Update: the new full frame retro Nikon camera will have F-mount and pentaprism

Nikon classical F cameras
Some additional specifications of the upcoming full frame retro styled Nikon digital camera:

  • Standard F-mount
  • Pentaprism viewfinder (meaning the camera will not be mirrorless)
  • The camera will meter even with non-AI lenses down to full aperture
  • The camera will ship with a new special edition Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G lens to match the look/design of the body
  • The camera will have physical controls and excellent build quality (which explains the 765g weight)
  • Expeed 3 processor
  • Same sensor as in the Nikon D4
  • Nikon calls it a "hybrid" camera - not sure what exactly they mean with that
  • The announcement most likely will take place in the next 1-3 weeks


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  • what_the_fox_says

    aaaand my rx1 is up for sale! any takers in the UK? – check on gumtree. Lots of extras!


    D700 successor AT (THE VERY) LAST (with metal body, i.e. TRUE D700 successor???)??? hope so

    • RealityCheck

      Bring a D700 owner, I personally would not consider an FM body with digital sensor as a successor..
      The D700 is considerably more than its sensor – its body and ergonomics are still considered by many to be superior to the D800 and the current ilk sadly. If the sensor is your primary focus, the D600/D610 already serves that role.

  • maybe
  • smac

    Why would I want one? What will it have over a d610? ( and I’m not talking price)

    • patto01

      It’s all about the retro look. I have no use for it, either, but let these guys have their fun. There’s nothing wrong with that.

  • OMFG Batman

    Not sleeping till its released…. wheres the drugs and coffee !! OO

  • Nokin

    Will it have uncompressed HDMI output?

    • Will it even have video?
      Do I care?

      • I don’t think it will have video.

        • I don’t care about video at all.

      • Nokin

        It better! Love the video mode on my D800/D600!

  • Dealer

    HYBRID = Interchangeable Sensor FF / DX / FF Blends

    • maybe

      HYBRID = to change between OVF A N D EVF !!! (like the FF X100s)

  • RichMonster

    Digital FE2/FM3? lovely. Not exactly cutting edge, but it’s what we want! FF portable and can stick all our lenses on it! Obviously it will have to have some form of aperture control knob as all the lenses Nikon now makes are without that, but I’m sure I can get over that! Better than buying a dinky sensor Olympus!

    • Sahaja

      They could put an aperture control knob where the wind lever was – or even around the lens mount where the shutter speed was on the Nikormat FTn

  • Harold

    16MP is a joke. This ultra-low resolution wont’ be able to fit every kind of needs. Wedding, advertising, prining, macro, street life, sport, wildlife — all of these types of photograhy demand at least 24mp.

    • RealityCheck

      ..and just think, we didn’t even know about those types of photography until just a few years ago when a 24mp digital body was released.. O.o

    • JM

      16mp is plenty for a wedding. Pretty well ideal in fact.

    • Sensor spencer

      Harold…. 16mp or 24mp is stuff all diff…. go read about this!!!

      = Keep calm and go study sensors. =

    • Sahaja

      If it’s a joke, I wonder how photographers who shoot with a D3s or D4 manage to be paid for any of their work

      For sport and wildlife you probably want a different sort of body – for some things you’ll want the resolution of a D800. No one camera has to fulfil every need.

      If you don’t like it – simply buy something else

    • The Vole

      Yeah, it will be optimized for Passport Pictures.

  • Julian

    My only question is – how the hell am I gonna persuade the wife that I need this to go alongside my D3 and D800?

    • Sahaja

      Buy her a new dress, some expensive perfume and jewellery – take her on a trip to Paris, whatever it takes.

  • RealityCheck

    BTW.. ‘Hybrid’ could also be something as simple as a ’35mm-format-body-with-digital-sensor’, it does not necessarily have to be ‘new’ technology.

    • Cinekpol

      I was thinking of “Mirrorless size with no mirrorless disadvantages” 🙂

  • Julian

    Aren’t they more likely to use the new Sony A7 sensor (24MP full frame) than the D4 sensor?

  • Kevin Blackburn

    Pentaprism could be for show and may have evf and be mirror-less you know nikon rarely does allot that make pure sense.:-)_

    • RealityCheck

      Except that a ‘pentaprism’ refers to the piece of glass reflecting the image from a mirror below it – not the ‘hump’ on top of the camera body.. ;=)

  • peevee

    Old processor slowly (just 5.5 fps) processing low-res 16 mpix pictures (still cannot believe this spec though). Medium-capacity battery from D3200 (EN-EL140). Sounds like new lowest-level FF camera to compete with A7 and $1,500-street-price 6D – D500?

    • toby reynolds

      I hope you’re right. I’ll be all over this if so. Please Nikon price it realistically!

    • Hennaeg

      I do hope that your analysis is correct. OMG I will be on the moon

    • Sahaja

      Metal body, miniaturisation of parts, and probably made in Japan not Thailand or China.

      These could all make it more expensive than you imagine.

      Look what Olympus are charging for the OMD-EM1, and that has only a 4/3 sensor.

      Nikon may market this as a premium camera that is different from their regular DSLRs

      • hexx

        We’ll, E-M1 is D4 caliber when it comes to finish and speed so I find it actually cheap (personally, not fan of m43 though). All Fuji gear I have is made in Japan.

  • I’ve been extremely critical of Nikon lately for many reasons (just check my post history) but if this is true…

    This is exactly what I want for Nikon’s future mirrorless endeavours!

    – Keep the F-Mount – bodies will be deeper, but still be smaller than current DSLRs. I don’t mind a bit more depth at all, in fact, I do believe is better ergonomics than holding a razor thin body with a fat lens in front.
    – Classic controls – give me as many on-body control points as you can. Hate digging through menus! Give me classic controls, there’s a reason Fuji is popular!
    – Give me a rugged body. Doesn’t have to be bullet proof, just something at least at the level of d7xxx/d6xx.

    I haven’t been excited about any Nikon news since the d800!

  • Michel_de_Montreal

    Why doesn’t Nikon revive the S series and we can finally have a proper digital Rangefinder that would rival Leica….

    • Sahaja

      But this way you can use F-mount lenses without an adapter.

      Not too many people have S lenses.

      • Michel_de_Montreal

        meh, that hasn’t stopped ppl from jumping on the Fujifilm band wagon, selling their kits and buying new lenses….
        A true Rangefinder would be amazing, and it would look great too. 🙂

  • Random Red Shirt

    Wonder if they’ll leave off the AA filter?

  • MyrddinWilt

    Hybrid means that it will take film OR digital.

  • RealityCheck

    Given that ‘retro’ is more about modernizing an older look, versus actually looking like the older item, I would suspect this to be more of a digital FM10 than the FM2..

    • Sahaja

      The FM10 body wasn’t made by Nikon – and really a cheap shadow of the other FM cameras. The Last FM camera made by Nikon was the FM3a which was made from 2001-2006.

      That is a jewel of a camera.

  • stormwatch

    According to vast majority of the comments here, this Camera will be a hit for Nikon, only because it hosts 21th century electronics in the past millenum body….Gosh, thinking like this is a recipe for catastrophy (Sony and Fuji). So it actually means that Nikon is given a green light to put below average specifications in 1699-4000$ camera, and hit big selling numbers due to a retro body only…

    • hexx

      How’s fuji s catastrophe? In my experience it’s no BS direct tool. Aperture ring on the lens, shutter speed dial on top, auto ISO set to 6400 and that’s it, just set your exposure and fire away. O

      • stormwatch

        I was just over enthusiastic about Nikon. :-))))))))))

    • phil

      Of all those people praising it, maybe 1 or 2 will actually afford to buy it. This camera will not be cheap, and it will definitely not sell well.

      Too bad I’ve already “invested” around $4k in Nikon gear.

      Was I just starting today, I would definitely get the Sony A7R.
      It looks awesome, the only thing that sucks is that it’s Sony, so once you buy the camera, you will have to wait 5 years to get at least some of the lenses you wanted in the first place.

  • smac

    Ah! I get it now. It’s a toy!

  • TheInConvenientRuth

    Dear Nikon,

    I know you should never judge a camera by its body. It’s what’s on the inside that counts, But if these ARE the insides, then please, please, please let the outside be jaw-droppingly retro gorgeous and available in silver and black and with interchangeable matte screens for manual focus.
    Pretty please… I’ll do my very best to win a pulitzer or WPF with it and then say it is all tanks to this camera. Fair deal?
    I still shoot almost daily with my F3 for sheer pleasure, if you could make a digital equivalent then.. WOW…

    Onegai shimasu…..

    • patto01


  • Joe

    It appears to me that this is a desperate Nikon’s plot how to fight against Sony A7/A74, Fuji APS-C, and m4/3. Nikon should have consulted with Sony,Fuji, Panasonic, or Olympus how to make true mirrorless camera.
    NO IBIS, heavy body wieght, no weather seal, no EVF, is it a big hit? No…it’s a big joke.

    • hexx

      You know, people here and also on canon boards still live in the past and repeat to themselves “I must have mirror, I must have mirror. EVFs are crap, EVFs are crap” 😉 what’s even funnier is the fact that the OVFs they praise are so tiny and dark (compare with old film bodies or modern EVFs).

      • Modern DSLR OVF are optimized for brightness, that is why you can manual focus using them. They are Way brighter then old film SLR OVFs

        • hexx

          Don’t know, I was surprised by OVF in F2 in comparison wit D800 – large, bright and easy on eye

  • That’s it?

    So it’s just a D600 with a different sensor and a retro shell?

    • phil

      The “hybrid” part stands probably just for the hybrid AF on the sensor.

      What a joke.

    • phil

      The “hybrid” part stands probably just for the hybrid AF on the sensor.

      What a joke.

  • koda

    im a little sad it is almost 800g seems to me this could have been an a/7 killer. i like the idea still. also no way it gonna be more expensive than d610 unless this so called hybrid finder is something very neat

    • Tap0


    • phil

      It will definitely be more expensive than a D610.
      The additional $2000 will be the markup for “style” and “smaller” form factor.

      • Dan

        Closer to price of D800 I would imagine

    • Dino Brusco

      Equal or less than 2000$. That’s my take.

  • Z


  • Oddy

    If Nikon offers silver/black edition, then please take my soul.

  • phil

    aaaand it will cost $4000, and is already obsolete thanks to the F-mount and the ancient mirror mechanism…

    Nikon, listen, Sony got that right. A $2300 full frame mirrorless is what everybody wants. But Sony can’t make lenses. You still have a chance.
    Just stop wasting your time with obsolete technologies.

    • I_like_mirrors

      Yeah right. “Everybody”.

      • phil

        Well, there will be maybe a hundred people who will buy this for $4000.
        Those same people who spent $800 on the V1.
        Mirror is obsolete. Putting a mirror inside a COMPACT camera is much like putting moster-truck sized wheels on a Veyron.

        • I_like_mirrors

          I still don’t see why mirrors are obsolete. Just saying they are so doesn’t make it so 🙂

          I personally don’t have any mirrorless camera – I tried the X100 and the viewfinder was damn bad compared to Nikon’s DX and FX cameras. No, thank you, I’ll keep my mirror, and if it comes in a slightly smaller package with more physical controls, all the better.

          • hexx

            Disagree, VF is much brighter and larger than DX, and brighter than FX -> can’t comment on size of FX though because it’s been some time since I playe with D800

          • phil

            because they do not provide any additional value to the average consumer – just introduce bulk and potential failures.

            You might like the complicated shutter mechanism – but that does not mean the rest of the market shares your preferences.

            Much like the LCD TVs killed plasma.

            • patto01

              I don’t think this camera was designed for “the average consumer.”
              I would NEVER shoot a mirrorless camera but I’m not going to assign my preferences to the general population ’cause I also hate cell phones…

            • phil

              well it only has “average” features, really

    • BroncoBro

      why don’t you wait for the actual announcement before you get so worked up? Besides, if they went to a new lens mount you’d hear even louder screaming about having to buy new lenses…silly.

      • phil

        new mount = smaller lenses.
        What’s the point of making a COMPACT camera, when you’re stuck with the same bulky lenses ?

        • BroncoBro

          who said it is supposed to be compact? they have a “compact”…Nikon 1. You may not like it, but it IS their mirrorless compact with interchangeable, small lenses.

          • phil

            The market says that’s not enough.
            Hence all those lost sales going to MFT and APS-C mirrorless cameras.

            • patto01

              Do you have numbers to back that up? Exactly how many sales are they losing? I don’t personally know anyone with an MFT or APS-C mirrorless camera. I DO know a whole lotta people with APS-C dSLRs though.

            • phil

              I thought the price cuts of Nikon 1 bodies and Nikon’s “reconsideration” of Nikon 1 product plan were enough of a proof.

            • patto01

              I honestly don’t know. Again, I’m only going by what I actually see on the street.

    • Dino Brusco

      My bet is 1500$ / . max 2000 $
      – don’t forget it should be reduced to the bare minimum, the less MP, the (maybe) absence of useless menus and functions..

      EVF aside it would be nice – if really working with MF lenses, that there would be an infrared mf-assist as well or something like the af-assist lamp that every modern camera has. Plus dual split prism and / or 9 / 11 focusing points as it was on F6 /D2x series, probably the best compromise if one follows the rule of the thirds. Actual focusing points are too many and too crowded in the middle of the viewfinder only. Too bad the external areas aren’t covered in the viewfinder itself .. I don’t want to use liveview all the time to focus andshoot. It’s not practical for quick shooting.

      First I had thought that it was batteryless but I then noticed that there’s a battery thus I can’t imagine for what the word hybrid is, if not for the viewfinder or the shutter.
      In any case, the better the viewfinder, the better the overall outcome, in the end we “experience” photography through the viewfinder mainly, then they are interconnected. Make people say “wow!” when watching through the viewfinder and you’ll steal their hearts. Imho

      • hexx

        “Battery less” digital camera – hmmmm… What are you smoking?

        • Dino Brusco

          hexx I repeat what i said. Despite the current specs , I know for sure a few years ago there was a concept of a camera whose main supply was provided by the operator and only a small backup battery to store the energy in surplus. Afaik the concept has been stopped a few years ago to favor other things. Actually I’ve never smoked anything in my life. I did made mistakes but never smoked.

        • Dino Brusco

          Read for yourself what even Thom is saying.


  • JR

    A hybrid camera is a term used in some countries to mean ” mirror less ” like some sellers ( but not all ) in my country call them. The French use the term ” hybride ” to mean mirror less.
    But if it has a optical viewfinder then it’s not mirror less. Japanese word interpretation can be confusing for most of us.
    At 765 g, that’s quite a chunk of cheese, definitely not mirror less.
    Can’t wait to see it!

  • Kevin Blackburn

    OK let me clarify the PENTAPRISM we are talking about on the IMAGINARY camera we are talking about could be there in external structure and only housing the EVF though it looks like a tradition PENTAPRISM for sake of ascetics to look as close as possible to a retro F whatever!

    This is why I don’t post to these thing often people are way to geeked out over gear and WAY WAY WAY to literal and un_imaginative….

    Get a grip

  • Travis

    Guessing by dimensions, it is a lot bigger than FM, almost like D600 without a grip. So I am not sure if it will be that great.

  • Zen-Tao

    It seems that Nikon1 is stranded an they are looking for a new formula. Vintage look is working for Fuji, Olimpus and others The bigs are reluctant to take old designs out from the chest. Full frame is an important bet to them but wonderful for the old fashioned lenses owners like me. Do you imagine the nikkormat revamped or the mitical F2? They shoul offer to refurbish that cameras to the owners and convert them into digital attaching a sensor… a dream that won’t make true, but dreaming is free.

  • BroncoBro

    PLEASE let it be manual focus! PLEASE let it be fully functional with the old lenses with diaphragm rings! PLEASE let it support CLS!

    • Tap0

      PLEASE let it be sub -2000 $ please please …

  • michael

    I don’t care small FF. Where is pro DX -> D400 ??

  • Jon Ingram

    In my opinion, in order to be a big hit, the camera should not only look retro but be designed with a “retro philosophy”. What I mean is that many of us associate older Nikon cameras with rock-solid construction, pure-functionality, less fluff, lots of durability etc… A highly functional yet simplistic work of engineering that just does what it’s supposed to do, and does it perfectly. If Nikon does this, it will be worth a high price. If not, it’s just a design gimmick… albeit a pretty cool one. The D4 sensor does raise my hopes…

  • NW

    I’ve been thinking about the term “hybrid” for a while.

    My best guess is: The new camera will have a mechanical shutter mechanism (just like FM2), with a battery operated sensor.

    But 5.5fps??… By attaching a motor drive maybe?

    One mystery thou: In the spec, there is not a single word describing the AF system. (Something like the # of AF points.) But then, there is a new AF-S 50mm lens??… A new autofocus lens matches with the new camera??…

    Anyway, I’m excited about it!! I’ve been waiting for a digital FM2 for long time. 😉

    • JorPet

      My thought on the “hybrid” view finder, with the original comment that it would be EVF with pentaprism. You can shoot it like normal using the pentaprism, but if you go into Live View, you can still use the view finder in EVF mode. Then you can shoot without the mirror flipping up and down for each shot. If they did this, it really would be amazing. Whenever I use Live View, I still want to be able to use the view finder for ergonomics and ease.

  • Sahaja

    This will be a hit in Japan…


  • dimitrisservis

    I was just thinking last night why we have not seen anything similar to retro cameras from Nikon, and here it is! (I was actually browsing ebay for a manual body)

    Let’s just hope this will push D610 price down and it is going to be a beautiful camera to buy in 2-3 years.

  • catfish252

    And this is how Nikon fixes it production and financial woes?

  • jackleeeen

    if the rumors are correct, this beast is 75% larger than Sony A7 by volume, and 60% heavier. Not sure I’d call that an A7-killer all, even with the F-mount compatibility (and this is coming from someone with D700 with 5 nikkors)

    I have a gut feeling that both nikon and canon aren’t doing mirrorless properly because they’re afraid of cannibalizing DSLR sales (their bread and butter). like steve jobs said – if you don’t cannibalize your own product line, someone else will do it for you.

    • phil

      My thoughts exactly.

  • decisivemoment

    Any FX sensor at this point is going to use enough power that mirrorless will be an exercise in frequent battery charging. That’s the part I’m most curious to see with the Sony. I’m not sure I’d want Nikon to go mirrorless on this until the sensors are able to do LiveView on a fraction of the electricity that they do now.

    • phil

      LiveView ? More like EVF.

      • JorPet

        That is what I posted down further to your other comment. LiveView that uses the EVF to display. That would be so awesome. When shooting video, I would always prefer to be viewing through the eye piece. I think this is going to be the “hybrid” EVF/Penta prism bit.

  • 103David

    What? Gimme non-motorized F3 sized body; Don’t need help focusing so don’t need AF; Don’t need WIFI, Video, GPS, and the rest.
    Do need fast, do need low light at least as good as D700, and full functionality with every F mount made from 1959 to now, and especially a no bullshit full frame FX sensor.
    Don’t mind paying for it, say the 3K the D700 originally cost, but don’t bring it in at anything like the Afraid-To-Take-It-To-The-Street M-series Leica.
    Try and do it right this time.

    • hexx

      Streets are pretty much the only places where I use my M -> not sure what you’re on about

    • hexx

      Streets are pretty much the only places where I use my M -> not sure what you’re on about

  • Mandrake

    Current mirrorless offerings do not excite me. If this has the option to be both mirrorless and DSLR (aka hybrid ;)) Bring it on!

    • hexx

      Can’t have a mirror and be mirrorless at the same time 😉

  • Mandrake

    Current mirrorless offerings do not excite me. If this has the option to be both mirrorless and DSLR (aka hybrid ;)) Bring it on!

  • tap0

    Will this be capable of taking video…don’t see it in the specs…

    • I think there will be no video. I am trying to clarify that.

      • +1 for no video!

        • Alex

          I understand those not wanting video, but I would rather use this for video than to buy a dedicated camcorder. If it doesn’t have a live view screen though then that would be a problem.

          • Fair enough Phil and Alex.

            Sorry for criticising video 🙁

        • phil

          you know, you didn’t have to use it, even if it had video…
          It’s like the camera would cost less because it lacks a feature.

    • Dino Brusco

      me for one won’t cry for its absence.

    • Neopulse

      Phil…. think and take your time first before making multiple posts in a row.

  • nawab

    At last something exciting from Nikon after their YEAR OF UPGRADES (P7800, D610, D5300) and NO OIL SPOTS. Hey Admin! My father asks if he can add a digital back to his original FM2

    • hexx

      Sure, the same way as he was able to change film backs on it – I hope it helps 😛

  • Radek

    It certainly looks interesting. I was thinking Nikon should make retro mirrorless body, but this will do. I hope performance will be decent (AF, metering). I would not mind this body instead of D600/D610. It all depends on controls and reviewing settings. I totally agree that basic settings (exposure, AF, ISO) should be accessible via dials just like in old days. Pricing it below $2000 with lens would do the job, thank you!

  • TheInConvenientRuth

    Before more people complain about the weight;
    What if it is a metal body, like the FM2?
    FM2 weighs 540g. Obviously, being digital, it requires a bigger battery.
    The EN-EL4 for example weighs about 150g.
    that’s 690g already. Now add an LCD screen, af motor, card slots…
    I’d say they kept it pretty light…
    Unless you want a cheap plastic body, but I suspect not…?

    • phil

      And now while you’re at it, also divide the resulting weight by 2 or 3, because today we have light magnesium alloys – not heavy freaking steel.

      760g is a blasphemy. Sony can do it with 465g.

  • hexx

    Sooo… What would camera like this solve? Just a need for “retro” looks? I can’t see anything else as yet (based on the rumours so far) – please, do enlighten me

    • The best low light full frame sensor on the planet in a compact, yet full featured body that works with a huge selection of Nikon lenses.

      • hexx

        At 760g it’s hardly compact. So, you would use it mostly in low light situations when colours are crap anyway?

        • The D600 weighs 100g more, the D800 a LOT more.

          • hexx

            What about Leica and these new Sony cameras? Or you’d ignore them just because they’re not Nikon?

            • I ignore them because I own Nikon lenses.

            • hexx

              And require AF I guess – it would make sense then.

            • I’m not negative about other makers.
              I have an X100s, but it’s slow to start, slow to focus, but small and light, and good looking.

            • hexx

              I have pretty much mix of everything too – no brand loyalty whatsoever

    • Spartan

      To me, it is not about solving, but it’s about responding to the demand. For many many years, Nikon users around the world have been asking Nikon for the digital version of the legendary FM2. Obviously, there is market niche.

      Sometimes, passion and romance may be a big factor, just as when someone buys a car.

      • hexx

        The problem with that would be a little bit split personality of such a camera since all recent lenses don’t have aperture rings, don’t you think?

  • Kartken

    Thom H. posted interesting comments regarding this rumor, also take a survey;


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