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Nikon DX format DSLR cameras

The current DX cameras lineup on Nikon Imaging website

I believe that the next series of Nikon announcements will be DX related and I do not mean only DSLR cameras - I do expect also some new DX lenses. At the beginning of the year I reported that in addition to the D4 and D800, Nikon will also announce three more DSLR cameras in 2012. So far they have announced only two: the D600 and D3200. The third camera will probably be announced before the 2013 CES show (January 8-11, 2012).

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  • Glow

    It’s time for a D400 (24.2 Mpix) I hope.

    • DX is Doomed

      D3300 cometh………

      • Why d3300 the d3200 is barely 6 months old if that?

        • Foolishcfo

          They are wishing for a D3300 because they won’t me able to afford a D400. If you shoot for the gutter you end up there!

          • Pablo Ricasso

            It would suck to be in a gutter with you, but only for a moment…

      • DX haters are doomed

        Nup. 12fps D400.

        • Big J

          Better have an XQD slot to keep up with all the writing with quick FPS along with USB 3.0

        • Brian


      • Big J

        Umm… you mean 5200, 7100 or D400 right? Nasty typo.

    • AM

      8 fps.

    • AlphaOne

      Hope for the hopefuls.
      I’m this close >< on getting the D3200 (or even the V2).
      I'm not ready to jump in on what FF can offer right now as far as "reach" is concern.
      Birders rejoice.

      • fjfjjj

        I’m this close >< on making a steak for dinner (or even eating some beef jerkey)

  • Niladri

    (January 8-11, 2012)… you mean 2013 right?

    • WD

      In my opinion it will be D7100…

      • Brent

        I sure hope so!

      • Richard M

        Agree. I think it will be 24Mp but also a higher spec and build quality that replaces the D300s too. I don’t think there will be a DX D400.

        • AlphaOne

          I for one don’t care what they’ll call it.
          I don’t even care if it has mirror or not.
          I just need a DX sensor with improved performance on high ISO, and big buffer with at least 8 fps.
          Heck, I don’t even care for video capabilities.

          • SB


          • DX Upgrader

            Yee-har, I don’t care what it’s called (prefer D400), them’s the specs I want!

  • Eric Calabros

    OK, lets count the word “D400” in the comments under this post

    • X 1000!

      • MJr

        After Fuji’s compact X10 and apsc X100, a fullframe X1000 is not out of the question. 😉

  • Combo


  • Joel

    Given Nikons push into cheaper full frame bodies, I wonder if we’ll see a thinning of the DX lineup. Possibly with the eventual replacement of the D300S (likely getting the 24mp sensor, 91k meter and updated 51 pt AF) and replacement of the D7000 (24 mp sensor, same 31pt AF and old 2k meter) but with the dropping of the D5100. Thoughts?

    • David

      That sounds like a good idea to me.

      There are 3 FX, low end (D600), Mid-level (D800) and High end (D4)

      There really is no need for 2 low end DX bodies, so drop the D5000 line.

      So DX, low end (D3200), Mid-level (D7200) and High end (D400)

      • Joel

        The D4 and D800 seem to compliment each other at the moment as opposed to the D4 being a level up from the D800. Most professionals seem to use both – the D4 being used for events and the D800 being used for studio and product photography. That said, I’m thinking Nikon will eventually being out a 50+mp D4X with 16bit processing and a native ISO of 50 to really give us a studio tool.

        As for DX, I don’t see Nikon putting a larger res sensor in the bodies, nor revising the 24mp to give magical low light capabilities, and there are only so many ways you can sell that sensor. Three DX bodies seems to be a sensible number.

        • RC

          I don’t get it. We already have something like a D800, AND you’re asking for a “studio tool!?!?!?”

          • Jase

            Clients are always after more resolution for in store advertising. The ability to print at 6ft at 90-150 dpi without needing to add data and resharpen in post would be a huge benefit. Sadly an 80mp medium format back is out of reach at the moment.

            Nikon if youre listening, an affordable medium format next please!

      • David

        Agree with the overall idea. This is what I think they’ll do. I think they will consolidate to a single high end DX that has a built in AF motor. So effectively we will get one high end DX and two non-af motor cameras.

        With that said, they may make it look like they are dropping the D5000 line, and come out with a D400 and a D7100 (but the D7100 would not have an AF motor). Alternatively they could come out with a D8000 (combined D400 and D7100) with an AF motor, and a D6000 without (that other than not having the AF motor, has everything else better than the 7000 that would appear in a D7100).

        This second scenario would then allow them to come out with the D8000 next in Dec/Jan, theoretically satisfying those waiting for the D400 and D7100 now, and then in Q2 of next year, come out with the D6000.

        Just my 2 cents……

      • gio

        i agree with lineup. and hopefully they will release the 16-85F4. so i can complete my D400+16-85F4+85 1.8G+70-200F4.

        hell yeah!

        • John

          I would really like to see a 16-85mm f/4 as part of a DX refresh!

          Would be a great lens paired with the new 70-200 f/4 for the D7000 (or D7100).

          • John

            Not to mention that the current 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6 has had stock outs for months now.

      • Big J

        I wrote awhile back that chances are the 5000 series will get slashed if they add a swivel screen to the D7000 successor. And chances are it’ll be a kick ass video camera also with uncompressed HDMI at 100%.

        • worminator

          Nikon, like Canon, has been pretty tepid about tilting screens. I think we’ll see the D7000 updated with a touch screen before we see it updated with a tilting one.

          The D5000 class cameras are highly profitable for Nikon, since they cost the same to make as the D3000 class cameras while selling for hundreds more. As long as people continue to buy them, Nikon probably won’t mess with that cash cow.

    • Toonie

      I certainly agree bout the dropping of d5100 line, but then it’s weird not having any DX camera with an articulating screen, D7100/400 with articulating screen ? I dont think so >.<

      • While I don’t currently own one, I used to own a D-5700, and have a friend with a D5000. It is a very nice feature, especially when shooting flowers near the ground. So, if they do go from 4 to 3 levels of DX cameras at some point I really hope the preserve that functionality in at least one of them!

        • the 5100 is an AMAZING CAMERA. $500 you get flip out screen, same sensor as d7000, and its very light. It just needs D autofocus motor and commander flash, more manual controls, battery grip (for less than $4,000), and upgraded sensor and you have D6000. Get rid of both the 5000 series and the 7000 series and combine the best of both. Upgrade the d300s to the d400 and you have a great DX lineup. 3200 entry, 6000 semipro, d400 pro

    • Richard M

      My guess. is three DX bodies: D7100, D5100, D3200. The numbering is logical (DX odd numbers, 4 digit). D7100 will be a high spec D300s replacement and not just an updated D7000. A future D5200 may be moved up, to position it further from D3200.

      • Royl

        There is something to that, I believe. Nikon went from 4 DX cameras to 5 when they introduced the D7000. If they keep the D7000 where it is and just drop the D90 they are back to 4 and will need a DX400 (or whatever they want to call it). All I know for sure is that the D5100 is probably the best bang for the buck available in digital cameras right now. They are trying to completely empty the warehouse.

    • Everyone that suggests that Nikon will drop a model needs to answer one question: how do they make up that volume? The lower in the lineup the camera is that’s dropped, the more volume they’ll need to make up.

      Nikon’s stated goal is to be #1 in cameras, and to be #1 in each line of cameras. They won’t get there by dropping models, as it just increases the pressure on sales for the remaining models, most of which are already under great pressure.

      Also, there’s the price points and the upsell/downsell. The further you space your price points, the less likely that you can upsell someone and the more likely that you just push more volume in the lower models. So if Nikon’s going to drop a DX model, you also have to describe how those price points of the remaining models will work. Note that if you drop the D5100, you end up with a big gap between the D3200 and D7000, and a gap exactly where there are considerable alternatives, including mirrorless entries that are quite competent.

      • Joel

        You make an excellent point, but if the the D5200 gets a swivel screen and wifi, what exactly do you give the D7100 given that itll likely have the same sensor? Weather sealing, the 39 point AF and a 2fps bump? Hrmm, I guess they might be able to justify a $500 price difference.

        • Pablo Ricasso

          Magnesium body and an AF motor is a huge difference. Probably a better viewfinder and maybe the improvements found in the D600 focus system I suppose…

      • Deep Lurker

        If anything, it’s more likely that Nikon would squeeze in one more DX model between the D3200 and D5200 on the lower end, and the D7100 and D400 on the upper end. Call it a “D6000” – a successor in spirit to the D90.

        But a four-DX-body lineup is the most likely possibility.

  • huh

    D… 404 Not Found

  • LaJaca

    This outta be good. Either a D400 or D7200 (are they one and the same???) However, I’m much more interested in the lenses….

    • Craig

      Well the D7000 has been the one with the $200 discount so I guess if I was betting I’d put my money on that one.

      Then again if Nikon are still trying to get people to consider buying more camera than they need the D400 could come out next to tempt D7000 users.

      Or a combination body.

      Or something else.

    • Plug

      I don’t think that they are one and the same. A D400 would have ruggedness, large buffer, high fps and advanced autofocus, all on a level above the D7000, as well as the most up-to-date sensor. We see a lot about sensors here but the other things are necessary.

      • desmo

        D400 or D7100 ? , if it happens it won’t have 24mp sensor, lacks low light and fps rate as plug mentioned that would be rquired.
        Nikon would position this against canon 7D
        so look for new processor , probably 18 mp revision of d7000 processor.

        if Nikon doesn’t have new processor in the works
        D400 wo’nt happen,


        • Big J

          Well they make modules and sensors with a very long time before it actually comes out (I think the D800 one took like 2+ years before it came out). So chances are, they already have it and are making it go with the times like fixing AF bugs and other tidbits. And yeah it would compete with the 7D and be coupled with dual processors also like it.

      • El Aura

        When the D3 and D300 were announced, some people clamoured for a large-body DX. It never arrived, in short there was no direct successor to the D2x.

        Now people clamour for a direct D300 successor (ie, D4 AF, D300 ruggedness and fps). It may never arrive either. We might get the D4/D800 AF in a D7100 body with the D300 fps, but not quite the D300 body’s ruggedness, size and controls in the same way as we did not get the D2x’s ruggedness, size and controls with the D300.

  • mikils

    I sure would welcome a semi-pro body with a 24-ish mp sensor. and a high fps count. it would allow me to continue indulging in wildlife photography while postponing the purchase of the D800e, or even wait the refresh of the model (my brain reels at the thought of what it could be like!).

    but I am still skeptical, since all clues in recent nikon moves suggest that they will kill the dx format. Apparently you must have some proof of the contrary, but you seem at the same time unwilling to commit yourself, using terms such as “believe” and “expect”. So you do not have a real rumor to rate. Is this correct?

    • Josh

      If The D600 was $1500 then I would agree that Nikon is killing DX. But it seems they still want a ridiculous mark up for FX so DX is going ot be around for awhile since it’s clear we are not going to see a truly affordable FX DSLR for quite sometime.

      • Rob

        You really think they’d have their cheapest DSLR at $1500? They’d only lose about 80% of their DSLR sales if they dropped DX…

        • Josh

          You are making the faulty assumption that Nikon will never sell an FX camera for less than $1500.

    • Plug

      DX sells far in excess of FX so they will not kill it. The question is whether they want the advanced amateur, prosumer if you will, to only be satisfied by FX stuff. The problem with that is the huge number of us who are out and about, wanting to photograph wildlife/birds, and for whom the extra reach and portability of DX is important.
      The lenses are a confusion here. FX primes in the 24mm upwards are very useable on DX and DX equivalents would differ sizewise only marginally. It is ultrawides where DX needs primes: 10mm, 14mm, 16mm, etc equivalent to 15mm, 20mm, 24mm, etc on FX.
      I have made the point before of comparing a D8oo/600 and a 500f4 with a D400 and a 300f4. The advantage of portability in the wild of the DX system is obvious, and things like buffer and framerate ought to be superior. That the 300f4 and the new, hopefully excellent, 70-200f4 would work on DX and FX equally is irrelevant, other than in resale value.

      • Josh

        There is only one reason DX outsells FX so much. Price. If you could get FX cameras for $500-$1200 DX would die off in hurry except for among an extremely small niche of wildlife shooters but with FX sensors staring to have DX crop modes in the 10-15 megapixel range even that is starting to be questionable.

        • RC

          I totally agree. Virtually no one wants DX for DX. My non-camera friend just bought a DX camera with plans to upgrade to FX, so he isn’t investing heavily in DX lenses.

          Why does he want FX? He told me that in his research, he found that FX was far superior to DX. This is how people see DX vs FX.

          • Plug

            I partially agree but: there are huge numbers in the wildlife niche, and secondly I don’t do research, I use and have been doing so with Nikons for 30+ years. I own a D800, the quality is very high and I use it for more static stuff but the D300s is better under pressure with sometimes fast-moving wildlife and the reach it achieves. Yes you can use the D800 in DX crop mode but it is just not as ergonomic and does not have the fps. FX is not far superior, but it is somewhat superior in many circumstances. The difference starts manifesting more when you print bigger than A3+ but who does that on a regular basis?
            Agreed price is, of course, a major factor in the choice between formats.

            • Josh

              The thing is it is only a small niche of all the wildlife shooters who insist on using DX. You act like wildlife photography isn’t possible with FX . Don’t forget there are teleconverters and you can also just crop on your computer. As the resolution of FX cameras keeps going up DX for extra reach is becoming less and less necessary. Especially in the Nikon line that has the DX crop mode which despite your personal opinion many are finding very useful on the D800.

              The FPS problem will be a non issue in a generation or two when 20-30 megapixel cameras are doing 6-10 fps. The D800 already process data faster than the D4 to get it’s 4 FPS. In fact the main reason the D4 wasn’t 20-24 megapixels is because it is used for sports and PJ work and need to be able to upload the files to wire services quickly. Nikon could easily make a 24 megapixel camera shoot at 8-10 fps right now if they wanted to but they would rather sell D4s at the moment.

              The vast majority of wildlife shooters who can afford one use an FX camera. It is the same for all photographers. Almost no one who can afford FX chooses to stay with DX. The actual. benefits of FX over DX are not relevant. Nikon and Canon have masterfully created and nurtured the perception among their customers that FX is way better than DX. The pricing alone gives this impression. Add to that the fact that almost all pros use FX and you have the situation where everyone just “knows” FX is better and buys accordingly.

              That said generally speaking given the same resolution and tech generation FX actually is better but not by as much as it has been in the past or by as much as most people think. The writing is on the wall. DX will be over as soon as Nikon or Canon chooses to be the first to give up the huge FX mark up in favor of a simplified DSLR product line. A that point DX will be relegated to mirrorless cameras for the size savings.

      • Evaldo

        No need for a D400 or D71000! Forget this.
        I am a Bird photographer and was pretty happy with the D7000.
        I have just made the upgrade to the D800 and am very impressed the benefits a High res can give you.
        The D800 operating in DX mode has basically the SAME resolution of a D7000 and , but with much better image quality. The 36Mbits allow you to still use a Nikkor 300F4 in the field with almost no loss in reach!!! In DX you still get 6 fps!!
        Besides that, whem taking picture of flying birds, I just switch to FX and the wider angle will allow you to have a view wider area and makes it much easier to track a flying bird.

        • D400

          D400 will give you 12fps

        • Megabits and megapixels are not the same thing.

        • Andre

          One tiny problem in this theory – D800’s cost a fair bit more than a potential D7100 or D400

      • Evaldo

        Just forget to mention, when using the D800 in DX mode you get smaller RAW files…
        You will be surprised how better it will be in FX mode with a 28-300 for general people/landscape pics.
        Just Upgrade and forget the rest

    • mikils

      Let us wait a few months, give Nikon the time to harvest the early adopters’ money and d600 price will drop just about $1500. As for the fact that nikon larger sale are on APS-c, you may be right, but none the less I do not see any proof of the launch of a Pro body in the format. Not that I would not like it, as stated before. On the other hand, i do not really see any logic in using a cropped camera with wide angle lenses. I see this new dx, if ever there will be one, as a tool strictly to be used for extra reach. in my bag it shall always be paired with a fx body for any other photographic opportunity. So i am also very skeptical on new Dx lenses.

      • zoetMB

        It’s not dropping $500 in six months. In fact, it wouldn’t drop that much even when the replacement comes (what will they call it – they already used D700?)

        I’m hoping the next body is the D400, which should be a D800 body with the DX sensor at 16MP and priced at $1600-$1700. I personally don’t need a high frame rate. That’s what I want anyway. But you know the next one won’t be a D400 – it will be another crappy amateur body instead, maybe even a D3300 or a D7100, which will be released too late for holiday shopping, so it will be a total waste of effort. I can see the 7100 (even though I don’t want one), but a 3300 would be absurd.

  • kyle

    Nikon: Just put a D3200 sensor in a D7000 body, include an auto focus screw, wifi and GPS, charge $1200, and you’ll have my money.

    • While I would go for a 24 MP D400, I am still hoping it is in the 16-18 MP range. That could help it in both high ISO, DR, and FPS. The D7000 update could be the 24 MP camera and the D400 the high performance version, similar the the D800 and D4.

    • woooop

      Please explain to me why Nikon would want to put an inferior sensor in the D7000 successor? The 16 MP sensor smokes the 24 Mp one.

  • anlsx

    Since the D800 wasn’t just an upgrade of the D700 (it is so much more), there won’t be a direct D300 or d7000 succesor, it will be a new line, merging them a bit, but still keeping one at the top (it just won’t be a DX sensor on the D800 body).

    Of course it will be the D400 first, nikon is releasing the expensive ones first so more people jump ship on them. Then we’ll see the D7xxx probably…

    Maybe I’m wrong and we’ll see D400 with D800 body and D7xxx in a D600 body, who knows…

  • Well, I just sold my D7000 a few minutes ago. My remaining DX lenses are next. Raising money to get a D600. Got tired of waiting for a cheap, fast, sharp, wide prime for DX.

    • DX Man

      A 24mm DX f1.8 and a 16mm DX f2 lens would stop me doing the same…

      My dream lens (although I can’t see Nikon ever making it as it would compete with FX too strongly) would be a Nikon f2.8 or f 3.5 50-150mm DX VR lens that is as small as the old Sigma 50-150 non OS version.

      I know it will never happen but it would give DX as a format so much more credibility.

      • ausserirdischegesund


    • Jeffrey S.

      Amen, brother!

      Of course the 16mm DX will be announced soon, since I just unloaded all my DX stuff.

  • Matt

    D400 or a D7100 will be too close in the same range. If a D400 would come, i suppose D7000 will not be updated.

  • juan


  • NYikon

    When it comes to FX no one seems to be talking the D700 replacement — ie. a “mini” D4 — maybe called D800H? This should be coming out very soon unless Nikon has decided to abandon the D700 concept. It would seem that the most likely next DX will be the D7000 replacement. The D300s line is possibly discontinued as the replacement is way overdue — unfortunately this might mean no more high fps DX.

    • iamlucky13

      The general presumption is that Nikon has not really abandoned the D700 concept, but rather attempted to split it.

      The D700 would classify in my opinion as a mid-quality, mid-priced body. Don’t read mid-quality as any kind of slight against the D700. I looking at the context of the full lineup.

      The D800 is a high quality, mid price body.

      The D600 is a mid-quality, low price body.

      That’s not the satisfying answer for everyone, I know, but arguably short of Nikon releasing one more FX body, it is the compromise that best serves the greatest number of people.

      There are no indications that Nikon has any intention of creating a direct replacement for the D700, so if you continue to wait for one, you almost certainly do so in vane.

      • Roberto

        If this is confirmed on the D700, many will be saying goodbye to this brand. But the Nikon image and understand the market, they will not let that happen

        • Big J

          Why not just buy the D700 again then if it is so loved? It’s not difficult to get it serviced, people still do service their Nikon film cameras nowadays. So why can’t one do it with the D700?

        • iamlucky13

          Ok fine, but where will they go?

          I guess the Canon 5D III actually isn’t too far off what people were hoping for in a D700 replacement, except it’s even more expensive than the D800.

          I haven’t followed Sony or Pentax’s lines too closely lately, but I gathered that their offerings were generally lighter build/more enthusiast oriented.

          I think you’re mistaken both in saying Nikon understands the market (you might read a bit of Thom Hogan’s site for counterexamples), and in presuming a huge number of users find either the D600 or D800 insufficient options to keep them from jumping ship.

      • NYikon

        I do agree with your genaral reasoning, and there’s a significant chance that you’re correct, however the D700 was released about a year after the D3, so we’re still potentially on track for that timeframe-wise. Also, without a new low-mp, high-fps body we’re left with only the D4 as an up-to-date model. (The D3s,D700,D300s can all do 8fps+, bit they’re all “old” models).

        • iamlucky13

          Fair point. However, given that Nikon also never released a D700s, despite the clearly huge demand, I also suspect they either:

          (a) Are not willing to cannibalize D4 sales

          (b) Had to use a more complicated and more expensive manufacturing process to achieve the insanely low noise levels of the D4 that effectively precludes a D700-priced camera with the D4 sensor.

          (c) Both of the above.

      • Joel

        Id buy a body running the D4 senor in a D800 body in an instant provided it were around the $3k mark. I very much doubt Nikon will do such a thing in the next 12 months however. Still, it would be a very simple addition from an engineering perspective.

  • Alex

    Nikon would do themselves a favor by making it a D5200 with 24mp and 8 fps for $850 (make the D7000 obsolete).

    D400 and D500 names should be reserved for lower-priced FX cameras than the D600.

    • c

      holy god are you wrong

      • Alex

        Have a cry

    • Zlik

      The 5200 will neither have a auto-focus motor nor a second dial. You can’t make the D7000 obsolete without those.

    • Big J

      The D5K line is meant to be a mid-range DX camera. Doubtful that they will take that line out, I personally had the D5000 and preferred it over the D3000 back then. And yeah it would have to have an AF motor and second dial like Zlik said. And chances are it won’t be 8fps, but 5fps which is normal for such a camera line to have.

  • enesunkie

    The D3000 and D90 are still current models? D5000?

    • desmo

      the d3000 is a go figure,


      the D90 was such a great camera that people are still willing to buy it and pay the price even tho its only 12mp

      • enesunkie

        I agree. It will continue to be a very popular camera. Just surprised Nikon is still marketing it and haven’t sold out of them yet.

        • iamlucky13

          The D7000 was clearly a step up in features over the D90, so I understand why Nikon kept it in the line up.

          However, with as inexpensive as they are used now, I have to wonder if Nikon is actually still selling enough that they’re continuing to build them, or if they’re just slowly working their way through leftover stock.

          Good as the camera still is, it’s got to be hard to convince those who don’t already have one of that fact when the design has been on the market for four years.

          On a completely different topic, has anyone seen any full-size sample images from the 70-200 F/4 yet? The tiny 700 pixel wide samples on Nikon’s site are utterly unrevealing.

  • Gustavo Mitando

    18 1.8 dx, 24 1.8 dx.

    • AM

      Why is Gus throwing up?

  • amien

    I bought a D600, it is a very nice camera, endly being able to use my FX wide primes at full potential is a dream come true. But guess what ? To be able to take portraits with good DOF (not totally blurred to the tip of the nose), you will need to close your lens 1-2 stops. this is the reality of FX vs DX . DX is great, FX is not superior in every way.

  • Rock Kenwell

    We only need two DX above the D3200, one that uses the D600’s body and one that uses the D800’s body. Kill off the D5xxxx. Call the new cameras the D6000 and the D8000.

  • Wish list: 1) a true D700 replacement without the huge files, 2) D400. One or the other and I’d be ready to buy.

  • Scott M.

    Cross between a D300S and D7000. 24 mps with fps of 6-8 with grip.
    The new D7400!

  • Toonie

    d7100 or d400, its gonna be a high end DX, so I hope for better sensor and handling than the D3200 >.<, and yes, more DX lenses please, 50-150 f2.8, 16-85 f4, fix UWA anyone ?

  • Teraflu

    There will be no D400 guys, dont wait for it. In the contrary D7000 was not a amateur camera it is beefed with useful stuff. So next camera will be D7100 and so on (D5xxx) if nikon decides for another style of camer for competing canon, it will be a surprise. But; old D300 and D90 (ant their line) merged to D7000….

  • D400 is what many people want: strength, confidence, speed and a reasonable size and weight. For shooting at wide angle we have 16-85 (quality more than enough!). To shoot with tele, factor 1.5 is fantastic: for photographing birds my AF-S 300mm F / 4 becomes 450mm, to shoot snapshots my old AI-S 180mm 2.8 is equivalent to 270! To do photography of insects or amphibians and reptiles my AF-S 105mm micro is equivalent to 150mm!

    The DX format has less quality? Perhaps, but in practice the difference is usually negligible. As for the high ISOS … I think more that 1200 ISO is a matter for academic discussion. Rarely need to shoot in such difficult light conditions.

    • GPL

      Macro is my main concern and why I most likely why I’ll never give up DX. Infact, I’m considering the V2 now as 14MP is enough. I can make up some kind of diffusion setup for the SB-N7. Waiting to see what type of macro lenses will be available for the CX line. I’d like a 24MP DX, but the D7000’s 16MP is enough 99% of the time. I sincerely wish Nikon would come out with direct competition to the Canon 65mm MP-E. I had to buy a Canon 60D to get the MP-E. It is simply the easiest way to get past 2:1 under any circumstances.

  • nokiN

    A little vague, aren’t we…

  • Mercurius Vayeate

    The D5x00 will stay for quite some time, period. It’s a lot of revenue for Nikon: people see this at Best Buy and buy it because it’s got a lot of megapixels and an articulating screen.

    I think the D7000 and the D300 lines will be merged together; from the lens line-up, Nikon sure doesn’t look like it’s going at the Canon 7D’s market. So expect a D7100/D8000/D400, but only one new body for that whole market space (Super-amateur/Pro DX). Don’t forget how happy Nikon is when you buy big FX glass 😉

    As for lenses, as anyone forgotten the upcoming 16-85mm f/4 (though it’s really a f/3.6-4.4 apperture) lens that will go with that body? Nikon’s “surprises” (35mm f/1.8G DX, 40mm DX Macro) are exceptions to the Nikon Predictability rule: 70-200mm f/4G, 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G (D600 kit lens), 24-50-85mm f/1.4Gs, 28-50-85mm f/1.8Gs. Don’t expect any kind of specialty dedicated DX lenses… (16mm f/2G DX, 50-150mm f/2.8G DX, etc.)

    Disclaimer: I am a D7K owner who had a brief love affair with a D700 but came back to DX. Mostly with FX glass.

  • MB

    With D600 body selling at 2000$ (and it is not going lower anytime soon) Nikon have plenty of room for enthusiast (D7200) and pro grade DX (D400 or D9000) cameras.
    But it is the lens that are missing not only the cameras, especially fast wider primes.
    Anyways I expect D7000 successor to be announced with D3200 sensor and much higher price (1500$) so it will effectively kill any idea of D400 (or whatever) DX pro camera.

  • THERE WILL BE A D400. Just as certain as Nikon does know what they are doing. Nikon has had a steady barrage of letters (not just posts on NRs etc.,) demanding that camera in name and in build quality like a upgraded D300s. There also WILL be a D7200 dropping the D7100 as too confusing with the D3100 which has greatly fallen out of favor with it’s owners who report they feel they should have a D3200. And to those who keep predicting the death of DX there is such a reduction in depth of field that I have a rough time favoring the FX format as much as I thought I would. I am from a 8×10 and medium format background and my side by side field shooting with both compared to 35mm Nikons caused me to abandon the larger formats but I spent many FX camera bodies and lens worth in that pursuit. I still have some nice contact and enlarged prints from the big gear, but do I really ever miss it?? Hell NO! My tests of the D600 caused me to say….I will wait for another generation before going there. The D800?? A really great camera! But right now I’d rather have even a D7200 or whatever that is going to be. The D400 is going to come in pretty pricey is my guess. But if it has enough great features and the first tests are stellar then I will buy one of those too.

    • MB

      I certainly hope YOU are right and there really WILL be a D400, but somehow I have some doubts about current decision makers at Nikon knowing what they are doing in photography business.

  • I think they will announce the new d7100 next with (I hope) full manual video control and some other cool features of the d800/d600. This will make it to a really really cool camera for videographers!
    Anyways I love my d7000. Its a cool camera for street photography.

    • Big J


  • I’m still happy with my D7000 and fairly good glass (70-200/2.8, 50/1.4, 60/2.8, 14-24/2.8, 35/2). Mainly I use it just for wildlife, zoo, and telephoto needs though. I carry most of the time my newer Fuji X100 or Sony RX100. It’s going to be hard to justify big bucks for either a new Nikon DX or FX body.

  • iam?

    Ok to sum up, the new DX will be:
    -24m pixel sensor
    -Same type of body than d7000 ???
    -Same autofocus syst than d7000 ???
    -8 fps
    -Improved metering system
    -2 SD slots
    -Uncompressed video hdmi output
    -Compatible with gadgets (wifi, gps, mobile apps)
    -1/8000 max speed, 250 flash sync, pop up flash compatible with NCL system

    • Rob

      XQD would be much better considering the frame rate.

    • DX Upgrader

      Yes Nikon, don’t short-change us with a flash sync of less than 250th/sec – like you did on the D600!! Unbelievable!!
      My D300 uses CF cards. Keep 1 slot CF so I can keep using my CF cards. 2nd slot , I don’t really care which format.

      • Big J

        Think the D7x00 will have a dual SD slots while the D400 will have CF and XQD slots.

  • Vin

    I would expect the D7100 to have the 39 point AF and have similar construction to the D600 and cost a little over $1000, not much change in price from D7000. The D400 should be 51 point AF, it should be $1500. I think the Thailand production should be able to manufacture 3-4 different DSLR’s at one time. It seems that the D7100, next. Then D400 earlly 2013, then 5200, May-June 2013.

  • mikils

    D7ooo has served for a long time now as an upgrade to D300s, even though its feature aren’t on a par. for this reason, and to keep uneven nubmer for dx and even ones for FX I think that, IF EVER Nikon is going to give another chance to Dx it will be a D700 evolution with more prosumer specs. But still I feel that DX is going to die soon

    • Alex

      Agreed, the low-end D3200 market will go mirrorless, mid-to high end DX will go FX because there is more money in it. Nikon and Canon also need to offer something new besides more pixels, so full-frame sensor in affordable cameras seems logical. Nobody complained when there was no DX replacement of the D2x. I don’t believe there will be a DX replacement of the D300S. I believe this will eventually apply to D7000/5100 also, leaving D3000 customers to go to Nikon 1 or upgrade to affordable FX.

      • Rob

        If by “more money” you mean “less money” then yes, you are correct. An FX sensor costs hundreds of dollars more to produce than a DX sensor. I don’t understand how this is confusing people. FX sales provide far less profit for Nikon than DX sales. If Nikon killed off a format, from a business perspective (since that’s the only one a business uses) it would be FX.

        • Alex

          I’m not confused, but thanks for offering the support anyway.

          • Rob

            Well what you’re suggesting is that eventually Nikon will willingly give up 100% of its crop DSLR sales to competitors. It’d be akin to Ford getting rid of every car model between $20,000 and $60,000 and not expecting to go bankrupt. You don’t get rid of your most profitable line (excluding P&S) to make more of 2 less profitable lines. It makes ZERO sense. So one way or another, you’re confused.

            • Alex

              It’s obvious you are confused because your example is not analogous to my opinion. You also need to learn how to give your opinion without sounding like a douchebag.

  • Twaddler Belafonte

    I really, really want a nice 135mm f/1.8. If it were DX, that would be fine even. VR, of course. Screw that old f/2 codger crap!

  • DaveyJ

    Nikon will lose many of the pros that I know if they abandoned DX. Having used the D600 I appreciate why the D7000 gets used more than any other camera here. Nikon is simply in the business and has to run it as a business or they will be out of business. The D600 has an awful lot of frankly not attractive features, but in many ways is the wave of the future in that FX camera sizes will shrink very quickly and the D90 and D7000 sizes in DSLR will be about what is going to be moving best.

    Again I regard the D800 as a true bench marks in cameras. I do not list my self as opposed in any way to FX. What I look for is portability and real function. A D7200 will be a great seller and I believe Nikon knows that. I follow many other kinds of gear rather than cameras. The trend is for small light and packed with power. I always am amazed that some of the best prime lens I have seen were actually quite small. Lastly mirrorless cameras still seem less than say a D3200. The leading reviewers of digital cameras SEEM to my read rate the D3200 very highly and I know that it is selling very well.

    The area I am most ignorant is mirrorless cameras although I sure owned some Hasselblad XPans and Leicas that were very highly rated and had excellent optics (rangefinders). But when I went digital I went to DSLRs.

  • noora

    I’m wishing … I’m wishing
    For the one I love
    To release to release
    Today .. Today 🙁
    I’m hoping .. I’m hoping
    And I’m dreaming of
    A nice thing .. a nice thing

    the nice D400 or D7000 replacement
    we need something more than d5100 or d3100 replacements

  • Roberto

    D400 and then a replacement of d700

    Priority will be faithful to those users of Nikon lenses that acquire their most valuable, besides being responsible for the construction of this household name over decades

    D7000, 5000, 3000 are not equipment captive consumers and soon will tend to acquire mirrorless

  • Sahin

    I believe there won’t be a D7000 succesor until summer but D5200. D5200 will have D3200’s sensor, articulating screen, a better focusing system (comparing to D5100), some minor upgrades and Wi-Fi (around 800$). I think there won’t be D400 either. This segment will die thanks to D600. So in my opinion; D3200, D5200, D7200, D600, D800 and so on, will be the cameras until the next year. Cheers.

  • sgts

    its amazing the d90 is still for sale 4 years on.


    D7100=1,299.99-1,399.99 (body-only)

    D400=1,699.99-1,899.99 (body-only)

    D5200=899.99 (kit)
    I think this will happen…just like the D600,,,whic was kinda of a surprise out of no where….the D400 will happen…my opinion..

  • bigeater

    All I want for Christmas is something with a swiveling screen and 24mp. I will never have to buy another camera again and thank heavens for that.

    • Alex

      I’m sure Nikon really wants to sell cameras that never become obsolete. I would never buy a new camera again if I could get the D600 with PC sync, 1/250 flash sync, 4K video, mini XLR connector, 32/192 PCM audio, 3G-SDI out, genlock, timecode, swivel LCD screen.

  • Funduro

    (FYI: I’m just an hobby photog)My two cents: D7xxx is the next DX body. I’ve read opinions and have formed a picture that their will be no D300S direct replacement. By that I mean the “Pro DX” body is history from Nikon. Yea that might set off some emotions, but the demand for Pro level DX is not big enough for Nikon to pursue it any longer. If they do, they do, but I do not expect it. Just an opinion.

    I own a D300s and keeping it. Sure the new DX body will surpass it in many ways, but I’m considering more then just higher ISO and DR and MP. For one D300s is paid for, meets my expectation, it uses the same battery and grip as the D700. Also the UI is nearly the same on both, which I’ve grown accustomed too. Oh and the other issue is new product quality on release.

  • FF

    I am almost sure the next camera will be the D400. The reason is that there are rumors that Canon will be releasing soon the 7D Mark II, a APS-C prosumer camera that would be the direct competitor to the D400.

    That is exactly what happened when Nikon released the D600 and Canon answered with the 6D camera.

    And the second camera to be announced in the beginning of 2013 would be the D7100. The D7000 is already due for an update.

    And, unfortunately, I think a D700S would be more wishful thinking at this point. It seems that the D700 was a mistake made by Nikon because it was really well built and was cannibalizing sales of the D3. The error was fixed with the entry level D600.

    My two cents.

  • Jacskon

    i could see a replacement for D5100, as it was published on this site that Nikon stopped taking orders for the D5100 awhile ago.

  • Dotin

    Please release the 135mm 1.8 FX

    • Rob

      Pshhh. Go big or go home. I want a 200mm F1.8 and a 300mm F/2.0.

  • Bryan

    I’m going to go for broke and bet a D400 with a 12-16MP FX sensor. It will basically be what everyone has been wanting: A D700 with video. I think Nikon can pull that off in the $1500 price range.

    • Jackson

      if that is the case with D700, Nikon will be $1500 richer as my wallet $1500 lighter.

    • just wishing now

      There is no way Nikon will or could release another FX camera at $1500, DX yes, might see a 18mp Dx for high speed low light. My guess is more of the 24mp DX, The D400 might have the 18 mp DX. D7100 will have 24 mp DX with improved processing and intelligence.

  • Alper

    I think Nikon won’t use three and two digit D*** / D** for the name of DX format anymore. Maybe the new DX camera named as D7100!!!

  • Withe the release of the D600 I would bet that the next gen of D400 and D500 will be consumer FX cameras. Though Nikon has stumbled on logic before!

    • Rob

      The D600 demonstrated the minimum Nikon can charge for a new FX body. So unless you think we need more $2100+ bodies….no, they won’t release any more consumer FX cameras.

      • Alex

        Nikon demonstrated that the market will pay 100% more for the same camera, simply by incorporating a full-frame sensor. You talk as if Nikon is selling its cameras at cost.

  • Mike

    Of course DX will be next.

    There are also still the D6000 and D8000 digits that might be used as D5x00 and D7000/D300 replacements.

    I’m just hoping that Nikon points its arrows at the Olympus OM-D and Fuji Ex-1 rather that at Canon EF-S and EF-M. Canons crop system is dead in the water. They will need to compete with all these new Olympus, Panasonic and Fuji lenses.

    The other day I was thinking they might replace the 16-85 f/3.5-5.6 with something like a 16-70 f/4. They will *need* a fast 24mm prime to compete with the other systems. A wider prime would be nice as well.

  • Erik

    I believe that we will see “only” 3 DX models. However, slightly different compared to today.
    D3200: is already there
    D5100: already discontinued, but no replacement.
    D7000: no news so far.
    D300S: D600 has pretty much stolen this price range ( introduction)
    Nikon needs something to bridge the gap between D7000 and D600 and has a too small gaps in the entry segment!
    My idea:
    D3200: is out and Mikon needs a cheap entry model
    D7000 will be split in a D6000 & a D8000:
    D6000: will be positioned a bit lower than the D7000,
    D8000: will be poistioned a bit higher than the D7000
    D7000: will be kept as is for a while, until it is quietly removed
    That way the steps ( price & performance) would be a bit more logical.

    I am pretty sure that Nikon in the long run wants to push down the entry FX in the price range. Eventually causing the D8000 to die out.

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