Nikon D600 pre-order options *UPDATED*

Amazon pre-order options (with shipping date of September 18th):

It seems that the D600 is eligible for the Nikon instant rebates:

B&H pre-order options:

Adorama  pre-order options:

Jessops (UK) pre-order options:

Amazon UK:
Other pre-order options:
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  • Nam

    Link is not working, getting a 404. AMAZON/NIKON, WHY WON’T YOU TAKE MY MONEY.

  • Nam

    *Edit, just went on Amazon and went to it manually and pre-ordered mine for $500 more than i thought it would be. Fuck you, Nikon.

    • coco


    • mike

      You bought the kit?

    • Gary

      Nam, what does your existing camera limit you from doing that the D600 will enable you to do?

      And, if you dont feel that fixing that limitation is worth the D600’s price then why did you buy it?

      • Rudi


      • Nam

        As an amateur photographer, just starting out I’ve had a D70, which I loved but was stolen, and a D5000 which I don’t even know why I bought it. After saving pennies (I’m a high school senior) for an entire summer for a nice new body + lens, and after following the D600 rumour for about half a year, it woulda been a shame not to get it. This camera will be worlds apart from what I had, and a good step forward for me in a sense of making photography a life-long hobby.


    Too expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!! Better a D800 at this price!!!!!!
    I’ll search an old D700

    so disappointed nikon!

    • Big J

      You’re disappointing. And apparently you don’t make your own money if you think there’s no difference between $2100 and $3000.

      • chris

        It’s overpriced!!

        • Sahaja

          Compared to what other new full frame camera?

          The UK price, even taking VAT into account, is absolute robbery though.

          • disgruntled

            Agreed – Park Camera’s price is £500 more than the US price, taking NY sales tax into account, and only £300 less than Amazon’s current price for the D800. Crazy.

            • Colin

              UK price is 50% higher than in the US. Nikon UK is just shameless. Oh well, I’ll bin the idea of buying a D600 and using the D7000 as a backup. FF is not remotely worth the 1,200 pound premium – I’ll buy another D7000 instead and pocket the difference. One day the camera companies will realise that we are not a bunch of sheep rushing from one new product to the next regardless of cost.

          • Cynog

            It’s very galling when manufacturers (not just camera makers)think they can rip off us Brits all the time. I shan’t be buying this at that price.

            • Colin

              If everybody in the UK decided to boycott these insulting prices then maybe the camera companies would get the message. Perhaps if we all emailed NikonUK politely asking why they feel that their customers here are so stupid?

            • Love2Eat

              I am also slightly disappointed about the pricing for UK customers.
              The D600 body costs $2096.95 in the US, which should equate to £1,301.34 as of today’s exchange rate in the UK. Even with the 20% sales tax added (£260) , it should still be cheaper than the announced RRP for UK which is £1995.

              Shame they rip off customers in the UK. The RRP is too much given that the current Amazon price for D800 is just over £2.5K. I’m certainly going to wait for a price drop.

            • Hezza11

              The D800 is available for £2279 at warehouse express

            • monkey

              Cameraworld £2099 for D800! This was a bit over budget for me! So D600 would have been great if it was on level with US pricing, but as it is Nikon make no sense and add 50% on for us lucky brits, thanks ! Hope a D400 hurrys up now

      • coco

        If you willing to spend 2100 for a camera, 900 is not that much different for you

        • …yes and no. I’d be willing to spend more than $2100 on this if it had the 51pt AF. It doesn’t. So I guess now I -am- going to spend 3000.

          Oh bother.

          • Don’t be too upset. The D800 is frakking amazing.

            Everything on this page was shot with the D800: September 11th

            • …I’m a little sour about the frame rate. But I think I could live with using it in DX mode. It’s more resolution than my D700, and the AF point spread is an interesting option.

              (Oh, I guess the important detail is that I use the D700 with the MB-D10 and the EN-EL4 batts. 8fps vs 4fps is a big diff.)

            • I’m sold on the amount of detail though…thanks for sharing! Interesting to see that progressing.

              Here’s the WTC basement in 2004:

        • iamlucky13

          It depends. Which has more value to you – the differences between the D600 and the D800, or an extra $900 towards another lens.

          For me, it is definitely the lens.

  • Matt
  • B


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  • JonMcG

    Hey, I just watched the D600 promo video and it says the Nikon D600..

    “Exquisite color reproduction and rich tonality”

    That’s awesome… I should buy one…

  • Jeff

    If you order the lens separately on Amazon you get $100 off!

  • morg

    maybe the D400 will be in my price range.I will stick we my old D200 till next year!

    • If you holding off your purchase for cost, I am sure you are limiting yourself from producing the best you can. My photo quality has skyrocketed after I shifted from D200 – D7000 now D800.

      It doesnt make me better photographer, simply my photo quality has improved. You better leave the D200 in past .. get going with a new one.

      • No

        Nice try, Nikon marketing department.

        The camera doesn’t make the photographer. Unless he’s shotting in candlelight all the time, his d200 should be fine.

        • umesh

          I also thought so until I shifted from my 200 to 800. Don’t get me wrong . I shoot the same as before. Just that my work has become a lot easier and I am more confident while working . Also the post processing time has drastically reduced. If time is money for you and security that there is less to go wrong while shooting is important, go for 800. I don’t know what kind of work you do but I do interiors, industrials, jewellery , little bit of nature and children photography for fun.

        • umesh

          Why so serious?

      • You missed out the best one there. The D700. I am sure that you would have loved it.

      • umesh

        I also thought so until I shifted from my 200 to 800. Don’t get me wrong . I shoot the same as before. Just that my work has become a lot easier and I am more confident while working . Also the post processing time has drastically reduced. If time is money for you and security that there is less to go wrong while shooting is important, go for 800. I don’t know what kind of work you do but I do interiors, industrials, jewellery , little bit of nature and children photography for fun.

  • mike

    Preordered the d600! A great product for enthusiasts

    • Same here! Will it really be released on the 18th?

  • Spy Black

    Oh well. Move along now, nothing to see here…

    • Tami

      agreed. I am just not that impressed. Glad I got a D700 before they disappeared from stock.

  • This you so much with these link :-)) buy now

  • no

    2100$ ??
    I want a d700 used

  • Pablo

    Bitching about the price and getting an OLD D700. This thing is expeed3, more dynamic range than D700. It may be not pro body, but hey, its NEW technology. And clients do like new technology.

    • Jorge

      Stop deluding yourself. Clients don’t give a shit about what you are using as long as the get the results.

      • Pablo

        I’m my own client, my wife is my client, and we see the difference.
        I get better results from my D800 than my old D700 and my D7000, period. My wife can clearly see the difference on my cinema 30, and let me tell you something, she is picky when it comes to pictures.

  • Guest

    There is also a GP-1A GPS-unit? A new device to be expected?

  • Nick

    What are people whining about? All the other manufacturers charge way more for their 20MP+ cameras with FF- sensor.

    It’s by far the cheapest NEW FF camera and almost as cheap as the 5D MKII even though that camera has been in production for like 4 years (which dramatically affects the pricing after a while). I would gladly get one of these in front of a 4 year old plastic-camera with banding issues at all ISO’s and outdated hardware. Justsayin..

    I wont change my D700 for one before I see the ISO-performance though

  • Steve

    Price in America is is equal too 161000Yen plus freight using current exchange rate. Well now. Lowest price in Japan right now is 196200 Yen or 2500 USD. Thats a 400 dollar difference.

  • Pre ordered b&h body + lens $100 off
    b&h is very good the only issue is many people know b&h and their supply is similar to others

    • Jorge

      Haven’t you all learned your lesson with the B&H D800 Fiasco???? What is wrong with you people??? Stop buying from sh*thole B&H. Seriously. I swear some of you folks order from them so you don’t get the product, then have something to complain about later.

  • KHT

    Why can’t I choose 1 day Prime shipping Amazon?! Only standard Prime 3-5 days available….

    • WiscShooter

      I noticed the same thing. I’ll continue to attempt to upgrade my shipping as we draw closer to the release date.

    • J

      Because it’s not available yet dumbass and Amazon PRIME is TWO DAY shipping LOL
      Go get a D2x Please….

  • KhaZimiR
  • I don’t think that I will be selling my D800.

    • Me neither. I’m loving it way too much.

      • Harold Ellis

        here it costs 200€ more then new D700

    • Jorge

      Why would you EVEN consider selling a D800 for this junk D600? Seriously dude.. I hope that was a joke.

      • RussB

        Junk is a harsh adjective by any stretch, but it’s true that the D800 is unfortunately light years better than this… I was looking at the D600 as a second body, but it’s never gonna happen now. I’ll be picking up a second D800 instead.

        • Why have second body if camera is so good that it can’t fail ???

  • Tony the TIger

    Nikon d900!
    D3s iso 50-12800 exp to 102k
    69 focus points
    15 bit raw
    1080p with 60fps
    plus all the other features

    • umesh

      You forgot the timeline—–
      5 years

  • Jason

    When will D600 have the best seller price of $1400 ?

    • Rudi

      did you ever saw a D700 for that price?

  • Ohhhh…..So many Nikon fans will be disappointed. I’m in Malaysia if convert to Malaysia Ringgit need Rm6000+. Too expensive….

  • rob

    They couldn’t even keep the body under $2k, very disappointing.
    Is full-frame worth $1100 more than D7000?

    • Sahaja

      Once you take the price of FX lenses into account as well full, frame is going to cost you a lot more than that over DX

    • Rudi

      I don’t understand you guys. You want a D600 but $2100 is too expensive?
      You can still buy a D700 for $2985 at Amazon. At least you get what you will pay for. So why not just buy something that you are willing to pay?

      As said before, you guys want a Audi A3 price for an RS5. If you can’t afford it don’t blame Nikon (or Audi or whoever).

      • Alwyn

        The D600 is no Audi RS5. U probably work for the Nikon marketing dept. This is too expensive for what it is and as consumers and clients of Nikon and their products we have a right to voice our opinion. Now who are you to tell people they can’t complain?

        • Am-Expat

          Why do you want FX? It is expensive to build FX sensors and lenses, the average current FX shooter has over $10,000 in body and lenses. You do not NEED Fx but if you need it and nothing else will do, the D600 is an excellent buy. Confusing “need” for “want” can be frustrating for many.
          I added a D800 last spring and love it but I never needed it and had to adjust other priorities to collect a lot of pro lenses which cost more than a decent car all totaled. But I did make the priority changes and do not regret investing in FX and great lenses at all. Surely there is something you do that is more habit than need that could be cut out s you can afford what you want, even if there is not need.
          Saying the D600 is too expensive is only a statement about your priorities and has nothing to the question of value of the D600. FX sensors are darned expensive, if they could be made cheaper they would be. But as it is, all but the sensor is only costing you a little over $600 for the rest of this high performance camera. If anything, the D600 is a great value for those who need it.

  • I couldn’t find any indication of Euro prices…
    Any idea?

    • pierre wajeman

      yeah got an idea

      european price is the same

  • Lukasz
  • Lukasz

    £1955.99 pre-order – UK jessops – unbelievable high price !!!

    • I know Lukasz its stupid 🙁 was expecting for it to be about £1500, for that price you could get a cheep return flight to america spend a few days there buy the camera and still have change.

      • b

        Except you will be screwed at customs with the import duty as its over the limit youre allowed to bring back.

        • I had a good laugh

        • Geoff_K

          If you wear it around your neck as if you owned it forever, would you be able to skip through customs without declaring it ?

          • jorge

            Yes. Been there, done that. ONCE.

      • Am-Expat

        I get all my cameras in the US even though I moved from my native California 9 years ago to Russia. The cost of Nikon’s in Russia makes it worth flying to the US and buying there. That is how I got my D800 and newest lens, a 24-70, the D7000 and D90 before that. Or my 85 1.4, 70-200, 24 1.4m 50 1.4, 50 1.2, 14-24 2.8, or herd of SB900s. Just break down the box, and put the camera in a carry on bag, and no one in customs will bother you.

    • Sahaja

      Nikon UK is robbing everyone. UK purchasers should probably just order from another EU country.

    • stu

      Cameraworld have got D800 listed at £2099, not a hard choice there on which to get!

      • Steve

        Yes, surprised at D600 price.

        D600 £1950
        D800 £2099

        £150 difference

        Am I missing something? Why would anyone buy the D600 over the D800 in the UK with this small difference in the pricing?

        • Curious

          I wonder if there is an over-stock of D800s in UK and
          other parts of Europe right now. Perhaps the merchants
          are trying to entice folks to buy the D800 before the D600
          hits the market in full stride.

    • b

      Well when you take into account our price includes the 20% vat.. £391 of it infact.

    • Pkr

      I agree mate, it does not make any sence.

      The D800 is £2,250 on amazon so why would you pay £2,000 for the D600 ?

  • pierre wajeman

    D600 price !!!!

    who understand that ??????

    Nikon can sit on it

  • Victor Hassleblood

    Guys quit whining. The D600 is like a D7000 on steroids. It will definitely deliver high IQ to those who know how to use it. And the price will definitely go down if you just wait a few month.
    With a D800E and aD7000 at hands, personally I don’t need it. Without either one of my Nikon DSLRs I would most likely go for it.

    Remember D3X? Here is the camera that gives you the same, probably even better IQ (higher DR) plus video for a fraction of the price. Not bad at all, right?

    • Boy Cott

      Remember what pros did regarding D3X?

      • iamlucky13

        Yes, I do remember. Apparently enough of them paid over 3 times the price of the D600 to enable Nikon to keep the price up in the $7000 range the entire time it was in production.

        I was really hoping the rumors on price were at least close to the mark, but even so, comparing the D600 to everything else out there, it’s hard to call $2100 outrageous.

  • Fin

    Yes, £1995.00 per-order from WEX uk. What gives? That’s over $3000 equivalent.

    • Tony

      Doubtless the price will come down over the next few months. However, at launch, the D600 will have to come compete against the D800 (now ‘only’ £2,279 at Amazon UK). Early adopters of the D600 will need to have a good reason to prefer the D600 over the (14% more expensive) D800 – presumably either the lightweight body or the lower mp count.

      It will another few months before price becomes a serious issue in the D600 v D800 choice.

  • Lukasz

    US pre-order $2096 > £1301 vs UK pre-order £1955.99 OMG !! what a joke!

    • Rudi

      I’m interested too see any product of any company that has 1:1 price conversion from $ to any other currency. I have never seen that before. I guess price in Germany will be 2100 EUR. That’s what with all products happen. You are still free to order one in the US and pay customs and fees while importing….

  • higheyepoint


  • fox
    • Sahaja

      Nothing wrong with that. Lately Nikon’s Japanese plant seems to be having more QC problems than their Thailand plant.

      Thailand is a wonderful country.

      I’m glad it is not made in China like the J1 and V1, since I try to avoid buying Chinese made products because of their atrocious human rights record.

      • Fred

        Which is worse than???

    • Groosome

      Wow the tripod screw mount is very far back on the D600! Hope it’s made solid. Also the lens mount should be sturdily attached to the metal frame rather than the polycarbonate but can’t tell whether that’s the case yet.

  • stormwatch

    Despite all of the spoiled kids and Canon fanboys mumbo jumbo over here… bye bye canon, NIKON DID IT AGAIN!

    • Lipton

      That’s exactly the problem!
      Nikon did it again!!!

    • Fred

      Yup, now if only they’re made to clean it up …
      Put an FF sensor in a D7000, cripple some of the features further then charge > 100% more.
      Makes sense (for Nikon) and the dumb nuts who will buy it.

  • d600

    this camera is not very interesting for such high price. they are not going to sell many unless they start dropping the price soon. looking forward to what the reviewers are going to say

    • Victor Hassleblood

      1st I think the price is not too high, considering what you get and 2nd, of course it will go down. The D600 is not a D4 or D800E. It is intended to sell in large numbers …

      Just don’t do this pre-order shit-thing at amazone and others. If everybody would wait for reviews first and till the camera actually starts sitting in the shelfs of your locals, you will get it much, much cheaper. Just don’t hype the price.

      You can still have it for 1,800 bucks. It is all in your hands folks.

      • Rob

        Yup. Wait 2 years, and I’m sure the price will drop to $1800. Enjoy not taking pictures!

        • higheyepoint

          Yes Rob…go crazy for it…buy and buy and buy…enjoy…enjoy every “new” product…enjoy…thats why the camera is listed for consumers. But sometimes waiting can be much more intelligent.

          • Rob

            Like I said, enjoy saving $300 by not having the camera for 2 years. Clearly renting a camera for $300 for 2 years is a rip-off! Way to stick it to the man!

            I’m not getting a D600. Only would have been worth it with 7+ FPS. As it is it offers nothing to me over my D800.

            • Higheyepoint


            • Fred

              Yup it’s the first camera ever and nobody owns a camera at this stage so waiting for Nikon to come to it’s senses is purile.
              Obviously Nikon is waiting for the fanboys to buy and laughing all the way to the bank.

        • Discontinued

          You just don’t get it, do you? Wow, what a clever comment. 2 years no shot? You can simply shoot your old cameras for few more weeks and will save a lot of money on the D600.

          Besides pro-order doesn’t even necessarily mean to get earlier than others. Especially a consumer product like the D600 might hit the local dealers the very same day that amzone starts shipping.

          The D800 has come down 300 Euros within a few month and was heavily backordered at first. To me it made no difference, ’cause I needed a D800E as soon as possible and was one of the first to receive one (April) by a local pro-shop. But to many, interested in a D600 it will make a difference and the price of the D600 will come down probably even faster.

          Do you work at amazone? Are you a PR-pre-order-Troll? You really sound like one.

          • Rob

            Just a few more weeks! Nikon D800 has come down $0 in 6 months! Buy one today and you’ll have saved $0 for putting it off for just 25 weeks!

            Yes, we were talking US dollars and the price hasn’t changed. If you’re going to try to counter, you could at least do some fact-checking first so you don’t come across like an idiot again.

  • Cat

    £1500 would be the max price I would pay for it. Basta.

  • mimizorz

    truth is most of us already have a camera, either DX or an older FX so i would abstain from fierly throwing money at the screen.
    Get out, use what you already have for 1 and a half years then marvel at what the d600 can do for you, while in the evening thoroughly nit-picking the newer line of nikon products for its absurd price/quality ratio. I know I can get more out of my chepo DX camera.

    • Gaston

      I agree!

      Be cool and you can save a lot of money.

    • Rob

      LOL! I hope by “absurd price/quality ratio” you mean that it’s absurdly low. You’ll have to wait for the DXOmark scores to prove me right, but I ensure you this will have the lowest $/IQ of any full frame camera.

      A $2100 D3X with better video, higher FPS, but a little less metal in the body and only 1/4000s shutter? What a rip-off!

      And no, you can’t get more out of your DX camera. You CLEARLY have never shot with a full frame camera.

      • MiraShootsNikon

        I shoot FX and DX. And medium format film.

        You absolutely *can* get more out of a DX camera if you’re cool with it.

        As you know, people who’re admiring your photographs in a gallery or in the latest book you’ve published or in the latest client package you’ve sent can’t tell what you’ve used to shoot them. Really. They have no idea.

        I was just reading a behind-the-scenes article the other day about the number of high-zoot fashion magazine covers shot with recent Pentax APS-C cameras. And remember McNally’s first National Geographic feature shot with the D1X? Those *gorgeous* shots of the F117a? I mean, c’mon, man.

        I’m not saying you shouldn’t indulge your interests and get the gear you like, but lots of photographers are cranking out gorgeous images with the gear they’ve got, and to them (and to me, frankly) Nikon’s “upgrade treadmill” is kind of an exercise in pointlessness.

  • Daddycool

    OMG…a D7000 FX…thats all. A mountain birthing a ant.

    • Mike

      Exactly its D7000 FX and you have to buy two d7000 dx to get d600 = d7000 fx
      and what do you get only better DOF


      • daddycool

        Oh thank you for this big Nikon point. I will have a lot of fun with it.

  • Damon

    And now the prices in euro:
    D600 body only : €2385.99 (D800 can be found at €2769)
    D600 + 24/85 VR: €2981.99
    (source = photgraphyblog)

    What a JOKE.

    • Rudi

      You’re right Damon, compared to Canon it’s a joke as they have nothing comparable in this price range. Sounds a bit envy though….

  • joe

    it’s on too…

    price is so freaking high they must be crazy, in euro it costs about 500€ more than in the us.
    us price converted to euro, the body of the d600 would cost 1622€ but it’s at 2100€ on, thats like $2720 – are they nuts?!

    • Care to post a link? I couldn’t find it…

    • Rudi

      Did you ever hear about Mehrwertsteuer or Einfuhrsteuer in Germany, no? Do you think Nikon is paying that for you? Seems you never bought any products that are also sold on the world market and having compared prices. Maybe you can buy one in the US and smuggle it through the customs but otherwise you’ll always pay higher prices here in Europe. Before I forget: Get cought by customs and you will even pay more for it ;-))

      • BornOptimist

        Hush, don’t try to educate the kids, they don’t understand it anyway 🙂
        Even if it was free, they would have found something to bicker about.

      • joe

        Sure they don’t charge tax at a lower price… tzz

  • D600 hmmmm, $2100 US, £2000 UK? Exchange rates not quite working for cameras obviously? D800 is £2200 UK For £200 more, which would you go for…

  • jorgen

    now for a completely professional dx-body with built-in grip design, fast fps, maybe even soem tricks up its sleeve form the V1 and go nikon.

  • david park

    Rebate lists 200 dollar savings on a 70-300 4.5g lens?????

  • Fred

    Well… Nikon’s pricing policy is a bit weird with the D600: Based on current US$ exchange rates the D600 costs about $3.210 in the UK and about $2770 in Germany. Despite harder warrenty policies in the EU and exchange rate risks, I think the prices are way to high in the old world. I am glad that I will be in the USA from January on thus I can purchase it at a resonable price.

  • D800 is 2999$ @ and 2650€ @,
    I hope D600 prices will reach that level too after a few months.
    (2000$ -> around 1600€)

  • per

    What’s with them Brits? In Sweden the price is 18000 SEK which is about 1700£. Likewise the price in Holland is 2150€ which is also about 1700€.

  • Al

    Its a bit more than expected….

    Ill wait a few months and see what DXO has to say….

    ….and til all the quircks are fixed……

  • Deivis

    Local photo dealer indicated price for D600 body here in Vilnius, Lithuania : 7988LT=2313EUR=2987USD.

  • Hezza 11

    What I don’t get is the kit lens package costs £20 more than buying the body and the lens separate. (wex, amazon etc)

    I thought the idea was you’d get abit of a discount as you’re buying more at once.

    Also the slightly higher than hoped price has made me pause, for an extra £200 I can get the d800, but then I’m not fussed about the MP count and think the d800 could be a little bulky. I was hoping to make the FF jump after owning a 550d for a few years. I haven’t got much invested in glass at the minute. Will have to see what the new canon FF offers and then decide.

  • RMFearless


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