Nikon 1 V2 mirrorless camera specifications

Nikon 1 V2 mockup

Few hours before the official announcement, here are the latest Nikon 1 V2 mirrorless camera specifications:

  • Newly developed, super high-speed AF 14.25MP CMOS sensor (V1 had a 10MP sensor)
  • New image processing engine EXPEED 3A
  • 73 AF areas, 135 single AF points
  • 15 frames second continuous shooting, 60 frames using electronic shutter
  • Slow motion feature
  • 1.44 million dot EVF with 100% coverage (same as V1)
  • LCD monitor: 3.0-inch 920,000 dot (same as V1)
  • Memory card support: SD/SDHC/SDXC
  • Full HD video
  • Shutter speed: 1/4000-30 seconds
  • ISO sensitivity: 160-6400
  • Weight: 337g (with battery, memory card)
  • Price in Japan for body only: around ¥ 90,000
  • Released in November 2012

Via Digicame-info

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  • Ed

    Ok, but is the price right?

    • Everlast66

      Some Nipon marketing people ‘ve got to go, namely the ones responsible for the 1 system fiasco! Too many missed chances, I am surprised they keep betting on a loosing card!

  • Tahir Hashmi

    US $1000? Seriously?

  • No way at $1k.

    • CRB

      Not to worry, since the V1 is being sold for 400 usd…wait a bit and the V2 will be at 600 usd…soon enough

  • Ed

    It’s alright, you guys don’t have to buy it.

    • CRB

      Thank god!…lol

      • Everlast66


  • DX2FX

    I still can’t live with a EVF.



    Wait a minute it is ok…Nikon up’d the mp to 14. Makes sense to me…lol

    Jan they all will be marked down to 500 dollars. Nikon your not thinking again.

  • Tapo

    The US price will be much less.

  • Chris

    Good Job Nikon, you crack me up, i would rather buy the D7000 for the same money, and not evan remotely close to the same quality, what pocket size, for 1k i d rather d7000, or d7100.

    • Rich

      ^^^ Chris, I think that’s the point. Nikon (and Canon) aren’t really taking mirrorless too serious since they don’t want to see a cannibalization of their consumer dslr line.

      • PHB

        You guys always crack me up. Seriously, it is practically the same resolution as the D7000, 14MP instead of 16 and it has the same top ISO rating. So the sensor is a considerably more advanced technology.

        A D4x with the V2 sensor pitch would have the ISO performance of the D3 and deliver 105MP. That would immediately make it the absolute best camera sensor on the market regardless of sensor size. There is no sensor that Hassy or Phase One or Red has that comes close. A DX camera would be a slightly more modest 45MP which is still damn impressive.

        Alternatively, a D4x that only has 48 MP or so and ISO 12800.

        Unlike the D7000, which is still a pretty recent design, the V2 fits in your pocket. It is certainly not going to be as good as the D7000 in every single way but it outclasses it in size and portability.

        Looks to me as if Nikon are using the CX sensor format as the testbed for their new sensor cell designs and processes. Which makes perfect sense, start off with the smaller sensor and when yields improve go bigger.

        • Booyah

          Who cares about 14 mp, when the sensor is tiny. This is a point and shoot still.

          • PHB

            Sensor size has zero impact on quality of the pictures. It is all the size of your glass that matters.

            DX is compromised because the F-mount is designed for an FX sensor. CX is purpose designed for the size of sensor it has.

            • Booyah

              Uh huh. That’s a funny one.

              It’s a glorified point and shoot, that can focus fast and rip off a bunch of shots for the spray and pray crowd.

    • Chris, the reason is actually to boost their sales of their DSRL’s cameras. Since the reference of price is this Nikon 1 v2 , people will decide automatically to buy DSRL instead: Now it seems that the DSRL is ACTUALLY CHEAP…. That is Marketing boys!!!

  • Remedy

    Sounds like the best AF on the planet. No?

    • Pablo Ricasso

      Why yes, it does. Also sounds like a cinema camera with 15 frames a second. Sounds a little photojournalistic. I suppose low light performance is the third part of this. 14 is probably enough for what most people want with that (the fourth part). Time will tell.

    • Ronan


    • Big J

      Ridiculous AF. Hope to get one, one day.

  • St.

    The question is – is it going to beat the RX100 image quality???
    I hope so, but I doubt.

    Also – are there any pictures, besides the mockup?

    • KnightPhoto

      If you are considering an RX100 I recommend a DigLloyd subscription. The lens is a constraint preventing all that resolution being delivered in many situations – well worth the subscription price to understand what buying your serious compact, mirrorless of all shapes and descriptions, or DSLR and lenses is actually going to deliver and then how to optimize their use.

      • St.

        I don’t even know what you’re trying to say…

        • KnightPhoto

          What I am saying is the RX100 IQ is held back by the lens.

  • Alberto T.

    The price is probably Japan only, but I would have liked to see a higher resolution lcd screen – they seem to be stuck in the 920K dot for the longest time now.

  • NikonGuy

    Hopefully the uncrippled the focusing point.

    V2 + 70-200 f4 = sweet

    • KnightPhoto

      Uncrippling the FT-1 would be a huge development – AF-C is badly needed (as are access to additional focussing points). Probably not there yet though…

    • Big J

      I agree…. It’s a decent budget to have those 2 together.

      @KnightPhoto. The AF-C is FT-1 dependent right? You think if these sell models sell well enough, there will be an FT-2 that contains that mode also in the newer model perhaps?

  • Big Potato Moth

    Whoa there fellas, hold your horses. The Yen price never translates to the USD price. It will be less than the price you’ve all wet yourselves over.

    • Bernard

      ¥90,000 is $1127,50 at today’s rate… 🙁

      • larry

        For reference, how many yen is the D600 that sells for $2095US? Using the same 79.82 exchange rate, it would calculate to Y167,200. Is that the market, or is it closer to the 200,000 range?

  • PAG

    For people who won’t like the price when it’s released, just buy it in a year or so when a new model is coming out. The price will drop considerably. As long as you aren’t a hardware junkie that has to have the latest because, well, it’s the latest, a little patience can save a lot of money.

    • Alfonso


  • ageha

    The 23rd is almost over in Japan. Are they going to announce it at midnight?

  • Good specs; wish they could do something about the shape and price bit high…. should be price between NEX 5R – 6.

    Must say shape of the Nex 6/7 is beautiful.

    • Remedy

      …as beautiful as a fking brick. Ever seen a beautiful thing? Doubt it.

      • St.

        NEX 6/7 are way more beautiful than V1, which really feels like a brick, with that funny “grip”, lack of rotating screen, non ability to use normal Nikon flash speedlights…
        Even P7000/7100/7700 can use a normal flash.
        Plus, we have APS-C sensors in the NEX…. what are you talking about…?

        • Worminator

          Nex 7 is a bit fussy, but in a businesslike way. I like the way it handles, especially the three control dials.

          Nex 6 is more traditional, an upgraded Nex 5 if you will. Both 5 and 6 are surprisingly ergonomic little cameras, the wide grip braces the large lens effectively.

          Nikon 1 cameras are more conventionally balanced, with the smaller lens in the middle. Less “littering” of the surface with knobs and dials. The J1 is a handsome enough camera, the V1 .. lets face it, will not go down as a classic by its looks.

          • Adam

            The J1 is a handsome camera. Pity Nikon designers went out of ideas with the V1 and just stick the EVF on top of the camera -.-

            The V1 destroys the beautiful look of the J1

  • HQ

    Crazy price.

  • Eric Calabros

    2.7 x 2.7= 7.29
    14.25 x 7.29 = 103.8 megapixel in full frame size.
    D5x? 🙂

    • Deputy

      Maths fail. Try again……

      • Eric Calabros

        you train me

        • Worminator

          Your estimate was a bit high but close enough to get your point across.

          In terms of pixel density though its got nothing on the latest smartphones packing 12 and 13 MP sensors.

          • preston

            Actually his estimate was a bit low because the crop factor is 2.72, not exactly 2.7. Of course it was close enough though, so this is not a gripe.

            So it would be 106 MP with that density on a full frame sensor.

            Here’s a more precise way to do the calculation –
            CX sensor is 116.16 sq mm (13.2mm x 8.8mm). A 14.25MP sensor of that size has a pixel density of 8.15 sq mm per MP. Full frame sensor is 864 sq mm (36mm x 24mm). 864/8.15 = 106MP

      • rhlpetrus

        Math is correct … .

        • n

          Yes, it is.

      • The only thing wrong with the math is rounding. It’s 103.8825MP which would round to 103.9 MP.

  • From Wikipedia, here are some benefits of Mirroless Interchangeable Lens Cameras:
    MILCs combine some of the benefits of both compact cameras and DSLRs. Compared to compact cameras, they offer the versatility allowed by interchangeable lenses. In addition to this, those MILCs which are equipped with a large sensor also offer all the advantages associated with it.
    Compared to DSLRs, MILCs are smaller (due to fewer parts) and sturdier (due to fewer moving parts). Due to the lack of the mirror system, MILCs equipped by a large, DSLR-like sensor, can place lenses considerably closer to it (flange back distance) when compared to DSLRs. Thus high-quality lenses can be made smaller, cheaper, and lighter (wide-angle lenses in particular). However, current lens selection, though growing, is still relatively limited and expensive compared with the very well-developed DSLR lens market. Compact-style MILCs fitted with a thin “pancake” lens are pocketable, hence as portable as larger compact cameras, but when fitted with larger lenses they are less portable and not in general pocketable.
    Noise on shutter activation is quieter as there is no moving mirror. In August 2011 prices of MILCs were higher than the cheapest entry-level DSLRs[citation needed], but decreased sharply and, as of November 2011, some models sold for less than high-end compact, non-system cameras from the same manufacturers.

    • Umm, ok?

      Thanks for Googling it for everyone, you saved us about 2 seconds. See, who said there’s nothing you’re good at?

      • David K

        You are very welcome. You are are also absolutely right. Everybody, except you, tells me I’m not good at anything. I wish I could be more like you, but, alas, I am so limited and with such poor judgement to boot.

    • fjfjjj

      Lousy article.

    • neversink

      That Wikipedia article is worthless….

      Find a better source than Wikipedia….

  • Bernard

    ¥ 90,000 is exactly 900 €, and that is for body only !
    The V2 is not on the Bic Camera website yet but the V1 with 10mm lens is ¥49,800.
    Like the v1, the v2 price will come down soon enough. Enjoy your V1 and come back in 6 months time 🙂

    Admin: What about the lenses ? Availability and prices. I can’t wait for the 6,7 – 13 mm !!!

    • Worminator

      “Enjoy your V1 and come back in 6 months time”

      Good advice.

      Better advice: sell the V1, forget about the V2, get the X-E1 instead! 🙂

      I thought I was joking, but I just checked and I guess I’m not anymore: Preorder price of the X-E1 body is only 80,800 yen, $100 less than the Nikon V2…

  • Ed

    Would be interesting if they made an accessory adapter to allow Speedlight flash

  • Now… please oh please oh please oh please can it do auto bracketing. Potentially the best HDR camera ever at 15fps … and the biggest shortcoming of the v1 to me.

    • Yes! That would be amazing.. Handheld HDR even for moving subjects! Wow.. can you imagine camera that small camera with almost any DR you want?!!

      Not many people seems to realise the potential of the 1-system if it just had auto-bracketing.. More DR then D800 with one click of the shutterbutton.. It would be a game changer for sure…

  • Dan

    Well, it will all depend on if they have solved the lowlight autofocus speed that crippled the predecessor. It was mainly sold as a family cam that can keep up with action like small children running around but didn’t work in the environment where said children often are i.e. normal indoor lightning.

    • Bernard

      Indoor lightning ???…

      You can say that again Dan ! I have two grand children. Two boys !!! 🙂

      • Worminator

        I suppose it’s a question of whether it was significantly better or worse than the other mirrorless cameras on the market. My understanding was it was supposed to be quite a bit better especially in those sorts of marginal conditions…

        • Dan

          My underständing is that it is substantially better on moving targets in bright light but in poor light it reversed to the contrast detect autofocus that was rather poor compared to the competition.

    • PS

      Do the fast lenses, like the 50mm equivalent, solve the problem of using PDAF indoors?

  • CRB

    Live histogram this time? at least…..for 1000 usd

  • CRB

    Forgot…waht about the kit lens? VR?

  • ageha

    Somehow I can’t imagine they would really call it EXPEED “3A”. lol

  • Some guy

    Better have one hell of a DXOmark score for that much money.

  • cookie

    According to Nikon Newsletter the V1 kit price (incl. 10-30mm) is 399 € in Germany. A price increase of mor than 100% for the V2 the customers will hardly accept.

    • ageha

      €399 after 1 year but it got introduced for €820 in Germany 1 year ago.

  • shivaswrath

    I’d buy for $599 at Xmas…this year or next. These guys are stupid with introductory pricing at the lower market end.

  • rhlpetrus

    Will Nikon put this system inside a better body. For me it could be a bit larger, since it’s lens size/weight that actually determines system size/weight, tha the N1 lenses are relatively small and light. I’m also interested in the UWA zoom and the 32mm f/1.2 lenses. Are they not coming now?

  • ashwins

    I hope that Nikon has improved the low ISO (ISO100—ISO400) performance which was the biggest deal breaker for me with V1/J1.

  • D800E_finally_here

    Still no 1080/60p ??? This is October 2012 and Nikon’s still selling a new mirrorless without 60p ? Is this a joke??

    • Remedy

      Maybe slo mo at 1080p is not what people crave for. Just sayin…

  • D4ve

    Here is your replacement for the D300s, enjoy!

    • Blob Smackwell

      HAHAHAHAHA…. I’ve got $399 in my sock draw for a compact camera.

      This one won’t quite find its way onto my short list, let alone displace any potential D400.

      Oh yes… Is there a D400 on the way? ADMIN? Leaks please?

      • D4ve

        Don’t hold your breath. Nikon gave you an entry level FX camera if you want to be serious photog. Toys for the rest of you!

        • Remedy

          …because amateur FX is totally the same thing as pro DX. Oh yeah, I feel You…. I mean I feel You need a medicine.

          • Pablo Ricasso

            Well, it’s actually not. DX compares to full frame like Nikon 1 compares to DX. But I don’t get offended that you use DX…

            Actually, right now I think “amateur” DX has something on “pro” DX.

            Also, if you waited for a day and reread your posts it might have an effect just short of shock therapy. You are in really bad form.

          • Deep siX DX, Deep siX DX, Deep siX DX! (Another step, folks :-)! )

            • D4ve

              Right? We’d have a lot more FX cameras to choose from if the engineers weren’t tied up with these toys. 3.5-5.6 lenses flowing out constantly, but where is our 24-70 VRIII?

  • techmine

    same(similar) firmware as V1? Fn button customization? No additional external controls? Same flimsy wheel to select camera modes? V1 needed changes beyond hardware IMHO.

  • cookie

    I would only consider a V2 , if I can use one of my normal Nikon flashes as I can with the P7700.

  • Jon Porter

    Still no pop-up flash or hot shoe? I’ll pay attention to VCX when it gets one or the other.

  • TMC

    Exchange rate as of 10-23-12: Y90,000= $1,127! Nikon will at least three or four at that price.

  • Karen G.

    Now it seems no one else cared about sensor size.

  • KnightPhoto

    If these two specs are confirmed, this is a significant Nikon/Aptina advance in just a single year:

    •Newly developed, super high-speed AF 14.25MP CMOS sensor (More mp and even faster AF where it’s already fast in the first place)
    •15 frames second continuous shooting (the V1 is only 5fps with RAW and AF)

    Guess we’ll have to see if there are any restrictions to these specs.

  • Eskimo Nikonian

    Why does Nikon insist on releasing products the same day Apple makes big announcements? I think their marketeers believe they can ride to coat tails of the electronics giant, but I contend they are one voice trying to scream over the din of Apple’s floor-of-the-New York Stock Exchange level of cacophony.

    • michel

      They both use the same astrologer. Indeed Apple must be following the lead of Nikon, or otherwise Apple would be suing Nikon for some sort of usage infringement

    • yes, this is not the first time – I think Nikon headquarter in Japan doesn’t read

  • MB

    So let us summarize this year for Nikon. What we got is:
    One camera with faulty AF (D800)
    One camera with faulty sales forecast (D800E) no longer in production
    One camera with faulty shutter (D600)
    And this thing that Nikon will try to sell at 1000$ or more?

    I am speechless! Well, maybe not 😉

  • MB

    Since when is DXO unquestioned, undisputed and ultimate authority on what makes the best cameras?
    And yes Nikon was good and best once, and that is why we all love him, but recent faults on design and QC are doing no good for reputation and confidence we customers expect from them.

    • St.

      Let’s dig into this a little…
      How many of the three cameras above you own?

    • Dxonk

      DxO? no thanks. I think my eyes are working well and know how to identify a beautiful picture

  • Jabs

    @Administrator – Thanks for the specs on the V2 and it seems like a nice update plus a faster camera indeed.

    • It seems that the Nikon 1 product line will be updated every year with small, incremental improvements.

      • rhlpetrus

        More likely a minor update every year plus a bigger one every two years. It makes sense marketwise. But they still need a more able body to entice enthusiasts, unless they are saving that for an APS-C ML system.

  • D400 M.I.A.

    Screw all this small format stuff…

    Well ….. is the D400 announced yet?

    (I’d be interested in a D7100 as well)….

    • bitolas

      Screw all this small DX format stuff. Buy a FF.

      • neversink

        screw all this small FX (FF) format. Buy a MF

        • Pablo Ricasso

          Hell NO, I want a large format digital, and I’m not going to be content with less than 1/16000 shutter, 1/5oo flash synch, and 15 frames a second.

  • Royl

    I won’t buy it. I already settled on the D5100 for my “small” option, but it will be interesting to see if they do something different with the controls. It would also be interesting to see if they will introduce a long telephoto lens, like maybe 200mm.

    • rhlpetrus

      I can assure you the V1 is much smaller than the D5100 plus kit lens. And, for travel and other lighter shooting, pretty good actually.

      • ageha

        It really is, it’s actually an awesome camera. All the people who hate it have no idea what they are talking about.

  • Well, where is it? Been waiting for an hour now..

    • ageha

      Yeah, where is it? I guess it isn’t coming. 😉

  • `/1nc3nt

    10-14MP with over USD 1,000 price tag?
    It sounds a perfect camera for Lexus drivers.

    (I am wandering what cars Leica shooters have. Do they have excess fund or are they simply leica-porn using all the money for buying camera LOL)

  • Larry

    Does it come in red or pink? Now that would seal the deal! 🙂

    • boing wronkwell


  • ChiTomH

    Get a Fuji XE1 if you’re interested in image quality. The V1 pixel density on its small sensor made the noise levels in daylight shots unusable for me. Assume the sensor is a bit more advanced in V2, but now they ‘re trying to pack even more density into same size chip, so my bet will be it will have same problems. Nice AF though if you’re shooting more action oriented photos in good light. XE1 is a bit bigger, but Nikon 1 is not that pocketable. If you really want pocketable, Rx100.

  • John

    Still no built in flash – still no sale to me.

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