Weekly Nikon news flash #219


The first Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM lens reviews are out.


The silver 1 Nikkor 32mm f/1.2 lens is currently in stock at Amazon and B&H.

Nikon D800 firmware update

Another Nikon D800 firmware update could be released by the end of the year to fix a wireless flash trigger problem previously described here.

Nikon released new series of Special Selection Camera Bags in Japan. More pictures of the new bags can be found here.


Nikon promo in Japan: buy D600 or D7100 with a lens and get this Nikon backpack. Another promotion is offering a 24-karat gold plated bookmark and a special 80th Nikkor anniversary book.


Nikon looks to strengthen brand presence in the Middle East.

Singer Lido has become the new face of Nikon in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan singer Lido has become the new face of Nikon in Kazakhstan.


Nikon Small World exhibition opens at the American Museum of Science and Energy (AMSE) in Oak Ridge, TN.


After Aquatica announced an underwater housing for the D600 last week, few days ago the company introduced also a new AD7100 underwater housing for the D7100.


Sea&Sea also announce their underwater housing for the Nikon D7100 DSLR camera (price: $2999.95).


Some recent price drops on refurbished Nikon products:

Product Old Price  New price  Price Drop
Nikon 17-55mm f/2.8 G DX AF-S ED-IF - factory refurbished 1029.00 1019.00 -10.00
Nikon D3x - factory refurbished 4429.95 4399.95 -30.00
Nikon D7000 - factory refurbished 719.95 699.00 -20.95
Nikon 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6G VR DX ED - factory refurbished 229.95 209.95 -20.00
Nikon D5100 with 18-55mm kit lens - factory refurbished 469.95 449.95 -20.00
Nikon 1 V1 with 10-30mm lens - factory refurbished 299.00 289.00 -10.00
Nikon D3200 with 18-55mm lens (red) - factory refurbished 519.95 499.95 -20.00
Nikon D600 - factory refurbished 1599.95 1589.95 -10.00



Deal of the day: the entire Topaz Labs plugin bundle is now $100 off.

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  • Art

    I didn’t know I needed a 1.8 zoom, but if the reviews continue to be positive I just might have to get one.

    • robert

      why let others/media dictate what you need?

      • umeshrw

        G A S

      • zoetmb

        How is seeing information about something new and positive reviews about it, “dictating” what someone needs? It’s gathering information and deciding that it meets one’s needs. Don’t be a troll.

        • robert

          he doesnt need a f/1.8 zoom. but I guess because of the reviews and hype around now feels he needs it. looks like a great lens and I think if he buys one at that amazing price he’ll get some great use for it.

          its obvious though that the internet/media hype will push a person to make a purchase even though he might not need it.

  • n11

    About that D800 flash problem, I do seem to come across it from time to time. I always thought that perhaps the barrel of my lens was obstructing the flash sensor, or that the batteries were getting low, or that the Flash was overheating, (it was all three problems on different occasions which I figured out), but sometimes there was that awkward shot where the flash just wouldn’t go… I use SB 600 and 700.
    How long should it take for the flash to cool down when fired at full strength?

  • mikeswitz

    Another firmware update!? Let the whining begin.

    • solartempest

      I discovered the flash issue the night I got my D800E, the day before a big shoot. Wasn’t a problem, just unexpected at the time.

      Ended up buying a SB-700 just for CLS triggering. Been waiting for this fix since I got my D800E last July. Body CLS works semi-reliably enough that I can get away with it when I need a triple/quad flash setup (with a little frustration).

      Just a disappointment, since all my Nikon bodies since 2005 were rock solid with CLS.

      • mikeswitz

        By whining I don’t mean people like you who had legitiment problems. Just posters who use things like a firmware update to bash everything nikon.

        • solartempest

          Fair enough!

        • zoetmb

          I don’t understand. I don’t see people complaining about updates. I see people complaining when there aren’t updates.

          • mikeswitz

            Then you haven’t been on NR very long. They whine about updates by saying if Nikon were any good their equipment wouldn’t need bug fixes. Then they whine when there aren’t any updates and finally they whine about people who tell them to quit whining.

  • zlik

    My D800, when using the pop-up flash as a commander, will trigger my 2 SB 900s almost every time, but the problem is that sometimes (as much as 1 in 5 or 1 in 10 shots), the flash doesn’t register on the photograph (only pre-sync flash ?). Very strange and problematic in front of the clients. 10-20% unreliability is way too high for such professional equipment. I now use radio triggers but lose the TTL function.

    • Jon

      I returned my D800 after finding out that CLS works about 25% of the time with the popup flash set to ‘—‘. While support said it was probably the batteries in the flash (even after seeing a video of my D700 setting them off every single time at the same time the D800 could not), the workaround suggestion they gave me was to use the popup flash in TTL mode.

      • solartempest

        On my D800E, the reliability of on board CLS was pretty bad. I use it in a pinch, but it’s frustrating every time. Sometimes the CLS doesn’t trigger and sometimes the shutter won’t release.

        I use the commander with built in power set to off, all flashes always in manual. Sometimes use the SG-3IR if my exposure is finicky.

        SB-700/SB-900 trigger fine and are actually a little quicker to adjust settings on different groups.

      • jk

        and the D600 has better flash exposure system too.

        I sold my D600 and I am kind of stuck with a couple of D800 bodies (E and non-E)for now.

        hopefully Nikon could fix this issue before Christmas season but if they can’t we can still use PW or similar to do our flash works.
        anyway, in many ways the D800 was a kind of an experimental test body and we have been used as beta testers for them.

        • Aldo

          I love being a beta tester for the d800

  • robert

    first, who the eff goes trekking in the wilderness carrying heavy gear with a big ass shoulder bag.

    and who the hell cares to pay marked up prices for a bag with a nikon tag

    and whos the moron that goes trekking to take photos without a tripod?

    what a dumb video. stick with making glass and not bags. soon theyll be making cars.

    • Spy Black

      The delivery boy says he’s almost there with your medication…

    • Neopulse

      Apparently you’ve never done a shoot before (an example of many).

      • robert

        I school you boy when it comes to art. post your work


        • Neopulse

          Why the hostility? Why the need to post a flickr link? (Does flaccid pinky movement). I honestly don’t post my photos on a public picture-sharing websites. If I ever do, I would post them on a personal website of my own that would have much more presence than one such as Flickr (not bashing Flickr itself, it’s just not my cup of tea). I do photography as a hobby and on rare occasions to earn some money on the side. But mostly I do it for myself and not to gloat about it on a Nikon website. I have a career that I work and study for also that takes up most of my time like most people. Leave your insecurities at the door by the way, just a note, makes you sound like a douche.

          • robert

            ah, now its hostility. you talk shit outta your ass and when you get schooled you run away whining. its you who hasnt been on a shoot. now put your tail between your legs and go back to your cave. talk is cheap. next time before you open your fat trap, have the balls to back it up. youre just like the many other shmo’s on the net who talk crap but their work sucks ass. amateur.

            Im proud of my work. thats why I choose to show it. maybe people can learn and use that to make themselves better photogs. some of my techniques are not something many do regularly. you dont gloat because maybe your work is not of high standards. if you were a great photog then youd be proud of your work. its not gloating.

            so that im a very muscular bodybuilder is gloating because clothes show off my muscles that I put years of hard effort at the gym. youre talking nonsense. you got bitch slapped and now youre just looking for excuses.

            when I speak, I speak from experience. my work shows it. so when I say. shoulder bags are not used for treks its because I have a lowepro commercial AW and a photo trekker aw2 amongst any other bags. 2, with the low lighting he had in the forest, you need a tripod. upping the iso makes no sense.

            and I wouldnt buy a bag that says nikon. lowepro and thinktank have the best gear hands down.

            and no pro photog comes out to the location, whips out his camera and starts shooting endlessly machine gun style without some composing, checking light, moving around to see different angles. before I even click the shutter, I move around, I get low to the ground and check possibilities. that guy in the vid is not a photog.


          • groucher

            I can just imagine Robert the foulmouthed Yank on one his photoshoots:
            “Get your fat *** over here and stop pulling that stupid face so I can shoot one of my masterpieces you dumb *****”.
            No wonder he can’t get any decent shots.

            • Neopulse

              Kind of a brutal reponse lol. And thanks for the down votes guys.

        • Gohf

          Well, you certainly mastered the Jedi art of using filters to make your dslr shots look like they came out of an iPhone with Instagram.

          • robert

            HAHA touche’ I know right..

            I should sue FB/instagram since my pics had that look before they came out. at least my work was original..well mostly.

            Btw, I was still using film in 2007. my gear was stolen. F5’s all Nikon 2.8 zooms/85 f/1.4/ fisheye/300f/4AFS the thief was probably in heaven.

            • Aldo

              your pictures deserve merit… just not the merit you think.

            • robert

              and your portfolio is where?

              it would dumb to think my work is soo great. im being modest. my work is nice. I still strive to be better. but im just showing what I do.

              at least I have the balls to do so. you hide behind the screen criticizing others people work but im sure, you, like others are all talk. please by all means, show your work.

              your insecurity shows. lets see your work. I give respect to those who are artists, not rappers who talk shit.

              that work is from 2007. that was the style then. and it was film..it took talent to shoot 36 pics and get 32 useable ones. today, shoot with digital 1000 and get 100 useable.

            • Aldo

              I’m not really into “my dick is bigger than yours” sort of deal… but pick a Saturday out of the calendar…I’m an active event photographer… I have images for almost every weekend calendar date. I don’t shoot pictures of my sister or anything in sight to upload them and then hope that someone hires me. I’d be glad to show you my work =] … but like other people here have commented… you lack basic skills that can’t be learned by looking at someone else’s pictures. I also go way back with film… still remember the days with hasselblad 24 picture magazines all over my belt.

            • Aldo
            • Aldo

              uploaded some from a recent wedding just for you =]

            • robert

              Yes, some nice work bro. I salute you.

              a talented photog who backs up their talk. bravo.

              good lighting on the pics. seems everyone today is about the gear and not the art.


            • Aldo

              Thank you humbly Robert… I’m always grinding ideas here and there… learning from other photographers etc etc…. I even grabbed some ideas from your own pictures. I hope one day this site becomes less hostile so that we can learn from each other and we all benefit =]

        • Aldo

          black and white… borders and over saturated pictures don’t make you a good photographer or a good shooter. For the sake of argument… your link doesn’t really show a “shoot”. It shows singled out images post processed… to some this post processing you call “art” is considered butchering. I hope you regain some objectivity… It would make you a better “shooter”. The moment a photographer thinks he/she knows it all… it limits and endangers creativity tremendously.

  • robert

    it seems to me by reviews that the lens is at its best from
    f/2-to about f/5.6

    with the sweet spot being f/2.8-4

    wow, pretty impressive.

  • Spy Black

    It’d be kinda cool to get that Nikon backpack, fill it up with rocks so it weighs something like a D4 with a 14-24, 24-70, and 70-200 lenses, and then leave it laying around somewhere…

  • BRY L

    Just thought that I would mention that unlike so many others that have had the CLS problem….I still (knock on wood) have not had “any” problems at all firing both of my SB700’s on my D800E..and my D800E was purchased “last” September…Also it does not seem to have any “green” cast on the LCD screen or left focus problem that so many have talked about…I just wanted to say that my D800E is such a “wonderful” piece of equipment and I have shot so many different times and up 25 feet away..that CLS system works pretty dam good for me…and yes when I have to get really far away,, I use my pocket wizards..but for what it’s worth…I am so truly happy with my camera..(maybe I got lucky)..and my serial number is in the “late” 50000’s (USA) model..I think too many people “look” for problems…and find them…

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