Is this the back of the Nikon D600?

This picture of the back of the Nikon D600 looks legit fake (see full resolution at flickr). For comparison, here are the backs of the D7000 and D800 cameras:

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  • Ole

    Yes it is!

    I love you Knee-cone!!!

    • D800 AF prob a Shame

      By now many people have reported on the internet problems with Nikon D800 and D800E autofocus. It is frequently reported that autofocus points on the left side do not work well. On four cameras (two D800s and two D800Es), I can confirm the problem!

      I have extensively tested four of these cameras (see testing notes below) and all four did not focus well when using the left most center focus point. Because those problems were so pronounced, I decided to return the cameras and did not test the other left side focus points. Internet reports discuss problems with those as well.

      It has been reported that the D800Es perform better than the D800s. That is somewhat consistent with my experience. The left autofocus points were worse on the D800s; however, I had one D800E with poor autofocus overall. That same D800E also had a broken electronic release connector when I received it. The other D800E performed better overall than the three other samples, but still not good enough. All four have been returned.

      What happens? Using standard autofocus, the camera will not focus well on the left most (center) autofocus point. In Live View mode you can get good focus (either manually focusing at maximum magnification or by using Live View autofocus). In side by side comparisons, Live View produces better results than standard autofocus. In many cases the differences were substantial with standard autofocus not producing results that were acceptable.

      Internet reports suggest many of the left side focus points have problems, not just the left center one. While that may be true, as I mentioned above, I did not test those on my four cameras because the left/center focus point off was enough to justify returning the cameras.

      For some people, not having the left autofocus working well won’t matter. For me, I regularly shoot vertical landscapes and other vertical compositions where the left side selective focus points are very useful. I’ve been using the selective focus points on my D300 for years and find them quite valuable. Taking advantage of them has become very quick and simple for me and it is a feature that makes me more productive. So, I want them to work on the D800/E!

      There may be another serious impact of this problem even if you don’t have that same needs as I do. Internet reports suggest that the 3D focusing function of the camera will also be degraded by left focus points not working correctly.

      For those interested this is how I tested the cameras, here’s the process:
      – Put three focus targets on a wall corresponding to the center focus point, the left most center point, and the right most center point
      – Take shots where the selective focus points are on the center target, the left target, and the right target. Take four shots each with autofocus and four shots each with Live View (in other words, 8 shots per target, 24 shots per sequence. Another way of thinking of it is 4 comparison sets per target and 12 comparison sets per sequence)
      – Repeat sequence at different focal length and camera distance
      – Repeat all of the above with a different lens
      – Compare results in Adobe Lightroom side by side with the Library view X/Y comparison tool
      – On my first two cameras I used manual focus for Live View and on the second two cameras I used Live View’s autofocus (by the way, the latter is very good!)
      – I also experimented with using autofocus fine tune on individual lenses. On the second two cameras (i.e. the replacements), I did all of the above and then repeated after setting the appropriate AF Fine Tune per lens. AF Fine Tune, in some cases, seemed to reduce the problem. However, I did not reduce it enough to make either camera’s performance acceptable
      – So, this is literally hundreds of side by side comparisons across four cameras.

      Given the amount of reports on this problem on the internet, I suggest anyone wanting one of these cameras consider waiting until internet reports show purchasers regularly getting good cameras.

      Alternatively, if Nikon acknowledges the problem and guarantees new cameras don’t have it or guarantees that they can fix it if one camera does have it, then I will try again and purchase another. In the mean time, I’m waiting. On the point of Nikon repairing the cameras, most of the online posts I have read indicate that Nikon service centers are not able to fix the problem at this time.

      For me personally, I was really looking forward to the upgrade from a D300. I really do want the D800/E to work! Instead, I’ve been really disappointed!

      Finally, a note on customer service…I purchased the D800s from Amazon and the D800Es through B&H. Both companies facilitated the camera returns and replacements. They were both supportive and helpful and did everything a purchaser could want when dealing with such a bad situation.

      Nikon seems to have been silent on this left autofocus issue, and that has NOT been to their credit. The good customer service provided by Amazon and B&H, in dealing with Nikon’s problem, does both companies credit!

      • Axel

        Nobody is reading a comment that long.

        You should post on your own blog if you have one or least propose a guest post on NR.

        • RdJ

          You are completely right Axel, I AM interested in the D600 but stopped reading that blong comment after a few sentences.

          • CanonLostWhatAShame

            Mr. “reported on the internet problem”, if your company engaged as much in trying to advance the state of the art of imaging as much as it has been in trying to smear another company that HAS, you would not need to be here.
            Please tell the cost cutters at your second rate company to use some better plastic and thicker metal in the assembly of their components, to hire some optical engineers to design better standard lenses, to do a little research about proper coatings and color cast, and to develop some better sensors or at least buy some like everyone else does.
            The time you spend trying to cut other people’s throats is counterproductive because at this point other people will be very reluctant to work with you on anything and this is a time where you really need some outside assistance.

        • Sharon

          I read it.

        • Eagleyes

          I read it, because is a valuable information to us. Is long, but useful. Thank you OP.

        • Discontinued

          I didn’t. Let’s make a poll.

        • grisowoody

          I am a nobody.

      • Nikon Shooter

        While in other breaking news a new yellow fruit has been discovered. It’s been decided to call it a banana.

        • El_Pickerel

          Some commenters report their yellow fruits are underexposed, and require more time in the light than they would have desired. After trying one banana, they decided that all bananas are bad and they should complain about them all over the internet.

          More at eleven.

          • Pablo Ricasso

            Tell them to try my banana.

            • Snappy

              My bananas are out of focus on the left-hand side and suffer from severe curvature of field.

            • Fishnose

              The dickhead complaining about left focus IN EVERY THREAD is driving me totally bananas!!
              He must be sitting all day, refreshing NR over and over, with a text written and ready to copy and paste quickly so as to get near the top and waste time and space for everyone else.
              Get a life, ya twit.

      • Me

        Completely unrelated to the pending D600 announcement…and the fake photo above. I’d put money on the fact that you copy and pasted this from other websites you post on. Go away sir.

      • so have you shot anything with any camera? or are do you just test each one out to see if it has any problems?

        • AAron

          well i sure am not buying new nikon cam until year after release from now on.
          got burned on D4 and its AF issues.

      • I read the above comments and appreciate the information. Of all the comments its the only one with any real information. Fake/real….who cares? If there is a problem with the camera I wont to know about it. Would I ever find it in a blog as suggested by another person NO. All the work that went into this project is appreciated by at least one reader. Keep on posting.

        • Pablo Ricasso

          Um… The article is about the D600 and this post is allegedly about a D800. But what it is really about is an overly motivated sales agent from a really inferior competing company that is in serious despair, having once enjoyed some amount of perceived digital superiority. The article is cut and pasted. I’ve read it before. Every time there is an attention grabbing headline a scumbag from the marketing department of scumbag corporation comes on here, usually on the second hit, and attempts to scare uninformed customers into buying their own inferior products. Usually it is the same post that has been written long before and posted several times in the same exact manner, as is the case with this one.
          But then, I think you know that. What does that say about you?

          • St.

            plus I have D800 and I did have the AF problem.
            I sent it to NIkon – they fixed it the very first time, but scratched my door and there was some other AF issue.
            After I sent the camera for the second time – it came fixed.
            Now it’s a long due time to enjoy this amazing camera!!!
            And I WILL also look of having D600!
            Nikon Rules in DSLR market!

      • Michael

        Dude, troll anywhere you want. But stop wasting your own time. It will not work here.

      • David

        Man, Canon must be losing market share to Nikon.

        • Pablo Ricasso

          Too bad they can’t hire engineers instead of trolls.


        Wow..Troll..what does this have to do with D600? Troll elsewhere…Too long…Went With the Wind Long!!!

      • Agree

        You’re so right! Nikon needs to do something about this. All I have left to say is THIS!

        • Discontinued

          LOL, good one.

      • Sahaja

        Sorry to hear your story – but wrong thread and wrong place. This is about D600 and other Nikon camera rumors – not cameras that were released months ago.

      • snarfy


      • D70s

        Wow, that was long, but I didn’t quite get it. Why don’t you think it is the D600?

      • What on earth does this have to do with a rumor about the D600?

      • RussB

        Take it to another forum you troll. Your post has no place here – this is about the D600.

    • Land

      Nope, the textured pattern is the same around the hotshoe area silly.

  • Art


    I am thinking that the D600 would make a nice backup body (for my D800E). I’m interested in how good its low light capabilities are. If I had one, I’d probably have it converted so I could shoot IR/UV with it.

    • St.

      Have you EVER tried to shoot UV???

  • urgyen

    it’s look like it and i wish it is D600.

    • urgyen

      But on the second look it also looks like D7000 and D800 photoshoped into one.

      • WT21

        Agreed. It’s IDENTICAL to the parts from one or the other camera, and neither of the others have a “D600” label on the bottom of the LCD. Fake.

        But my only real question is: does it have micro-adjust??

      • Will

        I think you are right, because on the left side of the viewfinder the camera looks like the D7000 and on the other side of the viewfinder it looks like the D800. Except for the OK button on the bottom of the left side of the screen which is like the D800.

    • Rupert

      It is NOT the D600 – it is an obvious fake !
      The prism housing profile and top plate profile is EXACTLY the same as the D7000 which is impossible if the D600 has an FX viewfinder. Another cunning PS job.
      Furthermore, the left-hand buttons are pasted in from the D7000 while the righthand buttons (AEL/AFL and AF ON) and other controls are an exact copy of the D800.

      • Axel

        100% agree with Rupert here … Obvious fake comp’ed out of the two other pictures.

      • Dave in the USA

        Yeah, I noticed that, too. Also, I have yet to see a Nikon DSLR (to be fair I have not held them all in my hands) in the prosumer/advanced-amateur/entry-level-pro range that had the model number on the back below the rear LCD. The ones I’ve owned or rented all just said “Nikon” (including the D7000 and D800 above).

        So, while I do not doubt that a D600 is coming, I don’t quite think this is the back of it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is very similar.

      • wublili

        also the new wheel is missing the center button which we have seen in other photos. In the angle where the wheel is it should be more or less visible. (i assume it has to be slighly higher than the wheel itself, at least so it seemed on the other photos)

        In every other way the photo looks combination of D800 and D7000.

        Looks like fake to me.

  • blubbeliblubb

    Looks pretty good. I like the separate AF-ON button, but I’m missing the IR receiver I love so much on my D7000…

    • The leaked images from months ago show the D600 has an IR reciever in the front . 🙂

    • Steve

      A 100% crop option on the centre button would be nice, too.

  • Indipix

    Looks like a d800 morphed on a d700 body. Definitly not a d600. And why the d600 printed on the back?

  • Nikonzi

    so it doesn’t have quick access buttons to ISO, WB, QUAL 🙁 …

    • Gimme D600

      Neither does the D800

      • Ernesto

        Yes, it does. Top left.

      • 800E shooter

        On the D800 they are on top of the shutter release selector fial

  • Travis

    Looks good but where is white balance, quality and iso buttons? On d800 they are on top but on d600 they should be on the back…

    • Travis

      I see now that this is cleary photoshop. It has exact same shape and pentaprizm as d7000. This is not possible. Fake but very good one.

  • Brock Kentwell

    The fact that it says D600 on the bottom makes me suspicious, sort of like if it said President Romney.

  • Adam

    I think it’s fake since there is no ISO button. From previously leaked photos we know there isn’t one on the top. Really good photoshop work though.

    • John Richardson

      I wonder if he did it in PS/CS6 Extended or just PLAIN PS/CS6?
      Did he use a Wacom Intous5 or Intous 4 or maybe….ug…a mouse.
      Was it raining outside when he faked this photo?
      Was his kitty mad at him?
      So many factors to consider.

  • hexx

    PS job, look closely, it’s a mix of both – top (look at strap latches or whatever they’re called) is from D7000, bottom from D800. you can clearly see on the top left part of the LCD that the blend didn’t quite work out well – still, good effort

    • Sahaja

      Just why do people go to all the effort?

      • PeterO

        For the attention everyone is now giving them.

  • chris

    d600 is full frame and should therefore have a circular eyepiece, no?

  • freeman

    I’m thinking fake, why the model number?, and if the dial up top is like D7000, then the ISO, WB, and other functions would have to be someplace else, not there like the D800. I hope Nikon is smart and puts an AF-ON button on the back.

  • Alan

    Also, doesn’t the pentaprism need to be a bit beefier? Looks the same as the D7k…

  • Cat

    Hmm, It looks to me that someone just photoshopped both cameras in one. It really lacks some unique elements to believe its legit.

  • jec6613

    Fake, it has a DX viewfinder, for starter. That’s what caught my eye immediately.

  • heinmcleodimagingh

    Its just a chopped picture. Like mentioned, the WB, ISO and QUAL shortcuts are missing. The D600 won’t have the same dail on top like your higher end bodies.

    We can ignore this image, its fake.

  • ontake


    Where is lock button of mode dial?

    and command dial is so small…

    maybe fake

  • Lexamus Pri

    It’s fake. Look at the marks on the body on the bottom right just above the LV switch and compare it to the one on the D800. and look at the markings at the top left and compare to the 7000. I’m talking about the bumps and pitts on the black finish of the body. that’s what you compare to see if it’s real or not cause nobody thinks to change that.

  • Me

    Who cares. In two days you freaks can see what it really looks like.

    • Gimme D600


      …loading …loading …loading

  • heinz

    nikon rumors, please don´t try to catch people with these kindergarten fakes. thought you guys are more serious about your job.

    • I am not trying to “catch people”, the picture looked legit to me.

    • D800

      Nikonrumors already works so hard on this rumored D600 for us. Two more days we will see the real D600 image, who care about this “fake” image? Well done NikonRumors!

      • Thanks, FYI: the first report of the D600 came back in April.

  • Fish Guy

    I call FAKE! I oculd not find one aspect of the “D600” image that was not identical on either the D7000 or the D800 image. You would think that something this different and new would have at least one visible difference from existing cameras – else Nikon is just borrowing everything, and the camera is not new, just a hybrid….

  • Den

    I vote for Fake, because the viewfinder housing does not have the smooth edges which are carecteristic for the newer Nikon models

  • DX2FX

    Fake. It’s simply a merge of D7000 & D800 parts.. and with the WB, ISO, QUAL all missing. As with the latest Nikon models, the top shoulders are now much curved & slanding, unlike those on the old D7000. The D600 prism hosing should also be taller than as seen here.

  • thomas

    i think to go to Sony Alpha 99

    • deraiwl

      mm so if you want a 200 f2 how do you do? crap sony go canon

  • Andy

    Will there be a D7100 some day??

    • uday


  • McPIX

    Fake mixture from D7000 & D800 Elements.
    Easy to check out on little details like identical surface strucktures.

  • BillM

    Chill out everybody, just a couple more days. We’ve been waiting 6 months now. What’s 2 more days… Geesh.

  • Toonie

    It has the model number written below the screen and a DX viewfinder >.<
    Might be a photoshop work of how the camera might look.
    If it were real then d600 is definitely bigger than d7000, judging from the scale of the 3.2" screen and the body

  • paul consigny

    Based on the previous leaked pictures, there shouldn’t be a metering mode select around the AE-L/AF-L button.

  • connect

    I compared the size of the D7000 and D600, the “new D600” has a smaller screen!
    It’s a fake!

  • Inspector Gadget

    Zoom up on the eye diopter on the D600.(the dial that lets u focus the viewfinder)

    You can see the bad blend job there. The curvature around it just ends abruptly .

    Caught cha!!! It’s a fake!

    • I guess everyone agrees that this on is a fake. I will update my post.

  • Hugo

    It’s probably fake, on the leaked images the d600 has a metering button on the top just like the d7000 and here you can see a metering switch on the back.

    • DX2FX

      Good catch. I also beleive the D600’s eye piece will be a round one.. like one on other FX D700/D800/D4.

  • marcelobtp

    Ok, thats a very ugly back, nikon is killing me. Going to sony or canon…

  • Art

    Hmmmm…. Earlier post here disappeared.

    Anyway, I said it was pretty and was interested in it as a backup to my D800E body. (Not that it is a D800E). I’m curious how it does with low light as I would probably get it converted for IR and UV use.

    • Art

      Hmmm… Now the posts are back…. It showed there being zero comments there for a bit. Weird. Well, please ignore my repost of my earlier post….

  • FAKE: I’ll ignore the not too traditional square vf on a semi-pro body and lack of dorect control of WB, ISO and. Quality and just point out the little tech flops: look at the paint spots near any button on the D600and where that button comes from (either 7000 or 800) the spots are. 1:1 identical in every case… so this is a nice callage)))

  • blubbeliblubb

    The first leaked images show that the mode dial has some sort of a lock button sticking out in the middle.
    That would be visible in the back view.

  • NW

    Mm… The door for the dual sd cards seems too big…

    Otherwise, it looks really real.

  • I actually hope that the D600 has a layout more-similar to the D7000, personally. I really prefer where the live-view/record buttons are on the D7000. Of course, I’m a videographer and that kind of stuff actually matters to me.

    The only thing that really bugs the crap out of me about my D7000 is that I can’t reassign the function button on the front (under the flash button) to act act as my ISO button. I have to use the ISO button on the back which is really awkward for stills. D51000 can have it’s function button reassigned… why not the D7000?

  • Sponsor Says

    “Is this the back of the Nikon D600?”

    Of course it is.

  • Alexi Nastase

    The viewfinder looks too small for a full frame

  • MB

    Definitely fake, made from these exact two images of D7000 and D800, but pretty well …

    • McPIX

      Like your icon, HAL 😉

  • I hope it’s fake. If it’s not, the ISO and WB don’t have dedicated buttons. You can’t be expected to go into the menus for these settings!

  • Nikonion

    Hmmm… whether fake or not, the hype is up! For a full frame body, it looks really compact. It is definitely an “entry level” camera because of the placement of the buttons. One thing does get me though… if Nikon has changed the order of the zoom buttons (+/-) on the back (on my D800 and on the D4 the zoom in button is above the zoom out button), why would they not keep that consistent for this model?

    Why speculate? We should just wait it out. That makes everything exciting. I think the Nikon engineers are really having a ball reading all of these comments! 🙂

    • Nikonion

      Ok, sorry. I need to take pictures with my D800 and 36 Megapixel and zoom in more, because I obviously can’t see properly with normal vision. I was looking at the D7000 while making references to the zoom buttons. The zoom buttons on the 600 are definitely reversed like the D800 and D4 🙂

  • Christian

    Anything known about the price…?

    • no, still trying to get the price

    • $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

      It gets higher together with the increasing number of drooling posts!
      You guys will never learn…

  • Nicolas Lachance

    If you look at the previous D600 rumored pictures, which look more real to me, the top plate is rounded on both sides of the viewfinder just like the D800, in this picture they’re not and the top plate is an exact replica of the D7000, so this means at least one of those 2 pictures are fake… or they are both fake.

  • 279

    seriously you still belive these images… 10minutes photoshop work.
    Oh look! here’s the Nikon D400 :O WOW

  • Super fake ! Hay no …

  • amine

    fake. no place for iso and wb button on this photoshop 🙂

  • Sahaja

    I guess this passed some time before we get some more solid rumors – or the camera is actually announced.

  • UncleDusty

    Neat exposure mode selector; I hope it has little illustrations in different colors on it for each mode. Perhaps it lacks an aperture dial on the front and the rear one feels extra plasticky. If it doesn’t have a swivel screen, I don’t want it. Period.

    Hopefully I’m wrong, but from the looks of it, Nikon won’t be ‘D700-ing’ us again anytime soon.

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