Nikon Image Space is now live – get a free 20GB account if you own a Nikon camera

Nikon Image Space website

The new online image sharing and storage website Nikon Image Space is now live (see official announcement). All previous myPicturetown accounts are converted over to the new platform. New and improved Nikon Image Space mobile apps are expected later in 2013.


Here is the best part - if you own a Nikon camera, you can get a free "special account" with a storage space of 20GB (up to 10,000 photos per album). You will need to download this utility and connect a Nikon camera to your computer in order to get the upgrade.

I definitely like the 20GB free storage, but the service may not be ready for prime time yet - after I logged in for the first time, I got a page with some strange characters:


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  • Well, since I have four Nikon cameras, I guess I could claim 80 GB of space…

  • SleeperSmith

    Ok, I just signed up, and you have gotta be SHITTING ME.

    Go to log in page, no link to register page. I manage to google up the register page. Year 2013. No OpenId, no single sign on from fb. Red light going off, not a good start.

    Lands in the site. Flash? Are you FOR F.U.C.K.I.N.G. REAL? Does Nikon live in year 2003? And it’s dog fking slow. Heard of HTML5?

    I upload a bunch of shit. Takes ages to upload, and takes ages to render again on the piece of shit site. Then comes final straw. I generate a url, AND I CAN’T FKING COPY IT.

    Seriously, if Nikon wants to waste money, just fking throw it out through the window. I’m sure a fk ton more people will appreciate it. Complete utter rubbish. Corporate campaign/PR hot steamy pile of shit at its best.

    • SleeperSmith

      Congratulation. The resulting gallery DOES NOT EVEN FKING WORK PROPERLY.–MT9bFodMFH-3Ie69tawkwE07GHedViLYe_5gews457e01CcvoYh8bYPhXciM0Tck99ElXq7v6dkWh8-hs

      Just take this fking embarrassment offline.

      • SleeperSmith

        Heh. Nice shit. Doesn’t even have a delete account button.

        • gsum

          Calm down dear. It’s just a free website – no need to get upset.

          • John Wayne

            oh no, he´s sleping and having nightmares that Nikon and not his canon is offering stuff for free to it´s users.he´s just mumbling and ranting in between his sleeping mode 🙂

      • SleeperSmith

        Heh. Nice shit. Doesn’t even have a delete account button.

    • SleeperSmith

      Congratulation. The resulting gallery DOES NOT EVEN FKING WORK PROPERLY.–MT9bFodMFH-3Ie69tawkwE07GHedViLYe_5gews457e01CcvoYh8bYPhXciM0Tck99ElXq7v6dkWh8-hs

      Just take this fking embarrassment offline.

    • Justin

      Well, that pretty much kills that. Although I’m not sure why I’d jump through the hoops of connecting a camera to my computer just to sign up for image hosting anyway.

      I wonder if the fact their logo is in the lolcat’s font is telling.

    • Reggie

      I would just like to second everything that you have said. I thought I would try it out, because hey, 20GB for free. And it is absolutely awful. I ran in to every single issue you described.

    • Pablo

      Are you blind? “Sign up” button is next to “login” button.

      • tertius_decimus

        It wasn’t here few hours ago.

    • Stan

      I agree. Lots of problems and probably not worth the hassle yet. I uploaded some small JPGs an hour ago and they’re still not rendering properly. I can’t image how slow the site is with large NEFs.

  • Shagmuf

    Flash! WTF Nikon?! I couldn’t even upload as the flash buttons didn’t work for me.

  • yes-pictures

    Nice! Just grabbed by 20 Gb and already uploaded some pictures 🙂 Thanks for the info Admin!

  • yes-pictures

    Nice! Just grabbed by 20 Gb and already uploaded some pictures 🙂 Thanks for the info Admin!

  • AvgWank

    What a bag of super tripe shite.

    • AvgWank

      Slut campaign.

  • Same problem here, only some weird characters -.-

    • Spacedog

      weird characters on chrome, but works fine with safari. the german localization works also.

  • RMFearless

    Total waste of time

  • Reilly Diefenbach

    Utter garbage and an embarrassment.

  • Name

    When Nikon announce the new one D300s???

    • fmfm

      I swear you could post about the grass on the lawn at Nikon’s corporate headquarters and people would still ask this question.

    • Bob L

      According to Darrell Young soon … he thinks it will be called the D9300.

  • DMM

    Wow, what a failure.
    So slow and … FLASH?! Seriously?! I can’t believe companies still use Flash when it’s not even supported.
    If you can’t compete why even try.

    • I agree, 20 GB free online photo storage is a pretty good deal, but it will probably take a while until the website is useful.

    • flash works fine

      • cppguy16

        No it doesn’t work on mobile devices, which now account for the majority of the web traffic. Even Adobe stopped using flash and migrated to HTML5. I shouldn’t have to install a 3rd party executable just to browse a site. The browser should be enough. Modern browsers have HTML5 and JavaScript, which can do nearly everything. JavaScript is now a full programming language, compiled, not interpreted anymore.

      • Guest

        No it doesn’t.

        I removed that vulnerable piece of shit ages ago from most of my computers.

    • peter2

      probably the whole idea was thought of before the existing of jQuery / HTML5 and the likes. But hey that was age ago, so maybe it took NIKON IMAGE SPACE (all caps) 15 years to complete.

  • Bobby

    Looks good to me. Sure some bugs, but it looks great!

  • Eric Calabos

    Sign up address for those who cant find:

    Nikon, you kidding us 🙂

  • Eric Calabos

    Sign up address for those who cant find:

    Nikon, you kidding us 🙂

  • Gerry

    Call me a totally unimpressed Nikon owner. I had four photos on the old site. Where they? This is an embarrassment, Nikon! What’s unique about this site? Why should I post anything here?

    Oh, and I’m particularly unimpressed with the language used on this list!!

  • Eric Calabos

    from Terms and Conditions:

    “We may share and use the personal information of Members among the Nikon group companies in order to achieve the above mentioned purposes of use. Specifically, group companies or companies that are entrusted with operations and are considered qualified to respond to inquiries from customers may respond to inquiries. The manager in relation to shared use shall be the same company as the above Manager.”

  • roee

    Y it is in japanies?
    and how i can to change?

    • I tried – you can’t. This is not even Japanese.

      • roee

        so what i need to do for that will be in english

      • kevin

        i used google , and same thing happened to me. Then i used firefox, everything works fine in english.

  • gray

    If you’re getting weird characters, try a diff browser. I got the problem in chrome but it worked fine in Safari.

  • Paul Adams

    Hi, I have setup my basic account OK, but I cannot upgrade my account using the utility. I attach my D7000 but keep getting an error “Unable to register product (2)” (screen capture attached.) Any clues on how I can upgrade?

    • R_R_Roy

      Similar problem, getting error “Unable to connect NIKON IMAGE SPACE. Please check your internet settings”

  • P.

    How can you miss “sign up” button? You should go to doctor for your eyes check. Site looks great for me, any new site needs time to be fully functional.

    • Reggie

      Given the things that don’t work, I would disagree with the analysis that it’s “Great.” Also, it’s 2013, no large company’s site should take time to be “Fully Functional,” especially considering that it’s just a redesign of an existing service.

  • Michael Gstettenbauer

    Des not work with Linux cause of the java engine

  • pop

    I’m in the country that is not in the list in the website Nikon Image Space. What can I do? I’m in Thailand.

    • tertius_decimus

      Same problem here. I’m in Ukraine. Tell someone to Nikon they should learn geography a bit.

      • fruityshooter

        Same here, Slovakia is not listed.. probably Nikon forget about the rest of world 🙂

        • fmfm

          Hey, I’m in Slovakia too. Just choose another country. It doesn’t seem to matter.

  • tertius_decimus

    I fucking laugh at this shit. Nikon staff should learn geography or get fired immediately. No ‘Sign In’ button — what? My brain blew up as I was trying to find out how to register. Fail.

  • Nigel Ward

    an absolute embarrassment to the Nikon mame…did they actually test this garbage?

    On what? a Commodore 64 ?

  • peter2

    Painfully slow, that is my impression.

  • fmfm

    So I’m not on my PC, signed up while browsing on my iPad. Checking out the mobile version of this site.

    It’s pretty crappy. They could do with polishing this up before making it public.

  • Fourtis

    Sorry to disappoint you, guys, but all went WELL for me on my PC !

    The upload is pretty slow, but it is only a problem with my usually slow upload bandwidth and cpl home network .

    • Hawkeye

      Wait, you’re using a PC, not a Mac? Are you living in the 1970s? Oh. My God. And you have a slow upload bandwidth? This is what’s wrong with the world today. People like you who have no standards and are happy with free things just because they’re free and suit your needs.

      Didn’t you know? this site is for the 1%. If you have to choose between the new 800mm and a car, move on, plebe.

      In case it wasn’t clear, that was sarcasm, folks.

    • drfilms

      Yep.. works great here too… I’m also on a PC so maybe that’s it? The desktop uploader is nice too…

  • camel

    for me this application is a big mistake:
    1. flash – now adobe doesn’t support flash for browser
    2. application doesn’t work properly. I still see: an error occurred…
    3. very slow, big lag on click. I have laptop with intel i5 and 8GB RAM
    4. fonts in menu look terrible
    5. I didn’t found any way how to make friendly URLs

    n. and many more 🙁

  • Jon

    Now if your camera is incapable of connecting to your computer, is there a way to still sign up for the “special account!?”

  • benji2505

    So much for releases of alpha versions.

  • whmitty

    Ah the fury of it all! I’m so pissed off at Nikon for providing a service not up to my sterling standards that I could spit 360 degrees at once! How could they do this to me? My life is now drek and I’m thinking little white pills…OH WAIT! All this is free and I don’t have to use it. Gee, looks like my life ain’t over after all and I can calm down a bit. Whew!!

    • gsum

      Ha ha, my thoughts exactly. It’s pretty funny to read about all the problems that these drongos are having though.

    • SleeperSmith

      Ok. I’m coming off from a different angle. I’m a software consultant / digital media developer myself. I’ve seen this kind of shit over, and over, and over, and over. Wasting budget because some moron in the office somewhere pulled some shit out of their ass got it approved.

      Badly planned strategy dumped on some out source company that doesn’t give a flying fuck about what they do. If they actually got in some half decent test group to vent the site, it would’ve been torn apart and reevaluated.

      But no, corporate have too much shit up their head.

      • gsum

        As a retired software engineer, I can understand your sentiment but I reserve my irritation for software such as the overpriced and badly written antique that is Photo$hop CS. I don’t expect much from freebies and so am not disappointed when they aren’t too wonderful.

        • Stan

          I have to agree with sleeper on this one. It’s free for the user, but it wasn’t free for Nikon to develop this crap. If you’re going to put your corporate name on something, it should at least be reasonably competent.

          Nikon’s reputation with software isn’t the best, ok it’s pretty bad. While I’m not very surprised about how bad it is, I was hoping for A LOT better product.

  • Photonut

    Epic fail reloaded!

  • Klaus

    If you encounter problems during registering your camera (email and/or password unknown) just make sure your password isn´t to secure 😉 Stick to the maximum length of 15 or so characters. Took me some time to find this out ;-( Now it works, but to be honest: I expected more from Nikon ;-(

    • Robert Kenney

      This is consistent from Nikon. Computing, the web, and software are areas they consistently fall down in.

  • It appears the main site is in Japanese.

    • DafOwen

      Yeah – even though I can’t see any – Chrome keeps asking if I want to translate it.

  • Robert Kenney

    Nikon would have been better served to realize they do not excel at web services or software. Partnering with a company that has expertise in those fields, like Dropbox, Google, or Amazon, would have been a much better exercise. Imagine a private-labeled Nikon/Amazon S3 or Dropbox managed service that is seamless across all devices, that allows users to share and store photos under the Nikon umbrella. Nikon has never shown a willingness to innovate with the web or in software. Ask anyone who follows Nikon’s facebook page, filled with inane questions that could only appeal to housewives, not people that spend thousands on equipment. Or consider Nikons’ software. Look how much effort goes into development and updates. To what end? What is the percentage of photographers that use Nikons’ software exclusively? A small fraction I would wager. How about to partner and work with Adobe? How about being able to shoot DNG in camera? How about integration with Lightroom? How about a Nikon plug-in for Lightroom that stores your photos to the cloud seamlessly? Talk about scoring against Canon! How about hiring designers to over-hall the 8-bit style on screen menus? How about ANYTHING more compelling in the box than just the camera body and lens.

    • SleeperSmith

      I’m sorry, you are dreaming. Those ideas makes too much sense, so it’s not going to happen.

  • I was looking forward to this service since they announced it.

    Things I like in the first 10 minutes of use:

    – you can upload full size jpegs. 20gb is a big deal for keeping all your jpeg files as a backup online for free

    – site works, everything displays ok, i had no problem connecting my camera

    Things I don’t like in the first 10 minutes of use:

    – flash

    – there’s no sign up button on the site (they probably took it off to fix some problems) – i had to sign up by using a link i found somewhere

    – uploads are slow, image previews are slow to generate

    – Romania is not available in the country list

    – like SleeperSmith said, you can’t copy the generated url, so there are bugs, they’ll be fixed I’m sure, but it would’ve been better if this was done in a private beta

    – Chrome keeps asking to translate the page from japanese (it’s not in japanese)

  • Nice idea… but useless for any North American who doesn’t live in the USA. Why is there no option for Canada?!

  • I prefer use Dropbox lol

  • Jenny-O

    Did anyone read where it says:

    “I definitely like the 20GB free storage, but the service may not be
    ready for prime time yet – after I logged in for the first time, I got a
    page with some strange characters”

    It’s not completely ready yet which MAY be why you’re getting errors… sheesh.

  • Can you get 20GB of storage space for each Nikon camera you own or is it just 20GB of storage space total per person?

    I own 4 Nikon cameras, so if I could get 20GB of space per camera that 80GB wouldn’t be bad.

  • Sunday Creek

    Just tried to upload one 26 MB raw file. Upload time was estimated between 10-11 minutes. Tried to cancel upload and it wouldn’t cancel.

  • Zagaday

    Hey Nikon? WTF! I’m from Russia. And my country not in list at registration…
    Do your heard something about Russia? It’s biggest country on our planet!
    And there are no many other countries in list from registration form too!

  • Igot99problems

    Cloud storage is only as good as your internet connection and server bandwidth/capacity, etc. I don’t trust online storage because it ain’t physically in my hands.

    • SleeperSmith

      Not saying you are wrong, but it’s worth relooking at cloud. (Please, dropbox is not cloud. google drive is not cloud. They called cloud for the purpose of marketing gimmicks)

      Amazon S3 for example offers ELEVEN 9s of durability. That’s 99.999999999%. It means you’ll get 1 file corruption every 99 billion files a year. Coming up with a strategy yourself that competes with that kind of durability is insanely expensive. Not to mention they offering at peanuts price. Trying to match the level of infrastructure management these massive scale cloud providers have is pretty futile for small to medium sized business.

      But of course the question then is…. do you need 11x 9s of durability. =p etc etc.

  • Nikkormate

    Just a question, NIKON IMAGE SPACE upscale the images!? for example, I put there a 800×600 photo, and the image are upscaled, ugly, distorced details and I don’t know if there anyting that bring back the original size for viewing or it is only for big image sizes, any help? Thank you

  • Amac

    Wow, Canada not even listed. Can’t even download the iOS app, not available in Canada. Ongoing crap like this (& until recently decent cams), makes me doubt my 25yr loyalty to Nikon. Ok Nikon…. Don’t follow, lead.

    • Tom

      Ha, I know. I said I was American and it worked.

  • Danonino

    Hm.. who owns the copyright to MY images after I have uploaded them? Im sure it will not be me..

  • Hickup

    Created the account when service went live because even with free storage space I distrust other companies on how they would use my photographs and I am not disappointed – quite the contrary. User Interface is doing it’s job nicely and several issues people seem to experience (especially those in favour of using a language I find inacceptibe… on my part, copy URL is working and there is a delete account button, etc.). I work with Firefox and already extended the account for the 20Gig without any troubles.

  • Dave Ingram

    Really unimpressed with the negative reaction to this launch – I’ve just signed up and didn’t have any difficulties finding the register button (OK – it’s not in the top right Login button but the bottom left one will take you there… not rocket science) or adding getting the extra 20GB storage (and no you don’t get 20GB/camera – tried that). Ticked that they don’t have Canada listed yet but I’m sure that when they do add it it’ll be easy to change – just signed in as United States – what difference does it make?

    Let’s compare this free service to another free service like Flickr. With my Flickr account I get 300MB free and I use a … Flash based uploader. Google’s Picassa – around 5000MB free. Isn’t YouTube Flash based – it’s sort of popular? At this point I haven’t uploaded any pictures yet to Image Space so can’t comment on the user interface yet. But at this price and server space I’m willing to give it a try.

    Hey, did anyone notice that this is free? And it looks like you can delete your account from within Account Information if you really hate it (who would have thought it would be that easy?!?) Maybe there’s a couple of Canon trolls posting here who borrowed a Nikon to double up on the 10GB offered by ImageGateway.

  • YGX

    I had problem viewing the text too. But I found that it only supported Safari and IE. After I switched to Safari, everything is fine now.

  • riggs1974

    Got my account. It sure looks pretty! Unfortunately, every button I hit ends in one failed operation after another. It looks like Nikon pulled this one out of the oven a little early. Bacteria everywhere! Gross!

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