Multiple Nikon announcements scheduled for Photokina

There will be no new Nikon announcements in July. In August and probably September Nikon will start introducing new products in almost every category. For the Photokina show in Cologne (September 18-23, 2012) Nikon will have new DSLR camera(s), lens(es), Coolpix models and mirrorless products on display. Expect more details in the upcoming weeks.

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  • Anonymus Maximus 1st

    So it looks like they want to be back on track and cramm all the 2011 and 2012 announcements in 2012.

    Will the disaster back up facilities stay in production together with the re-opened ones?

    • ShaoLynx

      With all the shortage… Let’s hope so.
      Besides: with some new models like the D600 (the D700 trail got split in two) they can use a few more prod.lines.
      But, Nikon, please NO new enticing products, please.
      It’s been such a hard year on my wallet with my new D800, so far…
      So, please, no new PC lens, certainly not the 17mm.
      And no new teles, like a 200-400/2.8, and also: no 24-70/2.8+VR, I really don’t need those, you know. So please don’t tempt me.
      What?… What do you mean, ”reverse psychology”? Is that a dirty word?
      Sigh. 😉

      • oL


      • Rob

        200-400 F/2.8? That would weigh over 20lbs and cost over $20,000. They wouldn’t even sell 50 of them.

        • Drazen B.

          It’s easy to get carried away, though…people like to dream about new toys however possible or not they are 🙂

          Unfortunatelly, laws of physics are hard to defy 🙁

          • Sigmonster 200-500 f 2.8 defies laws of physics!

            • Pablo Ricasso

              Now let’s see you defy the laws of physics and;
              1)pay for one.
              2)carry it with you where you shoot.

  • Roberto

    D600 D600 D600…and D600

  • D600? Yes please 🙂

  • Rzyca


  • D400

    D400! 12fps for $2000!

    • Drazen B.

      More like D400 DX with 6fps for $1799.

      • What the hell? The D300s was better than that. They wouldn’t upgrade the camera people buy specifically for the speed and rech, with a slower burst.


        • babola

          You tend to loose few fps on Nikons with 24mp and larger, so not a surprise at all.

          • D400

            Expeed 3 does 300mp per second. 24mp @ 12fps =288mp/sec.
            Canon does 12fps on a FX camera, and it should be much easier to do with a DX camera, smaller mirror, smaller shutter etc.

            • babola

              Emphasis ‘on Nikons’.
              I’m not familiar with Canon DSLRs and frankly don’t care about them.

              While physically possible in theory, in practice we’re yet to see 12fps on our Nikon DSLRs with 24mp or higher pixel count.

            • Rob

              Where’d you get that number from? If that’s accurate, much of that bandwidth must be going to something other than just processing images from the sensor to the buffer. The D4 only uses about 178mp/s and the D800 uses 145. There’s no way they’d cripple the D800 to 4FPS if the processor was capable of 8FPS.

            • Calibrator

              D400 wrote:
              > Expeed 3 does 300mp per second. 24mp @ 12fps =288mp/sec.

              Don’t blindly believe marketing numbers. This sounds like a peak processing number – on chip, disregarding the memory system.

              > Canon does 12fps on a FX camera, and it should be much easier to do with a DX camera, smaller mirror, smaller shutter etc.

              The mechanics are smaller but not as high grade as in the pro bodies.
              Canon does 12fps on a camera that has been delayed several times and is supposed to be a pro body, too.
              Sony is able to do 12fps with ease – but with a fixed mirror, which also removes the problem of mirror shake on the images.
              Maybe you should invest your money somewhere else if this is so important to you?
              What exactly do want to photography, anyway?

              Rob wrote:
              > The D4 only uses about 178mp/s and the D800 uses 145. There’s no way they’d cripple the D800 to 4FPS if the processor was capable of 8FPS.

              In fact the D800 can’t even put out 8 FPS in DX mode…

    • oL

      Who really NEEDS 12fps? haha I mean 7 or 8 is more than enough!

      • peterw

        Well, if the autofocus could keep up with flying ducks, I wouldn’t mind. Even faster autofocus and even shorter black-out time wouldn’t be bad at all. So I think it could have 12 FPS and I’d use it at 5 FPS :).

        • peterw

          by the way,
          I am curious if a new D400 can beat D300 like D300 did beat D200, like D200 beat D70/D100. Image Quality, handling and autofocus that’s what it should bring… Perhaps this time I’ll wear off my D300 first :). Though it is nice to have two separate body’s (D300/D700 in my case), it has to compete with one D800.

      • Sports

        I need 13 fps!

        • Gimme D600


      • wublili

        Canonists does 🙂

        At least they have something to boost their ego.

    • babola

      If you need 12fps go buy Sony.
      6-7 fps is more than enough for the rest of us.

      • tnt

        always nice to have options though

        • babola

          Sure is. My comment was more of a tongue-in-cheek 🙂

    • srini

      + 10000
      waiting and waiting for the my D300 replacement=D400

      • Glenn

        Me too and the D800 is more than I desire. Wanna keep my 300 for macro and tele stuff and the next FF for landscape

        • St.

          You can use D800 in crop mode for the same things….
          and save the money you’ll get from selling the D300.

      • I’m happy with my d300s
        So for all my other shoting purposes except soccer I’ll be happy to have d600

  • zebrazebra

    where is my d600????

    • D400

      D600 brain

      • Gimme D600

        D400 brian

  • raizee

    Is the D7100 expected to be announced in August or September? Any rumors as to what sensor it will use?

    • babola

      The rumor I heard has it – D8000 rather than D7X00.

      All the three new anticipated DSLRs, D8000, D400 and D600 will reportedly come with 24Mp sensors, two in DX and one in FX size.

      • nikon worker

        i dont like to be the bearer of bad news so i wont be.
        i will say however dont wait too hard for the successor of the d7000
        there is a model rearrangement occurring including introducing a new model and axing a current favorite.
        that’s all i can say

        • raizee

          Okay, so will any new camera be at the same price point as the D7000? And will it be better with regards to high ISO noise?

          • Andrew

            The D600 will eliminate the D7000 line and replace the D700 combined. The D5200 will likely be the new D7000 since the D3200 is quite capable and the D5200’s price will move up a bit but not as high as the D7000. So I speculate the D5200 will support older lenses and have a magnesium alloy body. Simply think of what the D800 did to the D3x, though the impact of the D5200 will not be as radical. Thanks Nikon worker for giving me this insight!

            • D600=$1499

              Hmm, it makes sense. D5200 with swivel lcd and pentaprism, with support for older lenses would be replacing the D7000. And a D8000 to replace the D300s.. A pro body..

            • Mike

              D5100 and D7000 will be merged into D6000 and it will be a SICK camera. D300 replacement will be D8000.

        • Sports

          D600 sure sounds like the D7000 successor

        • Rub Cockwell

          Current favorite needs replacement and the new current fave is 2 months away … *cough* DeeSix *cough* Hundred

          24mp is WAAAAAYYY too many MPeex for a DeeX, but ok for EffX

      • wublili

        And what the D8000 would be ?

        The successor of D7000 will be D7100 if anything (and higly likely it will be something).

        D8000 would be a step closer to D300/D400, and that’s not gonna happen. Unless D400 will be never released.

        D8x00 series is reserved for the future usage, just like the D6x00 and D4x00 are. They won’t be used anywhere in the near future.

        • Rock Kenwell

          “And what the D8000 would be ?”

          A replacement for the D7000.
          I also heard similar rumors where rather than going down the D7x00 path Nikon plans to ‘jump’ the whole number for their top enthusiast-level DX camera.

  • Chris

    Looking for a gen 2 of the V1….and some wide fast lenses for it. Oh, and a better flash, or even better, let my SBs work with it. That’s all 🙂

  • FG

    24 1.8 or 2.0 please!

    • Gimme D600

      Yes! This is the most needed 1.8 AF-S … I can stop complaining a out the lack of DX primes if there is a 24 1.8 … D600 + 24 + 50 + 85 1.8’s = Happy Nikonbase

  • plug

    300 f4 VR, and any other prime. 12 f2.8 wide would also suit me.

    • Orb Emmel


      Though I was thinking 14mm f/4 (would likelt be cheaper, smaller, and lighter…)

      300mm f/4 VR, I’ve been waiting that one for a while, though I don’t know if it would keep it’s reasonnably small size and weight with the VR.

    • Dweeb

      I bought my 300 f4 5 years ago thinking it would be replaced with a VR model the next day. It does need VR.

  • Like I’ve been saying since Feb 2012, that Nikon will introduce a D7000/D300S replacement in September 2012 🙂 Anyway the problem with this top of the line crop frame is its 24 MP. The D3200 is already suffering from the too many MP problem and guess what Nikon has repeated the same mistake with the D400 🙁 Lucky for those who have not yet bought any lenses and are just entering in the DSLR world. The 70D which is the successor of 7D has 18MP but the good part is, the only drawback of the 7D i.e. noise is fixed in the 70D. D7000 major issue of liveview that is constant brightness regardless of aperture and shutter speed and also the DOF preview is also fixed in the new crop frame dslr. But it struggles due to the heavy 24 MP sensor.

    • Sylvain Larive

      You mean the SAME MP problem which allowed a 600$ camera sensor to demolish a 1600$ Canon sensor?

      Comparing an entry level camera with a top of the line crop camera isn’t hardly fair is it? Do you think that folks who buy a 600$ camera with a 18-55 kit lens will really care so much about diffraction?! Pair it with good glass and the D3200 is a solid little bugger.

      Sure the 7D and its successor will be a great camera but lets not try to pin a camera maker because each and every one of its camera has a MAJOR issue. All cameras do, live with it.

    • Z L

      You will be wrong again, there wont be a D7000 replacement. I am willing to bet my balls, will you?

      • peterw

        are you eunuch?

        • Otto Manuel

          No, she owns a pair of balls…. they’re just stored on some poor chap.

          • Roadie

            Maybe a few pairs, so sparing a pair isn’t a problem at all..

  • D400, please. It’s been 5 years, if you don’t count a minor update. I want some D800 performance, but without the price tag.

    • nikon worker

      hope you can wait till October.
      you will be happy then

      • Brad C

        Nik Worker,

        October = crop or full?

        • nikon worker

          there are a couple different models i dont have full details but i have heard that both will be announced before or at photokina.
          2012 is kind of a “time to renew everything” year at nikon

          • nikon co-worker

            “2012 is kind of a “time to renew everything” year at nikon”

            Really, wow! Thanks for that deep insight, who would have thought?

            • shut up co-worker…no need for sarcasm.

            • Zenza Ron

              Th eknow-it-all ‘nikon worker’ is on the loose today. Vudie below could be his co worker you never know 😉 LOL!

  • Bill Huxtable.

    When should we start hearing about a D4x? I would rather save my D800 money and buy that.

    • nikon worker

      wont be long.
      it will be upgraded soon with a revolutionary new sensor

      • Zinzan

        You a troll or just pretending to be?

  • freddy mercury

    I’ve heard from good contacts that the D5 will be released.

  • Dustin

    Maybe they’ll have a D800 focus fix by then…

  • Orb Emmel

    Now, that’s a useful post… Summary: “we are glad to announce that we have absolutely no news to talk about”.

    Sorry, but that’s a not worthy of Nikon Rumors…

  • Marc

    Nikon Worker, You seem to have the inside scoop on all the new products. Here’s a million dollar question: What is Nikon planning for sale prices on the current models it intends to replace over the coming months? For example, the 5100 is $200 off and the 7000 is $100 off, both have been priced like this since April or so. Are there any further discounts for these to clear the shelves before the new models are announced? Is this a good time to pick up a good camera on the cheap or should we wait a bit for the price to drop further? Or are these new models such a vast improvement over their preceding models that we’d all be fools to drop the cash now?

    • nikon worker

      prices on existing products will come down slightly anon arrival of the new products as they already have been.
      There are vast improvements being made to the entire range as you may have already seen with the d800 d4 and d3200, from what i can tell the whole idea is to sell out of the current line before the new model arrives so there isnt a big stockpile left of the older models.
      personally i would wait until the second generation of the high pixel cameras so that all the bumps and bruises can be buffed out.
      and lets admit it the last generation is still great and will last 5 years and by then the next gen cameras will be out..
      I would wait till there announced so the price drops and then grab a d7000 or 5100 at lower price unless you need super high resolution

      • Marc

        You think the same way I do. Let the 24mp and 36mp sensors get ironed out and let Nikon get the firmware figured out. Then think about making a body switch with the 2nd release. The current bodies will still be able to take amazing pictures while all this is happening. Personally, as much as I’d like a D7000, for me the price is too heavy even if it dropped another $100 to $999. The 5100 is already $200 off the MSRP so I’m not sure how much further I see it dropping, maybe another $50?? Pair either of these with a 16-85 lens and you’ve got a great setup.
        For the other post, this lens was rumored to be refreshed with a fixed f/4 aperture. This might make it better as fixed aperture lenses are often sharper than their variable cousins. There might be some truth to this as this current lens is virtually impossible to find anywhere.

      • Ronnie

        Just shut the f-up, you troll!

  • Bill Huxtable

    How much do you think a D4x or D5(whatever they call it) will be?
    Like $9000. Maybe Nikon shouldn’t make the mistake te made with te d3x.

    • Jane

      Senscore says $10,000 and 54 mp at 3 frames/s, announced this year. The D4x is competing with medium format cameras, so I guess the price is competitive, but 3 frames is really limiting. It’s a niche camera.

      • @Jane, the Red is a niche camera, D4X with 54mp and F mount will sell very well.

  • ian

    I hope to see the 16-85 replacement. Would pair well as a kit with the D7000 replacement. I’m curious to see what they’re going to do to differentiate the d8000, d400, d600. I keep thinking they’re just going to drop the d400.

    • Victor

      The 16-85 is my favorite DX lens for travel and landscape – lightweight, compact and sharp. Not sure how it can be improved any further on a DX body.

      • marc

        There was a rumor a short while ago that there would be a 16-85 with a fixed f/4. Might make it a bit sharper, and obviously faster at the long end.

  • JB

    Like many of you, I would greatly like to see a professional level DX camera body (i.e. D400). I more and more fear that it is not likely. It appears the Nikon has made a strong push toward FX sensors….and probably for most, it is truly the better option. As a wildlife photographer, I REALLY appreciate the crop factor. Yes, FX is better….but the DX sensors are really amazing as well and in many conditions the apparent magnification increase outweighs the value of the FX sensor.

    I ask those of you who think we are getting a new DX camera in the next couple months to think about Admin’s recent success at pinpointing upcoming releases. He had filled us in on the details of the D800 months before it’s release. Pretty much the same for the D4 and now likely with the D600. In spite of that….there is ZERO information on a D400 of D71000 or whatever. Based on that…I sadly believe all that is forthcoming is the D600.

    • Zork

      “D7200 will be the new DX flagship camera, there is no direct successor for the D300s. Specs: 24MP DX sensor, 7 fps, 39 AF points, built-in AF motor, dual SD card slot, built-in GPS, 100% pentaprism viewfinder, a little bigger and heavier than the D7000.”

      • Jim Carson

        Well your “trusted” source seem to have let you down…don’t believe everything you read on the Web.

    • victor

      Perhaps the upcoming D600 at 24MP will have a crop mode, which allows us to shoot with DX lenses at 13-16MP.

      I often shoot subjects in motion (like children running). I wish that AF in D600 is at least as good as that of my current D300.

      • 24mp full-frame sensor will translate to 10mp DX crop mode. Look at the D3x for guidance.

        • PeterO

          Congratulations on your promotion Ron!

  • jetelinho

    let the d600 be IN THE D300S/D700 BODY, PLEASE … add usable ISO at approx. 2000 … & you can easily leave the video for other bodies … that would be IRRESISTIBLE for me …

    • Alex

      We already know the D600 is closest to the D7000 in size, styling, and features.

    • michael

      The D600 is already in the D300s/D700 body – it’s called the D4. Want the feature? Pay for it…

  • Victor

    D600 FX please, less than $2000 would be nice.

  • philip glass

    Want D400 DX, under €2000 with good low iso. 24MP very good. Can use to photograph many things of interest also parents that are not so good looking. Also good body always nice to have with good sealing and high quality.

  • Sahaja

    Admin: Will the D600 have a pentaprism or a pentamirror?

  • please-please-please…. d600 – 1500$ and d7100 900$

  • morg

    starting one month off and no new camera to take out into mountains with me.By the time new cameras hit the shelves it will be next year.My D200 is long in tooth the batteries just dont stay charged and the electronices keep acting up so another year no new camera maybe a D3200!

    • Pablo Ricasso

      I believe the 3200 is the most overlooked camera of all time. If your lenses are mostly all AFS then you will like it.

  • Dweeb

    Any pro lenses for Photokina? I really don’t need a couple of 800s.

  • Brad C

    Nikon Worker,

    I’m waiting for D600 as my first full framer. I dont want to go over $1600 and I dont really want more than 24ish mp. Should I get D600 upon release or wait until this October announcement that you mentioned?


    • nuno santacana

      Come on, this question is best addressed by NRadmin, who has real information

      • Brad C.

        I certainly may have missed it but I don’t recall NRAdmin mentioning October releases. This is new info to me.

        • Gimbal wire

          That’s because NRadmin’s sources have proven to be trusted over the years. The so called “nikon worker” is nothing but a troll and internet blog attention seeker.

          • rumurs are rumours

            nradmins info is only correct 20% of the time.
            for example the d90 has not yet been replaced when admin posted that the d7000 is its succsessor (WRONG)
            the d90 is still in production according to nikon australia and will be replaced shortly.
            its not even on the discontinued archives

            • Rudy

              Go away.

            • nuno santacana

              I have the strange feeling that you are actually the nikon worker guy. How pathetic if true.

    • cambio

      I wouldn’t believe that nikon worker guy if I were you, anyway.

      • rumurs are rumours

        i wouldn’t believe anything called a rumor.
        especially on a rumors website.

        and its a free forum anyone can post anything,
        i could say im the queen of England if i wanted

        • Queen of England

          No, you can’t. You are by no means entitled to do so.

          • rumurs are rumours

            hello your majesty

          • King of England

            This is so funny!

  • cms

    I just want a d800 with no af issues

    • LarryC

      Just head over to BestBuy where I bought mine – with no AF issues.

      • D800 is mainly fine

        Yeh both my D800 and D800E have no focus issues.

        People are acting like ALL D800(e) have this issue whereas most do not.

        • Fred

          Which is why Thom Hogan has just changed his rating of the D800 to ‘Not recommended’ because there are so few problems. …

          • Discontinued

            No, this is not why. To get recognition is why. Who is Thom Hogan?

            If he recommended this camera, just like everyone else does, would you have mentioned Thom WHOgan here and now?

            • Fred

              Well if you don’t know who Thom Hogan is i guess you’re not very well read anyway.
              Try Mansurovs, Ming Thein and a few others who all have or have had the dreaded left focus issue.
              Come to think of it, never heard of you, so who are you to talk?

  • Victor


    If the FX D600 is 24 MP, how many MPs would it be in the DX mode, assuming a DX mode is available?

    My thinking is that if the DX mode gives me a decent resolution, I may keep my DX lenses for travel or wildlife photography.

    • Alex

      Approximately 10mp. 1.5x crop factor. 24.0/1.5^2 = 10.6.

      28-300 (FX) is a great travel lens.

    • PTN

      10 megapixels in DX mode

  • BB

    Affordable and Moderate sized travel friendly long lenses please…

    300 f4VR or 400 f4/f5.6 VR or 100-400 VR in about $2k range… (400 f4VR is my pick but can live with any of the others…)

    @nikon worker: is that ever gonna happen ??

    just cameras, is not enough… Nikon has been ignoring this category for far tooo long now..

  • Nikon D400 and 16-85 f/4 please!

    • Nkon Vice President

      Have no fear small people. Your wishes will soon be granted.

  • Deep Lurker

    I’m sticking with my guess that Nikon will announce both the D400 and the D600.

    Even if the two cameras come in at the same price point, there will still be a big market of people who want the D400 but not the D600 (or a D7x00), and also a big market of those who want the D600 but not the D400.

  • nuno santacana

    I also would like to see a new 35mm f/2 FX…

  • More importantly…

    Being as the bodies matter so little, my fingers are crossed for a 135/2 (or 1.8) update.

    I wouldn’t be sad to see a 200/2.8 VR, 300/4 VR, or 70-200/4 VR come out either.

  • D400 looks like a no go.

    I would like to see a compact 35mm f/2 or f/1.8 replacement for the current 35mm f/2 which is weak optically. Expected price would be $600 to $700.

    • peterw

      Hopefully it is less bulky than the 28 F1,8. Much of the fun of the 35 F2 is its small size. I wouldn’t mind it to be less than € 500, like the 85 F1,8 AF-S (also quite bulky).

      Why no go for D400?
      Except on image quality of the sensor, D7000 is inferior. Specialised nature photographers (micro / birds) like a ‘pro’ / ‘semipro’ body on DX format. D7000 is not that. D800 gives great DX possibilities, but is fairly expensive when mainly to be used in DX mode.

      • No doubt birders would love a 24 MP DX body with pro level autofocus and sturdy construction. I doubt that Nikon thinks there are enough buyers around to make such a product profitable. Other than the birders, a low cost but decent FX body is going to wipe out the market for a DX camera in the same price range. I see the recent release of the 24-85 f/3.5-4.5 VR as the “kit lens” for low end FX along with the 28-300.

  • doug

    The only announcement I want from Nikon is that they’re catching up with D800E pre-orders.

  • Michael

    I’m desperately awaiting the announcement of the 18mm and/or 20mm f/1.8 lenses (the patents we saw recently). If they don’t announce one of these I’m dropping my savings on a 14-24mm 2.8… gulp.

  • 16-35 2.8?

    Am I weird for wanting a proper replacement to the 17-35 2.8. A 16-35 2.8 which is nice and sharp (especially on the edges) with less distortion at 16mm as the f/4 VR would be GREAT for me.

    According to this site, the 16-35 2.8 was patented at the same time as the 28 1.8G (which is already out). Hopefully Nikon are bringing this lens.

    • Mike M

      Pretty sure the 14-24 f2.8 is supposed to fill that niche now that the “pro” mid-zoom is a 24-70?

      • 16-35 2.8?

        A lot of people (me included) find the 14-24 too awkward a length to work with, plus it has the bulbuous front element. The 24-70 isn’t quite wide enough for my uses and the 70-200 covers the times I need reach.

        To me a 16-35 with a 70-200 on two bodies is the ideal events combo. 24-70 would do if I wanted to use one body+lens alone.

        I just wish for something a bit better wide open than the 17-35 and a but faster than the 16-35 f/4.

        I own a 14-24, 24-70 and 70-200 and shoot mainly events with this combo on 2 cameras. I know what I’d prefer.

        • +1

          I also think that a 16-35 2.8 + a 70-200 f4 make a great travel kit since 2.8 is great when shooting portraits at 35mm.

          But when shooting Events do you think your clients would even notice a great difference if you use the 17-35? Mine had just has some weakness in the corners up to f5.6, center sharpness was great. Though I only used it on 12mp.

          • 16-35 2.8?

            Definitely considering that.

            The 17-35 corners don’t seem that bad from what I’ve seen and having slightly blurry corners (like you said, won’t bother event clients much. In fact it could add to subject isolation?

            Usually I shoot flash anyway, and around f/4-5.6 would be fine. The times I need 2.8 (when the lighting is great and using flash would kill the mood of the shot) I could put up with slightly soft corners.

            I use a D800 and D800E for events actually (I use a 32GB SD card backing up to a 16GB CF card using jpeg, this is so we can quickly show people at the event the photos (and they may make orders). That’s enough for a 6 hour event the way I shoot.

            The D800/E makes for a great event camera despite not really needing the full 36MP. The cropping ability and low light ability (which approaches D3s levels when reduced to 12MP… I tested it on my old D3s) is just great. 40MB files don’t bother me. HDD and SD cards are cheap.

            • 16-35 2.8?

              I’ll just add: what attracts me to the 17-35 over the 16-35 f/4 (apart from the speed) is the fact it has less distortion at 17 than the 16-35 at 16/17mm. Which is good for events where people are in the shot a lot.

      • jodjac

        The 16-35 is a nice range because you can still do a portrait with it. You can’t do that (you know…) with 24 at the long end. I’d love a new 16-35. Has to be FX though!

        • 16-35 2.8?

          Yeh precisely.

  • I think that there will be a D7100 and a D600
    The d7100 will replace the current d300s as the top DX format body.
    The d600 will be introduced as an entry level prosumer FX body.

    This would enable the DX format bodies to come under the dx000 banner and the FX bodies to come under the dx00 banner.
    The d7000 has been an expremely well recieved camera and I find it hard to believe that Nikon will drop it completely. This would also push current d300s owners to make a decision, upgrade to a FX camera and spend more on glass or stay with DX and get the many benifits which will come with an upgrade to the d7000.

    Now you can obviously shoot me down in flames for this prodiction but I think that it makes a lot of sence.

    • peterw

      D300 users who want FX allready have a D700 or D800 (if their wallet, or their bussiness allows for it…). That makes sense.

      I guess the mental association of people who use a D300(s) now, would lead them to consider a D400 (or D300sx or whatever) rather than a D7x00 or any Dxx00. Something to do with expectations on buttons, feel, autofocusspeed, black-out time, things like that. I speak for myself.

      No flames however. None at all. 😉

  • GeorgeD

    One could shoot you down in flames for your spelling but not for your forecasts which seem realistic.

    • Mr Duncan, my 5th grade teacher, is that you…… Spelling has never been my strong suit.

  • Nikon, please make a normal sound in the D600, so it is not included on the rise, but as in the D7000. And please knomku video recording too, as in the D7000

  • Nikon, please make a normal sound in the D600, so it is not included on the rise, but as in the D7000. And please click record video, too, as in the D7000

  • BdV

    And what about real news we’re actually all waiting for: the mirrorless products? A brand new aps-c beauty? FF ‘SP-D’ (just like that name)? Or just a J1/V1 ultra wide..?

  • Benno

    Nikon 18-200 f/2.8 VR III FX lens would be nice.

    • Michael


  • pkspark

    d600 for when?? you think it will be for selling in september?

  • Bernard

    A V2 with none of the problems of the V1 please !… 🙂

  • Jabs

    Maybe Off Topic:
    A Little observation – Do you think that Nikon will introduce an APS-C or DX mirrorless body like what Canon just did with their EOS-M series?

    Do you think that they then should keep both the current CX format J1 and V1 in addition to a DX mirrorless body?

    Most mirrorless bodies remind me of ‘one trick ponies’ wherein their bodies might be small and some lenses small, but add some accessories and usable lenses to make a workable camera and you seem to have just been cornered into buying a parallel system doing the same job as your DSLR but with worse performance and sometimes even a higher price too. To me, the Canon EOS-M is more expensive as a system than the cheaper EOS DSLR systems and makes little sense to me.

    I would rather have a small body with small lenses independent of my DSLR system and not sharing the same lenses as now you have two or more systems to learn and use = double problems. I also do NOT see a need for a very small body with a huge lens attached as that sort of defeats the purpose to me. Maybe it is time to redo lenses into smaller sizes and don’t remind me of Leica, as that small size carries a penalty in price and functionality from a bygone Era.

    Cameras now remind me of the Pro Sony Walkman wherein they went from PCM digital to MP3 and lost sound quality big time yet gained aesthetics, smaller size and sometimes a higher price = the ‘cuteness factor’ – oh well, such is progress as they eat away at your pocket and sell you more stuff.

    Compare a D3200 to the new EOS-M to understand perhaps what I am talking about???

    • peterw

      thougth about Fuji?
      X100 or Xpro
      temptingly real camera’s, for a more or less normal price.

      and there is some brand – panasonic? – which makes a camera that holds leica lenses and takes pictures more or less like a M8 would. That would do too.

      I guess the J1/v1 is mostly for people who would otherwise use their iPhone to make pictures. I found a very nice example of ‘PRO’ photography with an iPhone. I could link it here, but the subject wears no clothing, probably this is not allowed here, so you have to find it yourself on They lady is posing in front of some kind of a door.

      • Jabs


        The problem with the Fuji cameras and all of the Micro 4/3rds systems is that their image is not as good as a DX DSLR much less an FX, they have very few lenses and they cost more than entry level DX DSLR’s.

        The next problem is weight and size.
        Anyone who complains about a camera that is a pound more in weight, then needs to go exercise and get a real life. A normal human is too strong to notice small weight gains such as that and reminds me of asking for frivolous improvements at the cost of higher prices and less area to put controls on or to even hold the ‘itty bitty’ thing.

        The D3200 is lower in price than the Fuji’s and has more available lenses plus has better image quality at a small size too.

        There is a point of diminishing returns wherein smaller means less performance for MORE money and Micro 4/3ds represents that for me. If I really want a small camera, I would just buy a Nikon L22 or L24 and be done with it. Cheap too!

        Look at this for maybe some perspective:
        Is the average woman’s purse or pocketbook as we call it in America or the backpack of a school child heavier or lighter than a D3s, D4, D700 and grip, D800 and grip or NOT?

    • Subhasis

      Yes, I think Nikon will introduce mirrorless DX in a few years (and FX later as well). Today we focus primarily on the size/weight advantage of mirrorless bodies and do not pay as much attention to other benefits. Granted that mirrorless still has some serious advances to make in the areas of focusing, viewfinder and battery life, but the aspects of mirrorless that will become more and more appealing as time goes on are:
      • Far more accurate focusing – no lens alignment needed by DSLRs
      • Potentially much faster focusing – no mirror flap, no mirror blackout – this last factor will also make focus tracking much more efficient as the sensor will be able to focus all the time except for the duration of actual exposure.
      • Frame rate limited only by electronics (processing and data transfer).
      • Totally silent camera (if one so desires)
      • Once EVFs get better in quality, they will have basically all the good aspects of LCD display as well – live histogram, live view of exposure/DOF, instant preview, all controls in view, ability to see details in almost total darkness …… also, no misalignment issue of OVFs.
      • Better and easier implementation of video
      • Not only smaller, but also optically better wide-angle lenses (at least potentially)
      • MIrrorless cameras typically have a few hundred parts, while the DSLRs typically have several thousand parts – that makes mirrorless not only MUCH cheaper to build, but much more reliable as well. Not to mention about added reliability because of no big moving parts.

      As a result of all these advantages, DSLRs will be completely dwarfed by Mirrorless in 5-10 years, I think.

      • Jabs

        Since the majority of Pros use large glass and have been weaned on larger bodies, I don’t see a mirrorless FX body coming. I see mirrorless as being a transitionary format to be itself replaced by something better. I also don’t see video screens replacing pentaprisms as the silvered glass has much better clarity and contrast PLUS an equivalent electronic prism would probably cost more than even a D3X by itself.

        I see the Industry fracturing into several Divisions with mirrorless actually taking over the low end if it survives and ‘real cameras’ like DSLR’s becoming more specialized and even better performing with higher resolution like how the low end D3200 eclipses all mirrorless cameras.

        Photography is all about lenses and bodies PLUS accessories and so far, the mirrorless movement is about mainly size with little or no real advantage or superiority in photography and now videography. They basically have to surpass a D4 or a D800 in order to supplant a DSLR and so far, they are basically supplanting a Point and Shoot camera. The real threat to the mirrorless camera is smartphones and tablet mounted cameras like that Nokia 41 megapixel phone. Trumps them in resolution and size plus convenience.

        Mirrorless cameras are like hunted game trying to be relevant while smartphones are about to pass them in performance while being ahead of them in sales.

        • babola

          Couldn’t have put it better myself.

  • Landscape Photo

    A compact Nikkor 28-135mm VR please…

  • Matt

    I’d like to see Nikon flesh out their line of f/1.8 FX primes: 20mm f/1.8, 24mm f/1.8, 35mm f/1.8, 105mm f/1.8, and 135mm f/1.8.

    • Sime Guiy

      How about:
      8mm 1.8, 10mm 1.8, 14mm 1.8, 18mm 1.8, 20mm 1.8, 24mm 1.8, 28mm 1.8, 35mm 1.8, 40mm 2.8, 50mm 1.8, 65mm 1.8, 85mm 1.8, 105mm 1.8, 135mm 1.8.


      Honestly a 135mm 1.8 would cost a LOT. A good 135 f/2 would be fine.

      • Sime Guiy

        LOL how’s that 40mm 2.8 get in there?!

        I mean 40mm 1.8 (obviously).


      • Goki

        Go easy on that coffeine, Sime.

        • babola

          I’d say he maight be on a little stronger substance than coffeine 🙂

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