Is this the top LCD screen of the Nikon D600?

Could this be the top LCD screen of the Nikon D600?

  • SD card slot
  • Wi-Fi support
  • GPS support
  • HDR
  • 51 focus point (previous rumors indicated 39 AF points)
  • Full frame camera because it has vignet control and DX crop mode

The image was found on the Facebook page of a photographer in Thailand.

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  • rogues

    Quite possible, or a cleverly doctored red-herring?

    • Stevey

      AA batteries / li-ion icons… on an entry level ff ? I’d go with fake.

      • Global

        Why assume anything “entry level” about it?? Full frame lenses are by NO MEANS entry level price points — they are mid to advanced at their lowest.

        Also, couldn’t this be the D400 — as the “top level dx” it could very well have such a screen.

        • soap

          Also, couldn’t this be the D400 — as the “top level dx” it could very well have such a screen.

          The “top level DX” camera won’t have DX crop mode.

          • PHB

            No, but the top level DX might well end up with the same LCD panel as the top level FX.

            These are a little pricey to make. Not anywhere near as pricey as chips but still expensive. It would make perfect sense to use the same display for both if they are close enough. That also means less inventory on hand while making the cameras as there is one part instead of two.

            Same might well explain the GPS tag. It might mean the camera has GPS built in or that it is there for use with an accessory.

      • The two sets of battery indicators might be for the camera body itself and the grip. I’m sure a grip will be available for the D600. But the image still may be a fake, not sure.

        • Jake

          This is the correct answer. The d7000 has the same AA/LR6 icons when you install them in the grip.

    • Cristian

      It seems a fake to me:
      – Only the L (large) image available
      – No Normal or Basic JPG compression
      – A fantastic 2fps indicator

  • MB

    Nah, this is just a joke

  • Pc

    It is the top screen of the D400.

  • RG

    Symbols look like CF + SD card. Don’t think so.

  • roberto

    Hey admin i send you an email about a possibile d600 preorder in an italian store, did you see it?

  • Really?Really?Really?!!

    wifi + GPS + 51 focus points + 24m pixels + sd slot(s)

    AND .. the price is lower than $2000??

    if it’s true, i absolutely will buy it in one second…..

    it’s the one i want

    • Phil

      Jeez. How old are you FFS?

      • JB

        Jeez, how boring are you?

        • Phil

          Can’t be any more boring than you, if trueblue’s comments get you that juiced up. Lol

          • try-hard

            Who ever is in your photo looks like he was dropped at birth.

            • Phil

              Taking a pop at a child?

              To be fair, it’s probably something you do in your spare time isn’t it.

    • Joel

      Thats a CF and an SD symbol (identical to the symbols on the D800). Safe to say that’ll also have dual card formats.

    • rdpi

      a true example of a victim of marketing

  • Ole

    This will be my next Knee-cone!

    • Ronan

      I used to have a Nikon… until i took an arrow to the knee!

      • skyrim-job

        Fail. IGN is that way ->

  • Tapobrata

    This is the top screen of the D400, FX, retailing at $2000 +. The D600 will be launched at the price of the existing D300s, ie. ~$1600, with lower specs than the D400.

    • Craig

      Sorry, but the D600, if it arrives will be nowhere close to the US$1,600 price point you call out. That price is wishful thinking and isn’t supported by looking at Nikon’s pricing history.

      • PHB


        The idea that the D600 would have lower specs than the D400 is stupid as is the idea that the D400 would be anything other than DX. Nikon are not going to be making 4 different FX bodies and no pro DX body.

        Pricing on the D600 might be a little less than the D700 was on introduction but $1600 seems way optimistic. That might be the D400 price but even that is likely to be rather higher.

        • Andrew

          The D700 will be replaced by the D900 (?) with a 16 MP sensor full frame similar to the D4. The D900 will be priced below $2500.

          The D600 with a 24 MP full frame sensor is too big a jump from the D700’s 12 MP sensor. Therefore the D600 will not be the successor to the D700. The pricing around $1,500 for the D600 is a safe bet.

      • Andrew

        Like the D3x at $8,000 which was replaced by the D800 at $3,000? Or the D7000 at $1200 with magnesium alloy body? Nikon’s pricing history is the inverse of your argument.

      • Josh

        Chances are the D400 is not even coming. That naming scheme is obviously being moved to the full frame line only and the Dxxxx line will be the DX naming scheme. Either the D7000 successor will take the D300’s place at the top of the DX line or Nikon will kill off the D7000 line and have the only DX camera’s be the D3200 at $700 and the D5200 with the D5200 having specs closer to the D7000 than the D5100 and a price around $1000-$1200

        Lets be honest. Most people who bought the D300 were the serious enthusiasts and the lowest end of the pro market and they only settled for the D3o0 because they couldn’t afford the full frame camera they really wanted. Moving that price point to a full frame camera makes perfect sense. Especially when you consider that these buyers are the most likely to be planning to eventually go up to the D800 level cameras and now wont have to worry about buying or getting rid of DX lenses. It also simplifys Nikon’s line as the wont have update or make any more pro DX lenses.

        I would not be surprised if Nikon’s long term strategy is to have all of it’s DSLRS except maybe the cheapest entry level model be full frame.

  • alemarengo

    If it’d turn to be true, i’ll buy two of these!!!

  • Looks a bit long for an LCD, compared to the ‘leaked’ D600 photos a while back.

  • Andrew


    2 FPS?

    Why are there Two battery meters.

    • Internal battery + battery grip

      Wish my D700 had that. Would be helpful.

      • Global

        Exactly what he said. Two meters makes more sense than one, when the batteries drain at different rates & can be charged independently. That would be a desirable improvement.

        Also, why would someone add “2fps” into the screen randomly? Did any other Nikon camera have that declaration of exactly 2fps? Its unclear why someone would intentionally make it 2fps if not taken directly from another cam.

      • Don

        Hey, Toast, the D700 does have both battery meters, it’s just on on info screen, not the top LCD. Assign the momentary light on the on-off slider to light+info and that will pull the info screen up on the back with moving your hands.

  • I have been pondering over Nikon D800 for a while now or even a second hand D700, If priced correctly, fitting somewhere between the cost of these two great FXs & up to usual Nikon stadard this will be a definite winner for me at least or anyone wanting to upgrade to FX.

  • Davide

    Having the new version CAM-3500 AF module on a camera cheaper than the D800 would be awesome… But the “2fps” really makes it look like a fake :-/

    • BornOptimist

      Why is “2fps” suspicious?
      As far as I can rememeber all Nikon DSLR I have owned have had “Continous High” and “Continous Low” setting. “2fps” could mean CL is not configurable, and is fixed at 2 fps if selected.

      • noir

        Why not? CL ist configurable, and why not display the actual rate on display rather to have to look it up in the menu?
        And even my D7000 has two Battery Meters for internal LiION and my 6xAAs (Eneloops) in my battery grip…

  • JohnDoe

    This is the graphical style of the BACK screen in info mode, without the expo infos, and the various indicators on the bottom.
    It’s from the D800’s user’s manual.

    • Kyle Hunter

      Bingo! Looks just like my D800’s back LCD in Info mode . . .

    • Yep. D800 manual clearly shows the identical shot for the rear LCD. The D800 illustration even shows “2fps”. The only difference is that the D800 shot shows the FX badge instead of the DX badge. This shot means nothing. It could be a D600 shot, and it could be something else.

  • Richard

    DX note on it, maybe it can do fx and dx like the d800. 2fps , is that a joke, crippling ti lower then the d800 for spec reason?

    If it is 51 point afs then I would image this be the d400 (DX sport camera) or whatever they call it next.

    As long as the D600 specs are like the D7000 and mainly costing around as $1500 body only FX, is all I care for. I don’t want more features if is going to add up the cost to $2,000. I guess I won’t buy it and maybe look into the D700 as my FX portrait camera.

  • Zachery

    My money is on mockup/fake.

  • duche

    Man, it’s D800’s top lcd screen. It could be a joke from the admin. Lol

  • Nice what you can stitch together in PhotoShop 😉

  • R8R

    Well let’s see…

    The “SD” on there is not for SD cards, that’s the Picture Control set to SD – (standard)

    As far as I can see there is no indicators for cards on there.

    Looks like the two battery indicators are for the camera body (top) and the grip (bottom)

  • Joel

    No it’s not a D400 LCD. The logo showing a hashed out FF sensor with “DX” in the middle shows that this belongs to an FF sized sensor which can also shoot in DX format much like the D800.

    What I’m really quite excited by though is the two way TTL flas icon on the top left. Is this an indication that Nikon will also bring out an RF flash solution at the same time? One can only hope!

  • jack the ladd

    as previousely posted ,its the rear panal info display for a D800 , with top and bottom bars cropped out ,look in the manual pages 10-13 .
    nothing more to discuss .
    false lead , red herring …….whatever !!!!!

  • Jason H

    It’s definitely the middle half of the back lcd while in shooting display mode as John Doe noted. Most of the symbols are the same as on my D800 in that mode, but many are moved around. The color is odd as it doesn’t match either the day or night mode of the real back lcd. So some type of editing is involved. I doubt the D600 is going to be the model to debut a new full color top LCD, especially one that doesn’t even shoe the shooting mode you are in.

    • Jason H

      Ok, it’s late and I only compared items I had turned on on my D800, not every possible display option. I grabbed the manual and it is exactly the same as the diagrams on pages 10-12 of the D800 manual for the information display. With only two exceptions I’m seeing. The manual shows FX not DX crop,and the manual also shows an N for normal amount of Vignette control where the “screen” here shows H for high.

      • Don

        Wish I could look at my D800, but it’s gone back for focus cal.

    • Mathino

      Yes, I looked up in manual and ITS THE SAME AS D800 ! FAKE !

      • Don

        and why would “exactly the same screen as the D800” make it a fake. Seems like a good cost savings to me. It doesn’t mean all the functionality and speed have to be exactly the same. If I were Nikon, I’d make (or buy) an LCD screen that would work on 2 or 3 or more models.

    • Carlos Paredes

      Note that the leaked D600 images had a new wheel (top of camera, left) to select the mode. Thus, the top LCD doesn’t needs to repeat that information.

  • Bare

    Maybe it’s a top LCD for Nikon D710?

    • Don

      Sure, Bare, and maybe it’s the top LCD for the D92.

  • jack the ladd

    read the manual page 67, a DX area icon replaces the fx icon when in DX movie mode, vignette icons vary dependant on what lens is fitted and what is choosen for that lens .
    there is no doubt ,its a rear info display for a D800.
    this should be case closed .

  • IF real, this would be a major design change.

    No F Stop indication, shutterspeed value?

    oh and BTW:
    The SD logo means Standard Colors, not SD card

    • EmiJ

      Just checked, this indeed is the D800 info screen.

  • R8R

    I just downloaded the D800 manual. Page 10, info screen.

    Select image and copy, paste into photo editor. Crop, adjust contrast, select color, fill with random blue…

    Result of 45 seconds work:

    • Mathino

      Exaclty ! Not a difficult job to do 🙂 Sure, its faked. But you know, when someone posts it on FB – it must be true 😀

      • Luke


  • Pat

    I don’t thnik this is fake. The guy who post the image on his Facebook is a respectable photographer in Thailand. He has been using Nikon for long time, and I believe he has some connection with Nikon Thailand.

  • jack the ladd

    EmiJ wrote: “oh and BTW:
    The SD logo means Standard Colors, not SD card”

    SD does mean standard ,but not “standard color” it is for Standard (picture control) picture control is a set of preset options to control various parameters of color brightness ,contrast ,sharpness ,also a monochrome(bw) option .
    SD = Standard
    NL= Neutral
    VI= Vivid
    MC= Monochrome
    PT= Portrait
    LS= Landscape

  • R8R



  • jack the ladd

    of course its not fake ,its a D800 rear panal info display (plain and simple) the guy who posted it on facebook did not claim anything otherwise .he has lots of pictures of D800s from different angles and other nikon stuff ,he is just a nikon fanatic . its not his fault ,that some other idiot ,spotted the image ,did not recognise it and posted it here with wild speculation .
    so lets be clear ,its no fake, just a sad missunderstanding.

  • verysimplejason

    If this is true, I hope Canon can see this. I want something like this Canon.

  • rotebro

    Greenish LCD, again?
    Come on! Buy LCD from Great Canon!

    • RR

      Certainly hope no green cast screen, jokes aside Nikon must fix that shit. Green screen on my D800 is preventing me on getting a D4 , I rather wait for a D4s with a corrected screen

      I remember how angry I was back in the day when I bought my D2x and 3 weeks later a D2xs came out with a far better screen that pissed me off a whole lot, so that its not happening to me again, I am patiently going to wait for Nikon to fix that shitty green screen.

      • Don

        RR, are you really depending that much on the rear screen for color management?

        • Geoff_K

          Dont care so much about the green screen (though for $3k it should look “right”). The green tint in the photos is what I am worried about.

        • RR

          I do.. and it just feels weird coming from a D3x and D700… I think simply it should be spot on, is a Nikon camera, the Screen should be flawless in my opinion.

  • MuttonPuncher

    The problem I have are the naming titles if it’s a D600 the next logical iteration would be a D700. Obviously that makes no sense beings there already was a D700. I guess it must mean that an entry level model will just be that and not have a progression line to it. Also the same problem would eventually be the same for the D400 progression running into the D600. Oh well just a thought on these titles.

    • Rikard

      Why not call it D60000?!

  • Stageshadow

    It is the rear info screen of the nikon d800…

    But maybe there are 51 af points on the d600, because nikon already used it in every FX Body ever made.

    • Don

      Hey, this just shows every area of LCD that can be lit, it don’t mean it WILL be lit on the camera when in use. Maybe they will only ever light up 21 points at the most on the D600.

  • Booyah

    Nikon has never made a top LCD screen worth a damn anyways.

  • Dweeb

    Note the copyright symbol, something Nikon said they can’t do.

    • Don

      I have a copyright symbol on my D700 info screen. Not on the top, but on the info screen and this one is oboviously an info screen, not a top screen.

  • Rear LCD of D800.

    But, should it be similar to that of the D600, we’re looking at the D700x2! An incredible camera, I’m sure. I just doubt it actually IS from that though.


  • west


    The new d800 has a exposure meter going: left minus – right plus. Now why would they revert back to the old system.

    • Don

      west, doesn’t that flip when you set it in the menus?

      • Stageshadow

        It does flip if you change it in the menus!

  • Morg

    Nikon get on with it Im tired of waiting !

  • Zaphod

    It could also be a shared display. For example D400 and D600.

  • TH

    I don’t see that facebook mention anything relating to D600 for this image. Why you so serious?

  • TH

    And he already clarified that it is from D800e.

    Dismiss then.

  • BryanL

    Looks different,,but pic from Thai-land??? Might make sense some tester down there with a d600…D600 is gonna be announced by end of Aug.,,,and be about 2,200.00-2,400.00,,,and be available by Xmas to those lucky people who preorder it…plan on getting it by march of next year if it is made in Japan..(which I highly doubt) prob Thailand or china…
    And maybe a d7100…I just don’t think u gonna see a d400 this year…by the way these are all my predictions..

  • Anonymous Maximus

    D400 or D600, both 24mp, which one would you pick if they were priced the same?

    D400 vs D600, better build, better ergonomics, higher fps, more reach vs. better low light ability, better DR, less diffraction

    Tough choice imo…

  • steve!
    • babola

      Nothing more than rumors article including a photoshopped D600 photo, especially the D800 release mode dial.

  • R8R

    Admin, you should take this down, as it is just an embarrassment at this point to the people who keep commenting and can’t seem to read the previous comments.

    • Rob

      This is a common problem here. A rumor is proven to be a misunderstanding or downright false but the rumor post goes without an update. Since there is a new post on the Nikon 1, we know he’s been to the site. It would take 30 seconds to add “Busted Rumor” to the title and then “Update: this image shows the same information as the D800 info screen, therefore there is no reason to believe it has anything to do with any other camera” to the beginning of the post.

  • Rick James

    I am just as guilty as everyone else here because I check this site 4-5 times a week for news.

    Just a thought…

    Did it ever cross your mind that this nikon rumors site was started by nikon to keep us all foaming at the mouth for the next drug that they produce. Keeping us always chasing the bigger and better when we should all be focused on producing the best possible images that we can with the equipment that we currently own.

    The camera bodies will be announced soon enough so stop speculating and go make a beautiful image or two.

    • I think Rick James is probably right – NR is actually a Nikon focus group for their marketing division : )

      Would be awesome if the fotomagazin image was accurate – maybe Nikon listened to NR feedback/comments that suggested a D700/D800/D300 style build was more desirable?

  • Don

    Well, Mister I’m toooo sure of myself Rob, I’m not convenced that the rumor has be busted.
    Why can’t the total LCD be the same for the D800 and the D600? Sounds like you fail to accept any other opinions.

    • Rob

      The rumor was that it’s the top LCD. We already have an image that shows the D600 top LCD – one of the leaked images. The dimensions are different (this image is too wide). This alone busts the rumor.

      But since you’re obviously bull-headed, how about some more logic: This display lacks basic information contained on the top LCD of every other Nikon DSLR (shutter speed, aperture, shooting mode). Since the top LCD is passive matrix, this one cannot display every focus mode (no S for AF-S) or white balance (only AUTO1 can be displayed). It can only show 2FPS (no other number), can only show if you’re shooting large jpegs (only an L is there), can only display RAW TIFF for the SD card, etc, etc, etc. There’s also information here that’s present on NO OTHER Nikon top LCD, such as the separate grip battery indicator. Still thinking it’s the D600 top LCD?

      Let’s apply Occam’s razor: we have an image of an LCD that has the EXACT SAME layout as an existing display (part of the Nikon D800’s info screen). Which is more likely:

      1) It is an image of the D800’s info screen, photoshopped to look like a passive matrix LCD (top LCD)
      2) Nikon changed the design of the D600 since the leaked photo (since dimensions are off), they decided to not display the most basic and necessary information on the top LCD, severely limited the other information that can be displayed on it, coincidentally made it the exact same layout as an existing info screen, and what we have here is an image of that new D600 top LCD.

  • I’ve been shooing Nikon Cameras since the FT2 and they will most assuredly get some more of my money if the D600 comes down the pike. I looked very hard at the D800 but I simply don’t need that much resolution which would cause many other costs to jump in order to acommodate it. 20-24 mp would be a wonderful compromise for me and what I do. In the meantime, my D700 soldiers on.

  • Benno

    All you dumbasses, this is the top screen to the D800XS. A 100MP FF camera aimed at high end fashion/landscape photographers as well as cashed up amateurs. ISO 50-400, 2FPS @ FF, 20FPS @ 10MP (DX) and 15FPS @ 5MP (CX) as well as all the goodies you see in the top screen. The AA filter can be inserted/removed without the lens being removed and has a HDR feature that enables +/- 10EV for landscape photographers. The lens mount will accept the usual FX/DX lenses as well as the new CX ones. Price is US$3999.

    If you believe this, please sent me your bank account details along with relevant passwords and photo ID because you have $1000000 ready for collection.

    CEO Nikon (southern gallaxy)

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