Updated specifications for the Nikon D600


The release probability of the Nikon D600 for Photokina is now at 99%. Here is an updated list of the specifications (new additions in bold):

  • Very small and lightweight body
  • 16 bit image processing
  • Expeed 3 processor
  • Maximum video recording: 30 minutes
  • Built-in mic
  • 19 scene modes
  • Magnesium alloy only on top and back only
  • Maximum shutter speed of 1/4000
  • Shutter life: 150,000 cycles (the D800 is rated for 200,000 cycles)

Previously reported Nikon D600 specs:

  • 24.7MP full frame sensor
  • Weight: 760g (850g with battery and memory cards), the D800 weights 900g
  • 3.2" LCD with 921K dot with ambient sensor control
  • HDMI output
  • Video compression: H264/MPEG-4
  • Full HD with 30p, 25p, 24p, HD with 60p, 50p, 30p, 25p
  • Viewfinder coverage: 100%
  • The Nikon D600 will have built-in AF motor
  • The body most probably will be weather sealed
  • The D600 will not have built-in GPS
  • ISO range: 100-6400 (with Lo-1 ISO 50 and Hi-2 ISO 25,600)
  • 39 AF points (with an option of 11 AF points), 9 cross-type AF points
  • AF face detection
  • Exposure compensation: ±5 EV (same as the D800)
  • The D600 will probably use the EN-EL15 rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • 5 fps (same as the D700, the D800 has 4fps)
  • 2 SD card slots with Eye-fi support
  • Build-in retouching images functionality
  • Built-in flash with sync speed of 1/250s
  • Two user settings: U1 and U2
  • Fn button
  • Auto DX crop mode
  • In-camera RAW editor
  • Built in time-lapse functionality
  • Build-in HDR
  • New external battery grip
  • Internal AF motor
  • The price of the D600 is rumored to be very low - maybe as low as $1500
  • Announcement before Photokina (September 2012)
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  • Kimo

    Come to papa!

    • komalkumar

      16bit processing is what i have been waiting for 🙂 never thought Nikon would introduce it in a lower end body than a pro body first !!

      • WoutK89

        Processing was already available, correct me if I am wrong, it doesn’t mean you will save your photos in 16-bit!

        • Martijn

          16-bit processing is normal, they just get downsampled to 14 bit.

          • BornOptimist

            No, the signal is not downsampled. The ADC in the sensor is 14-bits, but the pipeline in the Expeed prosessor is 16 bits. So all caclulations are done on 16 bits values (where the 2 most significant bits are Zero). It has been like that for ages, so nothing new about that.

            • soap

              Correction. The two LSB, not MSB.

              14-bit math ain’t as easy as 16-bit math.

    • R!


      • Daniel

        SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paddosan

    So the shutter speed is now down to 1/8000?
    The closer we get to the supposed announcement, the “worse” it gets… still gonna buy it though. ;P

    • Paddosan

      Of course I meant down “from”.

    • gt

      Doesn’t the D7000 have a 1/8000th shutter even? what is Nikon doing?

      • I suppose that Full Frame has something to do with it : bigger shutter and so on…

      • synp

        It’s easier to get 1/8000 in a small shutter than in a large one.

        • Martin/LAFtroll

          It’s true in Copal shutter, but not in this kind like in dslr.
          The only limit here is the speed of shutter elements. When it moves slow, gap may be too small for ultra low shutter speeds.

          • iamlucky13

            It’s not just the size of the gap. If the gap traverses the sensor plane too slowly, you can get moving subjects appearing to lean.

            So to cover the larger sensor for the same shutter speed without lean, you have to move from top to bottom in the same amount of time, which means a faster shutter speed.

            This is turn means bigger springs, bigger winding actuator, and higher accelerations, which means more stress on the mechanical parts, all of which already applies due to the greater mass of the larger shutter curtains, so the effect is doubled.

            People probably don’t tend to think about mass in extremely small objects like shutters, but the high accelerations they undergo means they really are near the strength limits of the materials they’re made from.

            1/4000 vs 1/8000 is a very small disadvantage for most people. I don’t recall offhand if I’ve ever even shot 1/4000, although I do know I shoot 1/2000 occasionally. Either way, it won’t affect my purchasing decision. If I run up against the shutter speed limit, I’ll just have to stick an ND filter on my lens.

        • Remedy

          Utter bullshit. THE ONLY reason for this is not to cannibalize D800 sales. They had to somehow cripple this and that to keep the safe distance between them.

          • Remedy

            Is yours Imbecilanon?

          • Bret

            So you think that Nikon is separating the D600 and D800 by minimum shutter speed? I doubt it. It’s probably about the cost of parts for the shutter mechanism as said above. They have a target for this camera and they’re trying to get it low enough to appeal to the D300-400 and used D700 crowd… Used D700 sales make Nikon no money… And that’s a huge market right now, ref eBay.

            What 1/4000 means for actual use: longer viewfinder blackout time and therefore marginally slower AF on tracking targets. By marginally I mean milliseconds, the difference between an AFD and AFS lens is far more drastic (usually).

    • to be honest, i don’t remember ever needing 1/8000. my film camera only goes to 1/2000 and i hardly ever use that fast of shutter speed.

      • Nate

        I’m not worried about the 1/4000 vs. 1/8000, what I’m worried about is that a minium of 1/4000 usually means a x-sync 1/160 instead of 1/250.

        • That does not worry me. SB-600 (or better) can do high speed sync and the built in flash able to sync at 1/250

          • Nate

            High-speed sync takes a series of limited short bursts instead of one powerful burst. It works, but in general you want to avoid it if you can.
            If the on-board flash will x-sync at 1/250, then this is a non-issue – though again that would be very odd with a minimum shutter of 1/4000. It’s more likely that one of these specs is wrong.

  • Rowly


    • Ric


  • Everyone Drink

    very small and lightweight body. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!?

    • BartyL

      It means the camera will be quite large and heavy….

      • sloma_p

        Made my day 😀

        • My day


      • Rolli-Rolf

        Hahahaha – LOLOLOL!!!!!

      • KRA

        haha n1

      • Simon

        4 years on reading nikonrumors and first time just must:

        Buhahahahahahha made my day

      • umesh

        And you can use it like a hammer

    • WoutK89

      It means, don’t expect D300s/D700/D800(E) size body, but more like the size of a D7000.

      • DX2FX

        850g is heavier than D7000 with battery +card. And I don’t think D600 will be any smaller than D7000.

        • iamlucky13

          By 70 grams, or about 2.5 ounces…not much. I hope they improve the grip a bit though. I don’t quite like the way the D7000 feels. It seems cramped.

    • Roger

      Like D7000.

    • D4ve


    • supfreak

      LOL !!

    • glumetu

      it means it is designed to float around you, rather than you having to carry it.

  • “The price of the D600 is rumored to be very low – maybe as low as $1500” – SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

    • I’m hoping it will help drive down the D800 price a bit. I love my D800 and want a D800E too, prices are starting to fall so hopefully by Christmas the D600 will help erode that further…

      • Nikon Shooter

        You must be thinking of a different DSLR manufacturer. The prices for pretty much all Nikon DSLRs stay the same all year long. Unless you are considering getting a refurbished unit of course.

        Btw, the D600 is not competing with the D800 so you shouldn’t expect any erosion of anything. The D600 is actually competing with the D7000/D7100, so the current/potential owners of which are going to be spending more money on a camera than they ever have, which in turn will condition them for buying the D800 in the future. As you can see the D600 will actually help sell more of the D800 so the D800 will only get more expensive in a year or two.

      • Uhm. The D800 is extremely reasonably priced for what it is. Not going down in price any time soon.

  • Mikycoud

    Tell you what: if it really comes out at roughly 1500$, then it will be one fine Fx backup body. Loads of features for such a small price. I like the user modes.

  • Bart

    That means D700 for me now. I hate those small bodys for people with child hands… 🙁

    • karl

      grow a child hand as well

      • I agree – but I am sure a battery grip will help a lot 🙂

        • Indecline

          I use a tripod most of the time, so the camera size is a moot point for me.

          • Remedy

            …and because of You rest of the population shouldn’t care?

    • Roger

      Me too, Bart, but D600 will have battery grip which helps.

    • Michel

      So all the FX frame Nikons are for people with large hands. Its about time a FX came out for people with smaller hands. Actually they probably outnumber large hand people. Only trouble is my gf is more likely to use it….

      • Remedy

        What a retarded logic.
        Crunch this, what is better – an item that a person with big, normal and small hands can hold comfortably or an item that only person with 5 year old kid can hold comfortably?

        Never seen anyone not even a tiny lady having issues with driving S class Mercedes or Audi Q7 or any other big car, on the other hand I’ve seen tons of people who couldn’t even get into Toyota Yaris, old Mini, Fiat 500 etc.
        Do You fking get it?!!!

    • jorg

      you need a D3 or D4 then

      • Andrew

        Not quite… the D4 is out of the price range of many folks and with the D800, they either cannot afford that extra $800 or they are not convinced in using the D800 in crop mode. And besides, some folks computer needs serious upgrading!

  • Badol

    Maximum shutter speed of 1/4000 – WTF?!

  • R8R

    It’s a D7000 with a bigger sensor and upgraded processor.

    Ok by me!

  • jorg

    gimme gimme gimme!

  • its more like a d90 with full frame.
    i hope the image quality is as good as the d90

    • Click

      I am looking for a D90-Replacement and the D600 could be the one for the price I paid four years ago for my D90.

      • FrenchGuy

        I am also looking for a D90 replacement but it will be a pro body DX. D400 I’m waiting for you!

    • KnightPhoto

      “i hope the image quality is as good as the d90”

      D600 IQ will obliterate any D90 IQ factor we can speak of 😉

  • FluiSmurf

    16 bit image processing? Does that mean it’ll be the first Nikon that delivers 16 bit nef files????

    • Ol’ B

      I doubt that it would be considering it’s placing in Nikon’s lineup…

    • Who cares, when the sensors still don’t put out more than 12-bits. Unless there’s some new magic mojo that drastically improves SNR or lowers the noise floor.

      • gsum

        The D700 managed 11 bits of DR at its optimum ISO of 200. Surprisingly, its DR was slightly lower at the LO ISO settings. It will be interesting to see what the D600 manages given that visually, the D800 appears to be slightly better than the D700 despite its higher resolution (I have yet to do the analysis and produce the results for the D800).

    • WoutK89

      What don’t people understand about PROCESSING, it does not mean it is saved as 16-bit. There are already Nikon cameras that do 16-bit processing.

  • Ol’ B

    So its a full frame D7000 with some better features?

    • gt

      and some worse. The d7000 goes up to 1/8000

      • Ol’ B

        Thats true, although you rarely use 1/8000th + its got ISO 50 to help. AND the D7000 has 6fps

      • If you’re bouncing off the 1/8000th mark, you’re either doing it wrong or need an ND filter. If I’m within a stop of my top shutter speed, I want some elbow room. More than one stop. Either close down, drop ISO, or grab an ND.

        1/4000th is NOT a deal breaker.

        If they lost that stop to deliver a much quieter shutter, I’d take it in a heartbeat. That’s the only reason I haven’t replaced my D7000 yet–the quiet shutter is indispensable for quiet ceremonies.

        • BartyL

          I like, and occasionally use, the 1/8000 shutter speed on my D300s. But my first SLR, a Minolta SRT101, only allowed a minimum of 1/1000 and I still managed to take photos with it under bright conditions.

          So I agree, 1/4000 is not a deal breaker.

        • KnightPhoto

          Quiet shutter on the D4 seems to be about the same subjective feel as the low volume my D7K shutter produces.

          I’m liking that D4 feature a lot! Feels a lot less obtrusive.

          • …I haven’t played with a D4 yet, but the D800 isn’t noticeably quieter. The only time it’s less noise is if you use live view, in which case it doesn’t drop the mirror to shoot. The shutter alone it pretty quiet. It’s still not into the realm of the D7000 though. The smaller mirror may have something to do with it.

            But there’s not reason they can’t make a FX with a quiet mirror. My D80 mirror is about as quiet as the D7000.

  • kevin

    why is the price so slow? My d800 is double of that price…

    • Roger

      This is a lower grade camera than D800.

    • Andrew

      You get sharper pictures and videos, higher quality crops, a bigger and more rugged camera. And you get a higher resale value. The D800 is a flagship caliber camera, it is worth every penny you paid for it! For those that can afford the D800, they are getting the best camera money can buy. So do not lament your purchase; in my opinion, it is money well spent!

  • xlaburu

    Ok, it has a speed of 1/4000 thats a blow, but it seems it doesen’t have continuous focus mode, or at least it is not on the AF knob. I particularly am more concerned about the AFC knob the the 1EV I loose with the speed, I think that I will continue with my D700, seriously, I see this camera thought for amateurs and not for pro’s. The D800 has tones more of resolution then what I realy need and that is a problem for me too when having to work fast.

    • WoutK89

      AF-C is done by pressing the AF-mode button and turning one of the dials on the camera.

      • xlaburu

        thanks for the info. It doesn’t convince me much, but if you can switch it in a fast way I suppose it is fine.

        • R8R

          On the D7k you can change focus mode with the viewfinder to your eye once you are accustomed to the newer button. If you are supporting the lens/body with your left hand, your thumb is right there to hold the AF mode button, then a flick or two of the command or sub-command dial and you’re there. It’s easy and fast.

          • xlaburu

            Ok, so as it apears, the major draw-back of the camera is the shutter speed at 1/4000 if we compare it with the D700 (my actual camera). but instead it has 24Mp. and it has video. Well, I think it is not such a bad alternative to the D800 and it has a reasonable price after all. Thanks for the hint.

        • Bret

          The D800 doesn’t have the AF-m/s/c switch either. I admit it’s not hard to get used to the new button, but I’d still much rather have it the old way… Probably saved Nikon like 10 cents per body. That’s actually a lot considering how many D7000/D800/D4 bodies they’ve manufactured

    • jorgen

      this is (again) NOT the new D700.

      • Axel

        To all people waiting for a “true” D700 replacement … Forget it guys …

        We all know that you want a D3S (sensor/AF…) in a D800 body at the price tag of a D600 with the video and ergonomy enhancements of the D4 … I do too …

        But let’s face it won’t happen. They did that mistake with the D700 and killed so much D3 sales that they are not ready to do it again …

        So stop whining … Go buy a used D3S, maybe have a look at the 3200-6400 ISO pics from the D600 in a couple of months … But stop waiting …

        • WoutK89

          Haha, you’re funny, a sale for Nikon means cash, so if they either sell 3 D700s or 1 D3S, the money is for Nikon, they don’t care.

          • Axel

            Yeah but they DO care about selling 95 D700 / 5 D3 instead of 60 D700 / 40 D3.

            Product line segmentation (justified or not) through feature control and quality specs is a big part of the profitability of today’s successful companies.

            • Paul

              Well, that’s not (or was not) the complete picture. Throw in the 5D Mk II in the comparison, and suddenly Nikon doesn’t really care how much the D700 eats the D3 sales, as long as people opt for D700 instead of 5D Mk II (roughly at the same price and way cheaper than the D3).

            • Axel

              Interesting point, but if the D700 was only a 5D MkII mitigation product, it would have had a lot more video features, hence avoiding the massive adoption (and some switch) by most of the video-photographers at that time.

              I agree that most of the times, cannibalizing your own sales is the only way to go forward (iPod / iPhone for instance) … I’m just saying that I don’t think Nikon will do it again now… And that they will release the product all advanced amateurs are waiting for (and that pros would want to, but won t wait for).

        • JorPet

          Actually I want the D4 sensor in a D800 body. I’m willing to pay as much or a bit more than a D800 as it would be a much better camera for my purposes.

          • Axel

            Exactly ! And so who would buy the D4 ?!

            Like the D3 after the D700 release … Not a lot of people …

  • philip

    as said above it will be a great back up camera. now any news on a 700x ?? d800 files are just to big for me and tge 600 is just to small. Never mind what they say, Size does matter

    • Ol’ B


    • D800 files are only about 40mb

      • Click

        In ten years we will laught about this tiny filesize. 😀

        • gt

          Unfortunately, we can’t laugh about it now. If you shoot events with the D800, the camera will inevitably choke while the buffer clears. The D800 is great for landscapes, studio work, and anything less hectic though.

          • French Fries

            If that’s your problem with the D800 then I would highly suggest you buy faster SD cards. Its only a small investment compared to the D800 itself.

            The D800 was never meant to be a photographic machine-gun…

            • Philip

              and thats the problem, its not a machine gun, take the canon 5d111 ( im not a canon fan boy I use a d700) its 6fps, 22mp and alright low light performance. Tell me that there is a brand new Nikon coming with these specs and ill buy it in a heartbeat. Between my wife and I we take on average 2000 photos most weekends at weddings, this would require a lot more money invested in new cards and hard drive space. I agree in years to come we will be looking a GB file size but as of today and now the d800 may be the greatest camera the world has ever seen but there is so many of us that are left out.

            • Philip

              Think I have solved it, the average file size of an uncompressed RAW on fx lens is 77.7 MB, but in DX its 32.5, so im thinking a decent DX lens for the candid wedding shots and the big boy when im doing set shots all on a D800. This might horrify some pros but it might get the job done for me.

          • Anonymus Maximus 1st

            The camera offers the so called DX mode which helps a lot for event photography.

          • I sometimes think that the quality of legendary photographs is film era is not because of the choose of film but rather because cameras was not machine gun. Photography was about pressing the shutter button at the right moment from the right angle with the right composition.

            • philip

              I agree but there are a lot of time throughout a wedding ceremony that you need high speed, The cork coming of a champaign bottle for instance, you would need a very good eye and fantastic timing to get it, but on high speed just press the button just as its about to come off and hay presto a fantastic action shot, another would be the “you may kiss the bride” some people don’t like public affection and its a very quick affair, they might not want to repeat this later on so again high speed is a must.

            • @philip

              Not saying I disagree with you, but I think having a good eye and fantastic timing is what define a good photographer, and it can be gained by learning and practicing.

              I collect a lot of photo books from film era and many of the photos are non staged amazing moments that only last for seconds.

            • ferrycy


              I agree with you about learning and practicing aspect of photography. Photo books that you have reflect this. But they are also collections of select photos out of many thousands.

              For weddings it is different though: you are paid to take awesome photos and your career depends on being spot on 100% of the time. Some of those moment will not ever happen again.

            • @ferrycy

              That is not my point. My point is, perfect moments can be captured without machine gun camera, and its happened if the photographer is well prepared. And then again, for photographer like Steve McCurry or Joe McNally, the situation is more like “showing the best photos from thousand of great photos”.

              Professional photographer in film era don’t have the luxury of taking too much picture, because the process behind one photo costs time and money.

              Anyway, I start photography with film, and I did shoot some weddings with Nikon FM2. And then I switch to digital. Compared the result, I have more beautiful wedding photos with film. Nowaday I quit wedding photography because I lost the enjoyment already.

  • hombre

    yeah i love this camera! 🙂

  • Hey Admin, any solid word on the AF points and FPS with the grip?

    • feeends

      yeah would love to know fps with Grip. it says 5 fps (same as d700), so does that mean 7 fps with grip (same as d700)? I really hope so!

      • …actually, it’s a solid 8fps with the MB-D10 and AAs or the EN-EL4. It’s a beast, and I love it. I’ll be holding onto it no matter what else comes out.

  • Bob

    No interest in the D600, but still hoping for a D400!!!

    • bekafi


      • Grampa Jones


        Bob is here because Nikon Rumors has grown into a community of nikon users, a few canon trolls and Andrew. No one really knows what Andrew is. But folks like to keep in touch and express an opinion now and again.

        Also, there is really no need to shout, we can read you just fine. Ciao.

        • Andrew

          Grampa, Andrew here. Read my comments ( a few hundred or more!) and you will know a little about me. But let me help you… I like Nikon products, respect Canon, and the closest to being a fanboy is with Sony – I own too many of their products (Camcorder, Multiple computers, Multiple TVs, Headphones, Digital Recorders, 3 PS3 though I am not much of a gamer, etc.). My interests are vast – engineering, software development, technology, and business. What don’t I like? Trolls! Why? Because I feel that dishonesty damages a person and the society around them. A person should be able to love a product without making everyone else around them feel bad about theirs. If there are three words that describes me they are integrity, passion, and perfectionist. Actually, I like Nikon Rumors because I am learning a lot from others on this site and when I am wrong, many in the community are gentle and gracious in providing correction.

          • Andrew

            Actually, the companies that have elicited in me the most passion are… Sony (#1 – the WalkMan – introduced in the 1980s, the first portable player to provide high fidelity sound via a headphone, #2. the SXRD TVs – the pinnacle of perfection, #3. PS3 – a supercomputer disguised as a gaming console), Mercedes (built like no other cars in the world), Yamaha (#1. Receivers, #2. Pianos – rock solid quality!), Nikon(1. First Film camera in 1987 – N2020, 2. First DSLR cameras – D80, 3. And Many Lens). For now, Nikon Rumors keeps my interest because Nikon has been on a roll… Nikon 1, D4, D800, D3200, and next D600 – all announced or released within 1 year. Then of course, future rumors for the D5200, D7100, D400, baby D4, and for the D700 holdouts, a D700 replacement. That folks is impressive! All I need now is stocks in Nikon Rumors.

  • Martijn

    too bad 3 of my lenses are DX. i could lose the 35mm 1.8, but missing the 17-50 f2.8 tamron + sigma 10-20mm 4-5.6 would really suck. 50mm f1.8 + 80-200mm af-s would work great with it though!

    too bad i also need a new phone (A) and sony just released a Gopro Killer!

    • How is it a GoPro killer? Will it do more than an 30min clip? My GX1 will. Goes like 3hrs on a charge.

    • Michael

      The 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5 should replace your 17-50mm f/2.8 well, the 18-35mm f3.5-4.5 should replace your 10-20mm well but 1 and 2/3rd of a stop of shallower depth of field and higher low light performance. Your 50mm f/1.8 should be able to be replace by 85mm 1.8, with an extra 1 and 1/3rd of a stop of shallower depth of field and higher low light performance.

      You can also use the DX crop if you want to continue using your DX lenses. By the way, using your Siggy on full frame will allow you to shoot even wider if you wish.

    • R!

      How can you say that you’re gonna miss a Tamron or a Sigma lens,It’s the money that I payd for these slow AF and unsharp lenses that I always miss!!!!

    • …and your only lens worth holding on to is that 80-200. Everything else is disposable.

      If you still wanna stay DX, I’d happily sell you my D7000 though. : D

  • MegaMo

    no pro DX for 2012 ?
    D7000 was introduced in 2010 (as a camera that should have been the new D300).

    I want D7000 in a D300 body.

  • Le Me

    Photokina U no come already!!!

  • Miha

    It looks D600 is going to be just like D5100 with full frame sensor.
    -same shutter speed 1/4000
    -same size “Very small and lightweight body”

    I just hope that D600 will have FP (fast flash sync) option, which I’m missing on my D5100.
    And I hope it will be at least D7000 size, because D5100+grip is still small, when using 70-200 and bigger lenses.

    • Charlie

      ‘cept for the 7000’s “U1, U2” modes… nice.

    • Knez

      yeah, right, 5100 body.. not. It will have top lcd which 5100 doesn’t have, so there is no way that d600 will be smaller than d7k.

      it will be FF in d7k body.

  • Femke

    Only 39 AF Points….

    So there ‘s still nog going to be a decent replacing camera coming up for my good old D300?
    I don’t want to downgrade from 51 to 39 AF points… Tried that on a borrowed D7000… Didn’t work for me.

    So i’ll have to go start saving for that much more expensive (but great) D800…

    • gt

      The number of focus points isn’t as important as is how well the AF performs in low light. I’d take the D3’s AF system with 39 AF points with no hesitation. Unfortunately, the D7000 has a different system which needs AF-assist to lock focus in areas where the D700, D3 would not struggle. I hope we get an upgraded version for the D600

      • Femke

        Yeah, if you work in low light a lot of the time.
        For my line of work as a daylight animal photographer, the number of AF points is a lot more important then the low light performance. 😉

        I really need those 51 AF points for accurate focus on the (sometimes fast and unpredictable) animals eyes…
        It’s not like i can ask them to sit perfectly still and look a specific way for as longs as i’d want… So a great AF system with enough AF points is very important for me.

  • krr

    I am really close to buying a D800 and using it in 20MP FX mode …
    Small bodies suck!!!

    Now someone give me 3000 Euros ….

    • xlaburu

      As far as I know, the D800 doesen’t have any small RAW funcionality, I suppose you are alking about JPEG format, right? Or is it that there is a small-RAW capability in the D800 as in the EOS 5?

      • krr

        Some searching on the internet tells me there isn’t … and 36MP raws are huge! Thanks for destroying my plans 😀

        • xlaburu

          Sorry, I didn’t whant to spoile you plans, in fact I was hoping to hear it had a mall-raw too. 🙁

        • umesh

          ou get
          FX uncompressed raw 14 bit — 75mb.
          FX compressed raw lossless 14 bit — 42mb
          FX compressed raw lossy 14 bit — 36mb
          DX uncompressed raw 12 bit — 57mb
          DX compressed raw lossless 12 bit — 33mb
          DX compressed raw lossy 12 bit — 29mb
          Straight from manual.
          Choice is yours.

          Read more on NikonRumors.com: https://nikonrumors.com/2012/08/30/updated-specifications-for-the-nikon-d600.aspx/#ixzz253p8tjvg

          • xlaburu

            well, if we take away the DX modes and the FX mode with loss, the one without loss is quite ok.

      • umesh

        You get
        FX uncompressed raw 14 bit — 75mb.
        FX compressed raw lossless 14 bit — 42mb
        FX compressed raw lossy 14 bit — 36mb
        DX uncompressed raw 12 bit — 57mb
        DX compressed raw lossless 12 bit — 33mb
        DX compressed raw lossy 12 bit — 29mb
        Straight from manual.
        Choice is yours.

  • mikils

    IMHO the real weak point is autofocus. Other specs don’t bother me (I wonder how many picture i actually shot with 1/8000)-

    And I have some doubts about the 2 SD cards. I understand the size issue, but for a camera I would consider a backup anyway it will give me the necessity to use 2 cards (3 in case I steel myself to kiss goodbye to my D3s and go for the D4)

  • I just want a 24 Mpix D700 with expeed 3. So i can use my DX lenses without shooting 5 Mpix. I don’t to cheap a body, and I don’t want a D800. Very close to getting a used D700, but the small DX mode is keeping me waiting.

    • krr

      Same here … and 95% finder @ D700 is also an issue

  • This is looks like a fun camera to own. It’s not a backup camera, but it can be a casual camera that you don’t worry about.. And who hear actually shoots over 1/4000 shutter??? Post some links if you do.

    • And sorry for the grammar errors. iPhone.

    • Mike

      I/4000 is a not a deal breaker it’s a deal killer! Shoot a fast aperture in bright light and you’ll quickly exceed 1/4000. For example I used the D800 for a trash the dress shoot recently using a 24 1.4 lens. At ISO 64 (low 0.7), f/2 I was at 1/6400. What a mood killer it would have been to ask them to stop for me to get my ND filter. If you’re using f/4 and up it’s probably ok, but fast lens in bright light? Forget it. And for those of you grumpy grandpa’s out there where “if you’re shooting at 1/8000 you’re not doing it right”, well you sound old. Just like when the D3 came out and people said “if you’re shooting at ISO 1600 you’re not doing it right”. Higher ISO’s opened up new shooting possibilities. Available faster shutter speeds do the same. Less compromise. Dont get me wrong, this will be a great consumer camera. And even for some pro use I’m sure. But as the saying goes: speculation is as useful as nipples on men. Let’s wait and see the announced spec is.

      • well maybe you should stop down your aperture a bit?
        I mean, adjusting from f/2 to f/2.8 will bring your shutter speed down from 1/6400 to 1/3200, and I don’t thing anyone will notice the dof increase in 24mm lens.

        • Mike

          Yes you will. For the type of shot I got I was up close. Hence using a 24mm. And the intent was to heavily blur the background without compressing it with a lens like 85mm, hence using f/2. Even at 24mm there is a difference in background blur at f/2 vs f/2.8. Even if I went to ISO 50 and f/1.6 I would still get 1/8000. Why buy fast lenses if only to be stifled by the camera? I don’t always hit 1/8000. Infact it’s quite rare. But it’s nice to not have to think of a work around or to stop and get an ND filter when you’re in the moment.

          • For me, even at close up range the dof difference is not that significant in real life. I shoot macro a lot and I also have 105mm f/2. Adjusting f2 to f2.8 is not really affecting my composition and the viewer does not care the subtle difference. I’m curious to see your photo that must be shot at f2 1/8000 (honest request).

            quote : “Why buy fast lenses if only to be stifled by the camera?”

            well maybe because I want to shoot in low light? or because I don’t have to use the maximum aperture all the time but I love bright viewfinder?

      • A

        Ha! If your lighting is giving you that kind of exposure, you’re going to have issues with shadows and squinting. You can’t use fill flash at those speeds. You must be one of those “I’ll fix it in post” kinda photographers.

      • rensuchan

        Three words.


        • rensuchan

          Hell, you even said you have one. I feel like a quick stop is worth it for better quality pictures.

  • THIS is going to be my new travel camera. Glad I sold the D700.

  • Kabouter buttplug

    Looks like a d800 concurent. Is it still worth to by a d800????

    • Roger

      Absolutely. But D600 is looking like a great backup to D800.

  • Craze

    Great news!!!
    Say once the D600 is officially released… How long it would take before one can order it and have it delievered to your door step?

    • nuno santacana


      That’s the important date.

  • Tomas To-mas Halasz

    Built-in mic ?
    but on the pictures I can see MIC & Headphones symbol on the side.
    If it would not have mic in and headhphones out it will be bad for video.

    And I am wrong but i dont see ISO button anywhere.

    • FrenchGuy

      The ISO button will be on the back as on the D7000 and D90. Look for a back picture of the D7000 and you will find the ISO button on the left side of the screen.

      • Tomas To-mas Halasz

        didnt noticed
        I have d700 so I was looking there

  • RoyL

    At last. The FM2D ! If this thing can take a split prism viewfinder it might be really nice with small MF primes. 1/4000 shutter is plenty. It is small and light. Lots of possibilities. Or it could just be the world’s greatest chick-cam. Wonder if it will come in pink??

  • Oscar

    I understand it will be made in Thailand…….. (to cut costs)

  • Climenty

    “Very small and lightweight body” and large & heavy lenses for quality shots – it is really awkward combination. Nikon, why are you so hate users? Where is D300/D700 successor?

    • krr

      D800 is D700 successor … they just made it 1000$ more expensive so we didn’t notice …

      • Climenty

        No, D800 is for megapixels keepers. Many users just needs new 20-24MP full frame.

        • AndreaD


      • R1S

        Not $1000 more. The d700 was roughly $3000 when it was released.

  • Khoa

    With this low price, D600 may be made in China

    • Who cares

      Who cares if it is made in China? As long as the thing works as its supposed to.

      • Shame on you!!!!!!!

        This is a Nikon worship site.

        How dare you even suggest that a Nion product might not work as it should.

        • Shame on you!!!!!!

          BTW that’s not a typo.

          I just could not use THAT NAME in a sentence about something not working correctly.

          I hope that’s clear.

        • A

          I’m a mirror; you’re like glue. Bounces off me and sticks to you.

      • Pro Camera

        Usually, “Made in China” means “very low quality”. 🙁

        • baxter

          Check Ipads, Iphones and so on, made in China.

        • not really, a lot of quality things now made in China. Nikkor 105 f/2.8G micro is made in China and its a great lens.

        • Richard M

          Sandisk cards are made in China. I put 100% trust in these and won’t use any other make.

  • KRA

    Same grip as the D7000 maybe?

    • Felipe

      I also would like to know this. As I have my D7000 gripped 99% of the time.

    • EXTREMELY unlikely.

      1. Major sensor change, changes in body shape.
      2. Nikon has a very nasty habit of changing grip connections all the time.

  • I hope there is an AI metering tab so I can use my 28/2 AIS and my soon to be mine 50/1.2 or 105/2.5

  • Can’t wait! I feel like a little child waiting for his ice cream.

  • nandadevieast

    I will buy this if it has a Sony sensor.
    But looks like it may not…
    Sensor in Sony A99 is 24.2 mp.
    This one is said to have 24.7mp.
    Looks like an Aptna/Aptima sensor.

    • Alex

      It seems that different sensors. The d600 will have 24.7 Aptina sensor, but the a99 will have 24.3 Sony Exmor sensor with additional AF-detection pixels

  • Jhon

    Canon where are you?

    5d mark 2 ($1,900 US) (2008) vs nikon d600 (1500 US$) (2012)….wow!! cheap and new
    5d mark 3 ($3,400.00 US) vs nikon d800 ($2,900 US$)…

    24-70 2.8 canon II ….delay (tamron 24-70 vc ready)
    28 iS…delay
    24 is…delay
    35 1.4 L II….delay


  • wayne

    no 1/8000??? 🙁

  • Daf

    It might be worth mentioning what it DOESN’T have.

    From the pictures I’ve seen – seems to be :
    – PC Sync connector
    – Remote trigger connector

    • Abraham Collins

      PC is obsolete, good riddance.

      Remote trigger will be shared with the GPS connector.

  • ashwins

    Same not-so-great AF, inaccurate WB, and only partly magnesium alloy body as in my D7000. So, not the FF upgrade I would want.

    PS. The exposure mode wheel is really annoying because you can accidentally change the mode and destroy the shot you needed…

    • wublili

      The wheel has a button on top of it and it’s likely for unlocking it. So, it won’t turn by accident.

      • DX2FX

        That button could be only for locking the shooting mode dial, i.e. the S, CL, CH, timer, Q, Mup … and not the exposure mode dial.

        • ashwins

          I hope wublili is right. And DX2FX, the locking button for S, CL, CH, timer, Q, Mup dial can be located (like in D7000) behind the dial. This could be confirmed if we had a photo from the back.

  • Wuubi Duubi

    D600 vs. D800

    besides slower shutter speed
    smaller body
    less MP

    what other difference are there that justify paying twice as much for a D800?

    • Truth will out

      That wonderful left af feature?


    • Carsten

      51 vs 39 AF points, perhaps no AF down to f/8, AF fine-tune(?) AI support (?), lesser weather sealing, no full magnesium body, perhaps a smaller magnifaction in the viewfinder, no CF card support (couldn’t care less), no uncompressed HDMI out, no USB3 – a lots of options to cut down on high-end features to justify the price gap

  • Willy

    Most important to me is buffer size.
    Anyone knows?

  • Ben

    Is NEF 14 bits, like D800 ?????

  • Landscape Photo

    “Very small and lightweight body”

    D600 will be a toy for college boys who obsessively think when they upgrade to FX, they will become a real photographer.

    But the truth is a lot different than this: Lenses !

    I’d symphatize the idea of small body if the lenses were proportionally small & affordable. Yet, they are not unfortunately, except for a couple of small primes, e.g. 50mm f/1.8, 20mm f/2.8, or 85mm f/1.8. And let’s not forget the new 24-85mm VR. But most of the rest…

    • Phil

      OK. So real photographers are chaps like yourself who are the only worthy handling an FX model. LOL.

      “I’d symphatize the idea of small body if the lenses were proportionally small & affordable.”

      Fortunately, not all of us have fat hands like yourself so will find the compact FX body a joy to use.


      • krr

        does this look comfortable to you?
        and that looks like a child’s hand …

        hand cramps incoming!

        • EnPassant

          That’s utter crap nonsense.
          Clearly it’s an adult with longer than normal length thumb and piano-fingers holding the camera.

      • outkasted

        Not fat hands, Just BIG hands ….small hand boy

      • Carsten

        Point is that you don’t need to go FX to create good photographs – if this is the thinking behind an upgrade , its plan BS.

        Body size matters when you use big lenses, my 70-200 feels much better on my D800 than on my old D80 – which is a perfectly fine body with smaller lenses

  • Pro Camera

    “Very small and lightweight body” – translation: Plastic and toylike.

    Why, Nikon, why???

    • jorg

      because it is a 1500 $ camera, can it be so hard?

      • It’s not the 1500$. Lightweight has nothing to do with plastic. Composite, for instance is in some cases lighter than plastic and stronger. This camera could be light and small and cost 6000$. It just so happens that it MAY be smaller and lightweight, and because it needs a larger mirror box and FX sensor, it is made with plastics to offset some other costs. Price isn’t THE issue, it’s one of the issues. A 3000$ camera can still be made of plastic.

  • philip

    is the d3200 smaller than the d7000? will it be the same size as that??

    • Josh

      Given the weight and the fact that it has a top plat LCD it seems like it will be around the size of a D7000.

    • ashwins

      • D7000: 132 x 105 x 77 mm (5.2 x 4.1 x 3.0 in.)
      • D3200: 125 x 96 x 77 mm (4.92 x 3.78 x 3.03″)

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