Update on the Nikon D800 left focusing issue

Nikon D800 MultiCAM 3500FX AF module

Nikon D800 MultiCAM 3500FX AF module

Falk Lume met with Nikon representatives at Photiokina and discussed the D800 left focusing issue. Portion of his recap is included, read the rest here:

  • Nikon has acknowledged, found and understood the root cause of the issue. It has been eliminated in the current production (however, I guess we'll never know when and from which serial numbers on).
  • The root cause is a misalignment of the AF module when mounted, outside of Nikon's own production tolerances. But be asserted we are still talking micro meters here ...
  • The issue for affected D800 can be solved in selected Nikon service centers; such as Düsseldorf, Germany.
  • The procedure is currently rolled out to more Nikon service centers.
  • The fixing procedure for Nikon is a tedious one. It includes writing individual calibration values into the firmware. For larger deviations, the AF module will first mechanically be re-aligned. This may actually include the AF auxiliary mirror in some cases.
  • This method is believed to deliver an autofocus precision which is at least as good as of cameras from a fresh batch. I could not clarify if there is a chance for both methods being non-equivalent in some way. However, Nikon Germany does not think so. They rather wholeheartedly believe that the in-service calibration procedure resolves the issue as good as current production does, if not better.
  • Nikon does actually not know how many D800 of the early batches have been affected. Despite all oddities, the so-called service-rate of the D800 is unremarkable and only "sligthly increased" (compared to other camera models).

If you have contacted Nikon support for this issue, please share your experiences in the comments section below (mention also your country).

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  • Adam

    I bought my D800 a week ago from Amazon and after extensive testing of the left focus point, I have not been able to recreate the problem. I don’t know if this is fixed now, but my camera seems to be just fine.

    D800, D7000, D3, D2xs, D70, F5, F100, N90 and fast glass from 8mm to 400mm.

    • jason

      Like Adam & Eve, you have all cameras since the begining…

      • jim

        no D100

        • Adam

          Left out the Nikonos V… And a slew of non-nikon gear like the canon AE-1, broadcast video cams, 16mm Bolex, and Takahashi telescopes 102 and 254… Just a hobby I keep telling the wife.

          • krr

            who gave you the feeling we care about all that?

            • If you have nothing nice to say, just keep your fingers off the keyboard? Wouldn’t that be simpler?

          • Toecutter

            Yeah..like you can get a woman

        • Adam

          D70 is a D100… bit better. I have two friends with them but the price of the D70 made me go digital.

          • Bill McGrath

            The D70 was my digital intro, too. Had an F100 and pro glass, but knew the handwriting was on the wall. Traded up to a D200 and now the D800. No turning back!

            • Phil

              You just detailed my roadmap as well…

        • Ano

          That was the forbidden camera :p

    • enesunkie

      That’s got to be one heavy camera bag!

    • softondemand

      That’s not that impressive. check out moose peterson’s bag

  • Big J

    Damn…. what does that say about Canon then? So bad it isn’t worth mentioning I suppose.

  • Mike

    The fix sounds beyond ridiculous. What I’d prefer is for Nikon to have some kind of easy way of testing cameras to determine which ones are screwed and which are not. THEN let the consumer decide if they want to return them for a new camera or get it fixed. How the fuck am I going to test my camera to see if it’s screwed? I need to buy calibration crap and do special tests? Why can’t they just provide some kind of quick assessment?

    • krr

      haha, if you don’t even know how to test it or haven’t already noticed that something is wrong how can you be raging about it? guess you will never find out …

    • CRAP!

      You’re complaining because you can’t see the problem? LOL LOL LOL

      • Dan

        I think what they’re saying is that if you don’t see the problem, then you don’t have the problem. That’s what’s so cool about digital cameras and potential problems–it’s so easy to test things and see for yourself.

      • Hi Noob!

        Dude, the thing is the problem is CLEARLY VISIBLE on the images shot by the affected bodies and not some hidden electronic failure like battery or such. If you can’t SEE or NOTICE any problem on your shots, what problem do you have? LOL

        Do you noob even know what is the problem affecting the shots resulted from the left AF issue? If your bloody eyes can’t even see the problem, then what heck of a problem do you even have?! Do you even have common sense?! JEEZ!

    • Andre

      Cool story Bro

    • Michel

      I found that this website was useful for testing. I utilised this method. It is relatively straight forward. I used a 1.8 50mm lens. My camera had the left AF focus problem and i returned it. I am waiting for my replacement camera having decided to go for a 800E instead of the 800. It arrives next week i am told. Good luck with your testing


      To those of you who criticise someone who is asking for help. You are mean minded individuals. If you haven’t got something supportive to say don’t say anything Why don’t you help out instead of uttering your mealey mouthed comments you bunch of snobs

      • JS


      • Susan

        +1 to everything you just said.

    • Robert

      I don’t know, but if you see this image (http://www.flickr.com/photos/peterleenc/7698555096/sizes/l/in/set-72157630870444080/) make it original size and check the edges of the pic on the sides, maybe that is what they mean? ( honestly I don’t know)

  • Location: Germany
    Got an early D800 from Amazon and was not able to get a “sharp” image out of it.
    Tried all my lenses including the 200 2.0 VR. Even AF fine adjustment did not work.
    So i send this one back to amazon.
    About a month later i ordered another one. This one was pretty fine at center AF but had the left fokus issue. I did many tests with the Spyder LensCal (http://spyder.datacolor.com/en/portfolio-view/spyderlenscal/).
    Since this version was sharp in center i sent it to Nikon NPS Duesseldorf and got it back after 3 days. After some minor AF fine adjustments for different lenses (between +- 5) the camera is sharp as hell.

    If you have a problem with your D800 send it over to your NPS support. You ll love this baby afterwards.

    • Rudi

      NPS? Not everybody is a NPS member here!

      • Worminator

        If you can afford to run out and buy a D800…

  • Ash

    I bought my D800 in Hong Kong and it has the left focus points problems. I took it to the service centre in July(1st visit) and received their call to pick up my D800 in only a week!

    Tested it in the service centre only the to find out that the left focus points seem ok but the centre focus point was out of focus!!! I left the camera in the the service centre for further repair.

    They called me again to pick up my camera in August(2nd visit). I went back and tested my D800 again right at the service centre. It looked better than I first bought it but still not focusing good enough on the left side. I complained to their staff and they would tell me that it is normal to have discrepancies between focusing in liveview and view finder using focus points because they were 2 different systems after all………
    They finally admited that this was the best they can do at the time………

    • David

      I had mine sent in to NSC together with my 24mm f1.4. Upon collection, I tested and the focus is good and accurate at extreme left, right and center. I also noticed the 24mm lens no longer need the +10 AF adjustment.

      This sounds good till I on the AF adjustment to calibrate my other lenses. When I put back on the 24mm again, the left focus issue is back again.

      This freaked me off but lucky the issue went off after turning off the AF fine adjust.

      Am I the only one seeing this issue?

    • anon48

      Sorry to hear, but for the record, N-HK can’t even clean camera sensors effectively and that was since years ago.

      Have heard some top lady there was spotted yelling at her colleagues in the open — a demeanor that is completely opposite as seen in open events. Absolutely horrid voice, I was told.

  • Peter Allinson

    I sent in my d800 for the left focusing issue, 6 weeks later it returned with the left ok and the center messed up. it went back to return 2 weeks later with all of the focus points off. it went back and was exchanged for another D800 that had the left focusing problem, that went back and was exchanged for a d900e that seems fine .

    • Well Kenrock

      I want to get a D900E too.

  • John Richardson

    D800 from Nikon Russia, SN 6019681. No AF issues at any spot. Extensive focus testing.

    Software “glitch”, after both firmware updates: Viewfinder shows 5:4 crop VIEW only, will still take FX photo. Other crop modes working fine in view as well as photos. Only the one problem sor I reset camera by Nikon’s method and then went back through by hand and reset everything else back to factory. Still had issue.

    Finally, fired flash, removed EN-EL15, left camera on for 6 days and totally discharged internal battery. Restarted camera, issue solved. Working perfectly now! Photos are tack sharp if I use a tripod because I suck at hand holding!

    Issued filed with Nikon Europe and is on my record in case it happens again.

    Shit happens. I love this camera, worth every kopek/penny.

  • Funduro

    Warning rant and whine post not for the meek:
    Shake my head at Nikon’s communications, actually LACK of communication. Shake my head at EPIC foot dragging and EFFIN denial attitude that Nikon executives have. They have set themselves for ridicule, many will mention bad corporate PR and pathetic responsibility to their customers ans shareholders. I did NOT plan buy the D600 because I do NOT trust Nikon new products engineering and QC. I bought a new D700 so as NOT to worry about their flawed new product manufacturing.

    I have a distaste for betting if my new US$2,000 + DSLR having to go back to get fixed along side several thousand others, along side the normal work the service center does to other products. I could see massive backlog of work causing the service people to implement across the board corner cutting that they will perform on ALL their task on every single item they touch. In other words one bad new product will cause bad service on ALL their other products.

    Unfortunately I see this denial of problems playing out in the cardiac implanted devices field too. The cost of the fix causes corporations to act very very badly.

    • Dr. User

      Probably user error.

    • Cathy

      I totally agree. I want to wait for many many tests and a lot of user experience before trusting the D600 focus…

    • Darkness

      ‘several thousand others’ ? For the hundredth time stop exaggerating…Get over it. A problem arose, (not to me I should add) now the fix works, so lets all complain about how long it took, who did not say what and when.
      Nikon fixed it, now STFU.

      • Bundgee

        Dude, chill out. The problem is real and inexcusable. We have no reason to assume that this new “fix” actually works.

      • michel

        for the hundredth time stop exaggerating lol

  • JS

    All these problems with the D800 is very frustrating. It makes the D700 look even better.

    All we need is a D700S with 24MP Sony sensor. The D800 is NOT the D700 replacement, it is in a different category.

    Am I asking too much?

    • Me

      D700 with 24MP sensor = D600 !?

      yes yes, i know it’s not full magnesium alloy etc etc etc, but D600 is the D700 replacement, no doubt.

      • Nikon Fan

        That is sad if it is true. Our beloved D700 was solid and reliable workhorse. The D600 is enthusiastic, half-plastic, crippled, and consumer bodied. I was under the impression Nikon would keep the same high quality of their products and never compromise with quality. But I guess I was wrong.

        • gregorylent

          love my d600 … the d800 is on the shelf for special project use only

          • Tiger1050Rider

            If that is true then you a lot more money than sense
            My D800 is a heck of a camera.

  • Fred

    The D800 focus issue is just a rumor.

    • Cincinnati K


      Then why did Nikon happily take mine and repair it under warranty?

      Please stop trolling.

  • Zupi

    Well I have Nikon D800 from the first batch and I am waiting to come back from Düsseldorf. Will report how it behaves, I was assured that they AF will work even slightly better than AF from never batches, will see.

  • Cathy

    This is so shameful!!! Did they not learn anything from the D7000? Probably not, because it still has the focus issues (I bought mine last May) and it has been in production for years! I cannot understand that a brand as this old, known and respected cannot handle one main thing in camera, the focus.

    The good news is that they acknowledged the problem. I believe they never did in D7000?

  • An unremarkable service rate would be in the low single digits. Some think it is in the 20% to 30% range. Who is right?

    • Geoff_K

      2 D800E’s I ordered were returned due to focus issues. the 3rd one went back because they (BestBuy) sold me a used one.

      I shot 1 image and it showed 9185 photos had been taken. The 1 image did not look great, but since it was used I stopped testing and returned it.

      I would hazard a guess the one went back to BB due to focus problems, but cannot say for certain as I only took 1 photo.

      IF I order another they will have to tell me the SN ( i am not touching a D800E under 3006xxx), or I will wait until next year and maaaaaaaaybe buy one. I am tired of elation followed by frustration.

      • O das coo homie.

        Why wouldn’t U’s just shooted more pixies for da hay o it? I dun’t tank U just take one pic and say, “ooopth!”

        No. Wat U has say is lies.

        • Dear Mr Scubadriver, if you want to copy something go download music or movies at the Pirate Bay. Just how an amateur photographer manages to get this much attention is beyond me. You would think I was KR or somebody.

          • Dude.. what.. are you talking about?

            You always say something like this to us but seriously, I’m not sure where you’re coming from really. We’ve been using this name for 5 or 8 years now.

          • enesunkie

            “You would think I was KR or somebody”

            No, your landscape images are much better than his! Nice gallery.

            • Thank you enesunkie. I am lucky to get to see all these places. Anyone who has not been to Hawaii, it needs to be on your bucket list.

              Scrubadriver, if you have been using this name why are you posting links to my site? I probably should not complain, I might get more visitors that way.

  • Anonymous Coward

    Well, we have the data from lensrentals.com, seemed to indicate all DSLRs have roughly 10% failure rate, the D800 focus issue notwithstanding.

  • Andrew R

    Also see Thom Hogan’s comments about this issue at http://www.bythom.com.

  • Pdf Ninja

    This is still not an official confirmation from Nikon, guys.

  • Nicon service in the Netherlands has calibrated my D800 on the 2 of August. I got a special and fast treatment since my D800 was the first one sold in the Netherlands. The technician did a great job, the calibration now is even better than a factory calibration.

  • JCG

    Noticed focusing issues on a commercial shoot when doing portraits in a horizontal position and it was indeed on the left side of the frame. Sent the camera to NPS, got a loaner and they had it back to me in a week. Camera seems to be working fine now without issues. These things happen is how I look at it and I now have more confidence in the camera but I still shoot two bodies, even when doing portrait work just to be safe.

    I have a wedding photographer friend who converted from D700 to D800 with two bodies and has no confidence in either and has had focus issues and is sending them back for repair. Although this is annoying and painful to deal with but now that I have my D800 back, I love it.

  • MB

    I am Nikon D800 left focusing issue.
    I am not yet addressed or acknowledged properly by my creator Nikon.
    I am potentially very dangerous and could hurt company reputation very badly.

  • FanBoy

    I have one of the first batch of D800 delivered in the US. It has the AF issue and it has been fixed by Nikon more than three times. But it still has the issue on one of my lenses.

    • krr

      could be your lenses problem then …

  • steve

    after being on a waiting list for several weeks I finally got my three d800’s and all 3 were having focus issues even from the center censer luckily I was able to return them for a full refund so I’ll be waiting for a while before I get any of them again wounder if this will be a problem crossing over into the d4 or newly released d600 lines too do they all use the same software/firmware/parts I don’t get how nikon can just knowingly pass this stuff off on us and do a recall

    • Cathy

      Never wondered, why it took so crazily long before getting D800’s in to stores (and the D600 is out there immediately)… We’ll you could make a guess that they had severe problems with the focus, and tried desperately to fix it before letting the cameras out. But did not really make it… I don’t know it of course, but cannot prevent wondering.

      The story begins to sound exactly like many had it with their d7000’s: several service rounds, and maybe got if fixed, or maybe not. What a nightmare to the customer, because Nikon does not take responsibility :(. It would be a disaster being a professional photographer without functioning cameras…

      • Pablo Ricasso

        Oh what a disaster it must be to be a troll who is so photographically challenged that she cannot focus a wide angle lens. It must severely damage a novices reputation to be a moron!
        Go shoot your powershot that the company gave you for sucking up and do your complaints on the appropriate forum as if you could tell the difference.

        • Cathy

          Please remember to take your medicine daily… A change of attitude might help also. There are and has been issues, so why not to talk about it (this entire post is about a focus issue, so I guess I am allowed to speak of it).

        • steve

          Pablo Ricasso you better check with the water plant that feeds your area’s tap because their lithum levels need to be bumped up you need to get a life you’re one sad individual are you on nikons payroll this tis the appropriate forum to complain about nikons crap they keep flooding the market with SHAME ON YOU nikon you need to stop attacking people just because you don’t agree to disagree oh and by the way it takes A TROLL TO SMELL ONE so take two d600’s with a glass of tap and go take a nap

      • JS

        Cathy, I couldn’t agree more with you.

        If Nikon wants to be the number one in the imaging industry they must do a better job to clarify these issues with their customers. Or at least show they care about their customers.

        Below is a link to a good article from Thom about Nikon’s current strategy.

        The title is “Impressions and Depressions”:


        PS: Unfortunately there are people in this forum who like to attack the person and not the argument. Please just ignore them.

    • Pablo Ricasso

      Ho. Good thing the trolls like you don’t get CENSORed!!

  • steve

    after being on a waiting list for several weeks I finally got my three d800′s and all 3 were having focus issues even from the center censer luckily I was able to return them for a full refund so I’ll be waiting for a while before I get any of them again wounder if this will be a problem crossing over into the d4 or newly released d600 lines too do they all use the same software/firmware/parts I don’t get how nikon can just knowingly pass this stuff off on us and “NOT” do a recall

    • krr

      you should have bought six d800’s … its your own fault!

  • P.S.

    Has anybody got any experience with the UK service?
    Can they fix the autofocus problem?

    • seb

      I’ve sent my D800 to UK, they “fix” my problem…. AF fine tune, default -10… I’ve swapped my D800 for D3x now I’m happy….

      • P.S.

        Thank you Seb for reply.
        Was it recently?
        Were you still unhappy with what they did?

        • seb

          It was 2 months ago, well everything wide like 24/28/35 then standard like 50 i’ve needed tune from -10 to -20 some lenses like 14-24 i couldn’t calibrated at all, (was OK on D3s) left AF point was useless… good luck with your D800

  • burgerman

    I dont think the “problem” with d800 focus is any worse or better than any other camear. But I do think the huge resolotion makes focus far more critical when veiwed 100 percent on screen. So autofocus innacuraccy that all cameras have show up much more clearly.

    So the real solution for this kind of resolution is live view or a different autofocus system and maybe lenses too, to be super accurate. I think what we are seeing is a microscope on the screen showing up the natural variation in any system.

    Hence nikons warning about critical sharpness before launch.

    Of course there will be some sample variation but we are really seeing the limit of this method of focus. And of course in normal sized images at 300dpi, its impossible to see.

    • Cathy

      That cannot be the case, because it is not logical. People are having problems with LEFT focus, not center or right focus. If you were right, the issue would be all over the focus points equally, wouldn’t it? So there is an issue, of different focus points acting differently (most of them correctly, the left ones not).

      • Pablo Ricasso

        All the lazy morons who call themselves photographers and who can’t focus their shots should probably shoot Canons because (1) then they can’t see whether their shot is in focus or not and because (2) they are too inept to see the difference in their results.

        What the * did people do before they had auto wind and auto focus?

        Go shoot your crappy powershot and put your airhead complaints on the appropriate forum. There’s a reason Nikon allowed Canon an early lead in auto focus. They knew the difference between a photographer and a moron who can be instructed when to push a button. Unfortunately, they underestimated the number of morons…

        Switching to Alpa…

  • Dr.Oide

    I’m planning getting a D800 body by end of October (US – NY).. Is there a way to know if “fresh” cameras really got the Left focus issue by serial number?… Does anybody got a D800 recently, without experiencing this problem? …would that person be so kind of posting -part of- the serial number just for reference?

    Thanks in advance… any tip helps!

  • Andrew Badenhorst

    Nikon Switzerland is waiting for Nikon Germany to get the Repair of the AF issue solved. I have been told to wait until the issue has been solved by the Germans. I got my D800 at the end of March.
    I hope it will be solved soon!!

    • I got mine mid of March. I’ve the issue too but the camera is fully operational as long as I stay away from the far left side. For my work I hardly use the left most focus points so I’ll keep it till the holiday season and I don’t need it for my work. NPS Netherlands mentioned they can fix the problem.

  • I just bought a new D800 in UK. When I shake the body, i hear a click click noise, like something is broken. After investigation, I see it only happens when the flash lid is down. Seems like the 2 metal pieces that hold the flash lid open are not screwed in properly. Anyone else noticed this problem with the camera body ???
    p.s. I dont know how to check if there is an issue with the left AF point, so i can;t comment on that.

    • Dont’ worry. It is a small part of the flash housing which is moving, this It might also be the metal ring to the side of your camera to connect the strap to is hitting the body.

  • vvla

    Nikon El Segundo fixed my D800 left and center focus issue. Took them 7 working days and I received the camera in good order. The RO provided no detail as to how they fixed it or any specifics just that it was classified as more of major repair. I’m always apprehensive that some disrepair will accompany any repair, but they did a fantastic job. Huge difference with min sharpening in Photoshop post repair work. I’m now very please with my D800.

    • That’s nice to know – i just got mine back from them with an exact same RO with no detail on how/what they fixed it. Still need to run it through tests to confirm.

  • @ Annonimous photog, ok thanks. It’s not the strap. I will ignore this sound coming from the flash housing as it doesnt affect the photos.

    I just did an AF test and the results are interesting…

    Camera on the tripod, 50mm 1.4G @1.4, pointing to an item (box with text on it) at the other end of the room.

    I tested central AF, left AF, and left AF with liveview and contrast based focus.

    The results i see are worrying, when i saw 100% crop of the images on my pc.
    It seems that the AF point you see in the view finder doesn’t match what you see in liveview.

    For example:
    a) I point the left AF in the viewfinder on a specific area on that box with the text on it. Focus locks and i take the photo.
    b) Without moving the camera, i switch to liveview. The AF point points automatically to the exact same area on the box when i was using the viewfinder.
    I zoom in more and i see the text is not in focus. I press the AF-ON button, refocused using contrast mode and took the same shot.

    When reviewed the photos on my pc, the first photo taken using the viewfinder (left AF point) is out of focus and the text is unreadable.
    In the second shot (using liveview) the focus was spot on and the text very clear.

    So my question is, why the AF is not perfect ? I can’t be using liveview all the time, zoom 10x, and then take the photo. does it only affect large apertures ? if yes, a good tip is to use liveview to auto-focus instead.

    Can someone else try the same test ? viewfinder vs liveview @ large apertures.


    • Tassos

      I run the same test at f/1.4, f/2.8, f/5.6, and f/8.
      Results are consistent. zooming in in liveview and using contrast based focus, is always way better than using the AF point in the viewfinder and focus that way.

      It seems i will be sending mine to Nikon for repair 🙁

  • Clay Johnson

    I have been fighting with Nikon for over a month now, after testing the focus problem described over the internet. I clearly have this issue and after a month of sending in sample photos and getting the runaround, the pat answer I keep hearing is “We are waiting for Japan to provide us feedback on your sample images”…. gee I can save them a lot of trouble, send m e a new D800 that does not have this issue, or give me an RGA number for my $10,000 worth of Nikon equipment so I can move to Canon!!!!! What kind of fricken service is this from a world class corporation. HELP!

  • cpm5280

    I own a very early (batch 1, probably) 800E. I have been using MF lenses during this period, and have been happy to wait, but have found some AF issues. I have not done the extensive testing to determine how bad it is simply by virtue of my current needs, but expect to send it in at some point for service. I suspect that there are others like me, waiting to be sure Nikon knows WTF before sending a valuable instrument in for weeks+.

  • April

    Has anyone received a Nikon D800/800E in the group that hit Adorama and other retailers after September 25th? (These are the supposed “fresh production run.”) If so, are you having the dreaded “Left side Autofocus” issue?

    If you have received one of these “fresh production” bodies please post. I have one on it’s way from Adorama and will let you guys know what’s up when it arrives.

    Thanks <3

    • zambow

      I bought a D800 on Sept 6, 2012 #3043xxx. It has the focusing issue. I bought it from a USA retailer. Nothing I took pictures of with it was in focus in any of the auto-focus phase. I called the store and they didn’t know what the problem was and said to call Nikon. Nikon said this was the first time they heard of anyone having any problems with the camera focusing? They said to mail it to their repair center and they would look at it. It cost me $75.00 to send it to them. They asked me what lens I was using, that the lens was the problem not the camera body. I told him that it did not focus with any of my lenses but my D3 was working fine with all of them. I sent it to them on Sept 13, 2012 and have called them twice and all they say is they are looking into it. My friend said to Google D800 focus problems and it lead me here and to other websites talking about it. The last time I called Nikon to check on my camera, a couple days ago, I told them what I had found out about this. They said it is the first time they were hearing about any focus issues and you can’t rely on what things you read on any websites. LOL

  • JonB

    Guys… stop driving yourself crazy. If the D800 were ready for professional use, I’d buy one as it fits my shooting market. However with these issues and Nikons less than professional service (from what I read), I won’t touch this camera for at least 2-3 months after it appears that the issues have been resolved. Beyond the waste of money shipping the camera back and forth for service, I need to trust that the tool will work when I’m on a paying shoot. If you’re like me, buying a D800 right now is a waste of time and introduces risk into your business. It’s just not worth it. Walk away and come back in a few months to see if the issues are resolved.

    • Richard

      Great advice. Nikon should read it and quit releasing untested products that simply are not ready for prime time. Not only is it damaging to the company’s reputation, but could lead people to simply quit buying their products altogether if they conclude that the company is unreliable and, worse yet, unconcerned.

      As slow as Nikon have been in getting their products to market there is simply no excuse for releasing products which have not been adequately tested. Nikon already has a generally poor reputation for customer service. This just adds to the inclination to to distrust Nikon.

    • zambow

      Amen Brothers JonB & Richard!! Check the serial numbers before you buy. I bought a D800 on Sept 6, 2012 and it was having issues. It was serial #3043xxx. Had it been a viable purchase I would have bought one or two more. Why spend 2x as much on a D4 when a D800 delivers “about” the same exceptionable results? Yeah I could use the extra couple FPS in frame rates but for the price difference I “personally” can survive without it. If there is a vast batch run that has been released with flaws, and some are being recalled or returned to Nikon by/through their retailers, only to be retro fitted then sent back out on the streets to be sold. Then who knows how long or at what point it will be safe to buy. The flawed D800 I bought I was able to return to the retailer I bought it from when I told them about it. Did they just turn around and resell it or did they return it ti Nikon? I’m betting they returned it to Nikon since they are a reputable highly responsible retailer respected by the professional-community. Are there any issues with the new D600 cropping up yet? What about the D4? Was it a batch of flawed parts or a static electricity bug/virus in the software that slipped through the QC cracks? Was it a disgruntled employee that couldn’t care less so knowingly let it all go? Did Nikon’s production techs know and just let it go, leaving it up to us the consumer to just deal with it on our own? How many are out on the streets that are going undetected because their owners don’t realize they bought a flawed body….. yet? Too many variables to question. But Nikon, you did drop another bowling ball on your own foot when at first, you flat-out denied there was a problem then, you backpedaled obliging there was. Nikon just lost another percentage of their ever shrinking creditability in the pro-community….. again! A camera is a tool to a professional photographer as is a saw to a carpenter. A skilled shooter can get desired results using just about any camera, as a carpenter can cut a straight line with a handsaw as they can a powered table saw. But if the camera can’t produce quality and in-focus images, as a dull hand saw can’t cut a straight line. Then all the skill in the world can not makeup for the difference in using shotty equipment. It used to be “J-Shooters” used Nikon 8-2 over Canon. But it has become Canon 7-3 over Nikon. So what does that tell you about how Nikon’s popularity, creditability, and dependability in the professional-community is fairing?

    • Trojan Shooter

      The problem exists even after 3 months from your post. Bizarre..!

  • David

    Hello all, I was pretty worried after reading all the post about the D800/E, but I’m please to say I just got mine from Adorama, it’s Serial # 3006XXX and it is picture perfect! I’ve done tests from several of the web sites, with horizontal targets and different pro glass and compared it to Live View. I can’t get this thing to take a soft pic as long as it’s not moving and AF is set correctly. It’s a gem.
    Hey, if anyone else has gotten a good one, please also post. That way we know that some are working up to Nikon’s standards. And, please let us know who and where you’re contacting at Nikon. El Sugundo has been great as well as Adorama. They were ready to take back any New Nikon body for 30 days no questions asked.
    Good luck all.

  • Bob

    I wanted to echo David’s sentiments: I just picked up a D800E, serial number #3007XXX. Tested it with a 24-70/2.8G today and could not find the autofocus problem (of course, there were slight differences between the live view and viewfinder autofocus test shots, but those differences were negligible at best). Folks online were not kidding when they indicated amazement over the amount of detail that you can extract from these images.

    I would like to add that I was one of the many who was intimidated by the number of threads out there on autofocus issues, but hopefully my case will be an example for future readers to know that Nikon does still produce working, high-quality goods. My condolences to those who have been afflicted by the AF issue, but here’s to hoping that Nikon has permanently fixed the issue!

  • GP

    I wish that I had waited … but I didn’t. My D800E serial #3001*** was received in May. It had focus issues from the get go. It’s sitting in the shop at Nikon Melville now for another try at fixing the problem. I hope it gets repaired this time … keeping my fingers crossed!

  • Robin

    I just returned my second D800E for focus issues……#2 was recieved on Oct 5. The focus issue doesn’t seem to fixed yet!

  • dredlew

    Just got a refurbished D800 from Adorama. One would think, refurbs are even better checked and calibrated than one off the assembly line. Unfortunately, nope, mine has a rather obvious left focus issue on a 24-70/2.8. It’s not as extreme on a 85/1.4 but still noticeable. – This one’s going back tomorrow and I will test the next one in store. I’m not walking out of there until I have one that works.

  • Alex

    Got D800 in Canada in May. Couldn’t test until October – the camera had left sensors out of focus. Sent the camera in for “adjustment” – left sensor got much better but center sensor now is completely blurry. Sent the camera in for the second time – they sent it back saying “it is within Nikon specifications”. Tested it again and the issue is still there. Very strong and undeniable. Asked Nikon for images that show my camera performance in their shop and they ignored my request. I don’t think Nikon has this fixed. I also don’t think they really care – they’ve been racking profits like crazy this year.

  • Zango

    Got D800 on premium in June 2012. Realized that there is left focus issue, black spots and Mirror issue in Oct 2012 as never got time till then. Sent to Nikon for repair two weeks ago, yet no firm date on when they are going to return it. It is really pathetic and non-customer centric to get responses like “you will get it back in two weeks”, when asked the customer service associate. No doubt, Nikon is covering the repairs under warranty (which any product manufacturer will do, big deal) and but if they take two months to repair and send it back stating that it has been repaired and you find that it is not repaired then the cycle continues and 1 year warranty gets over in to and fro. Nikon should take responsible about such faulty pieces and should commit on the date when the customer would receive the repaired device as soon they receive it at there service center. Also they should extend the warranty period for the duration for which the camera is under repairs including transit time. After all its a factory fault, ideally Nikon should replace all such D800 bodies shipped to multiple customers as a responsible and leading camera manufacturer, if they don’t then I believe that it will be worth dumping all Nikon products for future. Because, the response states that how much Nikon cares about there customers today so don’t be surprised if the same thing gets repeated again with some other award winning product. As D800 is being awarded as the best camera etc. I doubt how they do such evaluations and issue awards – hahh. I should meet the marketing strategy officer of Nikon, very claver.
    Anyway, I am seeing the future of Nikon and Canon too as the Mobile and software companies are there biggest competitors and soon they will have tough time. May they should start doing a diversification in mobile and software. 😉

  • j

    just confirmed left focus issue with 14-24 on my D800 serial 6081XX purchased last week (Nov. 2012) 🙁 with the 24-70 it is noticeable when you do an extended test.

  • CY Pixels

    Bought my D800 back in September and it is affected with left AF issue. Emailed to Nikon Malaysia and the service guy told me send it in for checking, I gave him a call and seems like he’s aware of the issue. Sending mine in tomorrow and hopefully it would be repaired.

  • Arthur

    I have had nothing but problems with the D800e. It has being more times in the camera shop rather than with me. I am totally fed up with this and the problem is still not fixed. Very unhappy Dublin Ireland

    • Update: I have to say my local camera shop Conns Cameras Dublin have being really great. They have taken back my camera again and their owner phoned me to tell me he has spoken with Nikon in Ireland and the UK and they are taking my camera back to the UK for full testing as my problem is not just a left focus issue but a general focus issue with the left focus issue already there. They offered my a free loan camera and also the lens that was on my camera. They couldn’t have being more helpful. It’s Christmas week so I won’t see my D800E until early in the new year. I at least have my back up D700 which I love. I will keep you updated as to results etc.

  • Edy Zet

    December 21 and mine does have the left focus issue too.

  • Trojan Shooter

    December 25 – My Christmas present – the much awaited Nikon D800 purchased from B&H. Tested and still has the Left Focusing Issue. The focus was really really bad – even my grandmother could have figured it out by looking at the test images.

    Serial # : 30527XX

    Returned the camera and ordered a replacement. Will do that max for a couple of times – and then will have to forget about purchasing this camera online. Will check into a store- test and bring home this beast.

  • D800 (serial number range 30558XX) that I purchased last week (March 2013) from Amazon also yielded the left autofocus problem. Performed extensive star chart tests, which showed central and right autofocus working, but left side very much out of focus.

  • lmontes

    hi, I heared other problems too¡¡¡ what happend with Nikon¡¡¡ Finally the store return my money and I bought a sony a99….very good buy¡¡¡

  • John

    Does the issue fixed now?

  • Earth

    Can NSC fix this problem?

  • Christyan Martos

    Problemas de enfoque Nikon D800 2013

    Publicado en 28 junio, 2013de christyanmartos

    Compre mi camara D800 29/05/2013 cuando detecte el problema habia pasado un 1 mes y medio a proximadamente. Al principio pensaba que podia ser yo pero cada vez tenia mas claro que los fallos de nitidez, ruido a iso 100 o iso 200 y enfoque perdido no podia ser cosa mia.

    Comparaba situaciones con una D700 y una D7000 que tengo y tenia claro que con ellas nunca hubiera fallado segun que fotografias dado que salian borrosas.

    En los foros suelen poner los objetivos y artilugios que tiene cada uno como firma y es algo que no le veo logica pero en este caso pondre que las opticas con las que trabajo son las siguientes.

    Nikkor 70-200 VRII 2.8

    Nikkor 50mm 1.4

    Nikkor 24-70 2.8

    A partes de varios flash y otras productos varios de nikon y siempre FINICON por que si compras CON GARANTIA FINICON NO TIENES PROBLEMAS. ja ja y ja

    No creo que con estas opticas y una camara nikon D800 tenga que ver fotografia sin enfoque y con ruido a iso 100. En teoria hay foros de nikon que indica que a iso 3200 tienen una excelente fotografia que no mata la imagen no? pues a isop 100 tengo ruido y aunque es algo reducido hace que no tenga una calidad suprema como deberia tener.

    Tengo varios trabajos a realizar entre ellos uno en el extrangero (Chile) el 29/07/2013 tendre la camara como deberia ser FUNCIONANDO? Apuestas? Yo creo que nos hemos juntado dos buenos yo que soy un cenizo y FINICON QUE NO RESPONDE.

    Me dispuse a leer y encontre el articulo de Fotoaficionado y algunos post en Nikonistas Foro del cual me hizo ver que estaba en lo correcto y que mi problema no era algo aislado si no algo comun por que varios usuarios de la Nikon D800 habian sido afectados.



    Al parecer Nikon decia que era algo aislado, de hecho cuando fui al centro de reparaciones los administrativos C/Maria Cubi me indicaron que no habia tenido muchos problemas al respecto unicamente solo 1 y que con un ajuste en el sat todo se arreglo.

    Un solo problema? Señores no me engañen por que las camaras se envian al centro de reparaciones de nikon a Barcelona para sus reparaciones por lo que si leen en el foro somos ya uos cuantos afectados mas la gente que aun teniendo el problema ni se ha dado cuenta .

    Quiero pedir disculpas por que en realidad lo mio no es de escribir tan detallado como deberia ser este post a coparacion de al compañero de fotoaficionado.com pero hare lo que pueda para difundir este problema que tengo y que parece que NIKON ESPAÑA (FINICON) PASA DE TODO Y NO DA SOLUCIONES. La segunda vez que tendre que llevar la camara a nikon, cuando ya son dos veces no seria cambiar la camara por una nueva ?si eso seria lo justo !!

    Para realizar las pruebas seguir estas pautas. He realizado un copia y pega de la parte donde indica muy bien explicado un articulo que he encontrado por internet con el mismo problema.

    Fuente: Fotoaficionado.com

    1. Busca una pared bien derecha en tu casa u oficina

    2. Sitúa tu cámara en un trípode y aproximadamente a 2 metros de distancia a la pared. En la medida de lo posible procura que la cámara este paralela a la pared, esto es muy importante pues debemos intentar que el sensor esté paralelo al plano de enfoque que es la pared. Esto es muy complicado de conseguir pero no provocará mayores problemas en la prueba. No olvides nivelar correctamente la cámara.

    3. Imprime tres plantillas de enfoque. Yo imprimí esta:http://graphics.cs.williams.edu/data/images/star-chart.png

    4. Ahora pega cada plantilla de enfoque en la pared y mirando por visor de la cámara consigue situar cada una de las plantillas en los puntos de enfoque central, izquierdo y derecho. Es decir, el punto central de cada plantilla de enfoque debe corresponderse en el visor con los puntos de enfoque que vamos a probar.

    5. Yo decidí incorporar a la cámara un flash de relleno para eliminar en la medida de lo posible la luz ambiente y que las imágenes aparecieran con una iluminación parecida.

    6. Coloca tu cámara en manual, ajusta la exposición correctamente siempre a la máxima apertura de la óptica que estés probando y ajusta a ISO 100.

    7. Para evitar movimientos no deseados conecté un disparador por cable.

    8. Todas las tomas las realicé en RAW, con balance de blancos para flash y ajustando el Picture Control en modo estándar y poniendo a cero el parámetro de nitidez.

    9. Ahora puedes comenzar con la prueba. Primero elige el punto de enfoque central, realiza una fotografía enfocando con el AF, cuando termine de guardar la foto cambia a modo LiveView y vuelves a realizar la fotografía sin modificar el punto de enfoque. De esta manera conseguimos 2 fotografías por punto de enfoque, una enfocada con el sistema AF de la cámara y otra mediante el LiveView.

    10. Repite la misma operación con el punto izquierdo y el derecho.

    11. Una vez realizadas las tomas debes abrirlas en tu programa de procesado (Yo he usado el Capture NX 2 de Nikon), amplía las fotografías y compara los resultados.


    Voy a seguir poniendo cada problema que tengo con la Nikon D800 hasta que me den soluciones, Cuando me den soluciones o arreglen el problema de camara tambien lo notificare y explicare mi expriencia. De momento un problema que tengo con finicon y no me lo solucionan.

    Estoy planteandome el vender todo mi equipo nikon y pasarme a Canon que supongo que sera parecido pero por lo menos seguro que canon no me pilla de novato y me tengo que comer una camara que no FUNCIONA .

    Posiblemente me quede sin camara funcionando correctamente ojala tenga que rectificar ya que eso sera que nikon (finicon) esta vez si ha actuado correctamente. Lo que tengo claro es que si nikon ha puesto a la venta una camara nikon D800 que no funciona y no dan soluciones pienso luchar por que se me escuche y la gente sepa mi problema con esta camara.



    3 respuestas a Problemas de enfoque Nikon D800 2013

    Christyan Martos dijo:

    1 julio, 2013 en 16:21 (Editar)

    2ª vez en el centro de reparaciones de nikon españa (Finicon)
    A esperar y a ver que me dicen ahora y como me devuelven la camara.

    He entregado pruebas de enfoque con una D7000 y una D800 y hasta ahora la nitidez con la D7000 al 100% es mucho mejor que una camara profesional nikon D800.

    Rezaremos por que me esuche Finicon y me la cambie por una nueva dado que sus reparaciones o ajustes no solucionan nada.

    Si me dan una solucion correcta tambien lo indicare no solo pondre las cosas malas.

    Entregada por segunda vez 01/07/2013 a Esperar se ha dicho …


    Christyan Martos dijo:

    1 julio, 2013 en 16:23 (Editar)

    Nikon D800, Finicon, Problemas de enfoque D800, arreglos mal realizados finicon, España quiere centro de reparaciones de productos nikon de calidad,


    christyanmartos dijo:

    5 julio, 2013 en 11:42 (Editar)

    Bueno despues de 5 dias mas en el sat de nikon me indican que la anterior vez no me detectaron el problema bien y ahora me deben cambiar el cuadro frontal ( Espejo, obturador, sensor, autofocus) esto que indico ha sido palabras textuales por el responsable de reparaciones de nikon, totalmente copiado.

    Con una camara que tenia 2 meses y siguen sin querer cambiarmela. Antes de comprar una nikon D800 pensarlo bien, si la comprais hacer las pruebas para que asi no se os pase el tiempo para que os la cambien por una nueva.

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