More Nikon D600 leaks: full specs and new images

Those new Nikon D600 and WU-1b images and detailed specs were just published in a Malaysian forum:

Sensor: 24,3MP CMOS  Total: 24.7 million

Image size

FX 36mm x 24mm :
6,016 x 4,016 (L) 4,512 x 3,008 (M) 3,008 x 2,008 (S)

DX 24mm x 16mm
3,936 x 2,624 (L) 2,944 x 1,968 (M) 1,968 x 1,312 (S)

FX-format photographs taken in movie live view :
6,016 x 3,376 (L) 4,512 x 2,528 (M) 3,008 x 1,688 (S)

DX-format photographs in movie live view :
3,936 x 2,224 (L) 2,944 x 1,664 (M) 1,968 x 1,112 (S)

ISO 100 ~ 6,400. ( 50 - 25600)

Finder: 100% coverage.

AF: 39 points.

Shutter: 1/4,000 ~ 30 sec, bulb. Carbon fiber and Kevlar, tested to 150,000 cycles.

2,016-Segment RGB Meter

Flash Sync: 1/200. Built-in Flash

Frame Rate: 5,5 FPS.

Rear LCD: Exquisite 3.2," 921,000 pixels.


The Nikon D600 can capture Full HD (1080p; 1,920 x 1,080 pixel) video at either 24, 25 or 30 frames per. For 720p (1,280 x 720 pixel) video, a rate of 60 frames per second is possible. Video can either be shot using data from pixels across the entire width of the image sensor in FX mode, or with a 1.5x (DX-format) focal length crop, taking data from the center of the imager, without affecting the video resolution.

Videos are recorded using H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC format compression, maximum clip length is 29 minutes, 59. Even more unusually, it's possible to have the live feed piped to the D600's HDMI port as an uncompressed full HD signal, allowing it to be recorded using an external device and/or routed to an external monitor. If desired, this signal can be mirrored on the camera's own LCD display at the same time; the off-camera feed doesn't have any overlays added, so as not to impact external recording devices.

And the time-lapse photography function can be used to automatically photograph relatively slow moving action

HDMI HD output

White Balance
"The D600's intelligent auto white balance algorithm renders white as truly white even when shot under a wide range of light sources, including mercury vapor light. The D600 analyzes color and brightness information of the scene before shooting utilizing Scene Recognition System, and detects the light source highly accurately by referencing its massive collection of in-camera shooting data. The D600 also carries another auto white balance mode that maintains warm lighting ambience when you shoot under incandescent light"

Auto (2 types), 2500 K-10000 K

EN-EL15, standard; same as D7000 and D800.

Connect with smart devices through the Wireless Mobile Adapter (Android and iOS devices )

Nikon announced an optional Wi-Fi transmitter for the camera. The WU-XX clips into the USB socket of the D600 and allows you to broadcast its images to smartphones and tablets running a Nikon app. The unit allows the camera's live view output to be streamed to the smart device and allows images to be shot remotely. The WU-XX immediately transfers photos and also allows you to upload them to social networks to share with friends and family

Android smartphones and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod)

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  • Perfect camera for vast number of advanced amateurs, if specs’ and expected price are true. On edgesof my toes for it…
    Only worrying thing is White Balance for me. As written – ONLY Automatic (though 2 different modes). I hope that’s wrong and that fixed non-auto white balance settings will be available. Those would be trivial so maybe that’s why rumors don’t go in details.

    • oh my

      Just shoot in RAW. No need for white balance.

      • Global

        Only 1/200 flash sync……..

        I feel sad about that.

    • Rob

      It doesn’t say it’s only automatic. It says there are three WB modes: 2 automatic WB modes (intelligent and warm?), and 1 manual WB mode (Kelvin).

      • ben

        auto or Kelvin 2500 K-10000 K cover everything

    • Steve

      I think it means it has two types of auto WB not just one plus all the usual presets plus manual adjustment between 2500-10000k.

    • Not Surprised

      What worries me:

      $500 grip, probably, if D800 is indication. At least $400 or $350 grip… required for such a tiny cam. Otherwise full grown men’s hands will struggle.

      A poor 1/200 flash sync, needlessly (not good), which is troubling. It should be 1/250 by now, no excuses at all; 1/200 is not even cheaper. This is just punishing the user for no reason.

      1/4000, instead of FX 1/8000; again, needlessly — no cost savings. 1/4000-1/8000 is CRITICAL when you are using FX primes outside. If you use Prime Lenses in daylight and like shallow depth – forget it.

      A cheapo shutter curtain rated lower. Indicating that other critical internal parts will be much lower quality. The LCD and viewfinder being the key points to distract you from this.

      Construction quality will be much lower, less body protection. Probably less water-proofing, if any; who knows. Don’t should in rain or drop this one. Although should be fairly reliable, being a Nikon; I trust that much.

      The focus components will probably be the SAME generation as the D4 and D800 — but with less tight quality quality. So you can probably expect it will not focus correctly on the left side.

      6400 ISO is as good as the D700 and with binning may be better. But still; its unclear why they stopped at 6400. If the D800 can do more with 36MP, and the D4 goes further — it doesn’t make sense to artificially cripple the D600. 12,800 should be the number.

      Who knows what connection ports will be missing for studio work…

      Overall, you can see why this will be priced where it is.

      • Not Surprised

        By the way, I still think this will be a great camera – I’m just explaining some things that I feel are missing, which trouble me as a photographer — but which point to the price. Obviously my point-and-shoot is much worse, but I own it for reasons.

      • Ben

        You can buy a ND filter if you are using fast lenses wide open in bright sunlight. Personally, I haven’t ever used faster than 1/2000.

        The difference between 1/200 and 1/250 synch speed is virtually nothing. With FP flash, and plenty of flash power, it is not relevant anyway.

        • Rhys

          ND’s are pain in the @ss.
          If your shooting a wedding at F1.4 for instance you will have to keep taking the ND off and putting it back on.

          Step outside I need to put ND on. Step inside I need to take ND off. Take a picture out the window I need to put ND on. Waste of time.

          Would of been happy if Nikon actually made a FF D7000.
          This is a FF D6100

        • Not Surprised

          That’s just one thing Ben — a cut corner.

          There are TONS more of cut corners.

          If the price was good, no issue. But if price is bad ($2000 range) then its going to suck.

  • Ghoma

    Really the only reason I want this to be super affordable and super good is to see D7000 price go down.

    I would be happy like a baby.

    I think I would be good for a while then. When I’ll start wanting a full frame, Nikon D620 will be out 😀

  • Nikon Fan

    The D600 is a “entry level” FF camera. That’s all. Nikon is releasing the D600 for all type of users: prosumers, consumers and users that can only use the “Auto” mode.

    Admin said that Nikon might have another release this year. Hopefully a professional camera like the D710 or D400.

    • Nikon don’t ruin it.

      Hope Nikon doesn’t ruin this one like they did with D800 AF issues and green tinged LCD….

      Nikon are you reading this!

      • Eric

        What are you a pro? Then I’m sure you have a camera already and your fine. get another one if you need more. Or get the D800 which is flawless now. Its September ..not April. Or if your just some amateur wait. Wait till they iron out the kinks. Kinks happen these days given the level of

    • Vandyu

      It’s amazing how many people on this forum think they know everything about cameras (the tools) and photography (the vision). Statements labeling a new camera as basically being an unworthy tool for the skilled photographer only shows a misunderstanding that any camera in the hands of the visionary can produce excellent work. At some point, the few select leaders in the field were enthusiasts and, likely, would have been proud to hone their skills with a “consumer” camera such as the D600.

      • St.

        Well said.

        • PHB


          None of the handheld cameras available in Ansel Adam’s time came remotely close to the capabilities of the D3100 with kit glass let alone the up market models and pro lenses.

          The only real difference between serious amateurs and full time pros is the amount of wear their gear gets. If you are a full time pro and use your gear every single day you might just manage to wear out a D600 before it becomes ready for a replacement but you would have to work very hard at that indeed.

          I can’t see any possibility of a D400 full frame now. There really is no point and not a great deal of point to a D400 DX either – if this has the expected price point. A D400 DX would have to be 24MP to have any point to it at all. Otherwise you might as well get a D7100. And even though there are real advantages to the DX format for some folk, 16MP vs 24 is not a huge deal really and the CX format is going to kill for really long reach anyway.

          Does not seem to me to be much point to an even cheaper FX camera either when you have to pay $1500+ per lens for there to be any point to FX.

          So I think I will be getting one eventually but not till I have the cash for the camera and the lenses to make it useful (and the time to use ’em).

      • BartyL


      • Tommy


      • Peter

        They probably even would have done just fine with a D100…

      • Nikon Fan


        My comments is about how the D600 is built, not about the features. It is based upon the specification that we know so far. The D600 is built just like the D7000. It has magnesium alloy only on top and back only. The rest is plastic.

        It is a strategy that Nikon is using to make it affordable.

        • Global

          I don’t know why you think Magnesium alloy costs $1,500…. but.. okay. In fact, Nikon is cutting corners all over the place in this body.

          1/200 flash sync.

          And a shutter curtain that is rated poorer.

          Who knows what else they cut corners on.

      • John Caballero

        Exactly! The D600 is going to be a superb camera. As professional as the person using it.

    • Steve

      You were making a pretty objective statement until you started being condescending and saying its for Auto setting users and implying that full frame cameras should only be for ‘professionals’. Let me just say this, as someone who has been making a living off of a D90 for the past year, your camera has very little bearing on the quality of work you produce. I have come across many ‘professionals’ who had a D3/4 that didn’t even know how to set exposure for proper indoor event photography. And personally, I can not justify spending all the money on a D800/4 knowing that I have to shell out even more money to upgrade my glass; when my current set-up is doing the job just fine. The D600 might be a good option for full frame without the hefty price tag, but even then, its not about having the best camera, it’s about being the person behind the camera.

      • elijah

        THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I support my family of 4 with a D7000. Would I like a D4? Yes, but I wouldn’t buy one just so I could call myself a pro. By definition I am a pro because this is how I make a living

      • Richard

        +1 thank you!

    • Pdf Ninja

      Many professionals want a small, lightweight full-frame camera. Mountaineers, travelers, etc.

      • Bacon Bits

        Hang me with a new rope Boy, I’d hate to see what the final product would be like by all the optical designers in this group of wannabe’s! Be satisfied with all the fantastic technology that is available these days…. (next week, even more!) Take your old FTn off the shelf and try and use it in today’s competitive marketplace. I have one of those boat anchors as well as a spankin’ new D800… lightyears of difference in the two flagship Nikon’s. I still use my old glass on my new 36meg sensor… fantastico in A and M modes. Stop bitchin, braggin, and bemoanin and get to shootin!

    • Nikon Fan

      All I was trying to say is that the D600 is not the replacement for the D700 or D300S.

      The D600 is a great camera but it was built very tiny and cheap (mostly plastic like the D7000). The idea is to have a FF entry-level camera that is affordable for all users.

  • Take it easy Francis

    Whole lotta angst on pure speculation… but as long as we are speculating. Anyone read anything or have an idea on whether the D7000 grip would be compatable… I haven’t seen size spec’s to see of the form’s are compatable. Would be nice to have a D7k/D600 combo like I had with my D300/700-MBD10…. same memory, batteries and grip.

    • Iris Chrome

      I hope not.

      I mean I already have the D7000 and the grip so it would be a plus for me that I don’t have to shell out an extra $250 for an additional grip but the MB-D11 is so inconvenient when it comes to changing batteries.

      • Dave in the USA

        I would be surprised if you change batteries more than once every 500 shots. What an inconvenience. A film camera would absolutely cripple you.

        • Iris Chrome

          Chill out Dave in the USA.

          I said inconvenient not the end of the world. I’d much rather prefer to have the two batteries fit into the battery grip than haven one in the grip and one in the camera.

          BTW, even though I use a grip, I use only one battery. The grip is there to provide better form more than anything else. That means unscrewing and screwing the grip every time I have to recharge. Inconvenient that’s all.

          • Duh!

            Well, keep that one battery in only the grip….

            • Iris Chrome

              Ok will try that and see if it works.

              But seriously dude, you’re gonna sit there and tell me it’s not even inconvenient?

          • Dave

            It’s not inconvenient if you manage your body and batteries properly.

            I use only 1x EN-EL15 battery in the body but I then put a tray with 6x rechargeable 2500mah AA batteries in the grip. I can shoot all day pretty much just on the AA batteries but when they die the EN-EL15 takes over while I replace or just recharge (got a nice 30 min recharger) those AA’s.

            I actually shot a music festival over 5 days, 9,000 photos taken on D7000 and D300s (I have 2x EN-EL3’s for my D300s with MB-D10 grip) and even though I shot more on the D7000 (I find the picture, colour and light performance much better than the D300s) I didn’t have to remove and recharge the EN-EL15 once on site.

    • MEC

      nice “Stripes” quote…

    • I raised this question with Admin a long time ago. I questioned the ‘extra’ slot on the MB-D11 forward of the connecting pins. We came to no conclusion so I will be waiting to see if it indeed fits. I wouldn’t be surprised.

      On a separate note; there will most likely be more than one to three white balance selections. Like there has been on every Nikon DSLR since, there has been an incandescent, sun, shade etc. white balance setting. It would be unreasonable for Nikon to remove this feature. Especially considering this is an ‘entry level’ FF camera.

  • Artur

    AF speed and accuracy – how good these will be?
    focus fine-tuning for each lens – is this included?
    Image quality on ISO>400?

    higher flash sync would be nice indeed but to me it would have to be somewhere around 1/500 s to make a difference; 1/200 vs 1/250 makes no difference really (I think D40 has had 1/500 s, correct?)
    and as for the shutter speed – only once or twice this has been a limitation to me (OK, @ 1/8000, but still…); I’ve taken photos @ more than 1/2000 s only a couple of times and none of them got to my personal TOP100, so I couldn’t care less
    and quite frankly – if you’re out to shoot on a desert or a glacier you really could prepare yourself with some filters, don’t you think?

    to me it’s a fantastic ‘semi-pro’ /entry FF camera; if you make your living on photography – stop complaining about high prices and go for D4/D800 – those are models intended for you;
    but if photography is more of a hobby to you then I can’t understand why on earth couldn’t you live without 1/8000 & 1/250 and/or how would it help your photography…
    FF picture quality is what will make a difference, all the FF lenses will make a difference, ergonomics and AF quality will make a difference, and the $1000 will
    if you currently use a D700 – I don’t know if it makes sense to switch

    but 1/8000 shutter speed and marginally faster sync speed? who cares…

    • ashwins

      “AF speed and accuracy – how good these will be?”

      Good question, Artur!

      That’s what I want to find out first because the D600 seems to have the same AF (+metering) as D7000.

      I had to send my D7000 to service because the AF wasn’t accurate neither consistent with my 50mm f/1.8G using large apertures. Nikon re-adjusted the AF and now it is better but not as accurate as D300’s AF.

  • fjfjjj

    Yes, I am also else of reading it! Good point, Niktard!

  • …I really hope this is wrong about the 39-point AF. Not a fan of it. Not strong in low light.

    • Joe Bear

      +1. Hate the D7000 autofocus. I take the D300 every day over it when shooting sports. Most of the younger student newspaper photogs disagree, but they tend to get less in focus pictures as a result. Trololol.

  • NR Enthusiast

    At 1/4000 I can freeze the wings on the fastest hummingbird. How often does anyone shoot at 1/8000? If you’re shooting during a supernovae, then I can see where that would be required. However, if sun has gone nova, you’ve got other concerns.

    1/200 flash sync? Compared to the 1/250 of the D800 or D7000, whoopdee doo. Compared to the 5DM3… oh wait, it’s the same. What are you gonna buy today that has a 1/500 flash sync? D70? D1H/X? The electronic shutters on these cameras had a life expectancy 1/3 of D600.

    If it’s IQ and ISO performance are as expected, then this is a fine addition for an enthusiast. It is not targeted for professionals.

    • padlockd

      I was looking at those two specs and wondering, “wait a minute, the D7000 can do better than that.” You have a good point for both. Plus there are ways around both of those, such as ND filters and using a Nikon flash (high speed sync).

      In the end, you’re getting a nice little FF camera for (I hope) much less than a D800, and maybe much less than even a D700. People should be able to live with that.

      • Philipp

        D7000 got 1/8000 and ISO 100.

        D600 – according to this specs – got 1/4000 and ISO 50.

        Quite the same, if you ask me – unless you want to shoot insekts in flight or smth moving reeeeally fast.

    • Tomas

      I use 1/8000 s. very, very often. Sunny Juni, July, August afternoon, outdoor portraits with Nikor AF-S 85/1.8G, blurred background by F2.2 and 1/8000 sec. is normal counted time and I sometimes I cannot use larger aperture then F2.8 because I would need 1/16000 sec.

      • ericnl

        just buy an ND filter. problem solved.

        • Tomas

          Sunny day + ND filter = more lens flare + little influence on colors and sharpness.
          (ND filter: 85/1.8 and 35/1.8 has another filter diamaters and I have ND filter for 16-85 and it has another diameter. The reduction cannot be used with lens hood. )

        • Joven

          Why do people act like this is the automatic solution? Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t want to put a filter over my lens if I don’t have to do it, not to mention that I’m not going to walk around with a filter for ever lens in my bag if i want to go out and shoot. Also, 1/4000 sec is usually an indication that HSS is not an option.

          It completely reduces the chance that you’re going to miss a moment if you’re trying to whip out a filter.

          • Rob

            Then stop complaining and buy a D800. Or do you go to the Ford forums and complain that the new Focus can’t do 0-60 in 4.6 seconds?

            • baked bananas

              + 100

              and the Focus does zero to junk in less than 2 years

            • Joven

              HORRIBLE comparison. This shutter isn’t comparable to the an engine. I didn’t ask for a full mag body, clean ISOs at 12,800, 7FPS, and 61 AF pts, and full weather sealing.

              If anything, this would be complaining that the car doesn’t haven’t leather seats or paddle shifters as a standard. Yeah, it might not have a direct impact on the complete shooting experience, but If I’m buying a $40k BMW, entry level or not, I don’t expect you to skip over what is becoming expected at that pricing point. ESPECIALLY when models cheaper than your car have them.

      • I dont know which camera you’re comming from but comming from a d3/700/300 and for the shooting you are talking about the 1/4000 shutter speed is simply compensated by the native ISO 100 and pull 50.

        Regards rearranged

      • Anthony

        So…use ISO 50.

      • a D7000 with a shutter speed of 1/8000 with iso 100 will get you the same thing as a D600 with a shutter speed of 1/4000 set on iso 50. Problem solved 🙂

    • MiraShootsNikon

      +1 to this:

      “I use 1/8000 s. very, very often. Sunny June, July, August afternoon, outdoor portraits with Nikor AF-S 85/1.8G, blurred background by F2.2 and 1/8000 sec. is normal counted time and I sometimes I cannot use larger aperture then F2.8 because I would need 1/16000 sec.”

      I’d use an ND filter if I had to, but it’s kludgy solution. The biggest problem is that using one cuts the amount of light going to your AF sensors, so focusing gets harder–ironically, when you *most* need it for those shallow depths of field you’re trying to hit. And even very high-quality, color neutral NDs screw around with a shot’s color and white balance.

      The 1/4000 max shutter, 1/200 flash sync speed really disappoints. I know, I know, you can’t please everyone. But I think there are lots of people–daylight portrait shooters, particularly–who’d agree with me.


      • Ben

        low iso is the answer.
        in film days you would use 25 iso for something like that.

      • Snap Snap

        Easy, get a D800..rather than whining n b1tching in here 😀

  • Tyler Evert

    I keep thinking how this camera has to beat the 7D Mark II, another-words it has to be at least 8 fps, full frame, low noise, and 24 mega.

    • Chase

      You mean the 6D, which is rumored to have fewer MP (22), a slightly slower still frame rate (4.9), and fewer AF points?

      The 7D is aimed at the Nikon Dx00 DX range (D300, and presumed D400 range). The D600 is a completely new line, as is the (rumored) 6D.

  • Bryan

    I own the D7000. I use the on board flash in commander mode to wirelessly trigger my SB700. I am not a professional but I do use this setup indoors/outdoors a lot.

    I have been so excited at the idea of a full frame in my price range, but I just wish it could have at least the cls commander mode for the flash like my D7000 has. I can live with 1/4000 shutter and even 1/200 sync but the no commander mode is gonna hurt.

    Unless it’s not included in these specs and it’s on the camera itself, do you guys think it won’t have a commander mode for the onboard flash?

    • mr don

      maybe you can use pocketwizard?

      • Bryan

        Agreed I could totally use pocket wizard, but that will cost me a few hundred dollars to invest in a transmitter and two or more receivers. I would do it if I had to its just a bummer since I have that capability built into the D7000 and use it now.

        • Bryan

          I’m not complaining about Nikon bringing out a full frame camera in the D600, it is rather exciting, I was just saying I would like to “upgrade” from the D7000 to a full frame D7000, and if that costs 2300 then I would pay the difference.

          BTW does any one know if Nikon would bring out a camera in between the D600 and the D800?

    • BC

      I cannot imagine that it wouldn’t have CLS commander mode. I feel almost certain it will.

      • +1

      • Joe Bear

        I agree. I do however think (I’m throwing out an opinion out there) that CLS is really overrated. It’s something extra and nice to have, but nothing beats working with cheap wireless adapters or pocket wizards when I’m working with flash outdoors, even at night. Light fall-off from the optical triggers has its limitations, and it’s something I’d rather not deal with when I’m tracking light hitting my subjects, which I personally think is more important to think about when you’re pressed for time. Now I haven’t worked with any Joe McNally setups with a bajillion flashes, so wireless would get expensive by that point I suppose, even with cheapo wireless triggers.

  • Luke Meeajaun

    The photo of the D600 shows both a Mode Dial and a Mode Button… FAKE

    • Anthony

      That could be the exposure compensation button…so maybe not a fake.

    • Travis

      Then D7000 which has exact same arrangement must be fake despite its two years of existence! 🙂

  • Mat

    I bet the grip for this think will be like $700 and a month later they will drop it to $500 and by the end of the year it will be down to $299.00

    Those F@ckers… I still need to get my D800 grip… 🙁

  • ered

    Two people on DPR have said the rjmored price is $1,899. If that’s the price this camera is not worth it to me.

    • Justin

      Maybe that is the price with a kit lens. At $1899 this still represents a rather heady value compared to the nearest competitor 5D2 = 21 mpx, 3.9 fps, 3 in lcd, crippled 8 year old AF <= $1999; 5D3 = 22 mpx, 6 fps, 3.2 lcd, state of the art AF, improved metering <=$3500

      This camera is a revolution. People have been clamoring for an entry-level full frame camera for years. Here it is.

      One day someone will make a mirrorless full frame interchangeable lens camera to compete. Until then this is the goods.

      • This is by no means an entry level full frame camera. It s a prosumer full frame camera, easyly usable professionally in the studio and for people who wach after their stuff.

        The entry level full frame is coming in 6 years with the all plastic nikon d3800 without AF motor and Pentaprsim but with swivel touch-screen 😉

        • Rob

          If this full frame isn’t entry level, which is? Which full frame camera would you get BEFORE you get this one (entering the full frame market?).

          We’ll know whether it’s professional or not when Nikon tells us it’s not (will not qualify for NPS).

          • rearranged

            The 5D mk I 😉


            My statement was rather meant at the gear snobs who are saying that this camera is no good since it’s probably under 2000 bucks.

    • Dakota

      LOL, name me a camera with those specs, FULL FRAME at that price? the 5DMII is $2000 and doesn’t have half those specs or video capability.
      Do people just post on here to hear their own voice.
      Sometimes stupidity should be kept to one’s self.

      • Joven

        The price hasn’t been announced yet. Not to mention the 5D2 has features that are still missing from this camera. To act like there isn’t a give and take between the two cameras is ridiculous.

        • Rob

          How much money you wanna put down that it is/isn’t gonna be $1500 at release? $1500? Not so sure of yourself anymore?

          • Joven

            I never thought it was going to be less than $1,800. Also, to act like you could hold someone to an internet bet is foolish.

  • KID

    TOO LATE NIKON, I’m not waiting for a D400 nor a D700 replacement! I’m done and just sold my last piece of Nikon gear on eBay. I’m SICK of the games! You need to cater to the loyal users, the professionals who live and die by their photos, first. You DO NOT so bye bye. I don’t need you any more because there are other manufacturers and choices. Now more than ever. So, go ahead and play your games, don’t listen to you customers, don’t admit when you have made a mistake (see: D800 focus and other issues), and see how many people you lose to Canon/Sony/Leica/m43rds, etc.

    • Me

      Easy there sport. You sound like a scorned woman breaking up with a guy.

      • baked bananas

        Because he is a scorned woman… Or some Pathetic Canon troll.

        If you have an issue

        Here’s a tissue

        • KID

          Nobody said anything about Canon. Real photographers need tools, not games by manufacturers who cater to, Hmmmm, their own self preservation. Just see what Thom Hogan has to say as writes abut it daily on his blog. For the life of me I don’t understand why what I write, directed towards Nikon, offends you. If this is you, you are the one with a problem. Especially if you cannot see that Nikon has purposely left a big hole in their camera lineup, leaving out their most loyal customer. OK, now you can remove your nose from Nikon’s back side 😉

    • enesunkie

      Sony? Yea, they really cater to the professional. 🙂

    • Andre

      Blah blah fishpaste

    • Hoax

      That’s clearly a fake!

    • Blog

      Your loss buddy. I’m enjoying my D800 and my Nikkor glass that most people prefer. Why do you think there is a Nikon adapter for Canon? Not saying Canon glass is bad. You’ll find the other companies have their faults too. NOBODY is perfect. Just sayin.

      • Alex

        Noooo!!! Don’t say “just sayin” of course you are just saying it because you just said it… (just sayin) – the dumbest internet saying since LOL, next you will be saying DRINK.

        • Blog


    • D-Vader

      Hahaha dude the D700 was miles away from what canon were doing with the 5d2 and IMO doesn’t even need to be upgraded. If you are planning on swapping to Canon 5D3, then I hope you enjoy all the extra features with no improvement in image quality. As far as I’m concerned, none of the big camera companies really care about what their shooters want.

      When canon released the 5D3, the proved that they could not fix their banding issues, nor could they improve on dynamic range at all. Depends what u shoot ;landscapes/architecture/portraits, but for me the end image quality is more important than all the features. Hence I did the same as you, except from the other side.

      Canon can suck my balls!

    • Z

      Hey kid, I hear Canon has some sort of Loyalty Program for the likes of you. You can trade up your POS rebel for a refurbished sharp focusing 5DMKII.

    • Snap Snap

      Go cry to your mama!

  • tlt

    With the product numbering (D600, D800), Nikon still reserves for D710, D500, D900. More FF class might come along.

  • Rhys

    1/4000 is a deal breaker. No better than my D700 when at F1.4 on a bright day.
    If the D600’s highlight recovery isn’t as good as the D700, then it’s worse, even with a 100 base iso.
    Looks like it’l be a pair of D800’s at some point for me.

    • Chase

      So your choice is between A) ONE D600, which will likely have a better processing engine than the years-old D700, or B) TWO D800s, which will undoubtedly cost AT LEAST 3 times as much as option A. Hrrm.

      Why not get one of both, if you have the budget for it?

      • Rob

        I’m guessing he already has a D800 and was considering buying a D600 for his second or backup body. Since the D600 doesn’t cut it for him, he’ll have to buy another D800 and have a pair of them.

  • Henrik

    Am I the only one who would love to see the same kind of software shutter that we had (have?) on the consumer level cameras? On them the shutter would only move 1/1000th or something and any faster shutter would just be handled in the camera’s software. This was due to the lower quality of the shutter but had a great side effect: My old d70s syncs perfectly at 1/8000th of a second with any flash. I would love to see that behavior in a camera like this. Anyone with me?

    Other than that I’m looking forward to this camera as a potential step up from, or compliment to my current d7000!

    • NR Enthusiast

      The electronic shutters had much lower longevity so they’ve been phased out.

    • Scurvy hesh

      Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe that was more due to the CCD sensors used in the D70 and D1x. If memory serves me right you cant get the CMOS sensors to operate that way. Again, correct me if Im wrong, its just been so long since I read about it.

  • Jonathan

    I shot 5 weddings so far and had similar issues. I sort of resolved it with major focusing “micro” adjustment, but the +20 / -20 maximum setup is not enough for all my lenses. Now that my season is over, I’ll take the time to get it back to Nikon for a fix … before selling it and returning to DX !
    I had high hopes for the FX format, but I fell I lost more than I gained :
    – the bigger view finder I was dreaming of leads me to look at details more than global composition as my eye has to travel more to see what’s going on in the frame.
    – the 36mp is just way too much in most cases and I wish there was a low res Raw option
    – I loved my Tokina 11-16 and I had to replace it with the 16-28, that does just the same with a lot more weight to carry around the neck
    – my 85mm 1.4 lost some of it’s reach and I don’t like the distortion I get when shooting close-up portrait that I didn’t get with DX as I was further away
    – I was happy to have less depth of field because I am a sucker for shallow depth of field. Now I feel I have to stop down way more to get more than one eye in focus, wich means often higher ISO and I lose a bit of the low noise advantage over DX. I also realise that my fast lenses already offer shallow enough DOF on DX.

    What I’ll miss :
    – The low noise at crazy high iso of the D800
    – the possibility to get 2 shots in one with details cropping
    – the freedom of keeping room around my framing to recrop in post production

    • Dammerung

      I use both FX and DX. I tend to shoot FX for the set piece shots. I pick up the DX when I’m walking around or when I know I’ll want greater DOF. However, with ISO capabilties of newest FX’s, I could probably do better just stopping down a bit

  • Josh

    With these specs the price point will be critical. D7000 was $1200 new. The D600 is basically the same camera with some specs slightly lower or higher and an FX sensor. The real question if it really is $1900 will be how many people are going to be willing to pay a $700 premium on a body with D7000 specs just to get FX. Especially considering the price D700s and 5D Mark IIs are going for used. If 12 megapixels is enough for you a used D700 seems like it would be the better value for the money.

    • Kon-Head

      D7000 and D600 is not the same camera simply because of the sensor size. D600 has lower pixel density, and hopefully lower noise. The only similarilty between the two is, they are both aiming at the Elcheapo pro-photog wannabe crowd.

      You want better specs, get a higher up model. It is all about choice, but don’t expect a D4 at D7000 price.

      • Josh

        I did mention the sensor was different. The whole point of my post was that the D600 is just a D7000 with an FX sensor and that $1900 was too much for such a low spec camera. The FX sensor doesn’t change that fact that the features and build quality the D600 have make it a $1200 body just like the D7000 was. Add a little extra for the higher cost of the FX sensor and $1500 to maybe $1700 is a reasonable price.

        $1900 would put the camera out of the price range of it’s target market which is basically the same as the D7000’s marke and the market at the $2000+ price bracket is used to getting better build quality and features than the D600 offers.

  • Noah


    I was really hoping that rumor wasn’t true! AGH!

    • Global

      Time to get $100 filters…….

  • What memory slots will have this FF version of D7000?

  • I’ve deleted a lot of comments today. Let’s keep it clean please.

    • Ben

      Thank you.
      all the trolls are coming here now that dp review has fallen apart.

      • Yes, the problem is that you don’t see the comments I delete, you only see the ones I missed or have not deleted yet.

  • Will

    If you look at the side of the camera with the USB, Mic., and other ports covers you will see that there are 3 while one the camera photo from the earlier post there is only one cover. It is a bit hard to see but you can see it. Which means that one or both are wrong and it can’t be the same type of camera.

  • Tomas

    1/5000 sec. at F2.8, ISO 200 (D300’s basic ISO):
    It is 1/10 000 sec. at F1.4 and ISO 100.

    D600’s 1/4000 sec. is not ideal for some shot types.
    ISO 50 is not the solution for highlites.

  • peter

    could this be the digital version of F75/N75?

    maybe slightly bulkier than the F75?

    wonder what the battery grip look like.

  • Kim

    The D600 is supposed to be the “entry-level FX” that some have wanted!
    And still you whine about its lesser specs???
    If you want PRO: Buy D4 og D800!
    Every Nikon camera has its niché in the market! If you feel the D600 has too much or too little of something, you are NOT in the target group, and should select another camera.

  • Future D600 user

    I hope with grip there will be 8fps.

    • Rob

      The FPS limitation is unlikely to be because of voltage. It’s likely a bandwidth limitation in only having 1 EXPEED III processor. 5.5 FPS @ 24MP is very similar to 4 FPS @ 36 MP. I could be wrong, but I doubt they’d give their cheapest full frame camera more bandwidth than any of their other cameras.

  • Roberto

    Congratulations Nikon, but mine is the 700 series is represented today by d700. Still urgently awaiting the release of a camera that gives me glamorous images as D4, an auto-focus accurate, reliable and fast with all the brand new lenses.

  • D400


  • Mike

    So if this doen’t have image quality equal to pro cameras am I better of getting a used 5D Mark II (since D700 has no video)?

    • Nathan

      Since I’d already buying new lenses if I got a Canon for video only, I’d rather buy a Panasonic GH2 or GH3 instead and using all that extra money to buy a lens adapter to use my Nikkor AIs lenses or new lenses made for the Panasonic camera. If you look at all the comparison videos on Vimeo you’ll find that the Panasonic camera with firmware hacks is the best video camera with interchangeable lenses on the market.

      • Mike

        Funny you should say that. Just the other day I saw an amazing video on vimeo which turned out to be filmed with a GH2. I thought it was just due to a good lens and major talent but from your comments maybe it really is a great choice for vids. Will have to look into it again. Just not sure about the still photography with those.

  • Taco

    I’m finding a lot of the info that guy posted is cut and paste from other cameras… the video specs are word-for-word from a D4 description. The images sizes don’t add up to the right MP count. Carbon fiber and Kevlar shutter is straight from a D4 but not even on the D800. If you google sections of the text you’ll find where he got them.

    • Taco

      Neverind on the shutter (seems D800 is CF composite), but large sections of the text were from descriptions of D4 published months ago.

      • Mike

        Now we are giving ourselves hope that all these specs are false. I sense despiration. That said, I think the specs are incorrect.

        • Taco

          I also think some of the info he posted may be correct (where did he get the images?) but much of the text seems to be from other places. Maybe he knows some things and used those to illustrate the points. Notice on the original forum he even cut/paste from KenRockwell on the D7000. Strange.

    • Taco

      Replace D7000 with D600:
      Auto white balance
      The D7000’s intelligent auto white balance algorithm renders white as truly white even when shot under a wide range of light sources, including mercury vapor light. The D7000 analyzes color and brightness information of the scene before shooting utilizing Scene Recognition System, and detects the light source highly accurately by referencing its massive collection of in-camera shooting data. The D7000 also carries another auto white balance mode that maintains warm lighting ambience when you shoot under incandescent light.

    • Nathan

      ah, the plot thickens.

  • Nathan

    The D800 is looking more and more like it was designed years ago when technology and priorities were different. It truly does sound like it was supposed to come out a year or two ago. The D600, if it has all the bells and whistles that the rumors imply, sounds like it was designed much more recently.

    That said, I know this is really premature, but a successor to the D800, maybe a D800s will be needed within a year or two just to keep up with the advances that even the D600 bring to the table.

    • flap



    • D4ve


  • G. Davidson

    I’m not sure why they can’t have a digital ND filter, as many compacts have. The analogue ones cause extra flare and their coatings are rarely as good as the lenses they’re mounted on.

  • Niktarded

    Who is this thing marketed to? I could buy a used D700 for less money.

    • Every DX user out there (and there are a lot of them). Depending on the price, a genius move from Nikon.

  • masterac

    i thought the FPS of the d800 could be better with grip, so i really hope it could be better if you put a grip on the D600, 6 or 7fps would be good, anybody got something to say about it ?

    right now i use a 5100, and i use a scandisk 95m/s, seem i go to 5 fps almost, so i hope i can get better with this one.
    also i already bought a 35mm 1,4/F to try if it could get better with fx in low light…even if i’m sure about it.

    and yea about some people buying a d800 and don’t even know how to use it, once i gave the 10,5 DX fish eye to a d800 photographer and the guy told me it wouldn’t work, i told him to try, he didnt know the camera had auto crop for dx lense….

    • Rob

      A) Pretty sure your 5100 is exactly 4FPS, and certainly not closer to 5 than 4. If you want the exact FPS (say 3.9 or 4.0) look at the info screen while set to Continuous High. It also has nothing to do with the memory card, and is only affected by the voltage – dying batteries can lower it, but nothing can raise it past the maximum amount set in the firmware.

      B) It’s unlikely the grip will give an increase in FPS in FX mode. The D800 is limited to 4FPS in FX mode (most likely) due to bandwidth, not because they crippled it on purpose. And even if it was on purpose, there’s no way they’d cripple their mid-level FF and not their entry-level FF. 6-7 in DX mode wouldn’t surprise me, but anything over 6 in FX mode would.

      • masterac

        about the fps, its just strange, but i tried to take pic of a timing watch, and saw that i could take more than 4 pic in less than a sec,yea your right about the buffer , i didnt know why i mention the card, i was tired.

    • Rob

      And not knowing your camera has an auto-crop mode really isn’t “not knowing how to use it.” It’s not knowing every single (to him, useless) feature. Why use a 10.5 in DX mode when you can just use a 16mm in FX and get better IQ and higher resolution?

      I’m sure there are features on your camera you don’t know about (like that a memory card can’t speed up the frame rate, only slow it down once the buffer is full), as I’m sure there are ones on mine that I’m not aware of. To say we don’t know how to use our cameras is just silly.

  • I only hope that the viewfinder isn’t the squinty, tiny type used on the D7000. That square shape brings me pain. Even the D800 is squinty and dull compared to my FE and I’d be happy in the digital world even with the viewfinder of a D800.

  • whispermakers

    guys, is it possible to have 100% finder with a d7000 like body for FX?
    what do you think?

  • DSzhang

    what about the AF motors?
    I have a 80-200 F/2.8D……..

  • DSzhang

    what about the AF motors?
    I have a 80-200 F/2.8D……..

  • ohhh i think i am going to love this camera. please let the rumoured price of usd 1,500 be real.

    • George

      $1500 is likely the dealer’s cost, retail is closer to 1700-1800.

  • Mick

    Any news on the weight of this camera, apart from “small body”.

    D60/D3100 user

  • Alex

    The funny thing is, nearly all cameras used to be full-frame. Now some people feel it should be exclusive to pros. I am glad it is becoming mainstream. Perhaps when it does, Nikon will bring medium format to the pro cameras.

  • Jimmy

    I have a big wonder that why D600’s fastest shutter is only 1/4000, as we can know both D7000 and D800’s best shutter is 1/8000.

    so if the D600 is a mix-made of D7000 and D800, there is no reason for it.

    My big question is why D600’s fastest shutter is only 1/4000?

    • Rob

      It’s cheaper to make a shutter that only goes up to 1/4000. It allows for looser tolerances and cheaper materials without hurting the lifespan as much.

  • People, just come on!!!

    I first started shooting with my Nikon FM with 1/1000 of a second tops and a 50mm 1.2 and FILM, yes FILM with ISO 100 or more…
    Never missed a shot and yes I’ve used a lot of ND filters and no client ever complained on the quality loss that you can never even notice.
    Plus if the D600 have ISO 50 it’s the same thing as the D700 or D300 etc…with ISO 100 and 1/8000

    So yes, get yoursel a freaking coolpix and buy a nice Photoshop/Lightroom pack because you know nothing about photography tech!

  • Curt

    So – is it a ruggedized (~weatherproof) body? I didn’t see that in this specs.

  • chi

    Can’t wait to upgrade from my Canon 5D Mark I. Like someone said above, cameras are just tools and it’s the photographer that has vision. I have no brand loyalty and this Nikon d600 fits within my budget.

    Just a note, it’s so entertaining reading photographers bash this as if it’s for amateurs that only work in Auto mode. Photographers can be the biggest of all snobs when it comes to gear.

  • Casey

    I don’t care about the shutter or the flash. I want to know how it’s low light performance compares to the D700 and how much worse is it than the d800 (at ISO 3200 – 6400). I really wish the d800 could clear the buffer faster. If it could, I’d buy it today (after Thursday, I may buy it anyway).

    • Blog

      I have a D800 and yes the buffer can take a bit of time to clear. Make sure you have the fastest CF card you can afford and try not to take to many pictures at the same time and you’ll be fine (you’ll get to know how many you can take without delays). I have a decently fast card and a slow card and it really makes a difference with the fast one. We’re talking seconds compared to minutes difference.

      • Casey

        How many frames till it’s full and how long to clear it? What card are you using that’s fast? Thanks.

  • redwing

    I just wanna know: does it do 9AEB or is it still 3AEB? Makes all the difference in the world.

  • If anyone cares about the new Sony products, here are the full press releases:

    • George

      Sony’s prices are crazy… Nikon will make a killing with D600.

    • KnightPhoto

      Thanks NR, great work as usual. Since the A99 has “dual” PDAF and the D600 doesn’t, what lineage does that make the D600 sensor? Not sure I get what this means “This camera’s main focusing system – a 19-point AF system with 11 cross sensors – is complemented by a 102-point focal plane phase-detection AF sensor overlaying the main image sensor. Harnessing the power of Translucent Mirror Technology, light is passed to both phase-detection AF sensors simultaneously and continually, measuring subject distance and position more completely than other cameras. This unique Dual AF System permits ultra-fast, accurate autofocusing that maintains tracking focus even if a subject temporarily leaves the frame.”

      I think it’s important to understand where the D600 24mp sensor is coming from given known great shadow recovery and ISO performance on the Sony lineage sensors. Not that the D4, D3S, D3 lineage is bad, just want to understand it…

      • Rob

        The Sony has a 2nd autofocus sensor ON TOP OF the image sensor. They can do this because they have the translucent mirror, so both autofocus sensors can receive light at the same time. The D600 does not have a translucent mirror, so it can only use 1 autofocus sensor at a time. This has nothing to do with the image sensor. Both cameras can still have the same one (which I assume they do).

        • BornOptimist

          Sonys new 24MP FF sensor has phase detect sensors on-the-sensor in addition to their traditional phase sensors behind translucent mirror. If this is same sensor Nikon use on D600, Nikon will not be able to use them unless in LiveView or video mode.
          Also notice that Sony doesn’t use the on-sensor phase detectors on their RX1, even though it’s pretty certain the same sensor used on both cameras.

  • Chews

    What I would like to know is if the D600 has a meter reading on the top LCD and if aperture can be changed in live view (2 main shortcomings of the D7000 IMO). Anyone have any idea? However if the D600 didn’t have this it wouldn’t be a deal breaker, because it’s FX!

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