JVC announced a 4K interchangeable lens camcorder with Nikon F-mount


It seems that Nikon is not interested in competing in the growing video/camcorders market with Canon and other manufacturer. The good news is that you can still use Nikkor lenses (in manual focus mode only) on a professional video camera: today JVC announced a new 4K interchangeable lens camcorder with Nikon F-mount. The price is $18,000. Here are the specifications:

DC 12V (AC adapter when used), DC 7.4V (when using the battery pack)
Power consumption
About 19.0W
External dimensions
198 mm × depth 287 mm height 139 mm × width
(grip belt does not include audio unit is installed)
About 1.9kg (included battery installed)
Operation temperature
0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
Storage temperature
-20 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
Operating humidity
From 35% to 80%
Storage humidity
Less than 85%
[Camera unit]
Imaging element
8.91 million pixel CMOS 1.25 type
Image area
4K2K: 829 million pixels
HD: 829 million pixels (dynamic zoom OFF)
207 million pixels 8.29 million pixels - (dynamic zoom ON)
Synchronization system
Internal synchronization
Lens Mount
Nikon F-mount
1/15 to 1/4000 (auto shutter range 1/60 to 1/4000)
0dB, ​​2.5dB, 6dB, 12dB
, 920 000 pixel 3.5-inch LCD, 16: 9, color, touch panel
260 000 pixel 0.24 type LCOS, 16: 9, color
[Recording unit]
Recording Media
SDHC / SDXC (Class 6/10 recommended), SD slot: × 4
Record format
4K: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 (MP4.)
Recording mode
4K2K setting: 3840 × 2160/60P/50p/24p
VBR, 144 Mbps (Max) MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, Audio: AAC 2ch 384kbps 48kHz 16-bit
HD setting: 1920 × 1080/60P/60i/50p/50i
60p / 50p mode: VBR, (Max) 28Mbps
UXP Mode: VBR, (Max) 24Mbps/XP Mode: VBR, (Max) 17Mbps /
SP Mode: VBR, (Max) 12Mbps/EP Mode: VBR, (Max) 5Mbps (1920 × 1080i),
Audio: AC3 2ch 256kbps 48kHz 16-bit
Frame rate
NTSC setting 4K2K: 3840 × 2160/59.94P, 23.98p
HD: 1920 × 1080/59.94i, 59.94p
PAL setting 4K2K: 3840 × 2160/50p HD: 1920 × 1080/50i, 50p
[Terminal part]
Video / audio output
Mini HDMI output × 4 (4K: HDMI × 4 HD: HDMI × 1)
Audio Input
(MIC, +48 V / LINE) (has built-in stereo microphone) XLR × 2
Remote terminal
φ3.5mm mini jack (4-pole)
Headphone jack
φ3.5mm mini jack (stereo)
USB2.0, Type-B

Via Engadget

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  • duncan D

    go Nikon !!! It’s always a nice thing to see

    • Kynikos

      No thanks to Nikon, Son.

  • Nikon is not interested? I hope they change their mind. Canon has a lot of attention with a third-party RAW video solution. If Nikon does not react, they’re going to lose many sales.

    • Spy Black

      Considering they’re not in the market, there’s no sales to lose.

      • What? I think 5D mk3 is in the same market that D800/D600/D7100 and looks that every aspiring filmmaker lose their mind with a third-party patch to get RAW video. And 5D mk3 is a photography camera like D800, but expensive, and a third-party patch is the best promotion to buy it. Or Nikon improve their in-built video in their photography cameras, or they’ll lose the battle.

        • Spy Black

          Any Nikon user who buys a DSLR to shoot video will simply do so. Canon has third-party RAW video support because they have a leg up in the field and individuals dedicated enough to reverse-engineer the process. Canon has nothing to do with third-party RAW. Apparently Nikon users aren’t that dedicated to doing the same.

          • The importance of quality video recording on a DSLR is growing continuously. Any photographer will switch to Canon, if Canon offers the best quality video and good photography, even if Nikon offers lower prices and best quality on photography but standard video.
            There are the same amount of users doing reverse-engineering on Nikon, Canon, Sony or Samsung. But Canon’s system with executable SD and flexible internal software are easier to patch than Nikon.
            Anyway it doesn’t matter why or how, Canon offers better video performance on DSLR market, so it will be better that Nikon improves their in-built video recording or it gonna lose the high-end DSLR battle.

            • Guest

              Hmmm, you have to wonder if this whole thing is a hoax.

          • distanted

            The most likely reason Nikon users aren’t as ‘dedicated’ is because Canon dominated DSLR video for years with the 5DII. If you wanted cinematic, 35mm-looking video on a $3000 body, Canon was the only game in town…until almost 4 years later? The D800 seems to be as good as the 5DIII, but most videographers/filmmakers still think of Canon as THE video brand.

  • S. Spielberg

    Yup, Nikon not doing much for pro-video. Maybe they will wise up years later… like losing the war to Canon until D3 came out.

    • dumbo

      Are you THE S. Spielberg?

      • Neopulse

        Unless he takes a pic with a NR sign on it, don’t think anyione will think he is. Would be pretty badass though.

  • Terry King

    Why would anyone buy this? The 4x SD card format is just a horrible solution, and at $18k it’s more expensive than most other 4K cameras on the market. Why? I don’t get it.

    • Spy Black

      If you’ve ever done a film, you’d “get it”.

      • Terry King

        Blow it out your ass, it’s a stupid, expensive and poorly designed camera.

    • Fifi

      And which half decent 4K cameras are cheaper?

      • orpickaname

        cough cough blackmagic 4K

        • NAMENAME

          I agree this camera is shit. No slow-mo @ 18K$ ?
          Red Scarlet @ 10K
          Red Scarlet DRAGON @ 18K
          Blackmagic 4K @ 4K$ if you put and extra 14K to rig the BM is surely is way better camera than this piece of crap (which is not upgradable)

          • Fifi

            Red Dragon costs 29K brain only. Ready to work is at least 50K without lenses.

        • Fifi

          Blackmagic isn’t exactly a camera for some serious filming

      • James

        You are kidding right?

        • Fifi

          No, I’m totally serious

  • JC

    Nikon not showing interest in advancing their video capabilities?

    That would be dumb and sounds like an arrogant statement. Didn’t they learn their lesson when Canon released their 5DMk2?

    We’ve finally caught up and now they are just slowly digging their own graves by letting the competition get ahead of them again. Whether or not the competitors products are actually better than Nikon’s product is not the point. The point is marketing to what consumers want, and will possibly want in the future. And if the company does not do that, then they will start to become stale and stagnant in their releases all over again.

    • kate

      Not really…

  • Eskimo Nikonian

    Recently switched to Panasonic cameras, because they have embraced hybrid imaging. Sold my D3, D700 and 70-200mm 2.8 to buy my GH3, G5 and a stable of Olympus fast glass (kept my D3x and 24-70mm).
    I really do think Nikon should make an APS-C hybrid and incorporate professional codecs (or at least AVCHD), otherwise they will always be at a disadvantage when compared to companies that make both video and still cameras, like Canon (the Eos M sucks) as well as Panasonic and Sony (who both make good mirrorless cameras).
    On the other hand, if Nikon wants the 1 system to be successful, they need to lower prices, make more fast and affordable glass, and incorporate strong video capabilities to include good codecs and full HD progressive-scan slow motion. I don’t necessarily think the 1-inch chip is a dead end (witness the Sony RX100), but I do think it needs more development and more realistic pricing.
    I have faith in Nikon. I hope it doesn’t get too painful for them before they see which way the wind is blowing.

  • shameless

    Why did they choose Nikon mount? Canon mount is more flexible. You can fit Nikon lens to an a Canon mount via an adapter, but not the other way round. But one might not need any Canon lens as Nikon lenses cover almost every existing focal length. Plus Canon uses electronically controlled aperture, while (most) Nikon’s uses aperture ring.

    • niknik

      I think to piss on Nikon’s turf.
      If you are invested in Nikon, you may be reluctant to buy Sony. No you can. I think is a clever move.

    • waterengineer

      There was a day when Nikon glass played a large role in the motion capture business, as the preferred lenses.

  • Mardock

    Which way the wind is blowing?!!!

    Gimmie a freaking break! Movie cameras in one iteration or another have been around for decades. Nikon has never played seriously in this realm, because it makes little sense for them to compete in an arena with the likes of Canon, Panasonic and Sony, all of which are much, much larger companies.

    Nikon will remain focused on still cameras, and offering video solutions within those cameras (such as DSLRs).

    Meanwhile, they remain at the pinnacle of the industry with their other businesses: Instruments Products, Precision Equipment, Ophthalmics and Sport Optics

    Nothing new to see here, move along.

    • Spy Black

      Your prescription hasn’t been filled yet?…

    • Spy Black

      Your prescription hasn’t been filled yet?…

  • n11

    I don’t expect Nikon to make cameras such as these, and that’s fine, but I wish they would push the envelope a little further feature-wise with current DSLRs.

  • Neopulse

    Smart idea Nikon… smart idea….

    • Spy Black

      I’m thinking the same…

    • Sahaja

      You think this actually has anything to do with Nikon?

      • Neopulse


  • niknik

    It’s good to see a more competitive market. Nikon and Canon will have to offer better products at better prices.

    Sony, Fuji, Olympus, have really raised the bar in the market

    • jk

      well , Fuji is heading to wrong direction , they should have gone to hybrid but they chose to go only still with XF mount.
      I think that’s stupid.
      Nikon had no choice cause the F is too old and limited for that kind of use.
      So I guess it is cheaper to keep our Nikon for still and get Canon mk3 for video or hybrid work.
      or even better Pana GH3.

  • Spy Black

    As 4K cameras go, this is a good design, unlike the crap you see from Canon, Black Magic, etc. This, for the most part, is a filmakers camera, save for the fact that it can’t run at different frame rates. For the price that’s a glaring omission.

    While the price keeps it out of ownership for most, it may be rent-able if it goes on the rental market. I would like that very much. Just think of all the awesome classic Nikon glass you can put on that sucker.

    As for those complaining of Nikon not in this market, how do you know Nikon isn’t in cahoots with JVC on this? It would be absolutely brilliant if so. JVC has been at this market for a long time. building a camera that takes classic Nikon glass is brilliant on their part. Think Barry Lyndon…

    • orpickaname

      Tell me you’ve used them in proper rigs: 5D3 (btw, tried magic lantern raw?) and BMCC. There’s more to a “filmmaker’s camera” than just being “4K”.

      Also, it’s not like you can’t use a “classic Nikon glass” on a camera that isn’t made with an F-mount. It’s pretty common actually to adapt Nikon lenses to e.g. PL or EF mounts.

      • Spy Black

        You just said it dude, in proper rigs. Ungainly rigs at that. This was designed to shoot with nothing more than a lens, mic, and memory. This was designed to shoot video from the ground-up.

        • orpickaname

          As you said, “video”. This type of camcorder will be alright for the average TV show or the average wedding video.

          But a tiny sensor can only give you so much. Do you really expect it to give a filmlike image? Well let’s see.

          There’s so much more to digital filmmaking today, with both the indies and big label studios, and I don’t want to do your homework here.

          The end result is the _image_, that is my point. Just take a look at some HD samples on vimeo.

          • Spy Black

            Well the jury’s out on that. On the one hand, not every shot needs shallow depth of field, on the other is the listed sensor spec. Why would anyone make a camera with a sensor that size to take Nikkor optics? Now, it could be JVC may be that weird, or it could be a typo. If it is that size, you’re pretty much limited to wide-angle Nikkors as moderate telephotos. That doesn’t make much sense. We’ll have to wait and see.

    • Ken Elliott

      Sorry, but I think the tiny sensor combined with the F-mount makes this a poor choice for 4K. The crop factor is huge, and frankly there are not too many Nikkor lenses that would make sense.

      A micro 4/3 would make a lot more sense with such a small sensor.

      I do agree that the rest of the camera looks good. I’m much rather have a shoulder-mount ENG-style camera than that horrible Black Magic form factor. Still, the odd mating of a tiny sensor with an F-mount seems like a deal breaker.

    • S.Garcia

      No one would rent this thing. 4 sd cards, 4 1080p streams needing to be stitched in post from a sensor smaller than m4/3 with a h.264 codec. that is garbage. sd cards arent reliable enough, the cumbersome procedure of having to stitch the 4 clips. the high crop factor and horrible codec. a person wouldnt rent this. they would be better off with the c300, bmcc or the fs700. this thing was doomed before it came out. its just like that camcorder they released with a fixed lens. its the same recycled failure of a technology slapped on with a nikon mount.

    • James

      You have no idea how bad this camera is. iT’S SHOCKING THAT THEY’VE EVEN MADE IT

  • Spy Black

    Does JVC make their own sensors?…

    • jk

      I think they use Pana sensor since JVC is owned by Panasonic semi.

  • Eric Calabos

    1.25 type sensor? really? Its just a bit bigger than iPhone sensor (1/3.2 inch) ! You nead a fish-eye lens to get a normal focal lenth! AVCHD recording? $18,000? Go home JVC, you are drunk!

    • jk

      in fact it is not considered to be a tiny for this type of camera.
      but you are right it is hugely overpriced, should have been about 6k.

      • waterengineer

        I agree. If it was about $6K US dollars, I would own one.

        • jk

          actually it should have been at 3k as many guys at EOSHD told me , I originally thought it was good if it were around 6k but they said it should’ve been at around 3k since the Black Magic and EOS5D3 can do RAW video at 3k.

    • Sahaja

      What is the crop factor?

      • LOL


  • Rich in KS

    wait… I thought DSLR HD Video was the thing nowadays… are you telling me we still have to pay attention to camcorders after all if we want to shoot video?

    • Fifi

      Of course! If you want to do some serious filming it’s easier, better and faster (hence cheaper) to film on a proper camera instead of DSLR.

  • Volchesta Jfr

    Hey!! Those are fake D400 photos!

  • zoetmb

    While Canon, Sony, JVC and others have been in the market a long time, I still think there’s room in the digital movie-making market for someone to redefine how we shoot. RED attempted to do that and has been successful in dominating the conversation, but it has also been accompanied by tons of hype, since much equipment and formats promised years ago still haven’t materialized. For all the hype about the RED, it still uses very small sensor sizes since it attempts to match 35mm shooting in which the frame size is smaller than 35mm still shooting (and full frame digital sensors) since in a movie camera, the film was vertical and in a still camera, the film was horizontal (which actually was tried once in the movie industry with VistaVision).

    I don’t think Nikon can play in the film studio camera market, but I think if they developed something new and worthy, they could play in the independent filmmaker part of the market (and down).

    But they would have to develop lenses that keep their focus point along the entire zoom range or at the very least, developed auto focusing systems that didn’t have to hunt in both directions when re-focusing. IIRC, Nikon did develop a consumer market 8mm movie camera at one point, but I don’t believe it did very well.

  • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

    Makes sense for Nikon to do joint ventures with other companies and share expertise and knowledge + push their brand out together.

    Take a good mobile company HTC, Nokia *past) excellent phones using Smartphone sensors (not sure who does them,Toshiba) and then put in Quality Nikon lens and excelelnt processing software with brand of HTC and Nikon quality imagery wouldn’t hinder any of those 2 companies fortune.

    So if Nikon with JVC could fully corporate with each other and allow full focus AF, electronic controls like Aperature, etc and VR then this would be winner. Nikon should had done this better with Fuji and Kodak back in the early 2000’s although Nikon may have sold less camera they would have had more users invested in F mount and buying their Lenses. Also taking this camcorder; stick in an APS/FF sensor and they can have 4k – 8k recording; 36mp stills and can enhance it further by including wi-fi transfer, swapphot swap storage and HDMI uncompressed output slots to additonal external recorders.

    • SMG

      joint venture? its a static nikon mount…. nikon has nothing to do with this besides JVC using their mount.

  • Sahaja

    The “imaging area’ in the specs above just gives number of pixels which is not a measurement of area.

  • Kbone

    It sure would be nice to see Nikon take video seriously. I am not holding my breath for it though.

  • fred

    This is totally unsurprising as there were demo units of this at some conference in the past.

  • magic lantern alone is enough for a dslr shooter to go canon

  • LJM

    The GY-HMQ30 camera will not be available for sale in the USA. The product will only be made available for sale in Japan.

  • These are good tips..I like the sand advertising..^^..

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