New wave of Nikon announcements coming in August/September, D400 a possibility


Image: Anders Relling

I already started receiving bits and pieces for the upcoming Nikon announcements in August/September - new products will be introduced in two waves that are rumored to be few days/weeks apart. The first wave will most likely be for the new Coolpix/Nikon 1 products (Nikon 1 cameras appear to be on a 1 year refresh cycle). The more interesting second wave will be DSLR related. Three possible products were mentioned to me: a D300s sucessor, a new 300mm f/4 lens and a new DX zoom lens (probably to be sold as a kit with the D300s successor). Please note that even though this is the first time I am receiving any info on a potentials D400 camera, everything is still preliminary at that point and I would rate this at 60% probability for now. I am expecting more detailed info to start flowing in the coming weeks.

A new Nikon D4 based camera is expected later in the year or maybe even in early 2014.

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  • Plug

    Sounds promising…D400 + 300 f4 replacement, the top two items on my wishlist.

    • bossa

      I have a AF-S 300 F4 and will be putting it on eBay tomorrow after reading this. I would prefer a 400mm F4 to be frank as I always find myself trying to squeeze a few more MM out of my 300′.

      • I would not sell it yet – wait until I get more info and I am sure that there will be a new 300mm lens.

      • Pat Mann

        If there’s a 400 prime, it will be f/5.6, and I’d be the first in line. The 200-400 zoom won’t be covered by a prime IMO.

    • bossa

      Of course, if Nikon charge an insane price for the new 300/4 I’ll just buy a DA*300/4 for my K-5.. sharper, weather proof, stabilized via the body and cheaper!

      • Mike M

        I think if Nikon’s waited this long to intro a new 300 f4 it’ll be sharper than anything this side of 5000 bucks. Given how insane even their non-primes in the consumer range have been as of late (see 70-200 f4, 80-400 AF-S and 18-35 AF-S) I’m sure they’ll charge a premium, but that it’ll also be the best 300 f4 you can buy by a country mile.

    • Photoretouchpro

      My wallet fears the price of a new 300 f/4 after the new $2700 80-400!

  • Christobella

    I anticipate many excited comments to follow….

  • Also, rumors about a new Canon EOS 7D Mark II camera also started showing up online. If true, Nikon will have to respond (like they always do).

    • Arko

      I doubt Canon will release a 7D Mark II in the near future, after the recent announcement of the 70D. What’s your opinion?

      • Calibrator

        Canon has had similar announcement dates as Nikon since 2008 (US dates used here):

        10D: February 2003 (this was their semi-pro range until the 7D in 2009)
        20D: August 2004
        30D: February 2006
        40D: August 2007
        50D: August 2008
        60D: August 2010 (less solid body, going into enthusiast market)
        70D: July 2013 (still only 98% viewfinder coverage)


        D70: February 2004 (competing with the Canon 300D “Digital Rebel”, not the 10D!)
        D80: August 2006
        D90: August 2008
        D7000: September 2010 (better body build than 60D)
        D7100: February 2013

        What we see here is that Canon converted their semi-pro APS-C range into the enthusiast line (which is *lower* from a marketing standpoint), while Nikon continuously upgraded the Dxx range from upper consumer to upper semi-pro range (remember the advertising for the D7100?).

        These are semi-pro ranges of both companies:
        Canon 7D: announced September 2009
        Nikon D300s: announced July 2009 (do people still buy it?)

        While the D300s did have predecessors (which competed with the xxD range back then) the 7D didn’t.
        So both are four years old and ripe for replacement.

        I think both could have been replaced in 2011 but the Thailand flood literally drowned them. Nikon could have announced & produced it in 2012 but they chose to announce and ship six(!) other bodies: Four FX and two lower-cost DX (the D5200 came to the US in early 2013, but earlier in other parts of the world).

        Therefore I expect both of them being replaced this year (Nikon) or in early 2014 (Canon).

        • Hadock

  • ShaoLynx

    Let the flooding of D400 comments begin in: 3, 2, 1,… Mark(3?) 😉

    • Guest


      • Jebagi Erol Paker

        I hope Nikon will not try to entertain all the comments of D400 in this forum or elsewhere. Otherwise something will dangling from all sides of the camera. Look what happened to Nikon 1 -V2.

  • Tony Bologna

    Let’s hope the DX kit lens is the rumored 16-85mm F4!

    • Croc Dundee

      The rumor I heard (Nikon Australia) is that the lens will just be a 3rd iteration of their standard 18-55 VR lens, different shape and size, as well as VR III.

      • MRGABE

        this sounds about right.

      • Calibrator

        Have they finally found a cheaper replacement for plastic?
        Bamboo fibers?

        • Croc Dundee

          Unfortunately not. And I was told not to expect the metal mount I was hoping for either, still plastic…:-(

          • MJr

            Sure, the mount is the problem. 😀

      • Rob

        The 18-105mm is the standard lens for upmarket DX cams.

  • Redstart


    • Let’s don’t get too excited yet. I do not have a date, specs or a picture.

      • Redstart

        ok ._.

        • Diego

          If they doný release the D400, i’m going to sell all my Nikon camera and lens, then buy a Canon 70D. Period

          • Guest


          • MRGABE

            buy a d600 and use crop mode.

            • RMFearless

              Or D7000 without crop anything!

            • outkasted

              I use My D700 Crop mode on many occasions. With 98% of my images are for the web the crop mode in D700 fulfills my needs perfectly without having to crop in post. With a little post prosessing and a little CCC on the image many cannot tell it was cropped.

              *CCC- color, contrast, clarity

          • Aldo

            Say hi to Dora for me =P

          • Calibrator


          • James Donahue

            Good Do it

          • willie


          • MJr

            Sounds like you’re having a period right now !

          • Genkakuzai

            Enjoy those 12 EV DR 😉

        • Diego

          If they doný release the D400, i’m going to sell all my Nikon camera and lens, then buy a Canon 70D. Period

      • Culitripi

        OOhh you’re such a poor sport…. [read in stewie voice]

      • James Donahue

        Thought the D7100 was supposed to be Nikons “Flagship DX Camera.

        • cobby64

          No. You just believed folks who thought they knew everything. fps of D7000 and D7100 is not even up to D300s. And that was to be the replacement?

        • Genkakuzai

          Nikon has stated that the D7100 is _not_ a D300s replacement.

          • Correct, I believe it was Nikon USA that called it a flagship model. Few days later Nikon EU said that the D7100 is not a replacement for the D300s.

      • Sundra Tanakoh

        There is no date of the second coming, no actual picture of Jesus nor is there a complete set of specs on his life…and yet…people still believe…

    • Jorge


  • Rebel

    300 f/4 VR?? 🙂

    • babola

      I doubt they will be releasing it without VR, and that’s VR III these days.

      • FarQinell

        DO as well maybe.
        Could be a sharp lightweight lens ideal for the D7100 – assuming Nikon can substantially improve on Canon’s efforts with their mediocre 400/4 DO

  • RondoX

    Nikon D400 I AM: Better Late Than Never

    • Dpablo unfiltered

      I like this. People cried and screamed and ranted for the D400 for longer than I’ve been here.
      Then they acted like a bunch of snobs when the 7100 came about, talking about how it wasn’t professional enough.
      And then they blasted those who appreciated the merits of full frame cameras for being snobs.
      And now it appears to be coming and nobody cares…

      • umeshrw

        And now it appears to be coming and nobody cares…
        31 up votes is nobody cares?

        • FDF

          No, we still care, but nobody BELIEVES it anymore.

          • Johno

            I agree I don’t believe it.

        • Dpablo unfiltered

          Just for that I’m voting fjfjjj. And I like her picture a lot better too.

          • ijujiu

            need to get yourself laid, still a virgin I bet

  • Pixyst

    D400 needs to be a video monster!

    • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

      Agree needs to be big over the D7100 but we probably see a few more fps and bigger buffer that’s it.

      Don’t think we see an improved AF system over the D7100 and not until it showed up on Flagship pro body.

      Could be a show-stopper if they could do 4K video and have on-tethered and hot-swap Hard Drive transfer functionality via USB or Rj45 Port or Near Field Communication & Wi-fi transfer.

    • MJr

      I think the point is built quality and fps.
      Video is more of 7100 kind of thing.

      • El Aura

        Yeah, that is why Canon based their video-focussed DSLR on their 60D/7D lines and not one their 1D line. Not.

    • Jorge

      Stop with the video BS. Get a damn video camera. Video DOES NOT, nor WILL IT EVER belong on a dSLR.
      And yes, I own a A D800 with video that I’ve yet to use.

      • umeshrw

        Open your eyes and look at the world outside. YOU are NOT everybody.

        • Jorge

          I AM: Everybody

      • Ocir

        I’m with Jorge. I have a D800 for almost a year and haven’t even tried the video function. Heck, I don’t even know how to do it.

        • photdog

          I never understood the video hype either. Yes you may get pro results with a D800 or more advanced video-tech. B U T I’d like to know, how many thousands of $ you need to spend, after you have bought DSLR+ Lens. Even simple things like paning or zooming in/out on pro level is a pain in the ass without special equipment. And for your baby shower or holidays you’re better of with your iPhone as you don’t have to lug around tons of equipment.

  • Bob L

    I am hoping for a D400 that had many of the feature of the D4 in a DX format.

  • fjfjjj

    Here comes D4x with 36Mp at 7 fps, 1 stop better noise than D800, blah blah blah. Also carbon fiber composite body, carbon nanotube shutter rated to 1 million cycles, 4k OLED rear display and EVF, total absence of reflex mirror, high-speed magazine-fed sensor heat absorption packet system, and triple Q.E.D. memory silos.

    • Matthew Fleisher

      I’ll take two!

      • Matthew Fleisher

        Wait, that should be 12 fps.

        • fjfjjj

          If you’re taking 2, that’s 14.

    • BroncoBro

      I heard it was 48Mp…

      • fjfjjj

        Only in MX mode.

    • Dpablo Ricasso unfiltered

      They would never call it a D.

    • Calibrator

      All of this is correct, but the name is wrong: It’s the Nikon 2, not the D4X.

    • Sundra Tanakoh

      Sounds nice but will it be advertised with a monkey riding a dog in a tutu (the dog, the monkey is a bell boy of course…duh) ???

      • Murat

        Phewt: monkey as a bell boy is sooo 20th century…

        • AngelGreg

          It’s the monkey Justin Beiber left in Germany

    • outkasted

      Boss UP!

    • JM

      Wow. That’s hot. Talk dirty some more.

    • Sagacious Donkey

      With specs like that, shouldn’t they just call it the Nikon SEX?

    • Johno

      Don’t forget the rocket launcher.

  • Robert Bromfield

    Two of my most anticipated lenses:

    300mm f4 VR

    35mm f2G

    Admin, any news on 35mm f2G?

    • fjfjjj

      Yes, it will be the next lens after the 135mm f/1.8G AF-S IF-ED N VR DC.

    • Jason

      I’m also waiting on an updated 35 f/2. Would like it to have VR like the new Canon one…

    • no, nothing – I doubt after the Nikkor 35mm f/1.4 Nikon will announce another 35mm lens.

      • James Donahue

        Maybe a Nikonolux 50mm f0.95

        • J. Dennis Thomas

          no no no! It’s the Kubrick-lux 50mm f/0.7

      • Dpablo unfiltered

        The 1.4 costs a lot and is pinched by a Sigma lens. The old f2 is just old. The AIS is a different optic and the DX is a DX. They can make an f2 and have it be a bit sharper and a lot cheaper than the Sigma. So they’ll probably make an f1.8, but maybe just not today.

      • peterw

        I guess the way to go will 28 F/1,8 FX and crop a bit (side effect, this largely eliminates the vignetting). It is 1,5 times as heavy as the 35 F/2 and looks twice as big.

        I hope Dpablo unfiltered is right thought.

    • Sahaja

      For this D400 and the D7100 something like a 16mm or 14mm DX prime would be nice.

      • Pat Mann

        We are short a 24mm f/1.4 DX, an 18mm or 16mm f/2 DX, a 12mm f/2.8 DX, an 8mm f/4 DX, a 16mm f/3.5 PC DX, a 50-135 f/2.8 AF-S DX with VR, and a 58mm f/1.2 for everybody.

        After 13 years making DX cameras, there is no excuse for Nikon not to have a single prime wider than a traditional normal lens in this format.

        It should not be necessary for someone who shoots both wildlife and still life to buy a totally separate camera in a different format to get wide prime lenses designed for the format (I’m not including overpriced, overbulked, heavy full frame lenses with an image circle 2.4 times the area of this format). It’s absurd that they still don’t support this format with a full range of lenses.

        If I do have to buy a different camera to get them, it will probably be a Fujifilm based on current offerings and the lens roadmap.

        • Dpablo unfiltered

          Don’t you use those “overpriced, overbulked, heavy” full frame lenses when you shoot wildlife?
          A D600 is a lot cheaper than a whole new line up. And it will give you much better results.

        • rearranged

          Not that it wouldn’t be nice but you will never ever see a 16mm Shift and a 58mm 1.2 lens in Dx. Never ever. I think the best candidate for releasing a 16mm aps-c Tilt Shift lens right now would be Fuji. That’s also the company I would go with right now if I was to shoot aps-C.

    • rearranged

      Here, I completed the list for you: 🙂

      14mm Af-S

      16mm 2.8 Fisheye

      16mm f4 compact & light ultra wide landscape lens

      17mm Pc-E

      20mm f2.8

      35mm f2

      105mm f1.8/f2 build & price like 85mm 1.8 Af-S

      135mm f1.8 pro

      135mm f2.8 Vr build & price like 85mm 1.8 Af-S

      200mm f2.8 Vr

      300mm f4 Vr

      16-35 f2.8


      16-80 f4

      10mm f2.8

      16mm f2.8

      24mm f1.8

  • Vin

    Shall we add to the build specifics, I like Thom’s hybrid D400. Mirror lock up fps increase. Evf possibility, ? How about android ? Na! Probably none of this.

  • LetsGetItTogetherPeople

    Any word on new pc tilt shifts? I would love to see an update to the 24mm and maybe add a new 17mm?!!

    • zoetmb

      What’s wrong with the existing 24mm T-S? You don’t just update lenses for the hell of it, there has to be some reason to do so.

      • Calibrator

        It’s not wide enough – that’s “wrong” with it.

      • LetsGetItTogetherPeople

        The Nikon 24mm PCE is a great lens but has limitations… For instance the ability to have user controllable tilt and shift independently would be a great option. I found this to be a issue in the field when I had it… What are you doing to work around this limitation? Are you taking the lens apart and switching the axis?

        • RobLondonUK

          Nikon will do this for you, or can get it done at a Nikon authorised repair shop

    • RobLondonUK

      Yes, 17mm pc would be my next buy if Nikon had one. 24mm is sometimes too wide 🙁

      • RobLondonUK

        **not wide enough** sorry friday afternoon and hot here in London ;0

  • Nikoff

    I’m still waiting for a D2XS replacement……..

  • PJNanook

    I am hoping for the 300 f4 replacement. I have been waiting for that for years.

    • Robert Bromfield

      Same here and also the 35mm f2G.

      • peterw

        that makes three (if PJNanook is in for the FX 35mm F2)

        however, the 80-400 is a tempting piece of glass, not suitable for close-ups of butterflies etc thought.

  • warrent

    With the D400, I guess I and can finally upgrade my D200…

    • nawab

      D200 with 2X should become D400

  • Allan

    Capture NX3 will be announced.

    • Gary Irwin

      I hope not…then Nikon will force me to upgrade to NX3 (won’t likely support NX2 with any new bodies) and I would have to kiss my Nik plugins goodbye.

      • KnightPhoto

        Boo Google!

    • Jorge

      I’d be at the front of the line!

  • alvintoro

    New kit lens: 10mm – 400mm 2.8 DX! All jokes aside Nikon better quit BS’s and come up with something solid. If it lives up to the spec sheet I think that 70D is going to kill it!

    • Calibrator

      The 70D is a consumer body and not comparable to the 7D(D300/D400)-class.

      • alvintoro

        For sure. But if that’s what they’re packing in the consumer line, I can only imagine it will be a bit better in the rest of the bodies they have coming down the pipe.

        • Dpablo unfiltered

          I don’t get it. What are they “packing?”

          • alvintoro

            Feature wise, they are adding a couple of things I was expecting to see in the new generation Nikons. Integrated Wifi is a small but very welcome add-on, but IMO the biggest thing will be the video camera style auto focus. For event shooting I think it will be huge.

        • Sahaja

          Well acccoring to DPR, it seems the 70D will be packing a “‘Dual Pixel CMOS AF’ sensor which splits every single pixel into two photodiodes for on-chip phase detection autofocus”

          Of course Nikon aleady have “on-chip phase detection autofocus” in the Nikon 1 which works very well. If they put that in the D400 it would be interesting.

  • Dave

    The D400 should come with a built in battery grip like the D4. It’s the DX Flagship for goodness sake!

    • ads

      It will definitely need something extra given the D7100 already has 51 point AF and 24mp.

      Sure faster fps and a decent buffer are needed, but f they are the only headline changes it will likely be a niche body, many will think the D7100 is enough camera for them.

      An integrated grip would definitely make a splash…

    • Sahaja

      My feeling is the “something extra” could be on-sensor PD auto-focus (taken from the Nikon 1). It’s time Nikon moved this technology into a larger camera and Canon have just anounced the EOS 70D with something similar.

  • IslandNature

    A new 300 would be timely for me – would be great if it was available by September 1, got a pelagic trip out of Ukee planned and having a bit of reach would be awesome. That or a 70-200mm + TC.

    Will be interesting to see if the possible D400 follows the D800 or D600 build. Wagers?

    • KnightPhoto

      Gotta wonder if a 300 f/4 VR would be heavily oversubscribed initially. Not available in time for the Uclulet trip – see you there!

      I mostly shot my D700 with 500mm and no TC last time, so 300mm on DX should be a good amount of reach.

      • IslandNature

        I rented a 200-400mm last time on a DX body but now shooting a D600 … do need something with a bit of reach for my kit since I sold my old crappy used non-VR 170-500mm Sigma. That was a frustrating lens to use – ugh, good riddance.

        Not doing too much bird/wildlife photography so the 70-200mm might be more versatile than a 300mm. Depends on the price …

        Will keep an eye open for that 500 mm on the boat!

  • krikman

    Nikkor 16-85 successor would be fine. There is no room for d400 if not upgrade semi-pro dx lenses.

  • James Donahue

    Thought the D7100 was supposed to be Nikons “Flagship” DX Camera.

    • BroncoBro

      It’s their “flagship” enthusiast camera. The D300s is a professional grade camera. The D7100 is not.

    • Sahaja

      Maybe was at the time, and is – but just until this gets relesed.

  • FredBear

    As I understand it Nikon will be releasing a ‘dual purpose’ camera to be named the D4__.
    The camera will come with a decal bearing the numerals “00”. This can be attached to the camera body after the D4 logo to display “D400” for those that are desperate.
    A light sensor, mounted under the __, will automatically switch the camera to crop mode when the decal is applied.

    • Johno

      I think I bought stuff from Yagottabekidding.

  • spicynujac

    I’m more interested in the new DX lens than anything, although I’ll wait to see if there is a D400 and what its specs are and in the meantime continue to use my D40x. I almost bought the D7100 but I really want the adjustable lcd screen on the D5200–great for casual street photography without turning heads, but the D5200 just missing too many features that the D7100 has.
    I kind of doubt they would add movable lcd to their top “pro” body but who knows? If they do, I’ll take one, assuming *all* other specs are at least equal to D7100.

    • Pat Mann

      Just use your google glass as a finder

  • HotDuckZ

    Please, full size body with 16-85 f/4 kit lens.

    • MJr

      As opposed to a half-size body ?

      • Remedy

        As opposed to metro ghei shit for midget hands.

      • HotDuckZ

        No but Nikon just have D7100. 🙂

  • n11

    Does that mean the D800X will be coming out with a 56Mp sensor?

    • ads

      D4x maybe?

  • Spy Black

    I guess people will freak out if it’s mirrorless…

    • Aldo

      Freak out as in good or bad?

      • Spy Black

        Bad. Even though it will probably be quite a good thing.

        • Dpablo unfiltered

          If it’s mirrorless it will have a different mount. I won’t say that there won’t be one but the D300 replacement will have a mirror and an optical view finder.

  • BRY L

    This may sound really out of the norm….but I wouldn’t put it past Nikon…to put a 36 MP “DX” sensor in the new D400…Yes..we all know that 24MP (like in the d7100) and especially without low pass filter,,, is really pushing DX to the Megapixel limits…but look how well the d7100 is doing…They really have to have something a little more than just putting in the “same” 24MP sensor that it is in all the current DX cameras…I think Nikon is on a MP frenzy…and besides not having that many DX lenses that may hold up to that resolution …they would expect you to go buy it anyhow…for 1,799.99(body-only)..just a “crazy” prediction of mine…Love my D800E..

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      TheToshiba 24MP sensor only exists in the D7100 and the D5200. The other DX 24MP cameras have a Sony sensor.

      You’re right though. They have NO DX lenses that hold up to the D7100 sensor. The $500 Sigma 17-70 f/2.8-4 actually blows away Nikon’s flagship 17-55 f/2.8G

    • BroncoBro

      24 Mp is NOT the answer to the D400. The D400 needs to be a fast, responsive camera for professionals. It needs to be bulletproof and have a shutter with a high life cycle rating. Expeed III processor. 10 Frames per second. It should be the D4 of DX format cameras, not the D800 of DX cameras. We already have a D800 equivalent; it’s called the D7100. Frankly, they should leave the Mp at 12 and just give us a better sensor in terms of color, dynamic range and high ISO performance. 12Mp is more than enough to satisfy the demands of web and print media. If you’re that hung up on making 40″ X 60″ prints (how many of those do you make each year?) then get a D800.

    • Sahaja

      A 36mp DX sensor seems unlikely. For the sports, BIF, & etc people want this camera for, it needs have high fps and a large buffer. Moving the the amount of data generated by a high megapixel sensor would make high fps difficult and the buffer would need to be humungous to cope.

  • neversink

    Fuhgedaboudit… Who cares about the D400 rumor – theyl’ll all soon be shouting for a D400x ;–}
    Speaking of x…..

    What ever happened to the D4x rumor????

    • Sahaja

      What ever happened to the D4x rumor????

      Well it says: “A new Nikon D4 based camera is expected later in the year or maybe even in early 2014”.

      • neversink

        Thanks… I must have missed that. Wonder if it’s going to have the D800 sensor on it, or if it is going to be a new sensor? If it’s the D800 sensor I see no sense getting rid of my D4 as I also use a D800. The images I get from the D4 are incredible.

  • canonite

    Guys, can we just let it go? It’s 2013 already.

  • What are the chances the D400 will be a full body? I have no real interest in DX anymore, I’ve gone FX and loving it but I can’t lie the D7100 tempted me but to go back to consumer button layout would be annoying and I am over half-bodies, built in grip or bust!

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      ZERO chance of a full body DX. Hasn’t been one since D2Xs. That is a loooong time. (In digital years of course)

      The D7100 is a kick-ass camera. Except for the layout. It took all the bad stuff about the D600 and fixed it.

      Personally I prefer the removable grip. Sometimes I like to travel light and being able to take off the grip is a great option.

      • Mike M

        I could definitely see it maintaining the “semi pro” size of the 200/300/700/800, but I agree, a built in battery grip is highly unlikely, and frankly not something I’d be excited about anyways. I do use a grip frequently, but part of that is because I use the top “consumer” D7k and D600 models with large lenses and the camera itself is a finger short for my large hands. A grip gives me the room I need and balance, but if I’m out shooting around I want a smaller form factor, the wider format of the semi pro cameras is much nicer though for longer use without a grip. At this point as long as the specs are good I’ll take a D400 in just about any form factor they’re willing to provide it in.

        • F. Papp

          I would also prefer a removable grip. It would be really nice if the D400 could use the same grip and batteries as the D800!

          I really like the fact that both my D300 and D700 use the MB-D10. I have one grip I can use for both cameras!

  • peterw

    would be great if a 36/48 MP D4 comes out, it would imply the D800 price would lower to € 2000 and a load of second hand D800 would hit the market.

    • Sahaja

      You think so? Why would a high MP D4x significantly lower the price of the D800? Going by the D3x Nikon would charge a lot more for it than than for a regular D4.

      The D800 is already well priced compared to the competition and if they are introducing a D400 they can’t easily lower the price of the D800 and still set a good (for them) price for that camera.

      The only thing in favour of a lower (US) price is the current relative value of the US dollar.

      • peterw

        1) because a lot of pro’s used to prefer a D1-D4 body over a D100-D800 body. And certainly some rich non-pro’s do (those who don’t like the autofocus system of Leica ;).)

        2) ‘well priced’ depends on your perspective, but you are right about the pricing in respect to the D400. Thinking along the D200 and D300 lines they will want about 1800 euro for that one: this seems impossible with D800 and the D7100 around. 1500 would seem more like it.

        We’ll see. In the mean time I’ll try to capture nice light holding a D300s or a D700. Perhaps it is hanging on a 300 F4 attached to a sturdy tripod :).

        • MyrddinWilt

          Um, I think a 48MP D4X is a very strong possibility. 50MP is a standard for high end fashion work.

          Such a camera would compete against the likes of Phase One and Hasselblad. Nikon would have no difficulty at all selling such a camera for $10,000.

          Given the D3x was $8000 when it came out I think the chance of any effect on D800 used prices is close to zero.

  • Ineluki

    Since I have been using the D300 for years and I was tired of waiting for a D400 I saved my money longer than expected and bought a D 4. I am very pleased with this camera 😉

    • Eric Calabos

      you did exactly what Nikon wanted you to do
      we unfortunately lack that obeisance

      • Fred Flintstone

        No we don’t, plenty of us are overweight

      • Ineluki

        You are so true. I do really spend 6K when somebody told me to do so. Ever thought about that there are more cameras on the market?

    • Aldo

      congratz on your D4… I think I would get the eos 1 Dx if I had that kind of money…

      • Ineluki

        Thank you. I bought the D300 with saved money in 2008. Since then I have been saving money to buy a D400. In 2009 nikon rumors said there is a successor but it wasn`t. In 2012 same procedure. Now I checked my savings and thought wow! I can buy a D4. So this happened 😉

        So my advice: save money whenever you can. It`s worth for getting things you can`t afford otherwise.

        • Aldo

          Im so bad at saving money… somehow i always manage to match my income to my expense. I admire you and the d4 is a phenomenal camera.

          • Ineluki

            If you want have a look at my homepage . Most pictures there were taken with the famous D300. When I have time I’ll post some shots with theD4.

    • They gotchya! The D4 is so long in the tooth as digitals go you’d have to be suffering some serious NAS to buy one… Hope you bought second hand or you’re gonna be mighty annoyed when they bring out the D4* in September and the refurb original D4 for k$4.

      • Followed by the D400 a month later.

      • Ineluki

        It`s November 😉

        • No shit Sherlock. 😉
          He went from a D300 and justified a lack of D400 to jump to the most expensive Nikon camera available which hasn’t seen an update in how long?
          They have brought out the Df which has the D4 gubbins at D600 prices. He could have bought one of those, a much more cost effective D600 or even the all singing all dancing D800 for a fraction of the cost. I guess he really needs the 11 frames per second.

  • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

    I like the news of rumoured 300 F4 AFS VR (price probably be £2000+) and a DX lens also – maybe a MK 2 version of 16-85 AFS VR DX and constant Aperature F/4 ?.

    Still say a D4x in 2014 will be good but will have to be big (apart from the body, buffer, few more fps) to waiver people from a D800 – possibly 4k Video ?

    Nikon should also bring out an answer to the Canon 1D C – 4k video as this will be the next market growth in camcorders and DSLR’s. Look at Sony’s seriously creating Camcorder videos with E-Mounts and full HD videos and now at 2nd Generation VG20. Soon it will be offering 4K video across the board starting from high/mid end and following through the range of Camcorders and still cameras.

    Also although Coolpix A is good start for Nikon to build high-end Compacts; they need an answer to RX1 & RX100.

    Must say I like Nikon products but the company itself could have done things better, like doing a D400 years ago with the D7000 sensor with D300s AF, extended buffer and video improvements.

  • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

    My hunch on D400 is a modest upgrade – although in reality it needs to be big to pull in the crowds over the D7100 which is a good camera apart from the buffer and the AF engine in Nikon family needs updating – the AF in the 5D MK 3 is amazing.

    My specs are as follows on D400
    * 24mp Sensor – Sony Exmoor
    * No Low pass filter

    * 7-8fps DX, 9 fps 1.3 ~ depends on battery ?
    * Increased buffer compared to D7100
    * Video Live view AF improvements – like the 70D
    * Network Port

    * Full HD 60p.60i, 30p, 24p, etc.
    * HDMI Uncompressed output.

    Would be a ground breaker if they could do this:-
    * Inbuilt GPS
    * Internet Wi-fi & Contactless (Nfc ?) Transfer
    * Android Interface (option on the camera setting)
    * 4K Video with on-tethered and hot-swap Hard Drive transfer.

    Ho’pefully no Win’dows 8 style interface.

  • G0nzo

    I remember the last time I followed the rumors for the D800, nearly the same 🙂 then it got tighter more and more, and suddenly there was it.

    – I hope the D400 will be a full body, but in fact I doubt it will be.

    – D4x with 56mpx sounds like a monster! Would be interessting…the price too. o_o

    • That is correct, everything starts without any details and builds up during the months prior to the announcement.

  • Ocir

    Coming from D/X for several years, if you don’t shoot sports or wildlife, I say pony up and get F/X. If you can’t afford a new body then get used. Also, if you still plan to buy or stick with D/X, at least get F/X lenses just in case you plan to switch F/X in the future.

    • Calibrator

      Your opinion is clear – but where’s the explanation?

      • Ocir

        Uuh, have you heard of the word “suggestion?”

        • Calibrator

          Have you heard about netiquette?

          • Aldo

            I have heard of nicotine?

            • Ocir

              Yeah, I heard it’s a very bad habit.

    • Sagacious Donkey

      It’s true, if a person is serious about photography yet lacks the funds, buying good glass like the trinity is always a good decision. Bodies become obsolete almost as soon as they hit the marketplace. Glass is the wise investment. Wait for the D5 or better yet, the D4,000,000.

      • Ocir

        Or you can always skip a generation to upgrade instead of wasting your money by upgrading every time something new comes out. 🙂

        • Sagacious Donkey

          True dat.

  • NikonFanboy

    Is it possible for Nikon to revive 300mm F/2 with latest optical design and with weight loss? It would be a dream to own one.
    I suppose D4X will be atleast 50mp with higher FPS.. I dont think many people will like to buy 36mp with 2 stop improvements..No way with that price point.

    I hope to see nikon pushing the megapixel with improvements to low light performance. It will be really great to own one..

    • Sahaja


      The 300mm f/2 was BIG [330mm x 183mm (13 x 7.15″)], HEAVY [7.5kg (16.6 Ibs)] and EXPENSIVE. The front element was 160mm – and that wouldn’t be any smaller, adding AF and VR would probably make the overall diameter even larger; they might be able to make such a lens a little lighter using modern plastics or carbon fiber instead of metal. but you can bet it would be even more expensive.

      It might be “a dream” or “be great to own one” but I wonder how many people, besides rental agencies and large press agencies, would actually be prepared to pay the price Nikon would charge for such a beast?

      With todays high ISO sensors how much real need is there for a 300mm f/2 lens?

      • NikonFanboy


        YOu are absolutely right about the ownership;) Its will be very expensive for most people to own one. Only crazed and rich people may be able to afford it.

        However, what i think is with latest Fluorite elements nikon could cut down on the physical lenght and size which could result in significant reduction of weight. If nikon can manage to about 40% reduction in weight than i will be up for it;) I will be a proud owner of it. (Dreaming;0))

        Obviously 800mm and couple of other tele lenses are aimed at specific market. So why not 300mm F/2? It will add dimension to their lineup;)

        High ISo performance still requires improvements. We are not there yet. It is still limited to lower pixel cameras like D4 and D700. Any day higher F stops is an added advantage. Makes situations lot easier and manageable.

      • Dpablo unfiltered

        It doesn’t have to be any larger or more expensive than a 600 f4 lens. Think about it. And with magnesium body and some fluorite glass it can be under ten pounds.

      • Pat Mann

        Just use your extender on the 200mm f/1.4

  • Mauro

    D400 ? A project already old before going out.

  • stillwaiting

    The D400 is potentially my dream camera if NIkon choose to raise the bar above 1st generation technology in video. We’ve had DSLR still camera’s with great pro stills capability mixed with consumer video for 4 years now and its time someone broke the mould there.
    All indications are that Sony is going to go all out starting in 2014 with mirrorless full frame and DX A- mount camera’s shooting 4k video and most likely that’ll be the start of the next generation of hybrid stills/video.
    Nikon could get a jump on them with the D400 as could Canon with the 7D Mk2 but they need to do something, anything, better than the same same we keep getting. Something like:

    Beyond 8 bit low Mbt 4:2:0 codec’s. Blackmagic have proved this possible in a sub $1000 camera, recording 10 bit 4:2:2 and compressed raw

    Beyond 30p. Sony and Panasonic already have 1080 60p and that should be a minimum.

    Beyond 1920 x 1080 resolution. Clearly the next standard is 4k so from Nikon’s perspective getting there first instead of last would be nice to see, especially since they technically invented the DSLR video market with the D90 and then sat back and let Canon dominate it for the next 4 years.

    So better codecs, higher frame rates, more resolution. Choose 1, choose 2 or preferably choose all but for gods sake don’t just keep doing nothing.

    My guess is the D400 will come, if it comes, with the same video as the rest of the current lineup and therefore i’ll be waiting to see what Canon, Sony, or the m43 brands bring to the table. But if Nikon finally get aggressive and take the market on then my money is ready and waiting.

    • Vin

      Very true! I think your feeling of Nikon get aggressive is so right on! This sentiment is deffently what they need to bring to tue table with there next DSLR’s. D400, D4X, need to bring it! the HD video & the high speed stills. Nikon stop stitting on your conservative rear ends.

  • Genkakuzai

    D400 would be real nice… they need a pro-grade DX house bigger than the D7100. Add epic AF and action photographers, especially bird photographers would be happy.

    • I agree with everything but bigger.
      Why, as a status symbol?

      • Genkakuzai

        No, because not all of us have small hands. Personally I don’t really wanna go smaller than my D700. Not that I’m contemplating a D400, but it’s always nice to have the option. The D7100 (and D7000) are both too small for my hands.

        • Sahaja

          The growing market for cameras is Asia – and asians tend to have smaller hands.

          • Genkakuzai

            That really has nothing to do with what I said though. There are still plenty of people who doesn’t have small hands, nor do all Asians for that matter. Hence there are plenty of us who have no interest in tiny cameras still.

      • Genkakuzai

        For those of us who don’t have small hands really. I don’t want it to be smaller than my D700 to be honest. But I have no plans of buying a potential D400, but having a solid option is always nice. Both the D7100 and the D7000 are ever so slightly too small for my hands.

      • Pat Mann

        You can’t have the range of direct controls on a mini body that you get with a camera designed for the hand – the D300/300s with grip is a perfect form factor for controlling the camera quickly and surely. It also works with gloves on – another requirement for a pro camera.

  • Radu Ene

    hope they anounce the D400 sooner rather than later

  • kazzi

    Hope it will be 16-85/4 VR or /2.8VR, lighter and less expensive than 17-55/2.8…

  • Rockabill

    Oh … and it’s made in Norway

    … the manhole cover …

  • BroncoBro

    Whatever it’s called and whenever they come out with it, Nikon needs to offer a DX option to professionals that is an improvement over the D300s (which is an outstanding camera, but becoming a little dated). Nikon does not need to come out with something they are already doing well with; an enthusiast DX camera. The D7100 is a great machine and I know a pro that uses one. But it doesn’t have the same “granite” construction of the D300s. It’s not as fast and responsive. Resolution is great, but professionals need to get the shot NO MATTER WHAT. When you press the shutter, something needs to happen and happen accurately, every time and be ready for the next exposure NOW. High quality video is probably a “must have” these days. But I’d rather see a faster, more intelligent AF system. A better processor for improved color, dynamic range, high ISO performance (something the D300s is lacking for sure). We already have a high resolution DX camera. Please Nikon, give us a uber-reliable, super fast DX camera that can take a huge amount of abuse and keep going for 300,000 to 400,000 firings.

  • Ineluki

    I have been waiting for a D400 for some years but nothing happended. So I went FX and will never return.

    • Ocir

      Same here and I feel the same way after switching to F/X.

      • Photdog

        For studio and some other applications you are right. For my “2 body strategy” with the need of telephoto reach a D400 comes in handy.
        Furthermore, as restrictions become more tough at many places you go (and fly!) I would really embrace an outstanding and almost distortion-free 16-35/2,8 FX (even if that would cost up to $3000)
        In the telephoto I meanwhile almost prefer to take the 70-200/4.0 instead of the 2.8 with me, as it is lighter and especially for less focus breathing. If I need longer reach I take the new 80-400 which delivers quite acceptable results – especially up to 200mm.
        Now you may wonder, why I want a D400 instead of settling for the D7100? Well, I’m convinced that a larger body helps a lot, to get handheld shots sharp.
        And I hope that Nikon chose to give it the same body size as the D800 that one can use the same grip, like in the D300/D700 era.

  • Hu

    They should make something smaller! Leica type! I m

  • Ain’t no D400 coming. Believe that!

    • MyrddinWilt

      The birders and many shooters with a need for long reach disagree.

      In a sense the D800 is the D300s replacement as it is a perfectly good D7100 as well as being an FX camera. But it isn’t a 36MP DX camera and there are many birders who would pay for that because they are going to crop the image even at DX.

      Such people are also likely to be very interested in a 300 f/4 AFS VR. Sure the f/2.8 is a better lens but it is also a lot bigger and heavier and so not ‘better’ for many people.

      A D400 is a very obvious product for Nikon to make. They have already done most of the design work on the body, all they need is a suitable sensor. And they have to be working on a 36MP DX sensor for eventual use on the lower end DX bodies so they might as well take the premium price for a D400.

      D500 is a closer call. I suspect that by the D500 iteration the Nikon-1 line will be a lot more capable for people wanting long reach and the FX price premium over DX will be a lot less. the D600 naming strongly suggests that the D500 would be the end of the pro DX line in any case. That is not to be expected till 2017 at the earliest and by that time there will be little value to having a compromise between the CX and FX sensor size.

      • thanks for sharing

      • KnightPhoto

        I agree about the D800 being in many birders bags now and the D500 potentially being the end of the line. I’ve already switched to a two FX camera setup, sold my D7000 last week and D300 last year, and I have the V1 with 70-300/FT-1 for when I want a light birding rig that delivers 810mm FOV. Getting the FT-1 continuous autofocus firmware update last month was a really important piece of the puzzle – super important/strategic firmware update for the Nikon-1 line. Here’s the V1:

      • NRA Advocate

        “And they have to be working on a 36MP DX sensor…”


      • Sahaja

        Would a 36mp D400 shoot enough fps or have a large enough buffer to satisfy many of the people who want this camera?

        There is always going to be a compromise between the CX and FX sensor sizes.

    • NRA Advocate

      Correct. The D400 is a unicorn.

  • Jsatter

    Do we really need another dx kit lens? Can we please have some fast dx primes?

    • MyrddinWilt

      As with the updates to the Nikon-1 lenses, the update to the DX zoom is as likely to be production related as a new optical system.

      If you make a million+ of a lens then saving $1 per unit manufactured is $1 million extra profit. The very high volume lenses can justify a lot of design tweakage.

    • Deep_Lurker

      If it’s the long-awaited 16-85 f/4 DX, then I expect it to be very popular – and not just on the D400.

      • Michael

        16-85 f4 DX will be fine release and perfect match for my old beloved D7000 walkaround landscape backup cam (hope it will have a reasonable optics price performance, size and weight), switched for D600 + 24-70 f2.8 for stills and small events / I just love it /!!!

        I was rather dissapointed with the RAW buffer for D7100… so moved to FX, still I deeply consider replacing D7k soon and buying D400 for second body for sports and wildlife, Im just waiting for specs (fps, AF-S), if its worth it I will definitely get one.

        Does anybody can confirm 16-85 f4 rumors? Thanks for your feedback guys.

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