Rumor: Nikon to announce a repair advisory for the D800 left focusing issue

This is the latest rumor I received on the D800 focusing issue:

Nikon is close to sending a repair advisory about the D800 left focusing issue. It is a quick fix in the repair center but they are monitoring the amount of cases reported through the European Support Office. Well worth contacting Nikon if your camera has this problem. There have been plenty of reports already sent to the support center, but they have to hit a certain percentage of the total bodies produced in order for Nikon to announce a repair advisory.

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  • St.

    I hope!!!

    • St.

      I sent my camera to Nikon a week ago, after they requested it – still nothing… I hope they will recalibrate it and not just return it to me with cleaned sensor (as they like to do).

      • Jan

        Here they don’t clean your sensor in a service..

        • Not Surprised

          If this is true then:

          EVERYONE WITH A D800 SHOULD SEND AN EMAIL TO NIKON DEMANDING AN ANSWER. And force them to make an announcement!

          Service and Repair Support

          8AM – 12AM (Eastern)
          7 days a week



          But its stupid for Nikon to “wait” on this if they are waiting — this is the single most damaging point to their reputation “right now.” They should be dealing with it, not saying that they need to hit a percentage threshold — that’s just negligence to their shareholders and negligence to consumer concerns!

          Nikon is handling this poorly — tell them that.

          • Andrew

            Do you know anything about photography?

            Apparently a few people are experiencing this problem. At this point we do not know what percentage of people experienced the left focus problem. Is it 5% or more?

            The D800 is a professional camera for professional photographers and prosumers. Test your camera and see if you are experiencing this problem – unless you do not own a D800 or you are an amateur!

            In the meantime, you can take perfect pictures with the D800 by focusing using most of the 51 Focus Points and completely ignoring the left focus issue.

            It is amazing (I suspect!) how many Canon Fanboys are complaining on this blog! This calibration issue is arguably a minor issue requiring a minor software calibration fix.


            Nikon is doing the right thing not to distract people whose D800 are working perfectly. It appears that Nikon typically does not issue a statement until they have researched a problem thoroughly.

            • Niko

              My wish is for you to buy a D800 with your hard-earned money, experience the AF-problem that essentially makes your D800 unreliable, then go visit NR, then read someone write what you had just written. Perhaps then you will understand the angst and anger we now feel against Nikon for being so stupidly hiding and avoiding this problem.

            • Andrew

              Niko, the D800 is reliable and takes perfect pictures!

              The AF is a calibration issue that is software related with an easy fix. If you own a personal computer, application software, printer, or audio equipment, their manufacturers issue fixes all the time such as firmware updates, etc.

              If you don’t want to experience any problem, I advice you don’t buy any manufactured product! That is, products from Nikon, Sony, Canon, Epson, or any other manufacturer. While you are complaining, professional photographers are standing in line to purchase the D800 which is still back-ordered months after its release!

            • Really??

              It’s amazing just how many Nikon fanboys are still in denial……..

            • twoomy

              Get off it, Andrew. I’m sure *YOUR* D800 is fine, therefore you think that everybody else should have an easy time of it. Wishful thinking from a fanboy.

              If AF is a calibration issue with an easy fix, do you mind teaching the Nikon support centers how to do it? Because many people are getting their cameras back with no improvements. Nikon needs to address the issue head on and make sure all service centers know what to do to fix.

              And for your last argument, yes there have been issues with other cameras and electronic equipment and those have been called out as well. Don’t put up with mediocrity here. We’re talking about a top-of-the-line high-end camera that can’t f*cking focus properly and a company that doesn’t want to talk about it and doesn’t know how to reliably fix it. That’s a total fail.

            • twoomy

              P.S. If Nikon doesn’t attack this head on, the AF issue will be a win for the mirrorless market. CDAF is getting faster and faster and is proving more reliable and flexible. No calibration or fine tuning necessary. Mirrored cameras and PDAF may be dinosaurs one day.

            • Andrew

              twoomy, it seems as if you have come up with the solution… why hide it and keep all of us guessing!

              The D800 requires the necessary equipment to be installed at the Service Centers. When that happens, I am certain that Nikon will give an advisory for the likely 5% or so who are experiencing the AF problem.


              Twoomy, you need to learn photography. The D800 has a 51 point Auto Focus (AF) system. You can take perfect pictures now. When focusing, simply select the points closest to the nose or eyes as opposed to the left ears. There you go, problem solved!

            • Bengt Nyman

              You are absolutely right.
              Even Hasselblad is rumored to be ready to introduce a mirrorless camera.
              The Nikon D800 is proof positive that fast but inaccurate reflex phase detect autofocus has no place in high IQ photography.
              Nikon and Canon should at least give us a menu choice to use the reflex viewer and phase detect autofocus for framing only and to use the image sensor for final and accurate contrast detect autofocus before first curtain exposure.

            • Dragan Mikki

              I know this is very late reply, but I only now realized that there is a problem with my camera, and I can categorically tell you that it renders left side out of focus with 51 focus point active. I currently have Nikon’s own loan camera which does the same.

  • face it D800 a FLOP!

    SO MANY people have had to return their D800, D800, and D4 to get their AF fixed but many also had to return 3 or 4 times !

    Shipping cost and shipping insurance is costly !


    • Bob

      Assuming what you’re saying is correct, it has to be for different issues, only the D800 is know to have the left AF sensor issue, and it’s an easy fix, they just have to re-run calibration and write the updated table in the camera ROM, as far as I understand.

      • PeterJ

        That appears to be incorrect. I sent mine back to Nikon UK where it took them 10 days to recalibrate it and clean sensor. I had it back with exactly the same problem. I returned it a second timd and after about five days they sent it back saying there was no problem. They check it using an 85mm f1.8 and highly sharpened JPEG which doesn’t show the problem. I know this because they sent a CD with their test image to me. The problem only affects wide angle wide aperture. I explained the problem and sent samples the second time but they disguise and refuse to accept that a problem exists. My quest to find a solution continues.

        • St.

          That’s what I’m afraid of as well.
          They run tests that doesn’t show the “picture” correctly. Like in your case – Who the heck told them to use 85mm and not 24mm 1.4 for example.
          I also tested with different lenses before I gave them the camera.
          24mm (1.4) makes a huge AF difference, 50mm (1.4) only half of the problem, and above 70-80mm it is almost invisible, or at least is easily arguable.

          • PeterJ

            The first occasion they tested with a 50mm on the second an 85mm. They say they are following guidance from Japan. They are just hoping people get fed up and go away in my opinion.

            • St.

              Oh, man…
              I had similar issues with my D7000 before…
              I don’t understand why instead of LISTEN what the problem is and try to repair it the very first time – they just do some standard procedures and send the camera back to us with the same defect. Then we have to ship it (and PAY for that) again, and again…
              And instead of being involved in the same camera repair the Nikon technicians could service another cameras at that time.
              Losing time and money for everyone.

        • Sahaja

          If you are in the UK, and neither Nikon nor the vendor are getting this this problem sorted out to your satisfaction, then you should contact Trading Standards.

      • Mikycoud

        I’m afraid it is true though: it is a fact that many d4 and d800 have been sent back to Nikon Centers in various European countries. I myself had to send back both my d800 and my D4 a few times since I got them when they got out, only to have Nikon eventually admit to it and confirm the issue. My cameras were eventually replaced.
        So I can assure you the d4 also suffers from the same issue.

      • I’m afraid this is true. For repairs that are not obvious (ex. busted mirror or lens element), it tends to take several trips to the US repair facility to get a proper repair.

        I’ve had this with three personal cameras and more for studios I’ve worked at.

    • yrsued

      Those of us that actually make a living with the D800 think otherwise!!

      I got mine the week it came out, Nikon replaced one battery, but I have been making money with it since the day I got it. One Catalog, to Magazine Spreads and eight Videos for Gerber Knifes.

      How many D800’s do you own?

      • Box Brownie


        ie Too many.

        • yrsued

          Nobody is forcing you to keep it!!

          Because is such a piece of crap, I’ll give you $50 for it right now!! I’ll even pay for shipping

          • Box brownie

            You greedy oportunist!

            Too late anyway, it’s gone back to it’s maker. I have a full refund including shipping both ways.


            Glad it’s gone, maybe I’ll try another in a few months.

    • That is exactly why I returned D800 back to shop and bought D3s 🙂 The best choice I have ever made, and 12 Mpix is more than enough for my work ! Shame on Nikon and D800 issue cover up… I need camera which works not to sit at the repair center since new!!!

    • sklsmk

      I thought I was the only one with this problem of it coming back with no real fix. The first time it seemed like all they did was clean the sensor. I sent it back in and I’m still waiting to be able to use the camera I purchased and had in my hands over a month ago . Part of me is regretting the purchase but then I see a few photographers online who have used the D800 and had good results which gives me hope that not all D800 units are faulty. My issue wasn’t just the left focus point thing, there was also an inaccurate focus issue. the second time they sent was because my images were just extremely soft with wider apertures on all lens.

  • Calibrator
  • R R

    Thats why I am waiting patiently for the Nikon D4s.. bugs fixed and No green screen either (I hope)

    Nikon .. in their hunger for been number one, has forgotten quality control? I miss the old Nikon slow but precise!

    I hate the Green screen shit BTW my D800 has it and freezes up often too.. SHAME ON YOU NIKON

    • RAW

      Shoot RAW and stop being a pussy.

  • 5D3=true D700 FlwUp

    It is ironic that it is now clear after few months now, that Canon 5D III is the True follow up to the Nikon D700 !

    • Aldo #2

      My D800 is perfect. I would never downgrade to the mark 3 and pay 500 dollars extra lol

      • 5D3 are now $3000

        Canon 5D Mark III are now being sold at $3000 price by authorized canon dealers !

        5D3 is truly the real D700 follow up !


        • Rich in TX

          shame on you for thinking that repeating your drivel makes you worth hearing. The 5dm3 is not free of its own issues; and if you are looking for a D700 replacement still after nikon has clearly provided one, then you are just the kind of person who will never be satisfied and I call those people ‘trolls’.
          My D800 works perfectly. No green lcd and no left focus problem. So looks like you got a bad copy. I would quit photography if I were you. lol

          • Shame on You FAN BOY

            Why repeat the Nikon Fan Boy tune when you and rest already know that Nikon has failed!

            Are you paid by Nikon to post here?


            • Fanboy interceptor

              Well, well…look who’s talking.

            • Good Talk

              I bet I can pee farther than you.

        • unhappy canon user

          I have a Canon 5D Mark III, and despite being a real Canon fan I can hardly recommend the camera. It is slow, fails to focus more often than not and takes very noisy images at relatively low ISO. Next time I’m really going to consider a Nikon, perhaps the D400.

        • When Canon makes an F mount 5dmkiii, then and only then will it be a follow up to the D700. Until then, y’alls blowin hot air in the summer.

        • malez

          stfu and go buy the mk3

    • KT

      The D800 has better dynamic range and high ISO performance than both of these cameras, and the left AF point will be sorted out in a few short weeks

      • babazoo

        Couldn’t have said it better myself.

        Those who are after features you mention will go for D800, others who are more interested in HD video with a good SLR performance on top will go with Canon.

        • Kent

          People who own Canon lens will buy Canon, people who own Nikon lens will buy Nikon. Anyone claiming switch is a well paid pro fool who can write it all off or a liar.

          If a newbie is looking at 5d3 or D800 as their 1st DSLR, all bets are off. Usually certain countries will be ‘owned’ by each brand, with retailer kickbacks and marketing.
          That’s how Sony owns Sg.

          • excuse me sir, but I am from Singapore and its all canon here. Most people who buy canon in Singapore usually use it to take pictures of themselves in the mirror. Most people who buy Nikon tend to run it into the ground then buy a new one because they know how to extract the most out of it. There are almost no Sony’s in Singapore. Prob they buy one body to use the excellent 70-400G. Speaking of which, WHERE IS THE 100-300 f/4 or the 80-400 AF-S VR?

    • Personally, I don’t give a rat’s *ss about Canon or what they are up to. Since this is a Nikon forum, why display your low IQ by bringing Canon into the discussion?

      • NIKON Epic Fail

        Why are fan boys always so ready to defend? even when their brand loyalty is causing them money and time !

        TISK TISK TISK !

        • Ronan

          Grow up kid. Btw your IP Address is showing.

      • Jonas

        My question is why are there Canon fan boys on a Nikon site? Makes one wonder.

    • Fritz

      uhm… As stated by Nikon, D800 is NOT the successor of D700. So how come the 5D3 is the true follow up?

  • UncleDusty

    Nikon deserves every bit of this! Shame on them, indeed!

  • donald

    I am reluctant to contact Nikon UK as I have read a few reports of their left focus fix making the issue WORSE , anyone had a successful fix from Nikon UK recently ?

    • PeterJ

      See my reply to Bob above.

    • Box Brownie

      Nikon UK can’t fix anything.

      Protect yourself and save a shed load of grief. Just return it for a refund from your dealer.

      Try another body later.

      BTW you do NOT want a replacement camera from Nikon Uk’s service stock!

      • Smudger


        They were, and are, hopeless.

        I once had a 600 AFS stuck in Nikon UK service dept. for over 4 months, because nobody there could fix it.


        “We’re waiting for our chief mechanic to do the AFS course, sir”

  • JB

    This is an important first step. I’ve always assumed this would be a fairly easy fix if Nikon would address it head on.

    In my mind, there is a second step to take. Because it appears that one or more calibration machines was incorrectly entering tables into these cameras, it seems unlikely the left focus would be correct on any camera to come through those machines. Nikon should create a web site where d800 and D4 owners can enter their serial number. This would allow the owners to know if their camera is impacted and from there it can be sent in for repairs. This would allow potential future purchasers to know that the camera had been fixed as well.

    • PeterO

      Good idea JB, but it presumes that Nikon actually knows which cameras are affected.

      As for the complaining and gnashing of teeth over this problem, I repeat: No one at Nikon is losing any sleep over this. It’s just business as usual. Forget for the moment that you just spent $3K on a product that is defective. To them it’s just one of many products and the vast majority of their products are making them a boat load of profit. Until such time as Sony (or company X) overtakes Nikon in sales, they will not change the way they do business.

      I think there may be a peon or two at Nikon that read forums such as this, but most people who buy Nikon don’t buy the D4 and D800, so unfortunately the squeaky wheels here don’t have much input up the Nikon food chain.

  • Nikon Guy

    I just picked up a D800. Perfect out of the box. No issues and no gripes. It produces killer quality images, like nothing I have ever seen before.

    • St.

      Are you sure?
      I thought so, until I sat down, printed the test charts and did the test correctly – then I saw that my camera also have the problem.

      • Rob

        Which test did you do? Can you link to it (delete the “hxxp://www” so admin doesn’t have to approve it)?

        I tried a couple of tests but they both leave out details, be it the exact distance for each focal length, or what to use for a test chart/object, etc. I don’t see any issue with my D800E, but I want to triple check to make sure.

        • UncleDusty
        • St.

          using this chart:

          since Thom Hogan doesn’t recommend the star charts for this purpose, as they aren’t accurate.
          Also check this blog – there is video instructions as well:

      • Rich in TX

        +1 to NIKONGUY. Same with me and my D800.

        Rob., if one has to print test charts and graphs and use a microscope to find a problem, perhaps they are digging too deeply. My images look stunning (to me) . Granted, I dont focus using the far left focus point exclusively. I didnt realize that there was such a large segment of the profession that do, making this an issue

        • Rich in TX

          sorry, Rob. My last paragraph should have been addressed to St. and not to you.

          • St.

            Rich in TX,
            As I said I didn’t want to check for this problem as I didn’t have any reasons to do so – my pictures were looking stunning as yours. But…
            One day I had to use the left AF points (shooting in the park) and I saw that my 16-35(4) and 24mm (1.4) look horrible, even in f/5.6.
            THEN, I remembered all this hype in the forums about the left AF issue and decided to try – I used center point and surely the images were awesome and extremely sharp even lenses were wide open.
            I called Nikon and sent them those pictures. They reviewed those and told me:
            “Do you have another images – these trees look mushy and we can’t say for sure”
            Well, I said – that’s exactly the reason I’m contacting you – the trees are just out of focus – see the pictures with the left and with the center AF.
            Then when I went back home I did the test with the charts, just to make sure that I’m not doing something wrong.
            I’m not using left AF often, but if there were a problem I don’t want to stay with it ($3000 is a lot of money for me and I want to have a fully working camera with no defects).
            At least I don’t want to be in a situation with such problem and be out of the warranty period.
            That’s why I used the charts.

        • Daf

          I’ve not used used hyper technical tests – but can see from simple real world tests that focusing on the left isn’t right.
          Yes I was looking for it – but if you pay that much for a new camera – you expect it to work properly. Mind you – I’m waiting for the confirmed solution – I can use other focusing points + re-frame for now.

        • Sahaja

          A problem is that there has been so much talk about this issue it is likely to harm the resale value of early D800 and D4 cameras unless you can prove your camera does not have this problem.

          So, even if you only use the center AF points – or use only lenses which don’t display the problem, you might want to properly check your camera for it anyway and, if it is there, get it fixed.

    • I’m with you Nikon Guy. I picked up my D800 in early July and have shot two weddings and four models with it and I give the machine 3 thumbs up!

      Yeah, the greenish screen makes people look sickly at times, which lowers its usefulness – less chimping to the model/subject to help them understand just how freaking amazing the photos are (useful with new models).

      Here’s a NSFWish natural light shot with the Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G (

      • A followup NSFWish pic from 5 days earlier.

        No focusing issues and the end results have no color issues.

        If you bought the D800 to shoot test charts then I could see why you would be complaining if your current test chart model (a natural redhead, but hair dyed blue-black) was not focusing properly.

        As I shoot less esoteric subjects, I have no grounds for complaints.

        • UncleDusty

          Your regard for clarity is evident in your choice of lens.

          • The Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 (used in the last shot) which I picked up at the same time as the D800, is a sweet lens to be sure.

          • I greatly admired many of your shots. Kudos. I should say that I appreciate the test chart shooters, for I certainly ingest the information provided. 🙂

            • Mira Kim


              *Where is the “D800-ness” in these samples?*

              I don’t ask that as criticism of you, drpeters–your technique on display is fine. Good lighting, good composition, fine use of color, right depth-of-field. You know what you’re doing.

              But if you’d have told me that you shot those photographs with a D40 and a 18-55 kit zoom, I’d have believed you. By which I mean to say that they’re fine photographs–but that they aren’t blowing me away with color, dynamic range, detail, or sharpness. They aren’t revealing a killer AF system’s prowess (every single one could’ve been shot AF-S single center point and recompose).

              And this is something I’ve noticed with *a lot* of the D800 samples I’m seeing around the web: I’m just not seeing the specialness.

              Educate me: what’s inherently “D800” about these samples? Where’s the $3k goodness?


            • UncleDusty

              My D800 left focus repair was botched, but I’ll be the first to say that this camera is nothing short of phenominal besides that. Feel free to peruse the full sized versions of the photos I have provided a link for. Zoom in to check out the 36.3 MP. The dynamic range is also impressive.

              With that being said, Nikon’s customer service regarding this issue has been disgraceful and downright sickening. On top of that, this issue appears to be widespread. All of the AF points on a $3000 camera should be sharp, no excuses.

            • Mira Kim, the D800 is truly a thing to hold and use. It feels and performs the way a camera should. I can’t quite put words to it. I am selling my two D300 bodies and my D7000 and have already traded away my D2x. I’ve shot regularly with D700 and D3x bodies so I’m readily familiar with Nikon’s full frame offerings.

              It is more than just going from a crop sensor to full frame. The autofocus is freaking wonderful in all kinds of crazy lighting conditions.

              The tonal gradations from the D800 are stunning. Keep in mind these are WAY downsized pics. Model Mayhem has a limit of like 700kb. I think these are 1550 pixels saved at level 11 in photoshop.

              I don’t have any of my D800 architectural work online yet but… wow. Just wow. The detail is sick. I shot the Haley Mansion in Joliet, IL using my nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8 lens zoomed to 28mm (bye bye vignette! – this was 3 days before my 24-70 arrived). You can count the pine needles on the tree 20 yards from the mansion!

        • john stevens

          oh no mm bs here. could you not find a pretty model! oops. it is out of focus..and horrible lighting…please do not post your mm bs here again…PLEASE!!! It is not even good enuff for mm..maybe FB snaps.

          • John Stevens, your envy is showing.

  • Pizza Guy

    I just picked up a pizza. Perfect out of the box. No issues and no gripes. It satisfied my hunger, like nothing I have ever eaten before.

    • St.


    • Kebab boy

      I just ate a very satisfying kebab myself. It wasn’t in a box. The sauce was quite spicy however and I have absolutely no gripes (yet).

    • Benji2505

      How were the toppings on the left side? Did you cut it to test specs with a wide angle pizza roller? Are you a toppings peeper?

      This discussion is great. People buy cameras for 3k+ in order to take picture of test charts. Rumor has it that the great photographers are never too concerned about their gear, more about the picture.

      • sklsmk

        It’s not about that. If you spend $3K on something you expect it to work as advertised. Sure you can still take wonderful images by not using the bad focus points but that would mean the falsely advertised the product and expect you to just stay quiet. In the past, if I had purchased a film camera and it had a light leak, I wouldn’t just tape it up. I would have expected a proper fix from the manufacturer. I know there are some extreme pixel peepers out there but this is not what’s going on. With the flaws my unit had, I won’t be able to use the camera on certain jobs until it is fixed so the noise making in warranted. I didn’t pay my money to not have my camera in my hands.

    • plug

      Try half,or more, of a bottle of vodka and see if that knocks your left focus. You might need recalibrating in the morning.

    • Daf

      I heard that Pizza-s might be coming out soon!
      Thinking of waiting for that instead.

  • Bengt Nyman

    An occasional technical problem with a new, leading edge product is one thing.
    But Nikon’s stone walling and apparent inability to expediently fix the D800 left focus problem is a sign of a company under poor management, in financial distress, or both.
    I am still waiting to order (again) a D800E with lenses, but not until Nikon makes a credible announcement to regain my trust.

    • No More Nikon

      Nikon is losing it (and getting worse, fast).
      Amateur cousin had in-warranty problems with his D90 and two D7000’s, customer relations and service were appaling and all, no exceptions, three bodies came back in worse condition after Nikon “repair”… He upgraded to full frame and is now a very very happy 5D3 owner.

  • lock

    I m with Bengt. The fact that they are still counting the numbers is just a poor excuse of not having an idea at the centers what the issue really is all about.

  • Dave in NC

    After using my D800 for a month, I decided to run tests to check on the left focus. I used the method on the Mansurov’s web site. My camera had the problem, and it is now in the hands of Nikon. I hope I don’t have to send it back.
    And, I also just bought a 105mm F2/8G AF-S Micro lens, which had a problem with the VR, the same problem I’ve had with some other VR lenses. (It was really loud to the point of being distracting – I could hear it 3-4 feet away.)
    With these problems, I wonder if Nikon needs to invest a little more in their quality control. A company that prides itself on making first-class photography equipment should rarely have these kinds of problems.

  • Ascending is the sound at the beginning of recording video clips, for me it’s the most disgusting in the D800. Why did you do it Nikon?

  • Dustin

    I’m also very concerned with Nikon’s QC. Over the past few years they have been on a sharp decline. My D800 is currently on it’s 3rd repair attempt. I’ve also had a 300 f/4, 24 1.4, 35 1.4, 28 1.8 and a 16-35 that have all arrived with issues when purchased new. Seriously, 50% of the nikon products I’ve purchased in the past few years have had problems. Is this acceptable?

  • I’ve followed NR for a long long time, but for once I just don’t buy this rumour at all. No way. Nikon are not about to face this one up going on their behaviour so far, their centres have no clue how to fix it and cameras are still coming off the production line with the issue. I had one bad copy and one good so far so ths is not lens related. When they announce an advisory recall I will eat the crappy D800 strap…

  • Marc

    Well, the problem is the issue itself,
    the damage of trust by owners that
    have a defect D800, the damage of
    trust by potential buyers in the future,
    also I assume that many D800 owners
    might not know that they have a defect
    camera or as they do not use all 1,4 or 2,8 wide lenses. Not
    speaking of some Nikon repair centers not being able to fix the problem
    at first try (which might owned to the fact that the
    issue was new to them). Regarding the new rumor it seems at least
    that Nikon tries to make customers understand
    how the function as company inside with their
    early field analysis when a new product comes
    to market; during this time cameras are sometimes
    not repaired but replaced to be able to analyse
    the defect product to introduce a quick fix or permanent
    fix. What makes me thinking about the issue is the relationship
    between the camera focus issues so some cameras have and
    the lenses itself.
    Regarding some lenses having VR issues I can confim the above statement.
    My 70-300 latest version has this explained clicking noise issue.
    Yes, quality control not at its best. But Nikon surely is not the only
    company that might do better in this respect.
    As a result no satisfactory situation for customers
    being affected.

  • franzenbergersteinen

    This absolutely needs to get fixed, yesterday.

    We all understand that defects on complex equipment are a fact of life.

    So to are review testing and online support communities. Sometimes the web is a shrill mess, but it affords most consumers at least a few timely and reliable voices that do inform their purchase decisions.

    Trying to bury or otherwise ignore a serious defect is even worse than having it in the first place. Such a practice gives me no confidence that any potential equipment defects will be addressed, and leaves me no choice but to defer purchase until such a time as I know that the product is shipping in working order and that those which are not are either repaired or replaced at no additional cost to me.

  • Greg Heller

    You people have throw stones at each others products need to grow up. Both Nikon and Canon make phenomenal cameras — they latest couple of models by each company have had major issues, so in that respect they are equal, if you are looking for something to blame, remember the flood in Thailand where these companies have their major manufacturing facilities. After the flood I’m sure there was a tremendous amount of pressure from end users and their Corp. Management to start getting product out the factory doors again, this is what happens when things are rushed. However I do fault both companies when they don’t stand behind their products and do right by their customers. I don’t care if it’s a point and shoot or the most expensive rig they make, these companies need to look at the American auto industry if they want to see what will happen if they don’t build them right the first time and stand behind them when there is a problem. People and elephants are alike in two ways they have long memories and they remember when they are treated bad. Canon and Nikon both have their work cut out for themselves if they expect customers to bring repeat business to their doors.


    For the love of dynamic range! Stop all this crying. It’s a redux of the D7000 “autofocus” debacle. Nothing’s perfect no matter how expensive it is. Half the people don’t know how to take an in focus picture and the others have legit problems. Unless you’ve got a terminal disease just kick back and have a fine single malt and relax fercrysakes!

    • Pdf Ninja

      This is a real issue, the left AF is visibly off, and not by a small margin. Even professionals reported it. We obviously know how to focus and get good results with the center and right points. You’re right, it’s not the end of the world, but Nikon could’ve made the situation a lot better by issuing an official statement early on. In this day and age you have no choice but to admit it, and the earlier you do that the better it is. Even if it’s just a simple “we’re investigating it and will come out with a fix ASAP”.

      • I totally agree. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for some companies/people to admit anything is wrong and try to ignore it or cover it up. When I called Nikon Service before returning my D800 for the focus issue, the technician said he was aware of some cameras that had that problem. But having one honest and realistic technician is different than an official statement from the company. I would have much more respect for Nikon if they admitted the problem and announced a recall. It is so bad that companies only do that these days when the public outcry becomes deafening. Thanks, NR, for providing a forum that grievances can be expressed – I just hope Nikon reads these comments with the same degree of concern/dedication that those of who write have.

  • Victor Hassleblood

    I had a strage hot pixel issue with my D800E that completely vanished after a few shots ? ? ?
    I have no explanation what could have caused the issue or how it could possibly have solved itself, but it did.

    I never experienced any lock up.

    Screen appears more greenish than on other Nikons but more accurate at the same time …

    Focus? I’ll do some serious testing of the far left focus point tomorrow. I have not experienced any real life focusing issues so far.

    All the comments here are really disturbing. Apparently there are some real issues. And apparently not every camera is affected. And apparently some comments are made by the canon marketing dept. …

    All I can say about my D800E so far is, that I would never want to swop it for a light leak issued 22 MP 5D MK III.

    All my real life results are stunning. RES and DR are simply impressive. And I even took a liking in high ISO-shots. 6400 ISO shot on D800E look like 640 shot on D300. Fingers crossed for the testing tomorrow. I really don’t want to send my baby back to Nikon.

    • David K

      That hot pixel could have been fixed with firmware that would detect a pixel that had exactly the same hot reading, despite a number of very different photos, – and then automatically assign it’s reading to be an average of adjacent pixels instead of its actual hot reading, from then on. Just a theory …

  • delayedflight

    I myself had and still have the left point focusing issue. Unfortunately Nikon Australia didn’t manage to fix it but saying that it hasn’t really affected my abilities to produce the goods from the camera. Though there is always that feeling that I paid full price for a slightly defective product.
    I guess this is the price of being an early adopter. Also Ive got this feeling Nikon changed the colour profile on my camera since it came through the repair center, seems less green…
    Overall its a cracking camera despite its ‘shortcomings’.

  • The ideal solution is that Nikon would recall the units with the problem and pay for the shipping. I wonder if Nikon has an accurate count of the serial numbers involved?

    • john stevens


  • Joseph

    Has anyone had an AF issue with the D800E??

    My E model seems perfect. I will retest it tonight though because I am curious. It seems like everyone having this problem had a plain 800 model.

    • D800 and D800E owner

      I have/had no problems with my D800. My D800E is fine too.

      I think it’s just SOME D800 that have it. Probably a random fault in the calibration stage. I personally don’t think a particular batch is the problem.

      Of course who knows. For all we know it’s all user error. 😉

    • selvaS

      I do have Nikon D800E and YES it has LF issue and I sent it back .IT is Shame NIKON

  • john stevens

    Mine was delivered this past tuesday….But I will not know if it has an issue till my new lenses come on August 10th…I know!!!!….but I have a few questions…

    The Focus it only for UK Cameras? How will Nikon tell US all if this is a problem with our cameras? The battery that came with my camera…WAS NOT apart of the recall.

    So what I am truly asking and saying…Are these latest batch of delivered Cameras..NOT apart of this issue???


    • Bengt Nyman

      The left focus problem seems to affects ALL Nikon D800 worldwide. Even cameras shipped as we speak are affected. It appears to be a probabilistically accumulative problem; all cameras have it to some degree, some have it enough to be detectable only with wide angle lenses, others have it bad enough to be detectable with mid range lenses. Nikon is trying to avoid recalling ALL D800, that’s why they test with an 85 mm lens, until you complain again, and again.
      This is a potential Nikon killer. Use your judgement to decide if it’s critical enough for your work to bring Nikon to it’s knees.

      • Pablo Ricasso

        Oh help me please because I’m a total Stupid Moron and can’t figure out how to focus my wide angle lens…

  • Advisory

    My D800 and D800E work fine (yes I tested them).

  • Karb

    Looks like the left focussing issue is noticed by only the pixelpeepers who sit infront of the computer and analyze the 100% crops. All the cameras have slight variance in all the autofocus sensors. It’s a a fact that D800 magnifies this because of the enormous image size. Print a huge poster and see if you notice. Most professionals print and they are not bothered by these minor focus variances.

    • Michel

      Pixel peepers or not, the camera should work perfectly out of the box. The difference in focus between viewfinder AF and live view AF is significant. If shooting macro or focussing on an eye you want the specific part of the photo to be tack sharp. Its not much point having a 36megapixel camera if the images are soft. The store I bought mine from has a 14 day return policy. I am returning mine and waiting for the next batch, hopefully with all problems resolved.

      • BRO!

        U SURE it wasn’t user error. D800 will show up all your mistakes bro.

        • Michel

          Pretty sure it wasnt user error. Camera on a tripod, test performed as suggested with live view vs viewfinder focus, comparing left centre and right focus points using horizontal lines for focus. Live view focus was spot on in all cases with 50mm 1.8 wide open, but viewfinder focus AF was significantly out, and the left point was further out of focus that the central one. Newsprint would have been unreadable in the Viewfinder focus pics, but tack sharp in liveview focus. I have returned the camera and waiting for a replacement from the next batch. The supplier was very good in accepting the exchange.

      • Pablo Ricasso

        Somebody please help me because i’m totally inept and can’t figure out how to focus a wide angle lens…

  • Rolli F.

    My D800 is also fine, tried and tested for AF issue. Serial 891xxxx, for those interested.
    Also, not sure if the green cast/tint on LCD is still being reported as an issue but I compared my D800 to my old and trusty D700 and both have identical LCD color cast.

  • Cenk

    Green cast, green LCD, Green WB errors? Any news?

    • Green?

      News is you don’t own the camera.

  • The problem with increasing sound at the beginning of the video recording will be solved?

    • gsum

      D800 s/n 602**** – no problems with either the green caste or the lh focus point.

  • D800, new batches.

    All I need to know is if the new batches are affected ?
    I have been told by 3 trusty camera stores that they aren’t.

    What’s the new batches serial numbers?

    I don’t want to fall into the category of people buying this camera and returning it back and forth. I don’t have the time for that cr*p.

    • kevin

      I can tell you that the july 19th d800 i received got this left focus issue! I am not sure about 20th-29th of july.

      BUT, Watch out !!!

  • mike

    I received one on the 20th and it had left AF. This is the second one I received with it. The first I tried to get repaired at Nikon but it wasn’t fixed. This one is going straight back.

  • Bengt Nyman

    D800 Suggestion:
    If phase detect auto-focal-plane consistency between focus points is important for your work, DO NOT order a D800 at this point in time. If you have one on order that hasn’t shipped yet, cancel your order.
    My conclusion is that Nikon needs time to solve this problem and that a minor D800 redesign will be required to guarantee a reproducible solution.
    If you already have a D800 and see variations in focal plane locations between focus points stick to the auto-focus point (and fine tuning) that gives you the best result. If you have to focus outside this point go to Live View and use the D800 image sensor contrast focus for best results.

    • D800, new batches

      Hey Bengt,

      If the new batches are fixed. Do you think j should buy it or wait?

      • Smudger

        Isn’t it obvious?

        Wait at least 3 months for Nikon to fully fix this nonsense on new production and for affected bodies to be flushed out of the supply chain.

        Oh, and don’t even think about a used D800!!

      • Bengt Nyman

        I understand that some D800 bodies delivered as late as this week still has the problem.

  • Kotknackaren

    This is f***ing unbeliveble, Nikon swedan want to chrage me 100 dollars for the work they had to put out for fixing their F”’ing misstake!

    • Sahaja

      If Nikon have sold you a product with a defect, under EU law is it legal for them to charge you to fix it?

      Nikon Sweden should probably be reported if they try to charge you to fix it.

  • D800,new batches

    WOW, ok. I have a feeling there will be a D800s or maybe a D850.

  • Alberto Nikoni

    This calls for a class action lawsuit. This is the only way Nikon will clean up their act. Volkswagen / Audi got sued for their crappy 1.8 engines which was engineered to fail for repeat business.

  • Fred

    Those with the left focus issue should be lucky Nikon don’t charge extra for the facility.
    Oh, wait, maybe they do if they have investments in courier services and insurance companies.

  • oldrendog

    my d800 works very good no green screen of left focus dont think it’s as bad as you all think

  • Henry Merkle

    I’ve lost all confidence that Nikon will fix this problem or even publicly acknowledge it. There may be too many production variances for them to bring it under control short of recalling everything for test and recalibration. Not just faulty programming of some cameras, but perhaps too much variance in manufacturing tolerance. these problems are additive. So, if there’s some misallignment, that might not be immediately visible, but you add faulty firmware calibration and the you get a bad camera.

    Unfortunately too many have gone out the door for them to make sense of it. I have an uneasy feeling that we’re going to see a D800s in short order. They’ll glom another feature onto it to make it a little more attractive, probably an extra fps or two in FX mode and another ISO boost step under the sensitivity dial – just to hide the real reason for the update – a bit of AF re-engineering.

    The D800 will be ever so slightly discounted or incentivated in some way to get rid of the remainder and production will be switched over the new model.

    For those who think it can’t happen, that’s exactly how the fixed the SB900 faults. By the time they let it out of the gate the problem was too far gone to fix. They “upgraded” it to the 910, and quietly closed that chapter.

    I wouldn’t buy one at this point unless I’m allowed to test the copies in store with at least 2 different wide angles, both for close and far focus as well as left to right consistency.

  • Pablo Ricasso

    Somebody help me please. I’m photographically challenged and I’m wanting to start a special category of photographic competitions for other photographers like myself who can’t figure out how to focus a wide angle lens…

    • sklsmk

      It’s already been proven that the camera has multiple focusing issues are you doubting that or just poking the pixel peeping beast? Anyway, as previously stated there is still hope considering there are a few D800 owners here who don’t have these issues.

      • Pablo Ricasso

        Pixel peeping beast you say? Ooh my. What a pathetic messed up creature that must be. No fair, I must call for help. Come in Dale!

        Be sure and hold your nose when we get these ones. I believe they may smell worse than the Ricasso himself…

  • Tangfish

    I wonder if they’ve already fixed the problem in manufacturing of new units. When my name came up in line for my second (backup) D800E body I told the shop I didn’t want it, and am going to wait for them to completely fix the left focusing issue before buying another body and sending my existing one in for diagnosis and repair. Any info on that, Admin?

    Also, I read reports of some people needing to send all their lenses in with their body to fix the focusing issue. I hope that’s not a requirement, as that’s a lot of glass moving around!

  • Henrys Aden

    I checked availability at Camera Canada. They didn’t have one in stock for me to test. They said others customers have now begun asking for in-store test of the camera before purchase. They couldn’t comment on whether that will be allowed. For the time being, you can place an order. I let them know that I will not buy the camera unless it can be checked and verified in store before purchase and asked them to convey this to their Nikon Rep. Not sure if they will, but we should all spread the word until Nikon ackowledges the problem and issues a fix.

  • Aden Quinn

    Unless the retailer is willing to let you test and verify the camera before purchase, I would avoid it until Nikon issue s a definitive statement. I’ve asked two different retailers if I can test the camera in store. I will bring my own battery (from D7000), cards, and known good lenses (used on D7000 and D3 and 14n). Both refused comment, saying only that i could pre-order and return within x-number of days.

    I asked both convey to their Nikon rep that users were refusing to buy the camera with an in-store test for focus defect.

    I believe everyone shooting Nikon F mount should do the same.

    • Sahaja

      Maybe the retailers should insist the cameras are tested before they accept them.

  • D800, new batches

    Ok, guys it’s definitely official. Some of the NEW D800 batches are AFFECTED and some aren’t affected with the autofocus problem.

    Camera’s have been tested in store and will verify the problem.
    I will not mention any store names but trust me on my word that some new batches still have the autofocus issue.

    I will suggest you stay away from the D800 for now or ask which ever store you’re buying it from to test the D800 before purchasing it or test it yourself..IF THEY DON’T WANT TO TEST IT, DON’T BUY IT!!! (maybe nikon needs to lose money to open their mouth.


    What baffles me is the new batches are still affected..what the h*ll?

  • I shop Vistek

    The only way that retailers are going to insist on it is if customers insist on it. i agree with above.

    • Mike Tin

      I had one of my two D800 bodies three times at Nikon UK to fix the left back focusing issue. The other body works perfect so I know the difference. They’ve assured me that they did the best possible and that everything works spot on which is absolute nonsense, it is still completely back focusing on the left side. Their efforts were useless and nothing changed. They even admitted that there is a sharpness difference between the two cameras. I am very disappointed by the Nikon’s quality and their ways of handling it!

  • Mike Tin

    I have got two D800’s. One has the left focusing issue and one hasn’t, so I know the difference. I had the affected body 3 times with Nikon UK for repair, they did admit that there is a sharpness difference between both cameras, but nothing changed and their efforts were completely useless. They’ve told me that they did the best they could to fix the problem and it works spot on. I am very disappointed with Nikon’s quality and their way of handling the issue.

  • DSLR retailer

    Start letting major retailers know that as customers (and in the absence of any acknowledgement or statement from nikon) you refuse to purchase from us unless you are allowed to open the box and specifically test the camera before closing the sale. We do not want dissatisfied customers, but neither can we jeopardize carriage of Nikon inventory.

    No one wants to stick their necks out on this. You have to start making some noise in their retail channel. When sales rapidly slow down and retailers are sending stock back or refusing shipment, Nikon will take action.

  • Tangfish

    Okay, so this is a good discussion. But even if the retailers let you test it in-store, is viewing a few test photos on the camera’s LCD going to give you a definitive answer? I sold my D800 to a guy who was concerned about the left-focusing issue. He brought his laptop and we shot tens of test photos in a grocery store. Sometimes the left side was a little soft and other times the right side was. I myself couldn’t pick out which frames were using left focus versus right 10/10 times correctly, when doing it blindly.

    What constitutes a good test? I might think that a camera is acceptable by running some quick and dirty shots in the store, shooting subjects on the store shelf, but then later when working with large prints or with fine detail on my 27″ monitor realize that all is not right.

    That’s why I for one am waiting to buy my (second) D800E. Once I get that one and the process of the fix is down pat, I’ll send in the one I have now.

    Just my 2psi

  • Nikon_Boy

    RELAX PEOPLE…Its a new camera and its going to have a few issues..This problem will be corrected soon, I’m sure….Oh yea, where did all these Cannon people come from???…They have no room to talk about focusing issues, LMAO..

    Nikon > Cannon (Can’t On)

  • D800, new batches

    No need to be immature and i’m sure most of us complaining aren’t ‘canon boys’. We just want this D800 fixed. A camera of it’s class should’t be sold with faults.

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