Nikon dumps Ashton Kutcher

nikon-coolpix-cameras-ashton-kutcher-ad nikon-1-ashton-kutcher-ad

Update: Nikon denied reports that are no longer associated with Ashton Kutcher.

The National Enquirer reports that Nikon dumped Ashton Kutcher as their company's spokesperson because he got greedy and tried to double his multimillion dollar contract. Reportedly Nikon didn’t even try to negotiate with the actor. Let's see who will be the new face of Nikon.

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  • Please let not be Justin Bieber!

    • Kynikos

      Ah. Your anti-Canadian racism finally comes out. 🙂 I knew it. 🙂

      • UnknownTransit

        Anti-Justin Bieber has nothing to do with Anti-Canadianism.

        • Eh

          He’s Canadian?? Well, that explains it at least.

      • Mate I.

        I doubt you even know what the word racism means.
        Back to school.

        • Kynikos

          Lesson got cancelled. We got a chat on sarcasm instead, Son.

    • what about Nicki Minaj? Hahaha…

      • Steven Bodo

        Brrrr~! that was a bad joke. Justin Bieber will be fine, then.

      • No longer Pablo Ricasso

        How about the NIKON girls.

      • no lens is wide enough to capture that phat beautiful ass.

      • Naw…she clearly is an iPhoneographer. :~/

        • Oh, yes, right…I’m sorry. I should note that this photography is believed to be © Nicki Minaj. All rights, tape, handcuffs and fishnet


      Fuckyou asswipe!

    • Amen

    • anjan

      Any Victoria Secret model… will be fine!

  • Fry

    hopefully not another douchebag

  • Carlos Echenique

    Taylor Swift

    • Taylor Swift has already been in Sony camera ads. So she’d be dumping not just men but brands, too. Guess she’d write a song about it.

      • Neopulse


    • Jorge

      OMG NO!

  • They should have an actual photographer advertise the cameras, showing examples of their work and talking honestly about how great the system is. But i live in imagination land.

    • Eric Calabos

      Photographers switch.. not a safe bet

    • Anna Xenophon

      Great! If they do switch then maybe the idea could be a challenge sort of deal where they can only use the Nikon for the shoot?

  • I don’t think we need a “face” of Nikon. I love the Euro/UK style Adverts. They show the beauty that can be found and the images speak volumes of the product.

  • Greg Heller

    Obviously, He was only a legend in his own mind, and I agree no J.B. how about a plethora of little hotties?

  • Merv S

    Was Kate Moss once:

    I’ll vote for for David Gandy next.

  • Forbs

    The next face of Nikon should someone whose face is covered in oil spots.

    • upuaut

      Or is cross-eyed.

    • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR


    • Fred Flintstone

      Or whose left eye is out of focus but their right eye is OK

  • PM

    The best news out of Nikon corporate in a long time…Thank you Nikon for getting one right!!

    • jules

      Yes, it’s about time! What a buffoon… 😉

  • Renato S.

    Kutcher “dumbed” himself and he has been doing so forever… hahaha…

    Somebody sugested a photographer, but that doesn’t make any sense for the amrketing stand point, this new “Face” is not about photographers, this is about the average person that wants a P&S, no enthusiast or PRO will buy because of whoever is the new face.

  • Thank God.

  • shnotzywuffums

    Who cares? The guy was a dick and nobody buys a Nikon based on that douchebags’ endorsement.

  • how about someone who actually uses the cameras? A recognizable face but someone who actually uses them. I got to say leica has a good thing going with people like Seal actually using the cameras and loving the titanium versions and giving some that he uses away…I know I know there are probably better references that people would like but come on Kucher and avril lavigne (canon) it just makes me feel further away from the product when you slap a celebs face and have them rolling around holding your camera. Get someone who says uses it, actually likes the product and can get that across to your customers

    • Not that I like Avril Lavigne, but wouldn’t it be funny if they got her to “switch” – sort of like the Mac/PC series.

  • Mike

    I never liked the guy he no talent at all

  • Ken Elliott

    I wonder if Ashton saw the price of the MB-D12 grip, and the UT-1/WT-5A wi-fi unit, and thought “Hey, I’m letting these guys off too cheap!”

    I’d vote for Joe McNally. Ask “Why do professional photographers choose Nikon?” and let them tell their story.

    • +1 for McNally

      • Eric Calabos

        the person should be known for coolpix buyers

    • You can buy a refurbished d3000 + 18-55mm for the price of the mb12 – and it does a lot more than just hold batteries!

  • Stanley Beck

    With him selling, I wouldn’t have bought Nikon if I didn’t already have a Nikon system

  • Greg

    I expect to see a bump in sales now that people don’t find themselves looking away from Nikon ads in disgust…

  • Mr Kotku

    Maybe Nikon can use those multi millions of dollars to improve QC in there DSLR factories

  • Vin

    He is personally not the hip young new personality he once was. I doubt he is as popular in Japan any more. I also think his asking for so much more money was culturally insulting and inappropriate.

  • Eric Calabos

    Christian Bale
    Batman for D400 🙂

    • BlahBlah

      brilliant :)not sure how many will get the reference 🙂

    • Jorge

      No. He might throw another tantrum. He’s a woos and a douchebag

  • Ashton was a terrible choice from square 1…what the ad program told you is that customers of this particular nikon product…were all basically intrusive and best. He did more to turn customer “off” towards the Nikon Brand. Again it is the “Ad People” who are at the root of all of these problems. The ad agency suits are not in touch with the Nikon customer and therefore they went with a ad program targeted as 25-35 women. Who were technologically ignorant. in a kind of “idiot proof” targeted product.

    So now please Nikon let stick to real features and benefits….value added. Not clowns as role models.

  • Shawn Reynolds

    Chase Jarvis

    • Jorge

      Can’t stand that dick wad Jarvis

      • preston

        How is he a dick wad? There are lots of great articles and interviews on his website. .

        I like him but, just like McNally, don’t think he would be a good spokesperson at all because no non-photographers know them.

        • Jorge

          Still a dick wad. I don’t care how many articles and interviews he has it’s all about Chase.

  • Mike

    Hold on admin. You got this story out of the National Enquirer? They are not exactly a news publication known for accuracy or even fact. For all we know they could make a factual report based on the website reporting Nikon rumors. I’m all for Ashton getting the boot, but to hear it from the National Enquirer leaves me skeptical.
    “Baby born with no brain and no body below the armpits, lives to father his own puppy clone! Page 21”

    • They got the John Edwards cheating scandal right, and broke it long before any other “legitimate” media.

    • I don’t expect an official press release for that, let’s classify this as a rumor for now.

      • Sahaja

        Anything in the National Enquirer doesn’t even qualify as a rumour – its only fantasy, they just make stuff up.

        Remember Elvis on the moon?

  • Guest

    facepalm… I hate him.

  • Greg Heller

    Here are some celebrities that use Nikon, Robert De Niro, Sean Connery, Quentin Tarantino, Johnny Depp, Jennifer Aniston, Aretha Franklin, Muhammad Ali, Paul McCartney. Any of these would be a couple of steps up from A. Kutcher.

    • Wilson

      If Muhammad Ali was the face of Nikon it had better be for a new type of VR… That being said I love Ali and not trying to bash his condition

      • Neopulse

        ROFL! F*cking awesome post.

  • NW

    I’ll vote for “Hugh Jackman”.

  • Revenge

    Demi Moore.

    • Dave

      Skeletor with implants?

  • Finally! I wonder why they hired the moron in the first place…

    • Bratislav ILIC

      I am not sure who is the moron here, he or people from Nikon marketing that hired him and actually payed him a couple of millions.

    • Sahaja

      Sadly we end up paying for the money they give this moron when we buy Nikon products.

  • Karen G.

    Demi Moore.

  • Neopulse

    Hmmm a good spokesperson for Nikon…. hard to say. Thought Usain Bolt would’ve been a good one before heh! In all seriousness, for me I think there should be a female spokesperson, the photography world seems a bit to male biased. For a female I think should be Reka Nyari or Monica Bellucci and male either Steve McCurry or Byron Newman.

    • Jorge

      Seen Steve McCurry speak at an event. Maybe he was having a bad day, but I did not find him either personable, nor was he articulate. Again – maybe he just had a bad day.

      • Neopulse

        Yeah maybe. Do you happen to have a link to that event to watch? Curious to hear him speak like that. He always came off as a cool, talkative guy.

  • Dumbed? Is competent proofreading just too much to ask for?

  • dnguyen

    dumbed –> dumped

    • dnguyen

      ashton kutcher was a bad spokesperson to begin with.

  • ME!!!!

  • Kate Upton?

  • Lady Gaga?

  • Jenna Jamiison

    Miranda Kerr

  • RamesesThe2nd

    Nikon needs someone to connect with younger folks. Someone who can let people believe that Coolpix line is cool and it is not just for fools. Photographers and geeks already know why they choose Nikon.

  • RC

    So many are suggesting that they should use a photographer. Most people don’t care what photographers think. If they see a commercial like that, they’ll just ignore it. Nikon needs to find someone that is well-known and charismatic. This person will then proceed to show us how a Coolpix can make life wonderful AND do it with ease. Since Coolpix users are young, they need to use someone that targets the younger generation.

  • Fred Flintstone

    I vote for Homer Simpson! “I’m so smart I can use this camera! S-M-R-T!”

  • Alex Gordon

    Nikon needs to take a page out of the people who wrote the Chyrsler photo commercial for the super bowl and let them manage their campaign. Photography is all about art and what it can do to move people emotionally. Nikon should be gunning for the hearts and minds of the customer base, not try to appeal to the “cool” crowd… It didn’t work, their still 2nd behind Canon in terms of sales.

    • Jorge

      THAT WAS THE BEST COMMERCIAL EVER — Amazing images. Well done to Chrysler. Now, if they could only stop making amazing looking automobiles, that are total pieces of sh*t. I’d actually look at one.

  • n11

    Irony that he played Steve Jobs?

  • Nikonhead

    Charlie Sheen

    • Fry

      too many associations with cameras hidden in the bedroom

    • Larry Gray

      I hear Tiger Woods is also looking for sponsors. 🙂

  • matt damon

    • Jorge

      +1000 A great actor!

  • twoomy

    Thank you to everybody who commented using the word douchbag. You made me laugh so hysterically, my stomach hurts!

  • Nikon Fanboy

    I would go with Tony Shalhoub in a nod to his fastidious Monk character. Of course, I would do this only after doing a complete overhaul of Nikon’s quality control systems.

    • Jorge

      Another excellent choice — would pick him over Matt Damon, and Kai from DigitalRevTV

  • Sam

    I would have dumped him at half the price. I just hope they choose someone better. Frankly, I don’t understand why they need anyone at all, but I suppose it makes sense for their lower end consumer cameras.

  • Spy Black

    Nikon has finalized their decision. Their new spokesperson is Lindsay Lohan…

  • kucther is a fag!

    YES!!! x 1,000000000000000.

  • Steven Bodo

    How about Kai? just kidding

    • Jorge

      Now that I’d love to see — Kai … LOL

  • KM

    “Nikon dumbed Ashton Kutcher”, while this may be a Freudian slip alluding to Kutchers low IQ, I believe its a typo and should read “Nikon dumped Ashton Kutcher”

    • FredBear

      Nah they got confused and put one word instead of 2 – should read “Nikon dumped dumb Ashton Kutchner”

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