll be hard to hold on to with anything heaver than a small prime.

    • Killroy™

      If I can handhold a FM2 with an old Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8 and a MF 300mm F/2.8 then anyone can hold this one with any lens. With bigger lenses (and smaller cameras) you hold the lens and the camera is just there to shoot.

  • Dweeb

    What a waste. Maybe if it had a F2 or F3HP finder and 36MP.

    • too_damn_many_megapixels

      What’s the damn obsession with megapixels? Why are people not obsessed over high ISO instead??

    • Ronan

      4 MP was perfectly fine a few years ago… what the heck are you shooting with 36 MP!????

      Heck my D3 and D300 did everything you can think of for IQ… at 12 MP (one FF the other DX).

      Seriously what the heck… That many MP only belongs on DMF where it can actually be used.

      • Read the FAQ

        With film we chose to use larger format film if we wanted bigger prints. One can do the same today. Use a D800 as your larger format and use a camera with 16 MP as your ’35mm’ film size format. It was never appropriate to have one tool to try to do everything, and nothing’s changed today. A ‘Swiss army knife’ to do everything kind of approach is always going to be a compromise.

  • stormwatch

    This size without video, gps, wi-fi, minimum 20 mpix and with that old AF it’s gonna be the best-seller……don’t think so.

  • Guest

    No need for this! Give me a D400!

  • Birder

    Ain’t no body got time for this!!
    Give me a D400!

  • Sashimi

    If Nikon is supposed to be going down the “retro” road, won’t they have to come up with “retro” styled AF-S lenses too ?

    • apollo

      They are going to make a special version 50mm 1.8 AF-S lens with this.

    • Erik

      Or simply create new versions (optically optimised) of the AI-S lenses.

  • D. Travis North

    A retro styled camera based on the FM2 or F3 – that wouldn’t really pique my interests unless it had other game changers on board. Style alone isn’t enough to interest me.

    Now…if the rumors are a little off-base and the new camera is going to styled more like the Nikon SP Rangefinder…THEN I will be excited. I’ve been considering a side-arm camera in the form of a rangefinder for my street work for a while. But having to maintain two systems is the turn off at the moment. If both my rangefinder and my SLR used the same f-mount system, then I would be really interested.

    An SP rangefinder styled camera would be an instant-buy.

    • Ronan

      Leica M8, M9 and M then.

      Those are your digital rangefinders, if you want to pay the price (rangefinders are expensive after all).

      Now as for game changing… buy a Nikon D4 or D4X when it comes out. It’s getting old, people wanting to pay the minimum possible to get a camera that does everything, including check their e-mails… urgh.

      • D. Travis North

        Love Leica. Don’t love the Leica price. But more importantly, I am looking for a side-arm – a camera to use for my personal shooting (mostly on the street). For that, i think Rangefinders are ideal. But I don’t intend to leave Nikon behind in my professional work. So I would love the idea of a Nikon rangefinder that also uses F-mount. Two cameras, one set of lenses. (well…technically three cameras…still have/use my film camera)

    • The retro-style is a nice to have, but the game change for me would be a relatively compact camera with D4’s high iso sensor, would be perfect for street and travel

  • There is the “Salon de la Photo” in the beginning of November in Paris, France.
    This may explain the why on the annoucement date.

    • You are correct – they will announce the camera for that show.

  • Killroy™

    If it’s based on the F3HP they should make a MD4 add-on (don’t care if its even functional) to make it even more retro-looking. There’s nothing more beautiful than a F3HP/MD4 combo.

  • Scott

    I hope it is exactly like an F3 HP. I would love interchangeable viewfinders and a big bright image like that.

  • Radek

    It looks like really interesting camera indeed. However, …

    it is not clear to me how to incorporate aperture settings with G lenses. Sure, D lenses are fine, but you would need a dedicated aperture settings/dial on the body as well. The Fuji that comes with fixed lens has an aperture ring .. not sure about others tho.

    Perhaps D-lenses only?

    Food for though … R>

    • Erik

      It could have a ring around the lens mount (“serious compact”-style) or a dial on body like almost any Nikon D-SLR until now.

      • BroncoBro

        REALLY hoping for aperture ring. I’ve been thinking about switching to Fuji X-Pro after they bring out the 56mm and 10-24mm lenses. One of the key reasons would be to have the kind of handling that an aperture ring gives you. I’m hatin’ these thumb/finger wheels.

      • Ronan

        It will have a thumb wheel/dial to select aperture and other settings.

  • Orestor

    This is just getting better and betteeeeeeeer

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