Nikon D600 shows up on Amazon search

If you search for Nikon D600 on, you will get a dead link labeled "Introducing the new Nikon D600 Digital SLR". Official announcement in less than a hour.

Nikon D600 full size image from Amazon:

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  • Woop woop!


  • R8R


    What is this “D600” I keep reading about?

    • R8R

      Oh….second. 🙁

    • Gerry


  • gerry

    too bad there isnt a price listed!

  • I’m so excited!!!

  • rebel

    So excited about price!!

    first cheap FF? I hope…

    • Tim

      First cheap FF? I got my used D700 a couple months ago for $1450…

      • Gimme D600

        rebel, please correct your statement to *first FF to sell new at a low retail price.

        So that you don’t confuse the likes Tim

      • Santiago Escobar

        What is a decent or good shutter count for buying an used D700?

        • D700

          Under 10-20k with minimum sign of wear (look for the ones used casually, not professionally). Probably won’t get you the cheapest price though.

      • guest

        and i’m sure someone has gotten the d700 for FREE, what does the price YOU paid for a USED one have to do with the msrp?

  • Nam

    I think everyone is on edge about this camera’s pricing…if Nikon gets the pricing right, this camera will sell like crazy. Less than an hour left guys, cheers!

    • rebel

      €1700 or less I’ ll probably buy. If more I’ll probably think about a D700 if I can find one

  • D600-4-me

    That’s interesting. Amazon and vendors don’t usually put the cameras up on launch day, do they? Could this mean that Nikon has stock ready to go soon?

    • Iris Chrome

      Usually pre-orders.

    • Paul

      For pre-ordering.

  • Steve
    • I don’t trust this store, their body only and kit price are the same. Fake!

  • itwasme
  • d70

    Hopefully the Amazon pre-order will go live soon. I wanna go to bed.

    • Gimme D600

      Same here… got to sit here and smell trolls til the announcement.

  • Iforgot

    $2099. Confirmed by dealer.

    • Idonot

      $1899 confirmed by Nikon.

      • Gimme D600

        $1499 confirmed by Aunt Judy.

        • Aunty’s Niece

          Gotitforfree! Aunt Judy bought me one!

    • Bernard

      OUCH !!!… 🙁

    • nikon corp

      $ 9,99 confirmed by me 😀

  • B&H, Amazon, and Nikon’s official website are all acting funny. See:


    • Iris Chrome

      Dude, everybody saw your link the first time around at the top of the page. No need to spam it all over in the comments.

      • My browser has trouble with this site. Some times it doesn’t show updated comments until the 4th or 5th refresh. So, I didn’t think the first ones went through.


  • D600=$1499

    I won’t buy this for more than $1600. That’s it. I will keep my D90 and will look forward to mirrorless alternatives… Fujifilm looks exciting.. As also Sony. If it is not a FF DSLR, cheap, then it is all the way mirrorless. ( Oh yea, cheap, APS-C for the time.. )

    • i agree

      i agree. if it’s under 1800 and available soon…. i won’t be able to resist.
      if it’s more than 1900 or impossible to find, i may just buy the RX1 or wait for a FF mirroless. Either way, i’m pretty happy with my 5D Classic and 24-105….
      let’s hope its $1500… that would be a great day here on NikonRumors!!!
      btw, admin, thanks for the site, i love checking in as often as possible to see what’s new!

  • AmalZ

    I fold if price exceeds $2000. I’m better off with my D7000.

    • Gimme D600

      Probably. or just get a used D700, tonight DX dies either way.

      • Santiago Escobar

        I’m not sure if it dies…there’s still lots of DX glass around

      • D600=$1499

        Tonight DX dies. Poetic. And true..

        • Santiago Escobar

          I reconsidered what you said and now I think you may be right

  • just sold all of my dx stuff, the d600 better be under 2k

    • sk

      Dude, that was brave! How much stuff did you sell, just your camera and a couple lens or EVERYTHING?

    • I did the same thing. Either going d600 or d800 after tonight.

    • Get the D800!

      Looking at some of your (landscape) images… I think your photography deserve the D800.

      btw, the silverlight component in your blog made me kill FF’s plugin container, twice… don’t know what it is (video/slideshow?) but probably best to switch to its HTML5 counterpart…

  • Question is how long after the announcement will the pre-orders open ?

    I want to get into the first batch, I waited forever for the d800 and finally cancelled

  • Captain

    I hope it’s priced high enough to slow initial demand until production catches up. Then they can reduce the price.

  • nrc

    C m o n

    • 8 more minutes, unless they decide to wait till 1am

      • AmalZ

        Noooo. Pleeeease.

  • Gimme D600

    While you sit here smelling troll juice, why don’t you read ? Where Nasim Mansurov succinctly puts the nail in the coffin on Pro DX cameras aka what the D600 really means.

    • Santiago Escobar

      I agree, no point in pro DX bodies, yet it is a good alternative for hobbyists or hipsters

      • Santiago Escobar

        wait I think I’m wrong…mirrorless may really kill DX

        • Scott M

          The DXers like the extra reach when they use FF lenses. More FPS may not matter as much to them. Mostly birders.

          • Gimme D600

            You should read the article, but if you are lazy here’s an excerpt:

            “Many sports and wildlife photographers prefer to shoot with DX, because it gives them better “reach” (due to the crop factor), which translates to smaller lenses and lighter camera bodies. They like the faster FPS speeds and robust AF – two important features we only see in top of the line DSLRs like Nikon D4 today. Unfortunately, I do not think Nikon wants to keep these folks in consideration, not for long. I think Nikon’s general stance on this situation is “sports and wildlife folks often shoot with expensive telephoto lenses, so they should be able to afford high-end camera bodies”. At the same time, DSLRs like Nikon D7000 have gotten much faster and better, so Nikon might be just bringing those high-end features to cheaper mid-level cameras, instead of trying to sell an expensive APS-C camera body.” – Nasim Mansurov

          • Santiago Escobar

            well, if they don’t care about quality they may as well use an adaptor for using on a nikon 1 and enjoy the 2.7x crop factor

      • Gimme D600

        hehe Well, Nikon can’t just throw their DX investment out the window in one night. That’s not gonna happen, but as Nasim puts it people are now hell bent on not giving up trickled down pro features. Even Apple with the iPhone heard groans for keeping the sensor the same size IN A PHONE.

        That didn’t surprise me, and I wasn’t completely surprised by the new Sony RX-1 either, people want full format, they had it with 35mm compact film cameras, now they want it back.

      • FX DX

        Most DSLR buyers don’t know the difference between DX and FX and DX will always be cheaper than FX. DX also provides 90% quality of FX at a fraction of the cost. Just because you want to buy a FX camera doesn’t meant that the entire world wants to spend money on that too.

  • TuPana

    They just removed it.

    • Scott M

      Who removed what?

      • check

        They. It.

  • wublili
  • nrc
  • AmalZ

    Come on Admin. It’s 9pm (PST). Type fast 🙂

  • Its time now, where is it ?

    • Vandyu

      OK, camera is real. Price is too high. Nothing more to see here. Move along, move along. Next adrenaline rush in 2020. Headline reads “Man Walks on Mars!” Photos courtesy of Nikon and Ashton Kutcher.

  • KDan

    D600 just showed up on the Nikon website.

  • Jeff
  • Steve K

    New camera listed, (but not actually) on

    Currently a space labelled learn more, that wasn’t there 5 minutes ago…

  • D600=$2099
  • 600 buyer

    D600 hands on preview now posted on

  • sk

    I’m sorry, but we are path-e-tic….

    • Rob

      I love it. This is exciting stuff to us.

  • Gimme D600

    Wooo Hooooo!

  • carlos
  • LeadWrist

    Looks like amazon fixed the glitch… 🙁

  • Vandyu

    DPR has D600 preview up and reports price at $2100. Too rich for me.

  • El Lobo

    It is in the official lineup on Nikon Website but dead linked

  • RC

    DPReview lists $2099 *sigh* I don’t think I’m getting this one. Dang it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What’s wrong with you Nikon!?!?!?!?!?

    • RC

      I guess I’ll just get the D800. This stinks.

      • RC

        I change my mind. DPR says it’s quieter than the D800.

    • Vandyu

      Obviously Nikon doesn’t want to cannabalize their DX sales, especially for the D7100. I’m not convinced there will be a model between the D7100 and the D600 now. The body on the D600 looks better than originally thought on this forum: per DPR, “According to Nikon, the D600 boasts a ‘very similar’ degree of weather-sealing and shock-proofing as the D800, which although not in the same league as the D4, should ensure that it survives a reasonable degree of exposure to the elements.”

      This image shows the D600’s body shell, which is mostly magnesium alloy, with some polycarbonate (notably the front panel).

  • Dave

    It’s announced. See news

  • Abetanco
  • Dawg89
  • It’s real now

    ISO 6400 pretty nice looking on the samples

  • Nate
  • fELIX

    Several websites reporting, $2,100 in US

  • Taco

    It’s showing up on Nikon’s global site: (product page still re-directs)

  • Brian

    D600 is a replacement of d700 and will be priced around $2000

  • Dave

    D600 official. news

  • Dotin
  • lS
  • KD

    It’s official. Nikon’s Japanese website has the announcement. No price listed, though.

  • Alfonso
  • desmo

    d600 on Nikon international website

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