Nikon WU-1a wireless mobile adapter hacked to work with the Nikon D800

Joe Fitz was able to hack the Nikon WU-1a wireless mobile adapter and make it work with the Nikon D800 camera. The Nikon WU-1a was designed to work only with the D3200. Recently, Nikon released also the WU-1b that is compatible with the D600 and Nikon 1 V2.

More details on the Joe's project can be found in this presentation and in the video below:

One interesting detail is that Nikon has code in the WMAU app specifically to support the D300s and D7000, although neither seems to be capable of powering the adapter.

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  • Petar

    Good news! They really won’t make me buy the expensive one so it would be nice if eye-fu or wu-1b turn out to be an alternative!

  • marc kerger

    I want this for my D5100 !

  • nc_mike

    Nice, but could be so much faster. With this much skill, can’t someone create a wireless USB 3 solution from parts to replace the defunct Cables To Go WUSB 2.0 dongle and receiver? Even the above solution only operates (at best) 150 mb/s over wireless N *and* requires a WiFi connection. Even Wireless USB 2.0 provides 480 ms/s solution much more usable with 36MB files and doesn’t require a WiFi network – it is point to point anywhere. I don’t have the EE expertise to make one or I would do it myself – when I got my Cables to Go WUSB dongles for $50USD its wasn’t hard to adapt that out of the box WUSB transmitter dongle to be DC (5v) battery powered at the camera – mine still works like a dream up to 40 feet from tmy tablet/laptop/workstation. Too bad Cables to Go went bankrupt – you can’t find the WUSB sticks anymore and I am floored someone hasn’t capitalized on it and provided a WUSB 2 or 3 replacement!!!

  • Neopulse

    And D5200 also it’s compatible. And also this kind of hack was inevitable. Just depressing that a techie pulled it off rather than Nikon themselves. Kudos to you man. Would like to see if battery life is severely affected or not with it.

    • Calibrator

      > Just depressing that a techie pulled it off rather than Nikon themselves.

      I suspect that Nikon has slightly different intentions…

  • Jaap

    There you have it: photographers shouldn’t do video. Half of it is out of focus! My God, man, get a grip… 😉

    I like it a lot. But noone should have to do this. Nikon should have made the technique affordable to the common photographer. It will not be long that all cameras will have it native by design.

    • Mansgame

      That was the least professional video I’ve seen even by youtube standards.

  • Neopulse

    One other thing, funny how he taped up the name of the camera and the model except the name Nikon on the lens itself, thumbs up.

    • Jaap

      He should have written ‘Canon’ on the tape…

  • Spy Black

    You know, sometimes shutting autofocus off is a good thing…

  • why would they put masking tape on the nikon logo?

  • joefitz

    I’m not really into video, i was on manual focus but kept forgetting to refocus. 4:26 am after spending all night getting my presentation ready, i was going for the evidence versus the cinematography. I’ll post some schematics and code to in a couple days and give more details about cameras i tested.

    • Carsten Saager

      You should commercialize this, not many are in the soldering business, but everyone would like a compact remote solution

    • hectorcorderoe

      Congrats to JoeFitz, a true unlocker!
      I agree that his work should be rewarded with lots of people buyng modified wifi adaptar for their cameras, especially D300s, D5100 and D7000.
      When he refine his work and get it to work with the 5100 I`ll be one of the first who buy from him.
      Thanks again JoeFitz, Way to go!

  • Aldo

    much respect to this guy… true genius.

  • Me thinks they kinda went overboard using an STM32 in this adapter but pretty cool information. I may buy one just to toy around with now! 🙂

  • nemo295

    This is really cool. It’s also way beyond my cost/time/benefit ratio. But it’s really cool. Did I mention that it’s really cool?

  • Joe

    I would totally love to have this for my D800. I need a solution like this every now and then, e.g. for composing architecture shots from positions where I can’t see the live view any more, and the ‘official’ solution from Nikon is way beyond any reasonable price.

    Where can I buy a hacked adapter? 😀

  • Ashley-Erica Guestland

    i would like to get one for my D300s if you could let me know how and how much you would charge?

  • jo

    It works on the d7100 and 800 no hacking required if you have wireless devices it will work

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