Huge Nikon 1 V1 price drop

I already mentioned yesterday that the Nikon 1 V1 camera is currently cheaper than the J1. Today the price went even further down at Adorama - the Nikon 1 V1 + 10-30mm lens kit now sells for $399 (regular price $896.95, deal available only through this link)! Nikon is either having hard time selling this model or they are about to release the Nikon 1 V2 .

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  • Ken Eric

    It was about time. Nikon can’t compete RX100 with image-quality, so the only only option is to compete with price.

    • Banned

      Which is easy since they have so much profit built into the cameras since they are now controlling price wherever you buy. Camera that used to be $2400 at Amazon is now $3000 thanks to this policy… Gives you an idea of how much profit is built in.

      • Banned

        Oil producers would be jealous.

        • Eric

          Please, let’s not go overboard. Nikon is an amateur compared to oil companies when it comes to price gouging.

          • Worminator

            Gasoline prices you pay at the pump are mostly taxes.

            (depending on your political stripes, that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but the point is the companies who do the drilling and refining aren’t necessarily raking it in hand-over-fist.)

            • JC

              I will place my order if the price is $99.00.. Right now, it’s still 300 TOO MUCH for such a small sensor, besides, I have to buy lens too, GDI.

            • Hawkeye

              You’re right, Worminator. Oil companies don’t practice oligarchical price control at all, or jack up prices in anticipation of later shortages, or bump them up in the summer when they know people are going on vacation, etc.

              – Right after Katrina hit, oil prices skyrocketed, in anticipation of the damage of offshore rigs in the gulf. When none were damaged, tehy kept prices up for a few weeks, then let them fall again.
              – Summer 2001 (I know that’s far back to remember) prices blew up from around $1.40/gallon to over $2. By mid-fall, they’d dropped way down to less than the original price.

              For the most part, swings in gas prices are artificial. You can tell because they’re not linked to natural events, and the taxes don’t go up and down like that.

              Also, who defends oil companies? Wait, is worminator really Mit Romney? If so, I think we need to have a longer discussion…

            • Its sensor is the same size as the RX100 which gets rave reviews everywhere and it dxomarks at around the previous generation of micro four-thirds sensors. For $399 seems like a very good deal (but makes you wonder what’s about to be released or if it’s end-of-life).

            • Stanley

              Well the profits of the gas producers has been reported at record highs for the past several years. The total gas tax here is $.14 a gallon. The price today down the block is $3.92 a gallon. So where does the $3.78 go? maybe $.03 to the station leaving $3.75 minus $2.87 for today’s market price leaving another $.88 to go to cover what ever it cost whom ever to cover their efforts and they whom ever they are, are making a profit off that $.88 too. Now the gas company has to make a profit off the market price plus someone is making a profit off that additional $.88 too . Given the reports of their record profits they could cut back on the cost to us their consumer. It’s funny how the price of gas drops around say Memorial Day so people will buy gas to drive and then it jumps backup the day after? Yet the market price doesn’t change enough to reflect those price changes?? It would be interesting to see how much of the market price is profit??? Now….given the average prices of digital cameras I find it hard to believe that the price difference today between a new D3x, D4, D800, and D600 can be so great????

  • Hopefully this means Nikon is going to go in a different direction with their mirrorless cameras. The Sony is excellent but I’d really want it if it had a hotshoe, hopefully Nikon’s next attempt will be along those lines.

  • Milan

    Or maybe Nikon has decided to give up their 1 system and will release and APS-C mirrorless system soon.

    • Fred

      I think APS-C mirrorless is on the cards but didn’t expect it this soon (if it’s the case).
      Think they will retain a ‘pro’ DX camera in a D300 type body but will probably convert the lower ecehelon DX to EVIL cameras to keep competitive (and maybe give some what they want anyway).

      • Plug

        I agree, they won’t give up on CX and improved sensors will make it interesting as a very portable system, in contrast to NEX where the lenses are much too bulky to differentiate from DSLRs. Future DX may have a mirrorless option to reduce body size and enhance newer technologies, FX too maybe. For the time being I really want a D300s replacement for wildlife.

        • Ragnarok

          Sorry? NEX lenses too big? Enough with that myth!

          • RoyL

            Myth? Considering the thing has no PDAF, and poor CDAF, it is humongous. The NEX is cute., not small. A D5100 with kit lens blows it away for AF, and it is no harder to hand carry.

            I kinda agree with Milan on the V1. I believe it is dead, but I think they will continue with the J version. It’s a shame they put this system out there only to let it die. Perhaps they will put a larger sensor in the J3.

            • Ragnarok

              The camera in the photo is a NEX-6 and it has on-sensor PDAF (much like the V1) though there are no tests showing how good, or bad, it is.

          • Everlast66

            Plug, also keep in mind that the Nikon CX is competing with the RX100, and is currently loosing on IQ, compactness and ergonomics! After all Nikon did not even bother to put a bloody mode dial!

            • plug

              Much of which I agree with, there are many things that Nikon could bring to a V2 if they put their mind to it.

          • Nikola

            … I’m sorry, was that JPEG meant to sarcastically point out how humongous lenses are compared to body on NEX?

            Or was it a genuine defense and attempt to portray them as small – in which case, and I’m not a fan of internet memes, but -> epic fail??

            It’s a DX sensor, and lenses are almost DX sized. But body is tiny.

            I’ve been really interested in the NEX line as reviews always rave about small body size, and somehow pictures are almost always with a diminutive pancake lens. I went to the story, held the kit in my hand, and thought I was on candid camera – this is a joke, right?
            Sadly, no.

            On my DSLR bodies, larger sensor == better.

            On mirrorless cameras, reviewers do consumers a grave injustice by not commenting comprehensively on _disadvantages_ of a large sensor (and resulting large, heavy lenses) on a small body :-/

          • Rob

            How about we compare the telephoto zooms:

            NEX 55-210: 4.25 inches
            Nikon 1 30-110: 2.4 inches

            1.77 times as long for basically the same equivalent FOV. The Nikon crop factor is 1.8 times that of the NEX – coincidence or physics?

      • I think the days of pro DX are over. Look at the sort of lenses that are being released. DX sized sensors are headed to mirror less bodies. The Nikon 1 series has a sensor that is much too small for an interchangeable lens system camera. Any sensor smaller than M4/3 is for a compact.

        • RoyL

          Actually, from what they have produced so far the m4/3 sensor is too small as well. Maybe they will get better, but they won’t catch DX.

          • mooboy

            m43 will never catch DX, the same way DX will never catch FF, the same way FF will never catch MF.

            However, the latest generation of m43 sensors have already overtaken previous generation of DX, and only pixel peepers maybe could tell much difference between them and a D7000 sensor image.

            • What do you mean by catch? The OM-D already offers the same low light performance of a D300s. Small size and weight are important in many applications.

            • mooboy

              Is that reply to me or RoyL? Because I think you’re just giving an example of the point I was trying to make…

              And one day they’ll probably make a CX sized lens (if Sony RX100 isn’t already) better than the D300. And, if we assume the RX100 sensor can out perform the D200 – then CX has already caught up to a DX camera some people still use and get good results from today.

            • Calibrator

              > And, if we assume the RX100 sensor can out perform the D200 – then CX has already caught up to a DX camera some people still use and get good results from today.

              So people should buy into CX because it outperforms a seven year old DX sensor?

            • mooboy

              Huh? When did I say you should buy it? Nice strawman argument – but I was just responding to RoyL’s claim.

              So, are you saying you shouldn’t buy it because it is CX? Because current generation APS-C will be better? Then, I assume you use at least a medium format camera?

            • Calibrator

              Of course you tried to tell us that CX is “good enough for some” by comparing it to an old DX sensor that some people still use today.
              CX sensors should be compared to DX sensors of the same age – and there they wouldn’t compare as favourably.
              And regarding to what people need and should buy: Well, some people have trouble to compare an image of a compact to one from the D7000, especially when it’s a sunny day.
              Print the same images in a larger format and the differences come to the light – and even a novice will note differences and doesn’t need to be a pixel peeper.

      • Michael

        I don’t care about sensor size, as long as the cameras+lens combination is compact enough. The M43 did it, but they are overpriced. As for NEX, they are still huge, but it seems like they’re coming with new pancakes soon. Nikon 1? It’ll take forever.

      • Steve

        I’d buy a DX-M + 18 f/2 pancake over a CX every day of the week. Canon got the strategy right with the EOS-M, so I think it’s only a question of when Nikon follow suit.

    • Andrew

      Nikon needs to lead in this segment of the market but at present they are trailing badly! If they can give us a larger sized sensor (one closer to APS-C) and no more than a 16 MP sensor so that we get impressive low light performance, then we will be interested. Nikon is currently acting as if they own the market or they somehow think that they will impinge on DSLR sales – I believe they are wrong on both counts!

  • Merv

    They appear to be popular in Europe and they must be planning a V2 as the J2 has already been announced.

    If any of Nikon dSLR owners get either the J2 or V1, they will almost certainly spend another $200 – $250 anyways to get the FT1 adapter.

    • karl

      nah, I’ll only get it once they fix the mising AF-C mode.

    • RoyL

      The way they threw the V1 out there and let it die (no lenses, no significant firmware upgrades), good luck selling a V2.

  • kyle

    Maybe they are restructuring their overall product pricing scheme in anticipation on not only newer mirrorless models, but new DX models too. We’ve already seen some price changes in the FX line. The new FX cams are ” relatively low” in price – D4 is $1000 less than a D3x for example.

    Just a thought.

  • Cam

    I have yet to see one in the wild.

  • Bruce Smith

    Is this working for anyone? The link works correctly for me, showing the $399 price. But when I add it to my cart, it changes it to the full price of almost $900.

    • denz

      Says 399 for me.

    • Adamant

      Are you trying to add the 10mm or 30-110mm lens at the same time? It won’t let you get the $399 price and $149 lenses at the same time. Sorry. That really would be too good to be true.

  • Jeff

    This is what the V1 should have retailed for to begin with. There are better choices at the price point it was. I would LOVE to get one of these and get the F-mount adapter when you need some crazy amount of reach!

    • Worminator

      Just shoot with a D3200 and crop the middle 10 megapixels from the image.

      Very nearly the same thing, no adapter required.

  • It’s like they’re almost surprised by Canon’s EOS-M, a camera I’d definitely buy but I can’t justify buying more lenses of a system that I’m not already married to. But the first to come out with a good quality zoom lens and APS-C sensor gets my money. The first Canon attempt was a huge let down.

    • Sahaja

      Fuji is releasing some zoom lenses for their X-Pro & X-E1

      • That’s right! I am actually going to probably pick up the x-pro1 over the x-e1. I still like an optical viewfinder.

      • Pat Mann

        This is the camera Nikon should have produced, and a dream set of sensor-size-appropriate fast prime lenses are coming as well. Perhaps Nikon could rebadge the Fuji and issue a couple of lenses of their own. Like a 50-135 f/2.8-4, perhaps. If the 23 f/1.4 tests well, my D300s might well be reserved for the birds, and this will be my everyday camera.

    • Worminator

      In that case just go ahead and pre-order the Fuji XE-1 with the f/2.8-4 zoom. ‘cuz that’s where your money is headed.

  • In the past most PS camera from Nikon does not hold price value. Same is true for the J1, V1. All are going to APS-C size small camera, Nikon is going to down hill with small sensor.

    • AC

      Surely most p+s from most brands don’t hold their value. There are exceptions (x100) but this is hardly evidence or arguement against the 1 System

      • Worminator

        No, the Nikon 1 price drop was faster and deeper than most of the models it competed with. Mostly because it was significantly overpriced at launch.

  • Sven

    The Nikon 1 J1 sold very well in Germany – number 1 by market share. So I don’t think they’re going to abandon the 1 system. This huge price drop hasn’t come to Europe yet:
    400 USD would be around 360 Euro with VAT. Amazon DE still lists the V1 for more than 500 Euro, Amazon UK is even more expansive… 🙁

    • Plug

      My impression is that CX sales have been really strong worldwide, less so but still strong in the US, and that the J1 has done better than the V1. The latter needs to be upgraded in megapixels and other areas to compete more effectively without a great rise in price.

      • Worminator

        I’d really like to get some reliable numbers.

        My impression of how things are here in Japan is that the Nikon 1 system has not done particularly well, but sales have picked up in the last few months as the price has become far more attractive. 28,000 yen for the V1 with kit zoom now, vs. 63,000 yen at launch. It’s now no 13 on the kakaku sales ranking.

  • tmay

    I always wanted to try one out but the prices weren’t there. I ordered one and now I get the chance. Here’s hoping for a V2.

    Similar deals are now on Amazon, albeit not quite the discount for the V1 and 10-30 lens.

  • Peter

    I chose the V1 when the system became available because of its feature set advantages over the J version: bigger battery, higher-resolution finder (both direct-view and eye-level). It produces very good photos; the “low” pixel count meant lower noise than wasting memory on 16 or more MP. Sensor improvements may allow for higher MP numbers — look at the D800 — now. I don’t regret the purchase. As a side note, the auto-switch from rear display to eye-level finder appeared on the Minolta DiMAGE7 in 2001. Having that option makes it much easier to shoot in full sun than trying to make out what’s in the frame through the glare.

    • Pat Mann

      Always wondered why they conflated “dim” and “Image” to name a camera, and a scanner. Not a great marketing ploy.

      • Worminator



        DIgital iMAGE

  • RakSiam

    Wow. Almost makes me wish I had waited. It was already selling with a $300 instant rebate (I believe that was the terminology). It’s a great little camera for many of my needs.

  • Pablo Ricasso

    That price is now great. It is worth that much. I would much rather have that for that money than the last coolpix, powershot, or competing system from others at their current prices.

  • PAG

    My wife has been using a V1 for a little less than a year and loves it. Due to long-term physical problems, she has trouble with the weight of a DSLR.

    She gets decent bird shots with the F-mount adapter and Nikon’s 55-300mm DX zoom, but would definitely be happier if they can make it work completely (support more than just the center focus point, support AF-C). Of course she’d probably drop that and buy a native Nikon 1 lens if they came out with anything at 200mm or above.

    And I agree with the comments above about the choice of a smaller sensor was a smart one by Nikon. Mirrorless DX cameras are fighting with inexpensive and fantastic low-end DSLRs, many of which may end up mirrorless anyway. Looking at the D3200 sensor, what can possibly be done to improve the DX sensor that will get consumers to upgrade? But the CX sensor can eventually be brought up to that quality level. In order to jump into the nearly topped out technology of today, the DX mirrorless cameras have given up the advantage of smaller physical lens size. Smells like short term thinking to me.

    • Gael Ridire

      I too have developed physical problems that make carrying around a regular D200 and even the 18-200 lens impossible. I have hardly shot any photos for the last three years because of this, and it hurts for I was a pro for over 25 years. I’ve been looking at the various cx systems and the Nikon 1 seems the best. Yes Iwould like a larger censor, would like to be able to use my SB800. But the low light just isn’t there for me, and there’s no wide angel lens (28mm isn’t wide!). So hopefully the V2 will have better hopeful offerings. My biggest problem is I want a D3s camera in a V1 size body. I really don’t need this anymore, just like to have it available if I do. LOL.

      • mooboy

        Hi Gael,

        I know this seems an obvious question, but did you look at the latest micro43’s cameras? If you got something like an Olympus OM-D with optional grip, it even looks a bit like a mini D3s. Unfortunately, don’t expect the same ergonomics – but it’s massively smaller and lighter.

        And much better lens selection than any other mirrorless offering at the moment.

        My D700 is a joy to use, but the OM-D is a joy to carry around.

        • Worminator

          Or the XE-1.

          If you want a cheap 3x optical zoom camera with the ability to change lenses, the Nikon 1 does stand out now for the quality/price ratio.

          However if you want a camera that gives up nothing in quality or user control to a dSLR, while still being much more compact, it seems to me the XE-1 is the camera to buy.

          • mooboy

            Not if you want a decent lens longer than 60mm 🙂 And then, I think the NEX-6 is a very healthy competitor to the Fuji system – except then restricted to 50mm.

            I think Fuji/Sony/Olympus/Panasonic all have pretty compelling mirrorless offerings. Nikon’s is at least different, and may suit some (the soccer moms is the cliche always thrown around).. but I can’t see any reason to pick the Canon system though.

            But if size/weight is a primary motivation, I’d be looking at the Olympus E-PM2 if I was primarily a still shooter, or maybe Panasonic GX1 if I cared about video too.

            Oh, and if not too worried about price, and happy with the typical kit zoom offerings, the NEX-6 with pancake zoom would be maybe top of the list.

            • Gael Ridire

              What I like with the Nikon 1 is the fact that my assortment of regular Nikkor lenses can still be used, I’ll be with great magnification. I really don’t like the idea of having to get an entirely new system, i.e. Fuji, Oly, etc., but the new Panasonic with the fixed f2.8 lens that is 24-600 is enticing. I want raw, and good low-light, just haven’t seen any tests on the camera, nor price, nor size. But…I really hate switching from Nikon, I feel like a turncoat for I’ve been with Nikon since 72. The Sony NEX is not to my liking, doesn’t fit in my hand well, nor can I see through the eyepiece, everything is blurry, but the Nikon V1 is the best eyepiece I’ve viewed with. The Oly is nice yet I don’t like the look of the old 35mm.

            • Worminator

              Not 60 mm, it’s 90 mm effective, which is actually about right as a telephoto macro lens – especially for this kind of camera. Personally I don’t use anything longer, but a 55-200 tele zoom is also on the roadmap, the complement of the recently announced 18-55 2.8-4 standard XE-1 kit zoom.

              That should cover just about everyone.

            • nevesink

              @ Gael
              Don’t feel like a turncoat. Nikon isn’t going out of its way to do Gael any favors.
              Forgive me, but how can you pick up a long lens and put it on a V1 if you have a handicap. I don’t understand. The weight and imbalance will be extraordinary.
              Just get a D600 and use a light weight lens and crop. You will get much sharper pics that way. 70-300 is pretty light, not very fast though. 28-300 looks great, though I don’t own that one and rarely use my 70-300. Those should give you plenty of reach on the full frame lighter -weight 24mp D600 — and you can crop a helluvalot out of those files and still come up better than the Nikon1 v1.
              I have been a working photographer since the early 1970s. I started out with a used Exacta vx11a and a few old zeiss lenses. Had to sell my banjo and guitars to afford a used Nikon Ftn…. I use Hassleblads, Mamiyas, Leicas, Contax, and even view cameras. I love Nikon glass and cameras, but I am not going to ever think they have my best interests at heart. I never felt that I betrayed Nikon by using a variety of tools. You have to do what is best for you, not what is best for Nikon. These days, I use Nikon digital FX 90 percent of the time, and I only use Nikon glass with it.

              I have never bought a camera or a lens unless it was profitable, or at least paid me back. I couldn’t afford to own all this stuff as a hobbyist. I envy those who can dedicate their life to their art without having to live off their art. I have been very lucky in this field, but it was tough. And Nikon cameras were just a tool, a wonderful tool, but just a tool. That’s what they are today. They are mu tool of choice to create my art work. But then again, I will shoot with my iPhone or Canon G series p&x if I have to.

          • Lighting

            M43 is a disappointment, and the lenese are average. I upgrade to X-Pro since early this year.

      • neversink

        Sorry to hear about your handicap. Perhaps changing the style of your photography might help you get back into photography. I know some pros in your situation who switched from SLR or MF and even view camera systems to Leica.
        Can you handle the Fuji xPro1 or xe1…. They will be coming out with more and more lenses, I believe. The results are as stunning as shooting with the Leica, but the camera is much less expensive; and the lenses produce beautiful results.
        I am considering this system myself, along with my D800 and D4 when I go on an upcoming assignment to Africa. The only drawback to the x series is that the bodies feel a little flimsy compared to a Leica. I was hoping to wait for the xpro2, but who knows when that will come out.
        Or you could go back to film and shoot an old Contax G series or an old Leica.
        Those are my three serious choices as a solution. I think the Nikon 1 v1 is flimsy, and the IQ is not really up to par with what you would, as a retired pro, be satisfied with.
        I hope you find a solution.

        • Calibrator

          > Or you could go back to film and shoot an old Contax G series or an old Leica.

          I thought the same thing. And then scan the developed pictures to do some post-processing.
          A pro with 25 years under his belt shouldn’t really have no trouble at all to use analog tech.

          • neversink

            +1 for Calibrator….

  • FX DX

    This is a little too late, IMO. I ended up buying a micro 4/3 camera that is smaller than V1 and it was much cheaper than V1. Now I don’t see a good reason to replace my micro 4/3 with V1. This camera is as big as micro 4/3 camera with a lot smaller sensor. I love my Nikon DSLR, but I don’t see why anyone would buy this over similar offerings that are cheaper and better.

    • AC

      I own both a V1 and an Oly EP3. I really do like my V1 very much (it feels snappier, electronic shutter up to 1/16000S, Built-in EVF, solid build, great battery life).

      BUT… I must admit my next upgrade would be a M4/3 with a OM-D generation sensor. The reason is really down to the fact that 1) autofocus advantage of V1 doesn’t outweigh IQ disadvantage; 2) lenses lenses lenses. There is nothing on the 1 system that come close to the Oly 45mm, Panny 20mm, etc. The adaptor solution doesn’t really help most people that are not nature or bird shooters.

      I WILL definitely keep the V1 for the things I love about it but only as an occasional street camera and only with the new 18.5mm f1.8 lens (I am assuming it will be good, pls don’t let me down).

      • FX DX

        I have GF3 with 14mm f/2.5 prime pancake lens and I love it. It goes well with my DSLR kit. I keep it my laptop bag and it is small enough to carry it in a coat pocket when needed. I think I will eventually replace my Nikon FX kit with either Fuji mirror less (love the retro look) or a m 4/3 kit. Nothing wrong with DSLR though. I don’t think anything will catch up with FX anytime soon, but as a non-pro, I am starting to learn how important portability and weight are.

    • Lighting

      Instead of going to M43, why not go to APS-C mirrorless? EX-1 or NEX is very small. The M43 lenses are not that great.

  • EnPassant

    A clear sign we will soon see a Nikon 1 V2 announced!

  • Jonas (from SWEDEN)

    I hope it just simply means there soon will be a V2! And a Underwater housing for that one!
    + I hope that the V2 comes with a flash-hotshoe for Nikons other flashes … or that the V1-V2 flash will be upgraded so it can work as commander in Nikons CLS system …

  • Even at that price I still won’t pick it up. Lack of manual controls sucks. Biggest factor is the limited compatibility with DX and FX lenses with adapter. I’m not picking up a mirrorless body until 2014 so hopefully it’ll get fixed and touch or more buttons added. If not, I’ll go with the EOS M.

    • Peter W. Sloss

      There is full manual exposure and focus capability in the V1 — se the manual pages at around 114-116.

      • I could learn to live with that. Limited compatability with legacy lenses with the adapter still kills it. I don’t understand why with the EOS-M all functions are retained but with the V1 and J1 the functions are limited.

  • The FT-1 adapter is almost that much..

  • JC

    Another sold evidence that people has lost interest for small sensors !!!!

    • Worminator

      On the whole, the CX sensor is not small. It is bigger than Fuji X10, Panasonic LX, Canon G, Pentax Q, almost all other high end compacts, and the same size as the hot model Sony RX100.

      It’s only in direct comparison to m43 and NEX that it seems inadequate. Unfortunately those are the systems it appears to compete with, given the launch price.

      Now, Nikon seems to be aiming more at the LX-7 and similar.

      • denz

        Yes I agree. Many people seem to miss that.

        It’s basically a top end compact with inter changeable lenses.

        It also happens to have a bigger sensor and very fast AF.

        • Worminator

          There is still a perception problem though: Nikon appears to have taken the high road with the in-camera lens corrections, with the result that the lens designs themselves are fairly well corrected and therefore max aperture is rather slow.

          All around them, manufacturers are hell-bent on hitting the F number targets F2!, F1.8! F1.4!, throwing caution (and distortion) to the wind, letting the camera corrections mop it up.

          Image quality suffers, but only around the edges, and anyway, it doesn’t harm sales. Quite the opposite, like more megapixels, it’s deemed necessary to stay in the race…

  • l0l0bond

    How come the low price is not reflected when you do a regular search on the Adorama site, only by the link supplied by nikon rumors.

    The 2 links are for the same camera but they are different.

    • I have my channels to get special deals that are not available to the public.

  • Andrew

    A similar (no pedantics here please!) price drop occurred with the D3x before it was discontinued!

    • Andrew

      It is possible that the inventory for the V1 is much greater than the J1, and so Nikon wants to sellout the V1 first.

  • Richard

    I expect the price reduction is indicative of the V2 being introduced. If I remember correctly, the J1 preceded the V1 by a few weeks so it’s likely the V2 will be following the J2 by a few weeks this time around too.

    From all I’ve read over the months, the Nikon 1 system has been the top seller of all the compact systems.

    • PHB

      +1 It is a very nice little camera and I take it with me everywhere. I can’t do that with a D300 when I might get 30 mins for sightseeing on a 4 day trip.

      I suspect this means that the V2 is going to be at a lower price point as well, possibly making room for a more interesting upmarket model.

      A camera with more manual control dials would be very nice, so would a package optimized for video use.

  • Jontel

    CX will continue. Those who don’t own a Nikon V1, don’t really understand. It’s a wonderful system that needs to be tweaked. One, more new lenses: a super wide and fast portrait lens to start with. Also a macro. Then, better manual control with a real hotshoe. Of course sensor tweaks more in line with the RX100. But don’t kid yourself, the V1 current sensor is better in low light than a D200 (it is grainy, but renders beautifully). I realize the D200 is old(er), but that’s saying a lot. And look at the RX100, some are saying it easily competes DSLR cameras in good light. CX is a viable format that is really before it’s time. Just give it time my friends.

    • MB

      We gave plenty of time to Nikon DX DSLRs and we end up with a couple of consumer grade lenses that nobody wants or really needs.
      This really does not give much hope for 1 line.
      Sony made compact CX camera with better and faster lens than anything Nikon offered so far for 1 mount and I really doubt they will ever change this or replace hotshoe with standard one.
      Nikon system 1 currently looks more like a liability than something with a future worth waiting, a mistake that is hard to admit, that is holding Nikon back and that makes announcement of mirrorless system with larger sensor embarrassing for Nikon.

    • Bernard

      +1 !!!

      I confirm there is no such price drop in France. As far as I know there is no V2 in the pipeline, at least for another 6 months… This drop could well be a local adjustment, but who knows ?… 🙂

    • JC

      @ jontel,

      There are people out there still belive Kodak film will make a come back !!!

      Small sensor is a relic of past time in about two years !!!

  • Yatz
  • BC

    Wow… I bet people that paid $900 like a month ago are ticked now!

    • Anon Hymous

      “Wow… I bet people that paid $900 like a month ago are ticked now!”
      I bet people that paid $900 understand now the difference between marketing and innovation !

      • And waiting…

        What typically does a consumer unconscious.

      • Let’s hope those who did pay $900+ come in off the ledge. I mean, that was a bad purchase if it was made! It’s okay, lesson learned… 🙂

        • Aghast

          Certainly brought me off that ledge – hopefully permanently.
          I like the camera, just don’t trust the company to care for those who bought it. I cannot rationalize their decisions either. You’d think they would encourage people to buy from them… many may feel this is a bad camera, but there are those like me who thought it was good enough to buy. One would think a company would nurture these customers who buy their products despite naysayers. Nikon insists on making them eat crow.

        • Worminator

          It was abundantly clear that the Nikon 1 cameras were overpriced for what they were. Perhaps that was intentional (if cynical) on the part of Nikon to milk the early adopters, but given the bad press (early reviews tend to rate the cameras as very poor value) it was probably a mistake stemming from overconfidence.

          Anyway, those who ran out and bought this when it came out will either shrug it off ($50 operating cost / month over the year) or fell like they got badly burned, but they really have no one to blame but themselves: they were loudly warned.

          • Calibrator

            > It was abundantly clear that the Nikon 1 cameras were overpriced for what they were.

            95% of the remarks in this and other forums complained about the price from the very beginning. Everybody buying it after reading this either has very good (technical) reasons, too much money or can’t be helped (=Nikon fanatics).
            None of these variants can and should be cared for by others.

            > Perhaps that was intentional (if cynical) on the part of Nikon to milk the early adopters, but given the bad press (early reviews tend to rate the cameras as very poor value) it was probably a mistake stemming from overconfidence.

            It’s not cynical, it’s normal heartless capitalism – and twice so if you are entering a new market and try to find your niche.

            Funny, people always want capitalism (for the good aspects like plurality of products, low prices) but when a manufacturer tries to maxmimize profits they are all screaming “Scandal!”…

            > Anyway, those who ran out and bought this when it came out will either shrug it off ($50 operating cost / month over the year) or fell like they got badly burned, but they really have no one to blame but themselves: they were loudly warned.

            How many people are really complaining?
            I doubt that most people buying into the system really care. They wanted a nice compact Nikon and they got it. Case closed.

            And honestly, I think most buyers never buy a second lens or other stuff. They simply wanted an “Apple-like” nice compact and got it.
            The Dirk Jespers’ remark in the interview regarding the attachment rate speaks volumes…

  • Rock Kenwell

    Junk product. Not even worth only this much to begin with. . .

  • i would have bought it now, if it had the Auto Exposure Bracketing.

  • Eric

    What this camera needs is not smaller but bigger!

    As in sensor size. Nikon really screwed up here competing with cellphones rather than high-end point-and-shoots.

    • Adamant

      Sensor too small to compete with high end p&s? Gosh, if only there were an ultra high end p&s camera that used the exact same sensor size as the V1. Like one made by Sony, maybe.

  • jason


    Private link to D600 @ $999

  • Aghast

    I feel like someone picked my pocket and I just found out. I really do like the camera for the size and telephoto reach it offers, so no complaints there. I bought it full aware of its limitations. I also expected that it would get cheaper in time for Christmas. But seriously nikon, you are making me and all the other folks who bought this camera from you, trusting that we the loyal vanguard ‘customers’ would be ‘cared’ for, feel like we have been bilked for as much as you could get from us.
    Clearly Nikon does not know how to care for its customers OR does not value them. This only goes to show that they really ripped off their customers in the first 6-8 months after launch. Now, regardless of whether this line of cameras continues with a V2 or if they drop it like Pronea, I will still have a bad taste in my mouth and feel cheated of my hard earned money. This would actually push me away from Nikon. I was planning to save up and get an FT-1 and the new lens, but don’t feel like any more.
    Now, if they had come up with real meaningful firmware fixes for the minor glitches the camera came with – like mandatory preview in the evf and no afc with FT-1, then i would have been praising the company instead. Bah….. whats the point. They already have my money now. (yes yes, this is a rant. but what else do you expect?)

    • Jorge

      I hope you’ve learned a lesson: PATIENCE. Nikon is a corporation, not your personal friend. They don’t give a sh*t about you, or your feelings, or whether you buy their products or not. Hello…. And, why would you buy this P.O.S. anyway is beyond me.

    • Worminator

      I half-sympathize. I get pissed off if a lens I buy drops by $50 a few months after I buy it. Losing $500 (more, looking at the resale value of what you have) in such a short spell – you could have bought a new m43 system from the money you lost, alone – well, that’s gotta hurt.

      But – for chrissakes you should have seen it coming. 1) no way did the camera and lens feel like a $900 product. No frickin way. 2) any amount of cross-comparison shopping would have told you that your money would have been far, far better spent invested elsewhere. And finally,


      The only cameras worth paying the preorder price are pro. D300, D600, D800, because you are guaranteed that the price is going to be rock stable for the next 24 months at least.

  • CRB

    And they disappeared from ebay…

  • Jabs

    Great little camera and perhaps has set the design stage for small compact cameras, as it seems like every new small camera is following Nikon’s example of a small plain body with multiple colors and yes, it is selling well. Maybe time for a new V2, so time to blow out the old model. It would be interesting if they differentiated the new V2 with a higher resolution sensor from the new J2 and added some manual controls, as that would be perfect.
    Small body and small lenses = perfect.

    • CRB

      if the next sensor is still 10mp with just little improvements, its DOA..

    • RakSiam

      What other manual controls do you want?

  • Alfonso

    I think two factors may cause the price falls:

    -V2 on the horizon

    -Higher profit margin on the lenses. V1 buyers buy more lenses that users J1 (J2). So they push the V1 to sell more lenses. It could mean new lenses on the horizon.

    Try to get a bundle of additional lenses (discount of 100 per lens), and the base price of the V1 + 10-30 is no longer $ 399

    Interesting times, no doubt.

    Edited at 10/1/2012 5:36:15 PM, 10/1/20

  • DC

    Uhm, there is a focusing problem here – no not the usual one – Nikon is focusing on a new line: cologne and cosmetics, no more good cameras they don’t give the same profit. LOL

  • Bernard

    If you look at the Adorama page, the 2 lens kit is 896.95, which is the current price in France at the moment (829.00 euros) for the same kit. That’s what I paid for it last week 🙂

    • Alfonso

      Amazon has this bundle for 645

      • V1owner

        I looked on Amazon UK to find out how much cheaper the V1 is today compared to when I bought in July, and it’s still the same price as then.

  • pethunia

    I find the Fujifilm offerings MUCH more attractive.
    Different models to chose from, decent image quality at 12Mpx, interchangeable lenses for one, fantastic retro design.
    And since I swore never to buy another Sony or Olympus product, that makes life easy too..
    Nikon 1.. I would love to stick to the company if only they offered products with more manual control and a bigger sensor (says me, who finally jumped to a FX DSLR! so, yes: I do find bigger sensor size important).

    • RakSiam

      Everyone keeps saying “more manual controls”. Do you mean more dials and buttons? Or do you mean manual controls in the sense of controlling exposure or other functions? You can set all sorts of exposure controls with the V1. Once you learn the menus it is quick and not at all difficult. Adding lots of control inputs will just take more space and require making the camera bigger.

      • Worminator

        At the most basic level: Fuji gives you direct excess dial for EV compensation, and physical aperture and shutter speed dials, which when moved off -A- position bring you quickly and intuitively into A or S modes, respectively. WB and ISO are also one touch affairs. The lenses have focus rings, and the EVF has reasonable display tools to make use of them.

        It’s not about the function, but the ease of which the functionality is achieved. Its the difference between a serious camera for photographers and amateur hour.

        (Not that the Nikon 1 cameras an not good at what they do – results on auto are fine. Its just that’s not what many people here want.)

  • kb

    Thanks for the link, now its one V1 on order…

  • marc 445

    Nikon can’t compete with every mirrorless camera, Fuji e Sony Nex in primis.

  • Jorgr

    Really SUCKS to be you if you bought this P.O.S. at full price a few months ago.

  • Jason

    The Nikon 1 V1 is a very capable camera indeed.
    This guy has made some of the best nature pictures I’ve ever seen with the Nikon 1 V1

    On the other hand I have the top of the range D4, 500mmVR all the converters and my work doesn’t come close.
    Just goes to show, its not about the camera.

    • Those are awesome pictures! But, yes you can do that with any camera that focuses fast, and has a good zoom. Just takes practice. I’d just rather spend my money on a camera that was worth it, and clearly Nikon has just demonstrated that the camera at the initial launch price – was not worth it…

  • jasio

    Nikon Poland launched cashback program. From 10/1/2012 to 12/31/2012 Nikon Poland will return you 400 PLN ~98 EUR.

    IMHO Nikon 1 is unconsidered product.

  • 103david

    Just cut to the chase, the “J series” AND the “V series” display the fatal flaw of a sensor that’s too small…living in a body that’s too big. Being somewhat retired but still working for a recently deceased retailer (for fun and the discount,) I can tell you the fundamental problem with this aberration from Nikon is your average customer did not buy them in droves. Doesn’t really fit in your pocket, does it? Contrary to what Ashton says, almost all found the camera unattractive. Not quite in the class of say, a Pontiac Aztec, but still not something anyone is going to lay down a pile of frog-pelts for. Given the choice, the market goes for a S100 Canon, (or something like it) every time.

  • 103david

    Just cut to the chase, the “J series” AND the “V series” display the fatal flaw of a sensor that’s too small…living in a body that’s too big. Being somewhat retired but still working for a recently deceased retailer (for fun and the discount,) I can tell you the fundamental problem with this aberration from Nikon is your average customer did not buy them in droves. Doesn’t really fit in your pocket, does it? Contrary to what Ashton says, almost all found the camera unattractive. Not quite in the class of say, a Pontiac Aztec, but still not something anyone is going to lay down a pile of frog-pelts for. Given the choice, the market goes for a S100 Canon, (or something like it) every time.
    If anyone is actually paying attention, what the future likely holds, are full frame interchangeable lens systems in use by everyone from the soccer moms on up through working pros. Note, one’s source of income has little relationship to one’s standards of image quality. Also note the future definition of “full-frame” likely does NOT mean “Big & Bulky.” The companion pocketable piece will probably boast an APS sized sensor with an astonishing (by current standards) level of quality.

    • Richard

      Of course full frame means ‘big and bulky’ 103 david because full frame lenses are and will be.

      You’re way off, it’s not what a lot of people want.

  • jimbo

    Nikon has some nice technology in this camera.. but at those prices they were trying to sell them for, enthusiasts aren’t going to buy them. The body is lacking in ergonomics and buttons to control it, as well as good quality prime lense selection. Enthusiasts are very educated these days and they know what they want in camera at those prices. M43 and the NEX are superior systems with superior lenses, period. Nikon is making more of a fashion statement with these cameras than developing a serious photographic system.

  • CaptGonzo

    It’s obvious now that Nikon’s play is that CX competes in the compact realm (yeah, that’s what the “C” in CX stands for). It’s a decent and competitive product in that segment at a much lower price. If you paid too much for it, oh well…

    I don’t think Nikon (or Canon for that matter) is done innovating in mirrorless – if it’s really where the market is going, they’ll put more resources there than Olympus can imagine….. Remember, Sony, which had the resources to eat two real camera companies, hasn’t really put that much of a dent in the Canikon machine. And they just took a little nibble out of Olympus …hmmm.

    • Richard

      What does the ‘D’ in DX stand for CaptGonzo?

  • Anu L

    Nothing like that on Amazon Germany!

  • rene


    and no cent more.

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