Nikon to announce a high end compact camera: 16MP DX sensor, fixed 28mm f/2.8 lens, Expeed 2 processor


The dream camera: mockup of Nikon mirrorless camera based on the Fuji X100 done by a reader

I received a very short and crypted tip that Nikon will announce a new compact camera with 16.2 effective megapixels DX-sized CMOS sensor, fixed 28mm f/2.8 (or maybe even f/2.0) lens and EXPEED 2 image processing engine. This could very well be the camera that will be announced this week and I seriously doubt that the D7000 replacement will be introduced as well.

In addition, in 2013 Nikon may also come with a new line of mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras with APS-C sized sensor. Nikon has already filed several patents in the past for DX mirrorless lenses: 18mm f/2.8 lens patent and another patent that describes a 24mm f/2.0 or f/2.8 lens.

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  • cookie

    Before Nikon wakes up we will see a Sony RX 2 FF with interchangeable lenses.

    • Why do you think the interchangeable lens FF camera from Sony will be called a RX-something?

      • fjfjjj

        Because he’s dreaming! Thank you for stopping him, Geno.

  • mike kobal

    I would be totally stoked with a Nikon S3 rangefinder type EVF (a la X-E1)
    and V1 af speed 🙂

  • Joseph

    Come on Nikon! Please step up your mirrorless game – I think a 28mm or 35mm fixed 24mp FX sensor mirrorless at $2000 would vault Nikon to the top of the mirrorless game in an instant. Then 6-12 months later – give us that camera with interchangeable lenses using the S-mount from the RF line and a RF mechanism from the SP (come on, you just made some new SP’s a few years ago!). They’d sell millions! Okay maybe not that many, but a lot!

    Nikon trumped Leica many years ago with their SLR – now they could finish the job by making a digital S!

    • why would you want a beautiful fx sensor with a fixed lens? if i wanted a camera with a non interchangeable fixed lens id whip out the iPhone.

      • Joseph

        It would pave the way to an interchangeable mount I think. for one.

        I usually shoot events with two cameras – one with a 35mm f/2 and the other an 80-200mm or a fixed 85/1.4. A fixed 28 or 35 would be perfect for my uses and I bet a lot of people would agree.

      • Look up Sony RX1. A lot of people seem to want that kind of camera and pay a lot for it.

        • Scott M

          Just played with one of those last night that a friend of mine just got. Has a fixed CZ lens and full frame. Tiny. Nice but not for me. Sort of a digital Leicaish thing. I like a real viewfinder myself. How can you walk around in sunlight shooting with LCD?

          • Apparently, the LCD has new technology that is bright enough for sunlit viewing. The reviews that mention it say it actually works!

            There is also an optional EVF that costs more than most compact cameras! But it is apparently of uncompromisingly high quality.

            I saw one and was really impressed by the design. Seems like a tiny but highly profitable niche product. It would be a nice break for me from the size and weight of my D4.

            Here’s a great review of it which really highlights its appeal: . If you can, view it with a Retina display ipad or MacBook Pro – the pictures are just stunning in that format.

            What does your friend think of it?


  • Nikon shooter1

    Nikon needs to leave the “Fad cameras” alone. I want a fixed focal length Wide angle for my DX camera. Even the Nikon 1 has a fixed 10mm.

    • No longer Pablo Ricasso

      …which equates the probable said 28 on this camera…

  • DVEous


    Another point & shoot… just what the world needs.

    Nikon are pissing customers off, keeping them in the dark about any possible D300s/D7000 replacement.

    I’m not prepared to wait for much longer.

    The longer I have to wait, the more anti-Nikon I am becoming, and the more I am prepared to sell everything and switch to Canon.

    Just let us know what is happening with a high-end DX body.

    The D300S was announced mid 2009, almost four years ago.
    Sick of waiting… let us know, one way or the other.

    I am NOT interested in full frame!

    • NRA Advocate

      Dear DVEous:

      We’ve called Canon on your behalf to let them know you’re coming.

      Oh, BTW, they wanted us to convey to you that they have no plans to refresh their DX lineup anytime soon either.



      Nikon Public Relations

      • Sports

        20 Mp brand new, more sensitive DX sensor + “new” auto focus system + 8 fps
        Does this sound any good?
        Well, it’s the next midrange Sony at 600$.
        Who mentioned Canon?
        Nikon has nothing but the D4 with those specs.
        Put this stuff into a D300 house, and we’re rolling.
        (Make sure the buffer size is rasonable.)

      • Sports

        20 Mp brand new, more sensitive DX sensor + “new” auto focus system + 8 fps
        Does this sound any good?
        Well, it’s the next midrange Sony at 600$.
        Who mentioned Canon?
        Nikon has nothing but the D4 with those specs.
        Put this stuff into a D300 house, and we’re rolling.
        (Make sure the buffer size is rasonable.)

      • js200022

        Dear NRA Advocate,
        This information is not correct any more. The rumor has it the 7D Mark II is expected to be announced at the end of summer.

        • No longer Pablo Ricasso

          Oh, that’s nice. So all you have to do is wait six months, cough up 2200 bucks, buy an assortment of Canon lenses, and believe the rumor site. (And hope for a STEEP improvement in dynamic range coming from a sensor that is even smaller than the one you have now…)

        • NRA Advocate

          Right…and Nikon will probably have an answer to this (an updated D7000) before that (likely by sometime this spring).

          So, again, what’s everyone b*tching about? Switch to Canon if you want an improved APS-C camera and don’t mind waiting LONGER for it.


    • enchanted

      I agree fully!

    • Smorgula

      Please, have a cookie.

  • PIK

    Finally!I couldn’t stand their Nikon 1 cameras. Looks really nice. Wonder if lenses will be compatible with their old rangefinders cameras?

    • “Wonder if lenses will be compatible with their old rangefinders cameras?”

      Guess you missed the fixed lens part 😀

      • The first camera will be with a fixed lens, the rumor is that they may release an interchangeable DX camera by the end of the year.

        • Vin

          That is a way for Nikon to sell more cameras to their existing customers, sell more lenses. Build another whole line of mirrorless lenses? Try to pull some customers from Fuji, Sony, etc.

        • MyrddinWilt

          I can’t see the point. It is only one stop over CX but it is going to require a whole new system of lenses to support it.

          Unless the CX format mount is also going to be the DX format mount for mirrorless, it would mean having two of everything.

          And I certainly can’t see this crowd buying a DX mirrorless as the minute that appears they are going to be yapping for the FX mirrorless they would know was coming next.

          I forgot the details on the CX mount, is it large enough to support a FX sensor?

      • fjfjjj

        Guess Geno didn’t read the whole post. D:

  • Welcome to 2011 Nikon… Sony is already on full-frame mirrorless.

    • MyrddinWilt

      And has ditched their full frame DSLR line…

      $2800 for a fixed lens camera… you are welcome to it.

      • If Sony has ditched their DSLR line, they must have realized that it is a tight squeeze getting into Nikon and Canon’s DSLR market. But I’m merely saying that Sony recognized the trend towards smaller and better… and acted upon this much quicker than Nikon or Canon. It shows in their superior NEX line and now they are already two steps ahead of Canon and Nikon on the mirrorless cameras. Even if the Sony full-frame mirrorless is currently overpriced for a fixed lens… the next evolutionary step is the interchangeable lens camera.

        Dont get me wrong, I love Nikon.. but I just wish they weren’t so far behind others in the mirrorless camera front.

  • frank

    If no D7100, sony Nex 7 be the choice.

  • rhlpetrus

    Fixed FL? I doubt that, that’s for the fringe makers and nutty folks that have to much money on their hands, nothing really relevant for real photogs.

    • rhlpetrus

      Well, maybe for 300USD I’ll get one. 🙂

    • So you mean to say real photographers use zooms? 😀

  • Flower


  • Erin

    My dream NIkon mirrorless:
    Something that looks like the mockup above. Weather sealed mag alloy body with F mount. 12 to 16 megapixel FX sensor. (Maybe the D3s sensor?). No built in flash. Optical viewfinder. Standard hot shoe. Single SD card slot

    • Sorry but there should be a rule against dreaming without knowing what the heck is going on. The F-mount has space allocated for the mirror… why the heck should a mirrorless camera have a mount that has space for a mirror? 😀 Maybe you should get a Pentax 🙂

      • flowwiththeblood

        umm,, so we can use our F mount lenses natively? Anyway If we are not allowed to dream freely then we’ll still traveling with horse today.

        • Logical thinking doesn’t seem to be many people’s strength here… I repeat my question… why have a camera that’s just as big as a DSLR but a mirrorless?

          • flowwiththeblood

            who say it need to be be as big as dslr ? FM2 is a lot smaller than dslr yet it has full frame “sensor” and f mount. no mirror means less weight, less mechanical components, no lubricants

            • The F mount makes the lenses big… that was the point. Now don’t talk about film era lenses because things are very different now… just look at Zeiss’s manual focus ZF lenses and how huge they are.

          • fjfjjj

            Thank you for pointing out the weakness of people in this forum, Geno. It is so helpful!

      • fjfjjj

        Yes Geno, please make rules against dreaming, and enforce them! While using many happy emoticons!! P.S. Thank you for starting your post with “Sorry.”

  • yoyo

    No D7000 repleacement??

    Thanks Nikon for listen you customers

    Now you have the perfect answer to the “NIKON STOCK PLUMMETS 19%”

  • Twaddler Belefonte

    2.8 makes me sad. 🙁 f/2.0 or suck rocks.

  • “Color-Skopar” on a Fuji labeled a Nikon… I can see the photoshop junkie had no taste but what about the NR admin?

    • This was just a mockup – I did not have another picture related to this story.

      • It’s not a “mock-up”… it’s photoshopped crap… a mock-up is something physical… just like you can’t have hardware in software.

    • Joseph

      Geno shut up – you’re just a gearhead with no input other than being an a$$hole. Go take photos instead of spewing your verbal diarrhea over every camera rumor site on the internet. What a waste of space.

      • Yes… let’s all sit around photoshop ugly tasteless crap… that’s certainly better for guys like you LOL

        • Joseph

          See, you just spew nonsense crap everywhere. How is this response remotely related to what I said above???

          Looking at your flickr and such I clearly shoot 100x more often than you. So put up or shut up.

          • People don’t really understand this little thing called logic here do they? You must think every time the shutter button is pressed somewhere the photo gets uploaded straight to flickr… even when shooting film. *sigh*

            • Joseph

              Jokes on you because I shoot film, develop it, and have it scanned and ready to share by the end of the night. Color and b&w. I know a bit about the process and I know a blowhard when I see ‘im.

              You’re all talk, no photo.

            • “You’re all talk, no photo.”

              Again with the failed logic…

            • Joseph

              Blah blah blah
              I’m shooting, you’re talking.

  • dan

    i think nikon just copied both fujifilm and sony

  • Funduro

    Sheet, I own a D300s, a D700 and a X100 for less then 4 months. Hopefully this camera has better luck with the build quality then recent DSLR’s. I’m certainly not going to be a beta tester and pay $1,000 for the honor.

  • Dayne

    I want a dx compact… I think that sounds great!

  • dude

    this would make sense. the lens rebates go on till 2nd of March. Nikon would be shooting themselves in the foot if they release new lenses after 3 days of starting the rebate. the announcement of D7000 or D300s replacements, with the new lenses would be done after Nikon gets rid of the remaining 80-400s atleast.

  • Whocare

    Waiting the possible Nikon S3 (digital version), anyway Nikon are sleeping, wake up Nikon!

  • I think 28mm could be the full frame equivalent and not the actual focal length, I am not sure.

  • enchanted


  • Pat Mann

    If it’s a 28mm equivalent for APS-C format (that is, an 18mm), great news – a 28ti for digital. If it’s a nice compact camera, it could keep me from getting the Fujifilm X100s. If it’s a 28mm, that’s too long a focal length for a fixed-lens camera for me.

  • I don’t think Nikon is listening … the question is should I continue to buy DX or switch to Canon ?

  • Jake

    make that a FF sensor in a FM2 sized body and call it a day!

  • Bernard

    This could just be a P7700 with an OVF…

  • C)L3

    …and we hear nothing about this until the week it’s supposed to be announced? Yeah, okay…

  • dexter

    wow, this is an exact copy of Fuji x100. No patent violation? The Fuji has a superior sensor and comes without LPF. It’s very tough to compete against Fuji, because they have superior optics as well.

  • Spy Black

    So that’s it! No more DX DSLRS, the buck stops at the D5200. The D600 is the new D7000, and nobody noticed that the D800 is the new D700. OK, well, you can all go cry in a corner now…

  • Hendog

    I think this camera could be pretty cool for those with bigger cams like the D4/D800. Could be an awesome sidekick for discreetness. All I hope is that they embrace a vintage aesthetic like the X100, Nikon SP or Leica M. They are pretty timeless designs that always look good unlike the (IMO) hideous looking Nikon 1.

  • Nikon and Fuji

    I hear that the Nikon & Fuji Relationship may come back again… don’t be surprised to see similar bodies coming out…… they are both deeply concerned with Canon and Sony… Sony being the industries biggest threat. !

  • Tapo

    I pray and hope that this has an integrated viewfinder, be it OVF or EVF.

  • That’s a Fuji Photoshopped with some Nikon buttons and text. Sheesh. And I love my X-Pro 1.

  • desmo

    it’s not aDSLR….
    it’s an EVIL

    • Aldo

      my mom told me that foosball and non slr cameras is the devil!

  • Steven Bodo

    if it’s a fixed lens, then why do we see a lens mount?

  • charliecodex

    Better late than never. Nikon you dissapointed me with Nikon 1. I almost left you now you can redeem your heritage. If they announce this thing with retro looks, great EVF and AF speed of Nikon 1 series I am all in! The AF issues has been what has kept me from buying into Fuji X cameras and not particularly fond of 35mm FOV of X100.. more of a 50mm-ish person.

  • Nikon 2 coming

  • Gael Ridire

    Love the mockup mirrorless cameras! I really hope they are serious and pleasssse have inerchangable lenses! And please make the lenses f2.8-4, and NOT 3.5-5.6.

  • Gael Ridire

    I really like the fuji mirrorless cameras, but the still aren’t Nikon which I’ve used since 1972. But I can no longer carry DSLRs and the lenses. The Nikon 1 system is to basic, censor to small, depth of field to much. I’d love to see an APS sencor with great IQ, wonderful high iso noise, and rangefinder style. For three years I haven’t taken photos cause no camera exists for my needs. The Fuji’s are nice, but I use LR 4 and Adobe hasn’t supported the Fuji sensor.

    • BM

      I hardly think that if you haven’t taken a photo in three years that the camera choice is the problem. do you think Jimi Hendrix would have stopped playing guitar if he though Fender didn’t make the guitar he wanted?

  • SteveH

    Don’t you dare Nikon. Please show us that you haven’t completely lost your way !

  • BdV

    16mp is perfect, 14mp or 12mp: I’d still want it. 2.0 lens or faster: yes! 50mm or wider… let’s see.

  • crusty

    I am devastated and I have no more to say on the matter.

  • olidie

    Does fixed lens mean one focal length fixed to camera or just a prime lens?

  • Jacek

    Recently I’m disapointed about Nikon politics. I want to upgrade from D90 and there is nothing for me!!! No D400, no even D8000 (D7xxx), but some kind of strange creatures are introduced. Now I’ve to close my eyes and switch to awful Canon :((

    • Niokn D600 perhaps?

  • I don’t think it is correct to say high end and compact in one sentence. 🙂

    • Edgar

      Leica Ms aren’t high end?

  • Danonino

    OM*F*G !! Nuff said.

  • Ser Piggy

    I have spoken with an insider and they told that there are 4 models being prepared for the market right now (although they could not tell if these are to be announced this week): 3 Coolpixes and 1 DSLR. You seem to be correct about the 16 mp DX format sensor in 1 of the Coolpixes, and the DSLR seems to be a 24 mp DX format successor to D300 and D7000 with the best of both worlds. I can’t share much of the details as it would threaten the career of the person I spoke to, but I can tell you that will be a great DSLR that I would buy myself, I’d guess it will be as much a hit as D7000 was. So fingers crossed for Nikon.

    • trololo

      The people are losing the patience (Me included)

    • js200022

      I hope you are right. It will be a major disappointment if the new DSLR is a DX version of the D600.

    • CoolPixshooter

      I love my P7700. All around solid performer. Are one of these rumored coolpix cameras a replacement for the 7700?

  • j v

    I am still waiting for a D7000 replacement, but this is interesting…

    Could Nikon be releasing this to give current DX users (prosumers) something to do with their old lenses? Meaning: the users could upgrade their DSLR to FX (D600), get this DX compact, and use their DX lens on it.

    That way, amateur shooters (for who photography is an expensive hobby, let us be honest, I have good glass and still use a D100 as it suffices for me – but now it is getting too slow, and now I just intend to get the next high end DX DSLR), may not feel the need to stick so much to a DX DSLR: if this compact body is cheap enough, they have an interesting compact solution (and that also is convenient at times).

    Trow in the fact that FX/DX lenses can then be used on their compact and DSLR, and it offers a lot of possibilities and versatility for users that have DX and FX lenses. Depending on the price, I might even consider this scenario now…

  • Looks like a FujiFilm X series copy cat….shame on you

  • I seriously doubt this will happen, at least not as a fixed lens camera. This will be a niche camera at best and definitely not enough volume for Nikon.

  • navid

    Come on,don’t be stupid! Just search “fuji x100” in google images and you will find out the images are fake!

    I am waiting for D7100

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