« It’s real: Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM lens announced


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  • ProPhoto

    Wait… This sigma lens has a gripped focus ring? Not what I would consider ideal for “typical” depth of field needs… F1.8 is too shallow for a crop sensor at this focal length range. Someone needs to give crop sensor shooters something they can shoot with in full daylight… F1.8? Sigh… They got the 35mm f1.4 right, why did they turn their backs on this lens?? It could have been great as a walk around lens, but looks like we’ll have to stick with our trusty 70-200 range. 🙁

    • Darrell Foghat

      Agreed… At least the 72mm thread is common, so I can share my filters with all Sigma lenses.

      • NikoHat 5573

        What… Are.. You talking about!?!? The 72mm thread isn’t common on Sigma, it’s only used for Nikon and *maybe* canon bodies. Can someon from the canon camp confirm this?

        • BartLB33

          @darrel- there is no patent. Anyone can retrofit the grip for the lens, which isn’t all that bad, given the right lighting.

    • NikoHat 5573

      Bogus. Canon has the patent, sorry to be the bearer of baaaad news

  • Lawrence O. Livoil

    Better than my 50 f.95 for sure. Fingers crossed for a Kodak mount!