Real or fake?

This screenshot of a Nikon DSLR camera was taken from BMW's Facebook page. As far as I know Nikon never had such a model in their line-up. This is either a new, unannounced camera or a photoshop job.

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  • Plug

    Why would BMW feel the need to invent a camera? Logic says real to me.

    • Banned

      It could be a fake because they don’t want to advert for any specific brand of camera so they mix and match features from various camera makers.

      • Isn’t this the D100?

        • St.

          it’s the top from the P series – P7000, 7100, etc.

          • Nikon a Fashion Stmt

            Nikon has truly lost itโ€™s touch just like Nokia and Dell.

            Nikon is now a fashion statement. No longer follows: Function over Form.

            Sad that we are witnessing a mass exodus from Nikon to Canon.

            • Shame on Nikon

              Canon really stepping up their game with the current Gen of their DSLR!

              Win for all consumer except LAME Nikon fanboys who do nothing but spew fake Pro-Nikons dxo marks numbers..


            • Troll Interceptor

              I am not a troll.

            • Pablo Ricasso

              I selling all my Nikon gears.

              Nikon has lost their ways with D800 and this shameless D600 specs!

              NO MORE NIKON FOR ME!

            • henri108

              Again some Canon fanboys shitting on Nikon :p, take a Nikon in your hand and feel it, don’t shit on it!
              I had both (entry level Nikon D40 and mid range Canon 7D), chose Nikon, and bought a D7000 and will buy a D800.
              Both have their advantages, but they are very close.

            • You really can’t bear the shortcomings of Canon these days can you, it eats you up every day when you see Nikon’s innovation after innovation taking yet another bite out of Canon’s crumbling market. The day Canon can make a camera that’s capable of the quality of anything like the D800 can produce we’ll ALL take another look at Canon. In the meantime, let’s face it you’re the laughing stock just now. The D600 will just about finish off another nightmare year for Canon, so it’s probably best if you don’t hang out here any more, because it’s just set to get even more embarrassing for you. All this BS about the 3DX is the biggest joke of all – I can’t wait for Photokina and the ZERO announcement from Canon. They’re just not capable of making a sensor like that, and that hurts doesn’t it. It’s so sad to watch giants fall isn’t it…and to be fair I understand how bitter that makes you feel and all of the anger you can’t wait to let out on here. Enjoy your day ๐Ÿ™‚

            • Pablo Ricasso

              Sorry guys for that brain fart above, this was after a night of heavy drinking, please forgive me.

              I’m still a Nikon guy – through and though


              Canon has no answer for a $1500 D600, so that is one butt hurt baby as well as their bank account is also butt-hurt. And canon trolls here are but hurt loser

            • Shame on Canon

              For not having a$1500 full frame camera, ouch somebody butt is hurt

            • Actual Pablo Ricasso

              Just wow. Did I really say that?
              NO. I didn’t really say that.
              I think someone could use a bit more imagination when inventing a screen name. And possibly a bit more English proficiency.
              For the record, they have knocked it out of the park twice with those two (or three) full framers, and they loaded a base with the 3200. I expect to see a baby D4 sometime within the next year, probably starting with the number 7, and eventually a D4X. I also expect to see more bases loaded with something else starting with the number 7 and possibly also with the number 4, but it is important to remember that these things take a little time. What they have been working on is very important and has revolutionized the trade. I expect an ongoing revolution.
              In other unrelated news, a pussy cat toward the bottom of the comments section has indicated that a 50 f1.2 is said to materialize…

            • Aldo

              To the canon fanatics drooling on the D800… let me tell you… now you can truly compare your mark3 to a nikon camera… the D600 lol… This may hurt you but its the truth nonetheless. The D800 sensor blew you out of the water. there is no comparison.

            • D4ve

              Smaller font.

          • Justin

            @ st. You’re right a portion of this is the P7000 mixed with the D7000.

            Bottom line, its fake. Things I notice:
            1. The missing lines around the pop-up flash.
            2. The view finder is that of the P7000 on the D7000 body.
            3. The lens information tag is gone.

            @ Canon fanboys:
            Learn to respect a different approach. It’s like Intel vs. AMD. Each have there place, and each are great.

            I find it amusing that Canon lovers are on this site all together. Leads me to believe they are looking to switch.

            • St.

              exactly – if Nikon and everything about it sucks that much – what are you Canon fanboys doing here – spending all your time buls***ng and not going out and shoot with your lovely canons??
              Or may be they are not so lovely???

          • Mock Kenwell

            You need prescription glasses.

            Give me a break…

        • JCM

          That isn’t even close.

          • JCM

            although it could be the ‘back’ of it. No way a Nikon DLSR would have that small of an eyepiece.

          • Justin

            You are correct, the small eyepiece is that of the P7000\P7100 on a D7000 DSLR.

            RE: The VR badge Robert Bell mentioned.
            Notice what they didn’t leave behind. The information badge on the top of the lens just below the pop-up flash.

            Basically notice that there is nothing to identify this as a Nikon camera. Unless you know what a Nikon camera looks like, you would not know that this is a Nikon camera.

            I’m guessing that BMW did this for fear of some sort of copyright infringement. This is definitely a merge of the P7000\P7100 with the D7000.

      • Robert Bell

        If they were going to do that they would leave the giant VR badge on the lens! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Robert Bell

          that should say ‘wouldn’t’

    • gt

      BMW doesn’t feel a need to invent a new camera…but the GRAPHIC DESIGNERS that BMW hired might have felt the need to simplify the top of the DSLR to create a more pleasing aesthetic…for their overall design.

      If you close closely, the designer has photoshopped in the dial from the Coolpix P7000.
      (see for yourself here: ) Also, you’ll notice that this dial does not have P,S,A, or M modes. There’s also no MODE button on this camera.

      In effect, there’s no way to change shooting modes from the top of this alleged-new camera. That’s because its not a real camera, its an edit done by someone who clearly doesn’t know anything about photography or DSLRs.

    • Eddie

      this is just another way that the admin is trying to generate more traffic for the end of the month stats. plain and simple.

  • Jack

    It’s a photoshop image. The viewfinder and the dial are from P7000 or P7100.

    • BINGO! That and the pop up flash seam has been shopped and the VR badge shifted left. Lots of odd shopping on this one. Very fake.

      • The power is in the on position, the LCD is blank, it’s an 18-105 I believe on a mash of bodies. It’s completely fake.

        • Blaine Shillington

          Russ, ever turned your camera on without a battery? No lcd. Nonetheless, this is definitely fake to avoid Copyright issues. It’s a mess, but bmw fans probably wouldn’t take a second to notice. It’s so fake, i’m not sure why it even got posted on here.

          • “Russ, ever turned your camera on without a battery?”

            No, why would I do that? Are there some hidden features? Why would I do that and then take a photograph of my camera? I was making a point – the power was in the on position, the LCD most likely is from yet another image. lol.

      • Gimme D600

        Begs the question as to why fake an image, very time consuming, and make it look definitively Nikonish with current Nikon design conventions.

        May there’s a graphic designer begging for a job at Nikon?

    • JH Dahlstrรถm

      I agree!

    • Timo

      I don’t care if it’s real or fake. In any even it’s not a pro body! And we have more than enough from that tiny mass products by now.

    • Hult

      And its not hard.. Im bad at PS.. did this one in 10min

  • mo

    PS job for sure. It would be impossible for the pop up flash mechanism to work this way. There is some interference with the left knob. Also the profile of whatever is on the back of the camera looks like one of the coolpix P models.

  • Dan

    Paired with that lens, it could be an update to the D7000. It is most likely a cropped sensor camera. I see no reason for BMW to slightly modify an existing camera

    • Kyle

      Possibly to avoid Nikon copyright issues if using a picture of their camera? Don’t know how that works, but just a thought.

    • Wuubi Duubi

      Its nothing unusual in the advertising industry to use noname items. Its just about telling the story and not advertising like in this case for Nikon even though it is about BMW.
      If BMW would have the intention to advertise e.g. a partnership with Nikon they would make more obvious.
      Its a photoshop work to show a noname DSLR for this Ad – for what ever reason.

  • kevin

    I dont know, but that camera is not as pretty as my d800 !

  • It may be real but its a cropped sensor camera. Note the DX lens on it. 18-105 VR

    • Calibrator

      They used a PR image from Nikon of the D7000 with the 18-105 mm lens as a base. Nikon practically only used the 18-105 kit lens for their own D7000 campaign.

  • Dave

    PS job – why is the VR logo off to the side?

    • Calibrator

      Because it’s exactly on this position on the AF-S Nikkor 18-105 mm 1:3.5-5.6G VR lens.
      They only removed the name plate on top of it (and elongated the pop-up flash housing to cover this).

  • Super fake ! ๐Ÿ™‚ Not a single doubt ….

  • Travis

    This is real. It is too good for PS and too consistent with previous d600 leaks.

    • Travis

      Im might be wrong though. I do not see direct vido record button on top. This maybe fkr, albeit very good one.

    • cs

      i hope you are kidding

    • Pdf Ninja

      Have you ever seen what real PS artists can do?

  • Torry

    Nikon F7?`

  • IT’s a D600! Look at the button on the mode dial!

  • EvanK

    I don’t know why BMW, of all people, would modify an existing camera, but this definitely isn’t an upcoming model for a couple of reasons.

    First of all, take a look at the mode dial, it looks like something taken off a P7000. Also, what’s going on with the viewfinder? It’s tiny! Another giveaway is that all of the new Nikons have a video record button on the top near the shutter button, which this one lacks. Judging that it has an 18-105 mounted on it, I’d say it’s a modified D7000.

    However, I still have no idea why BMW would have the urge to modify it, the only reason I could think of is to avoid making it look [i]too[/i] much like a Nikon DSLR, therefor they modified it to avoid any possible kerfuffles with Nikon.

  • Rob

    It’s clearly a fake. It’s likely a shoop, but it could also be a plastic prop camera.

  • yauth

    of course FAKE, there is no red Record button, see?

  • sd

    Its a photoshop image. They don’t want to get sued by Nikon by leaving everything in i guess. So its close but not really. And I don’t think Nikon will sue BMW for somewhat free advertisement? Though they could try and get a discount on their sponsorship of BMW race car.

  • fjfjjj

    PS job. Art director found original mode dial too ‘busy’ and asked for something less distracting.

  • sd

    And one more thing. Ignore the camera. Look at the picture behind it. They make it look like a “contact” print complete with gear perforations.

  • Vicne

    Ps job for me. Note that they at least removed the nikon brand (and the full lens model name) from the lens. They have probably done a bit more of cut’n’paste to make it ‘anonymous’.
    Plus, what’s the probability of BMW Germany getting hold of a picture of an unreleased Nikon camera just to illustrate a ‘be our reporter’ contest ?
    OTOH the agency made zero effort to hide the Samsung brand on the smartphone on the left of the same ad…

  • EastOfGratiot

    If you don’t have permission to use other comapanies products in your public communications it’s worth the effort to genericize the images. Check out all the generic product photos sold on Getty for this purpose. Limits liability – causes great pain in the graphics department.

    • Josh

      Exactly. This is so obviously the case with this image that I can’t believe it even made it on to this site.

  • Its a d7000

    So sure.. It’s just a d7000 with ps the mode wheel..
    Not that exciting at all..

  • jake

    maybe this’s the d7000 replacement camera ? maybe D5300?

  • Basil Bond

    I want one!

  • PAG

    “Oooo! Oooo! Does the Photoshopped non-existent camera have a non-existent 24MP full-framed sensor? If less than 24MP then it’s a major Nikon FAIL! Sony already produces non-existent sensors above 24MP!”

    — Any Number of Commenters That Appear Here Regularly

  • Obviously is a PS mixed image from two or more cameras, just to avoid giving credit or copyright to the camera maker.

  • jake

    I dont’ really care much about the D600 but where is the D400?
    I ‘ve been waiting for a new Dxxx DX body for a couple of years already.
    No more D300 replacement camera? is this line (DXXX DX) now offcially discontinued?

  • Anonymous Maximus

    Do we need another entry-level DX in Nikon’s lineup? Where is the D400?

  • Photoshop, and it was done because Nikon is probably not paying BMW a product promotion fee.

  • D400

    D400, D400, D400…

    Is it so difficult to manufacture it? Sensor from D3200, body from D700. Voila !

    • D400

      Body from D300s, sorry for the typo.

      • Anonymous Maximus

        A D400 with good low-light response (better than D7000 & D3200) can be a milestone for Nikon. Maybe they have a new DX sensor under their sleeve, to be first delivered with the D400.

        The legend should continue. D800 & D400 can be a good pair.

  • Jules

    Fake! Look carefully at the hot flash attachment. Not a Nikon schema.

    • Calibrator

      For the base image of this “camera” they used a stock image of the D7000 with the hotshoe protector still in place.

  • elph

    I’m gonna take a wild guess and say fake? It looks like an older model body-type, there’s newer designs for current Nikons.

  • For those of you who don’t know. BMW would modify an existing camera so they can say its not a nikon or canon and not endorse any brand or get permission to use a product in an add. See, a recognizable brand can only be used in an image for editorial use(example:an article about the product.) This is commercial use. This is why its a fake. I shoot advertising and stock for a living so I know all the rules and legality’s.

    • Vicne

      And what about the Samsung smartphone on the left of the same photo ?

      • Calibrator

        Because they either cooperate with Samsung (=”cross advertising”) or the agency simply did a botch job.

  • rhlpetrus

    Right side is exactly D7000, left and top are photoshopped, no flash in would seem. Very different from what the D600’s top looks like in the pics posted here already.

    • Calibrator

      The base image is an official D7000 product image with the 18-105 mm DX lens.
      Then they obviously modified it here and there.

  • Brock Kentwell

    More lies from Nikon. Switching to paint and easel.

  • Scoot

    It’s real…it’s on the internet, so it must be real…

  • It looks like a d80 to me.

  • What’s that cylinder-looking thing coming from where the viewfinder’s supposed to be?


  • 103david

    Oh, come on. Is really a serious question? Of course it’s a fake. Likely based on one of the Sony non-DSLR A series DSLRs. (Insert rude noise in this space.). I can’t believe anyone (including me) would spend a microsecond of time on this non-issue. Everybody! Back to work!

  • Ajisan

    I could see BMW photoshopping to remove color in the mode dial to not distract from their main message.

  • 103david

    Yikes! I just figured it out. IT’S THE LEICA M10!!! Holy poop! Somebody quick! Call up Leica roomers!

  • georg

    Dear Webmaster,

    you really should delete the troll and fanboy postings and block their email adresses, the comments are not readable anymore.
    Mayve include a registration and captcha, too.

    • D800 needs fixing.

      You’ve noticed!

      This site is a total waste of bandwidth (and time)

      Early announcements from Nikon masquerading as rumours and an excess of flatulent indignation from fanboys.

      Trolls are fun; fanboys are a legitimate target.

  • Nikon Guy

    It seems to be fake but with Nikon you can never tell. It fits Nikon’s new standard for cameras:

    – You don’t want a normal size, well-built, professional DSRL camera. You want a small, tiny, toylike, ridiculous size that hurts your hand type of camera.

  • T.I.M

    And who cares ?
    Even if it’s a new camera, it will be available when, in 2 years ?
    We now have the D800/D600/D4, what can we get better than that ?
    Take pictures with what you have, I have my wife for now 12 years, well over the warranty and she is still working well.

  • John Joyer

    BMW didn’t “do it” – it was whatever ad agency or graphics house working for the agency. Those places have photoshop whizzes who could knock it out in no time.

  • what a waste of time…

  • Didn’t you write a few days ago that the price of the D7000 dropped? Could this be the new model?

    • Calibrator

      “Could this be a new model?”

      No – the mode wheel on the left with only a handful of selections should be enough of a clue to you.

  • Calibrator


    And it’s only a fake because it’s been put up here – in truth it is simply meant to be a “generic camera”.

    Remember folks: A fake is only being made to create something that isn’t existing officially. In this case nobody claims that this is “the new Nikon Dxxx”, except on this rumor page, of course…

  • T.I.M

    ***** BREAKING NEWS******
    The new AF-S 50mm f/1.2 G will be announced at the Photokina (from GMC/chasseur)

    – f/1.2
    – 2 asphericals elements
    – 1 super ED element (no CA visible even at f/1.2)
    – nano cristal coating
    – low fall-off at f/1.2 (all gone at f/2)
    – all metal barrel
    – 72mm filter thread (metal/plastic ?)
    – 460g (Ai-s f/1.2 weight 360g)
    – memory focus recall and d.o.f preview buttons on the lens.
    – made in Japan.

    – 58cm minimal focusing (compare to 46cm for the AF-s 50mm f/1.4)
    – $2790 !!!!
    – no date for release soon, Xmas maybe.


    • Christobella

      Nearly $3K? Ouch!

    • Distanted

      58cm? I have to reluctantly pass, all of my subjects are 57cm away…still, I bet this’ll be a fun rental.

    • I don’t believe that – do you have a link?

      • T.I.M

        Yes I have a link,
        How much do you want to bet on that one ?
        (remember I was right about the D400…)

        • Alex

          I especially like the Nano “cristal”

          • T.I.M

            oops !
            yes, green, pink, orange, and purple (not sure about the purple, may have been the pink under artificial light)

          • T.I.M

            What’s rong with my “couche de cristeaux de taile nano” ?

        • lorenzo

          you forgot to say that it comes in green ๐Ÿ™‚
          What is that you said about the D400 and when?

          • T.I.M

            About the D400:
            I said few years ago that Nikon will stop making any DX pro cameras.
            (probably the only crap I said that turned to be right)

        • yes, I thought so ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Rob

      You have too much spare time.

  • C_QQ_C

    The Switch says camera is switched on, the top display is off , why would you switch it on if there is no batterie in the cam..??

    • D500s

      or maybe the latest eye tracking energy saver feature that shuts off everything (display included) after n minutes no eye pupil points at the unit.

  • Wishful Dreamer

    MAYBE… If we’re very lucky… Maybe Fujifilm is getting back into the D-SLR game!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • D400

    The left hand side, screen, shutter and on/off, is definitely a d7000.
    It is not a soontoberealsed camera, becuase all the newer nikons have a movie button on the top plate

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