More leaked Nikon D600 images


More images of the Nikon D600. Official announcement coming in few hours. Stay tuned for detailed coverage.

To Nikon D600will be available in body-only and with Nikkor 24-85mm kit lens:

and the Nikon 1 18.5mm f/1.8 lens in black:

Via nikonpricewatch

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  • unlikelymoose

    What a beauty!

    • Pablo Ricasso

      This thing will have the significance of a D200 and the popularity of a D90. And yeah, not bad looking.

      • Hec

        I shoot the rod at this camera! F Nikon and you tools who want to keep full frame sensors expensive and away from the masses!

        • Vandyu

          Not sure exactly what is coming out of your mouth, but I suspect you need to go to your room and flagellate yourself.

  • D400

    Right! that previous post was legit after all!

    • D400

      actually no it wasn’t. . . . . would you say the previous fake d600 pictures were photoshoped by someone who had seen the original??

    • iamlucky13

      No, it was still fake. Compare it here:

      But the basic layout was almost spot on. I’m undecided if the photoshopper had likely seen a D600, or simply cobbled together a mix of D800 and D7000 features.

      The only substantial difference I see from a quick comparison is the fake one had an AF-On button by the rear dial and a metering mode dial surround the AE-Lock button.

      Meanwhile, the images above show the D600 having a rear infrared receiver for the handy little ML-L3 remote, just like the D7000. Plus there’s a couple holes that are presumably for a small speaker for video review.

      The rest of the differences appear to be cosmetic or slight differences in button position.

      Admin – NikonUSA is down. Sorry if you’re already aware.

      • Nathan

        Utterly off-topic, but…dude…Commander Keen!

        • astro

          Thought I was the only one that got that pic… my favorite game in elementary school!

  • Mag

    does anyone know if an event like this would be streamed online?

    • No, Nikon never does that. I will include all related information in one post. Stay tuned.

      • WT21

        Is the SPECIFIC time of the announcement known, or is it just generally around midnight EDT?

        • The last two announcements that I can remember (D7000 and D800) were at 12 am EDT/EST, which is 9 pm pacific time where I am.

          • P.S. The camera looks beautiful! I didn’t like how the mode dial of the D7000 looked because it stuck out too much, but this one looks lower.

        • Sometimes they do it at 11 pm EST, sometimes at midnight. Not sure about today.

    • Mag

      If it stays under the $2000 price mark, this would make a great backup camera for a D800 or even D4.

  • Dotin

    My next camera!

  • Steve

    The front edial, shutter release and grip indentation are angled differently to the D7000.

  • confused

    is the d7000 this plasticky-looking? My d700 looks much more robust than that.

    • Michael

      No, I’m holding my D7000 right now and comparing it; from what I can see it looks like D7000 has more magnesium on the exterior. The D600 appears to be almost entirely plastic except for the top piece (excluding the flash cover).

      • JC

        Wow! Amaze me that you can scan and sense the type of material used by just looking at some low resolution pictures of a dslr.

      • smf

        That’s just because the paint hasn’t worn off yet exposing the underlying metal.

      • jason

        Am ok with “plasticky”, if the price is $900 for plastic and no magnesium.

  • BC

    Looks like it’s definitely coming with the new 24-85 as the kit lens too.

  • Shangri-La

    What’s with the view finder??

    • Zunza

      What’s wrong with it? It’s a standard Nikon DSLR viewfinder that comes on 90% of their consumer cameras.

      • George

        It’s rectangular and not circled as on all other FF bodies.

  • Froto

    I’ve handled this thing.

    • Tonz

      Froto….is that you Jared?

    • Yeh

      Ha Jared, we know its you. You having a Spreecast tonight?

    • Tonz

      Normally I look forward to your un-boxing/sniff test videos at Allen’s Camera…in this case I hope to have mine by then!

    • Justin

      How did it handle?

  • Tonz

    Looks a lot more like the D7000. Only a few diffs I can find…a few buttons reversed etc.

    • a dedicated retouch button

      disapointed by the estimated price…

      • arizonaSteve

        I am not. My D700 wont take as big a hit as I thought.

        But yeah, it seems a lot higher than the rumors were indicating.

        Kind of a bummer. Anyone want to my my D700 with 48k actuations 😉

        • What are you asking?

          • BC

            Clearly he’s asking if anyone wants to my my his D700. 😛

            • Geoff_K

              Clearly he was asking how much the man wanted. ;-P

  • Dora the explorer

    Viewfinder is concerning… a bit small for FX…

  • Tonz

    I put a $2,000 deposit tonight with my local shop to be first on their list. They tell me all dealers (incl on-line) get stock at the same time – does anyone know if that’s true?

  • T.I.M

    B&H is taking orders……for 2015

  • amien

    … Looks Like a D3200 with a FX sensor… No Af-0n button and probably no LCD screen on the top too… Essentially, you pay 1400$ more for an FX “upgrade” in an amateur body, NO WAY THANKS !

    • Travis

      Are you blind? Cant you see LCD on top on bottom two photos? Its is full frame d7000 and weights 70% more then D3200!

    • D400

      Use your eyes . . . I can see a top LCD

    • Vandyu

      If you stopped your ranting and complaining long enough to look closely at the photos, you would have observed the standard Nikon top LCD for shooting information. Yes, it’s there and the idea that Nikon would produce this camera without one is, well, absurd. So, look first, then declare to the world that you aren’t interested. Then go take some photos with whatever camera you are using.

      • Funduro

        amian uses one of those Canon EOS Rebel 3D Mark II V2.1, he just forgets the name for some reason.

  • Travis

    This is arguably the bext looking Nikon DSLR in long time. D800 on opposite is the ugliest Nikon ever. Even though it’s best Nikon DSLR at the same time.

    • Kojihugy

      Totally agree

      • amien

        My bad for the top LCD but other than that, it HAS NO AF-ON Button (big shame!) and only goes to 1/4000 , maybe no high flash sync too, this makes it a very shrink D7000 FX closer to a D3200 than an advanced cam.

        • D400

          In my D7000, the AE-L AF-L button can be reassigned to AF-on, as can the function and preview buttons. I expect it is the same in this camera

        • Iris Chrome

          AF-ON button is on the side just under the lens (like D7000).

          D700 has 1/8000 max SS and 200 base ISO = D600 1/4000 max SS and 100 base ISO.

          • RonBenson

            +1, exact same thing from a light gathering power stand point. The 25MPix sensor will probably have deeper wells which will make it even better than the good old 12MPix from a dynamic stand point.

    • What?!

      This looks exactly like a mini D800. Yet this is the best looking while the D800 is the ugliest? I LOL

    • Gimbal-wire

      D800 ugly?! LOL!

      Someone needs his eyes checked…either that or you’re another “my 5dIII is so better than your D800” kind of troll.

      • Travis

        External look is subjective thing dude. I own D800 and I still think it is very very ugly. Takes wonderful images though!
        This one does not look anything like d800 apart from dile and buttons on right side of the screen.

  • Sam

    Interesting that they’ve swapped the ISO and Qual buttons around, I wonder what the point of that was.

    Also it looks like the first FX with no circular viewfinder. I wonder if that means pentamirror instead of prism.

    • syd

      Smart man, I think you’re on it.

    • Steve

      Easier to hit the ISO button.

      • Mark V


    • No way is it pentamirror. The D90 and D7000 are both pentaprism with square viewfinder.

  • Eric Calabros

    RIP D700
    We miss you honey

  • Jason

    Nice, small and smooth. Like a toy. In a purse.

    • Vandyu

      So, Jason, have you placed your pre-order yet?

      • Jason

        Nope. Happy with D800. Maybe buy used D600 as back-up.

        (new d600 is priced like a new D700… odd)

    • Gimme D600

      Oh my thoughts Exoictly, how cuuuuuuute, it’ll go SOOOOO good with your new Sam Edelmans!!!

  • Mike

    No AF-ON button! Fail.

    • D40-owner

      EVERY Nikon DSLR can have its AE/AF-L button programmed to be AF-ON.
      Even my D40.

      • Mike

        Seriously. In many situations there are times when I need to lock exposure (AE-L button) while in Ax priority, and then focus. Or I prefocus and quickly grab and lock a meter reading from somewhere else. The D40 workaround is to switch to manual, set my exposure and then AF-ON. By then I may have missed my shot. Doable on a D40 yes, but it’s compromised. More thinking involved. For many users of AF-ON and AE-L, going “back” to a single button is a backwards step.

        • Ginza

          Well if this is ‘seriously’ needed feature to you, then you’re looking at a wrong Nikon model. It appears D800 (or even older D700) would provide a much better fit to your type of shooting.

          I also believe Nikon has ‘reserved’ AF-ON for their top camera bodies, i.e. pro level.

        • Hello!!!

          You can always assign the AE-L button as AF-ON and then assign the Fn as AE-L. Not that complicated isn’t it?

          • Maji

            It can be done, but then he hasn’t got anything to bitch about. He just wants a D4+D800 for a D320 price.

            • Mike

              Girls, girls, you’re all pretty. I’m not bitching. I use a D800 and D3s. You’re all describing work arounds. Which is fine. But if you start programming advanced buttons to do basic features, then you have a camera that gets in the way. The nice thing with these pro bodies is that they give you ultimate flexibility and speed. Not workarounds. I wasn’t going to buy the D600 anyway, but I entertained the thought when the rumored price was $1600. But I know from using using similar but older cameras that it doesn’t work for me. Maybe I’ll get it for the wife.

            • Got it!

              Yo Mike!

              Give my regards to the wife as well.

    • comuter_rob

      Easy there cowboy…this isn’t exactly a pro-level camera, so why should Nikon include the features that come on US$3000+ bodies?

      Fail?! Far from it actually. Program the AF-L/AE-L button to do AF-ON if you’re keen on it – simple.

  • syd

    This looks like the real deal.

  • me

    Basically, it’s just a FX version of the D7000, I’m ok with that!! 🙂

    • Vandyu

      Me 2!

    • Tonz

      Hey me. Me too. That’s really what I was looking for…now for the price? We should know in a few hours!

    • I LOVE my D7000. Having one full frame will be perfect. D7000 becomes backup/second shooter cam and I will have a pretty decent setup.

      • Tonz

        Yep. A D600 to take advantage of my investment in FX glass and the D7000 for a backup and to make use of my DX glass. I wanted a D800 until I rented one and realized how sensitive it is – need a tripod to get the best results. The file sizes slowed me down too. I would LOVE to have a D800 in addition that I could use for landscapes and portraits, but I can’t afford it all (amateur/enthusiast).

  • Jay

    Hmmm. No 10 pin socket. IR remote? Deal breaker for me. More available for you guys 🙂

  • peteee363

    when i saw the price might be 2700 list, that is only 300 less then a d800, i would rather have a d800 for 300 more. i hope the price was wrong, and it will be closer to two grand.

    • Maji

      I now believe that you did not read the full post by Admin. If you did, you wouldn’t have typed this drivel. I am tired of people posting crap without reading entire posts. Go back and read the entire post and especially pay attention to the last line. Now come back and post what Admin said the price tag he thinks the D600 will carry.

  • WAlfaro

    Too bad it does not have a dedicated af-on button. Would be too expensive for more than 2 thousand.

  • Groosome

    I doubt it will be pentamirror. The housing is bigger than the D7000 which has a DX prism. I think swapping the qual/ISO buttons is a good idea. I was always confused initially with the +/- on my D7000 although now since I’m used to it I’ll have to adjust again if I get a D600… + should be above – 🙂 However I won’t be getting one for some time if they release it at $2000.

    • Gimme D600

      I’m thinking $1499 CAD min and $1799 CAD max! If it’s within that range, considering specs and hopefully weather sealing, I’m going for one!

  • All For Teags

    This is the first piece of gear that I have followed on NR from the beginning rumor stages. It’s been interesting reading the comments speculating on the specs, price, etc.

    Glad that’s over now – let’s see some images from this thing!

    Good job, Admin.

    • Thanks!

      • rhlpetrus

        Good job again, you got this one very early. One small but important point I didn’t see in specs so far: 14 bit Raw?

      • Maji

        Great job indeed!!! I remember your scoop on the D800. Remember those naysayers? 🙂

        • I think the most important aspect for a rumor site is how far in advance they can predict a new product. Everybody knows the specs 1 day before the announcement. I first wrote about the D600 in April, 2012.I think at that point even Nikon was not clear what and when they will announce.

      • NR fan

        always a fan.. better then TV… lol

    • T.I.M

      @All For Teags
      And what about me ???

      I predicted for many years that Nikon will not make a D400
      Even Peter agree with me on that point.

      OK, I also said many BS but only to help NR to stay a rumor website.

  • disiderio

    I was keen on this bit of kit, but the controls aren’t really sympathetic to on the move assignments. I can understand why this is a consumer piece of equipment. Otherwise, this would make a good back up to a d800e for instance.

    Additionally, after I shot an event with a d700, I had a friend provide me with their d7000 files to process. I really felt there was a huge difference in how the files handled tonal ranges, especially highlights and recovering detail. The d7000 wasn’t too crash hot. I wonder what the difference in the sensors is and whether this new camera will use a sensor similar to that used in the d7000.

  • Rebel

    I hope price it’s around 1500€ …

  • richard

    Here’s my question, why would I buy this when for $300 more I can buy a much better full frame camera (D800)?

    • Rebel

      I agree
      for this reason I think D600 will cost less 1700-1800$

      • Gimme D600


        Cannabilizing D800 sales is not the point oft his camera, also it is much smaller and less robust then the D800.

    • Can You Read?

      Please do read the post about the $2700 pricing again, AGAIN! It clearly mentioned in the last paragraph that $2700 is the price in Japan. The D800 was priced at $3800 when it was released in Japan. Japanese price has always been higher than market elsewhere. The D600 should fall in the region of $1800-2100, not $2700.

      • NR fan


  • Toonie

    if this thing uses the same ff sensor as Sony A99 or RX1 then the $2,700 price tag seems possible >.<



    Now get this thing side-by-side with a D800 & a D7000, so we can see how it sizes up.

    • Vandyu

      Yeah, would really like to see the three cameras in different poses side by side. I think a lot of people will be pleased with the smaller size. It’s got my attention.

    • I will do it with the full size images once they announce the camera.

  • W

    Well, people expecting a sub 2k body ($1500) are day dreaming. If you go by how much dx bodies are going for, you cannot get an FX body for $1500 in the next 4 years. I think Nikonrumors plays a big role in hyping up the features and our expectations only to see them get squished when the actual product arrives hehe. Having said that I love Nikonrumors as it’s the only website that has a hit rate of more than 90% except for may be sonyrumors but I think sonyrumors benefits from deliberate corporate leaks plus the hype that sonyrumors admin creates is just too much!!

  • THANK GOD the mode dial has a button lock. The amount of times I’ve bumped my D7000 into Aperture Priority or U1 mode is ridiculous.

    • Ben Dover

      I just hope that retouch button can be reprogrammed, I scratch that sh!t off!

    • Tonz


    • Oh yes. I had not noticed. That is one of the very few design features that really cause me irritation on the D7000. The lack of memory card door lock is the other. There must be something wrong with the way I hold the camera but I seem to manage to open it almost every second frame I shoot.

      That said, I wish they’d just put a digital sensor in an F100 body. For me personally that has easily the best handling of every camera I own. (No I don’t own any single digit bodies. Sigh.)

    • I find it most convenient to have the strap over my shoulder and the lens facing back. The dial always gets move without realizing it.

  • Nuggies

    Finally…. there’s exposure mode lock mechanism! I hate I always accidentally flick that knobs on my D7000

    • Leonardo Baraldi

      Me 2

  • ericnl

    copy from my post in the 215000 Yen thread:

    let’s put aside the comparisons to other full frame cameras for a moment and just look at the rumoured specs: doesn’t the D600 at that point look exactly like what you would expect the D7000 upgrade to be like, only with an added FX sensor?

    at B&H the current D7000 sells for $996.95 so if the D600 is really going to be $2100.00 it would mean that the additional cost of an FX sensor over a DX sensor in this D7100FX would be $1100.00+

    • Pablo Ricasso

      Even if the price is fairly high, we can expect it to come down in a fairly short time because they’re going to crank out a lot of these. Let’s hope they can start with the price low, so they can reach a manufacturing critical mass faster.

    • KnightPhoto

      C’mon EricNL,

      Why are people comparing an end of life D7000 price to a beginning of life D600 price and then forming conclusions? Clearly the D7000 dropped significantly recently due to its pending EOL status.

      People, here are the introductory prices:
      – D700 $2999
      – D800 $2999
      – D600 we don’t know yet
      – D300 $1799
      – D7000 $1199
      Use those prices if you want to form some conclusions.

      Same for you Kwanon people, stop comparing obsolete 5Dii pricing as if a 4 year old no longer in production camera pricing has any relevance to do with this.

      And for gosh sakes don’t compare Japan to US to Europe to Pound straight across.

      Sheesh, talk about apples to oranges!

    • With FX also comes a nicer, bigger prism/viewfinder. Also the back LCD is slightly larger, along with some other minor improvements like a locking dial and a video record button.

      Another commenter did a size comparison and showed that it is actually larger than a D7000, so the build quality may actually be a bit higher.

  • Nikon fan

    Applauds to Admin!

  • Postman

    Size wise, using the lens mount as the constant you can see that this is bigger than the D7000. In fact its a comparable difference going from the D5100 up to the D7000, more or less the same difference going up to the D600 from the D7000.

    I’ve done this to illustrate what I mean, the outlines basically being from Nikon’s product shots of the D600 (blue), D7000 (green) and D5100 (red) overlayed onto the D800 keeping the lens mount exactly the same position and size:


    • Ric

      throw a D300 in there for me. yellow is a good color

  • sam

    Enough with the price talk please. The $2700 is simply the US equivalent in Japan…it has nothing to do with the price in the USA. Products are more expensive in Japan because it is a tiny island that happens to produce great cameras.

    • WaxOn WaxOff

      Whoa! This thing is $2700?!?!? Why so mash? 😉

  • R8R

    About some of these comments – this an ENTHUSIAST level camera. Not pro. Stop whining about what it lacks. Seriously.

    It has a 100% viewfinder. The exterior viewfinder window is the standard consumer affair from Nikon. It only lacks the dedicated cover/switch found on the slightly larger circular viewfinder windows, which is handy when doing long exposures in a tripod, etc. It will still come (I assume) with the clip-on cover. No biggie.

    The AE-L/AF-L works as AF ON and AF LOCK. Just like the D100, D70, D70s, D50, D40, D40x, D80, D90, D7000, D3000, D3100, D3200, D5000, D5100, ETC ETC ETC ETC. Having a dedicated AF ON button is exclusive to the pro bodies, not the consumer and enthusiast level bodies. Get the f*ck over it.

    The D-pad and the rest of the lower right hand controls on the back are configured more like the other FF bodies and not like the D7000. So bravo for Nikon for thinking of people that might actually be pros looking for a cheap backup body to the D800, D700, etc.

    The dedicated re-touch button is a head scratcher, as is the flipping of the ISO and Qual buttons, cause with it they switched the zoom in/out buttons too. WTF? It’s like somewhere in between a D7000 and D800 layout on the left side. It would be nice to see Nikon find one common button layout for all bodies, or at least make each one assignable.

    If it drops below $2k, I’m on it. If it’s as expensive as I’ve been reading, like north of $2300, forget it.

    • Roc

      D300 has a dedicated AF-ON button.

      • Iris Chrome


      • EnPassant

        Because it is a Semi-Pro body just like D700 and D800.

  • arizonaSteve

    Does that port on the side on with the icon of the headphones say “mic?”

  • I want a second pro body to take some burden away from my old D700. This clearly doesn’t seem like a pro body… so now what, D800 or D4??? Oh I’d like them both and then scrap the D700 LOL….

    • R8R

      Here’s a nutty idea: buy another D700.

  • Chris

    I know I read it somewhere, but what time are the event[s] due to start? Central US time?

  • Rebel

    What price do you think D600 will have in Euros?

  • Tim

    Here the specs at
    Use Google Translate to get the English version.

    • rhlpetrus

      It says price 1,500-1,800 depending on conf, I read it to be body and body+lens. If true, amazing.

    • Rebel

      great price if it’s true 🙂

      • hmm

        I read that also. So there’s a ~1K difference in price in Europe to Japan? Wow.

        • Rebel

          yes and also in US

          from home page:
          ”The US prices of Nikon gear are usually lower […]

          The price of the Nikon D600 in Japan is rumored to be ¥215,000 (around $2,700)

          The D800 costs around ¥298,000 in Japan and $3000 in the US. With this ratio, I expect the D600 US price to be around $2,100.”

          • Yeah, but..

            Yeah, except 2100 is considerably more than the 1500 listed on that website. They probably took the rumor price to heart and it’s really 1999.

            • Rebel

              I hope that website is right so finally I can buy a FF 😀

              I think 2100 is too high…

            • luc

              As said by someone connected to a store, $1,500 was the dealer price…

  • rhlpetrus

    Video button is on top, at the side of tha shutter release b. Nice.

  • Rich in TX

    looks cute. Think I will get a couple for my wife and my daughter

  • Nikonnut

    I really hope when it’s announced it won’t have the 2k metering and 39 point af as rumored. A hybrid af ala Nikon 1, canon 650d, Sony a99 please! Other than that all good!

  • Ric

    no metering mode dial? That is not good. I flip between Spot and Matrix all the time.

    D300 btw.

    • KnightPhoto

      The function button and preview button can be programmed to invoke spot metering on the D7000, ergo… D600 can do the same.

      • Ric

        OK, then no bracketing for the FN? If I recall right my D80 had a metering mode button on top by the LCD.

    • Geoff_K

      assign the fn button to spot ?

    • Iris Chrome

      Meter mode button on top next to shutter button.

      • Ric

        Or is that exposure compensation?

        hard to tell. maybe, next to the record button?

        • Iris Chrome

          No, it’s got both buttons. Meter button is closer to LCD.

          • Ric

            Ok, got it. that link a few threads up from the spanish site has a view from above.

            I also missed the bracketing button on the left side.

  • Alex Vaib

    D600 @ 2100$, the next question how many bodies between D600 and D3200, because too much space in the range price. We’ll a D400 probably @ 1700$, does Nikon will merge D5000 and D7000 for a body at 1150$ or keep the both line D5100 @ 800$ and D7100@1200$ ???

  • Mike

    Why are you guys bothering with ‘leaked’ images? Just go to Ken Rock’s website. He’s had one already for weeks, even though adorama and bh will start shipping to normal people sometime in October, of next year, right before, and i mean a day or two before, they ship out their first D800E. He already has declared it the world’s best camera that you don’t need so someone let Nikon know please.

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