DxOMark: best lenses for the Nikon D800 camera (part 3, wide angle lenses)


DxOMark published their third part on best wide angle lenses for the Nikon D800 camera (see part 1 and part 2). As you would expect "normal" wide angle prime lenses performed better than ultra wide and zoom lenses. Here are the top rated lenses grouped by lens type:

Ultra wide lenses:

Lens Price ($) DxOMark Score
Zeiss Distagon T* 2.8/15 ZF.2 Nikon 2950 27
Sigma 20mm F1.8 EX DG ASP RF Nikon 629 26
Zeiss Distagon T 21mm f/2.8 ZF2 Nikon 1732 25
Samyang 14mm f/2.8 IF ED UMC Asph Nikon 409 25
Nikon AF Nikkor 20mm f/2.8D 570 25
Zeiss Distagon T 18mm f/3.5 ZF2 Nikon 1395 22
Sigma 14mm F2.8 EX Aspherical HSM Nikon 749 20

Wide angle lenses:

Lens Price ($) DxOMark Score
Sigma 35mm F1.4 DG HSM A Nikon 899 39
Nikon AF-S Nikkor 24mm f/1.4G ED 2200 34
Samyang 35mm F1.4 AS UMC Nikon 599 34
Zeiss Distagon T 35mm f/1.4 ZF2 Nikon 1843 34
Nikon AF-S Nikkor 28mm f/1.8G 699 33
Zeiss Distagon T 35mm f/2 ZF2 Nikon 1005 33
Nikon AF-S Nikkor 35mm f/1.4G 1797 33
Zeiss Distagon T 28mm f/2 ZF2 Nikon 1283 29
Nikon AF Nikkor 28mm f/2.8D 280 26

Wide angle zoom lenses:

Lens  Price ($) DxOMark Score
Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED 2000 28
Tokina AT-X 16-28 F2.8 PRO FX Nikon 849 24
Nikon AF-S Nikkor 16-35mm f/4G ED VR 1260 23
Nikon AF-S Zoom-Nikkor 17-35mm f/2.8D IF-ED 1764 21
Nikon AF Zoom-Nikkor 18-35mm f/3.5-4.5D IF-ED 610 20
Sigma 12-24mm F4.5-5.6 EX DG HSM II Nikon 1400 17
Sigma 12-24mm f4.5-5.6 EX DG Nikon 840 16
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  • Refurb

    Nikon 14-24 f2.8 doesn’t make the list?

    • Besserwisser

      Unfortunately, it is too bad to get to the list. Old Nikkor 24mm ais is much better and the price is one-tenth (or maybe less) of the giant 14-24mm.

      • neonspark

        lol, or more to the point, the 14-24 beats everything, no need for DXO to buy a copy to demonstrate what everybody already knows.

        • I’m not sure it would beat a Zeiss 15 but it’s certainly worthy of inclusion in the list (I own one, still not biased to think it’s the best of the best).

          • neonspark

            probably doesn’t, but it beats it from 16-24mm 🙂

            • Yes, totally agree. In the Zeiss you have better optics in a prime lens with no autofocus. In the Nikkor you have 14-24 zoom and AF, with excellent optics. For me, even if the lenses were the same price, I would buy the Nikkor again.

          • jake

            I much prefer the small 18mm Zeiss over anything in this range and do not forget the 15mm Zeiss takes 95mm filter.

        • Helge
      • You don’t know what you’re talking about dude. The 14-24 is a clearly superior lens to anything in its range. I’ve used wide Leicas – the second generation 19mm 2.8 Elmarit, which is one of the finest wides ever made, and the 14-24 is better.

        • I have the 14-24…. great lens, I also have a Zeiss 15mm.. Nikkor has focus shift and Zeiss doesn’t ,Zeiss also has less distortion and more brilliance across the frame,Nikkor is more flexible and cheaper.. Pick your poison .. 😉
          they’re both great

      • Sahaja

        Nikon still sell the 24mm f/2.8 ais new – along with the 20mm f/2.8, 28mm f/2.8mm, and 35mm 1.4 . All these, as well as the w/a PC Nikkors and the 14-24mm zoom, should be on this list if DxO want to make it really comprehensive. After all the ZF.2 and Samyang lenses, which they do include, are also manual focus – so why omit the still current Nikkor ais lenses?


    • Jon

      Nikon needs to rebate that lens by 500 so even DxO can buy one….

  • HomeRentalPro

    Where is the Nikkor 14-24???

    • rich

      best ultra wide in the world!

    • lorenzo

      … maybe they couldn’t afford to get one 🙂

      • Micah Goldstein

        No maybe about it!

  • n11

    Well, glad my 28 F1.8 made it there, but wow at the 35mm Sigma, maybe I should have gone with IT instead…

  • Nikon SME

    Where is the 17-55mm F/2.8? Okay it’s a DX lens but still worth an assessment.

    • twoomy

      Um, no it’s not.

      • Micah Goldstein

        I was going to disagree with you…but, no. The 17-55/2.8 is unimpeachable, and you don’t need a wonky test by a confused software company to tell you how great it is.

    • Paul

      Why would that make any sense when this is a test on the D800?

  • rtrueman

    LOL! How does releasing this make any sense with the Nikkor 14-24 f2.8? Just dumb…

    • rtrueman

      That’s without the Nikkor 14-24.

  • trumpcard

    This is bullshit. You can’t compile this list without the nikkor 14-24. fuck this shit.

    • longzoom

      Very strong wordings, but the core is true…

    • NRA Advocate

      Yep, FSS is absolutely right. The 14-24 is the finest wide angle zoom lens on the planet. Period.

      EVERYTHING DxOMark claims, or ever have claimed, is now automatically subject to ridicule.

    • They do not appear to have tested the 14-24 or even have it in their lens database, which is a curious omission.

      • The omission of the 14-24mm in their database is simple, sometimes it takes them a year or ten to get a lens to test with. Plus, hey, six years for the 14-24mm f/2.8G is just too short of a time period! Give them some time! /sarcasm

        • Sarcasm noted, but It’s not like they don’t have the new 800mm lens in their database. I just don’t get omissions like the 14-24 or 70-200 VRII. Surely these are THE lenses pros would want to have data for (not to conpare but to use their high-end software).

    • PRIME LENS. The 14-24 is not a prime lens. So it is not on this list. RELAX. Take a chill pill. You’re welcome.

      • grant torres

        Ummmm! They do have wide angle zoom lenses comparison. The last table on preview here if my eyes don’t fail me are WA zooms?

      • huk

        there are idiots and then some more..

      • The 14-24 is a prime lens; A very compact collection of legendary 14, 15, 16, 18, and 21mm primes, with a quite descent 24 thrown in there for good measure.

    • Mansgame

      It’s a joke not to include one of the, if not sharpest lenses in the world in the test.

    • mike kobal

      totally agree. in my short life as a photographer I have never used a better UWA zoom, ever. and I used them all.

    • David K

      Has anybody asked DxOMark why the Nikkor 14-24 is not part of the comparison before jumping to all these conclusions?

    • Rondox


      1. Vivitar 75-205mm f/6.3-8

      2. Quantaray 24mm f/5.6

      3. Quasar 85mm f/6.3

      4. Holga Pinhole HPL-N

      5. Nikon BF-1

    • The moment I saw the 14-24 missing, I knew the entire comment list would be about this glaring ommision. I was not dissapointed.
      As someone who owns the D800 and both the 14-24, and the 70-200 vr2, I find it very very strange, curious even, flabbergasted more likely, as to why both these lenses were omitted in their tests.

      • Sahaja

        Why is this such a big deal?

        While their omission is odd, I suspect anyone who actually buys a D800 already knows the 4-24 and 70-200 are great lenses. There is really no need for DxO to tell them so. However they might not know about some of these other lenses – so the results are still useful.

        • Me

          No , nikkor 70-200 VR II is shit for my mys D800E .Much betetr Nikkor 85mm F1.4 with crop… So i did sell my 70-200 this lens is pointless for this body…

    • Andre

      DxO have posted a reply to this question:

      Added by thj | March 26

      14-24mm and 70-200mm vrii

      I think the commentary on this subject has veered toward vitriolic because these two lenses (1) are among the very best lenses that Nikon makes; (2) have been out for years, and reviewed by everyone else; and especially, (3) nothing compelled DXO Mark to publish a “best lenses” review now. By publishing ahead of testing these two lenses, you’ve provided nothing of value to your readers; on the contrary, you’ve misled them. Sadly for those of us who love DXO Mark, this bad judgment has needlessly damaged DXO Mark’s credibility.
      Reply | Read all replies for this comment

      First replies for this comment

      Added by Emilie_DxOMark | March 27

      Re: 14-24mm and 70-200mm vrii


      Thanks for your interest in DxOMark.

      The 70-200mm review should be available in the coming weeks.

      As for the 14-24mm, it is planned for around a month.

      Best regards,

      The DxOMark team

    • yangphoto

      Notice that there are wide and ultra wide for the primes but only a wide for the zoom. Maybe there will be a ultra wide zoom category to come.

    • Darth Pugh

      Tell us how you really feel.

    • Nikongeek

      If i’m not mistaken, isn’t that the nikkor 14-24 at the top of the wide angle zooms?

  • Nilrem

    I have the Samyang 35mm and I think it’s one of the sharpest lenses. I see that the Carl Zeiss has the same score, but is about 1250 dollar more expensive. In other words, you can buy three Samyangs for the same amount. You can buy Nikons own 24mm for a staggering 2200 dollars. Why are certain products so expensive, while others can make somewhat the same products for so much less money? Is it advertising? Is it cheap labour? It certainly isn’t quality control…?

    • lorenzo

      This is not a price/performance score!

    • kb

      I shot some comparison tests with some Samyang lenses(14/24/35/85) the other day, and they are all built from plastic…except for the external lens elements of course.

      Plus with Samyang, when it breaks or goes out of adjustment, you can just throw it away, because it’s not meant to ever be serviced.

      • No longer Pablo Ricasso

        I’m speechless. You’re attempting to have someone believing that the lens elements are plastic.

        • preston

          I’ll put the word you seem to have missed in all caps –

          “. . and they are all built from plastic…EXCEPT for the external lens elements of course.”

          • umeshrw

            I’ll put the word you seem to have missed in all caps –

            “. . and they are ALL built from plastic…EXCEPT for the EXTERNAL lens elements of course.”

  • tony

    Sigma 20mm f1.8 so good….eheheheheheheh

    They are kidding…

    Now is a totally disbelieve on them

    • Micah Goldstein

      Actually, I’ll defend that lens. These scores are overall bunk, but the 20mm/1.8 is phenomenal. Provided you get a good copy, which is a bit rarer than getting a good copy of a Sigma 8-16. I learned how bad it could be after I had mine repaired by Sigma and it came back soft. I sent it back and they reassembled it in a way that it was at least as sharp as when I first bought it–huge difference! It does suffer field curvature and coma on point lights when open past f4, but that’s hard to see in most real world shots. The (albeit curved) plain of focus is sharp, even at f1.8. See: http://h.micahmedia.com/MG1_4231.jpg

      As you can see I wasn’t quite square with the wall/door, but it’s sharp out to the corners. And this close at f1.8, the plane of focus is so shallow that the close edges of the door frame go soft. For extreme close + wide, there’s nothing quite like the 20/1.8. It focuses within an inch or two of the front element. Can’t sing it’s praises enough.

      My only grip is lack of weather sealing.

      • gsum

        I had one of these for a while. Optically it was pretty good on a 12mp DX camera and the close focus a lot of fun. Only problems I had were grit getting behind the focus sleeve due to the lack of sealing and I could never remember whether the lens was set for manual or auto focus (which is selected by push/pull of the sleeve). This leads to the danger of the sleeve whipping round in your hand when focussing and potentially, damage to the camera.

    • Mato34

      As Micah I have this Sigma and use it on a D600. And I like it and don’t think is as bad as some people say: perfectly acceptable at f/1.8, and way good at f/5.6.

      But I agree it’s hard to think it beats some other lenses on that list. Hey! I also have the Samyang 14/2.8 and it’s way better than the Sigma!


  • DonD

    DxO is loosing all credibility. How can you say you tested Wide Angle Zooms for the D800 and NOT test the Nikon 14-24 2.8? That is just insane! Why would you not include a lens that would most likely be the best on the list? Something is rotten in Denmark, or in this case DxOMark.

    • lorenzo

      Totally agreed.

      Strange that they didn’t put on the 1st place some Bower lenses LOL.

    • neonspark

      why would they lose credibility? among the lenses they reviewed, they tell you which is best. they never said they included every lens.

      • DonD

        Because they bill this as, and I quote, “best lenses for the Nikon D800” How can you say that if you have not even included the best lenses in your test. Also, if they are not smart enough to include the 14-24, why would I listen to anything they say?

        • neonspark

          because only a moron would not understand that they don’t review every lens possible 🙂 aka you.

          • christopher smith

            oh big man, calling people names on the internet! no they can’t test every lens…but they should test the important ones and omit ones like say, the sigma 12-24 which isn’t even a full frame lens.

            • Derp

              It is a full frame lens. Look it up. :]

            • Ummmm Actually the Sigma 12-24 is full frame. In fact it is the widest full frame rectilinear lens on the market, making it a fairly significant lens to me.

          • humenbean

            To not test Nikon’s flagship wide angle lens for their D800 setup is really stupid. It would be like saying you found the BEST monitor for editing photography and didn’t include eizos. There is clearly something adrift.

            • sfsdf

              ops wrong reply.

          • chad

            Yes they didn’t guarantee they would review every lens. But to not have one of the main (if not) best wide angle lens makes this ranking irrelevant. It’s no different than choosing 3 worst lens to rank because those lense were the only lens they had.

          • Mansgame

            That’s like doing a review of luxury German cars and not including Mercedes.

          • Jorge

            Wow. That is such a DPReview-ish comment…

          • desmo

            moron is as moron does

          • MyrddinWilt

            Seems to me like ‘only a moron’ can’t see the problem with what purports to be a comprehensive review of Nikon lenses that does not cover the latest versions of tow of the three magic trio lenses.

            Its like doing a review of DisneyWorld and not doing Epcot or the MGM Studios.

            • neonspark

              DXO never claimed such review, only a moron would imagine that. their title on the article doesn’t even contain the word “best” lol. but I guess reading the actual article is kind of asking too much for the 12 year olds in the board like you.

            • either way the article doesn’t fully review most obvious lens to review, and just because they didn’t say they’re going to review all the lenses possible, doesn’t give them the excuse to not review the most obvious one, therefore their review is a failure. So stop defending them and you moron.

            • neonspark

              clearly you didn’t read the article because they DID mention the 14-24 would be reviewed in a few weeks. stop being a moron.

            • that’s not an excuse to publish the article without the most obvious lens to review you idiot. it’s not like it’s a new lens. BTW How much does DxO pay for social media marketing? haha

            • neonspark

              so you’re the entitled party to decide what they can and can’t post? did it cost you to click a link? are you forced to read it? why should YOU tell them what they can or can’t do.

            • neonspark

              only a moron like you can’t understand their last paragraph where they tell you that they will review it, just not at the time of publishing it. If you’re not on the market for a big impractical zoom lens that can’t take filters without expensive rigs, then the 14-24 being on the list means nothing. If you’re on the market an oh, DXO review was the ONE thing that kept you from buying it (say nothing of half a decade of reviews on that lens everywhere else), then just wait, shut up, or buy it.

          • anon8

            Wow, I don’t think English is your first language. If you look at the title of this whole article it’s called “Best lenses for the Nikon D800.” That wording implies that they reviewed every lens in the wide angle format and came up with these findings. Typically, if they don’t include the highly revered Nikkor 14-24f/2.8 then they should have retitled their article to “the best select lenses we have reviewed for the Nikon D800.” Sorry neonspark, the only moron here would be you. Next time try learning proper context and syntax before speaking

            • neonspark

              you have the reading skills of an amoeba therefore. check out the actual article at DXO. does it say best? huh does it? did you even BOTHER to read before you displayed your ignorance of the English language? here is for you FROM THE SOURCE:

              ARICLE TITLE:
              Which lenses for your Nikon D800?
              DO YOU SEE THE WORD BEST anywhere? huh do you? I guess English isn’t your first language either LOL.

              “Keep in mind that the Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 AF-S NIKKOR G is not yet available on dxomark.com and should also be considered for wide angle zoom selection. Measurement should be available in may on dxomark.com”
              give it up sweetie, you’ve lost.

            • Anon8

              Um I was referring to the title of THIS article on THIS forum. Notice that I didn’t say anything else? Now who’s the MORON? You seem to take so much out of context. Once again, don’t try. Everyone else is laughing at you. Get a life. Read more books.

            • neonspark

              you’re a big moron. Nikon rumors isn’t reviewing the lenses, DXO is. you’re blaming the newspaper for the news? you’ve all but demonstrated your ignorance and are making a mockery out of yourself by demonstrating the intellect of a 12 year old when it comes to understanding that the big point of debate is not NR’s headline but DXO lack of a SINGLE lens. Then again, you’re providing comedy to the readers, keep it up. you’re my chewing toy today.

      • DonD

        One more thing, If the lenses you test range from 20 – 29 and you omitted a lens that might have scored a 44 or better, wouldn’t that completely take off some of the lower 20s from the list of “best”?

        • neonspark

          they are testing what they have. they don’t have every lens. Testing zoom lenses is an imperfect task to begin with because not all overlap the same, thus it doesn’t matter if a lens has a high or low score because it’s FL range may not be in fact useful to the reader. Then again, you made it clear photography isn’t your forte if you have trouble grasping this.

          • NRA Advocate

            Grasp THIS, moron: DxOMark say “Best Lenses For…” NOT “Best Lenses We’ve Tested Thus Far…”

          • DonD

            Neonspark, they are not a one man show operating out of their basement. There is absolutely no excuse for not including the 14-24. RENT them or get them on loan. This isn’t Joe Blow saying, you know out of the lens I happen to own, these are the best. If a reputable test organization like DxO says, These are THE best wide angles lenses for the D800 that the world expects them to tell us what are THE best lenses, NOT the best lenses that my ex brother-in-law can afford or the best lenses that I happen to own, or the best out of some pretty poor performers. Oh, and yes, I understand there are different FLs, but if the same methodology is applied across all lenses it is one INDEX type of data point that can be used to compare relative bestness (mostly sharpness if you understand DxO) based on their test methods and how they compute the index. If those number mean absolutely nothing as you suggest, why are you even reading this post?

          • Bharatwd

            Neonspark, kindly get your head out of your arse…..14-24 is not just any lens…..its the flagship lens of Nikon for ultra wide category……also nikon lenses work best on nikon cameras (most of them). Thus, having an article of “best lenses for D800” and then skipping THE best lens in the testing questions the credibility of the article itself…its like doing a test for the fastest cars of the world and then skipping ferarris, mclaren, buggatis, etc and then saying “oh, i dont have those cars to test” but i do have a hyundai and guess what, its the fastest car in the world……

            • neonspark

              don’t be ridiculous. EVERY lens review site does this. they never test every lens you can slap on an F-mount. Why pick on DXO because your lens isn’t on the list. stop being a crybaby. it is pathetic.

            • JorPet

              The point everyone is trying to make and you seem unable to understand is that the Nikkor 14-24 f/2.8 is not A wide angle zoom lens, it is THE wide angle zoom lens. It has proven itself to be the pinnacle of F mount wide angle zooms. To not include what is considered the best WA zoom lens makes the ranking of lesser lenses moot. It also means they can’t make any claims about a random assortment of lenses as being anything other than a random assortment of lenses.

            • neonspark

              uh did you bother to read what DXO said about the 14-24? as in, oh yeah, we don’t have it YET.

            • JorPet

              Good, so you agree, this is not a list of the “best lenses for the D800”, it is just a list of “some lenses we happen to have on hand that can be used on a D800”. That is a huge difference since they didn’t test the best lens. As long as we are agreed on that then I think it’s all good. We can ignore the list as being entirely pointless.

              The 14-24 was released five and half years ago. If DXO was a serious site they would have tested it in that time as it is generally considered the best WA zoom on the market. To not do so makes any comparison they do moot.

            • neonspark

              I don’t think it makes it moot at all. Let’s say you want to attach filters. the 14-24 cannot accommodate them without very complex and expensive aftermarket rigs. Let’s say you don’t want big heavy zoom, the 14-24 is certainly not very portable.
              There are many reasons one may not care for the 14-24. Heck I own one and I don’t worship it as the end all be all even if it is a really good performer.
              as such I would not dismiss this list and as you say, the 14-24 is over half a decade old and by now, who really needs it compared, and who could possible be waiting for yet one more stellar review to buy it.
              does it deserve to be on the list? sure. but is the list worthless without it? hell no.

    • Swade

      If you can afford the 14-24 on a D800 you really shouldn’t care about these tests as money or gear clearly isn’t an issue.

      • Ken Elliott

        You misunderstand. Those of us with both a D800 and a 14-24mm f/2.8 want to let others know that it’s omission is a serious shortcoming. We already know how sharp it is, but those of you without one would be misled by the report.

      • The 14-24 on a D800 is actually good value for money.. try a Zeiss 15mm on the upcoming D4X if you want pricey..

    • toto

      They are testing prime lenses… not zooms.

      • What are you talking about? There there is a category “wide angle zooms”

      • DonD

        Did you even read the results? I guess not.

  • tony

    The previous ones were hilarious, now this one is insane.
    I can’t stop laughing

  • Aldo

    my cheap sigma made 7th…. whooohooo

  • DonD

    I would also like to see where the Nikkor 35 DX falls on the scale. Not much vignette on FX with this lens.

    • Micah Goldstein

      Not much vignette? Sure, as long as your subject is closer than 10ft!

  • fjfjjj

    These DxO scores, so-called “perceptual megapixels” and so on, are a heap of crap. Keep shooting real-world tests, and choose the lens that gives you the color and bokeh and microcontrast and falloff the way you like it. For
    my taste, DxO is wrong every time. DPreview, DxO, and DxO’s “clients” are getting it all sewn up with their partnership to boil everything down to a series of numbers with a lot of ignorance.

    • DonD

      Well, I do think they overlook a lot of things other than sharpness.

  • verstaerker

    i’m missing the Nikon 14-24 … i checked it’s not in their database …

    • Sigh… I’m bit tired of missing two of the three modern “trinity” lenses. How can you have a real comparison without all three?

      Agree totally with the Sigma 35mm f1.4 though. It’s a hit, IMO!

  • DonD

    The more I think about this the worse it gets. Look at the low scores for the zoom lenses. Wouldn’t that say to themselves, these scores are pretty low we should at least look at the Nikkor 14-24. No, we have to. From looking at the other scores, I’m thinking the 14-24 would be the ONLY recommended wide angle zoom.

  • David Safanda

    Love my Nikkor 24 1.4! Don’t see many other landscape photographers using it but it’s sharp corner to corner with very little distortion.

    • Agreed,very good at f4 to f8…. great lens

      • Christ, it’s VERY good at f/1.4… the sharpest ultra-fast lens I’ve used wide open. It’s exceptional at f/2.8. It’s legendary at f/4 to f/8.

  • Jon McGuffin

    Agree again… Why does this keep getting published here and taking up space? The information is useless and frustrating the NR community.

    • Micah Goldstein

      Concur 100%!

    • Swade

      You must update your camera body at every new release

    • Calibrator

      a) DxO is one of the Nikon praisers?
      b) their results are often controversial?
      c) it generates page hits?

  • skaarj

    Im surprised no one here commented on the omission of the Nikon 14-24. Must not be that great of lens 🙂

    • Gareth O’Neill

      I thought the same until reading posts here, now I might have to seriously consider this lens.

      • If you need an ultra-wide and have the cash, look no further.

  • gastwa

    how about the Nikon 24mm f/3.5 PC-E? It spends a great deal of time on my D800E…

  • upuaut

    I’m surprised they didn’t include Lurpak in the comparison. What’s up with that?

  • Robert Daniels

    Say what ya’ll want but let me tell you this. The Sigma 35mm/1.4 DG trumps all comers. I love mt Nikon lenses and would love to see the 14-24mm /2.8 up here with the best, but until you get the sigma and put a high quality Heliopan UV filter or clear filter on the front you dont know what your missing. This friggin’ lens is tact sharp and fast as F*cks!
    -Nuff said!

    • Reimar

      I’ve seen this lack of “tact” a number of times now. I have no reason to doubt that your lens is sharp. But social skills has nothing to do with it. The expression is sharp as a “tack”. You know – the small nail like thing you press into things with your thumb. Tack sharp – nuff said.

      • outkasted

        Thank you sir

  • MarineCorps

    …if you test then test all available lenses on the market. You are amateurs!

  • neonspark

    if you have a 14-24, do you really need it on the list to know what you already know? Let’s summarize:
    1) it’s the best ultrawide zoom there is, everybody knows that.
    2) it is better than all canon wide zooms and even their 14mm prime.
    3) other than the sigma 12-24, there isn’t anything to compared it to anyway.

    • David Voss

      And interestingly, while the Sigma 12-24 isn’t as good in the 14-24 range, it is excellent in the 12-14 range which is the only place I need it when I need wider than the Nikon 14-24! The Sigma is best at the widest and gets progressively worse towards 24.

  • pepalosamigos

    I have my D800 since 9 months year ago and I have shot many outstanding pictures with my Nikon 14-24 f2,8… no need third party tests to know performance is beyond believable… DXO should include it in comparison if they want to be considered rigorous any longer




    • Niels

      I clearly see the bordersoftness. For some people this is totally not an issue and that’s why sigma is also a very popular brand among photographers. Most lenses are sharp at the center but look at the full frame test on photozone. This 14-24 performs bad at 24mm in the corners. If you only need center sharness it’s a superb lens for sure but I hate softness in the corners. That’s just my vision.

      • Micah Goldstein

        …if you see border softness in the images pepalosamigos just posted, you need your eyes checked. I see some compression issues, and I’d probably have applied a bit more sharpening, but these are otherwise quite sharp images, with no issues in the corners at all.

        • Spy Black

          Sorry, but I see the border softness as well. Considering this was shot at f/8, that’s not that great, y’know? Also, this lens suffers from CA as well. So, for $2000, while it’s certainly not a horrible lens, it ain’t all that great either.

          • No longer Pablo Ricasso

            Make a list of what is better that is in it’s range.

            • Spy Black

              I wouldn’t know what, if anything else, is better. I’m just agreeing with the obvious here. That lens is soft in the corners, and it’s stopped down to f/8 in this example no less. Also, in this shot and others I’ve seen of this lens, it has a fair amount of CA. Not good if you ask me for a $2000 lens.

            • I’m chalking up the majority of the issues in this image to shot discipline.

          • Micah Goldstein

            Well, if anybody is throwing away their horribly soft 14-24, I’ll gladly take the dog off their hands.

        • alwaysfloats

          Not sure if it is border softness, camera shake, Or noise… Or maybe it’s a combination of all three… I have a great copy of this lens… Perhaps a sample of a photo taken in the daytime in brighter light might go a long way in determining the quality of this lens… Just a suggestion…

          • Throw focus in there, too. It’s definitely not taking into consideration hyperfocal. It’s not placed for optimum focus.

            My 14-24 shots are always sharper than that in the middle.

  • SyPheR

    The guys here complaining about the 14-24 not being added to this list should really know the difference between the border sharness on a DX and the border sharpness on a FX. Also remember that the D800 has such high resolution that bordersoftness becomes visable. When I look on for example photozone you see that the 14-24mm performs bad at 24mm bordersharpness nomatter what the people say. These are the facts. Color and contrast can be easilty edited in photo’s but sharpness is a whole different league. I’m not talking about center sharpness.

    • The 14-24, is at it’s weakest when you’re dealing with f/2.8 and 24mm. The further from those two numbers you get, the more it lives up to its hype… and honestly, by 21mm and f/4 it’s besting Zeiss. cleans up very nicely very quickly.

      There’s a reason I have the 14-24 AND the 24mm f/1.4.


    WOW! they did another review without using the defacto standard lens everyone was expecting. DXO = “Dumb Xclusions Overview”

  • Sam

    To say a lens with such complex barrel distortion and other issues as the Nikon 17-35mm makes third, and the 16-35mm that’s so soft at the edges zoomed out gets 2nd, while the 14-24mm doesn’t even make the list… Something’s fishy about this list. Apparently this only measures center sharpness. If it factored in other useful things critical to a good lens such as minimal (or simple) barrel distortion, edge sharpness, max f-stop, focusing speed, etc., this list would be very different.

    • north

      It’s not that 14-24 doesn’t make the list. 14-24 just wasn’t tested. There’s a difference.

    • Common sense

      Let me help you folks out, read the actual review, not the reposting, starting with the headline “Which lenses for your Nikon D800?” Doesn’t mention the “best!” Once you read the actual review, you will know what they test and what they don’t, once you have that info, please use what is helpful to you and discard the rest, others might gleam different info than you, after all, not everyone can afford or want a $2000 lense. What’s the other option? Everyone bitch and moan and maybe they stop testing… Then we would have nothing except for a bunch of self proclaimed yahoo’s – experts – claiming what they think is absolute without any data to back it up!

      Why are you so angry? Don’t like what you read? Then stop reading and go on with your life, life’s too short to be this angry, bad mouthing everything you don’t agree with!

      Enjoy life a little, it could be over in an instant!

      • Common Nonsense

        Except that they included a $3000 Zeiss! Nice logic, friend! :p

  • kb

    Isn’t it funny how tests with charts only bear a faint resemblance to actual real world photography? Yeah, Not having the 14-24 next to the Zeiss 15 is a boner.

  • Neopulse

    Trying to decide on a wide angle lens for landscaping on a D800. Was thinking about the 20mm 2.8D or the 28mm 1.8G. The thing is that it’s going to be stopped down considerably (>F/8.0) so not sure what to get, the wider 20mm instead of the 28mm even though it’s more modern and has a different lens formula.

    • Why not get the Nikkor 16-35mm f/4? That’s probably the best general-purpose landscape lens there is.

      • Neopulse

        Don’t wanna spend $1300+ on a lens I will barely use.

  • AlphaTed

    Sigma: Hey DxO, Give us good ratings. We need to sell some lenses. The gift is in the mailing room.

    DxO: Sure. We’ll delay results for the Nikons. Let us know if you emptied your inventories.

  • From the article:

    “Keep in mind that the Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 AF-S NIKKOR G is not yet available on dxomark.com and should also be considered for wide angle zoom selection. Measurement should be available in may on dxomark.com.”

    • Micah Goldstein

      Yeah, they haven’t had adequate time to evaluate the brand new 14-24mm lens from seven years ago. It’s so new that they never put it through their rigorous testing so they could add it to their lens correction software. It’s just not in their database yet. Don’t rush them!

    • Steve

      It seems that all these optics experts just overlooked an important sentence. I´m impressed.

  • Petr Klapper

    It’s quite simple, just imagine Nikon 14-24/2.8 with score 28-30 in the first and last table – done.

    • Micah Goldstein

      …one could also imagine that these DX0 tests have relevance. But that’d be dreaming.

      • Petr Klapper

        Of course they are relevant, as many other tests and reviews – it’s just the (mis)interpretation that’s problematic, because majority is lazy/incapable to take more views and apply the results the right way for given needs/prices/etc beyond simple/bipolar scale. Still it’s just a tool with simple definition, no emotions necessary.

        • Micah Goldstein

          Of course testing has relevance, but DX0 has the worst presentation of their data I’ve seen online. The numbers in the OP are a prime example.

          So yes, their testing provides another point of reference, but I’m not sure that numbers like these add anything valuable to the discussion. Other than fueling confusion, which is already too common.

          • desmo

            they add very little , if anything of value

    • Mr. Mamiya

      Not sure about this rating. Once I tried mine against a friend’s set of 18-21-25 Zeisses at its respective focal lengths. I found it equal in performance to the 18 and 25 Zeiss, but inferior to the 21 Zeiss, which still has an extra punch in border resolution and contrast. Not by a large margin and nothing to worry about, but I’d rate the 21 Zeiss the best.

      • neonspark

        the 14-24 is weakest at the 24mm end so not surprising. 14mm will be its strongest score. but regardless, it remains the undisputed ultrawide ZOOM king. the fact it needs to be compared to primes to even debate its performance, just says it all.

      • The big head-to-head with the Distagon vs the Nikkor @ 21 show the Nikkor on top from f/4 onwards, with the Distagon having the light advantage at f/2.8.

  • Sigma 20 f1.8


    Really fun!
    Don’t belive these charts, trust your eyes…please.

  • 98% of all those approx. 100.000 frames shot with AFS 14-24/2.8 open at f2.8: https://vimeo.com/53845425 and https://vimeo.com/36972668 as well as https://vimeo.com/40969904. 1% with AFS 24/1.4 and I love it, too. 1% with others for example the old AF 16/2.8 fish. sorry, could not resist.

  • cyron

    HAEAHAH??? The Sigma is a DG lens –> That means for DX format and the D800 is FX format. Are they kidding?

    • legia

      You are an idiot sir. DG is FX format, DC is DX format

    • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

      No. DG = FX. DC = DX. DN = Mirrorless

  • bob

    Makes you wonder what Sigma’s ownership share in DXO is.

  • Spy Black

    Is anyone at DxO ever reachable for comment on anything they post? On several occasions they’ve left out the 900 lb gorilla in the room, as is obvious by the irate comments posted from several of these DxO postings. Have they ever explained themselves as to why they would leave out the most obvious of optics in any given category? Curious.

  • GetReal

    Umm.. ya’ll are talking about the 14-24 DX Nikkor, right? Why would they be reviewing a DX lens for an FX body?

    • Spy Black

      Because it’s not a DX lens, it’s an FX lens…

    • neonspark

      lol there isn’t a 14-24 DX

    • You mean 12-24 DX.

  • The only explaination is they get paid by Tokina to keep the 16-28mm but omit the 14-24mm.
    They have done this before. They test every APSC sensor except the Fuji XP1 sensor which likely has the best IQ for an APSC sensor due to the lack of low pass filter.
    DXO is total bullshit.

    • patto01

      Nobody appears to know why they haven’t tested the 14-24 yet. There’s no reason to disparage Tokina, Sigma, or any of the third party lens makers.

  • Charliek

    Oh, no. Not in the list my Nikon 14-24/2.8. Why???

  • Merv S

    DxOMark did say they are intending to test the 14-24 in May…

  • First the telephoto zooms are without the 70-200II. Now the UW zooms are without the 14-24. What the hell is going on here? And almost all of the samples I have seen with the 20/1.8 Sigma have been abysmal. I don’t know what’s going on here, but something’s fishy.

  • dswatson83

    I’m with everyone else that the 14-24 is not on there. I’m telling you though, the Sigma 35mm is awesome so glad to see that on the list.

    • I’ve recently invested in one – tested heavily against the f/1.4G before buying, the Sigma was way better in every respect apart from weather sealing. Honestly the best lens I’ve used on a 35mm camera…astounding piece of kit.

      • Agreed. The Sigma is every-bit as good as the hype says.

  • quickking

    From the DxOMark review:
    “Keep in mind that the Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 AF-S NIKKOR G is not yet
    available on dxomark.com and should also be considered for wide angle
    zoom selection. Measurement should be available in may on dxomark.com.”

  • Common sense

    Let me help you folks out, read the actual review, not the reposting, starting with the headline “Which lenses for your Nikon D800?” Doesn’t mention the “best!” Once you read the actual review, you will know what they test and what they don’t, once you have that info, please use what is helpful to you and discard the rest, others might gleam different info than you, after all, not everyone can afford or want a $2000 lense. What’s the other option? Everyone bitch and moan and maybe they stop testing… Then we would have nothing except for a bunch of self proclaimed yahoo’s – experts – claiming what they think is absolute without any data to back it up!

    Why are you so angry? Don’t like what you read? Then stop reading and go on with your life, life’s too short to be this angry, bad mouthing everything you don’t agree with!

    Enjoy life a little, it could be over in an instant!

  • matprat

    Would be nice to see how the 14-24 scored but calm the Hell down already.

  • Maurizio Torresan

    Ma ci prendete per il culo ? qualcuno vi ha detto che nikon ha scelto e portato in missione spaziale sulla LUNA IL MITICO 14-24 ?

    Perchè non avete considerato anche questo obiettivo ?

  • Steven Bodo

    Interesting. A couple of years ago I was interested in the 20mm f2.8D and I kept reading on certain review sites that it wasn’t a very good lens for being prime.
    Now suddenly it’s among the top lenses.
    Could it be that Nikon wants to sell it?
    I say the system is rigged.

  • jerre

    When DxOMark failed to add the 14-24mm f/2.8 to this list (or atleast note the fact that they were not able to include it for whatever reason), they have have officially become the biggest photography trolls today. LoL

    • neonspark

      why should they state “we didn’t review every lens we don’t have”. Isn’t that obvious? what site can you point to that tests every lens ever made?

      • jerre

        well duh, when they claimed that those are the best lenses for the D800 which is a pretty bold post to say the least, which in case you havent notice can be misleading to those in the market for such kind of lenses.

        • jerre

          ok I retract my previous statement in light of the fact that they didnt mention “best” in their post… NR should change the title its a bit misleading.

  • Rick

    WTF is wrong with them. No 70-200 vr ii, no 14-24. 3rd party manufacturers giving them money to not test Nikkor’s best or what is going on

    • neonspark

      lol ah the conspiracy theory. I didn’t know Sarah Palin posted on this board.

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