Nikon D610 announcement on October 7-8, the only known improvement for now: 6 fps continuous shooting speed

The Nikon D610 will most likely be announced in two weeks, on October 7th or 8th. The only upgrade I am aware (in addition to the shutter) is the slightly improved top continuous shooting speed at 6 fps (compared to 5.5 fps in the D600). I cannot yet confirm if there will be something else announced on that date.

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  • The dust/oil problem is the only thing keeping me to buy the d600 at the moment. I guess the d610 will start at a higher price again, making the 6d more appealing.. I hope they do the swap and keep current price.

    • One More Thought

      Good point. No doubt both Canon and Nikon were counting on the price of their more affordable FF’s drifting down in price as manufacturing ramped up and costs came down.

      If Nikon introduces this at the higher price, it will limit its ability to compete against the 6d. Nikon needs to do something to jumpstart sales of the D610…a competitive price point would do that.

      • visionaer

        just take a 6d and a D600/610 in your hand and you will see, the competitive price point isn´t the point 😉

        • One More Thought

          I have shot with both the D600 and the 6D; I know some people like to talk down the 6D but it’s an excellent camera as well.

          Here’s my point: let’s say the new D610 is going for $2099; while the 6D is going for a few hundred dollars less. That will sway a lot of people.

          Many consumers are not going to analyze every detail and difference; they will just see that the top 2 camera makers each has a more affordable FF, and in this hypothetical, the Canon would cost less.

          Also, though you may not like to admit it, but Canon outsells Nikon overall and probably has a built in marketing and name edge to begin with.

          Nikon swung for the fences with the D600 featureset but blew it with the dust/oil issue. They need to swing for the fences again, and add EXSPEED 4, 51 point AF, etc.

          It cannot be a matter of cost, since the 51 pt AF is used in the far less costly D7100, and the new EXSPEED 4 will be in the even cheaper D5300.

          So come on, Nikon…give the market some real advancements in the D610.

    • MJDJ

      I am in the same boat-currently D7000 owner.

  • D600

    Only 5,5 fps stopped me from buying d600

    • RMFearless


    • Nobo Griffin

      If you add less oil, the shutter is lighter and faster (^_^)!

      • Ronan

        How do you think Nikon got the 6fps on the D610? 😀

  • Eric Calabos

    OMG half frame per second improvement. Shut up and take my money

    • Aldo

      I was hoping for 6.5fps… now I have to wait for the d620

      • Brrrrr

        Wasn’t there a time when the D700 was 8 or 9 frames per second?? ISO has not increased. Frames per second have decreased. And cost is the same as a D700. They’ve only added video and speckles of dust, neither of which were important to DSLR users as a specific category.


        Can’t wait to see what the next upgrade brings.

        • Bjørn Erik

          Fps might have decreased, but buffers have increased, along with the megapixels and filesizes. They know what to do to make the shutters move quick, but to produce the actual files require expencive solutions (like in the d4).
          The buffer in the d800 is actually quite quick, when you take in to concideration how much data its producing. However… i’d gladly donate a few of the d600s megapixels for a bit more speed. 7 fps would be excellent.

        • Dynamic range, ISO noise and resolution have seen massive jumps since then. We’ve gone from moving nine 12MP images to four and a half 36MP images per second.

          Frame rate may have gone down, but cameras are crunching and moving more data than ever before.

          • Eric Calabos

            12mp x 8fps = 96mp/s
            24mp x 5.5fps = 132mp/s
            D600 is almost %30 faster in processing

            • kontrollausschuss

              Who wants to watch or buy ‘processing’? It’s all about pictures … 5,5 fps will miss the moment very often.

            • Eric Calabos

              if someone “misses very often” with 5.5fps, he better rent a RED Epic and grab the frames from the video 🙂

            • El Aura

              High frame rates are mainly not about capturing THE moment. Even with 10 fps, a photographer has a higher chance of hitting the exact moment by doing the timing him- or herself, that by spray and pray. High frame rates are about capturing multiple moments that happen in very rapid succession.

            • Photos from the Pit

              Missing the moment very often? I shoot concerts with the D600, and only miss the moment if I’m paying attention to someone else on stage,or if I’m bumped. Now if you’re motor driving shooting sports, that’s another matter.

            • Peter

              True story! The D4 at about 2x the FPS means 2x chance of getting a keeper/moneymaking photo that you can sell!

        • Aldo

          I think you could only get that high with the d700 with a hack.

          • ben

            or the MB-D10 with ENEL4 or AA batteries. you can also set it to bracketing burst with flash bracketing for a burst of 9 shots at 8fps.

            • Aldo

              didn’t know that

            • Rafa R

              or the BL-3 battery accessory and the MB-D10

        • Steven Solidarios

          Dont knock it till you own it! Dynamic range is unbelievable! Remember how many MP this camera is pushing too. The D700 did not have to contend with larger raw files compared to the D600. Dust does not bother me as I have yet to see it in mine, plus I know how to clean my camera so no biggie.

        • El Aura

          Except that cost is not the same, the D600 is about 30% cheaper than the D700. The D700 was introduced at $3000 and the D600 was introduced at $1000, with the D800 taking over the $3000 price point. Of course, all prices have trended down over the life of the product.

    • 9190

      I would say Shut up and don’t take my money.

    • Jorge


    • Andrew Hollywood

      This made me LOL. Best comment in a long time.

      “OMG half frame per second improvement. Shut up and take my money”

  • BobTheTog

    I bet you they have just rounded it up.

    Wonder if they have increased the buffer to deal with it?

  • Hugo

    I always wanted a D600 but the inclusion of a cheapskate DX sized focus module in a FF camera put me off, then the oily issue reared it’s head. Would still buy one Nikon – IF you put a proper FF AF module in it.

    Canon are waiting….

    • Mike M

      You do realize the 51 point module in the D800 is a “expensiveskate” DX sized focus module, the size of the mirror box etc limits the size of the sub mirror to a focus point array that fills a DX camera pretty well, but will always be relatively small in an FX camera.

      • rhlpetrus

        D7110 got the 51pt AF system in amuch smaller body, same as D7000’s, which inaugurated this 39pt system …

        • Mike M

          Yes, the D7100 got the 51pt AF system THAT WAS ORIGINALLY DESIGNED FOR THE D300. All “current” focus modules for Nikon were originally designed for DX and adapted to FX, but because of the size limitations imposed by the mirror box it makes little to no difference, you cannot make the focus module much bigger than DX size anyways because of the room available for the sub-mirror without it hitting things when it moves.

  • Dustmaker

    Any rumors on the retail price?

    • My guess is $2000. I hope they will not going to do the $2099 trick.

      • AM

        Let’s do some math and use some Nikon’s logic.
        D600 SRP: $2,099.95.
        6fps / 5.5fps improvement: 1.0909.
        Therefore D610 SRP: $2,290.85.

        • Michael Sloan

          It’s a D610 vs D600, my guess is $2010

  • Elvir Redzepovic

    Is not this a form of Nikon admitting that shutter mechanism in D600 WAS kinda foulty ?
    Que in Class Action lawsuits in 5, 4 , 3 🙂

    • One More Thought

      That was my thought exactly…that without enough improvements this is almost a de facto admission of the faulty shutter mechanism in the D600.

      We shall see what happens…

    • Remedy

      Please define faulty shutter mechanism. From what I’ve seen it seems to work pretty well. It opens and it closes ipso facto enabling the camera to take photos.

      • Elvir Redzepovic

        Are you serious ? Ok, how about this for definition, ANY shutter that spills oil and other stuff on the sensor requiring cleaning every 2-3000 of pics is faulty. Why is that ? Well becouse my D300 did not have that issue, neither did my D700 nor any other camera I have ever own. That fact make it, if not “foulty” then at the VERY least “strange”. Maybe you are fond of cleaning sensor every 2 days, I am not.

        • Andrew

          The oil problems disappears in 5 out of 6 camera after 2,000 shots. You are talking about a problem that was likely fixed close to a year ago. Apparently it was introduced in an early production run. As I have stated before, D4, D800, D7100, D5200, D3200, and Nikon 1 all had no problems. But apparently you have a motive to… you seem too intelligent to carry this mundane type of talk. Maybe you work at Canon or you sell their cameras… whatever!

          • nobody

            If you think the D800 had no problems, well, I have a bridge in New York that I can sell you really cheap…

    • Andrew

      What lawsuit? Do you live in the real world. Show me a company that does not have faulty product.

      Canon taped their camera to fix a light leak, is that cause for lawsuit?

      People like you are driving manufacturers from America with frivolous lawsuits. You buy your camera and you can return it within 30 days? Why did you keep it? You take your camera in to be fixed and they cleaned it for you before the solution was available, was that not servicing your needs? Then when the solution became available they offered to fix the problem for you free of charge by changing the shutters, and you still have a problem?

  • bimmerlovere39

    As a user of a rapidly aging D7000 who is in the market for a new body (to which the D7000 would be secondary), the focus system in the D610 will probably be THE determining factor of my purchase. Having the D7100 with superior autofocus but inferior buffer to the D600 makes no sense to me, and has kept me from buying either.

    • bimmerlovere39

      For what it’s worth, here are upgrades I’m expecting to the D600:
      Spot WB from D7100
      OLED Viewfinder Display from D7100
      One-Button zoom from D7100 & pro models

      Possibly stereo microphones & 51pt AF.

      • Spy Black

        If you have a lot of DX lenses you’re bettre off getting a D7100.

        • bimmerlovere39

          I agree. Having a fair amount invested in DX glass (12-24/4, 35/1.8), I don’t want to abandon the system. However, there are lenses that just don’t have equivalents in DX, in addition to some other benefits. The D610 & D7100 have potential to become the successor the the awesome DX/FX combo that was the D300 & D700. That’s what I’m hoping for.

          • Spy Black

            In that case I would keep what you have. It’s not like you’re lacking.

    • PeterO

      But this is exactly their strategy. They force you to make compromises hoping that you’ll buy yet another body. Imagine if they produced a reasonably priced body that did what most people wanted. People would stop buying. In some ways the D300 was a corporate mistake because it was so good during it’s time and satisfied so may needs for its users.

      • bimmerlovere39

        I understand the idea of compromising to promote upsells, but in this case having the D7100 with superior autofocus to the D600 makes no sense to me, as it actively discourages people from buying higher up.

        The D7100 buffer I understand – it limits professional use and protects the hypothetical D400. The D600’s AF, likewise, was meant to protect the D800. But when the D7100 upgraded AF systems, it made the D600 look a little bit silly.

        IMO, the logical thing would be for the D610 to be to the D7100 as the D600 was to the D7000.

        • Celtic

          If it protects the D400, then that machine isn’t hypothetical. If so, what are they waiting for? Are they waiting until they smooth out problems at the low end of the FX brand before they open a competitive seller at the high end of the DX?

        • PeterO

          From an outsiders point of view, you’d think that the DX and FX developers don’t communicate. Each stubbornly adhering to the rules: low end FX gets low end features and high end DX gets higher level features. The D5300 now gets GPS and WiFi because I think it is the sweet spot for sales, so it gets loaded up with stuff that will attract that crowd.

      • Radek

        No, not really. I keep thinking the same thing, but these are not film cameras. The sensor technology progresses and these shutters have final life expectancy (people take more shots with digital than with film).
        Naturally, people will upgrade their bodies IF there are options available. Do you really think that people would be shooting with their D300s if D400/D9000 would be available? Hardly! *hint*

      • Jorge

        Wrong. People, buy crap just to buy crap. It won’t stop many. Regardless of how well the product works for you, when something new comes out there are those that MUST have it and NEED it.

  • Smudger

    +0.5fps? Wahoo!!!!!!
    Can’t wait for the recall/exchange of the oil sprayers to begin.

  • Marcin

    Another disaster decision, why you’re doing this Nikon?? wifi, GPS & EXPEED 4 for 5300 and almost no improvment for D610…
    They should do more to save face. I’m really disappointed

    • DafOwen

      Maybe as NR Admin suggested a while ago – to move away from the bad name of the D600 (due to oil + dust issue) and start again.

      • Oliver Ruškovič

        And what about us who bought the D600 right away and are stuck with the oil/dust issue? Not fair, not fair at all.

        They should offer us D610 in exchange for the faulty D600 and have us pay some amount if necessary… I would totally be for it.

    • Remedy

      How about we wait and see what the upgrades are? Don’t You think that complaining and making utterly stupid comments based on nothing more than a rumor makes You look ridiculous?

  • MJDJ

    Have they fixed the oil spots on the sensor is that an added feature again?

  • Łukasz Szty

    wft ? ; o 6 fps, meyby name this body Nikon d606 😀

  • Jessica Works

    So, for anyone who watches new camera releases closer than me. How long after it is announced will it be available to buy?

    • Stephen Ramirez

      Don’t be fooled. Buy the d600 (and look out for big sales) it is a stellar camera that might need a simple sensor cleaning after a few thousand shots.

      • patto01

        …and according to some reports, newer bodies may not have the issue at all.

        • Jessica Works

          “might not”

          • Dave Ingram

            Go with your gut Jessica – the D600 is a good camera but it has the potential to be flawed, even after a Nikon service and shutter replacement.

            • Radek

              … or D610 will not have enough oil in the shutter mechanism (to avoid spills) and your shutter seize after 10k clicks; just outside of warranty … pick you evil 🙂

            • mfletch

              Were there shutter failures too?

            • Dave Ingram

              Sent mine to Nikon under warranty to deal with excessive dust/oil at about 3000 clicks – they replaced the shutter which I think is pretty standard for those who have sent their D600 in for servicing. Still producing significant oil and dust 4 months later. Will be interesting to see how the D610 performs – I have a feeling it is going to be under the microscope and that initial sales are going to be pretty flat until it’s proven…

              I’m going to have to live with my “defective” camera since I can’t afford to replace it. It would really be a good for Nikon to offer some sort of upgrade deal for photographers who have problem cameras, but I don’t think even that would restore the lost faith that many have for this company.

            • mfletch

              Wow. I didn’t realize they were replacing shutters for this issue. I can see why you’re so frustrated. My D600 had some oil spots and dust(noticably more than my D700 has ever had). I ignored it until I had fired a little over 3000 frames. I did a thorough wet cleaning(5-10 minutes). Now at around 8k shots, I’ve never seen any more oil. It still attracts more dust though than the D700, but a few blasts with a blower and it usually clears up.

          • patto01

            That’s true. I guess I got lucky with mine and had very minimal spots and, due to the type of photography I do, am used to cleaning my sensors frequently anyway. In any case, the peace of mind is worth the additional cost.

          • LarryC

            That’s correct. And the 610 also “might not” have any problems.

            Buy anything in the first few months of introduction and you take a risk.

            • Jessica Works

              True, but the D600 has been proven to be a defective batch..

            • Jorge

              Then stop bitchin’ and don’t buy one. Go get a pink Nikon then. Cryin’ out loud you sound just like my sister — she’s trying to switch from Canon to Nikon and this is all i hear!!

      • Jessica Works

        I honestly don’t want to risk it. I have heard horror stories and I don’t want to end up cleaning my sensor every week… I’d love to save a few hundred dollars, but I just have a terrible gut feeling about it.

        • Ken Elliott

          Sensor cleaning is not hard at all. You apply eye makeup, right? So you already have developed the soft touch that is the key to sensor cleaning. If you are comfortable cleaning your own sensor, then the D600 is fine. But if this is an issue, then wait for the D610 or buy a D700/D800.

          • patto01

            You’d better be careful making sexist comments like that. You are using your real name, right? 😉

          • Spy Black

            Just make sure you’re not using the mascara brush on the sensor:

          • Paul Băilă

            If you think it’s that easy, imagine having to shoot a festival of, let’s say, 10 days. You are assigned each day around 8 or 9 events to shoot. That would account for an approximate of 1.000 to 1.500 shots taken each day. So, after you run from event to event, barely have the time to select and process the photos to be sent each day, you also have to clean the sensor… Keep up the good work, Nikon 😉

            • Jorge

              Oh give me a break. Nine times out of ten you will never, ever see the spots! Only if you are shooting white paper or brick walls at F22. Jesus, cut the whining already! So you shoot a festival, big whoop. No one will see the spots especially if you shoot wide to medium apertures. Christ, freakin’ amateurs.

    • M H

      But back to your question..I’d be interested as well.

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      The cameras are usually available 30 days from announcement date.

      There was the D5200 fluke where it was released in the UK way before the North American market and there was one camera (I can’t remember which) where it was available 2 weeks after announcement, but the typical rollout time after announcement is 30 days.

      • Yes, usually 30 days after the announcement, but given that this is not really a new product and the upcoming holiday season, I will not be surprised if it is available sooner.

        • J. Dennis Thomas

          It still remains to be seen whether it’s a new product or not. Going by Nikon’s naming convention for the last 20+ years a camera that only had an incremental upgrade was designated with an “s” (N4004s, N8008s, N90s, D70s, D2Hs, D2Xs). So if this was only an upgrade to fix the splatter issue I’d expect it to be a D600s.

          When the D40 got a 10MP sensor instead of a 6MP sensor they went so far as to call it the D40X (with the 24MP D3 following suit and getting an X designation as well).

          A D610 designation seems to me would have more than minor upgrades. Maybe not a whole new camera, but different enough to warrant a new number designation.

  • DC

    Excellent. I have a D600 without any dust/oil issues and have just received a promotional £150 cash back from Nikon to spend. Beautiful images from the sensor and all I need to do is stick a D610 label over the D600. Its a no brainer, buy a D600 now at its low price and even if you get dust/oil issues you will have shed loads of money to spend on regular cleaning (something that every camera should receive), because guess what, the new camera will be mega expensive. This storm in a teacup over little spots (its not a deal breaker since routine cleaning is simple) has not been handled well by Nikon and renumbering looks like a panic move.

    • desmo

      If D610 has same 39pt AF as D600,
      If you can save money on D600 ,
      that’s the better deal,
      it’s a great camera, all it needs is 51 pt AF
      (it’s not because of 51 vs 39 pts)
      the 51pt system is just way superior
      (i’ve owned both, my D600 replaced a D300s)

      • dc

        Agreed. The 51 points would be lovely but as usual companies avoid undermining their higher end products like the D800 – that was a mortgage too much for me.

      • Rock Kenwell

        Call me DUMMY. I use only two 3 AF points: 1 in the center for scene, 1 on the right for portrait, 1 for on top center.

        I kept 9 points sensor to stay away from distraction.

        • patto01

          Well, I don’t like your website Rock, but I agree with you. I almost never use more than the center focus point.

          • umeshrw

            I used to do the same thing but since D800 I have come to realize that using center af point and then recomposing results in slight change of focus which is visible. Has something to do with lens curvature(when I checked online for reason) It is slow to constantly change focus point but with 800s high resolution it is necessary. Guess for earlier low mp cameras it didn’t make much difference.

            • patto01

              It probably also depends on the subject matter and aperture. I can see it having an effect on a portrait with a large aperture but landscapes, etc. with a narrow aperture, not so much.
              When I’m doing portraits, I usually use the center point on the eye and just shoot a little wide; then recompose in post. Since most of my subjects don’t really want to be there (corporate Officers, Engineers, etc.), I try to get my shots as quickly as possible.

              I know you weren’t specifically talking about the D600 but you kinda lump it in (by inference) with the “low mp cameras” but it’s kinda funny how people refer to the D600’s resolution as being low (compared to the D800) when two years ago, you would have had to pay a ridiculous amount of money to get 24mp from a Nikon dSLR.

            • umeshrw

              In fact I was lumping it with high mp bunch(800). Don’t know how 600 is with recompose as I don’t have it . But considering it is very close to 800 for IQ it should be same. Absolutely agree with last lines. I remember I was frustrated with nikon for not going above 12mp.

        • dc

          You are no dummy. While I think a larger coverage 51 point system would be a nice addition I am a wildlife photographer so I tend to use the single centre focus point or manual focus in woodland areas (branches confuse the hell out of autofocus systems when birds move around). My two main requirements were the dynamic range of the sensor and the FF bright viewfinder for manual focusing.

      • Someguy

        I always wondered if 39 pt focus got a negative rep from the algorithm used or if it was typically paired with a underpowered CPU as the actual problem. My d7000 seems to have an overwhelmed CPU in certain situations and I noticed if I only change to 9 pts the camera does not seem to pause or freeze anymore.

  • Chris Zeller

    WTF, I can’t believe they are dragging their feet on wifi and GPS. This is such obvious feature crippling. I guess they know there is nothing in the future to buoy camera sales so they want to keep it back. Even the stupid P&S cameras have GPS/wifi.

    • Spy Black

      I know, I bought my D600 just so I could upload pictures of dogs humping people’s legs to facebook, but was heartbroken to discover it had no Wi-Fi…

  • stormwatch

    Don’t worry, D690 will have 10 Fps by this rate of progress! An ultimate FX low cost machine!

  • Chris Zeller

    Honestly the sensor oil issue has been a non-issue for me with this camera. Its easy to clean a sensor and it gets no dirtier than my D70 or D7000 did.
    The only upgrades that could cause me to buy a new body are:
    GPS/WiFi. Wifi needs to really control exposure like Canon does.
    -2 EV focus system that really covers FF. Great if its 51 points, but the -1EV focusing really makes it difficult to take advantage of the low light capabilities of the sensor with the AF assist lamp. Even the D800 focus screen is too narrow.
    No AA filter
    ok button zoom

  • Alberto Edoardo Lucchini

    i am a nikon user too, but nikon company deserve to fail in front of other companyes.
    Nikon it’s taking joke of his customers, intead of providing a more accurate service to solve oil spot issue offers a simple sensor clean (and i have read of people that sent theirs camera in assistance 3 times).
    And now we have a brand new camera (that’s the old ones with changed name) just to push the sales.
    Too bad for d600 customers, noone will either buy them used…

    very disappointing marketing strategy
    nikon, shame on you!

    • patto01

      Too bad for some D600 customers. Not everyone re-sells their cameras. I usually pass mine on really cheap, or free.

      • Alberto Edoardo Lucchini

        probably because u are super cool and rich, but not everyone has your luck

        • patto01

          Not everyone is whiny either. You, and a lot of other posters here, like to bitch and moan about how nothing is fair or how sucky Nikon is and I have to tell you, it get’s really frickin’ old. I’m the opposite of cool and I’m not rich either. I’m lucky enough to have a situation that allows me to *WORK HARD* for a few luxuries, like photo gear, and I try to share my good fortune with others. Grow up!

          • Alberto Edoardo Lucchini

            lol i was sarcastic about your richness : )
            btw i don’t care what’s your job or what u do, i just feels sorry for d600 users because they don’t deserve this. the money they spent on d600 are good.
            And i consider this nikon strategy a real shit. that’s all.

            • patto01

              Oh. In that case I’m sorry. Along with being uncool and not rich, I’m naive.
              It sounds like you don’t have the D600. I know a lot of well-meaning people who feel sorry for people with whom they really can’t identify; don’t. Very little in life is unbearable and people can get used to almost anything. I was VERY poor a long time ago and, while it was certainly no picnic, it wasn’t really that bad, either.
              As for Nikon, they’re strategy is pure Japanese thinking (my wife is Japanese and I’ve known a whole bunch of Nihonjin over the years). People are always lecturing about accepting different lifestyles, etc. but they don’t always apply it to cultures that are dramatically different from their own.

            • Alberto Edoardo Lucchini

              Interesting point of view…. +1

            • patto01

              Speaking of different cultures, where are you from? Just curious. Alberto Edoardo Lucchini doesn’t sound like you’re from Brooklyn. 😉

            • As a D600 owner, I’m a little pissed at the faulty shutter mechanism, but I’ve got a year of great shooting out of this body, Captured a lot of memorable events that I couldn’t have captured with my old body, and it should be common knowledge that any money thrown at a camera body is money flushed down the drain. You’re never going to recoup your losses by selling the body in the next cycle. Your camera body will be crap in a few years no matter what you buy.

              Lenses are the investment.

              Buying pro glass then selling it later is almost like a multi-year lens rental, since you can get most of that money back when you re-sell it. That $2000 lens only really cost about $300 to “rent” for 3 years.

            • david distefano

              my f5 and fm still work perfectly. no crap with these truly well made cameras. they will probably last longer than my d800.

        • Aldo

          being rich isn’t about having a lot of money

          • Alberto Edoardo Lucchini

            i was sarcastic…

            • Aldo


            • Andrew

              When you live by the sword, you ____ by the sword. The best policy is to think before becoming too critical. If it rains, you carry an umbrella. If that does not work, you put on a raincoat. If you have an oil problem, you clean the sensor. Cleaning your sensor two or three times is not a problem. Then when a fix is available, you get the shutters changed for Free. That is what happened. So why are you still complaining about Nikon? Think about Canon, when they had a light leak on their high-end camera, they used tape. Is that the type of solution you want? Sometimes you have to wait for the fix to arrive.

    • mtembezi

      Hey, I want a used d600. Have one cheaper than at Amazon?

  • Radek

    Well, this is not really “scheduled” update/upgrade. Hence, lack of new features. Right or wrong … time will show.

  • Radek

    A side note. This actually might push me to get FF body (D600 that is) if discounts become available. 🙂

  • mere

    at 6 fps the dust cant enter in time wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • autofocus

    I guess I’m the only one that don’t care abut wifi and GPS in-camera. Not options that will sell me on a new camera. Matter of fact, I would rather see other options long before those. Most people that want it I suppose are worried about being beat to the punch on Facebook or Pintrest. Hmmmm, why not stick with your iPhone and save some money. Not to mention we don’t have to hear your crying here…

    • Jorge

      Here! Here! I agree. I don’t care about wi-fi OR GPS. How do I get around the GPS issue? I shoot a photo with my iPhone — just literally snap a shot. ONce home in LR I just cc the gps infor from the iphone right into my D700, D800, or Fuji X-E1 images. No biggie.

    • csiphotog

      SOME of us have uses for features like gps and wifi. I shoot crime scene, and BOTH of those features are a HUGE DEAL to me. I PROBABLY have no use for what YOU consider useful features.

  • rhlpetrus

    This should be called the D600g, for green, maybe Greenpeace would endorse it 😉

    • Celtic

      Or D600c for clean. ;->

      • Jorge

        LOL LOL +1

  • Joseph Li

    WOW not that big of a’s not like i can tell a 1/2 frame per sec difference in shooting speed….throw in some faster or slower cards will easily make that difference

  • JJ168

    They should upgrade the AF module to the 51AF module.
    This way Nikon will win sales from those still waiting for d600 fixes, potential 6d buyers and also 5d3 buyers as well.

    • bgbs

      Who needs 51 points, I reduced my D700 points like to 21, and thats all I ever need.

      • Paul Băilă

        If you can point out how you did that, I would be really grateful… I’m saying this because you can only choose between 51 or 11 AF points USED. Your 21 points refer to the number of AF points used for dynamic tracking (starting from the initial AF point, which can be any of the 51 points that the AF system in D700 has).

        On topic, I would be more than happy with the same number of AF points (39), but spread all over the frame, not just squashed in the center… But I’m pretty sure that for Nikon, the most cost effective option would be just to use de 51 points AF system from the D3/D700…

  • Eric

    I wish nikon would make the d600 to compete closer to the 5Dmk3. I want to go to a FF from my D7000, and don’t want the 600, don’t need the 800, and cant afford the d4.

    I kinda wish I would have went with canon at this point, because the 5d3 seems to be in the sweet spot. : /

    • Ken Elliott

      I guess I don’t understand. The D800 (in my opinion) blows away the 5DMk3 and is less expensive. But you want the even cheaper D600 to also beat a camera that costs more than a D800. Don’t see that happening. So why don’t you just get a D800?

      • Remedy

        Because then he wouldn’t have any more stupid reasons to bitch about on the internet.

        • eric

          Not really, you dip shit.

      • eric

        I shoot a lot of weddings, and don’t need the D800 file sizes. I may go that route though if I have to, or just get a D600/610. I’ve even thought about buying a used D700, but I’d rather use SD cards (since i have a bunch of them), and I’m not too fond of buying a used camera.

      • Paul Băilă

        When comparing the price of D800 to the one of the 5DMk3 (or any other camera, for that matter), you have to take into consideration the cost for the almost double the amount of space required to store and process the files generated by the D800 (memory cards, HDDs, processing power – PC, laptop, etc.). If you add that into the equation, maybe it’s not the D800 that’s the least expensive of those two.

        • Ken Elliott

          I just ran the numbers, based on BH Photo pricing. for the cost difference between the D800/5D3, you can buy enough storage space for 270,000 NEFs. D800 files are about 25% larger, so you would need to shoot about a million shots before you’d see the costs equal. So it looks like the D800 is indeed cheaper than the 5D3. Frankly, a 25% increase in file size is a pretty minor cost for the incredible quality of the D800.

        • Jorge

          I shoot with the D800, and D700. that is a bogus argument. I recently returned from a 10 day stock shooting trip with 13,000 images (raw+jpeg combined) and my MBP, circa 2010, and my external DROBO hooked up via firewire 800 handled the D800 files perfectly. I’m sure I could buy a faster solution but quite honestly it was a non-issue. Memory cards are dirt cheap, HD’s are cheaper still. The d800 provides huge, glorious hi res files that are truly amazing and worth every single penny!

    • Spy Black

      The Mk III, for a modern camera, has a noisy sensor. The 6D is surprisingly clean, cleaner than the Mk II and D600, but the rest of the camera is sadly crippleware. If you do mostly studio work with strobes the 6D would be a good candidate.

  • Remedy

    People get some sense to Your heads! Do You seriously expect D610 having only 0.5FPS more and that’s it? Do You honestly believe Nikon is gonna release new camera with such meaningless update and be done? SERIOUSLY? Are You all having a mental seizure or what? Just because there is no leak about the specs doesn’t mean they didn’t do shit to the camera. And NO, new shutter is NOT the reason to upgrade it. WTF?! None of the D600 from like a year or so hasn’t got ANY sort of dust/whatever issues. Do You have any idea about production and manufacturing? When something gets screwed up during design or production it gets revised and it’s all good again. Nobody stresses new model to fix some minor glitches. I can’t believe I had to wast so much time to explain some of the most BASIC things on this planet. WTF is wrong with people lately?
    Just sit on Your asses and wait for this new camera. I assure You there is more than just ridiculous 0.5FPS upgrade. Mark my words.

    If not, I’m eating my own hair!

    • Aldo

      put money on it? I think most people wanted a better focusing system anyway….

      • That’s what turned me off. Yep

      • Andrew

        But it is coming, it is coming… stay tuned!

    • patto01

      Hello?? Ever heard of the SB910? I hope you’re going to post a photo of your bald scalp and your mouth full of hair…

      • Matt_XVI

        Uh, the SB-910 was more than just a heating issue resolved. You do realize it also had entirely new set of clearer and more efficient controls right?

        • patto01

          Well, obviously not! I was just going by what I’d read because if it’s on the internet it must be true, right?

        • J. Dennis Thomas

          Not to mention the AF-assist array could be used with multi-point AF instead of single point only. That was a pretty substantial upgrade since it was the first flash to have that feature.

          People seem to only remember what is convenient to fit their theory.

          Not to mention that updating a $500 flash to fix a problem isn’t even in the same ballpark as updating a $2000 camera for one problem on a relatively small batch of cameras.

          • umeshrw

            “the AF-assist array could be used with multi-point AF instead of single point only.”
            Was that a hardware addition or it was done with firmware upgrade ?

            • J. Dennis Thomas

              I assume that it was hardware since the SB-900 got a firmware update to address the “overheating” issue.
              I’ve had my SB-900 since the day it was released and never had it overheat. Then again, I never fired it over and over and over to make that problem happen.

        • R!


      • Remedy

        I did, the question is did You? I assume not that’s why You asked this not very smart question.

        • patto01

          Oh, I heard about it. I just didn’t KNOW about it. I guess you can’t believe everything you read :-0

    • koenshaku

      Pictures of you eating your hair next month or it never happened… Just shave your head and put it in your breakfast. I hear it goes well mixed with scrambled eggs and in cereal..

    • Elvir Redzepovic

      Relax man, you’ll get an aneurysm. Take a couple of deep breaths and think happy thoughts.

      • Andrew

        He has a lot of passion, that is a good thing!

        • BernhardAS

          I hope he has lots of hair.

    • I’ve said this many times before – come back on October 8th and we will talk again. The thing is that nobody ever comes back…

      • Remedy

        Oh I will come back just to hear/read all of You saying: “we apologize Mr Remedy Sir for being so doubtful. You were right, You always are”. 😉 :*

      • Andrew

        The problem is obviously clear. Nikon Rumors gets mistaken for Canon Rumors. So when they arrive here, it is time to complain. Here is a word from the wise: we should all enjoy this party while it lasts. What on earth will we do with ourselves if there is nothing to complain about?

      • halo9

        …..I’ll come back and give you a hug : )

      • This is just a guess, but I wonder if the D610 will use the Expeed 4 chip set? If it has the same form factor as the Expeed 3 chip set, but runs at a slightly higher clock speed, that would bump up the FPS slightly. they may want to keep the electronics as current as possible, for practical reasons, even if they don’t change any programming.

        • I do not know, but if it has Expeed 4 I would expect the fps to be higher.

    • I hope you’re right.

    • TPPhoto

      “I’m eating my own hair”… should it be plural? 😛

    • Rems

      So Remedy… I hope you’re didn’t get a huge breakfast this morning cause it is time to show us how wrong you were.

    • Kelvin

      You are so close to eating your own hair Remedy.. I think you should at least apologize.

  • Do the right thing or seeya

    HEY NIKON…psssssst….put live-view histogram on the re-packaged d600, along with a firmware update to my 600 with that, too. Just to make an attempt at not being pathetic with a half-second improvement on something half the users don’t give a film canister about.

  • jake

    How about a square, 36×36, sensor. I know that won’t happen but I’ll continue to dream…..

  • itcrashed

    Yay! Fling oil at 6fps instead of 5.5fps

  • Spy Black

    The extra frame rate may suggest Expeed 4 working with the same buffer.

  • D600 Owner

    no expeed 4?

  • Michael W

    If the FF Sony NEX is coming out in October, and will likely share its sensor with NIkon, perhaps the D610 will have phase-detect AF in live view… (hoping).

  • anton lim

    I was using my D600 mounted with a DX tokina 11-16 at 16 mm to take a sunset landscape scene. Bracketing at 3 and 2 EVs raw for a 5 vertical-stich panorama HDR, my main concern was if my lenovo laptop can chew those files up properly, the camera being consistently good since I’m on my 1600 shutter counts already. the first few brackets were not what i’d hoped as i looked at the tethered laptop screen, the CPL messing up with the 1st and 5th scene of the stitch.
    By the time i had taken the filter off it was really a race against the sun going down the mountain now. I lowered aperture to 11 from the 16 before, and then shot. . .
    Wow! The whole week after that was investigating what happened to my rig. It seemeed as if a liquid filter effect was applied to the subsequent shots. Coming home from Bali, the Nikon tech sofly said that the whole sensor was covered in oil! not just specs or dots, it was drenched!!! I never accepted the replacement, and got instead another from the other manufacturer.
    Sorry about the long post, I am just glad i ranted it off my chest already. I love my d40 though, and the tokina:) !



    • koenshaku

      You should really get a girl friend or something dude. I actually read that entire post before I scrolled up to read your nickname…

      • anton lim

        I dont need to, I’m married. Everything above is made up of course!!! Only owning the tokina was the true part.
        Just saying everybody can make up a story even without touching that gear! People have to be judicious on what they should believe on the interwebs.
        You’re smart! Catching the fake by just the lame name:) !

        Not a true Anton:)

        • grant torres

          Hahaha! You’re good and probably knows the craft well. Do you by any chance write in penthouserumors too?
          Frankly though I still think you are an a-hole and owes the admin an apology for pulling that stunt.

  • bgbs

    D610 will probably have the same AF but with a slight improvement in speed due to EXPEED 4. It should gain a little more light sensitivity and DR due to EXPEED 4. And It should provide more FPS due to EXPEED 4. And lastly it may handle at least 250/s flash sync speed due to a different shutter mechanism.

    Is that not enough improvements to you?

    • No

    • umeshrw

      It should. But does it?

    • Paul Băilă

      If the D610 is to get any kind of marginal improvement in light sensitivity or in DR, it won’t be because of the EXPEED4 type processor (at least at RAW level). It will be the tweaking or the replacement of the sensor. Not sure if that can be called improvement.
      Also, the amount of data transfer from the sensor to the image processor and then to the memory card is firstly limited by the analog-to-digital converters from the sensor. Assuming that’s the actual limitation of the D600 (and i think it’s a pretty fair assumption, as that piece is usually costly to upgrade), we’re pretty much not seeing any kind of actual improvement/benefits from the use of an EXPEED 4 type processor.

      • bgbs

        Internal RAW processing by EXPEED also plays a role. EXPEED interprets the RAW file by applying algorithms. Thus it helps improve noise and DR

  • Neoh Soon Hueng

    I’d expect the 39 focus points to be spreaded instead of focusing on the center of the frame

  • ty

    ROFL must have put less oil and thus less resistance and thus another 0.50000 FPS with a few drops less KY lubrication

  • Ernie

    Maybe it´s a hint and we can hope for a larger buffer…?

  • Andrew

    Well there you go, justification for that new name (D610). You get a whopping 6 FPS! In other news, the EXPEED 4 is 33% to 50% faster than the EXPEED 3. (P.S. this is a forward looking statement).

    • jk

      no , acording to Fuhitsu , who makes the EXPEED chips , the 4 is about 56 percent better in speed than the older 3.

      • Andrew

        Then I guess the D620 will step up to 9 FPS; here’s wishing.

  • Harry

    I will still buy it with the 39 AF points IF it is more spread out like
    the 51 point system. Seriously the AF coverage is small…

  • spraynpray

    5.5 to 6 fps? Sounds more like a typo than an upgrade….

  • rootman

    What I would love to see: 100% view finder, 1/8000th shutter and 1/250th flash sync. Make it more a FF D7100. 😉

    • Agree. I’d also like to see a larger focus coverage.

      • nukunukoo

        Yup! My D7100 focuses much better in low light than my D600! Also, Trade-In Programs!

        • owen heuston

          The buffer capacity needs to be improved.

  • DM

    Nikon first releases a model with defect then replaces the model without giving any buy back offer or free service for the earlier model.This is unthinkable.

    • Maji

      I think Nikon will service the D600 under warranty for dirt and oil.

  • jk

    Thom said it all in his latest article at DSRbodies,there is no real advantage of D-SLR design over mirrorless design, and thus,all cameras even D4 class bodies will become mirrorless soon.
    the mirror based PDAF is not advancing as Thom says, and the PDAF on the mirror ,even the D4 one is much less accurate than any CDAF or PDAF on the sensor from Olympus or Sony.
    Since I do not shoot sports, I hope the D610 will be a mirrorless version of the D600 with a new updated sensor.

    PS.I have told the D610 will have a Toshiba 24.1mp sensor, and it seems like Nikon-Sony sensor relationship is over.
    I guess all upcoming Nikon bodies will have either an Aptina or a toshiba sensor ,and I think it is a good move.

    • nukunukoo

      Sony Exmor sensors have incredible resistance to banding noise when compared to the Toshibas and Canons. The next generation of large sensor Exmors will be BSI-stacked, which means that you can expect at least 20% more sensor surface and much faster line reads that reduces rolling shutter skews significantly.

      • jk

        no, Sony sensors are actually worse than the latest Toshiba , even DXO shows it.
        the Toshiba 24.1 mp sensor in the D7100 and D5200 is the best DX sensor and BSI will not add up anything.
        the BSI tech is only usable for small sensors such as the one in the RX100 or Nikon V2.
        I think you never used the D600 but the sensor has some nasty banding issue at very high ISO.
        and , it is not as clean as the D800E at base ISO too, it has about 2.7 percent more read noise than the D800E sensor at base ISO.
        in fact , the D7k sensor had the lowest read noise at pixel level to date, so I believe Sony sensor tech is not getting better but rather in stagnant state.
        and I am sure Nikon and Sony sensor relationship or deal is over(all new Nikon bodies have Aptina or Toshiba sensors).

        • nukunukoo

          I have both the D7100 and the D600 and my D7100 has banding issues even in low ISO. The D600 only shows banding at ISO 3200 under low light and even then it happens only when I pull shadows under RAW. I get some banding in shadows with the D7100 even at ISO200 in a wedding I took in bright sunlight! I can’t really complain because I prefer using this more than my D600. I can tell you this though I am impressed with the Toshiba DR for a crop sensor when compared to my D7K. BSI is applicable to any sensor with shrinking cell pitches. By itself it means little on MFT sized sensors and above. But by stacking (which essentially requires BSI anyways) the support electronics is on a different layer and can potentially offer the benefits I earlier stated. Of course at 24mp, this tech is overkill but as the pitches for crop sensors hit 32mp+ shrinks, then stack is the way to go. Check Aptinas ans Sony’s roadmap for that. Btw, I do videos using Sony Alpha’s transluscent mirror tech and a D5200. And yes, the D5200 also show some banding noise at low ISOs. Let me know if you’re interested in viewing some of the banding issues with the D7100 /D5200 at ISO 200 so I can prep some for you. =)

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      It may be less accurate, but not by much and the truth is it’s WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY faster than any CDAF or PDAF on any mirrorless cameras.

      • jk

        for now, Nikon/Canon PDAF is faster , but many believe new PDAF on the sensor tech will get better and probably beat the Nikon/Canon mirror based AF system.
        Thom even said the D5 should be mirrorless and I agree , I sometimes use A99v ,which has PDAF on the sensor and mirror and it is sually more accurate in focus in sensor AF mode.
        I personally believe it is extremely difficult for Nikon to improve the old mirror based AF system from the current best in the D4, my D90 and my D800E is not that much different in terms of AF speed and accuracy(the sensor is the main reason to get the D800 not the AF).

  • 2cents

    Maybe this will become the new trend: Introducing in 2014, the NEW Nikon D810, now with racing stripes! The stripes make it look like it’s fps is faster. 🙂

    • Neopulse

      A little too rice for my taste.

  • nelson kim

    Come on, there will be something new for everybody. Some new bug or defect that will never be acknowledged by Nikon and will only be solved by the D620.

  • nelson kim

    I want a D666. Now that would be a hell of a camera.

  • robert

    I dont think it will have the expeed 4 chip. they would have to change too much of the boards inside and I think theyre just putting out the camera with minor tweaks to get peoples eyes and mind off the d600.

    but well all just have to wait and see.

  • john

    maybe just remove the AA filter.

  • J. Dennis Thomas

    So, was there some actual information received stating that there WILL be a shutter update or is that all guesstimation too?

    • Just an assumption, I have not received info about the shutter but I think this was the main reason they will release the D610.

      • J. Dennis Thomas

        It seems to me that since Nikon never openly admitted there was a shutter problem they couldn’t release a camera with only a shutter upgrade without opening themselves up to a class-action lawsuit because that in and of itself would be an admission that the D600 was in fact a faulty camera.

        By necessity, even if Nikon’s primary goal is to “fix the shutter” they would have to introduce at least one substantial upgrade to avoid the backlash.

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