« There is a new DxOMark king: Nikon D800E


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  • Chris

    How can the D800e be better than the D800 and D4 at hi-iso?

  • Hendog

    If all we have heard is true about the bodies being identical apart from the AA filter, then why does the D800E have increased colour depth, ISO and different dynamic range? Is DXO off in their measurements?

  • WOW, Nice! Nikon rocks 🙂

  • D700guy

    These figures are total bullshit. I own both a D4 and a D800e and I know fron firsthand experience that in no way is the 800e even close to as good as a D4. Its not even as good at low light is as the D700.
    Who comes up with this data?

  • well well….
    We all know that the ISO scores are good only because they resize the pictures to 12mpx (i think or 16)

    I was going to buy the D800 but the Moire during filming is just unbearable and I bet the D800E won’t help that….


  • Herfelder B.

    Too bad that means nothing in the real world. At what point did we start treating private company websites that no one knows how they are even run, “testing” as the industry standard simply because they put the word Mark after their name. Their DxO software is lame and doesn’t work at all as good as Lightroom.

  • im 1st =)