Nikon announcement on October 24th

It  seems that the date for next official Nikon announcement will be October 24th, 2012. As usual, the actual announcement may vary ±1 day depending on your geolocation. I do not expect any surprises, we will probably see the new Nikon 1 V2 mirrorless camera and maybe some additional accessories (the new remote control for example).

[NR] probability rating: 80%

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  • stupidmeme

    Nikon 1’st

    • Chris

      I see what you did there ! The nerdness is strong with that one !

      • PeterO

        Don’t encourage him.

    • Moo


  • `/1nc3nt

    Wondering why [NR] cannot guess what kind of spec V2 would have.

    • iamlucky13

      Because if the specs on the V2 are as little changed as they were between the J1 and J2, then there has probably been almost no interest in discussing it by whoever is privy to the details.

      Hence, no rumors.

      • Richard

        And if only small changes are made I think it speaks well for having got the first model just about right, with bigger changes coming along as technology allows.

        By the way, I’m not the ‘Richard’ below, I’ve made a few posts recently, so it’s probably confusing for most people.

    • Nuno

      Because the V2 will be technologically the same as the V1, just as the J2 was technologically the same as the J1.

      Since the V1 already had the higher resolution screen, and never had the funky colors, all that’s left are the control tweaks, which will be more significant in the V2.

    • because the specs will be almost identical to the V1

  • Chris

    Where is my D7100 ? Enough with the J1 , V1, V8. Seems that there is an open market for pocket users most likely than for DSLR Pro users.

    • Ghoma

      Yeah where is the D7100? so I can buy a D7000 for extra cheap from people since it just became totally worthless! 😀

      btw, I really agree with it being just a nikon 1 V2 announcement, if a d400/d7100/D5200 was approaching, we would know about that.

      • Big J

        No offense, but don’t call the D7000 worthless.

        • Worminator

          The exaggeration of the inevitable loss of resale value of the D7000 once the successor model is announced was made for comedic effect.

          *or in the internet vernacular : “woosh”

          • Axel

            Bazingua …

            • Jorge

              A laugh riot I love it.

      • Chris

        A very likely approach of D7100 , i suspect it, i saw an impressive medium price drop for the D7000, if the difference of the price would be large, of course it is more tempting to go for D7000, and do not mock us the ones who wait for as though it is an investment from 3-5 years minimum. You’re marryng a Nikon, might as well be happy with the choice.

  • jetelinho

    dslr lenses??? FUNCTIONAL d800 (considering the price tag)???????

    • D800


      There are several recent reports, like this one:

      dated Sep 13 2012, that despite what Nikon said at Photokina (“D800 bug fixed in production”) show exactly the opposite, even on recent batch D800.

      Nikon is not only silent on their fiasco but is also lieing to all of us.

      • Richard

        Nikon truly has stumbled. Bringing products to market that are not ready and then doing everything but saying “You’re holding it wrong”™ certainly must raise questions not only of the company’s competence, but their commitment. Customer service is poor and, evidently, getting worse. Even Thom Hogan has concluded that the Japanese management of Nikon USA has gone out of their way to inconvenience the customer about inconsequential parts in is comments about loyalty.

        Oh, and there’s the matter of Sony, too. One should not overlook them.

        All this raises the question of whether Nikon have squandered the gains made with the D3? Is Canon returning to the forefront? I keep seeing more and more white lenses at a variety of events suggesting that Canon’s market share in the visible pro market is growing. Even a convert to the D3 told me that NPS is difficult to deal with and he much preferred to deal with Canon’s professional services, but that he simply had to change to the D3 when it came out because Canon missed the boat on auto-focus accuracy.

        Nikon have been exceedingly slow updating their lens catalog and seem not to have a grasp of the movement to wireless connectivity except at the bottom end of the line.

        I, for one, have begun to question my commitment to Nikon as Nikon’s commitment to their customers seems to have waned.

        • Nikon Fan


        • Pablo Ricasso

          Get a tripod for your powershot for when you want to take pictures of your cat.

          • Worminator

            Damn straight!

            (Amateurs… Geez.)

            • michel

              amateur photographers, overpaid professional trolls…

        • D800

          I totally agree with what you wrote.

          The service centers are completely unprepared and untrained to fix mother Nikon’s bugs. Not clear if they are told to do so but they also lie to customers – “What problems? There are no problems with the D800” or after 4 failed attempts “Your camera has been fixed now” when it works even worse than before.

          Nikon Japan? They don’t care at all! They found that the market has more non-pro potential photographers and lot of young kids that take pictures with the iPhone, so they invested in kind of pocket cameras that give them higher profit than the pro cameras. Think about this: how many people in the world buy a D4 or D800 or EOS-1D compared to how many people have an iPhone or a Galaxy? These people can buy the new Nikon Toys, they are cheap, they are red (or yellow) and what counts more: they do WORK!

          I also disappointedly have noticed more creamy white lenses around. Even a friend that was Nikon for many years switched because she said couldn’t take photos of birds for the low fps and Mp of Nikon. Again, in Japan do they care? It doesn’t seem so.

          If you saw the article of Lumolabs above the defective focal points are so many to make one really scared and run away from Nikon..

          I am not saying that Canon is better, I just get upset on Nikon commitments to customers, their silence and their lies.

          • no surprised

            Even though I absolutely love my D800 most of the time, I can’t agree more on how bad Nikon service is and has been. I’ve experienced the terror of dealing with them since I had my D300. Clearly there was a focus problem, and I demonstrated and repeated the problem right at the service center. They took it in, and returned to me saying it’s because you didn’t know how to use the camera. WTF?

            Now my D800 doesn’t have the left focus problem but it occasionally hangs with the hourglass, I would rather wait for a firmware update than to bring it to the service center and get my blood boiled again (and didn’t get the repair done).

            • anon

              i too have the occasional hang up when navgivating menus/playback. That doesn’t really bother me. The thing that bothers me about the d800 is the fact that even when the buffer is not full (or maybe it is, i don’t know for sure, but i don’t spray and pray) once the buffer starts writing to the card it can’t shoot anymore until the entire bank of pics in buffer has been written.. granted i haven’t purchased super high speed cards because, again, i don’t spray and pray, but even so.. it’s taken upwards of 45 seconds sometimes before i can shoot again. In my mind, it should write one picture from buffer to card, then remove that pic from buffer so you can shoot one more. Hopefully that will be a firmware change.

              Everything else about the d800 i love. no af problems as some have stated. Some lenses hunt a little bit in low light, but that happens on my d300 as well.

          • Mike

            You guys worry too much about what you can’t control. See too many white lenses? Who cares! It might mean Nikon lowers prices to compete.

            Notice how the FX forums on DPR have really slowed down? People either hate the new layout or are out shooting with their new D4/800/600. It’s good times. My D800 AF has been fixed and everything is predictable and repeatable. The D800 is the most amazing camera I’ve ever used. It’s images are extraordinary. I have only amazing experiences with Nikon Canada service.

            Does one complain that the supermodel lying in your bed is making crumbs? No. Sweep them aside and enjoy again. And again and again. 😉

            • Pat

              Hey Mike-Yes we do complain. For $3300 that super model better not be “making crumbs”.

          • Bob

            Nikon’s strategy is to force everyone to upgrade to an expensive camera. There is no true replacement for the D90, the D300s and the D700. Where’s the D7100? Anyone’s guess.

            The D90 replacement is rather an upgrade rather than a replacement with a higher price tag. The camera was designed to complete with the magnesium body 50D instead of the plastic 60D. The camera is also aimed at consumers looking for an upgrade from their D3000/D5000. Just to make more money.

            The D300s was never replaced yet. There is no DX professional camera on the Nikon market. The D7000, D600, D700 nor the D800 works for sport/fast action. The only choices is to get a D4 or wait for a Canon 7D Mk2. That’s a great strategy Nikon!

            The D700 wasn’t replaced either. The D800 is a camera marketed at a different audience. The camera is much more restricted to landscape and portrait work.

            The D600 isn’t an upgrade to either the D300s nor the D700. This camera is design purely for consumers to upgrade from their D7000. D700 users upgrading to this camera looses some of those professional features.

            And that D4 isn’t that much of an upgrade compared to the D3s.

            • DB


            • stop whining !!!!!!!

              I can’t believe you crybabies !!

              Change to Canon or STFU !!!!

              The level os BS posted in here is unbeleivable !!

              If there isn’t a Nikon Camera for you, you’re probably not a photographer !!

            • JS

              Calling another person names is a sure sign you have no arguments left to make — don’t do it.

            • jetelinho

              what has not been done & what SHOULD HAVE BEEN is d700s – we shall consider the earthquake issues on one hand (which should have led to d700s with the d3s sensr: all has been produced already then- yes, I DID want it, bit still, that would make sense as not a compl. new product would have to raise for another year or so), on the other hand: when I do not have a complete product, I do NOT come out with a 1/2 product just for purpose … unless I don´t care 1 bit. I do not have d800, have been thinking about buying 1 for a while but prob. won´t do so – will the d800s (or sim.) come out without issues, then nikon: call me up, for now sticking with what I ´ve got.

        • but…..who cares ?

          You are babbling on as if you are somebody whos opinion is very important and when you change brand, Nikon will die…

          My D800 works flawlessly and Nikon staff here are VERY proffesional and friendly….

          Just because someone has a problem with Nikon in one city in one country it doesn’t make it a general Nikon “fiasco”.

          Try to be less egocentric !! You sound like an idiot !!

          • JS

            Attack the argument not the man.

        • I agree about the odd way Nikon seem to be lurching from one launch to the next. There doesn’t seem to be any coherent logic to it. They are obviously chasing the market and trying to establish traction with CSCs, whose success must have pushed all manufacturers to re think their strategy. But, whilst Canon have serviced their current customers with logical updates, Nikon have been bouncing all over the place and ignoring their core market. The number of loyal Nikon users holding out for a new D5200 or D7100, whilst Canon, Sony and even Pentax are launching tempting alternatives is constantly growing, if the forums are to be believed. Having Nikon and Canon slug it out is great when both are running at their best, but when one is rudderless it leaves their customers wondering whether to cut their losses. Remember what happened when the EOS system came out….

      • David K

        Why are people discussing the D800 here?

        • Ric

          They are thirsty.

          DRINK! All of you. 😀

        • it’s the….

          its the Canon trolls again 😉

          They’ve been whining since the D800 blew them out of the universe

          • martin

            I think Canon is more present then Nikon:
            The next week announcement of the 1 D S (46 Mpx) will blow the D 800 away! And all wishes would be a answer to the 5 D Mark III (the D 600 has a plastic body)
            And by the way where is a answer to the TSE 17 mm, 4.0/ 70-200, 4.0/ 300 IS and so on.

            • umesh

              We do not come to CR to slander canon. We are indifferent in our Nikon bliss !!!!!

        • JLK

          It is laundry day so all the sock puppets are out.

      • Jorge

        OMG. That’s insane. YES I know my D800 has the left focus issue. I’m aware of it. I try not to use it until I personally take it to Nikon in Melville NY for service.
        But to go through this much BS to check focus… Seriously. Get out of the house and go shoot a picture. OMG this is laughable. I don’t care how accurate it is.
        GO SHOOT. Get some sun

  • Chris

    Why am i still waiting for the D7100 already, should i still wait for it ? Or just buy the D7000

    • BartyL

      If you like waiting so much, keep waiting.

      • D4ve


    • Big J

      With the sweet discounts that are with the purchase of a brand new D7000 it’s worth getting. And it’s a sweet camera with a built focus motor and metal body. I’d get that for sure. Of course depends what you’re gonna use it for. If it for casual photography or when travelling on vacation then it’s waaaay more than enough. I’d say it’s a solid investment since it’s quite durable. Although people (not all though as usual) have complained about it’s lack of auto-focusing in low light, but it’s a great camera. Like I always say to people, test it out in a store or rent it to see if it’s what you’re looking for.

    • F200

      Well, I’m waiting for the replacement so, I can get the D7000 at a cheaper price 2nd hand. For the time being, I’m enjoying my D700 and my F100.

  • Sick and tired

    Nikon, please don’t play with us? Where is D400 or at least D7100?

    • Worminator

      There is no D400. Deal with it, people. No one can sell a $2000 APS-C dSLR in todays market.

      There will be a D7100, 24MP, slightly improved video, some other shiny distractions, but it won’t take photos significantly better than the D7000.

      • Richard

        There may or may not be a D400, but why $2,000?

        The D300s was not a $2,000 camera.

        The D400 should, logically, fill the marketing position of the camera it is replacing. There is a large gap between the D7000 and $2,000 (for anything, be it FX or DX) and leaving such a gap would be contrary to Nikon’s traditional marketing scheme.

        Ask Thom Hogan about price points.

      • anon

        i own a d800. and yes it’s 36mpx, but in DX, it’s only what, 15, 16, maybe 17 mpx about. That makes the d3200 a decently higher resolution camera than the d800 in DX mode……… which kinda confuses me why so many people say d800 shows so many lens flaws because of it’s high resolution, but the higher mpx DXs cameras that have even higher pixel density dont??? but that is a whole other topic i won’t get into right now…….. So there is a huge gap to have a $1700~ DX camera that can shoot 8 or 9 fps in 14bit compressed raw for sports or wildlife. the d300 only shot at 1.5 fps in 14bit at 12mpx. A new d400 with the d800 af system that can focus at f8 would be awesome. I’m thinking 300mm f4 with 2x converter on dx. 900mm with working AF. you can claim that the 2x is not good, but shouldn’t do too badly on the stellar 300 f4. In some decent light that is tremendous for wildlife shooters. that camera will sell to lots of people, including me who already has a FX d800 for landscapes, portraits, and such. DX isnt dead because in order to get a 24 mpx dx area on an FX sensor, that sensor would have to be at least 50 mpx, which isn’t doable now and when it is, will probably be astronomically priced.

        • Richard

          FYI, there are a number of wildlife photogs using a 500mm f4 w/2X TC on a D7000 who say they have functioning auto-focus. (I am guessing that auto-focus is on the center point.)

          • anon

            perhaps, but there is probably AF slow down and like you said probably center point only still works. 1000mm on dx would be quite intense.

  • Judy

    +1 for: Where is D400 or at least D7100?

    • Goose

      i think this is the “tie” breaker, the day that nikon will declare if the’re going to kill pro DX once and for all, or continue it as it was before. yey.

      • Josh

        Considering the offical Nikon “I am the D600” video has the words “I am the future” on it I would say it’s safe bet Nikon has decided that as FX the way forward for DSLRs.

        • MegaMo

          If the future is FX I guess there’s much room between $1000 to $2000 for 16 MP FX based on the D7000/D300s bodies
          I’m allowing Nikon to call this camera whatever they want, that’s what people want. (or think they need)

          DX is also welcomed. (not 24 MP.. sheesh..)

    • Dixie


    • Big J

      More likely next year will be the year of the DX. Which would make sense. And plus there’s plenty of stock still of D7000s and D300s. If I were to wager which would come out first, I think it would be the “D400.”

  • T.I.M

    Why is the picture as a negative ?
    (you can invert it with photoshop)

  • Ben Wronkmore

    Don’t Care about “1” series.

    Where are the D400 and D7100? Where are the D400 and D7100? Where are the D400 and D7100? Where are the D400 and D7100? Where are the D400 and D7100? Where are the D400 and D7100? Where are the D400 and D7100? Where are the D400 and D7100?

    Mister Nikon … DO YOU GET THE IDEA HERE?

    NO MORE “1”.

    • Plug

      They are not listening to you!! I have been a loyal Nikon user for over 35 years. I have the luck to be relatively wealthy and in those years have spent tens of thousands on Nikon equipment. Not once, not once, have my views ever been sought by Nikon. No surveys, no nothing. That I am still a loyalist should be astonishing to a neutral, but I am. But even I am beginning to feel that my loyalty should end. Let’s be clear: Nikon think that I am an idiot cash cow. There will be many others like me. Nikon, get the message or you will eventually hurt yourself very much. Many of us, not all, particularly wildlife enthusiasts/birders, want an enhanced DX situation. At the moment you are saying go else where to Canon/Sony. Fine, but we have and enjoy FX and CX. You will lose that too.
      It is such a pity that I have to say this here and cannot do so directly to Nikon. And I know that even if they did read this they simply would not care.

      • Mike

        With respect, do car brand loyalists get their opinions asked by the car brand of their choice? Probably not. Your voice is heard by purchasing trends. The D90 is still being sold as new and the D7000 is selling well still. If sales numbers are there, the marketers at Nikon HQ say “build more!”

        I agree though that the D300 series is long overdue for a refresh. As capable as it is for its intended usage, there are a few things that can be done to modernize. While one only needs a fraction of the power of modern cars to get to freeway speeds, it sure is sexy to say how fast it can get to those speeds. And as 12mp is “enough”, the D3200 has its own sex appeal by boasting 24mp. Same as Sony. Suddenly the D300 isn’t so sexy. Time for an engine overhaul on the D300s boys.

        • Plug

          You temper my outburst and that is sensible. But just paying attention to purchasing trends is unsophisticated and not necessarily the optimum policy. Nikon should observe AND listen if they want optimise their performance.
          I like to print at A3+ and larger. More than 12mp is helpful, particularly as with wildlife action can be quick and unpredictable so that some cropping is necessary. Perhaps I should just be more skillful!

      • Angelus

        Hi there, I’m a product specialist in Europe for a big japanese manufacturer of electronic products. I can tell you that japanese do not listen not only to their customers, they do not listen to us (product specialists, country distributors, retailers, etc.). With all due respect I think that’s the japanese way. They are sure they are the BEST at what they are doing period. Sometimes they put a real lemon in the market or they fail in software, firmware or whatever, do the care? Not at all. While it is perfecty true that they DO make great products, they would benefit themselves (and ourselves in the process) a lot if the showed a little care about customer’s opinions. But I don’t think that will ever happen.
        Cheers from Europe.

        • Ben Wronkmore

          @Angelus …

          Sounds like you have a rewarding job there!

          Perhaps we can start up a chant?

          NO MORE 1
          NO MORE 1
          NO MORE 1
          NO MORE 1
          NO MORE 1
          NO MORE 1
          NO MORE 1
          NO MORE 1
          NO MORE 1
          NO MORE 1
          NO MORE 1
          NO MORE 1
          NO MORE 1
          NO MORE 1
          NO MORE 1
          NO MORE 1
          NO MORE 1
          NO MORE 1
          NO MORE 1
          NO MORE 1


          • Richard


            On a serious note, there is nothing wrong with the 1 series (I do agree that it really is a Coolpix though) so long as it achieves Nikon’s objective, presumably to bring new customers to the brand, and makes some money to keep things on the up and up.

            The problem is that Nikon seems to have insufficient resources to do things like the 1 series while maintaining timely development of the rest of the product lineup. It’s like watching a juggler who is attempting to juggle too many balls and the result is things scattered all over the place as thing come crashing down.

            On that basis I will join the “NO MORE 1” chant because the 1 is detracting from the rest of the lineup. Nikon should concentrate on what they do best, their “core competency” and stick to things they can get to market in a timely manner that are actually correctly done.

  • I don’t really understand what Nikon are doing, if they are just going to re-vamp the V1 in time for Xmas. the D5100 and D7000 are at rock bottom prices and everyone seems to be holding off, waiting for the new versions. It must be costing Nikon a small fortune.

    • Big J

      It’s not costing them a small fortune. After you meet a certain quota of profits that compensate for the R&D, advertisements, sponsorships and etc. You eventually decide to move on to a newer model and reduce prices on the older ones in order to rid the excessive stock in the retailers so that they can send them the newer ones.

  • Steve

    I’ve been waiting for a ‘D400’ / ‘D7100’ for about two years now. I’m quite tempted to move up to the D600, but for now I will stick to my D7000. It has served me well.

    • MrLogic

      D7000 was available in UK since Sep 2010 so it means that you where waiting for D7100 after one month it was released?

      • Steve

        Actually I had a D300s, but it was stolen. I thought I would wait for a newer model, but grabbed a used mint D7000 off ebay.
        The D7000 was only meant to be temporary.

        • Big J

          Think you posted before on another about your D300s being stolen. Have to say this to ya, freakin’ sucks to hear that still.

  • As a D800 shooter looking for a faster FPS, I expect the D400 will emerge after the D600 sales/deliveries are well past peak. It’s all about business and trying to maximize currents sales and not to impact sales. IMHO

  • Mazzy

    I don’t really understand what the hell nikon’s doing, really. Force his will over the users… The user want D700s and D400s… Nikon force D800, D600.
    I refuse to buy the wrong camera for me, it’s that simple. and if nikon can’t do it I’ll jump off his wagon and look around someone that will.
    Kodak is History, Kodak the Powerhouse of 90s, Nikon is much much smaller can go down even much faster.

  • AlphaOne

    The only thing that will excite me is a D400 announcement.

    • T.I.M

      Good luck !

      • AlphaOne

        Thanks, I needed that. LOL

    • I’m agree! That would be very expected as it seems to be a gap in Nikon line-up

  • EvanG

    Damn. I’m dying for the D7100… Ugh.

  • Frank

    Who cares about the v 1 v, wait, V1 1, no, hold on… 1 V2. It’s a chinsy design, overpriced, and has a stupid name. It’s looks it was designg for someone who wants a toy instead of an actual photographic tool. Until Nikon realizes this, then their entry into EVIL will be a financial failure. Take a look at the poles: Vast majority of people voted that they wouldn’t buy it. Nikon are you listing?
    I wouldn’t buy it in its current design package. Lenses tests are showing poor performance (, the body’s form factor is designed to be small and cute and not for the human hand. The whole concept looks like it’s designed by someone who couldn’t hack it at Apple, and for someone who would buy it because it’s white and fits in their tiny, little, equally cute purse.
    It’s an over-priced, cheap, toy – and the Canon M isn’t too far behind. Sony, even though their lens MTF reports aren’t anything to write home about either, must be feeling pretty good right now.
    Nikon needs to take look at the offerings from Fuji. People who use their Pro X models are advanced users and pros. Why? Because they are photographic tools designed by people with a passion, and it shows in its design.

    Enough said…

    • v1owner

      “Enough said…”

      Quite. Have you ever considered the effect of senseless hate on your health?

    • boing wronkwell

      V1 and V2 were Nazi rockets sent to destroy London in World War 2.

      All they did was to strengthen the resolve of the British people to overcome the enemy.

      Wonderful marketing from deaf to customer needs Nikon execs.

      • Bjrichus

        All I want is improved DX bodies and updated DX lenses.

        Thom Hogan expresses these desires well on his blog this week. Nikon should be reading it and doing what HE is talking about.

        Will then?

        Ha! Us customers will get crapped on once again by Nikon.

        If only they didn’t make such damn good cameras and lenses…. Oh well, just have to accept the crap then.

      • Jorge

        I was thinking the EXACT same thing!! You’d think Nikon would have been more sensitive. Oh, wait — it’s Nikon. Nevermind

  • jack the ladd

    defo the new D400 ,they managed to keep it a secret but trustme (not!!!) it will be the new D400 “the worlds first true mirrorless professional camera ,with advanced new (DOST) technology (direct on sensor technology) that relays to either the rear display or an advanced viewfinder display. 24mp 1080p @ 25/30/60/120fps
    30-1/10,000 shutter speed 16fps ,up to 128 shots
    its gonna be pricey though .
    ” the start of a new era in proffessional cameras”

    • AlphaOne

      I really don’t care if it’s mirrorless, as long as the EVF is really good and not laggy.
      If it’s at least DX sensor, and has the F mount, I’m sold.

    • Big J

      Doesn’t Sony have something like that going on? I know it’s translucent, but they are already working that angle in their department and don’t seem to be doing bad. Although I have never tested their cameras let alone the new A99 yet or their “Zeiss” designed lenses yet.

  • jack the ladd

    just found out more guys ,it will have a modular card reader system ,dual slots that can take up to 2 of the new xqd ,with adapters to take either 2 CF or 2 sd ,in any combination .
    all magnesium alloy main frame (as usual)
    biult in wifi.

    • KnightPhoto

      Jack, u better start working with Admin here and get him the straight dope on the D400 specs (I like the way you think, even though you are full of it 😉

    • umesh

      Just keep ’em coming. We can surely dream.

  • tnt

    another worthless product!

    the only worthy announcement from nikon is the “mythical D400”

  • It will probably be a consumer camera, but I hope it’s a new FX lens.

  • Lester Kamstra

    Everybody over here want’s a d7100 or a d400.
    So if Nikon want’s to make some money!

  • DX User

    Please, some prosumer DX lenses. I am not wealthy.

  • Not excited

    Probably nothing to rave about.. though I would be pleasantly surprised if it was something else than Nikon 1 series toys, new Coolpix models or kid size SLR gear.

  • MB

    It seems that only improvement on V2 will be new battery!
    Who says Nikon does not listen to what customers are saying?

  • Pablo Ricasso

    Maybe they will roll out that new 800 lens.

  • Chubby Brunette

    I’ve just bought a d700, all I wont to hear now is the announcementfo the 300f4 vr and 135 1.8g

    • anon

      you and me both… i have a d800 and am planning a prime-only kit for it. I’m going all 1.8s because i don’t want the weight of the 1.4s and the 1.8s are still extremely sharp. I’m not as concerned about the 135 refresh as the f2 defocus is very tempting and it’s last on my list of needs. but i’d really like to see a 300 f4 refresh as it’s next on my list. settling for 70-300 vr now, which is only OK from 70-230 about and not so great from there on.

      I hate to say it though.. i wouldn’t hold your breath on these.

  • Probably a V2. With the new smaller standard zoom, Nikon appears to be positioning the V as deluxe pocket size camera. A compact that can take interchangeable lenses, if you will.

    No chance of a D400, IMO, some chance of an updated D7000.

  • That’s my birthday!

  • mkki

    I have D700 and I’ll wait for the new D900…

    • robert

      “D900” do not believe, because stoop to D800, which would be less interesting, but a d7_ _ or another different name.

      The truth is that many D700 owners, are waiting for this camera and Nikon will not want to lose them to that Canon already has the domain of the “pro-end”

  • JR

    Nikon D800 landscape photography:

    • Michael Switzer

      Very nice J.R.– I just don’t understand why all these whiners can’t possibly take great pictures like yours with their D300s and “old” 7ks. Why just a few years ago they were great. Now, well, clearly those cameras aren’t w0rthy of their genius. Why even bother taking pictures with those crap lenses. Might as well go into another line of work.

  • What happen with the D400!!

  • mikils

    After this onslaught of nonsense Nikon will just force through our teeth a 32 MP FX, 1/2000 and 3.5 fps, and will serve us well!

  • john

    Funny how everyone talks about their own camera, the problems about it, the fixes with it, etc…. when the topic is the V2.
    I love my V1,…. it compliments my arsenal. I’m looking forward to the V2.

    • Big J


      • Plug


    • desmo

      Nobody wants a V2
      it should be clear they want F mount DSLR’s and lenses

      • I am really curious if Nikon is working on a “high-end” mirrorless model.

        • desmo

          if it uses an f mount lens mount, 4/3 sensor or bigger i would buy it .
          great travel camera,if it doesn’t require seperate lens collection.

  • Pass the yawn biscuits – come on Nikon D7100, D5200, D400 and lenses: 300 F4 AFS VR, 70-200 F/4 AFS VR & 80-400 AfsVr.

  • ano102

    fed up with waiting for anything …

    • BartyL

      So buy something.

  • Dominik

    You guys are hilarious.

    For over 3 years you complained Nikon didn’t have an answer to the 5Dmk2. Now it has something better.

    Then you complained about 36mp being too much so they released the D600.

    Now you’re all complaining about DX replacements. They’ve already released five new DSLRs in 2012. Give them time.

    • Rob

      Have you ever considered the possibility that most of the people complaining are different for each product?

      • BartyL

        It’s still a conga-line of whiny bitches.

        • Evan


  • MvH

    When will Nikon release the updated 300mm f/4 and 80-400 VR or any new telephoto lenses?

    • I don’t know – the 80-400mm lens was supposed to be announced years ago. The internal product number for this lens exists for few years now. Not sure why Nikon is not pulling the trigger.

  • Big J

    Apparently there will always be something new to bitch about. Hard to quell EVERYONE’S demands in the world with exactly what they want. I remember not too long ago it was rumored a potential entry-level FX camera and people would post again and again about how they want an affordable FX camera with not so many megapixels like the D600 or too expensive like the D4. Boom, that crowd got what they wanted even though pricing varied depending on where one lived and lags in software updates with such a camera, in the end it turned out to be a great camera.

    Now the deluge of demands of newer DX lines has appeared and believe it or not it will be answered. It’s inevitable. Although I can bet MONEY that when either the succesors of the D400 or D7000 come out, you will hear the other side bitching about where’s their “x” camera? And then post again and again on several threads the same complaining while people are very content with the ones they have thus now and out there still shooting and enjoying them.

  • grant torres

    Nikon 1 V2 with Windows 8! Preloaded with Office 2013 and Angry Birds in Mars!

  • grant torres

    Oooops, forgot to add. Lcd screen with magnetic hinge and integrated keyboard!

  • Frisbee

    Not expecting much, but I’ve heard from a reliable source that we’ll be seeing a 70-200 f/4 AF-S VR sometime before year end.

    Just saying….


    • Big J

      Sounds interesting, although I think their happy making their 70-200mm the 2.8 kind. One of the reasons why Canon changed theirs. The 80-200mm ED IF AFD f/2.8 isn’t too shabby and it’s around $1000. Don’t think they’ll do i before making refreshes like the 80-400mm for instance.

  • JC

    All I really want is a proper announcement for recalls on particular D800 batches… or a formal acknowledgement.

  • Twaddler Belafonte

    It’s the D1000 — the liquid metal Nikon!

  • Roberto

    the two biggest hits of Nikon d300 and d700 were. coincidentally these are orphans with longer …

  • Anonymous Maximus

    Let’s hope D400 will be announced this time, or the next round eventually.

  • Mr 600

    Don’t look now but the D600 is sold out on for ‘1 to 3 months”

  • neomovie


  • Taylor Brooks

    There is a legitimate reason for some of the anxiety expressed in this thread about the D400, although it is off topic. I only need one thing for my D300, a new sensor for low light hand held wildlife shots. For everything else the D300 is my go to camera with the exception of shooting toddlers where the screen on the D5100 is handy when I am not dressed for crawling on the floor. Meanwhile, I will continue to use the D7000 for low light wildlife shots.

    Over 40 years as a Nikon user assures me that Nikon will do something very meaningful in the DX format when they are ready to so it and not a second sooner no matter how much people complain. Meanwhile have fun shooting with some great DX cameras at 1k and under that have amazing quality, or buy a FF and take even more amazing pictures if walking through the woods and sometimes waiting for hours for the right shot is not your cup of tea!

    The main thing is to have FUN and use our imaginations to create the best images we can with the equipment we have in our hands.

    On topic, there is no way I can see giving up an investment in the Sony NEX DX system for a CX format camera. The weight and size difference is meaningless compared to the quality advantage of the DX format even without having the advantage of the better Nikon glass.

  • Chris Farley

    I think the Dxxx is now only reserved for FX.. in 4 Years there will be the D500 FX and maybe D900.– so a DX D400 would really limitate Nikons “number naming… so I think the D7100 will be the only semi Pro DX in the near future and then the D7200 will be truely the D300s follower.

    • Richard

      There’s one thing that’s clear, Nikon are rapidly painting themselves into a corner with their naming schemes. Almost no matter what they do, it will not be long until something has to change.

      • anon

        being that they’ve taking the D#### series to 3000 3100 3200, 5000, 5100, and probably 5200, 7100..etc. doesn’t it make sense that maybe they’ll start doing. 300, 310, 320, etc. maybe not. but in order to not run out of numbers at least as quickly… thats the next logical step

    • PHB

      I thought the D600 would be the D9000 because it is essentially the pair to the D7100. But they went with D600 and that makes perfect sense, it is a $2000 camera, it has a full feature set for a pro camera other than having a lighter weight body and a limited top shutter speed.

      But Nikon chose D600 because they know they will sell a lot more at that price. So why not do the same in for the DX version?

      I think we will see a D400 that effectively replaces the D7000 and D300s for a little more than the D7000. At this point there really isn’t much missing from the D7000 feature set that can’t be added back in software. It is an artificial product differentiation. I don’t see a market for two advanced amateur/pro level DSLRs there is a market for one though.

      Nikon has already shown how the next generation bodies will be numbered – D3000 became D3100 became D3200. Same will happen in the D400, D600, D800, becoming D401, D601, D801 or something of the sort.

    • Anonymous Maximus


  • Bob

    Finally the D400!

    • Anonymous Maximus


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