Nikon D600 pre-order options *UPDATED*

Amazon pre-order options (with shipping date of September 18th):

It seems that the D600 is eligible for the Nikon instant rebates:

B&H pre-order options:

Adorama  pre-order options:

Jessops (UK) pre-order options:

Amazon UK:
Other pre-order options:
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  • BartyL

    AU$2479 through Digital Camera Warehouse

    Around AU$2700 at Ted’s.

    • Quotefrom the website you posted: “The Nikon D600 is an amazing addition to Nikon’s DSLR line-up, featuring a full frame sensor and out of this world performance for a stunning price.”

      Stunning price?! I think it’s true!
      I was stunned when I saw this almost like D800 price. I’ve been waiting SO LONG and Nikon again disappointed a LOT of people, including me!

      I wonder… Nikon D800 is professional camera, so is the price for it, but since D600 is aimed at amateurs – £££ hello?!?!

      • MRGABE

        this is a PRETTY good deal.

        less mp (smaller RAW files. mostly magnesium alloy body (this plastic on these things are pretty sturdy anyway.) for what it’s worth. ISO MIGHT be on par with the D800
        faster fps (5.5 vs 4)
        only a cm shorter and half a cm slimmer
        small bells and whistles on the back, except for AF-ON button (AE-L/AF-L can be reprogrammed.

        If you think about it, if the D600 was released before the D800, the latter wouldn’t have sold as well as it has.

        I say, grab the D600, and a 24-70 2.8.

        • Michael Laing

          Smaller raw file isn’t a good thing really. The D800 sensor is amazing. You get a lot more advantages with the D800. 1/8000 shutter speed, 51 pt AF. better body, from the image I have seen as good or better ISO ability and the price difference is less than £300.

      • Ranjeet Rain

        What will make it a stunning price for you? 1000 USD? Or wait, do you want that to be 999 USD?

        Can you tell me about one camera that gives you more for 2100 USD?

        • Michael Laing

          If you take the price in the UK the camera costs more than $3000. Which is why people in the UK saying that it is too expensive.

  • MRGABE has the D600 on there for a size comparison. its bigger than the 5D3 and bigger than the D7000.

    THIS IS THE CAMERA I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR. if i ever upgrade from this, it’ll be to flagship.

    • krr

      the size is great! hoped it would be larger than d7000, now its nearly D200 size. perfect!

    • MRGABE

      whoops! meant to say it’s right there in size with the 5D3.

  • Big J

    (Can’t load page one for some reason)

    Hate to point this out, but the price is fair. Be glad the body only exists rather than previously thought that it wasn’t going to be available until later in the year. So far the specs look great for such a camera at that price. Dying to see the low-light performance though on it from users in comparison to the D800. This definitely as an “ENTRY-level” FX surpassed many expectations so far.

  • Zen-Tao

    I can’t understand why Nikon hasn’t madean mafnesium alloy body for this camera. It’s likely so that to rate this camera for “entusiastic” users (What a stupid marketing) clowns are “entusiastic”. Sometimes I fell non-entusiastic but disapointed professional as well. Mi photografic work can be described lot of ways. They could have done a much better camera for the same price but, did’t do it to keep that bizarre price policie. Nikon D3x was a super professional body but D600 with much more features is only an “entusiastic” camera. Why?, not for his image quality but for his building quality.
    It’s a hard stab on Canon back. The NIKKOR 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5 looks like a crap so to keep up with this camera quality think on purchasing prime lenses ( Nikon golden ring or Zeiss) not less.

    • Sahaja

      “to keep up with this camera quality think on purchasing prime lenses ( Nikon golden ring or Zeiss) not less”

      I think the 50mm 1.8, 85mm 1.8, and 28mm 1.8 will work just fine

    • +1

      As I pointed out in the original rumor posted here for the NIKKOR 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5 lens, I don’t get what made this lens make sense for anything other than price point.

      If you want to do this or any other Nikon FX camera justice, do not get the 24-85 lens unless you are brand new to photography.

      The ‘walk around’ zoom lens that you ‘want’ to pair with this or any FX camera is the 24-120 F4 Nikkor lens. Its just a few hundred dollars more money and you get the same lens element quality as the 2.8 pro lenses ‘including’ nano-coat. This lens in many cases can replace or otherwise make more sense to own than the 24-70 2.8 as the advantages of VR, extra focal length, and by some web site accounts superior image quality in terms of corner sharpness.

      The 24-120 f4 is far superior to the 24-85 f4.5 so if you have the dollars to spend on a ‘entry level’ FX camera, then do yourself a favor and get a quality all purpose lens like the 24-120 f4.

      • Reilly Diefenbach

        The 24-85VR outresolves the D800 sensor handily through most of the frame and has soft corners just as any zoom lens does, including the object of your worship, the 24-70. The D600 will be a piece of cake. Get over it.

      • Z

        Have you used both lenses? I have both 24-85mm and 24-120mm. The build quality is essentially same. 24-85mm is no chopped liver as you have implied but 24-120mm is no paragon of all around greatness that you should lavish such praises. The IQ is essentially same; 24-120mm is not far superior. More convenient with longer reach, yes. Last time I checked, 24-120mm cost $700 more than 24-85mm; I guess that still makes it “few” hundred dollars more. Sheesh.

  • MrSquirrel

    I’ve been waiting to go full frame for a while, from a D90.

    Park Cameras UK price for D800 £2,249.00 (reduced from £2,599.99).
    Park Cameras UK price for D600 £1,955.99

    You’d be mad to buy a D600 at that price when an D800 is only £250 more.

    Hopefully we will see a similar D600 price drop after the initial madness.

    Second hand D700 can be easily picked up for just over £1000.

    • BraCra

      Yeah well, i think you can’t really compare those two Cameras, for those who want to start into full-frame, without the huge-as-hell photos of the D800, that cam is pretty good. like in many reviews, 36 MP are reeeeeeally nice, but too much for many people, you need huge – expensive – cards and a really fast computer.
      not everybody can afford that.
      and for a full-frame i’d say form what i’ve read the d600 should have a good grip and good features. especially after the first price-drop

      • MacCruiskeen

        The file size difference between 24 and 36 mp isn’t that much from a computational perspective. And any reasonably recent PC should be able to handle it. I mean, I have a 3-year old iMac with 8mb ram, and I often make much, much larger files scanning MF and LF film (as in up to 12K x 15K pixels). A 4K x 6K pixel file is not a problem.

  • Geoff_K

    It is $1200 cheaper than the D800E I tried to buy. With that savings I can almost add a lens in. If ISO is up there, I am in.

    Either one WILL be a killer upgrade to my D90

    • Jon E

      Ive got a D5000 that ive been patiently waiting to upgrade so the difference for me will be awesome. Almost bought the D7000 earlier in the year but heard about the D600 so waited. Im in too minds, either the D800 or D600. Whats swaying me to the D600 is the smaller MP which should mean better ISO on an FX sensor. Like you if the ISO results are good then im getting it. Better shutter speed too, nice.


    WHOO! can’t wait to put my 50mm 1.4 snubnose on this bad boy and fire off some shots.

  • Mike M

    1. Congrats D800 owners, if you get buyers remorse now your camera value will probably stop sliding south due to this price
    2. Nikon, seriously, this is why maybe you should PAY ATTENTION to rumors and then slip some tidbits of your own out, since everyone got these pie in the sky $1600 price dreams when reality sets in 500 dollars higher you look bad, if people had been expecting this camera @2000 bucks leading up to the announcement I think it would have gone over much better, it’s still a pretty good deal.
    3. My interest is completely gone, fingers crossed the price point leaves a hole for a D400 to fill

    • JBoog


    • Timo

      …isn’t it amazing how much the enthusiasm for the D600 cooled down compared to the hype-days of the $1500-dream?
      Now, that people found out that you got to dish out about 2.5x the street-price of the D7000 some even discovered, that they could do their work with a D7000 instead!
      Dpreview used the word “beefed up D7000” and that’s what it is! It’s not a worthy successor of the D700 and beside some other severe lacks like the AF system one have to buy another battery pack not fitting to any other body.
      I guess, the waiting list won’t be too long. In the end it might have been better, to get us the D400 first before launching just another mass product…
      A mediocre body and a Nikon 1 lens, that are really groundbreaking news for the Photokina…
      No, I’m not of the Canon camp, but I sure dislike the priorities of Nikon’s actual product philosophy!

    • Jorge

      What the F* are you talking about? I have zero remorse about my D800. I also shoot ALOT with my D700 still. And my primes. Just an FYI buyers remorse, or Cognitive dissonance usually kicks in for folks who can’t afford it but go ahead and purchase anyway (many times, not always) So bite me. Obviously you have no freakin’ idea what you are talking about and have never shot a D800.

      • umesh

        I would never SHOOT my 800e. My precious!!!!!!!!!!

      • Mike M

        Jorge, you took an offhand comment pretty personally, I’m saying if someone decides they don’t want a D800 for whatever reason, at least they won’t take a beating on the resale now (I’ve watched D800s go from selling at or above new prices to 3-400 UNDER in a mater of weeks, that trend should slow down since the D600 price isn’t that great). And you’re probably right, not being able to afford it would be the main reason someone would have buyers remorse, I never said it was a bad camera, I’d love to have one.

        • NotConvinced

          How can one buy a second hand D800 if that particular unit might not have a fully functional AF. Or it might have been “fixed” by Nikon engineers to have a good left point AF at the expense of the center point. Or it might require fine tune beyond + or -20 on half the lenses one already has. Second hand D800 buyers should demand a legally binding full disclosure agreement — ergo D800 owners can’t afford buyers’ remorse.

    • Ranjeet Rain

      If you addressing Nikon, you are barking up the wrong tree. Nikon didn’t ask rumormongers to say $1600. If you see the rumored specs, the actual specs are a few notches up here and there. Rumors were rumors and they were based on some expectations. It’s your own fault if you thought Nikon was gonna price their product per rumors.

      Guess what, then every one will create a rumor next champ from Nikon will be $999. And since everyone will hope so, that will it be. Happy that will make you, won’t it?

      • Mike M

        Ranjeet I’m saying if Nikon had any sense they’d keep an eye on rumors and “steer” them towards reality when it’s going to make them look bad. Clearly we knew all about what the camera would be like a month ago, but we were told to expect it to be 1500 bucks. If Nikon was SMART they’d drop a hint wherever necessary to let someone know it was going to be 2 grand so the internet rumor machine wouldn’t have spent a month hyping up the 1500 dollar best camera deal ever only to be let down. You people need to apply some reading comprehension instead of shooting off at the hip because you THINK someone is criticizing.

        • diddy

          Who told u it will be $1500? Wasn’t Nikon, so don’t blame Nikon for it, blame the guy who told u it was $1500.

  • Steve

    Whats with the massive price variation. America 2100USD, Britain 3200USD, Japan 2500USD.

  • Dr Motmot

    hmmm, rather lukewarm reaction from everyone. I think like most people I will sit back and wait for the price to drop first, to say around £1400, unless Nikon releases a 300mm f4 VR or 70-200mm f4 VR in which case I’ll go for that instead.

  • btdown

    Do not care–Not buying this either. Want D710 and will wait for it.

    • inginerul

      Lol, you will have to wait for that just like the D300 users are still waiting for the D400. Get over it, the D710 is the D800 OR the D600, depending on what you are interested in.

      • Not really

        I’m a D300 owner and I’m not waiting for D400, I take pictures instead. And most of the time they come out pretty darn good, unless I mess it up myself.

  • deraiwl
  • nikonji

    not buying either. will wait for the announcement of 6d’s price and presence to compete with d600.

  • Jens

    I hope DPreview has got it wrong:

    Nikon D600 has no AF micro-adjust function!

    Can this be true !?

    Link to dpreview regading D600:

    • Jens

      Humm … Nikon seems to think there is “focus fine-tuning”.

      Is it the same this?

      From Nikons D600 page:
      Nikon Multi-CAM 4800 autofocus sensor module with TTL phase detection, fine-tuning, 39 focus points (including 9 cross-type sensors; the center 33 points are available at apertures slower than f/5.6 and faster than f/8, while the center 7 points are available at f/8), and AF-assist illuminator (range approx. 0.5 to 3 m/1 ft 8 in. to 9 ft 10 in.)

  • passing by

    Cmon. D600 is worse than 5D Mark II (specs and controls) and costs more. Is this the best Nikon can do?

    • Mike M

      1. The 5dII is essentially on closeout
      2. What specs are better exactly? Controls, yes, it’s a semi pro body vs an amateur body, but I don’t think it beats the D600 on much else

  • nikonji

    i mean how can the price of d600 be around the price of d700 when the focus point system of d600 is way much inferior than the focus point system of d700. The focus system is borrowed from a dx camera d7000 but the price being charged is around d700 price??? d700 made in japan, japan price? d600 made in thailand, still japan price?

    • Mike

      Same reason why the D90 costs the same as a D3200.

  • the bed thing which many people don’t see, D600 doesn’t have AF micro-adjustment.
    From other side, for some reason this have never worked for my D300.

  • Sahaja

    According to DPReview the D600 had no AF micro adjust? Can this be true?

    The D7000 has AF fine tuning it makes no sense if the D600 does not have it too.

  • and another moment – battery grip would not add fps.

  • Rob

    Serious question:

    If you had NEVER heard a rumor about this camera or its price and Nikon announced a camera with a brand new, 24MP full frame sensor (what most people wanted in the D800) that will probably come in 3rd on DXO (behind D800 and E) for $2100, do you REALLY think you’d be complaining? I bet you’d have been ecstatic over a compact, lightweight, mid-fps, amazing IQ camera for just over 2 grand.

    It’s pathetic that just because you believed a silly rumor about the price how your expectations have changed. ONLY $900 less than any other FX camera at release? How could Nikon be SO GREED?!?!?

    • Mike M

      I think you’re right on the money, except on caveat from my previous post, Nikon really should have “managed” the rumor and dropped a price hint to back people off the pie in the sky 1500 dollar guestimates. Instead they played turtle and let everyone get false hopes and work themselves into a frenzy only to be let down by something that really shouldn’t have been a let down at all.

      • thomas v

        Let’s just hope the price of the body drops to 1700$ in 6months…and let’s wait for the reviews…

    • passing by

      Just a reminder: old Canon 5D Mark II sells for 1975$ on B&H and it is better camera. D600 reminds me a lot my old D70 (except it had shutter speed up to 1/8000)


      • krr


      • Mike M

        Again, aside from build quality/controls, name a feature about the 5dII that is better? AF points – no, screen size – no, FPS – no, dynamic range and ISO would be the only possibles, but I’d imagine the D600 will win in both…

        • passing by

          Controls are very important. After I bought D200 I literally stuck every time when I tried to shoot with D80. Actually this is the main reason why I didn’t buy Canon (besides absent spot meter on 20D) and never will – I hate canon’s controls.

          Sensors are around same, I bet you will never spot the difference between 5D II and D600

          • Tiger1050Rider

            No difference? Well the 5DII has had huge problems with Focussing since Day 1. Also the number of AF Points is a lot less in the 5DII

            As for image quality, lets us all wait to see the reviews and comparisons before we start slating a product that has not been released yet?

            • passing by

              No difference on prints or even crops. Same MP, same FF = equal

          • wut

            So you’re saying improved sensor tech doesn’t change anything? Give me a break!

            As mentioned, the 5D2 AF sucks. If you need consistent, good AF you will get better results with the D600, obviously.

            If you don’t need AF, save yourself a lot of money and go buy a 4×5 camera. It’ll give you massive 200mp images and a lot better bokeh than any of these silly tiny sensors.

            • Mike

              Bokeh describes how out of focus is rendered. It does not mean just shallow DOF and is a property of the lens not the camera format. You can have either good, bad or ugly bokeh on any camera.

  • Rob


  • tonyc

    I fail to understand why anybody would pre-order given Nikon’s track record…

  • Adam Welz

    Dropped the ball on video – again. As a Nikon user of over 20 years, not a troll, I have no idea why we still cant adjust audio input volume during recording or why the image size ‘may’ be reduced when recording from the clean hdmi out feed. This is absolutely pathetic, elementary shortcomings that the company should be ashamed of. This makes the D600 a failure even for enthusiasts/film school students, who wd be the ideal market for it. How do you edit video that ‘may’ not be the frame size you specified? This might cause all sorts of post-production chaos.

    This is basic stuff that they should have got right a long time ago. Count me massively disappointed.

    • Booyah

      They make camcorders for video. I suggest using those instead of cameras intended for photography.

  • BillM

    I find the price point to be very disappointing. If Nikon could shave to $1,999 and market it as a “Sub $2k full-frame” people would have purchased MUCH more.

    I’ll save up the extra money and buy myself a D800 or Buy a used D700 and pair it up w/ a 24-70 f/2.8.

  • Bob Panick

    If you compare the specs on the D7000 to the D600, except for full frame and higher MP count, the D7000 is better or the same in just about every category. What I can’t understand is a FPS of 5.5, and no faster speed with a grip like the D700. I shoot sports and wild life and FPS is a big issue, there the D7000 is a better camera, particularly with the crop factor. I haven’t found a spec yet that shows the number of frames before you fill the buffer, but I don’t expect any improvement over the D7000.

    Overall, underwhelmed. Unfortunately I don’t have the budget for the D4. Well here’s hoping on the D7000 replacement.

  • For the features, the US price seems reasonable. I would have preferred 51 focus points, however, since most of my photos are taken with single point, not a problem for me. I don’t understand Nikon math. When I multiply 6,016 x 4,016, I only get 24.1 MP (a slightly smaller image than the 6,048 x 4,032 or almost 24.4 MP of the D3X). Therefore, how does Nikon get 24.3 MP for the D600? Some kind of new math?

    My main concern is focus QUALITY. Bought and then sold a D800 because of focus issues. Bought and then returned a D4 because of focus issues. I will stay with my current gear until after the bugs have been discovered and gassed. Interesting to note that the focus system on the D600 is the same as the D7000. Is that Nikons’ way of saying (without actually admitting it) that the focus system for the D4 and D800 is bad?

    • umesh

      I guess all the top photojournalists and sports photographers who use D4 are using manual focus . Both D800 and D4 focus systems are not working for you? Hmmmmm.
      Btw always pro cameras and lower end cameras get different quality AF units.

  • Some Guy

    Ok, so……

    Overall, the specs are OK for a ‘entry’ level camera ‘but’…. at the end of the day this is a FX.

    I would have considered this camera but 2 things are bugging me;
    A) 1/4000 shutter. Yes, I know get a 1 stop ND, but this and the lower frame lifespan bug me. this is my biggest issue.
    B) 3 frames bracketing as apposed to the 9 it should have been. At this price point 9 was the right answer.

    A third item that I have not seen confirmed with official specs is if the full body is magnesium or just the top and back. Entry level typically does not need full magnesium but then this IS a FX body so plenty of people will be hanging glass on it bigger than 70-200, so is this full or partial magnesium?

    Side note: Is there a grip for this camera???

    If this camera would have been USD $1500 to $1800 then I could have understood the specs better for a ‘entry’ camera. The fact is that this is basically (build wise) a D7000 with expeed3 CPU and 24mp FX sensor so the ‘double’ price of a D7000 does not make sense to me. At $2100 it should be a backup candidate to a D800 but with the specs deficiency that I pointed out above I will have to look at getting a D800 for both my primary body and backup. The cost difference is too little not to get a D800 as a backup for a D800 and you don’t have to remember 2 sets of different control positioning.


    • passing by

      3 frames bracketing and usual max +-1 EV Nikon’s limit? Say goodbye to HDR

      • booyah

        I was hoping to get rid of HDR and bracketing. Maybe then we could get rid of the overprocessed crap.

        • passing by

          So don’t overprocess.

          HDR is a must for any serious photographer

  • Here in Switzerland, the body of the D800 is about CHF 2’650.- (EUR 2’185.-). So, for Switzerland I expect, the D600 body will be available for CHF 1’950.- (EUR 1’605.-).

    Still, as a D7000 user with a lot of high quality DX lenses, I will wait for a D400. Never change a winning team 😉

  • Some Guy

    There seems to be some speculation that Nikon might reduce the retail price of the D600 after the initial orders calm down and are fulfilled. I have seen where Nikon will reduce or discount models that are about to go out of production like the D7000 but can anyone give an example of the normal retail price on a camera body being reduced that is not close to end of life? I am drawing a blank on that one.

    If they did reduce the retail price of the D600 to about USD $1799 then I can totally understand the specs overall for entry level, but at $2100 it seems a bit top end for entry level not to have 1/8000 shutter build quality and 9 frames bracketing.

  • I can deal with the $2,000 price tag but I need better build quality for that price. The reviews are saying that it has D7000 like build quality which is okay, but it feels like crap after I hold my D700 (which I paid $2,100 brand new for). I hope that the reviewers are understating the build quality and that it is actually more robust than what I have read so far.

    • Reilly Diefenbach

      What exactly are you doing with your cameras, pounding nails? The build quality is just fine on the midline Nikon product.

      • I am professional sports photographer that takes many thousands of shot every week. Build quality is important to me as my camera has to last many years and be able to handle the occasionally inclement weather that u come across. My needs aren’t your needs. If the d7000 build quality is great for you, that’s fantastic. My d7000 has shown more wear and tear than I’d like and won’t invest in another body that can’t handle MY particular workload.

        • BC

          You are absolutely correct. This is clearly not the right camera for a professional sports photographer. That would be the D4 that we saw so much at the Olympics.

  • DX_shooter

    I’m SOLD……I will get this D600 body only instead of the D800…. The 2K price tag is fairly reasonable for this new camera. I like all the features and specs of this lightweight full frame……I hope Nikon produced alot of these cameras so we won’t have to wait so long to get it…

  • Quagmire

    I must be a mistake, i don’t understand what is going on in Europe: D600 costs aprox 300 euros less than D800. In my country the D800 store price is 2700 euros and the anounced price for D600 in europe was 2399 euros, something like that.

    • Gotta be the latest

      Ah, but the D600 is the new brick on the block.

      The D800 is so passe now; last season’s flawed & fading hot fashion item.

  • Bryan

    Was waiting for a full frame with video I could replace my D300 with. Sad to say, this isn’t it. I might have been able to deal with the smaller body size, but no second function button, no AF ON button, only 39 focus points. Guess I’m waiting until Spring to see if there is anything that will land between this and the D800.

    • Not likely

      Same here, a D300 owner hanging on to see what’s what. Don’t think there’s anything on the horizon for you and I, so I’m making a move to a D7K for the time being. (They’re cheap now!)

      Best case would be a D400, but I’ve been waiting so long for one I just can’t wait anymore. Tired of carrying around an SLR AND a video camera.

      Way to miss the boat completely, Nikon.

  • EK

    you guys are crazy, the base ISO on the D600 is 100 not 200. 1/4000sec at ISO 100 is the same as as 1/8000 at 200. I’d take the lower base ISO any day. I have never seen a bunch of bigger whiners, well maybe at the Canon forums, but my god, this is $2000 USD FULL FRAME CAMERA. We should be saying HOLY F’KING SITH!


    • puzzled

      “We should be saying HOLY F’KING SITH!”


  • Rebel

    it’s a D7000 with FX sensor…………..
    too expensive for these specs !!! 🙁

    I hope 2400 € it’s a mistake !!!!!!!!!!!! Also 2000€ it’s too expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Some Guy

    OK, so now that we have the D600, how about a 24mp version of the D800 (D801?) for US $2700 with 6fps (7fps with grip).

  • Roger Mathus

    Is this going to be another pre-order months wait thing like with the D800? or has Nikon built a large number of units prior to launch?

    It appears that Amazon is saying ships on Sept 18 for orders placed now but only offer standard shipping for 3-5 day ground delivery. That is for PRIME with no other options offered.

  • Famous

    In Romania on a photo store the price for the D600 kit is exactly the same as the D800 body. I mean WTF!!

  • Don

    Sounds like an excuse from a fat girl.

    • Josh

      naw it’s just an excuse to sell a D7000 for a $900 mark up.

  • Diego Epstein


    “The two buttons on the front of the camera (The lower one shown here) can be assigned a wide range of different duties, including depth-of-field preview and engaging an on-screen/in-viewfinder electronic horizon.

    Unlike the D800, these buttons cannot be used to control aperture during video shooting. If you’re shooting with the D600, you must set the aperture prior to commencing recording.”


    • From on D3200 video recording:
      “On paper the D3200 offers a very similar video mode to its predecessor, the D3100, but there are a couple of interesting improvements which make the D3200 a more serious video capturing device than the D3100 was. The new model offers manual control over both shutter speed and aperture (on the D3100 you could only fix the aperture before recording)”

      So you can change aperture on an entry level camera, but not on the brand new FF D600. No sense!

  • BC

    DP Review finally removed the false report of no af adjust. Author apologized in the comments.

  • I just put in a pre-order via amazon. What’s interesting to me, is that so many of you distinguish “professional” versus “nonprofessional” based on button placement and a few bells and whistles. I always thought the difference was the paycheck. Maybe I’m wrong? Without getting into one of those “I shoot this/I shoot that” convos, this camera is more than professional enough for me. Large prints? Yes. Good ISO…I’m assuming so. Decent FPS? Yup. Full frame? Yup. Video? Yup. Small and light weight? Yes.

    Remember when the D2, was “professional”? It couldn’t shoot past ISO 800 without looking awful. Is that still a “professional” camera? We have gotten spoiled.

    With exception of the really small AF coverage, admit it…this is a helluva camera at this price-point.

    • umesh

      Remember one of the most important reasons we like Nikon? It’s the many buttons . Those buttons are the things that let us change the settings quickly without taking our eye off the eyepiece . A pro camera is to be USED by photographer . If you have ages to shoot a picture it doesn’t matter what you use. And yes D2 is more professional a camera than D3200 because of the usability and build despite of the image quality.

      • umesh

        And yes it may turn out to be a helluva camera at this price-point.

  • Bleemo

    I’ll definitely get this.

    I still think the price is cheap. $2100 rrp is reasonable for FX no?

    I think the $1500 rumours were too good to be true. That’s basically the release price of the D7000 right?…D600 definitely has way more features that put it about the D7000 so it’s understandable the price is a bit more…

    I’m sold! Hopefully the ISO performance is good!

  • BBY Shopper

    Pre-order now listed on

  • cosmin

    in my country (Romania) the D600 is 2720$ body and 3440$ with the 24-85vr,the same as the D800 body! Wtf! Is basicly a D7000 +FF sensor for more then twice the price (the D7000 is about 1200$ here) and with 1/4000 shutter speed and 1/200 flash.No thanks!! better wait for a D800 discout,maybe at black friday or christmas.Hopefully there will be a D400 and a 24mp D800S

  • Rebel

    only body 2150€ in Italy

    grrrrrrrrrrrrrr 🙁

  • Rebel

    price in Italy:

    d800 2600 €

    d600 2150 €


  • wants_D3s

    Nikon USA lists the price (SRP) of the UT-1 as $470 in the UT-1 press release. The same press release says that the UT-1/WT-5A bundle will be $1,299 (SRP). I imagine that the actual sales prices will be the same.

  • jorge

    I could care less what anyone says here or anywhere. As of now barring the D4, there is, and has been NO REPLACEMENT FOR THE D700. None. Zero. Look at the pixel size comparison between the D600 and the D700. Biiiig Difference when it comes to low ISO shooting IMHO. I absolutely love, and grab my D700 first, before my D800 each time I go shoot. Love it!
    WHen a true D700 replacment comes out, I will be first in line. Until then, you all can keep on wishing, but there is NO WAY the D600 or anything else (besides the D3s, and D4) come close to the high ISO, low noise of the beast (D700)
    Just my two cents.

  • morg
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