Nikon press conference in Dubai on September 13th

According to this post on dpreview, Nikon will have a new product launch in Dubai on September 13th, 2012:

I just got invited to a Nikon product launch event in Dubai on the 13th. They aren't telling me what they will be launching just the following:

"Nikon is delighted to invite you to a showcase event celebrating the launch of the latest additions to its DSLR range."

My initial information was also for a September 13th announcement. At that point I am convinced that the D600 will be introduced next week. The big question mark is still the price - if Nikon manages to keep it under $2000, I think the D600 will be a huge success (Sony's a99 24MP full frame camera will sell for $2,800) and will probably greatly surpass D800 in terms of sales and pre-orders waiting time.

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  • We all hope for price under $2000

    • Gary Abletts

      What? No Coolpix.

      This is an outrage. I’m off to Canon….

      • greencardigan


    • Tony Doritos

      One thing is for certain: if it’s a D600, then Ken Rockwell will plonk a DX 18-55mm VR on the front of it, and claim for the next 4 years that it’s the lens/camera combination know to man.

      • Tony Doritos

        *best lens combination*

        I think I’ve probably lost any small chance of laughs and giggles with that typo….

        • Rock Kenwell

          In DX mode, the D600 should have about 10.7 MP resolution, and that’s more than you need. Six MP is all you need when shooting pictures of your orange-hued kids.

          • Ray

            To be honest, the fewer MP in that case the better. Maybe consider 320×240.

            • Orb Emmel

              or just 1×1?

              One, big, orange pixel?

      • Dick Cockwell

        I always liked the KR site to some extend (without taking everything too serious), but 3 giant FAILS made me run away from the site.
        If one cannot understand the importance of 14-15 stop D-range the D800 offers, and understand that it makes every other great aspect of the 5DmkIII completely irrelivant has drunk too much Sunny-D with Wodka himself.
        If you are not confident about your shooting if the LCD is slight off why should we be about your opinion?
        When I bought my 85mm PCE lens, I was so dumb to read his article on the lens. About the old 85mm 2.0 Ais he is completely right. It “focusses smoother than sex itself”. But saying the PCE is irrelevant…. Oh boy. AND HE NEVER HAD IT ON HIS CAM. He only translated his 24mm PCE findings to the 85mm. It blows the 85mm 1.4 out of the water making it probably the best portrait lens ever from Nikon, and because of its limited tilt/shift option, it totally brings tech camera work to a new – out of the hand without tripod – level! Shooting the PCE with iso 400-800 from your hand is an AMAZING experience.

        • Brian D

          One error I wish KR would correct is the reference to the 10 on Nikkor lenses supposedly meaning they are to be recycled or discarded after a 10 year life. It is in fact a recycling code for the type of plastic used on parts of the lens. It has nothing to do with the expected life.

      • Michel

        Actually the 18-55 isnt a bad lens at all. For a walk around lens on a lightweight DX body its fine and you never know it might grab a great shot you might miss with a bulkier lens camera combination. It was the first lens I had on my first DSLR a D90. Still have it and sometimes use it, it sits on a D40x as the combo I carry on my bicycle rides. Ken Rockwell’s site is great. You might not agree with everything he says but thats the variety of life. His site is well presented, its full of information. I like to buy some of the old glass and he lists many of these lenses. He does do comprehensive tests on different lens and its an entertaining read. There are other good sites on reviews of Nikon gear too one can read in conjunction with KR. At least he is passionate and spends hours a day, days a week writing stuff for us to read. Thanks for the info Ken, some of it people may have contrary opinions with but that is just a difference of opinion we should all just accept. Mocking people publicly because you may disagree with an assessment is not very becoming to the detractors. Put up with a superior product or shut up. Ok end of rant, back to tapping fingers waiting for new camera to arrive…:-)

        • PHB

          The Nikon kit lenses have always been stellar performers at a rock bottom price. I still use the 50 f/1.8 E series lens I got with my FG, 25 years ago, only now I use it with a lens reverser on a bellows.

          There are better lenses of course, but you have to pay three to four times as much for them and faster glass is inevitably heavier glass.

          That said, I think the Nikon 1 kind of makes those calculations obsolete. Either I want a small, lightweight camera for a few days at a conference or I am taking the heavy gear. DX is a compromise between the extremes I don’t need any more.

          • JonnyGee

            I have used a damaged Series E, 50 1.8, for a loop since back in the day. It was damaged by a customer in my camera store who bought a replacement and gave me the damaged one. The filter ring got crushed and focusing was no longer possible, so I stipped off all the extra parts leaving the lenses and outer metal ring. It has been PERFECT for viewing 35mm slides all these years.

        • ashwins

          In one thing Mr. Rockwell is definitely wrong and it’s bashing the 18-105mm VR lens for the 18-55mm.

          I have extensively shot with both 18-55 and 18-105 (w/D40, D5000, D3100 and D7000), and in every aspect (AF, sharpness, FL, etc..) 18-105mm beats the 18-55, hands down. The only thing that’s in favor for 18-55 is that it is cheaper and lighter than 18-105—other than that there’s no reason to get 18-55 over 18-105.

          I do like to give a lot of credit to Mr. Rockwell for his lens reviews otherwise because his website is very valuable source in finding the gems among the old Nikon glass.

        • Dr Motmot

          Hilarious, that made my eyes water!

        • Tony Doritos

          Ken Rockwell is an idiot. Everybody but an idiot can see that.

          I think you’ve made it clear which camp you reside in.

      • Jediphotographer

        Are you the genuine item? Lol.

    • mcd

      Where will be the best place to pre-order?
      Who got their D800’s first?

  • Wohoo! D600, here I come!

    • nuno santacana

      It says “additions” in plural. Is there any hope for a 16MPx D400?

      • Mark V

        Lenses probably are included in that pluralization.

        • nuno santacana

          It says “to its DSLR range”. There are no DSLR lenses expected so may be it is another camera.

          • kotozafy

            Nuno santacana,
            It says “to its DSLR range”. There are no other DSLR expected so may be they are DSLR lenses (800mm 5.6,…)

      • ashwins

        D600 and… …maybe D7100… we’ll see…

      • D600, D7000 replacement, and cheap FX lenses would be my guess…

      • I noticed that too. But I believe Nikon is done with high end DX.

  • AAron

    in dubai everybody shoots leica and medium format, no?


    • JC

      In dubai, D800 is for elementry school projects.

      • Iris Chrome

        In Dubai, people use 5DIIIs and 1DXs instead of shoes.

        • Thats it! I’m switching to Adidas!

          • Shy

            ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, you made my day 🙂 I am switching too.

    • Jerry

      In Dubai, police throw gold-plated D800s at criminals rather than use guns or tasers.

      • Pablo Ricasso

        That’s IT! I’m getting arrested!

        • BartyL

          But you get to keep the gold-plated D800, right?

  • Dejavu

    Is it going to be the same sequence of events ? Killer camera, killer specs, killer pricing, frantic (multiple) pre-orders, 6 month wait period, B&H bashing, AF bashing etc. ?

    • Justin

      Probably, luckily I won’t need mine till spring 2013. I still need to send my D800e into Melville for servicing.

    • Gary Busey

      Oh dear Lord I hope so. I love it when people get angry over BS.

    • Ric

      Extinguish yourself, already.

      • Pablo Ricasso

        YOU need to get a GRIP!

        • MuttonPuncher

          In the famous words of Aerosmith

          • Mock Kenwell

            Dude Looks Like a Lady?

        • Mike

          a nikon one or a cheaper one from a different vendor?

      • the real Ric


    • Z

      Um … you forgot where is D400 rant …

  • alex

    not under $2000. WELL UNDER 2000. otherwise..

    • yes, $1600 will be a very good price – same as D300s used to be

      • ggweci

        Admin, have you heard from several sources that it’d be around $1600 USD?

        I was hoping for a ~$1500 USD price as well, but think that’ll be too low for Nikon. Likely $1700 – $1800 I’d bet.

        • Justin

          I predict $1699. Will sell like hotcakes. First consumer-level full frame camera. Everyone will start complaining about too little depth of field. And that the birds they are shooting from 100 feet away with their 200mm end of their zoom lens look so tiny.

          • You nailed it. That’s exactly what’s going to happen. Most people won’t know what they’re buying.

          • Shawn


            And everyone will wonder why they can’t ever take casual pictures of two people at a time. Bet all those Internet reviews won’t cover that aspect. I guess no worries though, the amateurs will just shoot at FX 24mm and stand 20 feet away, that’s probably hyper focal at any aperture.

            • Ginza_yo

              Hmm…you lost me there brother…

            • Michel

              Say what????

            • Rob

              He’s saying the DOF is too shallow (so one of the two people will often be out of focus). And I know from personal experience that it is in fact something you have to adjust to when switching to full frame. Or at least I did.

            • Shawn

              Rob got it. Thanks Rob also for sharing your experience with full frame. I’ve only ever shot DX and getting two people who are not posed in the same plane of focus is difficult except at the wider angles where hyper focal is more likely to occur.

              FX is awesome, but it isn’t something, IMHO, that should be in the hands of casual photographers. Especially people who are just going to take pics of their family trips to the zoo (nothing wrong with that, just did it yesterday).

            • Mick

              Rob, you mean because amateurs have never shot 35mm film before? The same format has been used for many years.

          • @Justin, +1 about their now shortened telefoto (i.e. greater FOV)…as for the shallow DOF complaints, won’t happen because those buyers will opt for the 28-300 superzoom and other slow glass…I don’t see them spending BIG money on fast glass…

            Naturally, there will be a few who know what fast budget lenses will be a perfect match, but not the masses who will be standing in line to buy one at best buy.

            • Ginza_yo

              True, but most of those ‘types’ I came across shoot mostly at a narrow focal range (200mm+) and shallow DOF with their DX cameras already, thinking that’s the way to ‘do it’.

              There will be some rude awakening for a certain unsuspecting folk out there, for sure.

            • Shawn

              Even slow glass has very thin DOF at close focusing distances, especially on FX where you need to be even closer to actually fill the frame.

          • mikils

            Oh, not just that; you do not include the idiots which will test the camera as something intended to take pictures from the mountain Bike and will complain the autofocus is “seriously flawed, not remotely as good as their Canon” (Guffaws)

            • Ginza_yo

              You mean the ones that managed to hold on to their D800s for a whole month before deciding it wasn’t for them listing them at a discount on ebay and other sale forums boards 🙂

          • I agree, if they can make it $1500 it will be even better.

          • Bernard

            And they will get a V1 (0r V2 🙂 )…

        • No, only one source few months ago mentioned that “the price could be as low as $1500”:

          this of course doesn’t mean that the price will be $1,500

      • texasjoe

        How do you think this will affect the D700 price (used) you can already get one for about $1500-1800.

        • Victor Hassleblood

          Do you suppose the D700’s price is to go up again ? ? ? If you want it dirt cheap just wait. There is a little chance the price might rise again in a 100 years, Till then just wait.

        • bert

          Just keep using it. It remains a fine camera. You need 2 pro bodies to become a Nikon Professional anyway, and since Nikon does not come with sRAW, it remains a great tool that delivers clean, ready-to-use, relatively small NEF files.

        • Arkasai

          The D700 will hold value for several years if a comparable body does not take its place. It will rest around $1000 for a while after the D600’s release, probably $1200-1400 in excellent condition. I foresee a lot of people weighing a used D700 against a brand new D600. The build quality will be the determining factor though, if the camera surpasses the D7000 in feel and gets closer to the D700/D300 level, you’ll see the used prices fall much lower.

  • Will everything that’s going to be announced be announced before Photokina begins? Is there any chance that Nikon has something completely under wraps only to be unveiled at Photokina?



    only 1/3 of it magnesium, rest is plastic, right? even though 2/3 plastic, still d7000 size, right? def. more then USD 1.800 for the mentioned specifications, right? Then – NOT right for me … & that I ´ve been waiting for d700 successor for m/s or y/s rather … Will still have to shoot dx with my d300(s) as this simply isn´t solution – why ISN´T THERE A D700 successor when d700 WAS a success? And do NOT tell me d800 is that cause – by all evidence – it is not … no matter what the people in NIkon think.

    BTW: I have always been on Nikon´s side, supported the company & 1st of all people in there through bad times, so do not slate me – but this camera seems like a bad joke for me … as I´ve been slowly working on my FX lenses equipment to be ready when IT comes – now is seems that neither will it come in d600 nore will it come out ever …

    Might look at d700 in the market instead …

    regards … & better next time (IF the specs are right!), Nikon,

    • I don’t know why they never put out a D700s with the D3s sensor. It would have sold like hotcakes. But, looking back, I think it’s because they wanted to wait to use the D4 sensor in a D700- (probably D800- now) like body since, for all intents and purposes, the D3s sensor is just as good as the D4 sensor.

      Sooo, I think we’ll see the true D700 sucessor with the D4 body within a year. Once Nikon thinks all D4 sales have been gobbled up, and perhaps branch it off into a D4s and D4x. Perhaps.


      • 120-300 os for Nikon

        Plus one or even more D700s with d3s sensor would be mine for sure but still waiting D400 to come soon still have time to next year may neccesary new one beacause wedding daughter in Holland is coming up and airshows in the netherlands and Paris le Bourget.

        • 120-300 os for nikon

          D7000 had this one two days ago in my hand well not for me little to small and plastic feeling aswell need D400 6 fps or bit more but could live also with D800 and sometimes using in dx mode for birding for little more reach.

          • Jivee

            Punctuate much?

            • zeroanalogue


          • michel

            I am not quite sure why you would want to put the D800 into DX mode while birding. If you are using the exact same lens why not keep it in FX mode and crop? That way you would keep a bigger FOV and could crop in post processing? Also there is quite some chat about DOF compared in FX and DX but if the same lens is used the DOF doesn’t change, does it?

            • Pablo Ricasso

              I would think you could get more frames faster and not overload your buffer or your card.

              The reason people talk of different DOF is because they think you can use different lenses to get the same frame or field of view. For instance, if you were using a 400 on a crop then you would use a 600 on a full and take the same picture. If you were using the same aperture, the 600 would give you a shorter depth of field and more background blur. But you can get a lot of blur even with a 400 f5.6 on a cropped camera, especially when using it under a hundred feet or so, and it is four times lighter and more portable than a 600 f4. It’s a whole lot cheaper too. Of course, if it’s a contest and if you can buy a 600 lens, get it to where you need, focus it, and hold it steady, you win because your subject will have more detail since you aren’t magnifying the lens nearly as much and also because the lens is a bit sharper to start with, and because you have more pixels that are also larger. You can get some really awesome boquet as well because it does better wide open than the 400 does stopped down.

      • Rich in TX

        we already have the D700 successor… it’s called the D800.
        Maybe you’ve heard of it

        • As a matter of fact I have. I own one, as a matter of fact. And It’s not a D700 successor. Nikon even acknowledged that, as well as almost every photographer who owns one.


        • Max Kalkman

          D700 successor? Hell no.

          Near perfect backup body for a D700? As far as I’m concerned absolutely. Most of the time, keep it in DX mode and the 12-15mp difference is functionally irrelevant by my standards. Keep the D700 for the wide – standard zoom range, keep the D800 in DX mode with teles for the telephoto advantage DX gives, and whenever its formal portrait time, use the D800 in FX mode and use a fast prime. A match made in heaven.

          My point, they’re very different bodies, and compliment each other well for weddings / events / journalism, but are far from in the same “family” so to speak.

          • Joseph

            D700 successor? Hell yes!!

            My D800E has replaced my D700 for most things. I had some fun the other day shooting the D700 at stupid-high ISOs with the intent to post small-rez files online, so that was nice. Otherwise, the D800 is a complete success in terms of a replacement.

            The AF button is a little annoying yes…but my LCD screen color tightened up to about the same as my D700 after a couple months so now I’m happy. I’m almost considering getting another 800.

            I think the folks denying the 800 as the successor are just annoyed at the high MP count. I don’t know why. It’s still small IMO, but I’m used to 200mp film scans from 4×5.

            • Max Kalkman

              Your statement is a logic fail. Simply because the D800E replaces the D700 for your needs doesn’t mean it is a replacement or right for anyone else. Your statement seems to imply you are somehow right about it while the rest of us are just not getting it. Which is absurd.

              Nikon has acknowledged its not a D700 successor, and for many people it isn’t the right camera for them because of its specs.

              And in another camp all together are people like me who found it to be a wonderful compliment to a D700. And this is coming from someone who was so excited he had dreams about it when he heard it had a 36mp sensor.

              And is 4×5 supposed to be impressive somehow? Back in college we had to use 4×5 cameras for lots of our assignments. I love them, but comparing one to a D800 or D700 is like comparing birds and fish. They are both animals, so yes they have a few traits in common, but if you’re acquainted with them you can see how laughable that kind of a comparison is.

          • Ginza_yo


            Not even in the same class. People tend to forget about the differences between the consumer and pro level camera builds and features.

          • Rudi

            Oh boy 🙁

          • michel

            Other than fps it doesnt make sense to me to put the D800 into DX mode shooting with say a 400mm. For one thing doesnt the camera just have a black line showing the DX field? It doesnt shut down the borders of the view does it? Wouldnt there be more chance of misframing a pic if you are say, following a bird in flight?. Given DOF remains the same with similar aperture and focal length no matter what FX or DX is while using the same lens, isnt it better to just shoot FX and crop later? The “telephoto advantage” of turning a 400mm lens on FX to a 600mm lens on DX is more or less irreleveant as the image is still recorded on the same area of pixel coverage. There is not any difference in DOF, bokeh, blurring of the image or anything like that is there? Perhaps more shots on the card, perhaps quicker post production work, but the loss of composing choices and chance of losing an image because of missing what is on “the edges” of the DX image. Maybe I am missing something here but it seems a pity to have FX glass on a $3000 FX topline body and then use it in DX mode. Wouldnt you be better off using a D7000 and saving $2000?

    • Land

      I don’t see the point in adding magnesium to the top and back when all the stress is around the front area of the camera when big heavy lenses will be hanging from it or even a small lens when it gets knocked against a wall. It may help a bit but if magnesium is to be put anywhere it should be around the lens mount and mirror box. Screwing a metal mount into plastics is silly. But it isn’t a pro camera so whatever.

      • Andrew

        Land, the structural rigidity will be there if Nikon creates an L-beam. The engineering calculation for the “Stiffness of a Bean” is quite daunting unless you have the technical know-how. Your conclusion about the merging of plastics with metal seems metaphorical and cannot be taken seriously based upon the information you have provided.

        • Fishnose

          “Stiffness of a Bean”
          Yeah, my bean can get pretty darn stiff….. don’t even need an L-beam.

          • Andrew

            correction: “Stiffness of a Beam”

          • Cute Bean

            Your bean must be pretty darn cute then! :~p

        • Uncle Freddy


          How do you measure the ‘stiffness of a bean’ ? Seriously.

          • Andrew

            Please read carefully and notice I was talking about the an “L-beam”

            So the correction is: “Stiffness of a Beam”

          • Andrew

            OK, another typo: “the an” in front of the word “L-beam”. Hope you don’t take me to task on this one also!

        • stiff bean

          “Your conclusion about the merging of plastics with metal seems metaphorical and cannot be taken seriously based upon the information you have provided.”

          I’m fairly sure your “stiff bean” analogy can be taken even less seriously. Don’t hang shit on people (even in a roundabout way) if a) they’re just asking a question and b) your comment are full of stiff bean shit themselves

          • Own ur Bean

            LOL “Stiff Bean” got 0WnD!

          • Pablo Ricasso

            You can’t blame someone for being a bit anal retentive after all this talk about “stiff beams.”

      • Arkasai

        You’ve never shot an F100? That camera was only magnesium on the top and bottom and it feels like it could survive a car bomb. Not sure what it is (maybe harder rubber pieces) but it feels more solid than my all magnesium D700.

      • iamlucky13

        The magnesium top and rear creates a rigid platform which supports the plastic that makes up the rest of the camera, including the lens mount. Even if it takes an impact on the plastic portions of the body, the magnesium top and rear will still help reduce the chances the plastic will deflect far enough to crack.

        No, it’s not as good as having a full-magnesium body, but it should still add real strength versus a fully plastic body, without requiring the same high precision around the area that supports the lens mount. High precision is difficult to achieve in stamping or casting metal (slightly easier with molded plastic), so it usually requires secondary machining, which adds cost.

        I haven’t seen the magnesium shells of the pro-bodies in person, but looking at the pictures of them, I suspect the top and bottom are stamped pieces with minimal machining, while the front is a cast piece with a fair amount of machining to be done after the casting process.

        So basically, with the D7000 and presumably also the D600, they appear as a compromise to have used magnesium where it was easiest to do so. For the pro bodies, they make a full magnesium shell because price is a lesser consideration.

      • tifkat

        Maybe the purpose is to provide protection for the electronics? Those alloy parts are exactly where the major portion of the circuitry is kept. Drop a D700 and these mag. alloy parts will keep your electronics safer than plastic. That was my reasoning when I purchased my D7000. I wanted the exrta protection of the mag. alloy over the important bits.

    • jetelinho

      thanks to both you guys above – you both summed it up! d3s sensor in d700 body WAS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS HOPING FOR & even though not pro (ehmm – sadly nowhere near to it) I was ready to buy one. thus far – nothing I would be interested to pay my (amateur)-money for … Would also like to see some wide angle single length lens at f/1.8 or even @ f/2 … it´s been long long waiting. On the other hand, I am happy I ´ve got d300s, it still IS a thing to take pictures with, it def. is :-))) / regards

      • Buy an used D3s and you are good to go another X years with it 300000 shutter cycles. I had D800, returned it back due to the AF back-focusing issues and green LCD cast which my brights hate when they look at the previews on the camera and got D3s instead to my D700 for weddings! D3s 70-200 VR + D700 14-24 AFS is so far the best wedding combo I have ever had and images from them are priceless :)… just my opinion but I stand behind it.

  • Jabs

    Launch of the latest additionS = more than one camera?

  • “Additions” plural!

  • D600 should be priced at less than $1600 period.

    • Tony Danza’s Mother

      That’s an expensive period.

  • robjons

    Yeah sure, tease us for five months with:
    “The price of the D600 is rumored to be very low – maybe as low as $1500”

    Now we’ll be lucky to get it for under $2k. Well I want one, but $1999 plus a new lens will be too much for me.

    • ggweci

      Maybe it’ll be $2K for the D600 w/ 24-85 VR kit? That would be a nice combo and price point.

      • ek

        That is exactly what I am hoping for!

    • Rob

      Well I want a Bentley, but $175,000 plus insurance is too much for me. That’s life.

  • GregNL

    Maybe the new D600 will replace the D7000 because when you look the sepcs they are looking very close… Ok it’s a Fx and the D7000 is a DX but who will still buy the D7000 @ 1000$ when a D600 Fx will be sold @ 1500$…?

    So Two solution.

    1 : The D600’s price will be aroud 2000$ -> 2200$


    2 : The D7000 will be discounted… @800 -> 900$ and the D600 will be sold around 1500$


    • rhlpetrus
      • raakshasa

        Well .. D7000+ 18-200mm VR2 is going for around $1600 right now … so I think d600 body only vs d7000+lens is a good trade off …

    • Graham

      “but who will buy the D7000…”

      Perhaps people who do not need full frame and want to save the extra $500+


      • iamlucky13

        It’s not just $500. Lenses for FX are more expensive, too, as are filters. Plus there’s the weight and bulk to consider for hikers like myself.

        Of course, you can use DX lenses on the D600 pretty effectively since a DX crop will still be about 12 MP, but that’s not exactly living up to the FX dream.

        I’m still weighing what my decision will be. I’m really hoping Nikon will release the D7100 at the same time so I can compare the D600, D7000, and D7100 and choose between the three.

        I don’t *need* full frame, but it’s not without appeal to me. I just have to decide how much I’m willing to spend.

  • While the D600 is likely to be an incredible camera (albiet about as small as the S1), I would urge everyone to not jump on the bandwagon because it’s nice and shiny. Unless you REALLY need and can justify a reason why you should need FX over DX, you’ll really just be wasting your money on the D600 over whatever DX camera they come out with next (or even the D300s or D7000 at this point. Both are incredibly capable still). The sensors in Nikon(and Canon)’s top-end DX cameras are incredible, and will only get better. It may be bright and shiny, but it also may be overkill. Even at an entry-level level.


    • rhlpetrus

      Why bother how others spend their money? Live and let live!

      • Just some friendly advice. And it helps those who will use the camera for its potential get the camera sooner.


        • Justin

          Better argument would be to put $1600 into a new lens or a a nice new prime like the 28 1.8 or 85 1.8 and use the reminder to get a nice new carbon tripod, ballhead, and swiss arca type bracket.

        • Nathan

          I have a 5D Mk I right now, I use mostly AIS primes on it via an adapter. Full frame is sweet, delicious crack. And I need more of it.

          Considering that I’ll be using the video feature a lot at work, I’m definitely looking forward to a somewhat more affordable full frame camera in the D600. If the size shown in the photos is accurate, all the better. I’m especially looking forward to not having to use stop-down metering, as well as gaining focus confirmation.

          Of course I’m a special case. 🙂

    • Sebastian

      two reasons why you wouldn’t stick with DX (which I have and think is a reasonable compromise, but… see below)
      1) No further DX primes will be introduced. I would be delighted to be proven wrong, but I don’t think so.
      2) No further prosumer DX bodies will be introduced. OK, on that one I’m not as sure. But no D400. Maybe a 7100.

      • Shawn

        I’ve said it before on here and I’ll mention it again. If Nikon ever does decide to drop their high end DX line, I would definitely consider other crop sensor options from other companies.

        I don’t know why they would drop APS-C models that people are buying from them, and competing models from their competitors. Since they derive most of their income from cameras, it sounds foolish to give customers to competitors.

        I guess only time will tell.

    • I pretty much agree. I’d wait for a little while before purchasing this camera. It may be only $1600 for a reason.

    • Can you say “wide angle” ?

      • Jivee

        In DX its pronounced “Tokina 116”

    • you don’t need FX

      Mark is a very smart man! I am a pro DX shooter and I am really getting disappointed in the fact that Nikon seem to be ignoring their pro DX line. Why would Nikon discontinue a camera that was as successful as the D300s? Why does everyone think they they need a full frame camera? An “entry” level FX camera to boot? Really? I am not at all interested in revamping mu entire camera gear which I will have to do…re-buying 2 pro DX bodies and my entire lens collection…I will be extremely pissed!

    • Michel

      I fully agree. DON”T BUY THE D600. Dont even think about it. Total waste of money. You don’t need it. At least if you are going to get one think about it for at least a week after it is announced so I can get in and pre-order it before anyone else…. (good reasoning wink wink)

  • puneet vikram singh

    I am looking forward to it but if the price is $2000 then i would go for D700….I am expecting the price as it was rumored ($1500)

  • Event Horizon

    Do we know if the D600 has a pentamirror or pentaprism?

    • Good point. I don’t think it as been mentioned somewhere. Initially I would think it’s a pentaprism, but given the rumored pricepoint, I wouldn’t be suprised if its a pentamirror. Because it’s a spec most people wouldn’t be aware off when making a buying decision, but can help nikon keeping the price low.

    • enesunkie

      All we know so far is 100% viewfinder.

  • rhlpetrus

    It’s in the plural:

    “Nikon is delighted to invite you to a showcase event celebrating the launch of the latest additions to its DSLR range.”

    So we can think at least one body and one lens. Possibly more either side. Wasn’t there a mid-range zoom kit, variable aperture, mentioned here aome time ago (I think it was 24-70mm or 24-85mm).

    Hoping for < 1,800 price for body, likely 2,000 for kit.

  • djiniouzz

    that first link is referring to something in 2008.
    having said that, we all wish the pressconference was yesterday, the announcement is today and all prices are below $500… but hey, that is a wish…

  • D1000

    We need FX lenses!!! What about the rumored 135 1.8g????????????????????????

    • snarfy


    • Shawn

      Got the 135 f/2 DC. Beautiful tool.
      No need at all for a 1.8 IMO.
      DC is much more of a weapon than another fraction of a stop.

      • david distefano

        i agree with you 110%. i just purchased this lens a month ago and not only is it the best portrait lens it is by far one of nikons sharpest lens bar none if you need a short telephoto lens.

        • bert

          Give the 85mm PCE a try. Equally nice bokeh, even sharper, and although no DC, with Tilt you can do a lot of other fun selective defocussing.

          • david distefano

            it’s not just the defocus but what i call the greta garbo effect. putting the defocus at a higher number than the shooting f stop. it puts a glow to the face just like greta garbo had in her movies. this lens can do it all. if i am going to use swings, tilts, rise, etc i will use my arca swiss 4×5. way more control.

  • sam

    I believe that the D600 will be priced at high 1000’s or low 2000’s….

    If Nikon launches the D7100 (DX frame) it should cost around 1,300-1,500…

  • Gunnar

    I think we can expect the rumored D800. Or maybe even a D4? It sure would be nice to be able to upgrade my old D700.

  • gonzalo

    The new canon 7DII with 24mpix and CDAF/PDAF insensor with 1DX like AF will be a tough one for the D600…

    • Tony Doritos


      Yeah, really tough for an FX sensor to compete with an APS sensor in the same price bracket….

      • gonzalo

        it says it will be a full frame sensor in the canon also…

  • Stanley Beck

    I think the “D600” still leaves a hole if there is no D400/D7100. While the D600 has a full frame sensor, it will be a smaller image than the D7000 when in the DX mode. Many, like me, like the crop factor, and don’t want to end up with a smaller DX file, since neither the FX or DX of the D600 will fit the bill. I also prefer to have a body build like the D200/D300 than one that is mostly plastic. Just my feelings.

  • mok

    Maybe i am writing too strictly, but it says that it will be celebration of the latest additions. It may also mean celebrating of the cameras/lens which were announced recently or within past few months – like some kind of general talking/summary without any new announcements.
    What you think about this opinion?

    • mok

      it was to be not ”writing too strictly” but ”reading too strictly”

  • better order it on day 1 as Nikon Uk bound to up price up again.. good news is that D800 price is sliding a bit now…

  • Click

    If you compare the D600 with the Sony, pls note:

    – 1/8000 maximum shutter speed (1/4000)
    – 10 fps (5)
    – Shutter life: 200,000 shots (150,000)
    – 102 points AF system (39)

    Values in brackets are the D600 rumors.

    • pegdrgr

      -$2800 MSRP ($1600)

      • Spock

        LOL …Exactly …….> Click!

      • Rob

        Do you have a source on that number, or is that just what you WANT it to be?

        That’s what I thought.

  • Alex

    Is a D600 w/ 28-300 lens kit for $2000 too much to ask? 🙂

    • aaa


    • Orb

      … then why would you need FX?

      Buy a D7000 and a 18-200 or similar for less $$ (and weight).

  • French Fries

    “(Sony’s a99 24MP full frame camera will sell for $2,800) and will probably greatly surpass D800 in terms of sales and pre-orders waiting time.”

    I find that very hard to believe. Sony is just a very small player in the ‘prosumer’ DSLR market which is dominated by Canon and followed closely by Nikon.

    • Uncle Charlie

      @French Fries

      Admin meant that the Nikon D600 will out sell the D800. The mention
      of Sony was merely a confusing interjection of rumored factoids.

  • D4ve

    I don’t understand such celebrating over an inferior product. D400, D700s, D7100… have already been delivered to you in one legendary package, the D800. You want another legendary camera at a good price?.. buy a D700 or D3. The D600 is a toy for those who buy third-party junk glass.

    The only thing you frugal amateurs are going to get from the D600 is, a lesson in how much real, quality, Nikon pro lenses cost. Then you’ll be on dpreview forums looking for recommendations on the sharpest $300 Rokinon for your full frame wannabe.

    • Alex

      Are you suggesting the D600 will be incompatible with pro lenses?

      • Uncle Bud


        He is suggesting that a lot of D600 buyers will be incompatible with
        professional lenses, and thus, will be looking for inexpensive alternatives.

        • D4ve

          Take a look at any Nikon related forum and there are people looking for cheap third party lenses for their $3000 D800!

          I don’t understand this mentality. It’s like buying a Ferrari and sticking a 6hp Briggs and Stratton under the bonnet. All show and no go.

          • PHB

            It makes perfect sense to me. I think most people buying a D800 are going to be buying one, possibly two pro lenses to go with it. That leaves a lot of focal range to cover.

            Given the choice I would get one exceptional lens and a cheap one that I plan to replace later rather than two mid priced so-so lenses.

            • Pablo Ricasso

              Hmm. I bet I could use a 70 dollar 50 1.8 on that camera and win whatever pissing contest your trying to start…

    • Justin

      Probably, or on fremiranda looking for a tripod to improve your wanting technique.

    • I don’t get your point, I’m a student in photography and the D600 would be perfect. I’ve some good primes (50 1.4G and a lot of older primes), and this would be make perfect sense. I’ve the D7000 now, which is perfect, don’t need anything more, just an FX sensor. So why is this such an inferior product? I don’t need 36MP with perfect noise-levels, I don’t need a full magnesium package (D7000 is far strong enough), so this D600 seems perfect. And now, I’m not trowing third-party glass on it, only if it would be a better option than Nikon. Stop bragging, open your mind, people with minds can also buy this thing, not only amateurs or hobbyists.

      • D4ve

        $1500 seems like a lot for a student to drop on a camera. People thinking this camera will sell at this price are delusional. No way it’s hitting the market for less than $2k.

        If a D7100 ever surfaces it’s will be more expensive than the current model. You think an FX camera will only be a couple hundred more than that?

        The answer is no it wont.

        • Andrew

          Did you say that people who thought the D800 would sell for $3,000 are delusional? How dare they think that Nikon would come out with a $3,000 camera (i.e. D800) to replace the D3x which “everyone knew” was selling for $8,000?

          Taking a contrary view from you, since a lot of students have been dropping $3,000 on the D800, it seems to me that a 50% discount on a FX camera (Vis-à-vis the D600) would generate more sales and thus increased revenue for Nikon.

          Even if Nikon initially makes no profit on the D600, they could easily make up for it in increased accessory sales such as FX lenses. Also, increased sales of D600 cameras could bring down production costs and result in increased profits.

          OK, my salient point is that you cannot railroad peoples thinking on issues in which you are making pure speculations!

        • $1500 is quite tiny to drop on a camera for a student, a lot of students have a D700 or 5D Mark II. It’s quite normal to have FF. Because obviously we know why we buy FF. It’s not because of the fancy FX logo in the front, I really know exactly why I want a D600. I don’t see why you can complain so much about prices, handling things and quality without its released and still then, there seems nothing wrong with that camera.

    • Yoan

      So what’s wrong with third-party lenses? Sometimes they’re better than Nikon ones.

      • D4ve

        Name one!

        There may be a Zeiss prime that has a c-hair more resolving power, but they don’t have auto focus and they weigh quite a bit more.

        • Pablo Ricasso

          You can find a Nikon lens to beat just about anything for a price. But there are some third party lenses that are better than original lenses that are in the same price range. There are too many to think of, but some of the more obvious ones are most of the macros.

    • spock

      D4ve … sounds like you are nervous that someone with a D600 may get results similar to what you have with your equiptment.

      Yes there will be buyers who follow up with cheap glass, but there will also be people who buy this camera and make the folks with D700,D4’s and D800 look like they overspent.

      • D4ve

        So you’re suggesting that the D600 will pull medium format photogs away from their equipment? As the D800 did? Really?

        • Pablo Ricasso

          I doubt anybody suggested that. But in the past 21 and 24 megapixel cameras did exactly that. What I would suggest is that this camera will pull APS photographers away from their equipment.
          Also, in a couple years it is likely that the price of some of the now cutting edge cameras will be much lower than now. So I don’t see why spending comparatively little on this camera would hurt someone who has been playing the waiting game. (And I think there are a LOT of people who have been.)

        • Andrew

          The D600 will get a lot of people to upgrade from their DX cameras. It will get a lot of professionals to purchase it as a backup camera. And it will get a lot of people to abandon the used camera market. In short, the D600 will be all things to nearly all people (yeah, not quite, but you get the point!).

    • Stanley Beck

      D800 is a fine camera, but $3,000. OK for those with high incomes, and want 36mp full frame images. A lot of us are experiencing falling incomes in this economy, and don’t have a need for full frame. So, a D400 would be great. I don’t intend to buy a camera that doesn’t meet my future needs – I already have one.

      • D4ve

        What would a D400 offer you that the D7000 doesn’t already have? Other than weather seals and magnesium frame, what else would you be looking for in a DX?

        • Stanley Beck

          Bingo. I would like a DX, nice, rugged body, weather sealed if possible, mag frame, lower noise and higher ISO, important controls external from the menu – more than 12 megapixels would be nice – gives a little more room for post processing crops. I don’t have a need for 36 or even 24 megapixel files, but I’m using a D200 now (10 mp) and a new canera that went down to 8 mp in DX mode would be a step backwards. Whatever the FX sensor size is, the DX mode would be about 60% – 65%.

          • cheesy strider

            no you have that backward dx is around 40% of fx so d800 36mp becomes 16 in dx. I think 24mp fx works out to 10 -11 range in dx .
            Think about this the 24mp d3200 would yield a 63-64mp fx sensor when converted. ;b

            • Stanley Beck

              Yes, you are correct. My memory and math were a bit off. That being said, I think you get my point. Thanks for the refresh.

          • You dont need fx

            YES! I am with you Stanley!

    • Jackie

      The only thing I understand when reading that is that you are a bit of an idiot.

      • D4ve

        Then you don’t understand much. Must be fairly quiet in your head. Bet you have that blank-look stare.

    • NOT D4ve


      I hate to say but there is plenty of third party glass that would give Nikon a good run [especially] for the money. I also hate to say that there is plenty of good old AiS heavy metal, stellar optics Nikon glass that is as good as anything out there optically and mechanically, and could be had for a small fraction of current Nikon offerings. Most of all, I hate to say the proof is in your pictures, not in the price tag, and I seriously doubt that anyone self-respecting pro would right anything along the lines of your second paragraph. Kind regards.

      • D4ve

        OK, which lenses do you recommend? We’re not just talking center sharpness here. If they truly have “stellar optics”, they will show the same amazing resolution that most pro Nikon lens show, across the whole frame… at a reasonable aperture! Many old and current cheap lenses can give you centrally sharp pictures at f/8(semi-sharp@5.6), but what about between 1.4 and 2.8 when your subject is sharp and you have amazing bokeh that almost gives the picture a three dimensional effect?

        • Pablo Ricasso

          Well, you just threw out most all the Nikon zooms, macro lenses, and telephotos out of the contest, because they really aren’t their best at full aperture. You kind of limited the choices to a few fast primes.
          But hey, most Nikon lenses aren’t fast primes either…

        • NOT D4ve


          If you shoot between 1.4 and 2.8 you really don’t care about border sharpness, do you? You would place your subject if not dead center then certainly also not in the corner or on the edge. At least I wouldn’t. So, I personally don’t care about border sharpness at max aperture, at least not for fast normal and telephoto lenses. With wide angle it might be a bit different, but even then if it is sharp across the frame one stop down from the max aperture — it is sharp enough for me. The old Ais 50mm f1.4 is very sharp in the center at f2.0 and has a fantastic bokeh. The old 105mm f2.5 is sharp enough at 2.5 and definitely sharp at 2.8. At f4 it is razor sharp, and still gives you enough subject isolation at portrait range. Both of these are dirt cheap for the value they offer. I’m talking about sharpness on 12Mpix full frame.
          Third party lenses… Tamron 90 is excellent from f4 on, ditto Sigma 150. Sigma 50mm Macro is very sharp from 3.5 on… Zooms… Tokina 50-135 2.8 DX is sharper than Nikon 70-200 VRI. Sigma 100-300 f4 is extremely sharp wide open from 100mm to 250mm, and very good to 280mm. Either one of these would make your subject “pop”. This Sigma is not that great wide open at 300mm, but neither are the 70-200 or 80-200 Nikkors @200mm. I can go on and on. No need to be a snob about lenses — none is perfect at every aperture or focal length — but many are excellent if used appropriately, including some very old ones and third party ones.

          • NOT D4ve

            And just to add to the above, it is not only about sharpness. In my opinion, older Ais Nikkors have by far the best color and contrast of anything I have seen, not rivaled by most newer glass, even if newer ones might be sharper in some cases. And talking about bokeh, no need to look farther than Sigma macros and fast pro grade telephoto zooms. Their bokeh is the smoothest and creamiest of the bunch, easily on par with the very best of Nikkors.
            And even the under appreciated Sigma 24-70 2.8 Macro, which I never fully trusted myself, gave me some of the best prints I ever made, different in tone but not inferior in quality to 17-55 Nikkor.

        • cheesy strider

          tamron 90mm macro and nikon ais 24mm 2.8 also samyang 85mm 1.4 portrait lens if you disagree with these bargains I would love to know in what way.

    • Sam

      All this post achieves is making you sound like snob and someone who exclusively buys Nikon branded products for everything, whether its necessary or not.

      If someone drops $1600-2000 on a D600 body, it’s not unreasonable for them to spend a further $1000 or even double on a decent Nikkor lens to go with it.

      D800 + 24-70 2.8 = $5000
      D600 + 25-70 2.8 = $3600

      If someone doesn’t need high MP, weather sealing etc. why not..

      • Sam

        D600 + 24*-70 2.8 = $3600

    • Joven

      I don’t know if this guy is a troll or just bitter.

      • Z

        I think neither … just an extreme variant of fanboy …

  • A sub $2000 FX body from Nikon could be a game changer. Nikon will sell tons of 24-85 VR, 70-300 VR and 50 f/1.8 AF-S to go with it.

    • tch

      I agree with this. I have a Pentax K-5 and the best lenses Pentax produce, but a D600 with that set of lenses (and a 85/1.8 or 28/1.8) is going to be better than what I have now at a similar price for what I can offload my Pentax gear for.

  • Anonymous Maximus

    Why Dubai? A city in the middle of a desert 🙂

    Why should Nikon choose Dubai while there are much nicer places on earth to introduce D600.

    • bert

      Because 1600$ is great for a weather and SAND and DUST sealed body.

    • enesunkie

      Vegas is in a desert. It’s a pretty nice place too. 🙂

    • Me

      What does an announcement have anything to a city being nice or not? They hold all kinds of events in the US and that place is fubar.

    • I assume this is just one of all the scheduled press events.

  • rick cockwell

    yeah, my 18-55 DX works best onto the D600 in DX Crop Mode! =)

    • Max Kalkman

      Wow. Now I know exactly what I need to get when I order a D800! (The D700 does me fine for now, until the focus issue is resolved for sure I’m not picking one up) Cant argue with the price point either! Nothing quite like a $100 lens on a $3,000 body. Actually now that I say it I could see hipsters getting into it for the almost toy camera qualities they could induce…..*cringe*

      All joking aside I shot my D700 with an 18-55 the other day. I actually had a lot of fun and turned out some cool results.

      How it came about was I was using my 16-35 and shooting with my buddy who has a D7000, and he was shooting in a difficult situation, so I told him we should switch lenses for a few minutes because my lens would handle the situation better, so we did. The crop appearing at the edges was fun, and zoomed in it covered the full frame with no problem. The green halos were atrocious but oh well. Its actually quite a capable little lens for fooling around with on a FF body.

  • Hmm

    Additions, as in more than one? Anyone else catch that or am I just looking too much into this?

  • D1000

    Want also the 300 F4 wih VR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David B

    The invitation says, “ADDITIONS” not “ADDITION” with emphasis on “S”. To me that implies at least two new DSLRs. Am I correct in that assumption?

    • Me

      No. Addition wouldn’t fit in that sentence, needs an “S”

    • I will be surprised if they announced more than one DSLR camera next week, but it’s of course possible.

  • Zaphod

    I do hope nikon start to fill the gap in their lens portfolio. Canon have some cool stuff like the pancake super silent. And their real macro 5x 65mm 2.8 lens. And update some lenses. I dont know how many patents they have filled for 80-400, but no products. They dont make any money from that, they need to have products that use the technology too!

  • Andy

    I think the major reason why this camera has generated so much interest is bec of its rumored low price point of $1500. …I for one has already set this expectation…

  • Fiatlux

    Funny poeple get so excited about this “first consumer ff dslr”.

    3 years ago already, Sony released the Alpha 850, a 24Mp ff dslr with a price that dropped well below 2000€ in Europe. Were they right too soon?

    • PHB

      Sony’s camera could be the greatest camera on earth but it is useless without lenses and it really does not look like Sony will be in the DSLR space in 10 years time.

      The DSLR space is going to be eaten from below by the EVIL format. It is very hard to see how any maker other than Nikon and Canon will be left making DSLRs. Sony only has a 10% market share, that really isn’t enough to be viable long term. However good the Sony is, the Nikon or Canon will only cost a little more and be a certain winner.

      Sony was also first into the EVIL space but they seem to have made a bad choice on sensor size with a sensor that is a compromise between pro and consumer needs and ending up serving neither.

      • Pablo Ricasso

        I almost bought that camera too. I might still get one someday.
        There is some excellent glass for it but it is somewhat costly and hard to find. The built in vibration reduction is a bonus. Unfortunately, the camera requires the use of relatively low ISO.

      • Q

        For sure the lenses is a keystone in the success of a DSLR. And too me canon is the clear winner on that game. But still I use Nikon. But for sure very often I think about switching.

        • Pablo Ricasso

          Which ones? I used to think that Canon had some that stood out, but most of those seem to have been either matched or bested more recently. The ones that stood out were their 50 f1.4, their 85 f1.2 and their 200 f1.8. I’ve rethought my position on the 50 because of the color and because of the way it is so easy to break. But now, I would put either one of the AFS 50 mm lenses against it. I would do the same with either of the new 85s. The old Nikon 85 f1.8 is excellent as well, but not as much when near or fully opened. The Canon 85 f1.8 is not worth mentioning. The reason I envied the 85 f1.2 is that Nikon didn’t have a lens that would do well at similar apertures, but either of the new lenses can. Nikon is now on their third version of the 200 f2 and I suspect that this has also eclipsed the Canon 200 f1.8, which I believe is also no longer produced.
          Canon might have once had an advantage in their 70 – 200 zoom, but I believe that the latest Nikon has caught up. But I use an 80-200 push pull that I got for 300 bucks and you can’t do that with a Canon. You also can’t tell me that their 24- 70 is remotely comparable, much less their wider zooms. And nowhere in the Canon lineup is a bargain such as the the 35-70 f2.8. You also can’t mount the old FD lenses like I can my AI and AIS, and Canon primes wider than 50 aren’t worth mentioning, (except for that new pancake.)

          The only thing that leaves is a few of their premium long bomb telephotos, and you’re splitting hairs about the difference and most likely compromising on color. I will say that I favor the magnesium construction. But then I also note that there are many white lenses that still cost a few thousand dollars used and that have no chance of being serviceable when certain parts fail. That and the usability of the FD lenses indicates what will happen to what is now their state of the art in a few years. That and the advent of vr/is almost makes me want to shoot Minolta/Sony.
          Tell me where Canon excels.

  • jw48335

    Sony A99 announcement beats Nikon by a day. Now the real question for me is, do they have the same sensor? Has Sony got the noise under control? I expect the reason Nikon can make the low price point is with an Aptina sensor rather than the Sony. Likely the A99 will start shipping almost immediately while the D600 thinks about it for several months, has some QC issues, then starts shipping. I can’t imagine waiting another six months after waiting this long to go FF…

  • B&H announced a bunch of discounted bundles today, revolving around the D7000 and Pro lenses. I’m guessing they know something we don’t…

    • BartyL

      It may, alternatively, be the case that D7000 sales have tapered off a bit because folk are awaiting the release of the D600 to decide between the two. In which case they are simply trying to boost sales to reduce inventory.

  • Ray

    OK so a few people have picked up on the plural – “additionS”, and think this means that multiple camera models will be released, or even that there will be new lenses announced too. This is not the case.

    This just means that, having learned form the D800 release, Nikon plan to release more than 1 item into retail channels within the first 6 months. In fact, if we’re lucky, as many as 5 different people could get their hands on the camera in the first 6 months alone.

  • Justin Chorman

    I just talked to a guy from one of the big two online distributors and he is being told that the D600 is supposed to be right around $1500.

  • JonMcG

    Everything here screams D7100 = $1399, D600 = $1799…

  • George K

    I believe that the announcement will cover the gap of price abnormality between the DX and FX formats. I am expecting a top of the line DX packed with goodies and a entry model to the FX line that will help intermediate users develop to professional level by trying a low level full frame sensor and its capabilities but not giving the product the one stop shop feature as this will hinder and endanger the production of the middle and top of line models of the FX family. Perhaps a lighter body could drop the price to affordable levels and no weather sealing … Lets wait and see. On the other hand I wouldn’t be surprised if the succesor of D7000 breaks the expected and becomes an unexpected sales target. Keep in mind that the task of selling to the masses is becoming far more interesting to the production of excellent equipment.

  • Gil Aegerter

    I’ve ordered mine. The shop’s guess is $1999.

  • Gil Aegerter

    I must say it always surprises me when people go on and on about Ken’s site, about errors, about hyperbole, about image quality. Really? You’re that familiar with his site and have those criticisms? If you don’t like his site, Ken offers some great advice: Don’t read it.

    Though I often disagree with his advice, I find his site useful in the way it surfaces lenses that I might not be aware of. And he’s right about Nikon’s 18-55mm. That’s a great lens for the money, although I’m guessing he wouldn’t advise it on a full frame body.

    • Pablo Ricasso

      HEY! If you don’t like the criticism, DON’T READ IT!

      • Gil Aegerter

        HEY! I have to read it to know if it’s criticism. And stop shouting — I can hear you all the way over at my house.

        • Pablo Ricasso


  • Ken

    I do hope that Nikon will release a high-end compact camera like Sony RX100. That would be great as a spare camera in my camera bag.

  • Mark V

    Admin- any word on which grip the D600 might use? I’m hoping for the same as the D7000, which would make sense if they are of comparable size, and if it uses the EN-EL15. If I decided to go up from the D7000 to the D600, it would make the transition easier =)

    Also, I apologize if someone already asked, you responded and I missed it, however I didn’t see it on any of the specs posts you put out there.

    • Whiner

      It’ll cost $600 then quickly drop to $400.

      Also, D800 left AF points.

      Go on, drink now.

    • I think there will be a new grip but I am not sure.

  • roy

    Invert the image and you see d600!!
    Try it!

    • flesix

      No, it’s the D7000.

  • Nikon Fan

    The new consumer D600 camera seems to be very tiny and plastic. I hope it will come in colors like the new Pentax K-x:

  • All i would request for is a good stock numbers unlike the d800 which is still hard to get

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